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tv   Today  NBC  April 5, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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and then we haven't seen any aal delays this morning and a beautiful view of the tri-y. >> all right. we will leave you with a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge and be back with you in 30 minutes with more local news. below normal, while snow and wind create havoc on the roads and there is no warm up in sight. bye-bye. a united airlines flight attendant slides off a plane
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after deploying the image chute, the airline calling her actions unsafe and unacceptable. what caused her to make such a hasty exit? and buzzer beater. >> this is the chickens for the championship. >> the villanova wild cats hit an incredible three-pointer with no time on the clock to win the national title. the dramatic moment setting off a massive celebration on campus. a finish being called one of the greatest ever. today is tuesday, april 5th, 2016. from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning, everybody, tuesday april 5th, 2016. wipe your eyes if you stayed up late and watched the game. >> i was watching and some of those students we just saw probably just now coming in from kelly's bar.
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that shot looked to be the shot of the tournament, north carolina ties the game but then this at the buzzer, chris jenkins putting his name in the history books. we have breaking news just this morning. >> that's right. classes at villanova are canceled today. >> no school for you, villanova. enjoy this one. we will have a lot more on that incredible game. much more just ahead. first let's get to our top story, politics, the drama unfolding in the presidential race today, voters are heading to the polls in wisconsin. on the republican side ted cruz is leading in the polls ahead of donald trump in one poll by 6 points and 25 over john kasich. look how close things are in the democratic race, bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton by the slightest of margins. our decision 2016 team has it covered. peter alexander who is in milwaukee for us. >> reporter: good morning. like that ncaa final both of
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these races here in wisconsin could really go down to the wire. for the republicans donald trump trying to squeeze out a win to avoid being shut out in the delegate contest here while ted cruz is arguing a victory for him would reset this race. the war in wisconsin, donald trump gunning for a come from behind victory today against ted cruz. >> if we could well here, folks, it's over. >> donald trump has gotten his rear end whipped over and over and over again for a straight two weeks. >> reporter: rejoining trump on the road wife melania. >> when you attack him he will punch back ten times harder. >> reporter: later reacting for the first time publicly to this anti-trump ad highlighting an odd modeling shot. >> i have a tough skin. i think it's not fair that they are attacking family, wife or children. it's unfair. >> reporter: as ted cruz on the
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trail with his wife who is giving his first definitive denial about allegations of inn fideli fidelity. >> i have always been faithful to my wife, i love my wife, she is my best friend and this is the kind of garbage that the trump campaign engages in. >> reporter: john kasich looking ahead to new york, mocking trump for trying to push hitch out of the race. >> he says he needs to get out because he's getting my votes and i want to have my votes. he's -- this is not fair. i thought we got out of the sandbox years ago. >> reporter: trump's latest target, the gop's delegate system. >> so we're dealing with a corrupt system, we're dealing with a system that's not fair. >> reporter: republicans briefed on the process pushing back, telling nbc it's always been delegates to select the eventual nominee. house speaker paul ryan insists that won't be him. >> people put my name in this thing i say get my name out of that. if you want to be president you should run for president and that's the way i see it. >> reporter: hillary clinton's
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campaign bracing for its sixth loss in the last sent states. already investing their energy on new york. arguing the sanders campaign path forward involves overturning the will of the voters, still sanders keep packing them in. >> when working people many of them have given up on the political process come back in, reclaim their democracy and stand up and fight back, then we win. >> reporter: the democrats debate over debates is finally ended, bernie sanders and hillary clinton agreeing that they will face off next on april 14th in brooklyn. that's five days before new york state's primary. >> peter alexander, thank you. >> chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." he is with us today on this election day. let's talk about these states. you have a couple in wisconsin, a couple of tight races according to the bolts. let's talk about how the delegates are handed out. >> i think today is more about momentum than it is about delegates. on the democratic side you have
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96 up for grabs. it's possible when you look at just the pledged delegate lead it's 250 for hillary clinton. bernie sanders needs a double digit victory tonight in order to even make a little bit of progress here. it's not going to make a lot but this would be about momentum going into new york state less about delegates. on the republican side not that many up for grabs but what's interesting and the way it goes it's very possible that tonight trump could get a goose egg and it's that what is important. cruz wins the lion's share kasich could if inn initial third and win more delegates than donald trump because he is doing well around madison. a lot of republicans in madison but both of them may be kasich supporters. >> chuck grab some chairs here. just talk about the polls in wisconsin because for a while it was showing cruz with this ten point lead and now i see it tightening up a little bit. >> look, i think there's some decent pollsters out there who aren't getting the independent
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number right and that's the thing that could be tricky about this. this is one of those open primaries, you don't get it right you could get your sanders and cruz number wrong in something like this. just because of the rules of who can vote. >> do you think cruz still has a lead. >> i believe cruz has a sizable lead and sanders has a small legal. >> nicolle, let's say donald trump does not win tonight, most of the polls have ted cruz up, remember the question after iowa was could he take a punch, donald trump, after having lost the state. can he take a punch if he loses wisconsin given the circumstances of the last two weeks, all the things that he has been through, the things that he has done and said, is the dynamic different this time if he loses? >> i think it is but no one should underestimate his ability to totally extremely make over himself in this campaign. i think the story tonight that the tortoise is going to lap the hare. trump is an undisciplined messenger but he has been in charismatic all powerful and compelling figure.
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cruz is not a charismatic politician bus he has had a superior campaign and this is where the turtle passes the hare in the race. but i think trump is completely capable of improving his campaign. >> do you think trump if he loses tonight can adjust, make those tweaks to get back in the game? >> if there were a traditional candidate and campaign, yes, the answer is yes. >> and he still has a huge delegate lead. >> past performance is likely to be predictive of future behavior and the fact is there will be people that have been telling him this for months. ratchet it back, prep for five minutes before an interview. >> do you think -- >> you know, we also have never had this if he loses tonight and it's double digits, i think that margin matters here tonight, too, a little bit. two weeks he's got to stew in this. two weeks. iowa you had six days, boom, new hampshire and he had this big lead going in, he had a way to quickly rescue himself.
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what's going to be the narrative changer for him? two weeks. that's a long -- that's a long time. >> and nicolle, over on the democratic side you have two weeks. if hillary clinton loses, it's still a huge uphill climb for bernie sanders. what would a bernie sanders victory tonight mean for to the race? >> i think it's a huge psychological blow to the clinton campaign but shows you how different the democratic race is to the republican race. you see him already preparing to figure out how to begin to talk about getting out and i think the national party structure on the democratic side is so much stronger and there's so much more response to it than on the republican side. >> you have to give sanders credit. i think they are setting up a way to get out. he is raising expectations for himself in new york basically saying i know i have to beat her here in order to say i have a chance at this thing but that also means most likely he won't beat her here so that means, okay --
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>> interesting theory. congratulations on the restraint not talking about the basketball game, guys. i'm very impressed. >> they're going to make multiple documentaries on this one. >> that was 15 minutes before the show. >> guys, thank you. now to the clash of the seasons as winter lingers into spring this morning a large chunk of the east under a deep freeze and the cold will be here for a while. dillon is up in frigid boston. >> good morning. i was getting a little bit too cozy in the warm studio this winter, but i am back out in it, the windchill right now is 9 degrees. now, on average boston picks up about 2 inches of snow in april, since sunday we have already picked up more than 6 inches. even though the snow has stopped falling the temperatures are not and it's not just here. nearly 100 million people are facing this deep freeze. >> this morning winter has an extra spring in its step. >> i'm not enjoying it stretch.
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>> overnight round three of this deep freeze. >> it's like getting a snowball in the face. >> an april anomaly. and a deadly one. this crash in upstate new york left one person dead on monday. the death toll in this winter blast now at three since sunday. and it's wreaking havoc on the roads. in upstate new york this bus carrying college kids rolled over on to its roof. 20 got hurt but are expected to be okay. in massachusetts it's bikd slippery, cars and big rigs swerving off the highway and into trees and just released police dash cam video shows a frightening scene, wind knocking a tree down on to the road in new jersey, a truck smashing into it head i don't know. no one was injured. the conditions so bad at least three baseball teams delaying or postponing their opening games and there's little end in sight.
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this morning it feels frigid, temperatures with wind chills in the teens from detroit to boston. as for people bracing the cold they hope this is winter's swan song. at least until next year. >> i'm ready to just be done with it. >> it's pretty, but it needs to stop. >> now, one of those postponed baseball games was indian's home opener in cleveland against the red sox. obviously the game wouldn't have been all that much better if it was played here in boston. back in new york state we do have already broken record low temperatures this morning and, al, i'm going to leave the long range forecast to you because it doesn't look like this bitter cold is going to end anytime soon. >> thanks for leaving me with the good news, dillon. warm up. let's check out what dillon was talking about jet stream down to the south, that toll lar air streaming in, not going anywhere anytime soon, wind chills feel like they are in the teens from boston to indianapolis. at noontime wind chills will be
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in the 20s and low 30s. tomorrow morning this is the core of the cold air it will feel like 14 below in new york city, 7 below in washington, 10 blo he in roanoke, boston will feel like 13 below and it doesn't warm up really wednesday's highs stay below average along the east coast, a little bit warmer out west. on thursday look at this, everybody way below normal. as we head into the weekend no really good news in sight. we are looking at temperatures that are going to be anywhere, guys, 10 to 30 degrees below average. we're not going to see temperatures getting back to normal until early to mid next week. >> all right. i don't like to hear that but thank you anyway. now to the investigation into that amtrak train crash near philadelphia that filled two workers who were on the tracks. this morning it is looking like human error may have been a factor. tom costello has more on that story. >> reporter: investigators tell me they've now reviewed the data from the black boxes, it shows the engineer slammed on the brakes just five seconds before
7:14 am
crashing into the backhoe sitting on the tracks. the question is why were those maintenance crews there in the first place? this morning investigators want to know why amtrak maintenance equipment was sitting on two sets of tracks sunday morning as train 89 approached at 106 miles per hour, just under the posted limit of 110. >> we're still gathering facts on that information as to who had the authority to be on that track. into a backhoe killing two amtrak workers with decades of today to interview other members of the work crew, among their questions, did miscommunication play a role? why was the crew repairing rail ties on an active amtrak line. investigators have reviewed the black boxes and the without jarred looking camera that captured the crash. >> the damage on the train was unbelievable, luggage from the top rack was strewn all over the place. >> reporter: a pennsylvania doctor who helped the injured
7:15 am
took these photos of the ripped and twisted cars. >> the window had been torn out of the side of the train and was lying across two sets of the chairs, there was metal, there was broken glass, plastic. it looked horrific. >> reporter: there are federal railroad regulations that require multiple safety checks and systems to be in place whenever track work is under way including a watchman who can give crews 15 seconds warning before a train passes. amtrak says it's working with the ntsb to identify what went wrong and it will make any needed changes it says immediately. back to you. >> all right. tom costello, thank you. to the deadly crash of a sightseeing helicopter in east tennessee killing all five people on board. smoke seen rising from the crash site near great smoky mountains national park, officials say by the time crews arrived fire had destroyed almost all of the wreckage. the faa is leading that investigation, officials have not yet released the names of the victims. to capitol hill and the
7:16 am
fight over president obama's supreme court nomination, judge mare receipt garland meets with onguzman of arkansas and susan collins of maine. she is one of only two republicans calling for confirmation hearings and a vote on the judge, o most republican senators say the next president should if i will that supreme court vacancy. for more on that wild finish to the ncaa baebls tournament, the villanova wild cats hitting the second buzzer beater ever to win a national title. what a game. villanova looked like it had the game in hand until a late north carolina surge. >> carolina fights for it and gets the put back. >> capped by this impossible double clutch three-pointer by mark us paige tying the game with less than five seconds to play. >> it's paige off balance. impossible. >> villanova called time out to
7:17 am
set up one last shot. >> three seconds at mid court. gives it to jenkins for the championship. >> on a play villanova practices every day chris jenkins hitting the game winner at the buzzer etching his name in the sports history books and setting off a wild celebration. >> the national champions. >> students at villanova's campus watch party erupting. as the wild cats win the school's first ncaa championship since their a mouse upset of georgetown in 1985. >> did you know when it left your hand that it was good? >> i think -- i think every shot going in so that one was no different. >> he thinks every shot is going in. as someone who grew up playing basketball that's the dream. that's what you do in your back kbrard your whole life and he got a chance to take it and made it. it's a play they practice every day.
7:18 am
the coach said we didn't have to draw it up, i said here is the name of the play go do it. >> the only way to overshadow north carolina's play five seconds before tied up that game. >> that shot by mark us paige would have been the shot everyone was talking about had it gone to overtime, instead chris jenkins is the man. >> ncaa college basketball the greatest sporting event. >> hands down. >> we have to do the weather, al. >> besides the cold air we're also looking at some wet weather making its way out west as we show you the maps. we have a system that's going to eventually start to bring some snow to the upper midwest, we also got some rain in the pacific northwest, gorgeous day in the southwest, down into southern california, los angeles looking for a high of 84 degrees and sunny. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a cool start to the day but we'll have a warm finish. we start out at 44 degrees in the north bay and 46 degrees in the peninsula. look at these highs today, jumping in some spots up 40 degrees between now and later on today. 83 degrees in the east bay, 86 in the south bay, and 87 today in the north bay. we'll be close to setting some new records, but as temperatures get even hotter tomorrow, we will most likely see more records fall. slides down and walks away from the plane. what's going on here? the trouble she's in this morning. we will talk live to marcia
7:20 am
clark ahead of tonight's finale of "the people versus o.j. simpson." this morning, her take on the show and renewed interest in the trial of the century. looking forward to that conversation. but first this is "today" on nbc. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. good morning. i'm chris sanchez. a san francisco neighbor is on alert after a coyote sighting near an elementary school. this is the latest in a string of sightings in the area near bell terrace. someone who lives in the neighborhood filmed the coyote nearby. the coyote has not approached any person at this point, but the latest sighting is rattling some parents and children near the elementary school. some people saw the coyote on the playground, and that's just one of several reported sightings. we have a look at weather now, and it's going to be a heat spike, we're calling it. kari? >> it won't last that long, and this weekend it will be much
7:27 am
cooler as we take a look outside at the outer sunset. clear blue skies, a beautiful start to the day, and our temperatures are nice and cool. it's 45 in santa rosa, 51 in san francisco and 47 in livermore and palo alto. here's a look at those highs today. 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. you'll see our temperatures go up and back down for the weekend once again. but today will be one of the warmer days reaching 87 degrees in palo alto, 86 in napa, 85 in oakland and also 85 today in livermore. as we take a look at the temperature trend for the next few days in the tri-valley, by tomorrow it will be the hottest day of the week, and some inland spots reaching over 90 degrees. then it drops to 80 degrees on thursday, much cooler for the weekend with more clouds and rain moving in. chris? we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. have a great morning.
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good morning, everybody. it's tuesday morning, april 5th, 2016. we have a happy cloud on the plaza, despite the wintry, chilly temperatures for april. we'll say hello in a moment, as soon as we get our scarves, hats and parkas on. >> 27 degrees in new york city. up and down the coast. inside studio 1a, it's plenty warm. we have the headlines. primaries in the republican and democratic races for president in wisconsin. could be a defining moment in the campaign, with both front runners, trump and clinton, trailing in the polls. >> clinton and sanders have now agreed on their next debate. it'll be held april 14th in brooklyn, five days before the new york primary. investigators have reached
7:31 am
the scene of monday's tragic sight-seeing helicopter crash near a national park in east tennessee. all five people on board were killed. the impact sparked a brush fire that took crews hours to control. a united airlines flight attendant has been removed from duties for pulling the emergency slide on the plane and using it to exit the boeing 747. a bizarre moment caught on a security camera in texas. janet shamlian has the story. >> we have new pictures this morning, and they show the exact moment the united airlines flight attendant exited the aircraft using the slide. what happened on the flight between sacrament to to houston that prompted her to do it? >> reporter: appearing to show the moment a flight attendant inflates the evacuation chute, throwing down her bag and slides off the plane.
7:32 am
while the video obtained by her affiliate apparently shows what happened, still unanswered this morning, why. the flight attendant has been removed from duty while the airline investigates. at the time, there was an unrelated medical emergency in the cabin, so most passengers probably never noticed. >> we were told to stay in our seats as deplaning would take a bit longer. >> reporter: united saying, this unsafe behavior is unacceptable and do not respepresent the mor than 20,000 flight attendants who ensure the safety of our customers. >> that's insane. why would she do that? >> reporter: stephen, a jet blue flight attendant, did the same thing six years ago. >> any regrets? >> reporter: look closely at the security camera video. you can see the emergency chute deploy and him sliding down. according to passenger accounts, there was an argument after the
7:33 am
flight attendant was hit in the head by a piece of luggage. he released profanity over the speakers and grabbed his bag and went out. >> they may not have necessarily agreed with the vehicle for this statement, but people had a sense of, well, it's about time. >> reporter: that doesn't seem to be the case this time. >> was she unhappy with her employer, just had enough with all the people on the plane? she wanted peanuts? why would someone do that? >> in slater's case, he pleaded guilty to two counts. there's no word if this flight attendant will have charges. she could be hooked with the cost of re hooking the slide. $15,000 to $20,000. >> whoa. didn't see that coming.
7:34 am
>> the jet blue guy, grabbed beers, hopped on the slide and peace, he was out. >> that's one way to quit your job. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by capital one. earn double miles on any airline, any time. >> we have snow coming out of the rockies. we have a low pressure system pushing across. with it, we'll be looking at the snow for the midwest and northern plains today. storms will fire up from minneapolis to wichita. tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms from buffalo all the way down to central alabama. snow on the backside of the system will return to the great lakes. ahead toward thursday, the front reaches the east coast. we could have wet weather. snowfall amounts, we're talking some areas picking up to a foot of snow in parts of michigan. that's what's going
7:35 am
temperatures will be warming up today, but it's nice and cool as you head out the door. light jacket now, shorts this afternoon. 47 degrees now in the peninsula, 44 in the north bay, and then our highs will be in some spots 40 degrees warmer than where we are now. up to 77 degrees in san francisco, 83 degrees in the east bay and 86 in the south bay. our temperatures will spike tomorrow, reaching in some spots, especially the inland areas, to 90 degrees and then dropping in time for the weekend. planes. i got an e-mail from you on sunday night saying you had five aborted landings at jfk. >> we had all the wind on sunday. we had -- we made three attempts. american airlines pilot did a great job. we had to go to baltimore, refuel, come back and have another aborted landing. finally on the fifth time, made it in. actually, wrote out a text, i love you. tell the kids i love them.
7:36 am
that was to our executive producer. then i wrote out one for deborah. i never sent it. >> you were really scared? >> we were scared. we were bouncing around. it was windy. a lot of flights diverted. a lot of big problems on sunday. power and weather. >> hats off to your pilot. >> absolutely. glad you got here safely, al. up next, the finale of the wildly popular "the people versus o.j. simpson" series is tonight. this morning, marcia clark is here. she shares i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet?
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and to connect us with thes twonderment of nature. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this on the screen directly with the image, it just gives me a different relationship to it and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. back at 7:40. more than 20 years after o.j. simpson's controversial acquittal, the so-called trial of the century is getting new attention, thanks to the fx series "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> is series wraps up tonight. we'll talk to marcia clark, the lead prosecutor in the case. first, here is nbc's joe fryer. >> we have sufficient evidence to convict him.
7:41 am
>> reporter: clark was catapulted into the shot light in 1994 when she was to prosecute the trial of the century. two decades later, the light still shines bright, with clark now played by actress sarah polson in the "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> could it be anyone else's dna? >> reporter: the real-life challenges clark faced are on full display. >> give me your impressions of clark? >> wouldn't want to be her boyfriend. >> shifty. >> reporter: child care issues, even her hair became fodder. >> good morning, ms. clark, i think. >> reporter: and in real life. >> on the record, what do you think of marcia's hairdo? >> she said it was naturally curly. >> reporter: recent episodes hinting between a romance with clark and her co-counsel. now, it's the attorney getting cross examined. >> like real life, you made out?
7:42 am
>> we did take a trip to the bay area. >> you made out? >> it's going well. >> reporter: clark praised the series but says it is difficult to watch. >> ms. clark, perhaps you need to take ten deep breaths for you also are about to be held in contempt. >> should i take off my jewelry? >> reporter: reliving what she called a nightmare. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: a trial of one century now making headlines in another. >> i am begging you from my soul. >> reporter: casting marcia clark in a new light. for "today", joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> marcia clark is now a successful defense" comes out n month. so good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, how wild is it to be watching all of this again unfold in this way? >> 22. >> is it hard? it can't be --
7:43 am
>> it's a nightmare i'm reliving on one level. i didn't know if i was going to be able to watch it. it was so traumatic. 15 months of trauma every single day. nightmarish. at the same time, sarah, i love her so much. i've loved her for years. i think she's a genius. i couldn't resist. you know, i watch it with friends. i kind of try and pull myself out of the, it's not me. i try to just watch her. that helped. she's fabulous. she's amazing. >> you didn't get a sneak preview. they didn't come and say, let's consult? what do you think of this script? >> no, nothing. >> were you fearing the worst? >> yes, i was fearing -- i didn't even know what to fear. i didn't know how they were going to treat all of us. i didn't know how they were going to treat the case. you never know. but it actually wound up being a really quality, quality series, that attacked the big issues very well. i was so impressed. >> one of the issues, it re s s
7:44 am
takes on didn't get much focus then, but now it's clear, there was a sexism around the way you were portrayed. i can remember when it was, marcia clark got a makeover, changed her hair, all that stuff in the middle of you prosecuting the trial of the senture. >> i it's crazy. it was the funniest thing to me. what are you talking about? how can i have a makeover and still look like that? >> what's funny is you said, i think, to sarah, i used to have curly -- like you have straight hair. you permed it. >> i did. i had two little kids. i permed it long before the trial because i wanted wash and wear hair. the problem during the trial, i had no time to get it re-permed. you know how it gets gross. i had to blow it out. you'll say i'm delusional, and you're right, but i blew it out that morning thinking, oh, they won't notice. >> little did you know. >> to the larger issue, do you
7:45 am
feel the way the case unfolded, that you didn't have as fair a shake? for example, with the judge, is something you talked about. >> it was the worst. whatever the media was saying about me, the media was saying about me. i was more concerned about the jury. i need to impress the jury. i didn't think the jury cared about my hair and makeup. >> you felt the judge was tough on you? >> he treated me like a second class citizen. i got the toughest treatment. to such an extent, the president now said, you need to stop it because you're treating her poorly. the jury takes their cue from it. that's what upset me. >> one of the story lines is there may have been some kind of romantic relationship between you and your fellow prosecutor. i know you've been asked this before, but now you can answer it. did anything happen there? >> we were the best of friends. we really were.
7:46 am
we were frentrench mates. it was like living in a bubble. no one else could understand what it was like to live through that, but he could. yeah, we were certainly very close, but you know, we were partners. >> it's strange to look at this. you see the interest, and particularly, millenials are interested. they didn't live through it the way i did as a viewer and you did as a participant. are your kids watching it now? >> they're not. >> they're in their 20s now. >> the older one is 26. the younger is 23 1/2. they're not watching it, but they are interested. they dip in and out. my older one when he saw the first episode, where it shows him eating puzzle pieces, he goes, mom, i am not that dumb. tell me i'm not that dumb. i told him he should sue. >> what do you think of the other projects? another on espn is coming out this summer. now something says o.j. simpson is innocent. martin sheen narratives, appearing to claim that simpson
7:47 am
is innocent. >> i know the theory and what they're basing it on, and it's nonsense. nothing to it. >> do you find it offensive? >> very. i'll tell you why i find it offensive. because it is nonsense. there is no real logic. there's no evidence, nothing to back it up. nothing. and they're aiming at jason simpson and that, to me, is the most hideous thing you could do. he was very close to nicole. he loved her. no notice kno motive -- >> simpson's son. >> they're saying jason simpson is guilty. he can't defend himself. what is he going to say? it's not me, it's my dad. what a hideous thing to do. i can't tell you how awful it is, and it's baseless. >> justice is one of these all-encompassing terms. when you think about o.j. simpson sitting in a jail right now, unclear when, if ever, he'll get out in his lifetime, for a crime not the one you prosecuted but a different one, is that justice to you?
7:48 am
>> for that case. he was caught on video tape, so he got convicted appropriately in the case. he didn't in ours. >> do you feel satisfied, with the passing of time? are you at peace with the case? >> the only thing i can say, savannah, is this: we gave it all our. i ate, breathed and slept that case. i did nothing but work that case 24/7 for 15 months. i left nothing on the table. so i can say that there was nothing more i could do. to say i'm at peace with the verdict? no, justice was not done. >> marcia clark, good to have you here. >> glad to be here. >> your book is "blood defense," and comes out in a little while. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, buyer beware. report you need to see before you click on the online ads that offer b
7:49 am
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're in for a cool start and a warm afternoon. warmer than yesterday as we get into higher temperatures the next couple days. clear, blue skies. a gorgeous start to the day. it's 54 in oakland, 50 degrees in palo alto. the 7-day forecast is on the bottom of the screen. you can see our temperatures go up and back down for the weekend. now we're looking at a high today in san jose, 83 degrees. 85 in palo alto and 75 in embarcadero. 89 in antioch and pleasanton looking at a high of 87 degrees. our hottest temperatures will be tomorrow, and the average high in san francisco in the lower 60s, san jose upper 60s, and we'll see those temperatures up to almost 90 degrees in oakland
7:57 am
tomorrow. we will get above 90 for san jose, parts of the tri-valley and the north bay, and then on friday that trend continues with more clouds moving in and also looking at a chance of scattered showers for both friday and saturday. now over to you, chris. >> thank you very much, kari. happening now, san francisco may be poised to be the first city anywhere in the u.s. to require six weeks of fully paid leave for new parents. supervisors plan to vote on this issue today. critics say it strikes at the heart of small businesses, though. learn about the issue on our home page. a wild feline stopped traffic in the north bay. today it's trending on our north site. you can link to the story via our twitter feed. possible rabbit sightings in san francisco as a giant rabbit, a new perpetual art project
7:58 am
today that you really can't miss. details on our facebook.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, buyer beware. the trendy fashion deals you see popping up on your social media feeds and across the internet, well, what you see may not be what you get. plus, bedtime behavior. we'll show you how to get your kids to bed. >> for naps and bedtime, routine, routine, routine, routine. >> and keep them there so the whole family can get a good night's rest. ♪ baby, break a sweat sweatpants at work? why some companies are going beyond casual to increase productivity. today, tuesday, april 5th, 2016. ♪ knocking at my door ♪ wanna know what it is, make
8:01 am
the girls want more ♪ >> hello from kentucky and texas. >> we're from michigan. >> we're in the big apple. ♪ i have the recipe ♪ it's all black magic >> it's my birthday today. >> happy birthday, mom, back in north carolina. >> will you go to prom with me? ♪ can't be broken ♪ it'll keep you up all night good morning, everyone. it's 8:00. it's tuesday, april 5th, 2016. i have to tell you, this is one of the coldest days we've had all winter. >> it's the wind chill. >> expecting the christmas tree to come. >> your eyes are tearing up. >> we've had colder. coming off the warmer air from earlier, coming to this, it seems colder. >> the wind. that's what's killing you. >> we are complaining and everyone else has been out here all morning. >> how long have you been here?
8:02 am
>> since 4:00 this morning. >> what's your name? >> lily roberts. we're from shelbiville, kentucky. >> so glad you're here. welcome. >> little darling. coming up, we'll take advantage of the cold weather. head over to the brother-sister duo taking ice dancing by storm. sxz hxz uxz bxz the shib team. performing on our ring in a bit. first, natalie has a check of the top stories. good morning. >> good morning. election day, front runners are both under pressure today, as voters head to the polls in the high stake wisconsin presidential primary. nbc's hallie jackson is in milwaukee. good morning. >> hi there, natalie. good morning to you. today, donald trump is looking to avoid a delegate shutout with ted cruz looking for a win. bernie sanders is clinging to his tight lead over hillary clinton. wisconsin's twin primaries setting up a battle for both parties. >> reporter: making a rare appearance on the campaign trail, melania trump, making the case for her husband.
8:03 am
>> sometimes, he just like, he cannot stand somebody attacks him. because if somebody attacks him, he will punch back ten times harder. >> reporter: trump is taking on ted cruz. >> i wish he could talk normally every once in a while. i'm the only one that has proven that i can beat donald trump. >> reporter: battling it out in the badger state, as the never trump movement takes its shot at stopping the front runner. cruz is looking to beat him, and looking like he will. the latest polls show him up by double digits in wisconsin with 42 delegates at stake. a victory for cruz, as much about the momentum as the math. >> even if you win wisconsin, donald trump could make up the delegate count in the northeast. how do you plan to stop him there? >> we're going to beat him. we'll beat him to 1,237 delegates either before the convention or at cleveland. >> reporter: it's cleveland or bust for john kasich. now taking a tougher tone against trump. >> i've got news for him. i'm going to get a heck of a lot of his voters.
8:04 am
that's what's going to happen. >> reporter: he's hoping to use his underdog status to his advantage. so is bernie sanders against hillary clinton. >> she's already under a lot of pressure, so don't tell her this, but i think we win here, we win in new york state, we're on our way to the white house. >> reporter: to get there, he needs a grand slam to make a dent in clinton's delegate lead. so far, he's only got a slight edge in wisconsin. already looking to another showdown. a new debate just agreed to in new york, where clinton is taking aim across the aisle, targeting trump. >> he's fired. that's funny. that's very funny. >> nationally, our new nbc/surveymonkey online poll shows clinton with a nine point lead over sanders. he has the edge with independent voters. on the republican side, trump's lead slipped a little bit in the last week, natalie. he's still up over cruz by 17 points. that's the smallest gap in six weeks. >> we'll be watching what happens there in wisconsin.
8:05 am
hallie jackson, thanks so much. hats and gloves are back, and so are the snowplows in many parts of the midwest and northeast. where has spring gone? wind chill temperatures plunged into the teens from detroit to boston, and snow is creating dangerous road conditions. in upstate new york, 20 college students were injured when their bus rolled over. separate crash in new york left a person dead. in massachusetts, cars and trucks lost traction, swerving off highways and into the trees. six weeks after a deadly shooting spree blamed on an uber driver, we have encouraging news about a young survivor. the 14-year-old, abigail cox, was shot in the head during the rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. she signalled her determination by squeezing her mother's hand. now, she is up and walking, as you see there. just amazing. walking a little faster each day. she still must learn to eat on her own again, and she faces more surgery.
8:06 am
her mom says abby has the will power to push forward with a smile on her face. look at that determination. we are sending our big hearts to her. >> i just got chills. >> we all did. >> she looks great, walking around. >> and her mom, i heard last night, was saying she wants to get up and sprint out of there. >> sending a hug to her. >> natalie, thank you. we move now to a different story. it's the first look, exclusive buzzfeed report on those online shopping ads. nbc's olivia sterns has this story. good morning. >> morning. next time you're on facebook and one of the ads pops up for a cute dress or maybe a top, well, you might not want to be so quick to click on it after all. >> reporter: it's a familiar sight on your facebook feed. the latest fashions, the prices, dirt cheap. what if what you buy looks nothing like that pretty picture after all? >> there are tons of these e-retailers on facebook. they're using beautiful imagery, telling you that you can get
8:07 am
clothes for 90% off and it's gorgeous. it doesn't look like the pictures. >> reporter: a new analysis by buzzfeed news shows thousands of complaints from customers across the country. piled up on trust pilot and the better business bureau, all lodged by shoppers who say what showed up on their doorstep wasn't what they saw online. jasmine griffith thought she was buying this coat after seeing an ad on facebook, but got this one instead. >> when i saw the ad for the coat, i was excited because i thought it would be a great option for a winter coat. when i got it, it's not even close to that. it's completely cheaply made. didn't even fit, let alone have a figure flattering design. i was disappointed. >> reporter: instead of brand names you know like nike or gap, the e-tailers use generic names you've never heard of. our producers tried on some of the clothes buzzfeed ordered to see for ourselves.
8:08 am
>> the shoulders aren't fit to my body. there are stains all over it. it's not as glamorous. online, there is this shiny presence. in person, it's not that way. >> reporter: sellers like these push products on sites like facebook. in fact, buzzfeed found at least eight of the brands advertising on facebook are linked to one chinese ecommerce company that made more than $200 million in sales in 2014. >> beware. caveoat. when you go online, you're looking at ads, know that you are putting yourself at potential risk for buying something that may not be in that picture. >> we actually reached out to the chinese retailer buzzfeed was looking into. they got back to us overnight, saying they're a big company. 3,000 employees. it takes time to prepare a reply. now, they have no comment. for you, just in case you're tempted by a flashy picture in your feed, quick tips. if it's not a brand you know, google it and look for reviews on consumer reports or the better business bureau. don't be fooled by the number of
8:09 am
fans a company has on social media. some companies have been accused of buying likes or followers to make their sites look a little more legit. third, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. you know if you think you found a beautiful, silk prom dress for $10.99, probably not real. >> ever happen to you guys, shopping online? >> oh, yeah. i bought stuff and it's not the quality you expect. >> i never online shop. no, just kidding. i'm constantly online shopping. >> yeah, yeah. >> olivia, thank you so much. by the way, you can read more about this story on buzzfeed. up next, how people are reacting on social media to the wild finish to last night's title game. plus, the reason why a navigation system sent this boy into a panic. wake-up call when it comes to your kids and sleep. four tips to get them to bed. this is the good part, get them to stay there, so everybody in the family can get some rest. first, these messages.
8:10 am
don't let dust and allergies get between you
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8:14 am
clinically proven to help them fall asleep faster. and stay asleep longer. there will be things to keep us up. but tonight, we sleep. let's do trending, everybody. >> let's get back to the story everybody is talking about. first, breaking news, villanova students waking up, no class today. true story. they cancelled classes. >> well deserved. go back to bed. >> they beat unc with the buzzer beater by kris jenkins. first of all, congratulations to natalie who won the "today" show bracket. >> great job. >> you get to be off tomorrow. >> i get bragging rights for the next year. >> if north carolina had won, i would have won in points. >> twitter last night, i was like, where are you, carson? >> i was asleep but saw villanova won. congratulations to them and you.
8:15 am
up high. >> gracious in defeat, carson daly. >> of course, there are internet memes online. >> remember the crying jordan photo from a few years ago? since been used to represent any kind of loss or letdown in any forum. >> right. >> michael is north carolina's most famous alum. he, of course, was at the game last night. social media made use of the crying jordan meme. there was a crowd full of them. there was one of the carolina bench, as well, and on and on it went on social media last night. >> meme made sense. >> to me, the greatest shot was michael jordon's actually reacting to villanova. he just went. he gave a little nod of respect to kris jenkins for hitting the shot. >> it's all you can do after losing. we know about business casual at work, casual fridays people have. this trend might be taking it a bit far. how do you guys feel about wearing sweatpants at work? >> no.
8:16 am
>> what about yoga pants and sneakers? >> if you work at a gym. >> yes. >> this is the latest movement in the so-called athleisure trend, muscling into offices around the country. the new york post talked to several executives and they insisted their employees are more productive and creative when they wear the sweats. >> interesting. >> experts say it comes down to comfort level. >> i think now athleisure wear can look somewhat professional, but that's taking it to the extreme. >> it has to do with what the work environment is like. >> a tech company or something. >> if you wear sweatpants, you'll want to wear a tank top, and you shouldn't. >> that's not going to happen. >> it's fun to say athleisure for sure. >> it is. it is the word of the week. >> it is. >> you wear that tank top to work.
8:17 am
>> sun's out, guns out. that's a good one. now to driving directions that left two adorable siblings confused. they heard the gps say, bear right. they thought it meant there was a bear outside of the window. imagine their reaction. >> what are you talking about? >> a problem. >> what problem? >> a bear problem. i want out. >> austin, austin, there's not a bear on your side. >> what did it tell you? >> a bear right. >> i love the parents really let it play out to get it on video. >> austin knows his right from his left. >> he does. >> that's pretty good. >> we have a bear problem. >> so cute. >> you wascly wabbit. now to gwyneth paltrow and the unusual beauty treatments she's tried. carson. plus, amy schumer's "hamilton" parody. >> let's start with gwyneth paltrow and the painful beauty treatment she tried to got people buzzing. it's a pun.
8:18 am
she once got stung by bees on purpose. it was part of her quest to find natural beauty treatments. this is true. telling the "new york times," generally i'm open to anything. i've been stung by bees. it's an ancient treatment that people use to get rid of inflammation and scarring. it's incredible if you research it, but man, it's pain. . painful. experts say there is not enough evidence to prove that it actually works. >> she's already beautiful. >> yeah. >> i don't think she needs bees stinging her. she's set in the beauty department. >> especially when she wears the athleisure wear. amy schumer trying to capitalize on the craze of "hamilton." on her show, she brought in miranda and performed a number from her historical new number, "betsy ross." ♪ how does a woman who does not know how to sew ♪ ♪ learn to sew and go on to sew a flag for her country ♪ ♪ if so, what could her name be ♪
8:19 am
♪ oh, i know, fo sho ♪ her name b-e-t-s-y r-o-s-s ♪ yes, she's styling flags >> he's not impressed. as you can see. the new season of "inside amy schumer" premieres april 21st. he created "hamilton." if you didn't know. >> amazing. melissa mccarthy was here yesterday. went to jimmy fallon for a lip sync battle. melissa pulled out all the stops for "color of the wind." ♪ you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon ♪ ♪ or whether we are white or copper skin ♪ ♪ you need to sing with all the voices of the mountains ♪ ♪ paint with all the colors of the wind ♪ >> bravo. >> there you go. savannah, in our next half hour, we have ben falcone, her husband
8:20 am
here, to talk about the movie "the boss." you guys will chat. that's your . we're getting ready for some hot temperatures today, but a nice cool start as we are seeing the sunshine and temperatures right at about the low to mid-50s. as we go through the day, we'll see a high of 76 degrees in san francisco, the east bay up to 83 degrees, and 82 degrees in the peninsula. and this will not be the warmest day of the week. in fact, as we go into the day tomorrow, many of these inland areas will be in the low 90s, san francisco will be heading into the mid-80s. ♪ wake up >> announcer: the "today" parenting team sleep makeover is created with our sponsor, johnson's. this morning on our series, good snooze, "today"'s parenting team takes on kids and sleep. >> we need rest but it can be a challenge for the whole family
8:21 am
when there are little ones running around the house. "today"'s sheinelle jones has a bit of advice. >> you smile because you know. >> i've been there. >> i have three kids. a 6-year-old and twin 3-year-olds. trust me, i know how tough bedtime can be. but there are easy solutions to get everyone sleeping soundly. >> reporter: nothing is sweeter than a sleeping child. actually getting your children to sleep can be a nightmare. the national sleep foundation recommends newborns sleep 14 to 17 hours a day. infants, 12 to 15 hours a day. toddlers need 11 to 14 hours. >> uh-oh. >> reporter: for the friedman family, getting there is the hard part. >> mommy, i need one more book. >> reporter: lily is 2 1/2 and only napping about half of the time. >> has a lot to learn about being a princess. >> reporter: making sleep a struggle. especially for mom, natalie, who works from home. >> sleep issues mean we get less sleep collectively as a family.
8:22 am
my husband and i turn on each other at times. >> when we try to put her down, her stalling tactics and negotiations come into play. she's really good at asking for another book, another story, a sip of water. >> reporter: what's a toddler to do? >> hi, how are you? >> i'm dr. mendel. >> reporter: professor of phycology and a sleep expert works for johnson's. she spent time getting to know the friedman family and their sleep challenges. tip one, keepclearly shows befoe the age of 3 -- it's not the day she turns 3 -- but naps help nighttime sleep. i'd encourage you to keep the naps. i would encourage you to wake her by 4:00 so she'd go to bed on time. >> what is on time for someone her age? >> 7:30. >> reporter: tip two, routine. >> for naps and bedtime, routine, routine, routine, routine, routine. it's going to get more and more
8:23 am
important as she gets older. >> it's all gone. >> you want to have a set routine that you stick to. because her job is to ask, and your job is to set limits. >> i need to get out. >> keep that in mind. she's not being difficult. it's her job. >> reporter: tip collthree, sle charts. >> with someone her age, having a chart will help all of you. i made lily's chart. >> great. >> it shows one book. one story. one drink of water. lights out. it'll keep her on track and you on track. >> reporter: tip four, bedtime pass. >> ballet. >> everything i brought you is simple. an index card. you call it your bedtime pass or mommy pass, daddy pass. at night, she can turn it in for one more request. you take it and give it back to her the next night.
8:24 am
>> lily. >> right now, she knows if she keeps asking and asking, eventually, you likely give in, right? so as you do your bedtime chart and the bedtime pass, she'll test. just stick with it. stick with it. stick with it. stick with it. >> make a letter for daddy. >> reporter: with the new tools in place, hopefully mom and dad can put lily's sleep issues to rest. >> take the letter. >> thank you. >> love you. >> bye. >> she's so cute. the friedman family reports success. natalie and zach found sticking to a routine and using the chart you saw are helping lily go down much easier. both for her nap and at night, cutting down on the frustration level all the way around. it actually changed pretty quickly with the routine. >> routine is so important for kids. >> kids appreciate it, too. >> the whole family. >> willie is like, ah-ha, not at that phase. >> 6 and 8 now, bye.
8:25 am
>> savannah has more. >> we have the sleep expert and professor of phycology you saw in the piece. dr. mandel, good morning. >> morning. >> we saw the little girl in the piece had bumpers in the crib. >> right. >> where do you stand on bumpers? >> no bumpers. little ones, we're worried about suffocation, and older ones, it's a stepping stool. what's yo what's the best advice? you need a bedtime routine. we did three steps of naps, quiet activities. not only do they fall asleep faster, but they sleep better throughout the night. >> how early can you start that? this is a matter of some debate. >> in terms of a bedtime routine, you can start it two weeks, three weeks. in terms of sleep training, getting a baby to fall asleep independently, three to six month it is when we start that. >> jodie, always good to have you here. a lot of parents want to hear your advice. she'll stick around and answer
8:26 am
more of your questions at i have questions, too. we're back after your local news.i'...==im=a velingtor.. and a good morning at 8 oox 26 on your tuesday. i'm sam brock. a developing story. police investigating a deadly shooting in the san francisco' portola district. this happened shortly after 9:00 last night. police not releasing many details about what happened at this point, but we know one person died. victim's identity has not been released an the shooter we're told is still at large. b.a.r.t. service is back on track for commuters at the end of the pittsburg bay view line. normal train service is resuming in both directions for the bay point and north concord stations. two weeks ago a mysterious electrical surge started knocking out cars. b.a.r.t. is still looking into the cause of the problems. a san francisco neighborhood
8:27 am
is on alert after a coyote sighting near an elementary school. the coyote actually going on school grounds. this is just the latest in a string of sightings in the area around balboa terrace. on sunday, someone who lives in that same neighborhood photographed a coyote on corona street. no coyotes have approached anyone, but the latest sighting is rattling nerves for parents whose children attend commodore vote elementary school where someone yesterday saw a coyote on the playground. that was just one of several reporting sightings. we'll have another news update for you in just 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
how are you doing? good morning. hi, everybody. 8:30. tuesday morning, april 5th. it is a chilly, chilly day out on our plaza. we've got a great, hearty crowd in great spirits. so happy to have them. it's not pleasant out here, not pleasant at all. >> you know who has no trouble with the ice and cold? the brother-sister duo, ice dancing for us at the rink. they'll have a special
8:31 am
performance for us in a bit. >> i feel colder looking at them. >> especially for her. poor thing. plus, love and laughter. melissa mccarthy teamed up with her husband, ben falcone, for their new movie "the boss." we'll ask about the challenges of mixing work and pleasant. also, we're introduced to a 15-year-old girl on a mission to change the way young people eat. >> busy half hour coming up. let's start with the weather. of course, colder than normal in the northeast. mid-atlantic states to the midwest. rain in the plains to the midsection of the country. plenty of sunshine throughout the southern california coast. showers in the pacific northwest clear out tomorrow. beautiful weather, western half of the country. we have a snowy, icy mix in the great lakes. wet weather in the gulf coast. snowy mix through northern new england with plenty of sunshine along the mid-atlantic good morning, i'm
8:32 am
meteorologist kari hall. well, they have some very chilly weather out east, we're getting ready for some very warm weather here. in fact, we may be setting some records tomorrow. up to 54 degrees now as you head out the door so it's nice and cool, 53 degrees in concord and 48 degrees in napa. the expected high of 83 degrees in san jose, 85 in palo alto and 75 in the embarcadero. in fairfield, 86, 85 in oakland and also 86 degrees today in san ramon. >> thank you very much. don't forget, if you're heading outdoors, check out siriusxm 108 and listen to the "today" show as you go. >> thank you. we are so cold. actress kimberly williams-paisley is one of millions of americans who witnessed firsthand the impact of dementia on a family. >> she breaks the silence that often surrounds the difficult diagnosis in her new book "where the light gets in."
8:33 am
she recently sat down with maria shriver. >> we came to know her as annie banks in "father of the bride." for kimberly williams-paisley, it was at her real-life wedding in 2003 to brad paisley where she first realized something was wrong. >> something was up with my mother. she was acting very irrationally. she was very emotional. really wanted to be involved in the ceremony at the last minute, so we gave her something to read. she stood up in front of the congregation and wasn't able to get through the reading, which was very atypical for my mom. >> reporter: it would be more than two years before her mother, linda williams, would be diagnosed at age 61 be primary progressive afascia, a degenerative brain disease and form of dementia that currently has no cure. 11 years after her diagnosis, linda is now in an assisted living home. >> what's it like for you to
8:34 am
visit her now? >> she is totally non-verbal, from my experience in the last year and a half, and seems sometimes to be despairing in a way. it's hard. what i have struggled with and searched for is what is her essence and where does that exist still? >> where did you land in being able to find her essence and not focus on her brain? >> i hear her voice every day of my life. i hear her voice when i'm sitting on the beach and the kids are saying, "come on, come on in the water." i'm thinking, i'm warm and dry on the towel. i hear her voice saying, "get in the water." >> what have you learned from your children about handling dementia? >> the same from my children as i learned from my mother, and that is to be in the present. i think that is a gift that my mother got from dementia. i think my kids have a similar sense about it. they don't go and look at my mom and imagine how she used to be.
8:35 am
>> reporter: living in the present also means supporting her four, who serather, who ser mother's primary caregiver. >> my dad is very happy right now, and i'm thrilled for him. for so many years, i was really worried about him. i thought we might lose him before we lost my mom. >> how did your family navigate that change in your family dynamic, and allow your dad the freedom to have a new relationship? >> it was hard because my mom is still alive and they're still married. my father met somebody and was in love. she's -- nancy is a real blessing for all of us. because she is there for him in a way that the rest of my siblings and i can't be right now. >> reporter: splitting her time between southern california and nashville, with frequent visits to see her mother in new york, kimberly says it's her husband, brad, who keeps her feeling grounded. >> i'll have moments where i completely break down and i can't handle it anymore. there he is to hold me.
8:36 am
more often, he's there to make me laugh in the middle of a really hard day. >> do you think he worries about this happening to you? >> we worry about it happening to both of us. it's in both of our families. we are just trying to have those kinds of honest conversations that i wish i'd had with my mom, about what do we want? what do we want to have happen if that is the situation? >> reporter: kimberly says she chose to write her new book "where the light gets in" so others will have those open conversations, as well. >> after so many years of feeling like i had to be private and secret, it was just so empowering to be able to take the reign reins of the story, o my heart, growing and feeling stronger because i've come through the other end. >> thorrible thing to go throug. >> my mother passed away with early onset alzheimer's. you see a lot of that.
8:37 am
it's happening more and more with the aging population. baby boomers are getting older. >> the ongoing heartbreak of having your own mother not being able to speak or recognize you. it's hard to come to terms with. >> right. >> she's doing good work, kimberly. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. (scal): good day, m'lady!
8:38 am
8:39 am
i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at back at 8:39. ben falcone and his wife melissa mccarthy are no strangers to working together. such as in "bridesmaids," where ben was the air marshall. they are teaming up again with ben not just acting but also directing their new comedy callcall ed "the boss." >> shareholders all sold off. there is a hostile takeover of your holding company. >> no. >> darnel enterprises is bankrupt. >> can he do that? no, he cannot. >> he did it beautifully.
8:40 am
>> claire, get me a new lawyer. >> tell me that wasn't a real tennis ball. >> not to destroy the movie magic, but it was not. melissa said, don't you want to reel the reaction of the ball hitting your throat really hard? i can do it. i was like, no, i'm good. >> you were the director so you got to say, we don't need to do that. >> i did. >> what was it like, bossing her around? >> that was the only time i was able to do it. no, i don't, you know, boss her around. we are sort of a team out there. yeah, we just have a blast working together. >> the movie is really fun. i watched it last night. she plays michelle darnel, this larger than life character who was once, i mean, like this hugely successful figure. then she falls on hard times with a little bit of a white collar crime conviction. >> sure, just a small one. >> a small felony. and then she builds herself back up. so tell me about the story line and, you know, what it's about. >> melissa had this character
8:41 am
like 16 years ago. she came out and she's like, my name is michelle darnel and i have $14 million in cash and assets. she went up to the audience. if you were in the audience, she would have given you a werther's candy and then said, you're a sucker, or whatever. she's had this on her mind for years and years. her friend, about seven years ago, said, let's make a feature out of it. once "tammy" was successful, they got to do another one. >> you know michelle darnel because she's always bringing her up. you'd constantly hear about her. >> she'd be like, michelle is an orph orphan. i'd be like, what are you talking about? is everyone okay? it's the character. the one from 12 years ago? yeah. >> your kids are in the movie, too. >> vivian, our older one, campaigned for the job. because we were not -- i was not into it.
8:42 am
i was like, let's wait. then she said to melissa finally, "can i not at least try"? >> do you think she has the bug now? >> i don't know if she does. i know she's got a certain skill, probably from her mom, but i don't know if she has the bug. i'm hoping the bug is, you know, like get the bug when you're 25. >> exactly. be a kid for a little while, stay at home. >> right. >> what's it been like over the years working together? on one hand, it's a blessing. on the other hand, i can imagine, there's got to be moments where, i don't know, kr creative differences. >> she's a monster. >> that's what i was getting at. thank you. >> no, but our jobs involve a lot of travel so we appreciate the time to be together. >> sounds lovely. >> it's nice to have the family all together. it's something we've been doing for so long.
8:43 am
it's not like, how dare you think the joke should go like this. it's more like, hey, let's try it this way. let's try it that way. i tanked enough times on stage that i'm like, i know i'm not infallible, and i think melissa has the same feeling. we really enjoy it. >> you have another project up your sleeve? >> we do. we're writing another movie we're hoping to shoot soon. >> come back and tell us about it when you can. >> will do, yeah. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> "the boss" hits theaters this friday. up next, we're introduced to a 15-year-old girl on a mission to change the way kids eat. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
8:45 am
we're back at 8:45. this morning on today food, a 15-year-old girl who spent the majority of her life promoting healthy habits to her peers. "today"'s senior food analyst sam spent time with her.
8:46 am
>> good to see you. i first met hailey thomas after she gave a speech about obesity to young people to a group of experts. she had no notes and gave the best speech of the day. she was only 10. her work has continued on, and she's having an extraordinary impact. >> reporter: when it comes to eating right and living well, 15-year-old hailey thomas has a few things to say. >> i think it's really important to make things that are going to benefit you in the long run fun. >> so good. i could eat this every day. >> what i love to do is just be open, to be creative, and that'll bring all the fun you need. >> reporter: for the past seven years, the homeschooled, tucson high schooler used cooking to spark a conversation about childhood obesity. the mission brought her to the white house. >> first lady of the united states, mrs. michelle obama. >> reporter: on stage at the 2011 conference from vancouver. >> learning to cook is a great stepping stone to other healthy
8:47 am
lifestyle choices. >> reporter: on the advicery board for the alliance of a healthier generation. >> i've been told by older kids i inspired them to do things they thought they couldn't before. >> tell me where this began. where did it come from? >> in 2008, my dad was diagnosed with type two diabetes. from there, of course, our family jumped to make some serious healthy lifestyle choices. i started looking for ways to make my favorite dishes something that would also be nourishing. >> that is so good. nicely done. >> reporter: in the past 30 years, childhood to beaobesity than doubled. putting youth at bone and joint problems and poor self-esteem. >> across the board, kids just aren't very educated about nutrition. >> mix it up. >> reporter: in 2013, halie started the organization, happy, to bring nutrition, healthy cooking and fun physical activity to young people. to date, she's reached 5,000
8:48 am
kids through cooking demonstrations, summer camps and in-school programs like this one. >> how do kids respond to you as a peer? >> i think sometimes when it comes from adults, it's kind of like a command. like you have to do it. there's this certain special connection or approach that happens when it's a kid talking to a kid. don't be afraid to dump a bunch of stuff into a pot and see what happens. >> wow. >> halie is also the youngest student at the institute for integrative nutrition. by the end of the year, she'll be certified health coach at the age of 16. >> rock star. >> incredible. >> the message to young kids. i found with my kids, if you teach them to cook, how to make it and let them create, they'll likely eat it. >> the power she showed us is kids have a real lull here. they listen to each other far more than they listen to adults. her impact has been extraordinary. >> what a great messenger, at her age to get up on a stage and give a ted talk like that. >> she brought the house down. no notes, better than me. i was like, i need to learn from
8:49 am
her. >> impressive. sam, great story. up next, a special performance on the rink from the country's reigning ice dance champions. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
>> announcer: "today" at the rink is sponsored by smucker's. proud sponsor of team usa. this morning on "today" at the rink, we are taking advantage of the cold on one of
8:51 am
the final days of the season of the rockefeller center ice rink. we have super siblings, maia and alex shibutani, the current u.s. national champs. congratulations. >> we're excited to be here. it's a little cold. >> it's a little chilly, right? >> even for us. >> are you still on cloud nine over nationals? it was a huge win. >> it's an honor for us to be national champions. we're excited about the direction of our skating. >> we won the world silver medal in boston. i'm chattering. >> we won that last week, and we're excited. >> you know it's cold when the ice skaters are chattering. >> right. >> let's talk about the olympics. we have summer coming up in a couple months, but you are looking ahead to south korea. what goals do you have there? >> really looking forward to south korea and hopefully landing on the podium there. >> well, should we take your jackets? i hate to do it but i think you need to. >> yeah. >> what are you going to skate to now? >> a part of our free dance, a song by coldplay. >> shibutanis, take it away.
8:52 am
♪ ♪ feel the stream down your face ♪ ♪ and i feel the stream down
8:53 am
your face ♪ ♪ i feel the stream down your face and i ♪ ♪ lights will guide you home ♪ and i will try to fix you [ applause ] >> on an ice cold april morning, your ice dancing national champions, maia and alex shibutani. thanks, guys. let's send it across the street to al. >> thanks so much. >> great. >> really was. let's do birthday celebrating. first, happy 100th to mark from
8:54 am
michigan. he likes to drive in his golf cart, driving to church through his backyard. way to go, mark. john of north carolina, 100 years old. you don't want to play checkers with this guy. he's known for being the king of the game. rosalyn is 100. she used to plan a trip to hawaii every year. aloha! happy 100th birthday to ms. louise randall from new orleans, louisiana. this busy grandma has 32 grandchildren, 44 great grandchildren, 18 great-great grandkids. can you imagine the family reunions? >> she knows all their names. >> knows every one of them, and birthdays. bill waite, at the age of 99, passed his driver's license
8:55 am
renewal test. way to go. happy 108th to rena. nurse for 50 years. you have to love this, her secret to longevity, fried chicken and gravy. yeah, rena! if you have someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary, head to >> that's a good, long life right there. >> we have a parade of stars coming up. cecily strong from "snl." greg i ckinnear. norman reedus. everyone is talking about the "walking dead" finale, so we'll ask norman about that. no fried chicken. >> something for the 10:00. >>
8:56 am
8:56 on tuesday, i'm sam brock. san francisco may become the first city anywhere in the country to approve six weeks of fully paid leave for new parents. supervisors today are going to vote on a plan that would require all businesses with 20 or more employees to cover full pay. california workers already receive 55% of their pay for six weeks maternity or paternity leave. well, that money come out of the
8:57 am
worker funded state insurance program. supervisor skeet wiener is leading the effort. he says only half of all first time mothers take paid leave in the u.s. and he wants to encourage new parents to take the time off. happening right now, that story is trending ott you can find the link on the top of our home page and watch twitter. it's a pivotal day in the race for the president. voters in wisconsin going to the polls. you can find out which contenders have the inside track in the dairy state. check out the decision 2016 section on our home page. and a berkeley actor who made a name for himself playing in the "star wars" franchise. learn about eric bars feld and how he first landed a part in that storied series.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," greg kinnear on his starring role in the highly anticipated hbo movie "confirmation." then norman reedus. finally, cecily strong brings "snl" to the big screen. all thaand more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this bone-chilling tuesday morning in new york city and many parts of the country. you see it there, 28 degrees. doesn't account for the wind. it's april 5th, 2016. the gang is all here. willie along with al, natalie
9:01 am
and tamron. al, great choice. >> i love this song. james brown, "living in america." it's good to be in america when you have the ncaa. >> i think of apollo creed in the "rocky" scene. >> the classic. >> good song, talking about march madness. >> good to be living in villanova or anywhere in the philly area. march madness absolutely living up to its name last night. some people calling it the best game in the history of the tournament, given the shots made and the circumstances, with the national title on the line. villanova did beat north carolina, incredible buzzer beater, to win the national title. let's check out what happened. it was late so maybe you didn't see it. marcus paige with a double-clutch three-pointer, tying the game with three seconds to go. michael jordan cheering it on, an alum. and the shot goes up and down. it was a play villanova
9:02 am
practiced every day. chris jenkins is your hero, hitting the long three at the buzzer to win the game, 77-74. villanova's first national championship since 1985, when they famously upset georgetown. the campus is going nuts. they're going nuts this morning, too, because classes are cancelled. celebrate or nurse your hangover, however you want to approach it. >> keep the party going. >> poor north carolina. >> i know. great team. natalie, you won the "today" show bracket. >> i'm so good at picking the winners. >> what's the prize? >> did you get anything? >> nothing. bragging rights for life. >> last year, matt was -- >> no money. >> i'm going to eat this one out the whole year. i'll be bragging about it for the whole year. >> you should be. >> next year, you need my help to pick your bracket, i'll be
9:03 am
here. >> you should be in the parade. >> they'd love to have you. >> people were looking at all the reactions after the game. to me, one of the funniest was villanova's coach. watch how he reacts to the biggest moment ever. you know, we won, whatever. what are you going to do? >> so crazy. >> that's total shock, that's what that is. if we look it again, you see the sideline reporter. she stands up by him. this is a great still photograph of her. everyone has that expression. there she is in the white. >> i think he was still in shock. >> they had to shake him out of it. where did i park my car? look at his expression. amazing. >> what a game. michael jordan was there. all the great alums from villanova and north carolina. >> it was, i think, the best. >> it was. >> had to be. that's what makes college basketball so exciting and fun to watch. i don't watch the pros necessarily, but college basketball, you feel like you have a little more invested in it. >> raw energy. >> and in that one moment, chris
9:04 am
jenkins will never buy another drink or meal in philadelphia anywhere he goes. he is in the pantheon of ncaa sports. >> how about the sibling rivalry? >> this is cool. chris jenkins who hit the winning shot was playing against his own brother, nate. a junior guard for the tar heels. jenkins was adopted by nate britt's family in 2007. there's a lot of talk leading up that they were going head to head. after the game, nate said both of us wanted to win the game. he came out on top. i'm happy he hit the shot to win the game. but at the same time, this hurts more than anything. >> it's got to hurt at home. >> the story goes, wright, the villanova coach, went down to the household to recruit nate britt, the other brother, and chris jenkins said, what about me? jay wright went with him, and there he is, hitting the game-winning shot. >> i'm available. take me. >> exactly. >> i love that. we also love tonight, the women's ncaa basketball
9:05 am
championship. uconn and syracuse. willie says at least one coach is a fan of our show. >> geno. >> we go back to my connecticut games. the uconn women have dominated women's basketball for decades. >> you're with uconn? >> fourth straight title, tenth overall since 1995. they have 74 consecutive wins. >> oh, my gosh. >> victory over syracuse would give coach geno his 11th national title. these two teams played each other 20 years ago. that's an al roker factoid next time you're on a game show. syracuse won. >> don't think it'll happen tonight. >> sorry, syracuse. >> any sibling on the teams? >> we need another story line. >> it's incredible, what they've done at uconn. to win undefeated this year,
9:06 am
last year, two years ago, they were undefeated. lost one game the years in between. if he wins the 11th title, he passes wooden, who won 10 titles at ucla. that's always been the golden standard in hoops. >> i was there when they won in 1998. the men and women both won the national title. talk about a party on campus. what you see in villanova, everybody was partying. interesting story i think we were all talking about earlier this morning. a united airlines flight attendant decides to deflate the emergency chute and go down it. she was on a flight from sacramento to houston. no reason to explain this moment. she threw her bag down the chute first. >> looks like a video from the '70s. >> it's one of those -- >> probably shot through a window. >> security camera. >> yeah. >> zoom into it, it gets grainy. >> she calmly walks away. apparently, our houston affiliate provided us with that video.
9:07 am
there was, they say, an unrelated medical emergency on board the flight at the time. passengers probably didn't even know what she was doing because they were preoccupied with what was going on. >> jfk, the flight attendant grabbed a beer and went down. >> two beers and down the chute, said that's it, i'm out. we did our research on him. >> there he goes. >> wow. >> but she was removed from her position with united while the airline is now investigating. >> probably safe bet. >> there is a statement from united which says, this unsafe behavior -- of course it is -- is unacceptable and does not represent the more than 20,000 flight attendants who ensure the safety of our customers. she may have to pay now, however, for the repacking of the chute. that can be anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000. >> wow. >> that's high to repackage a chute. >> it's a high pressure chute. the minute that thing -- it just opens. i did this delta flight training. >> i'm questioning the price
9:08 am
tag. it's a lot. >> there's a lot of science and technology. >> i had to check luggage. >> little different. >> i did that once. they weighed it. lady, are you crazy? >> $20,000. >> when you have all the makeup and shoes -- >> you know i need it. >> you don't. >> no shame in my game. >> i wake up a black boy and after magic, this is it. i own it. >> oh, my goodness. >> what? >> disturbing. >> what are you talking about? >> i'm not going to go there. anyway, we had wild weather in the northeast over the last few days. check out this dash cam video. this is in new jersey sunday morning. winds were crazy. >> uh-oh. >> look at the tree knock down into the path of the pickup truck. the sergeant was responding to a call when the dangerous winds caused the tree to fall. thankfully, nobody injured. i on sunday, trying to get in, we had five attempted -- well, four attempted landings.
9:09 am
had to go to baltimore, come back, and then finally, the fifth time landed. >> oh, my gosh. >> the winds were insane. at one point, there were 350,000 people without power. >> i worry about driving. particularly, i drive in pennsylvania a lot. upstate new york. you think about the trees and the wind. >> sure. >> the condition. it can happen in the blink of an eye. >> newark airport on sunday, i was watching a plane. it was literally doing this. not knowing that you were in the air, also. i was thinking, gosh, i can't believe they're flying and trying to land in that. crazy. >> just as bad in the air as it was on the ground. especially if you got a mini van, high-profile vehicle, you're struggling. our camera guy, john, our little steady cam operator, you had a -- you had to drive around baltimore and all that with your trailer. >> all the way around. >> that's right. his wife woke up and said, where are we? that was a good deal. anyway, jet stream dipped to
9:10 am
the south. this cold air, friends, is not going anywhere until next week. right now, we've got temperatures that feel like single digits to teens. today, the wind chill will still make you feel like it's in the 20s and 30s. by tomorrow morning, the core of the cold air will be here. could see records in the northeast and new england. for the day tomorrow, temperatures well below normal on the east coast. little warmer in the midwest. as we get into thursday, we're going to see temperatures that continue to drop. look at that, cleveland will feel like it's 19 degrees below average. cleveland, 36. raleigh, 61. lexington, 48 degrees. the weekend, it stays chilly right on into next week. we moderate a little bit on monday, then cool down again into the midweek period. that's what's going on across well, we are on the opposite end of that spectrum. while they were record cold out east we're in for record warmth. as we go into the day as well as
9:11 am
tomorrow. now it's not bad, it's 60 in san francisco, 63 in the peninsula and 58 degrees in the north bay. but our high temperatures will be up to 87 degrees in the north bay and tri-valley. south bay 86 degrees and 76 degrees in san francisco. we may have some new records set but widespread records likely for tomorrow. >> that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. up next, it's the new hbo film that takes on the controversial supreme court hearings that captivated the country. we'll talk to greg kinnear about his starring role in olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love
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9:14 am
fans of greg kinnear like us go bay baway back, 25 years or . has it been that long? he's since done well for himself. playing a rich kid, jack nicholson's neighbor in "as good as it gets," with an oscar nod, and the unforgettable dad in "little miss sunshine."
9:15 am
>> he's taking on a new role in the hbo biopick, "confirmation." it's about the scandal surrounding justice clarence thomas and his nomination to the supreme court, amid allegations of sexual harassment. >> she has a corroborating witness. it took convincing to get her to talk, but boy, once we started. >> loose cannon? >> possibly. unless he fired her. >> ex-employee, disgruntled. better yet. bring her? >> she won't come. even though i have the guts of a bull, i don't relish the fallout from speaking out in this situation. >> i'm not going to be a chairman if she doesn't come in. subpoena her if that's what it takes. get her down here. >> good morning. >> you play a good joe biden. i wonder if the vice president has seen this yet. >> i don't know. i don't know if he has or not. we had a little premiere out in
9:16 am
los angeles last week. i had a chance to meet barbara boxer. she said, oh, yeah, he'll see it. >> and you'll hear from him, too, if we know the vice president. >> i don't know. can you put me in touch? >> al can. that's al's job. >> i have to go through you? >> exactly. >> what's the key to nailing joe biden? you captured him there. >> you know, i had a wonderful hair and makeup group. at that time -- his hair is full now. in 1991, he was somewhat folicly challenged. they had a group of people that would put that on for three hours a day. it's an actor's worst nightmare. >> reducing, right. >> i don't know, contacts and things. he has a certain sound though. >> yeah. >> and a certain -- certainly, a certain presence. you know, listen, you do the best you can on something like
9:17 am
this, but this is a guy who obviously has been a public servant 45 years. is so clear to the audience of who he is and what he is, kind of his dna is well-known to people. i was a little nervous about that, taking on the role. >> did you get a sense going into this, you had one idea of who he was and what he stood for, and maybe had a different idea after you finished playing him? >> well, i mean, listen, i was -- i remember, of course, the hearings themselves. i think a lot of people remember that time. it was a very contentious confirmation process. the theater of it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. up to that point, if you think about the media's effect on this, there hadn't been a -- there hadn't been this live broadcast coming into people's house every single night, telling them these salacious
9:18 am
details of this case. listen, he sat on there and did -- if you watch just the hearings, you certainly get a sense of the -- of his trying to walk the line. of his trying to be impartial and to try to get this thing through. but it was behind the scenes. the script writer did an excellent job showing the mek nati -- everything going on. you don't see anita hill and clarence thomas prior to the hearing itself. it's he said/she said. to see how many things were happening behind the scenes, and how tough of a position, i think, the vice president, at that point, senator, was in, you know, dammed if you do, dam first-degree you don med
9:19 am
if you don't. >> greg will play a little fishbowl with us. >> doing some fishbowling. >> let's do it. >> answering tough questions. like they had to answer on the "confirmation" hearings. >> similar. >> premieres april 16th. >> not close. >> on hbo. >> go ahead, al. cecily strong and the "walking dead's" norman reedus. this is one ♪
9:20 am
hey, you're going to do great. ♪ hi. ♪ introducing the fusion of exceptional taste with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion.
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
not yet. >> i pick ed the longest one yo could possibly draw. >> confirmation. >> what is the meaning of life -- no. this is cathy from england who is 34. she says, if you could reprise any former rock -- >> role. >> which one would it be and why? oh, reprise my foany former rol. i would -- oh, gosh, i don't know. we should do a -- maybe we'll do a sequel to "little miss sunshine." >> great. i love that. >> i love that father. >> go ahead, cecily. >> you have to mix it up. >> this is important to me. >> what favorite greg kinnear role. >> kaitlyn from atlanta, georgia. do you have any pets and what are their names? and a smiley face and a heart. i do.
9:24 am
i have a dog named lucy that i'm very much in love with. she's like my life partner right now. good question, kaitlyn. >> c i give a shoutout to winston, my dog, watching at home? >> there you go. very nice. >> norman, any pets? >> he's a jerk, but he's my cat. >> there you go. >> one more, norman. >> all right. this is from frank in new york. what is the biggest role -- >> good one. >> -- you passed up on? >> we do want to know. >> those are fun. we like to dwell on those, don't we? >> right. >> i don't really pass up on anything. a couple of girls i could have gone out with. >> there you go. >> it was me. it was five minutes ago. >> we're finding out so much. >> greg, thank you so much for hanging out. no r m norman is sticking around. we'll hear about cecily's
9:25 am
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good morning at 9:26 on your tuesday. i'm sam brock. a developing story that we're following in san jose. traffic just now getting back to normal at north 1st street. where a vta light rail train collided with a maserati. earlier this morning just before 8:00 a.m. emergency crews had to use heavy equipment to extract the driver from the car. a vta spokesperson said the driver was transported to regional medical center for care. police had to close that intersection down for about an hour, although trains did pass through. happening later today, the city of san francisco may become the first anywhere in the country to approve six weeks of fully paid leave for new parents. supervisors today are going to vote on a plan that would require all businesses with 20 or more employees to cover full
9:27 am
pay. california workers already receive 55% of their pay for six weeks maternity or paternity leave. that money comes out of the worker funded state insurance program. supervisors scott weiner is leading the new effort. he said only half of first-time mothers take leave in the u.s. and he would like to encourage new parents to take that time off. some time off today might be nice as the temperatures are rising. a check of weather right after this break.
9:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're in for some warm weather today, and it's slowly warming up now as we take a look at these temperatures. it is 55 degrees in napa, still nice and cool there, but 60 in san francisco and 67 degrees in palo alto. and a lot of sports going on today. one of those games the a's tonight with the white sox at 7:05 this evening. also the warriors will be playing right next door. at first pitch it will be at 70 degrees and into the lower 60s
9:29 am
later on this evening. a look at all of the microclimates today. we'll be up to 83 in san jose, 85 in palo alto and sfoo75 on t embarcadero. not much of a wind today and it will feel very uncomfortable at times. 86 in napa, 89 in antioch and livermore 85 degrees, but our hottest temperatures will come tomorrow, well above ample. for the inland areas we're looking at highs up to 90 degrees and even some mid-80s for san francisco. >> all we need now are the a's to win tonight, their first game of the season. we'll see you in half an hour with more news.
9:30 am
taking a look it the headlines. it is primary day in wisconsin for republicans and democrats. republican ted cruz heads into today's contest with the backing of much of the state's gop leaders. but overall, front runner donald trump is still predicting a, quote, really, really big victory. now as for the democrats, bernie sanders would need to win 67% of the remaining delegates and uncommitted superd delegates to catch up to hillary clinton. a popular snack food is recalled because there could be small pieces of glass in the packages. the recall covers certain 100 calorie packs of emerald roasted and salted cashew hall ves and pieces. they come in seven pack cartons. no injuries reported. they carry specific codes but
9:31 am
all have best before dates between december 12th and 21st of 2016. lift up your voice and boost your immune system. a new british study finds singing in a choir for one hour can increase levels of immune system proteins in some people. the study tested nearly 200 members of five different choirs. researchers also found people with the highest levels of depression got the greatest benefits from singing with others. handwriting is a lost art these days, but new studies suggest it may be good for your brain. researchers at princeton university and ucla found people who took handwritten notes learn better, retain information better and readily grasp new ideas, than those who typed their notes on a computer. a tennessee bull is back in his pasture after enjoying a dip in the deep end. bo the bull made a break for it after somebody left his gate open. he headed straight there for the neighbor's swimming pool. firefighters were able to nudge him toward the swallow end, then
9:32 am
safely hoisted him out of the water. wow. tough job for those firefighters. let's get a check of the weather now. al? >> i think they should put extra chlorine in there. just me. if you look now, we're watching a storm system coming out of the plains and rockies that'll bring snow and wet weather later on. as we move further to the east. today, snow will be in the upper midwest. few storms in the central plains. minneapolis down to wichita. tomorrow, snow backside of the front, going to bring about more snow to the great lakes. storms will stretch from buffalo all the way back to atlanta. by thursday evening, moving off the coast. look for more heavy rain and showers as you make your way into new england. heavier snow making its way from parts of northern minnesota all the way into michigan. that's what's going on across well, they have snow and record cold temperatures out east. we are getting ready for some record warm temperatures for today as well as tomorrow.
9:33 am
right now we're hitting right at about 60 degrees as you head out the door with a high of 83 degrees expected in the east bay, 82 in the peninsula and 86 degrees in the south bay. san francisco into the mid-70s today. we may have some new records set in oakland as well as livermore and san jose, other spots will be very close but no records likely. >> that is your latest weather. cecily strong has played some of our favorite characters as a cast member on "snl" for the last four seasons. now, she's hitting the big screen. >> that's right. cecily strong stars opposite melissa mccarthy and kristen bell, as kristen's boss, who can be a little difficult. >> do you work at the excuse factory? >> i wasn't making an excuse. i was just agreeing that i was -- >> i think you're saying this is an excuse factory, right? >> hey, yo, dana. there is a bunch of people gathered in the break room, just raving about your fourth quarter
9:34 am
review. >> who is? >> that's why i was late. we were all up there, you know, trading our favorite dana stories. >> it's good buzz, a lot of good buzz? >> buzz worthy. they're raving. >> i have to get coffee. >> yeah, you do. >> we've all worked for somebody like you. cecily strong, good to see you. >> nice to see you. morning. >> we understand you went to this during a particularly hectic hiatus. >> it was a little crazy. i'm surprised i'm alive, actually. >> tell us exactly what was going on in and around this. >> i had two weeks off. "snl" is already crazy enough. >> right. >> then we had two weeks in april. i started with "the boss" at least. this is my freshest, probably, during that time. then i started in atlanta with "the loss" and flew to l.a. to work on the "meddler," a movie with susan sarandon.
9:35 am
then i did the correspondent's dinner. then i flew back to finish the "meddler," and flew back to new york to join up with "snl" in the middle of the week. >> that was one long humble brag. i was with the president. >> it wasn't humble. it was a real brag. >> do you model this boss after anyone you know, cecily? >> i guess my dream, what i aspire to be, a great boss. no, it was just -- they let us play a lot. they let me play a lot, and we got to improvise a lot. i was really so excited. hearing i got to do a movie with melissa and ben was like, sure, i'll do it. even if it is in the middle of the craziest two weeks of my life. of course. >> so you not only get to be with melissa on this movie, you've done work with her on "saturday night live," but you're also going to be on "ghostbusters" with her. >> i'm hoping i end up in "ghostbusters." who knows. >> haven't seen the final cut
9:36 am
yet. >> neither have i. >> we'll wait and see. >> yeah. >> let's talk about "snl." this political season, lauren michaels called it a gift to you guys. what has it been like being in the room, die guegesting everyt we're seeing? >> there's so much to work with. so much whackiness. there is an excitement. you get more of an audience. there's a lot to work with when that's going on. >> you're doing melania trump. when you got assigned this, you thought, i could be -- >> assigned? oh, i asked. >> you asked? >> i love her, yeah. >> what is it about melania trump? >> i think she's glamorous and, you know, i don't like to go really mean in my comedy. i think when we were writing her, we wanted to keep it sort of -- you know, she never asked to be political.
9:37 am
when i play her, we try to keep it -- we try to keep it nice and keep her fun. i try to play her likable. i hope it comes off that way. in fact, when i met her, we did a host dinner and she came in. i kind of was like, what's she going to say? she sort of went -- walked in and pointed at me. then i got the approval. >> you got the sign off from melan melania? >> i got melania's approval. >> you get our approval, too. cecily strong, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> "the boss" is from our sister company, universal, hits theaters this friday. catch cecily on "saturday night live" here on nbc. one of tv's most popular zombie killers. there's a great category. norman reedus is now a lady killer, showing a softer side in his new role. we'll chat with him about that. and the dramatic season finale and the dramatic season finale of the "walking dead," there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something...
9:38 am
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9:42 am
"sky," where he strikes up a romance with diane kruger. >> park ranger. at your service. so will the girl still be here when i get back? >> yeah. >> all right. adios, partner. out of town, the keys to the truck are on your refrigerator. >> bye, partner. >> i guess she's in. norman reedus, good morning. >> hi, guys. >> this is a different role for you. we're used to seeing you killing zombies and trying to survive in the "walking dead." what made you want to do this? >> i got on a skype call and instantly fell in love with it. it was something different than i ever had done before. i'm a big fan of diane's. i knew lena was involved. it seemed like a fun thing. >> how important is it to take
9:43 am
the breaks from daryl in the "walking dead," and delve into these roles which, i'm sure, you're brilliant at but a challenge. >> it's a heavy set but we keep it light amongst the actors. we give you your space if you have something heavy to do that day. it's nice for a break every once in a while. it is my favorite job ever. i'm always excited to go back to it. >> you're working with amazing people. diane kruger, who is basically almost in every scene. what was it like working with her? >> i kind of had to follow her around and listen to her and just pay attention. she's such a strong woman and such a powerful actress. it was definitely a train that was driven by women, and i just kind of jumped on at the last minute. >> sounds like not a bad train to be on. >> in "walking dead," you're surrounded by strong women. >> transitioning to -- >> what happened? >> what's been the most interesting reaction you've had to be finale? >> i mean, that finale was about
9:44 am
the change of power. i think sometimes, people think our show is survivor island or whatever. who is going to eat it this week? >> yeah. >> but it's not. that episode was to show the change of power. rick goes into that episode real confident and comes out of it completely broken. i think it told that story really well. >> there is a villain who has taken over, and somebody dies. >> that's all we know. >> that's true. >> america is hanging on. people who watch this show, half of them like tamron, don't know the ending. >> i need closure or therapy or both. nevertheless, it's the genius of the show. to your point, the reason why i think we both fell in love with the show. people say, it's about zombies. it really isn't. it's about a change of power, the new world order has referred to by the new character in the finale. >> absolutely. you know, i mean, cliff hangers
9:45 am
have been happening since the beginning of entertainment. they make sense. i know what happens. it's gut wrenching to me. >> is daryl okay? >> i can't tell you that. >> is it true you couldn't speak after filming the scene? we read you were frozen. >> yeah, it was after that. all of us had reactions to it. i think josh threw his script. andy was late for work because he couldn't sleep. lauren broke out in chills. we had crew members crying. it's heavy. >> i know being out with the cast, and you helped me in my transformation to become a vom bee -- zombie, but you talked about a major character who was going to be killed. you said the whole cast gathers around on a day like that. you sort of mourn the loss of that character, right? >> it's like real life. you feel you have an infinite amount of time with everybody, and you don't. it's sort of the genius of the
9:46 am
story. >> if you need a break, we can all go see "sky." >> yeah, "sky" is a sad story, as well, in the end, but a beautiful one. >> we will promote it now. thank you. "sky" opens in theaters and on demand april 15th. coming up next, tamron has the latest beauty break throughs in our tuesday trends. pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein,
9:47 am
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dogs bring out the good in us. pedigree brings out the good in them. feed the good. imagine turning a photo into your own personal nail art. or how about shampoo and conditioner made just for your hair? love that. my tuesday trend is all about beauty breakthroughs. we'll likely be obsessing over. here to walk us through the list, anna. good so to see you. >> you, too. >> everyone is talking about this first item. >> i dreamt of this when i was a child and now it's a reality. you can spray paint your polish on to your nail and quickly rinse it off with warm, soapy water. >> you spray painted nails, the model. now what? >> dump it into warm water. see how it's starting to come off? start with a base coat. >> regular base coat?
9:51 am
>> regular base coat. spray the polish right on to your nail. you put another coat of clear coat. then you're able to clean out all the edges. it's so fwragreat. the thinner the polish, the longer it lasts. >> comes in a couple colors. >> three colors right now. $12 and it lasts. the thinner it is, the longer it lasts. >> i love that. next up? >> inspiration is everywhere, including your instagram feed. even items of clothing you might love. this is from nail snaps. you can take a photo of your favorite top. for instance, i did right here. i was able to create nail art, custom nail wraps that will go on top of my nail that matches my shirt. we did it here, too, for you. >> that's a dress i wore a couple weeks ago. you made it into a nail wrap. the nail wrap is right here. >> exactly. >> so cool. >> you adhere it on and you're good to go. >> coordination to a new level.
9:52 am
so cool. >> this is really cool. we've all used those -- remember those makeover apps that you see? you use a photo. this is next leveling it. now, you are able to, with facial tracking recognition here, i'm able to change my makeup with just a snap of the finger. see that? now i can see in real time video what i would look like for date night. this is extreme for date night. >> idea of colors that look good on you or what you can do. >> i can change my eye color. >> where do you do this? >> free at the itunes store. play around. i can make my eyebrows larger. oh, that's a little extreme for date night. >> i'll crack this later. customized ch ed shampoo and conditioner. >> created by two mit grads. you can customize your shampoo. g go through the function of beauty website. tab in what your hair is like
9:53 am
now and your hair goals. looking for more volume or color protection. it lets you coordinate the color. they lovingly etch your name on the bottle. >> $13. is it good? >> it is. it's customized to you. >> highlights. >> if you think about it, it's tough to lighter your hair. you can let it be orange. this is from john freida. it allows you to lighten your hair one shade. >> i have five seconds. >> you can do it in the shower. >> you can go to our website and we'll have the complete list. tell you how everything works. thank you so much. pleasure having you and the models. back after this. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
i knew it. >>
9:56 am
(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at we will have a lot of sunshine today and after a cool start our temperatures will be warming up quickly. we will see those highs this afternoon reaching into the upper 80s in the north bay, the tri-valley as well as the south bay. san francisco up to 76 degrees
9:57 am
and the peninsula 82 degrees. if you're heading out to the a's game this evening, at first pitch our temperatures will be much more comfortable, right at about 62 degrees. 57 degrees at the fifth inning and by the end of the game staying about the same, in the mid to upper 50s. breezy winds and mild temperatures. winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles an hour. our average high temperature in the low 60s for san francisco, but we're heading into the mid-70s there. and in the south bay we'll see those temperatures spiking tomorrow, reaching over 90 degrees and then much cooler as we go into the weekend. now traffic getting back to normal on first street in san jose, this after a vta light rail train collided with a car. crews had to use the jaws of life on the driver to get him out and he's hospitalized. we'll have an update on our midday newscast. check out for more information. a san francisco neighborhood is on alert after a coyote citing near an elementary
9:58 am
school. parents on edge. people report seeing it in the same area there have been other sightings. find updates on our twitter feed. and a berkeley actor who made a name for himself playing a key role in the "star wars" franchise has died. you can read about it on our website.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> that's the number one lady in the music business right now. >> yes, it is. >> having a good year. gwen stefani, where would i be. wonder what she's talking about with that. it is hoda's favorite day, next to wines day wednesday, it is booze day tuesday, april 5th. feels like february 5th. >> i cannot believe the hat, the coat, the gloves, the scarf. >> you had to take out at like 3:30 in the mng


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