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tv   Today  NBC  March 18, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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interchange is jammed up. should see recovery because it is our lighter friday. >> follow updates on our twitter feed and be back in a half hour with more live local news. good morning. nasty nor'easter. good morning. nasty nor'easter. a massive snowstorm brewing for the very first day of spring. millions in its path from the carolinas to maine. the question is, will there be a lot or a little? stop trump. the movement to block donald trump from getting the republican nomination gaining steam. conservative leaders mapping out a strategy. a hacker group declaring total war on trump and releasing his personal information online. now overnight a scare for family. a threatening letter sent to his son. are things going too far. today, exclusive, ten years after its debut, twitter is now being dubbed the pulse of the planet. 320 million active users turning to it every day.
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but the anniversary doesn't come without problems. this morning, the man behind it, jack dorsey, opens up about his past, its present and its future. and cinderella stories. major upsets ruled day one of the ncaa tournament. >> for the bulldogs! >> so how smart is your bracking looking today, friday, march 18th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" on a friday morn. remember the godfather and the classic line, fraudo, you break my heart. my version is, seton hall, you broke my heart. >> how smart is my bracket? i think it was f-minus. >> you had one bad pick. >> go wildcats. >> we'll talk about the ncaa
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tournament. our top story this morning, so much for spring. it's not going to feel that way, especially on the east coast. temperature about to plunge and a storm is brewing. and this could bury parts of the region in snow. oh, you broke my heart. >> just when i thought i was out, i pull you back in. >> exactly, what's going on? >> we're watching this low pressure system. it's going to be coming up out of the southeast. some severe weather saturday morning down there by saturday afternoon. by saturday afternoon, it's raining in washington, d.c. cold air starts to filter in as this low pressure system develops. rain/snow mix will start from washington, d.c. saturday evening. snow showers by sunday morning for new york city. now, we've got the american model and the european model. they're fairly close early on. as we get into sunday afternoon, sunday morning, you can see they start to diverge a little bit. the european model a little bit closer, the american model further away , the storm will intensify either way.
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snow stretching from new york city to maine. heavy snow will continue into new england. gusty winds and it's going to be cold. so here's what we're look at as far as accumulations. current forecast, new york city, philadelphia, on up into northern new england about 2 to 4, maybe 5 inches of snow. heaviest snow around eastern massachusetts on up into eastern maine, anywhere from 10 to 12 inches. the american model, look at this, almost no snow whatsoever. northern maine hits the heaviest. we've also got some in the appalachians. here's what we think, look at all the models, putting them together, about 2 to 4 inches from washington, d.c., new york city and west of boston. boston will see about 4 to 6 inches. the heaviest snow will be eastern maine and eastern massachusetts. the storm hasn't formed yet. we're going to continue to watch it. it's the difference between the models. they're coming together. >> you've got a story on those
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two models and how people come up with them a little bit later on. >> that's right. >> al, thank you. meantime, the presidential race being dominated by the so-called stop trump movement this morning. the republican front-runner now the target of conservative leaders. they're trying to block his potential nomination. he's also being targeted by the hacker group known as anonymous. nbc is on the trail for us with more on all of it. good morning. >> hey there, savannah, good morning. we're learning talks swirling at the highest levels about how to handle a possible trump nomination. paul ryan fresh off a dinner with influential donors. all of this as the hacker group takes aim over not just donald trump politics but his personal life. >> now, claiming credit for being thatting donald trump, the group anonymous calling him a would be dictator. >> we are very serious about
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stopping any proposed fourth reich by donald trump. >> trump's campaign telling nbc law enforcement is investigating those who tried to illegally hack anonymous' accounts. trying to get attention for their so-called war on trump. in washington, a very different battle to try and stop him. less public, too, after a secret huddle of frustrated conservatives, reassessing how to slow trump down since attack ads like this new one haven't seemed to do much. their plan, first, call for a unity ticket. and if that doesn't work, plot out strategy for a contested convention. house speaker paul ryan acknowledging that scenario looks more likely. >> we're getting our minds around this idea this could become a reality. >> reporter: now taking aim at trump for warning what could happen at a convention if he leads in delegates but doesn't get the nomination. >> i think you'd have riots, you know, i'm representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people. >> nobody should say such things
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in my opinion because to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable. >> reporter: while the stop trump movement wants unity, they're not saying who conservatives should unify behind. talk of ted cruz and marco rubio teaming up shot down. >> no, i'm not going to be anybody's vice president. >> reporter: rubio now praising cruz as conservative, as the texas senator faces morse attacks from donald trump. this new photo shopped poster of the movie "liar liar." but cruz may get the last laugh, backed by an unlikely former foe, senator lindsey graham raising money for cruz less than a month after making this joke. >> if you killed ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate, nobody could convict you. >> reporter: and new this morning, a scare involving donald trump's son eric. suspicious mail sent to his
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apartment. sources say it was nothing harmful. and not uncommon for high-profile personalities to receive this kind of thing, but it does show how much attention trump's family is getting, guys. >> all right, hallie jackson, thank you. >> nicole wallace, good morning. >> good morning. >> we keep talking about this stop trump entity as if it's a rething, as if it has a ceo and headquarters. the fact of the matter is, it's still very fractured. while it's trying to get itself together, hasn't it almost missed its moment? >> here was the moment. everyone agreed that after new hampshire, the only way to derail trump was to put him in a one-on-one race, to have everybody but him coalesce behind one candidate. they were all in the race at that point. that never happened. the essential weakness of the stop trump movement is never had
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a horse, it never had a strategy and never built a consensus around an alternative. >> we saw lindsey graham who didn't endorse ted cruz but he'll have a fund-raiser for him. i asked the question, what's the temperature in hell, because he himself said hell will freeze over before i support ted cruz but that's where they are in this party, these hard choices. what does it say about ted cruz that actually he may be the person best positioned to stop trump but he can't get the party behind him totally? >> it would have said something much better about ted cruz if he not lost all five contests tuesday night. if he had won, if he had a stronger showing this week, you might have seen more people get behind him. here's the truth about the anti-trump movement. it objects three things about trump. one, his temperament. makes people very nervous. two, the substance, he's not a conservative in the minds of the conservative movement. and, three, they're worried about him filling that vital commander in chief role. hillary clinton, if she were smart, would be wise to go after the first group, people worried
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about his temperament, and maybe the third group, people who don't think he is competent to be commander in chief. the stop trump's only hope is if he doesn't reach 1,237. >> you're saying hillary clinton should reach out to the stop trump movement. do you think republicans fear donald trump or dislike him more than they dislike hillary clinton? >> nobody in the elite establishment would admit to being open to hillary clinton but as we've seen time and time again, there's not the deciders. the voters are the deciders. and there are a lot them who want to vote republican. who want to see change. but who are simply uncomfortable with the idea of both trump and cruz at this point. >> all right, nicolle, thank you very much, good to see you. something else on the president's plate, an historic trip to cuba. nbc "nightly news" anchor lester holt will be live in havana and he will have complete coverage. now the fight for the president's pick for the supreme court. nbc justice correspondent pete williams is at the court for us
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this morning, pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. senators have left town for the easter break, giving merrick garland a break from making the rounds. but republicans insist his nomination isn't going anywhere. it's a supreme court nominee's ordeal, meeting senators one on one, hoping to win them over for a confirmation vote. but so far, the welcome mat is out only at the offices of democrats like vermont's patrick leahy and nevada's harry reid, the majority leader. continuing to insist there won't be any hearing or vote because the next president should choose the nominee. the democrats say under normal rules the nominee would be up for a vote by memorial day. >> people in my state are some of the most conservatives and most liberals say, hey, do your job, give him a hearing, ask him questions. >> reporter: some republicans say they are at least willing to meet with garland, though nothing's been set up yet. arizona's jeff flake even suggested voting on garland while president obama is still
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in office if a democrat is elected president. >> i would rather have a less liberal nominee like merrick garland then a nominee that hillary clinton, if she were president, would put forward. >> reporter: the republican leadership put out the word that such an idea is not an option and most in the party are following along. >> i don't think we should be moving forward on a nominee in the last year of this president's term. i would say that if it were a republican president. >> reporter: the white house released this photo of obama meeting with garland and said mr. obama told supporters in a conference call on thursday to make themselves heard and demand confirmation hearings. the supreme court's remaining eight justices are back in the courtroom next week and white house supporters are launching a website to push for garland's confirmation. we need matt, savannah. this morning, we're hearing a little more from the alleged american isis fighter captured in iraq, still being held there, and what he's saying about how he ended up with the terror
7:12 am
group may surprise you. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel has that story. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. he says he joined isis but then had a change of heart. a u.s. official told us this morning that because of the american's alleged time with the organization, he does have intelligence. he's the first alleged american isis fighter to surrender to kurdish troops in iraq. >> my name is mohammed. i'm from the united states. i studied criminal justice in college in virginia. >> reporter: in a taped confessional aired on kurdistan 24 tv, the virginian described how he traveled through turkey, linked up with isis in syria and was transferred to the iraqi city of mosul, an isis stronghold. >> my message to the american people is life in mosul, it's really, really bad.
7:13 am
we, the people were controlling mosul don't represent the religion. >> reporter: these statements were made as he was held in captivity. >> i didn't really support their idoly and that's -- at that point, that's when i decided i needed to escape. >> reporter: to escape from isis, he said he crossed battle lines in search of kurdish fighters, knowing they are close allies of the united states. >> at the time, i made a decision to go because i wasn't thinking straight and on the way there, i regretted -- i didn't see myself living in that environment. i would -- you know, i wanted to go back to, to america. >> reporter: a u.s. official
7:14 am
told nbc news isis is facing a growing problem of desertions as the group comes under mounting military pressure and, now, a rare accusation of genocide by the united states. but the charge is mainly a moral condemnation. and because the u.s. is already fighting isis, it's unclear if the rhetoric will change u.s. policy. a u.s. official told nbc news that american personnel have not yet met with quaise in custody but the kurds are debriefing him and passing that information along to the americans. matt, savannah, back to you. >> richard engel in istanbul, thanks. tense on capitol hill at the hearing over the flint, michigan, water crisis. calling for the resignations of the chief of the epa. >> people who put dollars over the fundamental safety of the people do not belong in government and you need to resign, governor snyder. >> this was a failure of got at
7:15 am
all levels, local, state and federal officials. we all failed the families of flint. >> governor rick snyder testified that michigan's department of environmental quality repeatedly assured him that the water from the flint river was safe when, in fact, it was contaminated with dangerous levels of lead. both the governor and epa administrator gina mccarthy expressed remorse over the crisis but mccarthy said because it happened under a state-appointed emergency manager it prevented federal officials from being able to, quote, jump to the rescue. there were some scary moments for passengers thursday on a flight from north carolina to new york city. take a listen. >> just got hit by lightning. >> roger, everything okay. >> yeah, don't send us through there again, it's pretty bad. >> the american airlines flight was preparing to land at la guardia airport here in new york when it flew into some very turbulent skies and then was hit by lightning. the plane was diverted to jfk airport just a few miles away. airline official also say it
7:16 am
landed safely. 55 passengers on board. the faa says it will investigate that incident. a hearing is set on a request to revoke bail for the new hampshire prep school graduate convicted of assaulting a classmate. >> another unexpected twist this morning. he is now admitting he did miss his curfew but says it was for a good reason. a judge must determine, a, what happened and, b, what's the punishment. owen's future on the line once again. >> guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. >> a judge will decide if the prep schooler convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault against a 15-year-old classmate, should be put behind bars for allegedly violating conditions of his bail. it all started after this reporter bumped into him on a boston subway last month around 1:00 p.m. and then tweeted their conversation.
7:17 am
>> he has to take a bus to da dartmouth and be home by 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: a source tells nbc news he thought the conversation was off the record. prosecutors saw the exchange and filed a motion in court saying he violated the conditions of his $15,000 bail. he's supposed to be his mother's vermont home between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. prosecutors say he traveled between a nearby bus station in new hampshire to boston at least eight times since october. the question facing the court today isn't where he went, but when he made it home. >> most judges will look at that and say tough, you knew what the rules are, you've been convicted of a crime, follow the rules for your bail. >> reporter: his lawyers say yes, he did travel to boston, and admitted to violating his morning curfew on these occasions, but only to see his lawyers and take classes, classes he wanted to keep private since he's been accosted, insulted and threatened in public. the intense interest in him began last year.
7:18 am
the country captivated by the elite prep school setting where his accuser says the unthinkable happened. >> i was raped. >> reporter: here, her voice disguised, her face hidden. >> you were excited to see her because you wanted to have sex with her. >> no. >> reporter: since that trial, he spoke out for the first time, telling "newsweek," i walked out of the courthouse with my chin up. today, back in the same courtroom where it all began. we reached out to the prosecutor and his accuser but haven't sketched a response. if the judge decides that he did violate his curfew, he could be carried out in handcuffs from the same courtroom where he first pled his case. >> let's get another check of the weather from al. >> all right, we're also going to be watching an area of heavy showers and thunderstorms down through the gulf coast today. slight risk of strong storms from texas to louisiana. plenty of sunshine along the pacific northwest coast. sunny and chilly, making its way from the plains on into the great lakes.
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we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. why should snacking be any different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. low clouds and fog as you head out. we haven't seen any major issues as a result and temperatures in the mid to low 50s and heading into the 60s in san francisco and 66 degrees there and 68 degrees in the north bay and east bay 67 degrees. we'll have 70s in the tri-valley peninsula as well as the south bay. temperatures coming down from yesterday thanks to the morning clouds and a stronger ocean
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breeze and today the last day of winter. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks very much. coming up, a clubhouse divided. what adam la roh sha's teammates are saying after his decision to retire after dialing back his son's time with the team. live interview with twitter ceo jack dorsey ahead of the 10th anniversary of twitter. are changes in the works? what does he have to say to his criti critics? first, this is "today" on nbc. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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just ahead, oh, no, the photo capturing the pressure of the ncaa tournament. that's my coach. jackie kennedy's look-alike granddaughter ste
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this year, make the magic of easter come alive. bring home the lindt gold bunny. ==topvo=bart rids in cocoounty e good morning. yits it's 7:26. b.a.r.t. riders in contra costa county dealing with more headaches and sounds like the problem could be long-term. for the third day the power surge is shutting down pittsburg bay point and buses now running bewean those stations and the pittsburg bay point and the older trains to be sidelined, meaning more crowded cars for everyone. b.a.r.t. says the shut down is indefinite as engineers try to pinpoint the exact problems. the glitch is also forcing b.a.r.t. to replace key train parts costing $1,000 a pop when they can get their hands on that fix. here's meteorologist kari hall with a look at the weather. clouds this morning and patchy fog in spots.
7:27 am
no major issues as you head out and no sunshine as of yet. we will see it later on today. temperature wise mainly in the lower 50s. have some upper 40s for the north bay and highs today a little bit cooler than yesterday. up to 72 degrees in san jose and mission district 66 today. 70 in napa while oakland is at 67 and 72 today in pleasantoon. let's get an update on the morning commute now from mike. >> yeah, kari, this shot from san jose looks tough for north 101 and this is north 280 off of 680 and recovery overall. you look at the speed sensors and that crash at oakland road cleared and spread all the way up towards mountain view and sunnyvale and 87 and this light friday allows us to recover for the morning. the bay bridge approach and we have slowing off of north 880 and off the maze and an earlier stalled vehicle and highway 4 as head over towards that north
7:28 am
concord b.a.r.t. station. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike more local news for you in half an hour.
7:29 am
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♪ take it easy 7:30 now on a friday morning, march 18th, 2016. we are on hatch watch. the eagles too literal there? a pair of eggs expected to hatch today. this is at the national arboretum. this is going nuts online. people are watching for that picture. that eagle is about to hatch her eggs. if it happens during this broadcast, we will have the breaking news. get it? >> yes. >> every time she gets up, everybody says, here it goes! let's look at other headlines this morning. keeping a close eye on a nasty nor'easter that could bring weather to millions for spring. it is moving up the east coast
7:31 am
impacting major cities from d.c. to boston. al will have more coming up. for the first time since his capture, we're hearing from the alleged american isis fighter who surrendered on the battlefield. in a video aired on kurdish television, the virginian said he made a bad decision when he followed a girl to iraq and realized joining the terror group was a mistake. >> i didn't really support their ideology, and that's -- at that point, that's when i decided i needed to escape. >> the 26-year-old is still in captivity. he says he wants to come back to the united states. if you like upsets, you probably enjoyed thursday's start to the ncaa tournament. 12 seeds yale and little rock, pulled off big wins. as well as gonzaga. wichita state beat arizona. another sports story in the headlines again today. adam laroche's decision to retire from baseball after the chicago white sox asked him to
7:32 am
limit his son's time with the team. willie is back with more on this. >> good morning, guys. the white sox play the cubs in a spring training game this afternoon in arizona. adam laroche won't be there. his teammates has a lot to say about him walking away from the game he loves. >> reporter: taking bring your kid to workday to a new level with his 14-year-old son, drake. this afternoon, he's likely to tell his side of the story. why he's walking away from $13 million rather than cutting back on father/son time. team president ken williams insisted drake was not banned from the clubhouse. >> just dial it back. i was a little surprised at the stance that he took. >> reporter: earlier this week, several teammates came to laroche's defense, threatening to boycott a spring training game. center fielder adam eaton tweeting, proud to have played alongside a great man/father.
7:33 am
>> money's money. ken williams insisted drake wasn't banned from the clubhouse. >> all kids should go to work with their dads. >> laroche's father was a player and coach. in 2013, laroche told the "washington post," quote, we're not big on school, saying his son is, quote, going to use a lot more useful information in the clubhouse than the classroom, as far as life lessons. >> he talks about being there for his family and family first, you know. he put it front and center. i respect and admire that. >> reporter: other major leaguers like prince fielder of the texas rangers and tigers victor martinez bring their kids to the ballpark, though not every day. >> however the players want to control their clubhouse regarding items such as with their kids there, it's up to them to police. >> that's from the chicago cubs. we asked around to other big league teams. the world series champion,
7:34 am
kansas city royals encourage kids to be around in the clubhouse, but there is a time to which they're gone. when batting practice starts, no more kids are around. david ortiz with the red sox, his son has a locker at fenway. they have kids around the game but there are rules, times which everybody knows, it's time for the kids to go upstairs. >> makes sense. willie, thank you very much. al is busy these days. >> chilly air to talk about, as well as look to the west, temperatures have been mild. it's going to stay there. colder than normal air will be making its way east over the next three days. as you watch, dallas, the key day is monday. 61 in dallas. memphis, 55. 56 in atlanta. as we make our way to the east, it chills out in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. boston on monday, 34. bounces to 42. monday, 39 in washington. raleigh, 52. as the system comes up the coast, there is the cold air. the good news is with this
7:35 am
nor'easter, the ground is much warmer than it has been. so that's going to aid with the melting. it'll be a heavier, wetter snow. it won't accum we still have some clouds hanging around this morning and some patchy in some spots. temperatures now in the low to mid-50s and expect a high today of 67 degrees in the east bay and 66 in san francisco and 68 in the north bay. low 70s ems where and the tri-valley and the peninsula, as well as the south today into the low 70s. we could be seeing some showers by the end of the weekend expecting spotty rain on sunday. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> thank you, al. coming up next, the co-founder and ceo of twitter. we'll talk to jack dorsey about the first ten years of his revolutionary platform, recent struggles and being compared to steve jobs. by the way, we're stream it live on periscope, as well. that's after this.
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. back at 7:40. ten year ago this month, history was made when jack dorsey sent the very first tweet ever. in the decade that's followed, twitter has become the place for the world to share breaking news, historic moments and selfies, all in 140 characters or less. we're happy to have jack dorsey, twitter's co-founder and ceo as he celebrates a milestone. jack, good morning. congratulations. >> thanks for having me. >> march 2006, you sent the first tweet ever. now, there is some 320 million active users on twitter. i think you have 3.4 million followers personally. other than sheer numbers, what's
7:41 am
the biggest change from then to now on twitter? >> i think how people use the service. it is the easiest way to see what's happening in the world right now. live. it breaks news for so many people. a lot of people just use it to see what's breaking and what's new in the world. >> it's grown up. has it grown up to be a great kid or, at times, can it be a bratty kid? >> it's grown up to be a great kid. but it reflects what's happening right now and what people want to talk about it with it. >> i should mention, you're not only the ceo of twitter but also the ceo of square, that helps me use my credit card on devices everywhere. >> small businesses. >> how do you manage both of these big tech ceo jobs, which i understand can lead up to a 15 or 18-hour day? >> we have great teams in both companies. i do what i'm good at, which is making sure we're building the right product that serves people in the right way. >> you have been compared to steve jobs.
7:42 am
just shake your head. do you like the comparison? >> he was a true original. i'm a student of his work, life-long student. there is no comparison. >> you know, we look at the anniversary of twitter and we say, congratulations on that, but it has not come without difficulty. the company went public back in 2013. the stock has had a real difficult time. you've lost key employees. it's hard to attract new people to the platform. you've seen the headlines, jack, that say the end of twitter is near. how true is it? on the 15th anniversary, will you be here talking about twitter? >> absolutely, on the 15th, 20th and 30th. it's a fundamental service. we have a lot of heart in the company, a lot of purpose. we understand what we are and what we stand for. we just see this amazing usage globally. >> i asked you, has it become, at times, a bratty kid. there are a certain percentage of people on twitter who seem,
7:43 am
to me, to use the platform simply to express anger and to hurt people and insult people. does it disappoint you? >> it's disappointing, but i mean, it's reflective of the world. we see as much optimism and positivity as negativity. we are empowering conversations so people can work out the issues. >> i sent out a tweet telling my measly number of followers you were going to be on and asked what questions they'd like you to be asked. there was an enormous outpouring of questions about censorship, so let me ask you point-blank, does twitter censor the content of its issues? does it hide what it would consider inflammatory comments, whether they be social or political? >> absolutely not. twitter has been about controls. people can follow whoever they
7:44 am
want. it's our job to make sure they see the most important things and the things that will matter to them. >> anybody can say anything on twitter? the company does not go in there and take certain things out that can be dangerous? >> there's certainly tweets that promote violence, which is against our terms of service. people have controls to block and people have controls to mute. >> what about the company? >> not the company. >> who decides the difference between criticism and hate? >> these are the individuals. you can follow who you want, and if it's something you want to see, you continue to follow it. >> do you get trolled? do you get nasty tweets personally? >> i get complaints. i get nastiness every now and then. >> as the ceo, can you block people? is that allowed? >> i can but i've never blocked anyone. i want to see what people are saying and i want to hear from them. >> it would be a strong statement if they find out that jack dorsey has blocked them. there was a disturbing thing, development that came about not long ago, and you were mentioned in an isis propaganda video. your image was there. it was a threatening message. how did the ceo of twitter end
7:45 am
up being mentioned by a group like isis? >> well, you know, there's definitely a microscope on the service. people use it to express themselves. people use it to talk about what they want to see happen in the world and what they're against. >> did you find it alarming? >> i found it alarming. >> took it seriously? >> took it very seriously, absolutely. >> we're going to continue this over in the orange room. let me ask one last question here. if you're going to tweet after this interview to your 3.4 million followers, telling them how it went, what's the hashtag going to be? >> well. >> #well? >> absolutely. >> i'll take it. stick around. you'll join carson in a couple minutes. first, this is "today" on nbc. s. if you misplace your discover card,
7:46 am
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7:50 am
>> notice the shoes as the shot comes in. mr. dorsey in the orange room. appreciate that. >> 140 characters, the limit, is it staying? if it's going away, when? >> it's staying. it allows for a moment for everything. >> not changing anything? >> we're changing a lot. always going to make twitter better. >> still 140 characters? >> 140 characters. >> there's been a lot of moments for the past ten years for twitter. first in 2006, this sketch, what was this? >> this was the original design for twitter. this was ten years ago. we called it status back then. it's a simple way to talk about what's going on. >> how far is twitter today from the 2006 sketch? >> it's similar. people are updating what's happening and you can follow what people are saying. >> few short years later, twitter is the place many go for the latest news. this photo personified that. the miracle on the hudson picture. the first picture came out was from a twitter user. >> this photo went around the world within ten minutes, picked up by cnn. it's breaking news.
7:51 am
you can interact with the news makers. you can have a conversation. >> how about this, the idea of people interacting with celebrities? 42 million twitter followers for kim kardashian. >> we have influencers on the platform and they have conversations with people directly. >> monetized twitter. she sends out a tweet and makes money. you like that? >> she does. absolutely. any time she sends a tweet, it's great. >> what about the last one, the pope. do you follow him? >> absolutely. this is my mom's favorite person to follow on twitter, probably, besides me. >> donald trump uses twitter as a megaphone to promote and attack. is that twitter at its best? >> as a microphone, it's at its best. he uses it to reach out to folks and understand what they're talking about. also have conversations, simply. >> look in the camera. who is the one person not on twitter right now that you are dying to get on twitter? tell that person why. >> i mean, everyone has been
7:52 am
pretty amazing on twitter. i can't think of a particular individual. i would love to see more tweets. >> if you're not on it, get it on. >> exactly right. you have to be in it to win it. jack dorsey, congratulations. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> guys? >> carson and jack dorsey look-alike. doppelgangers. >> should be so lucky. ahead, jackie kennedy's granddaughter rose and her career in comedy. time for you to pick the cake and the flowers for our big fat today wedding. the gang is all here. first, your local news. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go.
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7:56 am
wx tosttraffic good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out with some areas of fog. here's a look now where you see visibility may be low in spots and else where some low clouds and temperatures now in the lower 50s for most of the bay area. still upper 40s for napa anda rosa. highs today a little bit cooler than yesterday. thanks to those morning clouds and a stronger ocean breeze. we're up to 72 degrees in san jose and 71 in palo alto and embarcadero at 73 degrees and oakland 67 degrees and 73 degrees today in dublin. there is a little bit of slowing as you head through the east bay, mike. >> karia number of brake lights and a little clouds and haze, as well. the brake lights the big concern. just over that high rise, looks like we have something in the lane and clearing up just north there on our shot. look at our map and you do see the slowing up past the coliseum and that will build. issue westbound 88 and berkeley
7:57 am
out of richmond and in the south bay we continue to see most of these roads northbound. that flow of traffic but northbound 280 out of southbound 680 still slow and that crash over there and still have that activity off to the shoulder. the rest of your south bay shows that ripm effect. crash 101 and now they're both starting to move a little bit better and still slow right around the capital expressway. better news for south bay and north bay, though. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. happening now, a different day same headache for b.a.r.t. commuters in contra costa county. shut down indefinitely because of a collision knocking out trains. turns out the part causing the problem and what is that? that story trending on our website and a san jose south bay track coach accused we are waiting for reaction from school
7:58 am
administrators this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ get ready to go 8:00 on "today". coming up, a rose is a rose. jackie o's granddaughter makes a splash with her resemblance to the first lady. we'll take you inside the kennedy family's high-profile project. piece of cake. we're throwing a big fat today wedding and it's time for you to help us choose the cake and the flowers for our lucky couple. ♪ shake, shake, shake move over, taylor. taylor swift's welcome home for the ages, courtesy of one very big dog. today, friday, march 18th, 2016. ♪ >> all the way from oklahoma. >> good morning, alaska!
8:01 am
♪ better play that >> we take on new york city. >> we're in new york. we're back now at 8:00 on a friday morning. it is the 18th of march, 2016. spring is in the air, kind of. >> you know what? we've got a lot of cool stuff on the plaza. this is the spring wonderland. it's real grass. we're used to fake grass around here. it's beautiful. >> it really is. >> lovely. got us feeling springy. my big fat greek wedding 2 stars are here, helping kaitlin and john, for their today wedding. there's a dance party. >> we'll find ourselves in the
8:02 am
middle of that in a second. first, the stories of the morning. we head inside to sheinelle. >> an american who joined isis says he defected from the group because they aren't, quote, good muslims, and he wanted to come home. 26-year-old mohammed jamal said he joined isis in syria and was transferred to iraq. he says he underwent intensive religious doctrine. the hacking group anonymous is making good on its threat to harass donald trump online. hackers posted what they say are trump's cell phone and social security numbers. however, the numbers have been floating around online for months. the posting also includes phone numbers and home addresses of trump's campaign manager and family members. anonymous calls trump a would be dictator and urges other hackers
8:03 am
to take action against him on april 1st. high schoolers watched in horror as a performer was set on fire during a pep rally. ricky charles is an experienced stunt man doing his fire breathing act while another performer jumped over him. when the oil he uses for the fire ignited, it got on to his face and spread to the gym floor. 20 students were treated for breathing problems after inha inhaling powder from the fire ext extinguishers. charles is okay. at the u.s. national arboretum in washington, d.c., bald eagle eggs are hatching. people are flocking in droves to it's happening! >> very cool. >> how cool is that? we want to stare at it. >> i bet there are a lot of people literally glued to that. >> for sure. >> sheinelle, thank you.
8:04 am
>> like the yule log. a member of the kennedy family stepping into the spotlight. jenna bush hager has that story. >> we're talking about rose kennedy schlossberg and she's getting attention for an unexpected career choice and for looking just like her grandmother. >> reporter: a throwback to camelot. rose clschlossberg now all grow up, and baring a striking res resemblance to her late grandmother, jackie kennedy. serving during a beloved time in american politics. people are taking notice. >> jacqueline kennedy's granddaughter has an enormous resemblance to her. >> reporter: until recently, the 27-year-old maintained a distance from the spotlight, studying at nyu and harvard. now, she's described as jackie kenne
8:05 am
kennedy's doppelganger. she's an up and coming comedian. >> there are benefits to looking good post boomdoom's day. you want people to invite you into their bunker. >> reporter: she stars in end times girls club, a guide to surviving the apocalypse. she seems to share another similarity with her grandmother. >> jackie kennedy is a great historical figure but, behind the scenes, she has a great sense of humor. did imitations of some of the world leaders she met. i think she would have recognized a little bit of herself in her granddaughter. >> reporter: rose's younger brother jack, compared to his famous relatives with his signature hair. unlike rose, he's shown a greater interest in the family business. even traveling to japan with their mother who is a u.s. ambassador to that country. >> kennedy family has a lot of people who went into politics but also those who did their own
8:06 am
thing. >> reporter: while rose and her web series discussing the end of time, the project marks the beginning of a new era for the kennedys. >> rose was 6 when jackie kennedy passed away. they lived a few blocks away and reportedly saw each other every single day. of course, there's a resemblance. it's her grandmother. >> yes. >> you know, it's continuing the fascination with the kennedys that i think america has. >> starting her own course, which is great. >> like i've done, right? >> exactly. >> thank you. up next, the heat is on. meet the coach who epitomizes the pressure of march madness. >> oh, man. two must-haves for any wedding, the cake and the flowers. there's the bride and groom. there's the bride and groom. you pick them for our ♪ there's the bride and groom. you pick them for our (toilet flush) if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you. opioid-induced constipation, oic, is a different type of constipation,
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8:10 am
hannah's recipe for a successful bistro. feed the garden all year long. feed people all year long. hire cute waiter's. miracle-gro. life starts here. 8:10, friday morning, time for trending. >> here's a question for the table. when you finish an e-mail, do you have a signoff? what do you say? >> later. >> cheers. >> al. >> hugs. >> really? >> no. >> huffington post and ugov conducted a survey of the most a annoying signoffs. the first one, xoxo. 24%. the next was peace. 21%. >> that is annoying. >> cheers. >> oh, no! >> 13% said no, that's not cool. >> it's a habit.
8:11 am
>> the least offensive signoff was thanks. 3%. >> you know what others found offensive? not signing off at all. that's annoying. >> what do you do? >> thanks, i think, mostly. >> i'll go back to thanks. >> or a smiley face. >> always with those emojis. have you gone to an r-rated movie and you're shocked, seeing little kids there, too? theaters are cracking down, banning children from under age 6 from seeing r-rated movies after 6:00 p.m. it's no 6 after 6. theater owners are hoping to provide a better experience for the adults there. why is age 6 the cutoff? one owner said he tried to pick an age where kids cannot blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind. >> like "deadpool," a lot of families there. >> stunned to see what was in that movie. basketball fans in a funk.
8:12 am
thursday was the true start of march madness. there was big bracket busters. perhaps the biggest, number 12 yale stunning number 5 baylor. 79-75, the season's first cinderella. the bulldogs couldn't wait to celebrate. the players mobbing coach james jones in the locker room. yale's first ncaa appearance in 54 years. >> wow. >> best part of march madness. finding the small schools breaking these long traditions, getting in there and it's the david and goliath story. who is next, duke? >> yes, they have duke next. wasn't all smiles last night. arizona wildcats, my people, my team, didn't do well. look at coach miller. he sweated it out. >> oh, my gosh. >> his shirt soaked through to his skin.
8:13 am
this started minutes into the game against wichita state. he changed his shirt. didn't matter. my beloved wildcats, i had them going all the way. >> performing with magic mike. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's your school, and you watched the game last night. here you were. we have a shot of you. >> oh! that is the worst. where did that come from? >> is it that hot in the arena? >> how did you find the most unattractive picture of me? >> it's from the tough mudder. >> trying to kill me on the plaza. >> funny. >> i'm from wichita, so there are a lot of wichita people watching. >> we're happy for you, sort of. crossing my finger at that. now, harry potter star beat boxing and taylor swift gets a welcome home. >> lin-manuel miranda showing off his talents again, this time with a hollywood star. we've already seen him free
8:14 am
style rap with the president. then a "today" show inspired rap. now he's teaming up with emma watson. they're supporting gender equality. you can guess what happened next. ♪ like women are half of the people on earth ♪ ♪ yes, they should have equal ♪ all day, equal pay, every way, are we okay ♪ ♪ yo, this beat box is fantastic ♪ ♪ yo, i'm drastically changing the narrative ♪ ♪ i love watching this, keep flowing ♪ ♪ holy cow, this is a meme ♪ thank you, this is the beat box dream team ♪ >> both impressive there. the video supporting the u.n. he for she organization. next to taylor swift, learning there's no place like home. the fun photos she shared of calvin harris. they posted some from their tropical get away. they never said where they were. we know taylor swift is home and got a welcome from her mother's
8:15 am
massive dog, climbing all over the pop star. all taylor could say is thank you for the hug. when taylor decided to treat herself to whipped cream, of course, right there to lick it off her face. massive dog. finally, the celebrities posting photos of their mini mes, who happen to be their kids. check out this young man. who is the father? john owen lowe, 20-year-old son of rob lowe. lowe turned 52 on thursday and posted this photo during a birthday workout with john. how about this lady? heather loclilocklier's daughte. >> pretty girls. let's get a check of the weather. >> we have severe weather down along the gulf coast. risk of severe weather from
8:16 am
corpus christi to waco. lightning possible. rainfall amounts, especially in the panhandle, up to 1 1/2 inch locally. we're watching this low pressure system along the coast. by saturday evening, the american model, europeans models are getting closer. snow showers sunday morning. into new york city in the afternoon and evening hours. heavier snow from boston to new york city. central new jersey. parts of eastern pennsylvania. then as we get into early monday morning, heavy snow will continue for new england. snowfall amounts, the way we're looking now, we'll generally say 2 to 4 inches from d.c. up into boston. more in boston, 4 to 6 inches. we'll track this and fine tune it as we get into the week we're starting the day with some clouds across the bay area and some foggy spots as well. temperatures in the low to mid-50s, still in the upper 40s for the north bay. and a high today of 68 degrees
8:17 am
can be expected in the north bay. san francisco 66 and the east bay 67. in the tri-valley, peninsula and south bay, we'll have lower 70s today. slightly cooler than yesterday thanks to these morning clouds and a stronger onshore flow. we'll have breezy winds and sunshine as we go into the afternoon. >> in our next half hour, we'll look at the difference between the american model and the european model from london. matt? >> al, thank you very much. now it's time for more of the big fat today wedding pl planni planning. with less than a week to the big day, there is no time to waste. >> this morning, we're checking out cakes and flowers. >> reporter: she's been making wedding cakes for the rich and famous for nearly 40 years. >> sylvia, queen of cakes. >> reporter: crafted a masterpiece for sophfia vergara and joe's ceremony. >> i say, you have a wedding cake in cargo, so please, land
8:18 am
gently and don't break art. >> reporter: best-known for her sugar flowers, she's hip to 2016 cake trends.unfrosted cakes wer must for some, while accents add something for others. creating a white on white palette can be a perfect fit. >> reporter: next on the list, flowers. what's hot? texture. >> we're seeing a lot of deconstructed composition. now, it's more about having a little movement. more free form. >> reporter: adding bling, like crystals and mirrors is popular, as are edible accents and even fehers. simple or opulent, flowers add ambiance to remember the special day. >> with so much to do, i'm glad our job is just to taste cake. savannah, you'll get ready for the flowers. i'm joined by john corbett, who plays the non-greek in "my big
8:19 am
fat greek wedding 2," and the rock star of cakes, and our groom, john. >> good morning. >> happy to be back on the big screen with this movie? >> 14 years later, man. only feels like 13. >> look at you. seriously. >> side burns, i look like danny zuko. >> we'll fatten you up. our job this morning is to taste cakes. >> absolutely. >> you have the top layer of three cakes. what do you want to tell us about cake one? >> lace trim on this cake so you can see the lace from the bride's dress. notice, also, we sign our cakes. these are sugar flowers that you can keep forever. >> what's inside? >> yellow butter cake filled with apricot and cookie filling. get into the filling. >> john, is this your first time eating cake? >> that's really good. >> like that? >> delicate yet luscious.
8:20 am
>> the next cake. >> we'll go to the next one. >> just like the bride. >> what do we need to know about this one? >> it's gold leaf. you can eat it, save it, and it has my favorite filling, lemon and raspberry. >> that's my favorite, too. >> it's young, it's rich. >> everything is my favorite so far. >> you haven't gone through the whole thing. my favorite, i like that. hint of raspberry. >> delicious. >> incredible. >> even i like it. how is that? >> sylvia, option three, what is this? >> this one is chocolate to please everybody. >> yeah. >> chocolate with chocolate filling. >> give me the glasses. >> here we go. >> i have to see what i'm eating here. >> this is done with cherry blossoms because it's springtime. >> phenomenal. >> is that dunkin hines? delicious! so moist. >> i want to tell you, these
8:21 am
flowers are so special. brides save them and come back to me with the flowers when their kid is 18. now i'm into the next generation, comes back with the flowers and said, my daughter is getting married. use them again. >> sylvia, thank you so much. let's go upstairs for the flowers. >> i see you john corbett and raise you a nia. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> remember when it came to the set, you had your whole family there. they're in the movie, as well, right? >> they are. they can't wait. the movie opens one week from today, savannah. very excited. then this event of the wedding. we have to pick the flowers. >> nia was a florist. weigh in for me. >> tell me about this. >> these are gorgeous orenomena.
8:22 am
kings and queens use this flower to get married. >> the sparkle is on the thing you're holding and inside. >> little bit of bling goes a long way. >> can i hand this to you so you can see how it feels? it is as big as a baby. >> when you're walking down the aisle -- and you could carry it like a baby over your shoulder. >> just burp it and put it down. >> high-fiving everybody. it's up to you. the next idea we're calling this -- >> johnny! where are the glasses? >> the next one is -- >> nostalgic. >> tell me about this. >> you'll see the bride's grandmother's lace dress worked into the bouquet. this is an older flower that's survived the test of time, a calalily. very contemporary, kind of retro but cool. gorgeous. do you want to fell it in your hand? >> yes. >> when i was a florist, we always had the bride feel it. >> that's a good tip.
8:23 am
>> the mother-in-law and her mother would always fight. >> a beautiful family tradition. finally, we have the romantic look. >> we have romantic. >> yes. >> garden rose is a great way to express romance. the smell, the shape, the beauty, the color. it's just so soft and elegant. little bit of dusty miller to make it special. check this out. how does that feel? now imagine yourself throwing it and knocking out an aunt. >> absolutely. >> you'll have to throw that bouquet. do you have any single ladies coming next week? >> i do. >> this would be tough to throw. do you have a favorite, john? >> just walking into it, i like the simplicity of -- >> this one. what about you, nia, our florist? >> i feel like i'm going toward that one because i like the dustiness of it. also, i have to agree with my husband. >> oh, you two. crazy kids. 14 years later, it's still hot. >> still hot. >> kaitlin i would ask you what
8:24 am
you think but the voters have to decide. there's a lot of voting to do. head to you have to pick your favorite cake and the flowers. there's a lot more. you have until 5:00 p.m. eastern today. all of the choices will be revealed next thursday during kaitlin and john's wedding. which will happen live on our show. if you need help planning your own wedding we've got the top trends and diy ideas on our pinterest page. check out "my big fat greek wedding 2" in theaters next friday. >> thank you. >> i feel like since i got to go to the set, i'm kind of in the wedding. >> you are, you are. you are my honorary bridesmaid. coming up, the season's hottest fashion trends. first, your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
a good friday morning at 8:26 i'm sam brock. b.a.r.t. riders dealing with more headache this morning, more fallout. it sounds like this issue with the system is going to be a long-term problem for the third straight day, a power surge is shutting down the pitts bug, bay point and north concord stations. buses are running between the stations and the concord station. at the same time, the problem is forcing older train cars to be sidelines meaning more crowded cars for everyone. b.a.r.t. says the shoulddowns are indefinite at this point as engineers try to pinpoint the exact problem. the glitch is sforsing b.a.r.t. to replace key train parts costing $1,000 a pop. that is causing more cars on the road in the area.
8:27 am
>> we're seeing slowing through the area, pittsburg, the north concord march teen as station, another concord station to the south, you could take willow pass for you. meanwhile, the rest of the bay looks good. it's friday so whatever crashes we had causing slowness had a chance to recover. the south bay recovered as nicely as well. a look at palo alto shows no real problems for the peninsula. >> looking smooth. thank you, mike. we'll be back in just a half hour with another update. back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning, march 18th, 2016. will you get a load of our plaza? it is so beautiful. we have this great spring break crowd. now, we have spring to match. the plaza has been transformed into a spring wonderland. >> took a lot of work overnight. hats off to our crew. this morning, we're going to use this and show you how easy it can be to get your garden looking their best. you don't need a green thumb. >> i'm missing wrangler right now. think how much he would have loved the grass. >> oh! >> how much he would have killed the grass. >> exactly. >> new season means new fashions. we'll show you what's hot to wear this spring. the trends will surprise you.
8:31 am
>> before we get to this spring extravaganza, we have business to attend to. it's a potential nor'easter. there's question about whether we'll see snow. >> we have to weather camps. one european and one american. while the forecasts are coming together, they don't always agree. >> reporter: spring, a season of sunshine. showers. snowstorms? how about one more nor'easter. depends on who you believe. there's the european model, new york city, 8 to 10 inches of snow. the american model, almost nothing. which is right? historically, the european model. it predicted superstorm sandy, joaquin and this year's deluge. thanks to a super computecomput. outside of london at a weather center, they take a ton of data,
8:32 am
put it through a computer, producing super european models. not those models. these models. >> it would allow us to run more sophisticated, advanced models. >> reporter: but the americans are catching up. adopting the same super computer. >> lagging significantly. we're also lacking in funding. >> reporter: imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it leaves a little room for a little weather rivalry. >> is there a friendly competition? >> yes. >> you didn't let me finish. >> a little bit of, say if you will, pride in maybe being a little more accurate? >> there is a lot of pride, yeah. >> yeah, uh-huh! >> collective pride, yes. >> the european model, all they do is create a model. they don't do forecasting. they don't do anything. it's like a car company, all they have to do is build a
8:33 am
tesla. the american model, it has to provide information for all different kinds of forecasts. like gm makes one platform for 1e several cars. there is more agreement as we go forward. >> if you had to choose one model on a desert island, would bit the american model or the european model? >> i'd have to have an american model. usa! >> usa! >> let's get to your forecast, show you what we're looking for right now. so we are expecting this storm to really start dropping. rain saturday night. by sunday morning, we're seeing a rain/snow mix for washington, d.c. the model diverges a bit. both storms will be intensifying, both models. the european model has it closer to the coast and, therefore, more snow. here's what we look for, as far as the snowfall totals. 2 to 4 inches for new york city. boston, much more. then the current forecast for the american model, almost no
8:34 am
snow in new york city and boston. who will be right? we'll continue to track good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're seeing some clouds across the bay area, but a live look from sunol, low clouds this morning, also some patchy fog and it's 52 degrees now in san carlos, 55 degrees in san jose, low 50s as you head out the door and 72 degrees will be the high today. a little bit cooler than yesterday but still very comfortable with mostly sunny skies later on this afternoon. the embarrack dare row today up to 63 degrees and 73 degrees today in concord. plaza is sponsored by miracle-g miracle-gro. life starts here. as we said with the chance of snow on the first day of spring, we decided to do mother nature's work for her and bring the new season to the plaza today. check it out. our production team worked all night long, turning our plaza
8:35 am
into a park, in honor of spring's start. big thank you to our friends at miracle-gro for making it happen. >> incredible job. >> really cool stuff. speaking of spring and signs of life, the eagle has landed. >> really? >> take a look, down in d.c., u.s. national arboretum. the first bald eagle hatching. officially out of its shell. waiting for a little brother or sister to break free. you can watch it live at up next, the tricks to making a yard look like this. not that. this. the "yard crashers" crew is here with your guide to spring gardening. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
my name is melissa snyder, i'm a customer relationship manager with pg&e. i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. spring gardening is sponsored by miracle-gro. life starts here. >> welcome back to spring on the
8:38 am
plaza. if you're not seeing snow this weekend, it's a good time to get ready for the new season in your yard. here to show you how to get your garden to grow, hosts of diy's "yard crashers." glad to have you. go providence. >> friars. >> you say you need the basics? >> good shovel, good rake and good snips. this is for planting. this is great for pulling up weeds in the garden and mixing in compost. trimming off any dead growth. >> let's talk about planting, the do's and don't's. here, you have potted flowers. putting them into the ground. what do you have to avoid? >> plant in the right area. make sure it's a sun-loving plant, put it in the sun. shade, put it in the shade. don't plant too close. this is something i see homeowners do all the time. they want immediate color and gratification. give it space. over the course of the summer, it'll grow and get big and fill
8:39 am
all the space. >> know where the sunlight is. >> exactly. >> plant bulbs in this area here. is there a right way and a wrong way to plant bulbs? >> absolutely. >> probably planted 1,000 bulbs at our house and they're just starting to come up. >> this is a dalia, i believe. get the growth going. when you get a package, it shows you how deep they go. usually three to four inches. put it down there, cover it up. just like you would a regular plant, water it. >> don't pack it down or anything? >> you don't have to. >> okay. >> the rains will come and pack it itself. >> do you like planting seeds? >> they're great. put it into an old eggshell container. >> start it out there? >> yeah. >> cool. what's here? >> tricks to keep things easy around the house. we travel a lot and don't have people at the house to water our plants you can take a wine bottle, make
8:40 am
sure you clean it out, rinse it out, and then you want to take your cork, throw a hole in it, and dump it upside down. leave it in and it will slowly water your plant. >> you just jam that up in the soil. >> yes. >> it slowly trickles out. >> it'll leak enough water to do the job? >> slowly trickles out. if you're gone for a week, few days, or you forget to water, this is a good trick. >> great trick. >> also, label what your plants are with the cork and stick them right in so you know what your vegetables and herbs are. >> something tells me you go through a lot of wine bottles at home. >> you know -- >> i'm not judging. >> how do you know us that well already? >> not judging. why eggshells? >> they're a natural fertilizer. keep them after you make your breakfast in the morning. crush them up, i just use my hand, put them around. >> why is it good fertilizer? >> it's one of those all-natural things that keeps the soil nice and rich. >> you know how she crushes up and throws it down there, i
8:41 am
taught her all that. >> keep your hands nice and dirty. >> people want to keep pests and weeds away from the garden. you like to go all natural on this. >> exactly. chemicals can get a little dangerous. if you keep all natural, garlic, cayenne pepper, vinegar, mix it together. that will keep the bugs away. wear gloves. with the cayenne pepper, touching your face is dangerous. for the weeds, do the white vinegar and dish soap. spray it just on the weed. if you get it on the grass or the plant, it can kill that. be careful. >> i mentioned at the beginning of the segment, if you're not going to see snow this weekend, it might be good. you have to get past the frost you have to make sure you get past the frost problems before you start doing this. >> if you're in the northeast, don't plant this weekend. snow is good for the garden. it's a natural fertilizer, so it will help out your garden. but, yeah, don't plant this weekend. >> don't rush the process. >> wait to see what al has to say. >> all right. thank you very much. nice to have you here. just ahead, the hottest
8:42 am
spring fashions. and inside the mind of an icon. i'll get sophia loren to open up and tell her secrets about eternal beauty. but first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc. thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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8:44 am
we're back at 8:44. we have an international icon who defies aging. al, you recently got to sit down with sophia loren. >> it was such an honor. we sat down with the 81-year-old to discuss her touring act, "an evening with sophia loren," and what she says is the key to life. ♪ >> reporter: she's been called the last living goddess, the awe of many, an icon. >> why don't you go inside, you know you're driving me nuts. >> it's a free country. >> oh, she's beautiful. you know that? >> do you get tired of people saying how beautiful you are? >> no. >> no? >> never. it's nice to hear it, yes.
8:45 am
>> reporter: at 81, sophia loren has captured time and put it on pause. her beauty, symbolic of classic hollywood. >> how do you define beauty? >> it's not even perfection. it's something that comes from inside. i feel quite unique. >> you feel unique? that's interesting. >> i was not beautiful in the sense that, like a doll. i have never been like this. >> reporter: born to a single mother in war-torn italy, loren would go on to be a sex symbol of the 1950s and '60s, making more than 75 films by the time she was 45. >> i knew how to get what it wanted. sometimes you suffer, but sometimes it happens. ♪ >> reporter: her love affair with cary grant and the 40-year long marriage she shared with producer carlo ponti were taken from the pages of fairy tales. >> when i met him, the eyes that he had, the gentleness in the eyes, the intelligence.
8:46 am
he has been the man all my life. i think i owe to him a great deal we yes, of what i am. >> how important is your family? >> i live for my family. i have the most beautiful grandchildren that i've ever seen in my life. >> i have a couple of pictures. i want to show you. >> my children. >> are you a good grandma? >> si, yeah. >> you with your oscar. >> beautiful. are you a fan? >> i am a fan. >> good. who isn't a fan? >> yeah, beautiful. >> what are you most proud of? >> it's very difficult to answer it. i'm sure whatever i did in the beginning and how my life is now is the right thing for me. what i really wanted is to do
8:47 am
things in the right way and not be mistaken. >> you seem to have a fountain of youth inside of you. what's your secret? >> i'm happy. i live a wonderful life. >> she's going around the country doing this, "an evening with sophia loren," and the fans have just flocked to her. all ages are there watching this woman. >> i like how she said, are you a fan? you're like, yes, ma'am. absolutely. >> is this a trick question? >> come on, really? coming up next, break out your overalls and slip dresses. this spring's biggest fashion trends, including, i'm happy, throwbacks to the '90s. yes! first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we'r >> all right, we're back, with a look ahead to this season's spring fashion trends. here to break them down is megan, you know her as the always fashionable rachel on usa's "suits." she also runs her own fashion and lifestyle blog. good morning. >> good to see you. >> so excited for spring, we have the whole setting here. >> it looks beautiful. >> all our modes are hagging around in the park, like you do in the summertime. let's start with the dramatic sleeves. that's our first trend. >> yes, this is huge for spring.
8:50 am
look at how amazing. what's fantastic is you can really see. you can play this two separate ways. if you want to dress it down and put on a denim skirt, a heel which is great for spring, or be more dressed up for a nice date night. i life you can have a flare or something more trumpeted. >> should you do something like a little more fitted? >> a little more streamlined, right. >> even with the silhouette of that dress, it's not an a-line at the bottom, it's still more streamlined and straight. so let the sleeve do all the talking. >> the flared jeans are in as well. would you do the flare? >> you could. it's a strong look. you can pull it off. >> all right, ladies, thank you so much. you look beautiful. >> they look great. >> our next is the cutout trend. tell me about it. >> completely. so it's really great. it's like you can take a typical spring floral dress and you have the cutout in the back. at the same time, this open
8:51 am
shoulder is called the cold shoulder detail. a great way to play up work wear that's still conservative. >> plus everyone's shoulders are gorgeous. >> yes, everyone feels comfortable with a little bit of that. with a pencil skirt or something a-line. it's a great way to show skin without being too revealing. >> and did you tell us about this floral dress? >> it's the same sort of spring idea we see in floral trends. iically. then you have a nice cutout detail in the back. it's a little bit open. has two little ties. just taking a basic classic silhouette and modernizing it a little bit. >> all right, ladies, thank you. our next trick. it might intimidate some but you can tell us. it's mixing prints. >> yes. oh, don't they look great. so my rule of thumb with mixing prints, especially if you're feeling nervous about it at first, stick with the same color, right, so we see the stripes have a little bit of navy and white.
8:52 am
the blues in it as well. that's an easy way to mix trends. the same sort of idea happening with this two-piece. like a great floral print. and you know what, leopard, it's another print as well, but it feels like a nice neutral. a great way to mix it up and have fun with it. >> do you have any tips? staying in this same kind of a color story is one way. do you have any other tips? >> yes, absolutely, even though the big full length a-line skirt has more texture that in itself feels like a print. i think also if you do one bold big print, you can do another one that's more classic like the stripe here with a big paisley floral. >> it makes me want to put things i wouldn't necessarily put together. all right, ladies, thank you so much. and finally, be still my heart, i'm so happy, the '90s are kind of my fashion era. >> okay. >> i was into the grunge rock and the whole thing. tell me about this. we have the backpack. >> the '90s are done. your inner donna martin from
8:53 am
"90210." slip dresses are huge and the choker's back. i haven't gotten myself there yet. >> i have two chokers. they're just ready to come out. >> that's amazing. a great cropped leather jacket. of course a pop of a really strong neon like the yellow. this look is quint esen chsenti '90s. overall, a grown-up version of that. a great silk blouse. it's really modernizing a trend that you love so much. >> i did. i had a real baggy pair of overalls in the '90s i never took off. i didn't think overalls would be back. can we have all our models come out one more time so we can take a look at this beautiful spring setting? megan, thank you so much. ladies, you look fabulous. by the way, you can look forward to a new season of "suits" on usa with megan when it returns this summer, al, over to you. >> thank you so much. birthday time. we'll introduce you to some amazing folks from all across
8:54 am
the country. first up, happy 102th birthday to grace hightower of camden, new jersey. this young lady loves baking her famous butter poundcake. great, send some. and coconut cake. that sounds good. beautiful woman. her bet o pi cci is 100 years old. this wine legend is from palm beach gardens, florida. he's been in the wine business for more than 80 years, a favorite happy 100th to ruth arluck of new hampton, new york. the secret to longevity, staying active. ms. georgia palmers from southfield, michigan. she's 100 years old. huge sports fan and her bracket is intact. she didn't ride in an airplane until she was in her 90s. sank low santoro, 101. served in the korean war.
8:55 am
two silver and four bronze stars. thank you for your service. grace bishop has seven grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren. that is a big, beautiful family. if you'd like to honor someone's big day, log on to and tell us about them. remember, send us a photo, as well. >> seems like a nice group of people, al. >> really cool. you have brooke shields coming by, right? >> yes, that's right. she'll be co-hosting our show. >> i heard her rehearsing this morning. >> and i'm making fish tacos. >> i knew there was something good in the kitchen. i walked by. remember i said, is there any food today? >> that's right. >> i'm coming by. >> the tacoless fish tacos. >> what? >> serve them in your hand? >> exactly. cup them in your hands. >> back after your local news. .
8:56 am
a good friday morning at 8:56. i'm sam brock. a san jose high school track coach is in custody and accused of sex agent acts with two stud4 and 17. authorities arrested the coach yesterday, he works as an assistant track coach at mt. pleasant high school. police say the school called them monday about alleged relationships after investigators interviewed the girls. officers made the arrest.
8:57 am
both are apparently students at the school and this is actually the second recent arrest in the east side union high school involving similar allegations. back in february, police arrested an interim vice president at james lake high school. happening right now, we reached out this morning to school administrators to find out their response to this latest allegation. we'll be airing that at 11:00 a.m. you can find out more right now on our home page. a different day but same headaches for b.a.r.t. the concord and pittsburg trains remain closed. the parts causing all that problems something called a thigh wrister. that story is trending on our website, what it is. we'll see you in a half hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," our good friend brooke shields is back to help us kick off the weekend as our guest co-host. break out the windex from "my big fat greek wedding 2" star john corbett. al is in the kitchen, fish tacos. all that and more coming up now. announcer: from nbc "today's t roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's friday morning, march 18th, 2016. we have a nice spring vibe on the plaza today, don't we? inside studio 1a, i'm willie with al, natalie and tamron, are on assignment, and we have
9:01 am
brooke shields with us all morning. happy you're here. >> love your jam. >> bob marley. >> i thought it was appropriate and fun. >> spring vibe. >> yeah. >> it's all happening here. it's all happening. >> it's all happening right here, yeah. >> literally, you have so much going on. >> yes, i've been busy. >> i'm surprised you found time to sit down and hang out with us. you have so many projects in the works. episodes of "when calls the heart." the first episode airs sunday, april 3rd. >> the fun part of that is the period because it's pioneer. you ride horses and play poker and -- >> swear? >> it's the hallmark channel. >> don't do that. >> we drink whiskey and swear and murdered with lots of blood. >> nudity. >> so much sex on the hallmark channel, it's unbelievable. >> i'm sure this is making the hallmark channel very happy you're saying all this.
9:02 am
>> they trust me. they have another channel, which is a movies and mysteries channel. >> right. >> that, i'm doing very many movies. i've just completed the third one. >> you entered one of the 1940s mgm deals. you sign with a studio for life. >> then they get you to do everything else. >> sure, why not? >> then they just trot you out. >> now that they have you in there. >> what's nice about it is, a, it's very much like "murder she wrote," in that vain. it's so lovely to do this type of programming. people enjoy it. i do joke about, there's a murder every week in our sweet little town. it's amazing. >> people are dropping like flies. >> they're dropping like flies in new chapel. it's on the mystery channel. >> snipped in the bud, get it? >> i own a flower shop, so it's called the flower shop
9:03 am
mysteries. used to be a lawyer and now i have just a flower shop and can't help myself -- >> are you a gardner in real life? >> i'm learning to be. so no, no. we grow tomatoes. >> okay, that's a smart. >> basel. >> let's take a look. snipped in the bud, sunday, june 5th at 9:00 p.m. >> detective. carson howell and i had a twisty history that stretched from law school into our professional lives. let me tell you, he's not a good man. not a good guy. a total womanizer. not me, my friends. yes, i lost an important case to him and, yes, i did bring all of that up when i saw him that day, but i had no reason whatsoever to kill the man. look at me. happy scissor hands.
9:04 am
i'm going to put that there. >> that's good stuff. >> that's comedy. >> fun. they're allowing us to be funny, which is slightly differentiating our hour of mystery wheel, what they call them, from others. there is a lot of humor. i get to play like that, which is my favorite thing to do. >> i would think there would be room for a couple of cameos for a couple of -- >> i think there is, actually. >> did you see our work in "kung fu panda 3." >> perhaps you've heard. we were cousins, i think. >> that's right. yeah, you get dim, i'm sorry. >> you'll see our work. >> you're doing an indie film? >> i am. we shoot this summer. well, in may. it's about this really incredible little girl. i play her mother. i don't want to spoil it too much, but she -- i pass away.
9:05 am
>> oh, okay. >> in the first couple minutes. no, and the little girl doesn't tell anybody. so she tries to live her life without anybody knowing that her mom is passed away. >> you're still in the house? >> i don't want to ruin it. it's actually so beautiful and such a -- the little girl, her name is sterling, she is so sweet. the relationship that she has with her mother through poetry and through her mother's photography, it's a really beautiful -- it's a nice contrast, to go from what i'm doing now to go into this dramatic -- >> when does that come out? >> i think a year. >> indie. >> great gig. most of the movies you're sitting -- >> i'm mummified. no, it's not about her death. >> no. it's a celebration. >> yes. it's all about their life together prior to her being
9:06 am
dead. this is not coming out right. >> fantastic. >> it'll be great. >> it'll be sweet. >> hallmark channel, tons of nudity. >> i've been up in northern ontario. it is so cold. we've lost -- i mean, not deaths -- but we've had cast and crew members get frostbite of the lungs. did you know that was possible? >> that's a thing. >> never heard of it. >> the air is so cold out there. so unbelievably cold up there. we're going to try to shoot in the summer. >> of course. >> tape heating things all over me. it's hard to concentrate. >> you survived that, we have amazing survival stories here. >> incredible. >> first, oakland park, florida, a man and woman escaped injury. a driver crashes her suv through the front of a pizza parlor yesterday. >> wow. >> here's what the couple remembered from that very moment. >> all i remember is being pinned up against the counter
9:07 am
and between the counter and the car. then the people trying to drag me out. >> the only thing i see is me going to the floor, the car coming past me and him being slammed against the wall. >> amazingly, he suffered only bruises and cuts, as you could see. she had 11 staples in her arm. officials say the driver lost control of the vehicle. >> you think so? >> he said that she was really hungry for pizza. >> more elderly woman. we don't know what happened there. >> usually what these are. >> at what point -- >> at what point does a license get taken away? >> or retested, to make sure you're competent. >> the young man, evidently, said all he could think of was saving his fiance. he shoved her out of the way and he was the one pinned. >> amazing. dog owner reunited. we had this story. you may have seen it. fisherman reunited with his dog yesterday. nick hayworth thought he lost luna after she fell overboard five weeks ago. nothing.
9:08 am
you'd think, she's gone. luna swam ashore and was found by the u.s. navy. obviously, nick, very, very happy to get luna back. >> i was overwhelmed with joy. i honestly was the happen neiese ever been. to have my best friend back was really nice. >> the dog swam to another island and lived off of fish and water. >> wow. >> amazing. >> for five weeks? >> five weeks. >> unbelievable. there is another type of survival which i'm still trying to do, which is the survival of parenthood. jennifer garner gave seth meyers, dad to be, some advice. >> everyone gives you so much advice, right? >> a lot of unsolicited advice. >> there are experts out there. >> yeah. >> as much as you think, i'm going to follow what this person says, i'm going to read this book and i'll have this birth plan, it's not up to you, dude.
9:09 am
>> did you read the books? >> i did it all but it doesn't matter. let it go. you're going to struggle. it's going to suck, just like for everyone else. >> okay, great. >> right? >> based on what you've told me, i can go back to my wife, who has been piling up books for me -- >> she can't help it. god bless her. you don't say that to her. >> okay, cool. >> don't say that to her. >> i stopped saying anything to her. >> yeah, i'm so glad you mentioned that. i would never do that to you, no. treat this with caution. be very, very careful. just know in your head, this is all going to go to hell in a hand basket. >> she's right. >> it is. >> good advice. >> doesn't matter how many books you read. >> did you read? >> all the what to expects and all the whatever. it just, you know -- then they're there. >> christina hears people talk about the birth plan, adele will be playing. she's like, oh, you're adorable.
9:10 am
>> then they turn into teenagers. >> oh, good times. >> so much fun, i love it. > i made five or six tapes to play during labor. she said, if you don't turn that off, i'm going to push it so far up -- i mean, it turned ugly. maybe i don't want to bring out the videocamera right now. >> not at that moment. >> what kind of music was there? >> i did a little 101.9, light jazz. >> she didn't want it? >> shut it down. shut it down. let's get some weather. don't really want to remember those days. everybody is so good now. let's show you what's going on. we've been talking about this nor'easter. we're going to be watching this thing. snow and rain will start late saturday night for washington, d.c. we're tracking two models, the main models. the american model and the european model. both have the storm off the
9:11 am
coast. the american model is a little further off. the european model, little closer. the storm will intensify by sunday afternoon. it's snowing in new york city. could be an icy mix in new jersey and parts of pennsylvania. as the day wears on sunday into early monday, it intensifies. heavy snow for new england, gusty winds, much colder. the forecast for the european model, snowfall wise, 2 to 4 inches from northern new jersey to central new england. heavier snow, 6 to 8 inches around boston. the american model, almost no snow. new york city to boston. we'll going to track these. the storms haven't formed we still have these low clouds all across the bay area. it is in the upper 40s for the north bay and mid 50s elsewhere across the bay area. now as we go into the day, these clouds will get out of here and we'll have highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s, 67 in the east bay, 66 in san francisco, 73 in
9:12 am
the tri-valley, low 70s also for the south bay and peninsula. heading into the day tomorrow will be just like this, then showers move in as we go through the day on sunday. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. up next, melissa george is not only a superstar heart surgeon on tv, turns out, she's a real life superstar roller skating champion. how cool is that? talk to her about her new show and new baby, all on soup and sandwich and cannonballs and clean and real and looking good and sandwich and soup and a new personal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be.
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we are looking through the archives this morning. we can say with some authority, we have our first celebrity guest who is a certified championship roller skater. >> impressive. beyond skating circles she's in the new nbc series "heart be"he" a heart surgeon with an unorthodox way of saving lives. >> i've done this bunches of times. tell the passengers to throw any medicines they have in it. spray tan, i need a long needle. first class, who has a black heart? >> melissa george, come? >> look at this entrance, ladies and gentlemen. >> wow. >> impressive. >> i mean, that's incredible. >> amazing. >> where did brooke go, by the way? >> here i am! >> oh, look. >> here i am. >> the grace.
9:16 am
>> the grace. >> there it is. i can cross my legs. i used to skate in the '80s, did the crossover. >> you're a championship roller skater. when did you switch gears and go in for acting? >> i was competing in the junior worlds, the national titles, and i auditioned for a tv show in australia. went from the rink to being the star of a tv show. i was 16, and i left the skating behind. it's like riding a bike. it stays with you. >> a lot of signatures. >> these are the skates from "heartbeat." my character uses it and all the patients sign. >> do you get to use your skating in the -- >> yeah, it's funny. she's very competitive in the operating room. when the skating tournament comes, it's hilarious because she's extra competitive. >> and based on a real character? >> yeah, she wrote a memorial called "heart matters." gordon used the inspiration from the book to pen the script.
9:17 am
it's great. a lot of fun. >> people who perform surgery on tv or play doctors, they're always criticized by real doctors. people who watch this show say, you have it down pretty good. is that because she's an executive producer on the show with you? >> we have her susie, who came "grey's anatomy." we have the terminology. for me, how to say it as an american. i have an extra step. we don't say this back in australia. this is how the americans say it. have to know how to do the surgery, as well. >> did you sit in on a real -- >> i did in france. i thought i was going to talk to the doctor and learn words. he said, no, the patient is out and we're ready to use the sternum saw. i was standing there for seven hours watching this lovely man who, when he woke up -- he survived. he was happy to know i was in the room and watching the entire thing. it's really intense. very respectful.
9:18 am
the room is great. there was a woman next to me, and her job was to catch me if i fell from passing out. >> but you didn't pass out? >> i was covered in bone dust. >> oh! >> i was a mess. then i had to run home and get showered because i had a fashion show straightaway. i remember sitting there -- >> what a dichotomy. >> it was a big day. big day. >> on top of -- >> cool to see the beating heart. >> speaking of beating heart, your heart is beating more. you have a brand-new four month old. >> i do. and i have a 2-year-old. they're beautiful. i wanted children my whole life. this is me at work, a working mom. that's my son's 2-year-old birthday. we had elmo come. >> perfect. >> and got a baby elmo as a gift. there he is there. >> so sweet. >> i wanted it my whole life. >> as we leave, can you show becomes brooke moves? >> this is what we want to spend our time on. thanks. >> want to do them together?
9:19 am
>> yes. i don't want to let you go. >> you're going to bring them in like this. >> now you sound like a russian -- >> wow. >> march 22nd at 9:00 eastern. the regular time slot on march 23rd at 8:00 p.m. on nbc. >> thank you, melissa. up next, we have another -- oh, that was close -- another melissa. "supergirl's" melissa benoist is joining us after this. alright, let's do this. i got minds to twist and values to warp. mr. tyler, your skittles portrait. that is e to the z oh twiddly dee-sgusting! you haven't heard me sing diddly-ding yet. ♪ dream on! higher. ♪ dream on! i think a little higher! ♪ dreammmm onnnnnnnn! ♪ dreammm onnnn! rock the rainbow. taste the rainbow.
9:20 am
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can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's melissa benoist, playing "supergirl" on the action adventure based on the d.c. comic. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> huge fan of the show. >> oh, thank you so much. >> so much fun. were you a fan of "supergirl," the comic, before you got this role? >> i wasn't familiar with the supergirl mythology, but now i'm the biggest fan. >> she's superman's cousin, right? >> yeah. >> tight cousins from krypton way back? >> she's older than him. she was 12 years old when krypton was destroyed.
9:23 am
>> right. >> he was a baby. she's actually his older . >> even though she is made it to earth and he is older than her, because of space, time, and -- >> she is raised in a normal house at first? >> she has an adoptive family. she has an adoptive family, it is her sister, alex, who is also on the show. >> when you get into the super hero shows, you learned there are legions of fans that have known when about the characteristics. >> this is what we might want to do. we went to comic-con. everybody knew so much more about it. >> it veers from the super girl mythology, you have taken t
9:24 am
making a little love thing going on with you and jimmy? >> we call it the love rombus. >> there is a few little lines going from person to person. >> you are married to blake jenner, who guest stars on the show. >> we love working together. >> we met working together it is always fun. >> dare i point out, that you got a ringing endorsement on the campaign trail this year from jeb bush, who is a big fan of yo you yours, personally and the show. >> i think he saw the promo. >> i am trying here. sglm so great to meet you, congratulations on the success of the show. "super girl" airs monday nightos
9:25 am
cbs. >> you loved him in the original, "my big fat greek wedding." without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. not yet. . pull the peach! mmmm, yoplait. so there will be things toes. keep us up. but tonight johnson's can help with a bedtime routine.
9:26 am
clinically proven to help them fall asleep faster. and stay asleep longer. tonight, we sleep. ♪ bart rids in cont costa county e and it sounds le the pblemunty e may be long-tm. the pblemunty e for the third y - a pow surge is shuttindown the pittsburg b point d north concord stions. buses ared station. at the same te - the pblem is forci older trn cars tobe cars for everyonbart says the s pinpoint thexact probm. to b.a.r.t. says the shutdowns are indefinite at this point as engineers try and pinpoint the exact problem. the glitch is also forcing to replace key train parts, some of which cost $1,000 and up. also, a san jose high school track coach in custody this morning accused of sex acts with two students.
9:27 am
their ages, 14 and 17. authorities yesterday arrested the 21-year-old. he works as an assistant track coach at mount pleasant high school. police say the school called him monday about allege relationships. after the interviews with the girls, he was under arrest. that is the second arrest in the district involving very similar allegations. in february police arrested an interim vice principal at james lick high school. we are marching our way right into the weekend. a look at your weekend forecast and traffic after this.
9:28 am
weather toss o traffic trfic t good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we still have these clouds overhead after some morning fog. a look at ocean beach, the clouds will hang around for another couple of hours before it all clears out. temperatures now starting out in the mid 50s. heading into the 60s today. little bit cooler than it was yesterday. up to 70 in napa today.
9:29 am
oakland 67. d dublin a high today of 73 degrees. mike is tracking a jam. trouble on peninsula but getting better over the last few minutes, the crash has cleared to the shoulder. still there peninsula avenue still a big back-up from ralston past san mateo bridge, highway 92 slowing off of the merge. the rest of the bay easing up as far as the commute. had a tough drive this morning in the south bay. 101 still slowing around the airport. bay bridge, all lanes are open. back to you. some great skies behind there, mike. hoping and waiting for things to turn around. we'll see you in half-an-hour.
9:30 am
>> taking a look at the headlines, a new study finds that a main ingredient in pain not found to be effective for common arthritis pap, knees, hip and back. antiinflammatory drugs like ibuprofen help better. >> people with mild to moderate obesity, a group of patients, with stomach stapling surgery, and another group, in a diet and
9:31 am
exercise program. it was complete for the stomach stapling group, and only 6% of the diet and exercise group. >> for $4.99, a medal, the couple realized the item was priceless. after a google search, they found it was earned by eual whiteman. they contacted a family member and returned the award. slurpee lovers, 7-eleven, today and tomorrow only, if you bring in your own cup, you can fill it up for $1.50. the cup must be leak-proof, and unlike pictures from past years,
9:32 am
they can't be more than nine inches wide and 11 inches tall. >> i can't remember the last time i had one. >> i am trying to remember. it has been a while. >> there used to be a lemon lime as a kid, it was my favorite. >> did you get a brain freeze? >> put the tongue on the top of the mo we still have some clouds this morning. temperatures in the mid 50s. it will be a while before the sun starts to break out but we do have a sunny afternoon, 66 degrees in san francisco. a few degrees cooler thanks to these clouds and a stronger onshore flow. 73 is the high in the tri-valley. low 70s for the peninsula and south bay. north bay you are looking at some sun later on today, up to 68 degrees. get ready for showers by the end of the weekend. that is your weather.
9:33 am
>> john corbet. now, he returns in "my big fat greek wedding 2," the couple tries to rekindle romance. >> sit down, before my wife gets here. wow. you look pretty. well, four hours, $500. >> how much? >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> people are pumped about this. they released the trailer on our show. people flipped out. was this an easy call? >> she called me on my birthday,
9:34 am
two years ago, and said, let's do it. i have been asking every six months for a decade. thought the window closed. it was the best birthday call. >> we have our first table report last march, and shooting in may. we were shooting this thing. >> everybody that is involved in it seems to have a special sort of camaraderie. a love for the movie and for each other. you can see it. you can feel it. >> well, we are a bunch of odd balls up there. when we shot this thing. we got room, 222, and lany, and the guy on "sex in the city." it was a sir cus. >> from that humble shoot in toronto, became this international phenomenon. such big business, the dynamic is different. you are not a scrappy little movie, there is an expectation from your fans. does it change the way you shoot it and feel about it?
9:35 am
>> the expectations are high. the good news is, when you see sequels, it is usually a year or two after. mia has let it settle into your mind. i think it is better than the first. we had the big premier the other night. i think fans will love t maybe more than the first one. them. it's be fun, for people who didn't, in 2002, see it or were too young or something like that. to get the whole thing. >> absolutely. >> it'd be great. >> brooke is on to something. >> where are ian and toula? looked a little strained in the clip. >> at the end of the first, we have a 6-year-old. now, she's a 16-year-old. 17 years old. we're where everybody who has one of those is. the shine has worn off, we're just trying to get through it, man. we're trying to make it happen.
9:36 am
do our jobs, raise this daughter, who isn't a big fan of us, and deal with all the things that life tosses at ya. >> we're not going to say what it is, but there is an interesting, fun surprise. >> well, it is called "big fat greek wedding," so you have to have a wedding. >> that's right. for people who are excited about the anticipation, they'll be very excited about this, what happens, or this treat. >> he's not saying a word. >> i'm not either, no. >> nia is around the corner. we've been here. thank you, guys, for pumping us up. eight days or so, we're on here every day. nia will kill me if i give any secrets away. >> i'm not trying to give them away. i'm saying, there is anticipation and it's very exciting. >> we cannot wait. we've been lucky enough to see a lot of the movie and people are going to be psyched when they see it themselves. john, thank you. "my big fat greek wedding 2" opens on march 25th. al, what are you working on in the kitchen? >> doesn't get much better than this. roasted red snapper tacos but
9:37 am
without the taco shell. healthy, delicious and simple. don't miss this recipe when we don't miss this recipe when we come back. ♪ ♪ i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. first i wash... then i apply it to my wet skin. it moisturizes with no sticky feel.
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9:39 am
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[ whimpers ] ♪ so when you need a dog walker or a handyman, we can help you get the job done right, guaranteed. get started today at angie's list, because your home is where our heart is. ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. our progressive direct rate... great deals for reals! ...and our competitors' rates side-by-side, so you know you're getting a great deal. saving the moolah. [ chuckles ] as you can see, sometimes progressive isn't the lowest. not always the lowest! jamie. what are you doing? -i'm being your hype man. not right now. you said i was gonna be the hype man. no, we said we wouldn't do it. i'm sorry, we were talking about savings. i liked his way.
9:41 am
cha-ching! talking about getting that moneeeey! talking about getting that moneeeey! savings worth the hype. now that's progressive. this morning on today food, we're wrapping up our week. today, we have the perfect friday dish, roasted fish tacos, without the taco. make it a little healthier. first of all, there are your ingredients. your salt, lettuce, red snapper, but you can use any fish you want. a lot of people are intimidated by the whole fish. but the fact is, it cooks better. it's more moist. it's cheaper if you buy the whole fish. >> and you cook it with the skin on? >> skin on. first thing you'll do is make a slit in the bottom. then you're going to slice across, right at the top, on both sides. when you cook your fish, it doesn't curl up and allows the
9:42 am
flavor to get in. now you're going to take some lime slices, put them in the middle here. >> oh! like a fish pocket. >> exactly. hot pocket, and that's a fish pocket. make a little marinade. cyan pepper, garlic, little cilantro, put that together. you've got some olive oil in there. mix that up. >> make these at home, al? >> i do. then you put that in and let that kind of marinade on top of it for a little bit. then you get a little salt. >> do you like a lot of salt? >> i like this kind of salt. you put it in the oven at 375 and let it roast. take the fish out and bring it over here. don't hold the pan with your
9:43 am
bare hand. always bad. >> good advice. >> that's another best thing about buying your fish. it's going to come apart anyway. >> i feel like i'm in the "heartbeat" show. >> you can see how fresh your fish is. when it's fileted, not so much. when this is cooling, you'll make the coleslaw marinade. lemon juice, sour cream, honey and chipotle for smokiness. >> the smoky and the sweet is good. >> exactly. little salt, little petter. in here, you have some sliced up scallion. you've got some crpeppers and purple cabbage. slice it up, put it together and mix this up. you're going to put this in as your dressing and mix it together like that. you've got your coleslaw. now, what you're going to do is flake your fish. put it in a bowl. you take a little bit of lettuce and build -- here we go.
9:44 am
build your taco. you can put anything you want on it. little coleslaw, some avocado, anything. there you have a -- and you can put regular taco shells. i like it. >> really good. >> less expensive because you use a whole thing. go to for the recipe. congratulations to the today food team. we were nominated for a james beard award. i'm very, very proud of all our team members. food for your soul. joss stone performing live after joss stone performing live after these messages. when your type 2 diabetes numbers joss stone performing live after these messages. aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to
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9:49 am
series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> grammy winning recording artist joss stone released seven albums and sold more than 14 million records. now, she's out with a new album called water for your soul. here she is now singing "let me breathe." ♪ the more i fight the day ♪ the more it drags on ♪ and no blues can sing it away ♪ ♪ just gotta press on ♪ the more you talk to me, baby ♪ ♪ the more i cry
9:50 am
♪ just leave me quickly, save me ♪ ♪ from the darkness you provide ♪ ♪ it's just too hard ♪ it's just too hard to deal with ♪ ♪ it's just too much ♪ it's just too much to deal with ♪ ♪ i've had enough ♪ so hang up on my call ♪ let me be, let me breathe ♪ let me get control of my focus ♪ ♪ i ain't meant to speak no more ♪ ♪ please don't make me love you no more ♪ ♪ let me be, let me breathe ♪ let me get me out from under ♪ i can't take this feeling no more ♪ ♪ please don't make me love you no more ♪ ♪ you swore you'd love me forever ♪ ♪ but you'd rather stay away
9:51 am
♪ you promised we'd be together ♪ ♪ are you expecting me to wait ♪ for an imaginary day ♪ to come and fix this pain ♪ baby i know i tried to wait ♪ and it's a shame gonna get to play ♪ ♪ always ask me do you think i am ♪ ♪ you're not gonna wipe your feet on me ♪ ♪ just tell me straight and there'll be no mistaking ♪ ♪ it's just too hard ♪ it's just too hard to deal with ♪ ♪ it's just too much ♪ it's just too much to deal with ♪ ♪ i've had enough ♪ so hang up on my call ♪ let me be, let me breathe ♪ let me take control of my focus ♪ ♪ i ain't meant to speak no more ♪ ♪ please don't make me love you no more ♪ ♪ let me be, let me breathe ♪ let me get me out from under
9:52 am
♪ i can't take this feeling no more ♪ ♪ please don't ♪ you know that i don't feel right without you ♪ ♪ and you kind of like the option ♪ ♪ of falling back into my love whenever you feel like ♪ ♪ way down, in the shadows ♪ i can make out, just a change of light ♪ ♪ the window is just too hot ♪ freedom's asking me why ♪ let me be, let me breathe ♪ let me take control of my focus ♪ ♪ i ain't meant to speak no more ♪ ♪ please don't make me love you no more ♪ ♪ let me be, let me breathe ♪ let me get me out from under ♪ i can't take this feeling no more ♪ ♪ please don't make me love you ♪
9:53 am
[ applause ] >> man, is she good. the water is "water for your soul." joss stone, thank you. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
9:55 am
♪ i wish it was sunday our buddy sheinelle jones is here to talk about the weekend. >> joss stone oozes cool. doesn't she? >> i would say it's something else. >> i'll tell you what's coming up this weekend. unbelievable 14-year-old, a record-holder around the world for rock climbing. specifically, for bouldering. climbing without a harness. it's amazing to watch. even teaching dylan to climb. be inspired this weekend. >> we will. sheinelle, thank you. brooke, love oc: from mike trt:0
9:56 am
=trx at ck= clouds this morning will slowly clear. we're in for some sunshine this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds and cooler temperatures thanks to a stronger ocean breeze. we're up to 66 degrees in san francisco. 67 in the east bay and the tri-valley and peninsula and south bay, some low 70s there.
9:57 am
mostly sunny skies for the north bay with a high of 68 degrees. we officially welcome in spring as we head into tomorrow evening. let's get an update on the morning commute now from mike. >> we have a lighter volume of traffic. still have a back-up right at the toll plaza for the bay bridge. still mild slowing down the east shore freeway. oakland a sweeper kicked in there. that's the reason for slowing. the rest of the bay moves very well. nice through the south bay. happening now -- a different day, same headache for commuters in contra costa county. pittsburgh, bay point and north concord stations are shut down indefinitely because of a glitch knocking out trains. turns out the part causing the problem is -- what is it? that's our story trending on our website. plans for new signage on
9:58 am
interstate 280 has some people saying it sends the wrong signal. it is trending on our home page. find details on the controversial plan and the possible timeline when you might see changes.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. lcome. it's try day friday. we made it. and that's the good news. march 18th, 2016, jenna bush hager is filling in while kathie lee is off. this is the song we love by haley called "rock bottom." why are we playing "rock bottom" because it's friday. guess who is with us today? >> we are so excited. >> guess who has bee


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