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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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road to show you how this fog is going to affect your morning commute. that story coming up. and it is what everyone is talking about this morning. the academy awards, but not just the ceremony in the ups and downs from last night's event. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good monday morning, thank you very much for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. look how foggy it is kari has a look at our forecast. >> gooding, sam and laura. that fog an issue as you head out and after that clears a beautiful day, but we have to deal with this for a few more hours. now, looking at temperatures at 44 degrees in the north bay and very mild. low visibility as you take a look at all those cameras you can see some fog and temperatures today will be reaching into the low to mid-70s with mostly sunny skies. we'll have several chances of rain this week. i'll detail that coming up in a little bit. let's see how it looks in fremont now with mike. >> we're trying to see how it
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looks in fremont. one indication how it's driving there. a few cars southbound. a lighter flow of traffic and we tilted our camera down towards the edge of the building and you can see right below us. look at your map. doesn't show up as the orange highlighting there because things are okay as far as the road weather index goes. even lower visibility along that peninsula and patches across the bridges and chp said be careful out there. i can show this to you on the map, but you have a better source, i'll hand it back to you. >> better than mike and his maps. what we do have is a ground source. we have bob redell on the mean streets of somewhere in the peninsula. where are you tracking the fog this morning, bob. >> we're in foster city eastbound on highway 92 about to hit the incline of the san mateo bridge. last time you checked in with us, we were in the south bay where there wasn't much fog but you started to see it once you move your way up highway 101 into the peninsula. i would say mountain view is when you start to see it. fortunately, what we're seeing
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right now, this is about the worst we've seen. so, you can still see the cars in front of you, which is, obviously, a good thing if you're driving into work today. but that's not to say it is going to get thicker in some areas. remember, if you are in those areas where that fog is thick, you do not want to use your bright lights to see the car in front of you. that will cause a white wall of blindness for yourself and watch the speed and distance and as you can see the orange lights indicating the incline of the san mateo bridge. we are starting to see some fog here. something to keep in mind as you head into work this morning. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> stay up to date with the weather in your neighborhood by downloading our free nbc bay area app. there you can see your live doppler radar and seven-day forecast. breaking news in the south bay since we came on air this morning. the search on for a driver who led deputies on a chase before crashing his car into a home. >> today stephanie chuang where
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it all unravels. we also understand it caused a gas leak. >> it did, laura and sam. pgand pgande was able to take care of that. a tow truck that arrived here a few minutes ago and the tow truck driver trying to get that red suv. that is the vehicle that crashed into this house here on the 1100 block of park avenue which is not too far from downtown and we can see some damage, although it's a bit dark. so, i can see that the front of the house, definitely damaged, of course o. the big news here is that the driver of this suv had basically led some santa clara county sheriff deputies on a chase around 1:30 this morning after a deputy tried to stop this person who either ran a stop sign or ran a red light. now, the sheriff office says, again, a brief pursuit from where the driver crashed into this house. the search has been going on since then. we were talking about 3 1/2
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hours and i did talk with san jose police who said they are in charge of that search. sunnyvale police may be helping, as well, with a canine unit as we often see when they're looking for someone. we will stay here and keep you posted. but, again, police still looking for that suspect. live here in san jose, stephanie chuang. >> back for updates momentarily. in the meantime, 5:04 right now. new this morning two minors arrested after robbing a south bay liquor store with a gun. meantime, the third suspect still on a run right now. happened just before 11:00 last night at the licker and food mart on california street in mountain view. officer os say the suspects took off in a white suv on 101. police tried to pull that car over, but the driver refused to pull over. the suv eventually led officer os through city streets in menlow park before one of the suspects jumped out of the car and jumped to a creek. police caught and arrested the other two suspect. at 5:04, happening today, we
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may be getting our first look at the evidence against three correctional deputies charged with killing an inmate at the santa clara county jail. the prosecution and the defense are expected to present their case during a preliminary hearing this morning. the prosecution is hoping they have enough evidence to go to trial. deputies matthew ferrous, jerry lubrin and rafael are accused of killing tyreee last august. all three pleaded not guilty. the investigative unit followed and found allege abuse including inmates being locked in solitary confinement for long periods of time. you can find the investigation for yourself at another court case. a man accused of killing a san jose mother and then dumping her body in rural fremont is also expected in court today. investigators say esmid pedraza shot and killed his girlfriend
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two weeks ago. aguilar leaves behind a 7-year-old son. perez helped pedraza hide her body. he is also expected to be in court today. yesterday dozens of people came out for a car wash in willow glen to try to raise some money for aguilar's funeral costs. new details after a brawl of protesters. the clan members are free and the counterprotesters are the ones in trouble. the violence broke out saturday about three miles from disneyland. three people were hurt and 12 were arrested. the five clan members had permission to stage an anti-immigration rally but when they arrived about 20 people were already there to protest their protest. police say the clansmen stabbed three counterprotesters with knives and a pole. as many as nine counterprotesters are facing charges, that includes a san francisco man.
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decision 2016 and the stage nearly set for a make or break moment in the race for president. super tuesday. 11 states ho, 12 states will al weigh in on the presidential nomin nominees. on the republican side donald trump appears to be leading the way in all but one of those states. ted cruz's home state of texas with so much at stake closest contenders spent the weekend. >> you don't call somebody of achievement. you don't do that. >> okay. switching gears now to the democratic side. that is bernie sanders over the weekend. he was talking about his big defeat in south carolina to chuck todd on "meet the press." heading into super tuesday now, sanders is looking up a big mountain. hillary clinton leading nearly 2-1 in tomorrow's key battleground states. also in california politics,
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the state's democratic convention wrapped up last night in san jose. prominent democrats including vice president joe biden were here to fire up the base over the weekend. he also made the cameo we'll be talking about over the weekend at the oscars. sam licardo took the podium and picked carmelo harris. >> so much going on. it's 5:08 right now and fog, as well, we can see through it as we head out the door this morning. kari has a look of actual visibility out there. >> it's been patchy all across the bay area, but where we have visibility down to a quarter mile or less, you can barely see the street ahead of you. so, you want to make sure you get out the door early. we're seeing that napa and oakland and in san jose it's up to a mile and a quarter and also in mountain view, san carlos down to half a mile. in some spots it's really thick. after all of that clears out, we will have sunshine today and some very nice warm temperatures reaching into the mid and upper 70s and napa up to 73 degrees
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and 75 degrees today in dublin. let's see how it looks as you go across the san mateo bridge now with mike. >> one of the only bridges that chp did not say we have a fog advisory, but you know what i'll advise about that fog, as well. it could get tougher. we could see across a good distance. lower the speeds and can't see much around the bridge. look at your map. that is why is an issue for folks driving through the area. can't see the street signs and disoriented. southbound 880 maybe someone slowing you down as you approach and the san mateo bridge. an earlier crash may leave a traffic break if they can't get that car to the shoulder quickly. it could be a factor as lower visibility in there as well as all the areas highlighted with orange in the bay and road weather index indicates a lower view. it improved a bit over the last half hour and traffic is not bad. back to you. >> traffic is not bad. just the fog. thank you, mike. a date that only comes once every four years. the hot deals you can snag on
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this leap day. plus, layoffs at one of san francisco's most peculiar companies. we'll take a look at "business and tech." how did the academy handle the issue of race and what did chris rock have to say in case you missed it? we'll show you in the highlights. as usual there is a lot to talk
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5:12 right now. full of glam and full of controversy. as usual a lot of talk the morning after the oscars. >> kris sanchez joining us now with more on what went down.
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kris, the conversation well beyond what people wore and who took home the hardware. >> that was the biggest question is what is chris rock going to say and how is he going to handle the whole oscar controversy and that was as anticipated as any part of the oscars and chris rock did take on the race issue from the moment he welcomed people to the show, with humor, sometimes light hearted and sometimes drawing nervous laughter from that star-studded crowd. >> i'm here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. things going to be a little different at the oscars. this year, it's just going to be black people that were shot by the cops on their way to the movies. we have a black rocky this year. >> each of you is an ambassador who can influence others in the
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industry. it's not enough to just listen and agree. we must take action. >> really was the take away that it is about creating opportunity. but there was this issue to the academy taking on the issue of sexual assault, specifically on college campuses with a performance by lady gaga who was surrounded by survivors of sexual assault. she was introduced by vice president joe biden who called for a whole culture change, not for the victims or the perpetrators, but for anyone who sees anything happen. and a good part of leonardo dicaprio's speech, spoiler alert, he called for global action on climate change. we have seen oscar speeches for greater dialogue, as with wage inequality last year between men and women in hollywood. now whether that translates into actual change, that's going to take some time. >> a lot of issues. a lot of issue more oscar coverage to come. we're revealing the winners, the losers, as well. and the live report from hollywood coming up in our next
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half hour. apple hopes to win its fight that is ongoing. the drama continuing as that company tries to keep its iphones secure. another turn this week. >> that's right. this week apple will head to washington and silicon valley companies will line-up. scott mcgrew, good morning to you. bringing us up to speed. >> a hearing tomorrow, lorau in washington. apple ceo tim cook has been invited to appear, but he won't. al will be represented, of course. cook on friday addressed shareholders to the apple headquarters. this is file video. we're not permitted to tape shareholder meeting. he got a standing ovation from shareholders and they're absolutely behind him. meanwhile we expect silicon valley companies to file in support of apple. this is real support. more than we're just behind you on twitter. as we hope you know by now, the fbi wants apple to unlock an iphone 5c used by one of the san bernardino shooters. several people have asked,
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surely the fbi or the cia or the nsa could open the phone themselves, so why not do that? we asked who opens up technology for courts as a job. >> publicly asking apple saying we don't want to touch it, you touch it. i think that backfired. let's check your news before the bell and landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hey, there, scott, good morning to you. wall street could start the week off on a down note and the markets coming off a choppy session on friday and tracking for its first positive month in the past and look for data today on manufacturing and pending home sales. on friday, the dow fell 57 points to 16640. the nasdaq edged up 8 to 4590. back over to you. >> thank you. you remember zenefits that
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banned drinking on the job because it had to. the san francisco company is laying off 17% of its workforce or about 250 people so the party literally is over. >> that's right. cut it back. >> kind of sad no fts for any of those people. >> fringe benefits for fts. >> outside of the workplace. everyone knows about the madness of black friday sales but the latest in retail now, sales for leap day. >> you know, there's probably a hallmark card for it, too. today, february 29th only comes around once every four years and in honor of leap day many companies offering some deals. a free personal pizza to your leap day babies and you can get a dozen original glazed doughnuts from krispy kreme and expedia giving a 29% discount when and if you're a leap year baby, this is it. >> my niece, my niece turns 2
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today. she's a leap day baby. >> that is a good benefit. >> she looks so young for 8. happy birthday. >> what direction are you going in. >> to me it's all about. >> it's going to be great weekend for vacationing, staying around here or hitting the road. we're going to have to deal with some fog this morning as you head out this morning, but once this clears, we're in for a pufl day. a live look outside now. golden gate bridge, just take my word for it. and as we go through the rest of the morning, i'd say give it another two or three hours and then we'll start to clear all of this fog out. and we haven't seen much of it around livermore and pleasanton, but then as you go towards the inner bay, as well as the north bay, we've seen a lot of that fog moving through. and it clears out by 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. bright sunshine all day long.
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as our temperatures warm up. but we do have a mild start this morning in san francisco. it's 55 degrees and as we get a closer look to the east bay and alamo now, it is 47 degrees. and it's 45 degrees inmore and brentwood now at 47 degrees. our temperatures are cool to start and warming up as we go hour by hour in livermore. you see the clouds to start the day and then the sun moving in by 9:00 at 55 degrees. and at 11:00 we're at 65 degrees and then warming up into the low to mid-70s today. so, we're still above average. we're going to have a couple of wet weather systems moving in as we go through the week. the first one moves in tomorrow afternoon and evening and only for the north bay and that is the case with a lot of these systems we've seen. on wednesday night, another one approaching. this one looks enough to push into san francisco before it starts to move into the south bay late during the nighttime hours. and the next three days we'll have temperatures in the low to
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mid-70s. a mix of sun and clouds feeling very nice and then as we go closer to the weekend, we will have another system moving in and i know you're already starting to make those weekend plans. we'll have some rain moving in thursday and then again all day on friday, possibly into or rather on saturday into sunday, too. we'll be talking more about that and let's a look at some of those bridges now with mike. is it looking? >> we'll see what we can with some of those bridges, kari. fog advisors for all of your span. the bay bridge toll plaza where we can barely see the other side of the toll plaza. that is the note. you can also see the cars lining up for the fastra lanes and this is like a friday commute pattern and we'll track this because it's no friday, it's monday. as we look over here, the orange highlighted all over the bay, as well. that's where you'll have tougher visibility as we saw from the earlier shot down the east shore freeway, as well. the crash working on highway 4 and we know about that one. not a major commute issue and we
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may have a traffic break. we're tracking that. two more light crashes through fremont, again, getting more detail from chp as those come in and westbound 580 and a slower drive starting to develop and a clearer view for the tri-valley. back to you. coming up next, a virginia police department in mourning after a young officer killed in the line of duty on oher first day on the job. new details we're learning about her accused killer as she faces a judge for the first time since that tragedy.
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right now an investigative unit exclusive, playing for a college team is a dream come true for many young athletes, but the same characteristics that make a star player can also fuel a serious illness. the investigative unit learned thatting disorders among student athletes are a growing problem but a health issue receiving little to no attention on some campuses. we reviewed medical history forms and questionnaires to see how schools throughout california screen for students at risk. >> out of all mental illnesses, this is the highest mortality rate. this is not a joke. there is still just a whole lot of shame and stigma associated with eating disorders. >> tonight at 11:00, we investigate how some coaches are actually making the problem worse. and why some schools say they don't track this issue at all. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to happening today a judge is
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expect consider a motion against comedian bill cosby. cosby's attorneys are asking the judge to dismiss a suit filed by model janice dickinson. she sued cosby last may that he drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 1982. the denial caused her to feel revictimized. cosby's team she is making the whole thing up. the man accused shooting a virginia police officer on her first day on the job expected to appear in court today. prince william county police officer died saturday night when she and other officer os responded to a domestic disturbance call. two other officers were also critically injured. the suspect ronald hamilton is also accused of shooting and killing his wife shortly before those officers arrived at his house. investigators say that hamilton fired on police officer os as they approached the front door.
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>> 2-13. we have three confirmed hit. >> i just want to be clear, do we have officers involved in a shooting. >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> she was sworn in last friday and was only 28 years old. it is 5:26 right now. coming up, we're less than 24 hour away from the most pivotal day in the presidential election so far. who is leading in the polls ahead of super tuesday all next in the live report. and a foggy morning this monday morning here in the bay area, i'm bob redell and take you live on the road to show you how this could affect your ride into work. i'm stephanie chuafg live in san jose where right now santa clara sheriff deputies are searching this red suv after a driver crashed into the house and took off. we have the very latest coming up.
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a foggy start to our monday morning. we are literally on the roads. bob redell is out there with our great photographer henry, as well. scoping out the foggy commute. they're over in oakland right now and looks somewhat clear and you can see the fog there in the distance. kari has a look at your visibility coming up in just a moment. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. you look at the cameras and dense fog is what you're seeing. meteorologist kari hall joining us now with a lack at visibility this morning.
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good morning. >> good morning. we start out with low visibility and many spots across the bay area with the exception of parts of the north bay and the tri-valley. now looking at the south bay, it is 54 degrees and visibility down to a mile and a quarter. little bit lower in some spots like oakland and today's forecast we'll see highs well above reaching into the low to mid-70s. a beautiful afternoon after this foggy start. seeinga lot of lights and flashing lights on that camera in fremont. mike, what is happening there. >> i tilted down and have to give us the best possible view there. a light in the parking lot for the structure that we have and just across the screen heading south and this is at west warren just before you get to mission boulevard on the southbound side of o880. one lane blocked and we have two lanes blocked for about ten minutes. word is that there is a car over off its wheels and that will take a while to clear and heading down mission. 680 is clear and getting over there mission is slow, as well. fog is a factor.
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updating breaking news we first brought you at 4:30. the searching for a driver who led deputies on a chase. >> stephanie chuang live in san francisco and crews just removed that suv from the house. >> they did, laura and sam. and they removed it just across the street to get it away from the house, but so that they could investigate. we've seen investigators dusting for prints in and outside that red suv there where you see the front end is completely smashed in. they've also been taking photos and doing some of the work to try to see if they can find who the driver might be. the driver is still on the run. you can see where it crashed, actually. i'll bring you over this way. we're at park and race and this is the 1,100 block of park and there is that house there where you can see it's a bit lit up. the front end damaged where the suv slammed into the house.
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damaged pretty badly and not sure about the structural integrity there. pg&e crews took care of that. it started around 1:30 this morning and a deputy tried to stop someone who ran a stop sign or a red light and a brief pursuit before the driver then crashed into that house right there. so, basically the search has been going on for about four hours now. we understand that the sheriff's office is also in charge of that search. still no luck at last word. of course, we'll keep you posted at the scene here. and see whether they're going to get very far, especially after taking a look at that suv. live here in san jose, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." we are tracking the latest on the story, both on air and online, you can always head to for up to the minute updates. at 5:32. decision 2016. super tuesday, the most pivotal day so far in the election is now only hours away. and two candidates are leading
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the polls in a big way. >> "today in the bay" tracie potts live in washington with a break down of how things are shaping up so far. good morning. >> good morning. it's donald trump for the republicans in every state except for texas where ted cruz is leading by 13 points. both cruz and rubio have started to really hone in on trump and push some issues like his taxes when he's going to release them and this interview that he did over the weekend where he did not denounce former kkk leader who is urging people to follow and vote for donald trump. trump has said this morning on "today" show that he had a bad ear piece in that interview and he couldn't really hear the anchor and that is why he did not disavow the kkk leader on that interview. meantime democrats hillary clinton way out front in most of the super tuesday states. it has bernie sanders scrambling to catch up from his huge loss over the weekend in south carolina. he is focusing out west and in
5:34 am
the midwest also his home state of vermont and massachusetts, hoping to pick up enough delegates to remain competitive after tomorrow. we'll stay on top of it for you. >> all right, tracie, anything that could stop them from becoming the nominees? >> well, yes. the 15th. we have two other states, ohio and florida, which are winner take all states. so, a lot of delegates being awarded there, as well. if a candidate doesn't win all the states but does pretty well. say rubio does very well and a strong second in several states and then gets one or more of the winner take all states, certainly they could remainpetitive. just gets much more difficult for candidates that are not leading right now after super tuesday. >> all right. tracie potts from d.c., thank you. new details on a controversial shooting death of a guatemalan man in san francisco last year. a second autopsy shows two city police officers shot the men several times in the back.
5:35 am
san francisco examiner obtained the autopsy by the medical examiner. shows 21-year-old lopez was shot four times in the back. once through the arm and in the back of the head. an independent autopsy done last april says the same thing, soon after that shooting chief greg says perez lopez was lunging at the officers with a knife. the deadline to leave has come and gone, but some homeless are still camping out on a busy stretch in san francisco. the encampment right near 11, 13th street and division. now, on friday, the city gave notices saying that it had to be cleared out. this after the health department cleared the encampment a public nuisance and a health hazard. some folks still refusing to go. running for district 9 supervisor spent a night on that street. he says more compassion and vision are needed in the situation. >> i think that in many ways a microcosm of what's happening in
5:36 am
our city and people getting pushed out. >> on the move in 1,000 different directions at one time. i don't know where anybody is at. >> homeless outreach workers have been trying to connect people with shelters and with services. a tragic scene unfolding in san jose over the weekend. a toddler was found dead. now the investigation is under way to find out what happened. ened about 1:30 sunday morning. police were called to a house on glembury way. they say a girl, a 2-year-old, was not breathing. she was rush the hospital but died before doctors could see her. the circumstances of the death not clear right now. police are investigating. >> very tragic. 5:36 right now. uc berkeley police may be thanking their lucky stars for one observant astronomer who helped crack a recent crime. two men, 36-year-old vincent bradley and 27-year-old jared starkweather are facing charges.
5:37 am
they were tipped by an astronomer who works at cal. he noticed two suspicious men when officers arrested the pair, police say inside the car they found items stolen from both cal and uc irvine. talk about the fog out there and see if it is clearing at all. let's check the visibility with kari. >> waves of that fog passing by and now visibility is down to a quarter of a mile in napa and oakland and in novato now at three quarters of a mile. we'll see low visibility basically along the coast. that is what it is now in half moon bay and san jose about a mile and a quarter. so, still fairly low in spots. it clears out, we'll have a beautiful afternoon and well above average temperatures mostly reaching into the low 70s today, even some upper 70s in spots like antioch and mid-70s today in oakland. we'll talk more about this and a few rain chances in the forecast for the week. that's coming up in about ten minutes. let's get a look at what's happening. a few problems, clear visibility but still some issues, mike.
5:38 am
>> that's right. we're going to dublin, kari. the tri-valley a clearer view of the roadway and right here things are moving well. getting to tassajara a crash possibly involving three vehicles in the middle of the freeway westbound 580. your commute direction right around north livermore and that's causing this backup in the stretch where the express lane is there. we had a pretty smooth earlier and that build out of the altamont. the other issue southbound 880 continues to be a factor and a crash still blocks one lane south 880 just before you get to mission just around warren. one lane block as well as the lower visibility because of fog drifting through this area causes more slowing towards the mission boulevard crossover. take 680 and still be all right, but, again, fog is a factor for folks there as well as everywhere orange highlighted around the bay. basically all your bridges are a concern this morning. visibility a factor so, lower the speeds, guys. back to you. >> all right. as you mentioned, pretty foggy there. look at the bay bridge toll
5:39 am
plaza out there. a live look as if you're in the car with bob redell. >> he's taking us along for a ride. how are things look right now, bob? >> fortunately, everywhere we have driven throughout the bay area, sam and laura. the fog is not, i can't say it really had a huge impact on traffic. as you can see here, you can see several cars in front of you and then we'll show you some video right now. this was our drive up 01. that was roughly in the, i believe in the san carlos belmont area again, foggy conditions, but you can still see the cars in front of you. got at least a quarter mile visibility. i started my morning in the bay and saw some in the sunol grade area. didn't see much in the south bay. definitely picks up on 101 we cut across the san mateo and saw some there and headed up 88 o0 into oakland and now at the bay bridge. 880 into oakland was "the worst we saw" but, again, i want tareiteratar to
5:40 am
reiterate. if you hit heavy fog and you cannot see the car in front of you, slow down. do not use your brights. use your fog lights if you have them. watch the distance of the car in front of you. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> good advice and an issue for some drivers this morning. thank you, bob. stay up to date with the weather in your neighborhood by downloading our free nbc bay area ap. find your live doppler radar and your seven-day forecast. riding cal train. day passes and monthly passes all went up. discount fares will stay at 50% of adult ticket prices while clipper car still gives you a 15% discount and in july it will cost 50 cents more to park in a station parking lot. in the meantime 5:40. the remarkable story of the first living navy s.e.a.l. to
5:41 am
receive the medal of honor. a big night of glamour, glitz and its share of controversy. the oscars didn't disappoint. i'll have a report coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. ==top nats==
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oc: well, just sed our lives, yeah. r :06 ==savo== pixar's "inside out" took he the oscar for >> well, i just saved their lives. pixar's "inside out" took home the oscar for best animatedture film. an emoryville based company and tells the story of a girl named riley who moves from the midwest to san francisco and inside her are five emotions that help guide her through a new life in a new city, but not all those emotions agree with one another. marks pixar's eight oscar win. the after parties maybe winding down in hollywood, but everyone still talking about the 88th annual academy awards. >> leonardo dicaprio might still be partying right now. a mixed bag of expected and
5:45 am
unexpected winners and controversy certainly did not take a back seat on the red carpet. many stars commenting on the lack of diversity in hollywood. >> jennifer bjorkland there with how everything went. have you been up all night, jen? >> good morning, laura, sam. everyone here is more, more in the hard hats than the high heels on the red carp lt right now. all rolled up and taken away. working all night on it. not a lot of partying going on here but hollywood had a big, big night last night. like you said, full of twists and turns and some surprises. >> spotlight. >> the titles described the moment. the newspaper drama "spotlight" the center of attention and a surprise oscar winner for best picture. >> this film gave a voice to survivors and this oscar amplifies that voice. >> best picture fask "the revenant" still won big.
5:46 am
for the second year in a row. >> i can't believe this is happening. >> and a first career oscar for leonardo dicaprio as best actor. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. >> best actress went to brie larsen competing her award season. >> thank you to the movie goers, thank you for going to the film and seeing our film. >> "the danish girl." while mark riland pulled an upset for supporting actor beating out heavy favorite sylvester stallone. >> "mad max" took home the most oscars, six overall. all in technical categories. before the show, demonstrators blocked the way protested the academy's lack of diversity. >> otherwise known the white people's choice awards. >> subject also on host chris
5:47 am
rock's mind. tonight when the spotlight was the mu movie industry's best. the really big winner last night was kind of the girl scouts. at one point chris rock had dozens of girl scouts come into the crowd and start selling cookies because he said he missed a lot of the girl scout cookie season because of the show. he was busy working on his jokes and his monologue. at the end the tally of cookies, $65,243 worth of girl scout cookies sold last night at the oscars. i'm jennifer bjorklund live in hollywood. >> that has to get them a lot of badges or something. >> a pink cadillac like, what is that company that does that? mary kay. >> oh, yeah, of course. >> little girl scouts and their pink cadillacs. >> jennifer, thank you. did you see michael keaton also grabbed some of the cookies at the end after "spotlight."
5:48 am
chris rock had it in his right hand. >> especially those girls in those dresses. i'm sure they weren't eating a lot of cookies prior to that event. the head of hewlett-packard right now furious at new jersey governor chris christie. >> she ran for california governor and lost to jerry brown. later her support behind chris christie for president and infuriated when christie dropped out and gave his support to donald trump. whitman certainly does not support. she says trump is unfit to be president. meanwhile, donald trump is promising big trouble for amazon, though, it's not entirely clear why. in his speech in texas, trump attacked amazon's jeff bezos for buying "washington post." trump not generally get along with the press. when he is present, there will be "they're going to have such problems at amazon." the state department today will release the last cash of
5:49 am
hillary clinton's e-mails that will come around 3:00 this afternoon. that will be the end of about 5,000 e-mails. about 30,000 more were deleted by hillary clinton. he said they were personal and not state business. if possible, those will be recovered in the future. this is the last day of trading for february. it's possible the dow could end the month on the positive when you add up all the gains and subtract the losses together. that would be the first positive month for the dow in three months. the house energy and commerce committee will hold hearings today, tomorrow rather about apple's refusal to open an iphone. tim cook will not be there, but will send apple attorneys instead. both apple and the fbi would like congress to create laws to solve this problem and future problems. so why doesn't the fbi or the nsa or cia just open the phone? if we could tap angela merkel's personal cell phone they could open an iphone. >> we'll look forward to it.
5:50 am
thanks, scott. happening today a rare hawner for a living member of the u.s. armed forces. president obama set to present the medal of honor to navy s.e.a.l. edward buyers. a senior chief who helped in the druic rescue of an american hostage in afghanistan back in 2012. only five navy s.e.a.l.s have ever been awarded the medal of honor. all were honored posthumously. the first time a living member of the u.s. navy has been awarded the medal of honor. >> pretty amazing wow the training they go through to become a s.e.a.l. and the work you probably don't know about. >> absolutely. nice to see. >> the highest level of skill, no question. 5:50 right now. the bay area or a hitchcock set right now? i don't know, hard to see much of anything. >> yes, the fog is a huge issue this morning. so, just allow some extra time to get to work this morning as you head out. this is san jose, if you can believe it or not. just take my word for it. once again a live look at that
5:51 am
camera. we are dealing with some dense fog this morning. visibility in some spots down to a quarter of a mile or less. and then in other spots, it's all clear. so, here's a look at the forecast. where you sthee dark shades of gray, that's where the fog is now. and we will start to see it clearing out, i'd give it another two or three hours and we're also starting to see it develop in the tri-valley where it has been clear through pleasanton. throughout the morning it all starts to roll out of here. the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen and several chances of rain in the forecast this week and i'll detail that in just a bit. now looking at temperatures in the low to mid-50s and still some 40s in spots. a look at berkeley as we take it hour by hour. low 50s and clouds throughout the morning and then the sun breaks out and it will be a beautiful day with quickly warming temperatures by 3:00 we're up to 74 degrees. and as you head home t will feel very comfortable. here's a look at the futurecast.
5:52 am
shows chances of rain and scattered showers start to move in by tomorrow evening and then it just dries up as it moves else where across the bay area. pretty much like our other rain chances so far the past couple of weeks have just been in the north bay. we'll have another chance heading into late wednesday night and into thursday. and this may give us another good soaking before we head into a very soggy weekend. and over the next three days, our temperatures will be topping out in the mid-70s. a lot of sunshine and well above average temperatures. that continues through at least the middle of the workweek. we'll talk more about those weekend rain chances coming up, but mike's tracking a problem now in mont. >> kari, we may have two or three, i should say. let's take 101. the fog is one factor through fremont and around the bay. that is the big note for all drivers right now. there's the jam south 880 coming past our rooftop position just before you get to the tesla plant. just south of here, i can't see it with the camera, but we have
5:53 am
that crash south 880 approaching mission boulevard. that is one lane blocked and we had crews for about 20 minutes trying to clear that last lane. in the back of it, another crash and that is the third incident. two crashes and the fog, which will slow you down there. the crash at livermore looks like it is cleared from the lanes and that oronge highlighting all around the bay and lower visibility, guys. send it back to you guys with this foggy look at palo alto. coming up next, we investigate. >> i had this gun, so i was given 25 to life. the time is way more than you would even get for the crime itself. does the punishment fit the crime? we go inside of san quentin and talk to the inmates. and happening now, we're staying top of breaking news. an suv slams into a south bay home. police still looking for the driver who took off on foot. our steph chuang was the first reporter on scene and she's talking with police about the investigation and tweeting updates. it's not just about what went on inside the oscar awards, it's also about who wore what on
5:54 am
the red carpet. check out some of the best and worst dress would the slide show link at the top of our home page. we're back in two minutes. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardce. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, plus no interest for 48 months. hurry, ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. ex the man accused of shooting a virginia police officer on her first day of the job is expected to appear in court today. prince william county police officer ashley guindon died
5:57 am
saturday night when she and other officers responded to a domestic service call. two other officer os were critically hurt. ronald hampalten is accused of shooting and killing his wife shortly before officers arrived at the home. hamilton fired on police officers as they approached the front door. >> we have three confirmed hits. >> i just want to be clear, do we have officer os involved in a shooting? >> we have three officers that have shot. >> officer guindon was sworn in last friday and she was just 28 years old. at 5:57. we have an investigative unit exclusive. you probably heard, of course, of the three strikes law in california. that cares a mandatory 25 to life for offenders. >> just one of the enhancements in the criminal code. sounds like a simple solution to reduce violent crimes but stephen stock discovered, the reality is not that simple. >> well, good morning, guys.
5:58 am
we analyzed years worth ofidata and we also talked to experts on both sides of this issue and we talked to many who say that sentence enhancements in california just don't work to reduce violent crime. some say enhancements work actually in the reverse, serving as an injustice. while specific data is hard to come by, our investigative unit did find numbers that are available from california's department of corrections that show at least 40,000 inmates are currently serving time under california's three strikes law alo alone. that is a sentencing enhancement law. we also discovered that many inmates are serving time for sentence enhancements that are longer than the original criminal sentence. critics say this is an injustice and calling for reform in sacramento. defenders of the system on the other hand, including representatirepresent from the straight district say these sentencing enhancements are working as they were
5:59 am
originally designed by keeping violent offenders off our. you can see our entire story, plus a whole lot more on this issue, just go to our website, guys, back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to good monday morning i'm stephanie chuang live where the damage is done and the search for the driver is still on. what we know coming up in a live report. plus, a pivotal day in santa clara county courtroom as weem we'll get our first look at the evidence against three correctional deputies accused of murdering an inmate. and good morning, i'm bob redell live on the bay bridge taking you through your morning commute this morning to show how the fog will impact your ride into work. "today in the bay" starts now.
6:00 am
now that looks pretty foggy out there. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. looks foggy back here, as well. it's not an isolated kind of thing, fog all over the bay area this morning. let's get a check of oyour weather right now with meteorologist kari hall. >> that could cause major issues as people get out there this morning. allow some extra time to get to work or school. we are seeing fog all across the bay area and it's in patches. you may encounter some spots where it's mostly clear as our temperatures now in the lower 50s. highs today will top out in the 70s after the fog clears and it will be a beautiful day and a lot of sunshine but we will have some as we go through the week. i'll detail that coming up, but let's see how it looks at the bay bridge now with mike. >> kari, tougher to see. we can see the toll plaza camera with all the lights backed up and the metering lights on and you can't see much of the structure work around it and at


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