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tv   Today  NBC  April 7, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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another live look from our helicopter there. we just saw a stunning sunrise. the giants. all the planets aligning here as they start off the 2016 campaign at home. >> thanks for joining us this morning. go giants! have a great day. good morning and welcome to new york. >> get out of the bronx. >> ted cruz gets a chilly reception in his first new york city event and donald trump tries to make cruz's past words haunt him. >> talking about new york values, with sworn on his face, with hatred -- with a hatred of new york. >> on the democratic side things take a nasty turn. >> i don't believe that she is qualified. >> this morning the battle for new york is on. breaking overnight, reported tornadoes rip across the south, at least two people injured, homes destroyed as crews struggle to contain those
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dangerous wildfires raging in oklahoma. over the top. a 12-year-old girl body slammed by a police officer at a school in texas. he is now on paid leave and she is speaking out this morning. and the outlaw hero. the tributes are pouring in for country legend merle haggard, the mark he left on music during his complicated life. today is thursday, april 7th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody, welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. when you say country legend you have to think merle haggard. >> one of the originals and unfortunately there aren't that many of them left. we are going to talk more about
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merle haggard's life and career in just a little while. the presidential candidates are in a new york state of mind, the next big battle ground in the race and they are ratcheting up the rhetoric. we have it all covered. we will start with the democrats this morning. andrea mitchell has her eyes on that race. good morning. >> good morning. bernie sanders and hillary clinton feuding over who is really qualified to be president, a war of words that started wednesday and with sanders doubled down on today. >> bernie sanders unleashing a blistering attack against hillary clinton. he said she started it. >> she has been saying lately that she thinks that i am, quote/unquote, not qualified to be president. well, let me -- let me just say in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified. i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million
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from wall street through your super pac. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. >> clinton had seized on a damning new york daily news front page, slamming sanders for saying sandy hook families shouldn't be able to sue the gun manufacturer. she also questions sanders' grasp of what it would take to break up the big wall street banks as he promises if elected. when pressed by joe scarborough on "morning joe" about whether sanders is ready to be president clinton replied. >> well, i think he hasn't done his homework and he has been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn't really studied or understood and that does raise a lot of questions. >> but do you think he is qualified? >> let me put this this way, joe, i think that what he has been saying about the core issue
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in his whole campaign doesn't seem to be rooted in an understanding of either the law or the practical ways you get something done. >> she said she would leave it to the voters to decide whether sanders is qualified. but later this pointed remark. >> you know, i think if i'm asking you to vote for me you should know what i want to do and not just, you know, lots of arm waving and hot rhetoric. i think you should know what i want to do. >> clinton's spokesman then called sanders' interpretation of her remarks absurd and, quote, a new low, but clearly the clinton strategy is to portray sanders as not being up to the job without actually saying so and now he has shown no reluctance to say that she is the one who is not qualified for the highest office in the land. >> this continued into the night, the clinton spokesperson saying there should be a retraction from bernie sanders, take back your words about hillary clinton. >> right.
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and the response was to issue a press release doubling down on it and blaming her for a trade deal that was supported by the president and she as the secretary of state, a panama trade deal which he claims was partly responsible, was in fact responsible he claims, for helping rich people evade taxes. that connection has not been made, but, boy, he is slamming her and doing it again after being told to take it all back. this is going on. >> as we said, welcome to new york. andrea, thank you so much. we should mention both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be our guests tomorrow on "today." >> let's take a look at the republican side. donald trump and ted cruz held event here in new york and they had really different feels. nbc national correspondent appreciate alexander has more on that. good morning to you. >> good morning. nice to see both of you. after showing signs of weakness in wisconsin donald trump is now give tifl enjoining the home court advantage here. look to go rebound from that loss with a ruckus rally in the new york suburbs, trump seemed
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re-energized by what was an overwhelming reception. like a night at madison square garden donald trump basking in the new york spotlight. >> it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home. >> in front of 10,000 supporters on new york's long island the republican front runner interrupted far more often by cheering fans than angry protesters. >> i love these people. these are my people. >> reporter: taunting his rival. >> you know, lyin' ted cruz came today, he couldn't draw 100 people. do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values, like we're no good. like we're no good. >> reporter: earlier ted cruz trying to clarify those comments insisting trump is a new york liberal. >> the people of new york know exactly what those values are, they are the values of liberal democratic politicians, like andrew cuomo, like anthony weiner, like elliott spitzer. >> reporter: and firing back at trump for accusing cruz and party bosses of trying to steal the nomination.
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>> donald can calls be counted on to take the high road and to demonstrate class. >> reporter: but bronx protesters told cruz to hit the road at a campaign spot. >> this is an immigrant community. an immigrant community. >> we love you, cruz, god bless. >> you get out of the bronx. >> reporter: getting more of a jeer than a cheer over his immigration platform. despite the wisconsin loss the empire state is embracing trump, 52% of republicans behind him. still his path to the nomination is hardly a sure thing. to reach the number of delegates needed trump must win 58% of the 822 remaining delegates. his top aids huddling with the coordinator wednesday. getting a boost from ivanka introducing him nine days after
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giving birth to her son thee adore. >> i will tell you it was not easy to leave him for as much as a minute to leave him but it's important for me to do that. >> these candidates get the new york tap lloyd treatment. here it is, the pulse of the city right out of the gates from this morning's daily news, take the -- i will use my train -- train as you can see color flee. >> and a hit with my crew clearly. the goal right now for ted cruz and john kasich, if you will, it's not about winning states, it's about holding the delegate count down for donald trump. >> that's exactly right. the same way that ted cruz out of wisconsin said this is a turning point, it's obviously a little tougher for donald trump today than it was before wisconsin, but two weeks from now after new york is it could get a whole lot easiest. in a single night trumght trump win two and a half times as many as delegates as cruz won in wisconsin. they don't have to beat trump, they just have to keep him below 50% to start picking away
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delegates left and right. >> peter alexander, thank you. turn to the weather. there is a severe storm causing major problems across the south in montgomery county, alabama, a possible tornado left a path of destruction over night. emergency crews spent the night clearing blocked roads. no injuries were reported. another possible tornado reported to touchdown in georgia. a state of emergency is being expanded for parts of oklahoma affected by those devastating wildfires, tens of thousands of acres have been burned, hundreds of people forced to evacuate and nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. .burning overnight the biggest wildfire here in oklahoma is difficult to see, but even at 20% contained it is still on the move. with the sun now coming up crews here at this base camp will soon roll out hoping to attack this fire slowing its progress before the day heats up. >> we do have a lot of cedar trees in this area. >> reporter: the wildfires
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burning in oklahoma and kansas are fueled by powerful winds and are feeding on a cripple drought. >> those winds have been very troublesome for everybody here. >> reporter: the conditions so explosive more than 50,000 acres are up in smoke. >> it seems like they get one spot down and another spot flares up. i want to cry but i know that our firefighters know what they're doing. >> reporter: near freedom, oklahoma, a state of emergency. crews racing to stay ahead of this blaze haven't tallied the damage left behind. >> it's really the boots on the ground that are putting the fires out. being able to get close to the fire, that's what's reducing that smoke right now. >> reporter: with 50 miles an hour winds fanning the flames this week. >> come on, guys, get out. >> reporter: storm chasers rescued a man trapped on a tractor. with no time to spare their car is hit by a wall of flames. a breathtaking escape.
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in neighboring kansas the governor declaring a disaster, this building damaged but an entire neighborhood is saved. the start of a mean fire season just weeks after winter. this morning good news in kansas and in oklahoma, those fires really laid down overnight, crews were able to attack it and make some serious progress. still all eyes will be on that critical fire weather today, crews hoping to gain the upper hand. savannah. >> thank you. now to an exploding air bag claiming yet another life. officials now confirming that a 17-year-old girl was killed near houston, texas, last week when a driver side air bag inflater ruptured in a crash. the girl was driving a 2002 honda civic, it's the tenth known death in the u.s. from a takata inflater. honda says that it mailed multiple retail notice -- recall notices to the civic owner, but the recall repairs were never made.
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officials in belgium have released new video of the could called man in white wanted in connection with the brussels airport bombing last month. the video was recorded moments after the bombing. it shows the suspect who is also wearing a dark hat leaving the building walking past a hotel and turning toward a rental car parking area before leaving the airport. police have issued an urgent new appeal for anyone who may have seen this man. now to an alarming -- that we showed you in the open of this program. this happened in texas, it was caught on camera, cellphone radio showing a sixth grade girl being slammed to the ground by a school police officer. tamarind is here with more on this stoir. good morning. >> that incident happened last week, it is now under investigation. the officer involved is on paid leave and the student is speaking out. >> it happened in an instant. a 12-year-old girl body slammed to the ground by a school police
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officer in san antonio. you can hear the sth graders bo hit the pavement then her body motionless. some friends noticeably concerned, others nervously laughing. but what could have led up to stuff a response by the officer. there was talk on campus of a fight brewing between her and another girl. >> i was going up to her to tell her let's go somewhere else where we can talk, that's when the cop thoughts i was going at her. >> this morning the cellphone video going viral. >> you could just hear where she like hits the ground. >> after her mom went to a local blogger. >> i wanted answers and nobody could give me answers. >> she gave "today" these photos saying they showed her eyes bruised and scratched. in a statement the san antonio independent school district telling "today" the video is very disturbing and we have launched a formal investigation that is being conducted by district police and administration.
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>> excessive force will not be tolerated in in district. >> the officer identified as joshua kem has been placed on paid leave. he has been on the force a little more than a year. kem did not respond to "today's" repeated request for comment. janeesa has only one word to describe his actions. >> wrong. because i wasn't going to do anything. >> i just don't want that done to another student or to my daughter again. >> we should note that valdez was checked out by doctors and other than a bump to the head we're told she's okay. that's the exterior what this does mentally obviously we can't speak for that. >> it's under investigation. thank you. two drivers are facing charges this morning after a road rage incident caught on camera near los angeles. cellphone video shows a limo driver grabbing what appears to be a tire iron, he walks back to the car behind him and takes a swing at the driver's window. police say both drivers are blaming each other for a minor crash that had happened minutes before.
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the limo driver will likely face charges with assault for a deadly weapon. the world's best goal officers tee off today in the first major of the year as the masters gets under way at augusta national. wednesday the biggest names of today and some golfing icons had a little fun participating in the par three contest, it's a favorite tradition at augusta. there were a record nine holes in one including this one from gary player on the seventh hole, but it was the players' kids that stole the show, check out the put and happy gilmore like celebration from the son of danish goal officer kelsin and another youngster who would rather be on a soccer field than the golf green. so first we have march madness, now we have the masters, life is good. >> it is. this is awesome. so cute. meanwhile we have mr. roker out on the road, he is at the white house specifically at the kitchen garden. hey, al. >> that's right.
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we will be talking -- spending the day with the first lady, we don't want to block out the garden, it's raining down here but we will be talking with the first lady about gardening and let's move and all those healthy initiatives but we also want to talk right now about this severe weather that's going on. we're watching that same storm system that brought the tornadoes down to alabama, well, that is now pushing its way east, you can see the heavy showers and thunderstorms ahead of this front. we look for gusty winds, strong down bursts, behind it look for light snow as colder air gets dragged in through the great lakes. we will see a few inches of snow there, but also heavy rain especially from new york city north into new england, we could look for some flash flooding, we have good watches in effect through thursday into saturday with more heavy rain possible over the next 24 hours. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. t it lets me eat my favorite foods.
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smartpoints has really helped me. i'm now down 37 pounds. it's helped me too! i'm down 40 pounds. just sayin'. all new smartpoints. join for free by april 18th and get a free starter kit. good thursday morning to you, anthony slaughter here. we're outside at&t park because it's giants opening day. and we're talking spectacular weather. the south bay 78 degrees, 65 for pacifica. even san francisco today will be cool, mid to upper 60s and we are expecting temperatures in the mid 70s. >> that's your latest weather. next half hour we are talking awfully chilly weather for this
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weekend here in the east. out west a totally different story. now to another huge loss in the world of music. >> merle haggard died of pneumonia. >> merle haggard's career spanned more than six decades. he recorded his first song in 1962. he became known as country music's outlaw hero. ♪ and i'm proud >> he was called the poet of the common man. merle haggard's lyrics reflecting a rebellious life that included three years at san quinton where haggard said a johnny cash concert changed the course of his life. >> i saw him capture that entire audience and gave me a lesson that i will never forget.
7:19 am
>> reporter: after prison he went on to have 38 hits on the country music chart. haggard told jenna bush haguer that despite numerous health issues he would never stop making music. >> when a man quits work he gives up on anything. >> reporter: his long time friend willie nelson posted a simple black and white photo calling him, quote, my brother, my friend. dolly parton said his heart was as tender as his love ballad. >> justin timberlake tweeted out this picture. timberlake said his grandfather was also a huge fan and haggard took the audience to church during that show.
7:20 am
he kept writing. a friend called him two weeks before he passed and he said buddy, i got another song. up until the end he was writing. >> you said something. you hear from young country stars mourning the death of merle haggard, country music stars really get their history. >> if you look at the list, carrie underwood, they are all tweeting. they know from where they came. >> thank you. still ahead on a thursday morning, the parents who bought a massive billboard to try to reach out to their kids who are members of the church of scientology. they are going to share their story. would you be less likely to eat certain foods if you knew how how long to exercise to burn the calories? the new push to change food labels. first this is "today" on nbc. (vo) one hundred million pounds.
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that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit
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♪ with intuitive all-wheel drive. take on the unexpected. good morning to you. happening today san francisco's sanctuary city policy will be under the microscope. supervisors will debate tightening the law to prevent all law enforcement officers from notifying any on agencies except under limited circumstances. it would strengthen the city's current law, which is already under fire after last year's deadly pier 14 -- a live look, gorgeous about today ace giants home opener, the game starts around 1:30 this asp, and we're checking in with anthony
7:27 am
slaughter about the forecast today. >> reporter: good morning. i wish you could have been out here this morning. we always have to have somebody in the studio to hold the fort down. we'll wake up to cool temperatures, nothing like we saw yesterday. it's in the 50s and 60s. later on this afternoon we'll rebound to the 60s and 70s. 78 for san jose, 68 for san francisco, by first pitch expecting partly to mostly cloudy skies. the north bay, east bay and trivalley today expecting a big drop in those numbers. back into the 70s. much more comfortable and definitely more tolerable. as we head through the day, a perfect day for the ball game. no major problems, but in the south bay a couple crashes, one is still an issue, west 237 a and zanker. typical slowing for the east and
7:28 am
north bay. thanks, mike. we'll have another news update for you in half an hour. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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♪ 7:30 on a thursday morning, the 7th of april, 2016. giving a little face time to people braving chilly temperatures here in new york. >> let's get a check of headlines. powerful storms across the south. tornadoes reported in alabama, georgia damaging several homes there. no major injuries reported. donald trump held his first campaign rally in new york last night with his home state primary about two weeks away. >> you remember during the debate when he started lecturing
7:31 am
me on new york values like we are no good. >> for his part ted cruz was also in new york on wednesday and received a mixed reaction from voters in the bronx. and the attacks are heating up on the democratic race with hillary clinton challenging bernie sanders' preparedness to be president. sanders firing back with a list of reasons he thinks clinton is not qualified. a giant billboard in los angeles aimed at the church of scientology. there is an emotional personal story behind it. >> good morning. this family has tried nearly everything just to reach their son and daughter in the church of scientology. they called on the phone for years and to be turned away when tried to visit their work.
7:32 am
they are hoping this billboard will help them reconnect. in the church of scientology teachings describe the family as the building block of any society. but the last time they spoke with their son michael was two years ago. >> said i never want to talk to you again. that's what they do. it's a cruel and vindictive organization. >> reporter: the jones who were members of the church say they are now victims of disconnecting, cut off from their children after being labelled suppressive people. >> scientology is not allowing me to be a mom. >> reporter: they rented a billboard on a busy street of los angeles appealing to my loved one in scientology, call me.
7:33 am
in a statement the church said the billboard was promoting anti-religious hate and bigotry adding two people desperate for publicity. and they shameless ly. they say they are working on a documentary and wouldn't be the first time the church has been shown in an unflattering light. in the documentary, former sichb toll guests describe disconnecting. >> she said i have to disconnect from you. i was concentrating on smelling her hair, touching her skin. >> reporter: the jones family planned to put up their billboard near scientology sites in hollywood but say contracts with two different advertisers were cancelled.
7:34 am
>> i'm assuming that scientology put pressure. >> reporter: they found this site with another company. other parents came out for the unveiling. >> i hope that eventually this toxic practice of disconnecting families ends. >> reporter: the family hoping the children see these words and hear their plea. >> we love you guys so much and miss you so much. >> and we won't stop fighting for you ever, ever. >> we love you. >> reporter: on this church of scientology website the church says there is no policy that requires church members to disconnect. the jones have said up their own website for other families to share their stories of being disconnected. >> thank you very much. in los angeles the police
7:35 am
department just opened a criminal investigation against charlie sheen amid disturbing allegations. >> reporter: this morning police in los angeles confirm charlie sheen is under criminal investigation. his ex-fiance claiming he threatened her life. reports of an explosive secret audio recording. the national enquirer published what they say are quotes from the recording. sheen allegedly says she needs to be buried. now the l.a.p.d. has a search warrant. telling police she is in fear for her life. the parent company of the enquirer and radar online says the warrant is illegal and they have no intention of complying. >> he's leading a twiszed double life.
7:36 am
he is not being truthful and honest with the public and at the same time he is sounding like a very dangerous man. >> reporter: last year sheen revealed on "today" that he is hiv positive. >> have you told everyone of your sexual partners before you had a sexual encounter that you were hiv positive? >> yes, i have. >> no exception? >> no exception. >> reporter: in the audio conversation the unidentified woman seems to contradict sheen. last year scotty ross filed a civil suit against sheen alleging he was violent. sheen's manager tells nbc news i look forward to the l.a.p.d. looking into the audio tape and once and for all exonerating charlie sheen. charlie has suffered enough he says. hopefully we will see him back on tv making people laugh which is what he does best.
7:37 am
let us get a check of the weather from al who is spending his morning at the white house. >> we are at the white house kitchen garden first planted by first lady michelle obama in 2009. over 55 varieties of plants. we will be talking about this a little later on. let's talk about big changes in weather. the best will be in the east. near seasonable temperatures. temperatures close to average down through the south. as we get into the weekend a cold blast. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average. doesn't warm up until monday. out west a completely different story. stays warm. cool with showers in southern california. record breaking temperatures in the northwest and stays warm pretty much through the weekend.
7:38 am
as you get down in southwestern arizona and parts of the southwest temperatures drop a bit but still not too bad. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good thursday morning to you anthony slaughter here. we're outside at&t park, because it's dry, it's opening day and we're talking about spectacular weather. temperatures around first pitch, mid to upper 60s. 65 for pacifica. no 90s and no 80s for today, a strong southwesterly breeze will keep things cool, but more tolerable. expect mostly cloudy skies later with rain tomorrow. >> after we finish up here we will be getting on a plane looking at other schools around the country that are doing gardens. then we will sit down with her to talk about her let's move initiative and life after the white house. we will have that interview
7:39 am
tomorrow right here on "today" with first lady michelle obama. >> thanks. tweeting at you, al. >> she is happy you have an umbrella. >> that's nice to know that she is watching. >> peeking out the window at you. coming up your first look at the gilmore girls reboot. the new push to have food labels include the exercise labels include the exercise needed to burn off the calories wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere.
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we are back with the new call to change the way our favorite foods are labelled. >> craig melvin has more on this. >> great britain's royal society is pushing for this. instead of reading calorie counts people can see how much they need to exercise to burn off the calories. the idea is designed to target obesity and has some people wondering how much you would exercise if this was the case. one can of soda, 26 minutes of walking. a chocolate bar, try biking for 49 minutes. how about a cinnamon roll? you might be on the treadmill for 40 minutes to burn off that
7:45 am
one. hearing those numbers may make you drop that bag of chips and that is what some health experts are hoping for. >> people are very shocked when they look at the calories and what it means. >> reporter: listing the activity equivalent is a better way to fight obesity than just the calorie count alone according to a new paper just published. >> what we want to prompt people to do is to think differently. >> reporter: based on a survey of 2,000 adults it proposes labelling foods sold in grocery stores. it would be one big step beyond current nutrition fact. >> the simpler we can make it, the more it actually ends up doing good and impacting what people choose. >> reporter: do labels help americans lose weight. one study found starbucks
7:46 am
customers consumed 6% fewer calories when listed. researchers in new york found less than 10% of customers changed their orders when they saw calories on the menu. are consumers influenced by the numbers long term? >> they become used to them and ignore them. >> reporter: with two of three americans overweight everyone agrees changes need to be made label or not. we should point out this is a recommendation based on research and not yet an official proposal. not only could this deter people from eating junk food. people were three times more likely to do some sort of physical activity. >> i'm all for exercise. wouldn't it take different people different amounts of times to burn off the same amount of calories? >> yes. >> you eat a bag of doritos and it is like walk 25 minutes and
7:47 am
for me it is like run the boston marathon. >> i'm not sure that big of a difference. >> you pointed out the idea that some of this seems to be based on folks who are completely sedentary. >> just waking up you burn calories. >> some people it would work more than others. >> i should not have shown up today. >> a conversation. it doesn't happen all that often. >> and we love you. coming up, simon, garfunkel and affleck. and a warning this one might not be so family
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. . . . we are back at 7:50.
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>> i will do my best to keep this as pg. >> announced the plan to rename the law school in honor of scalia school of law. >> you have this one for the school of law. andy writing in. brett writing in, what degrees are they awarding? after realizing the mistake george mason university released a statement. the law school is a logical substitute. the naming will be active pending approval. it was just too law.
7:52 am
you can change it back but i think the kids who attend the law school have another name in mind. back to you. >> wow. ryan seacrest, why he says it could i love to take pictures that engage people and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this on the screen directly with the image, it just gives me a different relationship to it and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me.
7:53 am
c(puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. hannah's recipe for a successful bistro. feed the garden all year long.
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feed people all year long. hire cute waiter's. miracle-gro. life starts here.
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7:56 am
. hey, good morning we're outside the at&t park this morning because it's giants opening day, and we're getting ready to celebrate a win, the first win of the season. we've got spectacular weather to go along with it. waking up to cool conditions this morning. 60 right now in san francisco. later on this afternoon. we'll see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. a strong breeze, so it will keep things cool. back to you. we'll take it. look over here. this is across the bay from where anthony was. this is slowing baas the coliseum, and as we look at your map, the a's game and this evening in the warriors game, the giants play mid dade here, and 280 will get really crowded, but so far an easy drive.
7:57 am
the same thing for the east bay and the peninsula side of the san mateo bridge. other here the sharks are playing tonight, but right now slowing southbound 17. there's a crash approaching the area, otherwise the northbound routes are not that bad right now. the slower spot is past of airport. the earlier crash looks like it's cleared, about you still a little slow. back to you. look good, mike. thanks. happening now it's the giants home opener. the giants against the dodgers gets under way about 1:30 this afternoon. nbc bay area is inside at&t park leading up to the game. we're posting live behind the scenes footage from inside the stadium leveraged to our live feed. look for live casts all morning. all bay area team members are checking outismages on their
7:58 am
twitter feeds. stay with us all morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's >> i'm not going to let someone tell me i'm obese. >> refuses the bmi test. an indiana teen refuses the bmi test. tackling body image issues as there with washs of support across the nation. plus the end of an era. >> it would be impossible for me to not get emotional at the finale. >> as "american idol" comes to a close tonight, ryan seacrest opens up to natalie about what he'll miss most. and the doctor is in.
8:01 am
we'll talk cliffhangers with the one-and-only mindy kaleling as they make their highly anticipated return today on thursday, april 7th. 2016. ♪ >> all the way from indiana. whoo, whoo, whoo. >> first time in new york city. >> good morning, spokane, washington. >> all the way from jersey city to the "today" show. it's 8:00 on "today." it is thursday, april 7th, 2016. pretty day out on our plaza. starting to warm up just a little bit. little breezy, and that's the weather report.
8:02 am
now, can you hear the music? that's tamron's "throwback thursday" song. >> great choice. >> it reminds me of our aerobics class, the one you used to teach. >> in the '90s. that needs story spread out all the place that's another story for another day. we are spread out all over the place this morning. al is at the white house spending time at the garden with the first lady. natalie is at universal studios for the public opening of the new wizarding world of harry potter. >> so much excitement here. it's opening today. right behind me you see hogwart's express. lots of magic has just arrived. it will be huge here for the park with a little bit of magic you never know who will appear. they're known as the weasley
8:03 am
twins all grown up now, but, you know, yesterday there were people lining up here at the park starting at noon. and actually for the first time in universal's history, they had to stop selling tickets online. it is a sold out event here today, but it is going to be huge, matt, and we've got it all covered for you coming up in just a little bit. >> by the way, as you're waving that wand around, you've been really busy. as you mentioned, you sat down with ryan seacrest. let's go in to tamron with a look at the morning's headlines. >> the battle for new york is off to a spirited start as the presidential candidates vie for votes in the next big primary. republican donald trump played to a crowd of 10,000 on long island last night. he told the island that ted cruz couldn't draw 100 supporters here.
8:04 am
>> you remember that during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good, like we're no good. >> people of new york know what the values are, values of liberal democratic politicians like andrew cuomo, like anthony weiner, like ellioiot spitzer. >> despite trying to downplay his new york value he says he supports american values shared by police officers, firefighters and others. democrat bernie sanders and hillary clinton are unleashing their angriest attacks of the campaign so far. clinton accused sanders of not doing his homework and talking about things he doesn't understand. she pointed to his promise to break up big wall street banks. sanders fired back that it's clinton who's not qualified to be president. he said that through her super pac he's expecting hundreds of millions of dollars and
8:05 am
criticized her for voting for the war on iraq. a recall of scarves sold under the ivanka trump brand saying the rayon scarves made in china don't meet strict usa standards for flamability. she said immediate action is being taken to resolve the issue. a child in china survived a frightening accident. it was caught on camera. take a look at it. the youngster falls from the back of a minivan as it speeds up through an intersection and then a car runs over that child. once they realize what is happening people get out of the van to try to rescue that child. amazingly the chierd appears to be okay. police say no one even reported the accident and only learned about it while scanning through surveillance video. what is crazy about a month ago we had a similar story in china
8:06 am
as well where the child fell out of the back of the van. >> i remember that now. >> remember that? >> yeah. >> need to tighten up some laws. we move on now to a 14-year-old girl from indiana whose handwritten essay challenging a school assignment is going viral. >> hoda has the story. hi, guys. body image issues are not uncommon. when they received an assignment she felt would do more harm than good she decided to take matters into her own hands. her response is sparking conversation in schools across the country. star eighth grade softball player is swinging for the fences on and off the field. >> i am just beginning to love my body like i should and i'm not going to let some outdated calculator and middle school gym teacher tell me i'm obese because i'm not. >> in this is seay she slammed a homework assignment asking her to calculate her body max index
8:07 am
or bmi as a measure of her health. >> my body image and my bmi perfect. >> the response from an eighth grade girl has now gone viral. >> reporter: tessa hit a nerve as supporters cheered her on saying i wish i had her confidence and bravo. >> some girls in my class had been labeled obese and overweight when they really weren't including me. and i knew i wasn't obese. i just felt like she shouldn't be letting us feel that way about ourselves when it is totally inaccurate. >> reporter: tessa argued that body mass index doesn't distinguish between muscle, fat, and bone, so even athletes in perfect shape could be labeled obese. health experts say she has a point. >> bmi is just one small imperfect factor that you use when you assess someone's current health status and risk for disease, and it can be wrong
8:08 am
in either direction when calculating someone's obesity. however, it is good that bmi is being talked about by the school because it is bringing attention to health and wellness. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news the school says all of our students are taught healthy habits in an effort to provide a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. and that the question regarding bmi was part of a larger assignment. the school praised tessa for starting a positive conversation. like some teenage girls tessa is outspoken about her struggle with body image. >> i was really proud of her for standing up for what she believes in. >> i could stand to lose a couple pounds, but i'm not necessarily obese. i make very healthy choices. shouldn't necessarily let one number define you. >> totally agree. tessa and her mom say their doctor deemed her perfectly healthy, and she can pat herself on the back for launching a conversation that could have an important impact.
8:09 am
those numbers affect you. i remember clearly in sixth grade they had us lineup to stand on a scale and everyone was like i'm 89, no, ma'am 90. i was the only kid who was 101. 've today at 51 years old, i remember like, ooh, you're over 100? i still remember how that made me feel. >> never mind you are a tall girl and the rest of it. >> yeah. it doesn't matter. >> thought-provoking. coming up, man's best friend is on his worst behavior. also ryan seacrest looks back at 16 seasons of "american idol" and talks about his personal plans for the future. >> and special delivery. mindy kaling joins us. we'll catch up with her after thiess messages. ♪ stand out. by design. ♪
8:10 am
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8:50. >> you ever said these words to a baby science explains it that that instinct to nibble your children is completely natural. researchers say the smell of infants triggers the same response we have when presented with a delicious meal. we don't actually eat them but have a burning sensation to get
8:15 am
as close as possible. >> i always feel that sensation with other people's kids. >> you ever grit your teeth? i'm like they are so cute all day long. >> absolutely. >> you know what cures you? when they turn 14 and you go to soccer practice. one family shocked at the state of their home when they returned from the movies. this is the family's pet dog looking like he is in a heap of trouble. look at the rest of the house. it is a mess. the dog got into the owner's calligraphy ink set and decided to walk around the entire house with ink stained paws. the series of photos have been viewed by over 400,000 people. there was one room that the dog did not trash.
8:16 am
any guesses? >> his room. >> the bedroom. one single paw print. the dog said i will really get in trouble. >> how much ink did they have? let's get a first look at the gilmore girls reboot and kids take on the musical hamilton. >> this week's entertainment weekly the first look at the reboot of gilmore girls. inside you find new photos. netflix will release four 90 minute episodes. we are here until may 10. she can drive up, run in and shoot it. no release date from netflix.
8:17 am
entertainment weekly does hit news stands this friday. we brought you sad ben affleck. the song of silence was played over it. it boosted the popularity of the song. that song has climbed to number 36 on youtube's global top 100. it is beating florida and the queen taylor swift. good for them. and the gala allows stars to take a stab at other musical numbers. three young boys performed a musical number. it was no challenge for these guys. have a look.
8:18 am
♪ ♪ daddy doesn't need to know ♪ you're free to go ♪ look around, look around >> haven't had the good fortune to get tickets to see that show like many of you. al and his green thumb are at the white house in the kitchen garden with the umbrella still out. good morning again. >> they need about a good garden this size about 1,500 square feet needs about an inch of rain per week. we are on our way. that's the good news. let's show you what we have going on for today. a lot of wet weather here in the east and wet weather making its way into the southwest and southern california over the next 24 hours. heavier rain and lake effect
8:19 am
snow, clipper coast snow around the great lakes. temperatures stay moderate here in the east. nice and toasty through the gulf coast into the southwest. pacific northwest record highs today and the rest of the country looking for the wet weather to be really pretty much concentrated in the northeast and heavy rain up well, this morning we are outside at&t park because it's giants opening day. this morning wre expecting cool conditions. that's what we're waking up to. it will be that way into the afternoon hours, temperatures much more tolerable today, back into the mid-60s for san francisco. we'll be in the mid-70s for the peninsula and the south bay. same deal for the north bay, the east bay and tri-valley today, expecting temperatures in the low to mid-70s. mostly cloudy skies expected later on this afternoon. >> that's it from here. i'm about to hop on a plane with
8:20 am
first lady michelle obama to look at great school gardens as part of her let's move initiative and have that interview with michelle obama tomorrow morning on "today." guys, back to you. >> looking forward to it, al. tonight the 15th and final american id"american idol" will. >> the show launched careers of music stars like kelly clarkson and carrie underwood. caught up with someone who has been there for all of it, host ryan seacrest. >> good morning. it is going to be an emotional night for ryan seacrest. he has been there from the start. the show that made him a star and so many others. and it helped him launch a media empire. from the radio -- >> i'm focussed on having fun with you. >> reporter: to the red carpet to that famous opening line.
8:21 am
>> this is "american idol." >> reporter: 41-year-old ryan seacrest has become a pop culture icon. >> this is "american idol" for the last time. >> reporter: we sat down with him on the idol stage days before the final episode ever. >> this has been my home for 15 years. it will be impossible for me to not get emotional at that finale. >> the race to our finale continues. >> reporter: his famous co-stars say he is the show's secret stop. >> i thought he is in charge around him. without him this does not run. >> reporter: you as the host, you are sort of the glue that holds it all together. do you think you have been given enough credit? >> i think i have been given plenty of credit. i realize and i remember when i
8:22 am
had none of it. >> reporter: this is ryan then, a precocious kid growing up in suburban atlanta obsessed with music and radio. he dropped out of college to move to l.a. what do you think was the key to your success into getting this? >> i was scared to death of failing. i remember saying to my parents i'm going to put myself in my honda and i'm going to drive out to l.a. and i'm going to try to make it in broadcasting somehow. so when i got here i thought i am not going back there and saying that i failed. i'm going to do exactly what they thought i would do. >> reporter: today he runs an empire, radio, tv shows and a clothing line earning him a reported $60 million last year. >> do you worry he is pushing too hard. >> reporter: his parents say success hasn't changed their son. he still vacations with them. >> my family and i are very
8:23 am
close. my mother is still my mother. she says put your phone away at dinner. >> reporter: this fall he will be man of honor at his sister's wedding. his family still hoping he will find the one. >> he is a busy guy and mind is always going and needs someone to calm him. >> reporter: these days ryan's calm is hiking in the hollywood hills with his black lab. >> this is the woman in my life. she does everything i ask. >> reporter: seriously, how is a guy like you so single? >> i have several flaws. i'm a short guy. i'm not that athletic. i work a little bit. if i don't shift my priorities a little bit i will die before i fall in love and get married. i do want kids. >> reporter: how many? >> let's start with one. >> reporter: ryan's love of kids
8:24 am
led to his seacrest foundation. it builds state-of-the-art radio studios at children's hospitals across the country. we were there as ryan and taylor swift opened his studio at vanderbilt children's hospital in nashville. >> these kids are young bright talented people. the studio gives them a chance to show that off. >> reporter: this summer ryan will be showing off at the rio olympics hosting the late night coverage live. >> what are you doing to prepare? >> i have a binder sent to me from nbc. >> reporter: one thing for sure, the end of idol will bring new beginnings. >> nothing will replace this but i'm looking forward to the possibility of what might be next. >> reporter: ryan says he doesn't know what his next tv venture will be after the summer
8:25 am
olympics but he is always keeping busy. as for the finale of idol they are bringing back every winner from the past 15 seasons. you can be sure to see some familiar faces in the judges, as well. >> you are doi the ultimate multi tasking. you have the profile of ryan seacrest and in the wizarding world of harry potter, as well. >> reporter: what is it without the stars. i have butter beer. i have evana lynch here. here is to new beginnings, books and movies may be over. we have this opening up. it is exciting. >> absolutely. a new home. exciting now home of this. >> reporter: we talked about how much this has launched careers for you guys, as well.
8:26 am
>> absolutely. lucky and fortunate to travel. we will have a lot more from here coming up. here is some butteri'...==im=hae good morning to you. it is 8:26. happening today, san francisco's sanctuary city policy will be under the microscope. supervisors will debate tightening the law to prevent all law enforcement officers from notifying agents about any individual released from custody. na is except for under limited circumstances. plan is debated today, strengthing the current law already under fire after last year's shooting of kate steinle. a at&t park looking gorgeous. we'll send it over to mike
8:27 am
inouye who has got traffic. >> we'll see midday traffic around at&t and postgame traffic. getting out of san francisco right now, a stall at treasure island blocking one lane. still activity there. nice easy drive through oakland where we have the a's playing and warriors playing tonight. in san jose, the sharks is playing. the slow drive is 880 south, the northbound not bad by 87 has been a tough one for about the last 20 minutes. >> mike, thanks. i'll have another local news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 now on a thursday morning. it is the 7th of april, 2016. we are greeting a crowd on the plaza helping to celebrate the opening of the wizarding world of harry potter. >> everybody stepped out in their harry potter.
8:31 am
we partnered with universal studios for a special sweepstakes. the prize includes round trip air fare. runs through april 13th. go to to enter. i have mindy kaling in the house celebrating mid season return of the mindy project. she looks amazing. >> we'll see you in a minute. fettucini alfredo may sound like the diet destroyer but not in the hands of this chef. we will get a little dessert in there, too. >> dylan has moved in for a little weather for al. >> al stepped out. i got the word, i have to step in. we are talking about the weekend and maybe snow in the northeast especially through the great
8:32 am
lakes on friday. we could see some accumulating snow with temperatures in 30s and 40s. rain moves into the southwest. stays damp on saturday but in the northeast temperatures will be bitter cold in the 30s and 40s. we could see a wintry mix with accumulating snow. we could see snow fly in new york city and into hartford. we are going to lose that wintry mix. temperatures 40s still hanging on to snow. rain through chicago and st. louis and more rain out in ca well, this morning we are outsi outside at&t park because it's giants opening day. this morning we're expecting cool conditions. that's what we're waking up to. that's what it will be through the afternoon. we're talking temperatures much more tolerable today, back into the mid-60s for san francisco. we'll be in the mid-70s for the
8:33 am
peninsula and the south bay, same deal for the north bay, the east bay and the tri-valley today. expecting temperatures in the low to mid-70s. mostly cloudy skies expected later on this afternoon. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> i am here with one of my all-time favorite guests mindy kaling keeping busy. her show expected to return next week on hulu. you see mindy dealing with changes in her relationship after she and her boyfriend have a baby. >> i don't want to have another baby. >> i don't like when you say things like that. >> he is a baby. >> when i was 7 i was speaking full sentences. >> i cannot get into another big fight with you before the wedding. i want to wait until we are married and then i will bring it up. >> good morning to you. a cliff hanger because at the
8:34 am
end of where we left mindy was trying to decide what to do. is it all wrapped up in a bow? >> we will get some answers but it won't be me. that's not my style. >> that's not the mindy we know. >> there is going to be like -- she loves drama. i think she is one of the people who thinks she doesn't like it but secretly does. it is super funny. seth myers is in our premiere. >> he just tweeted and said i'm coming on as a completely different character. he was in the first season playing a role. >> he played an architect eating frozen yogurt. >> he is playing himself. when i think of the show it is all about mindy being a single
8:35 am
girl in new york and has an interesting hot mess of a dating life. did you have trepidation of take ag different turn and now she is a mom? is this going to make the series better? am i going into dangerous territory here? >> i think we sometimes are a little unfair about the way we portray mothers that they can't have sexy and fun lives when my friends who have kids their lives have gotten funnier and more interesting. so many moms, single moms who have interesting funny dating lives. tv viewers want to see that and often are not presented with it. i thought it would be fun to explore it. it made the show funnier. >> i go to bed at 8:00 and wake up at 3:00 a.m. i want to put up a cover. you and betty white together. how cool was that? >> she is so funny and cool. it was such an honor to be able
8:36 am
to hang out with her. >> the article refers to you as everyone's bfr. what does that mean? >> bfr? i hope it is not insulting. >> i think it is nice. don't you speak millennial? >> you are making me feel ancient. >> i don't know what it is. >> it sounded good. >> i hope it is something pleasant. >> i'm sure the internet will tell us. you put up a very cute picture of you and b.j. novak who we know you guys from your office days. you are like 25 in that picture right? >> i look like i was just born and he looks exactly the same. he hasn't aged at all. >> it is fun to look at the pictures. when you look at that and think i was just starting out in this
8:37 am
business now and now you are a show runner. >> i'm still in my early 20s. how did i manage to do that? >> a couple of seconds so i want to talk about the elephant in the room. everyone knows that you have a big crush on willie geist. >> i would like to think it is reciprocated. >> you discussed having love for carson. just a couple of paddles here. there they are. >> look at them. >> who would you rather be stuck on an overcrowded island with? >> i think carson because he has really good stories. >> who would you cast as your love interest on the mindy project? >> willie is eight feet tall and makes me feel tiny. >> who would win a physical fight for your affection? >> come on. >> that is so true. you have given birth.
8:38 am
>> who do you think is a better dancer? >> got to say -- >> and finally who would you rather receive a half hearted two minute shoulder rub from? >> carson. >> willie, you got some work to do. >> guys, come over. >> he's out. >> no, willie! >> thank you so much. back with kathie lee and hoda. and the mindy project premieres next tuesday on hulu. >> turn the cameras off. >> zoom in. coming up next your inside look at the wizarding world of harry potter. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
harry potter fans, a lot to celebrate with the grand opening of the wizarding world of harry potter. >> crowds will soon raise butter beers to toast. >> good morning. >> good morning to you guys. the harry potter books have sold over 400 million copies. the movies grossed nearly $8 billion. the enchanter world comes to life once again right here at the wizarding world of harry potter. al and i got to check it out. >> are you ready to become wizards? >> let's go, kids. >> welcome. makers of fine wands since 382
8:42 am
b.c. what is your name? >> al. >> no two wands are the same. a wand of oak 16 1/2 inches long. it is dark in here. would you brighten things up by illuminating the tip of the wand. >> what did you do, al? >> i blew another forecast. >> it is the wand that chooses the wizard. what is not always so clear is why. i wonder. and your name? lana. >> a wand of willow. >> wow. >> oh, my goodness. >> perfect fit. off you go. >> i use that wand to ask for
8:43 am
more allowance. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one. >> magical chocolate frogs. >> reporter: after wizarding and magical chocolate. >> who doesn't want butter beer? time for a ride. a little roller coaster. make sure it is -- >> they're never coming back. >> that was fun. >> reporter: then into the labyrinth. >> to become a real wizard you must go to hogwarts castle. watch out for the dementors. al, you are going to leave us? >> i'm going to meet you on the other end. >> glasses on.
8:44 am
>> we made it. >> what do you say we go to honey dukes? >> ear wax, vomit. >> what did you get? i think he got vomit. >> it was a bit of candmonium. >> we had such a great time we have to let everybody know. >> let's send them back home. >> delivered by owl. >> we came, we saw, we wizarded. >> it's all here at the wizarding world of harry potter hollywood. let's go. >> magical. >> so i hear the owl post is a little bit like the snail mail. you apparently didn't get the letters we sent from here. they are on their way. what is on its way in just a couple of minutes hoopening the doors to the crowds here
8:45 am
wizarding world of harry potter. you see lots of muggles and people excited for the occasion. i have to tell you it is like being on a hollywood set appropriately enough. >> it looks like fun. >> bring back some butter beer. >> bring back some beer. >> it's a sugar rush. >> bring two. coming up next we will help you put your best face forward with home remedies to restore your skin. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back at 8:47. winter months can wreak havoc on our skin. the worst of winter is just about over. deborah wattenburg is here with cool home remedies. i like when we can create products with stuff hanging around the kitchen.
8:48 am
>> we have a grape fruit mask. what you want to do is add in something that will exfoliate. here is grape fruit juice and sour cream. >> just stuff you buy at the store. >> and egg whites. if you mix this up nicely you can then create a mask that you can apply to the skin. the purpose of this mask would be to lightly exfoliate off the skin. >> you want it a little slippery. the sour cream will make it stick on. you can see it will start to harden on her face because there are acids in the sour cream which will lightly exfoliate. leave this on for about five minutes and wash it off with warm water and apply a moisturizer and you will be in
8:49 am
great shape. >> time to get the feet out. what do you recommend? >> this is strawberries. it will allow the skin to exfoliate and peel away dry dead skin. you can apply it to the feet. i'm going to come over here. >> you blend strawberries. you can apply this to the top of the feet, sides of the feet. leave it on for ten minutes and then rinse it off. this will help soften calluses. >> might want to put a towel down for that one. allergy season. >> tea bags are my favorite. you can put them in warm water to soften them and allow active
8:50 am
ingredients. dip it in cold water. ring it out which creates the tea and allows the bag to take the active ingredient and apply it to the eye. leave it soaking there. it will help with inflammation. the caffeine constricts the blood vessels. cucumbers after the tea bags or instead of. this has vitamins. it is cooling. >> then you can make a salad. last but not least. >> here is just some great antisun burn products. if you get a bad sun burn mix milk-and-water. 50/50 and compress it. if you get a bad sun burn trying to get rid of red you can mix
8:51 am
oatmeal with honey and honey is antiseptic. a little olive oil for moisture and apply it to the skin. this is very soothing. there are lots of oatmeal products on the market. this is inexpensive way. leave it on until the sensation stops, wash it off and you are set. >> if this segment made you hungry up next fettucini alfredo.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:52. vegan restaurant here in new york last summer. rave reviews, long lines and celebrities like miley cyrus stopping in for a bite. chloe is here to share a favorite recipe. you are going to other cities and things like that. >> we have a lot going on. >> i hope you are hungry. we are making beet fettucini alfredo. normally you have to ride a bike four hours after. this is different. >> our flavors are garlic, olive oil. first we start on our sauce.
8:54 am
i roasted beets with a little olive oil. instead of heavy cream we are using cashews. if you want to add water that will make a silky cream sauce. i will add caramelized onions. we will hit it with onion juice, salt, add roasted beets which is our secret ingredient. blend it for two minutes. we have it here. >> we have our tasters down stairs joined by mindy kaling. what happened? >> misinformation. let's get going. >> we are going to make -- you're not going to taste the tofu. >> it is your own. >> this is great because with traditional you feel tired after
8:55 am
because it is heavy. this is light and energizing. >> after you put it in the food processor -- >> we will pulse it for texture. you want texture. it will come out like this and we will add our chives. this gives it a little bit of crunch. i like to fold those in giving it extra flavor. >> how is this going down stairs? >> it's so good. >> mindy, what do you think? >> it's delicious. >> generally speaking vegan recipes you go yum. >> i really like this. >> you are mixing the sauce in with the fettucini. >> just a fun way to make healthy pasta. you can serve this to kids. what we will do is serve some up. i will let you try them.
8:56 am
>> this is going to be -- >> it looks messy but you just have to go for it. let me top you off with cheese and fresh basil. no dairy, no cream, no cheese. super light. >> we have coconut truffles. everyone loves them. >> this is really good. safraiscmay ede=haeni toy..==pv happening today, san francisco mayor ed lee and police chief greg sir will return a stolen scooter to the make-a-wish foundation. that happens later this morning. a surveillance camera captured burglars holding the scooter donated by giants star hunter pence. police recovered it tuesday. earlier this week, police arrested jacques man is in
8:57 am
connection with the burglary. they say he's one of three thieves who ransacked the make-a-wish office. all of this comes ahead of the giants home opener today. they're pulling out the stops today at at&t park ahead of today's game against the dodgers, the first pitch at 1:30 this afternoon. happening now, nbc bay area team members are in at&t park leading up to the game. be sure to get a preview on our midday newscast at 11:00. and of course we're posting live behind-the-scenes footage from the stadium. go to facebook to link to video. and you can look for livecasts all morning. lots of our team members posting images as well. you can check those out on our twitter feed and links to tichs on what the giants fan kz look for this season.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning alyssa milano is here. we are live in hollywood for opening day of the wizarding world of harry potter. cheap trick is here singing "i want you to want me" coming up next. from nbc news this is today's take. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's april 7, 2016. another big crowd out on the plaza. we love all the people who turn
9:01 am
out. there is a reason perhaps so many people are here today. al on assignment. we are going to talk to natalie in a minute. our house band today is cheap trick. they will perform live in just a bit. >> you love them. >> i love this song. this makes you want to hop around and sing along. i absolutely love this song. >> sold more than 20 million albums, performed more than 5,000 shows over the years and have a new album out called bang zoom crazy hello. they are going to do another show with kathie lee and hoda. >> all of that success led to the moment to be our house band. they have been working hard for this. speaking of music, after 15
9:02 am
seasons tonight is the last ever "american idol." series finale. it is over. in honor of throwback thursday we thought it would be cool to look back at early auditions from biggest winners who have gone on to be huge stars. season one winner kelly clarkson singing "at last". ♪ my love has come along ♪ my lonely days are over ♪ and life is like a song ♪ at last >> you know right away. >> to think she started there and then just sky rocketed. >> she is from burleson, texas, which is where my family lives. >> the pride of burleson. since that win kelly has
9:03 am
released seven albums, over $17 million in album sales. >> and cutest baby ever. >> carrie underwood has a cute baby. she sang in 2005 "i can't make you love me" ♪ i can't make you love me if you don't ♪ ♪ you can't make your heart feel something that it won't ♪ ♪ here in the dark these final hours ♪ >> great song. she was in town last week and i missed both shows. >> i ran into her in our building in makeup. and she said hi tamron. i had a complete physical reaction. >> huge. >> she didn't know my name at the grammy's. >> both of our stories are
9:04 am
better than his. he missed here. >> we won. >> carey's win was 2005. she has won seven grammys. 12 academy of country music awards. original three judges. the final three judges tonight comes down to a couple of contestants both from mississippi. big performances from former winners. big names coming together. let's not forget ryan seacrest there from day one. you look at the growth of artists and then ryan with frosted tips. >> you think about jennifer hudson who lost idol but went on to become an oscar winner. fantasia, clay aiken who ran for office. you think about what this --
9:05 am
>> amazing. >> big finale. >> earlier craig melvin was on talking about the new idea, food labels. basically -- >> there is a reason i have a coca-cola. >> a coke and a smile. >> on the label we are drinking this coke. you get it in a bottle. rather than just the traditional calorie count it would have the amount of exercise you would need to do to burn off that soda. so if this were in a can on the can it would say run 15 minutes. it wouldn't say it, you read it. run for 15 minutes. you have to bike for 23 minutes or swim for 13 minutes. and the question is, would that change your diet decision? >> i have a strong opinion on this. i think there are a certain
9:06 am
number of calories that you need to live. it's not like if i drink this i have to run. if i only drink this today then i would probably not gain weight by the end of the day because of calories i burn by living. >> i used to say that in my 30s and then i said who stole my body. >> i probably wouldn't eat much else the rest of the day. >> most of us you wouldn't forego other meals. ideally you say i'm going to eat healthy. you have the big mac. for dinner you end up splurging. i now log my meals. i'm stunned how much i eat that i forget. i have this app my fitness pal. every time i look at my diary for the day i can't remember half of it. almost all things i can't remember are fatty things.
9:07 am
>> your mind tuned them out. >> i never read the label on food. i don't know what they mean. is that bad? i love a good old fashioned american coca-cola. >> and you know what goes good with coke, butter beer? >> especially out in hollywood. are you guys harry potter fans? >> we hung out at the park. >> it's incredible. >> they sold more than 400 million copies world wide. harry potter is huge. guess who is out there. natalie morales. celebrating all things harry potter. how is it going out there? >> it is amazing. exciting new chapter here opening day for the wizarding world of harry potter at universal studios hollywood. the muggles are swarming. they are ready to come in.
9:08 am
i have real life wizards here. has to be exciting every time you see the love and how much people flock to you guys and to see this opening up once again here, tell me about that. >> it is exciting. thousands of ravenous muggles. very exciting. >> the best part seeing the new fans come into it who haven't experienced it. it is more familiar to us. when you see people who are brand new to it that is pretty fun. >> new generations. my kids have grown up with the books and movies. so many generations will continue to enjoy that with the opening day here. they have a chance to have it come to life. you are a super fan. you have read all the books and wrote letters. is that right? you had to convince your parents
9:09 am
to let you audition for the part? >> that is kind of all i did. just loved it. just really felt -- i like that they were weirdoes. they have this magical world where they belong. >> empowering message. people come up to you and think that you are evil. >> most people read between the lines. >> you are such a nice guy. >> came in and gave me a big hug. >> i think he is hesitant. >> as long as you have the cape on you are good. >> it's exciting. i know you have a busy day helping us open the gates here. it is going to happen all very soon. i'll send it back to you. >> we will check back with you in a few minutes. >> i was at universal orlando
9:10 am
and we did diagon alley. it is the most popular thing there. >> the dragon there that blows out the fire is crazy. >> they have the whole world out there, too. what is happening outside? >> rain in th ... this morning we are outside at&t park because it is giants opening day. this morning we are expecting to see, well, cool conditions. that's what we're waking up to. it is going to be that way all the way through the afternoon hours. talking temperatures much more tolerable today. back into the mid 60s for san francisco. we'll be in the mid 70s for the peninsula, and the south bay. same deal for the north bay. the east bay. and the tri-valley today, expecting temperatures in the low to mid 70s. mostly cloudy skies expected later on this afternoon. and that is your latest forecast. >> a chip and a coca-cola. coming up next double duty
9:11 am
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9:13 am
(announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. she is an actress, producer, entrepreneur and author working in hollywood for more than 30 years. >> showing off her style as host and judge of project run way all stars. this week the designers are challenged to create a sporty look and alyssa holds no
9:14 am
punches. >> tell us. >> i generally think that athleisure can go high fashion. i decide today make a super feminine dress. >> if i showed up to a game in this dress i would be ridiculed top to bottom. >> this girl loves that dress. >> thank you. >> so much fun. >> i feel like i'm meeting my best friend. >> that is so lovely. >> thank you so much. >> it's like you have been a part of the fabric of our lives for such a long time and now this new side of you. >> i'm like the eternal cousin. which i like. i like that because i think it has enabled me to have a super normal life even though i have been in the public eye for such a lung tiong time. it is not uncomfortable going
9:15 am
outside. >> you are so good on this show because this is your wheelhouse. you do fashion. i was joking with you that sports fans, women around the world thank you for giving them something to wear with the partnerships with the leagues. is this a blast for you? >> tonight's episode is super special because it is the touch challenge. the winning design goes into my fall collection. it's very exciting to be on the show and then to have a challenge based around your clothing line. it's great. it's like a dream come true. >> i love fashion. >> this show, my mom and grand mother were designers. my grand mother was a milliner which is a dying art form. so i was always around fashion and my mom was always cutting patterns in the garage.
9:16 am
i just love clothes. i try to judge the show like that, not like a fashion insider because isaac and georgeena are amazing at that. i want to represent that person at home like i would never wear that. >> this designer believes what they presented is hot and you have to tell them not so much. >> it is definitely hard. the good thing about all stars is that they have been through it before with regular project run way. they know the competition is hard. they know it will be rough. so that takes a little bit of the pressure off of us. and i think it allows the designer to forget about the game aspect of the show and really design beautiful clothes. >> you do have such a great eye for fashion. we felt we would take you on a trip down memory lane. >> i can't promise anything. let's take a look at our first
9:17 am
one here. >> there it is. >> look at the hair. >> it's all just -- it looks like i have on football shoulder pads under that jacket. >> do you remember your hair like that? >> yeah, i guess because there are so many pictures of it. i don't remember actually ever doing it. it must have been a production doing that hair. >> that is very cute. >> but come on. who tucks in a sweater? >> this is people were surprised when you took your hair short. i have been doing that for a lot of years. i grew up in the '80s on camera. it's like the most embarrassing fashion era ever and i had to do it in front of millions of people. >> look at you now. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. so fun having you on.
9:18 am
>> thank you for having me. >> brand new episode of project run way all stars. up next the brand new wizarding world of harry potter at the universal studios in hollywood. natalie is there with a lot of magical things happening after this. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30.
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9:22 am
the wizarding world of harry potter. the conductor just arriving and pretty soon he will be welcoming the crowds into the gates of universal studios newest attraction here, the wizarding world of harry potter. >> please welcome the president of universal studios hollywood. >> wow. it's incredible to see all of you here at universal studios hollywood this very early morning. thank you for joining us as we make history. you look great. we have been prepare frg this moment for the past five years and it is pretty clear to see how everyone's very hard work
9:23 am
has paid off. two nights ago the uncomparable john williams and l.a. fill armonic orchestra were here to help us illuminate hogwarts castle in the most spectacular way. this morning we are here to officiate the grand opening of the wizarding world of harry potter at universal studios hollywood. [ applause ] i would like to thank the extraordinary behind the scenes leadership team who have made this incredible experience come to life. it has been a remarkable journey together. let's give it up for tom williams universal parks and resorts and kevin, chairman and ceo of warner brothers. once again, thank you all for being with us this morning as we make history. today is truly a magical day.
9:24 am
>> with three seconds to spare. impressive. almost forgot extra treat we have asked very special guests to join us in welcoming you all. if you wouldn't mind lighting the way. >> very well done, sir. >> ladies and gentlemen, please we welcome ivana lynch. >> here you have some of the
9:25 am
stars of the wizarding world of harry potter having a chance to reunite for what is a grand opening, spectacular day. opening, spectacular day. it's going to beto thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
9:26 am
good morning. it is 9:26. happening today -- san francisco's sanctuary city policy will be under the microscope. supervisors will debate tightening the law to prevent all law enforcement officers from notifying federal agents about any individual who's been released from custody. the plan being debated today would strengthen the city's current law which already is under fire following last year's deadly pier 14 shooting. in that case, i.c.e. agents had wanted to deport the suspect, but the san francisco sheriff's department at the time chose not to notify the federal government when they had released lopez-sanchez. in about one hour, san
9:27 am
francisco mayor ed lee and the police chief are supposed to return a stolen scooter to the make a wish foundation. a surveillance camera captured burglars holding the scooter. police recovered that scooter tuesday. earlier this week, police arrested jacques manns in connection with that burglary. they say he is 1 of 3 thieves that ransacked that make a wish office. all of this comes just ahead of today's giants home opener. they are pulling out all the stops today at at&t park. first pitch is 1:30 this afternoon against the l.a. dodgers. look for more coverage at 11:00 a.m. a look at weather and traffic after the break. stay with us.
9:28 am
good morning. we're out here outside of at&t park this morning because it is giants opening day and we are getting ready to celebrate a win. first win of the season. we've got spectacular weather to go along with it. waking up to cool conditions this morning, back into the 40s and 50s across most of the bay.
9:29 am
60 in san francisco. later on this afternoon, we'll see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. that's a strong southwesterly breeze is expected. but mid 70s expected for inland locations today. >> we'll take them. the entire bay looks pretty good. these spring break weeks, plural, tend to show up a lighter commute. meanwhile over here, this is the biggest slowdown over the last half-hour. northbound 80 at 98. a jam over san leandro and san lorenzo. i'll have another local news update in half-an-hour. stay with us.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, honda says it is working diligently to fix a processing glitch. customers complained that recent car payments deducted from their accounts twice with some customers charged overdraft fees. honda services says it will issue refunds. subway says it will post calorie counts on boards by next monday. the move follows repeated delays by fda in enforcing its own rules. fda says it will start enforcing the rules one year after it
9:31 am
issues final guidance for restaurant chains. a big insurance company is giving customers another reason to eat healthy foods. john hancock is offering discounts if they buy fruits, veggies and other healthy food items. those customers get dollars off premiums or cash back on groceries. hopes the idea will be good for policy holders and good for the company. a new study finds that millennials would be willing to take a pay cut of about $7,600 if they could improve their quality of life at work. 58% said quality of work life is more important than financial benefits when considering a job offer. almost half of all working millennials are looking for another job or are open to some new opportunities. and if you are headed to the gym this morning or maybe you are already there you will want to hear this one.
9:32 am
gym equipment is loaded with germs. examined bacterial examples at large chains and found a treadmill has 79 times more bacteria than a water faucet. and free weights have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth until you can hit the shower or just bring some of those little towel ets and clean it off. i hate delivering news like that. >> one more reason i hate the gym. another reason to check off. >> we are looking at rain moving into southern california. a series of days of rain showers. not all that heavy but we are looking at a decent amount of rain and on shore winds. we look out for some of the rain to move through phoenix and into nevada. las vegas sees spotty showers.
9:33 am
very unsettled as we continue through today into tomorrow. saturday, sunday, too los angeles could see areas picking up 1 1/2 to this morning we are outside at&t park because it is giants opening day and this morning we're expecting to see, well, cool conditions. that's what we're waking up to. it is going to be that way all the way through the afternoon hours. temperatures much more tolerable today, back into the mid 60s for san francisco. mid 70s for the peninsula and south bay. same for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley today. expecting temperatures in the low to mid 70s. mostly cloudy skies expected later on this afternoon. the citi concert series on today is proudly presented to you by citi. >> cheap trick, cheap trick sold more than $20 million.
9:34 am
now more than 40 years after they first got together the guys are out with their 17th studio album called bang, zoom, crazy. >> all here, good morning. >> i am upset i don't have a single guitar. >> i need your help with this one. >> rick was giving me these guitar picks. >> how do you begin to play this? >> tomorrow you guys are being conducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. >> pretty cool. >> a lot is because all of those people over there. >> so many fans. >> willie said he voted for us, too. >> they didn't record the vote. >> you guys, we are going to be back on tour this summer. got the new album. what can your fans expect to hear? >> a lot of our new material, four or five new songs. and just going to be a great
9:35 am
show. we're going overseas later. it has been a fantastic year. >> thank you for voting for us. >> rock and roll hall of famers cheap trick take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪ i want you to want me ♪ i need you to need me ♪ i love you to love me ♪ i'm begging you to beg me ♪ i want you to want me ♪ i need you to need me
9:36 am
♪ i love you to love me ♪ put on a brand new shirt ♪ if you say that you love me ♪ didn't i see you crying ♪ didn't i see you trying ♪ ♪ i want you to want me ♪ i need you to need me ♪ i'd love you to love me ♪ i'm begging you to beg me
9:37 am
♪ put on a brand new shirt ♪ if you say that you love me ♪ didn't i see you crying ♪ didn't i see you trying ♪ being all alone i know you feel like dying ♪ ♪ ♪
9:38 am
♪ i want you to want me ♪ i need you to need me ♪ i'd love you to love me ♪ i'm begging you to beg me ♪ i want you to want me ♪ i want you to want me ♪ i want you to want me ♪ i want you to want me ♪
9:39 am
>> band going to perform another song in our next hour. download the album. congrats. animal planet's new show river monsters. that's next. earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash® card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
9:40 am
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an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. animal planet's number one series river monster returns tonight for an eighth season. >> diving deep into unforgiving waters biologists explore. >> good morning. i brought friends along. >> ocean friends. >> you are taking it to the ocean. >> i spent more time in the water. i have an octopus. this is a fun sized octopus.
9:44 am
i spoke to a guy who had one completely. this was like 20 foot. >> pulled him back on the boat. took three of them about 20 minutes to get off him. this is a little more friendly. >> is there anything to be worried about? what makes him so special? >> this is a mini octopus. >> it can change colors. they can mimic fish. they can mimic sea snakes. >> so much darker. >> it looks better in the water. >> how large will it grow? >> this is about as big as they grow. >> one i was after is about 18 to 20 foot across. >> we have jellyfish. these are venomous but like bee sting.
9:45 am
the box jellyfish in australia will kill you in about two minutes. this one won't. >> it can sting you. >> this one can but it is relatively friendly. sfwl what is it equivalent to? >> like a bee sting. >> i'm not going to feel that. >> this i'm not going to touch because this is a stone fish. it completely blends into everything. >> it looks so prehistoric. >> if something comes close it opens its mouth and creates suction. they have these spikes on the back. i could possibly pick that up but if it goes wrong it goes very wrong. i would start convulsing and die on set. >> this particular one is about -- the one i picked up is about like that. it looked like a rump of rock.
9:46 am
you can easily step on it. >> anything where you are like i can't go in there? >> with this thing it was close. its got spikes on the back. they are fairly docile. all i do is stick one of those. >> happy you are there for the job. thank you. the new season of river monsters premieres tonight on animal planet. up next new role on
9:47 am
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best known for playing detective on the series "the wire". in more than 30 films and dozens more tv shows over his three decade career. one of my favorite dance moves ever. >> he played embattled judge in the middle of ugly fight for confirmation to the supreme court. >> good to see you. >> this is my "today" show debut. >> we hung out many other times outside the show. >> for me this is new. >> how many times do you get called bunk? >> every day of my life. >> someone says bunk. it is okay with me. it will be the first line of my
9:51 am
obituary. >> we can spend the next hour talking about the wire but we will talk about confirmation. you play justice thomas. i love what you said that you found similarities with yourself to him in real life. what did you find? >> that was the epiphany, it is how much we have in common. our politics may not be the same but five generations african-american family in the south, putting a premium on education. h that is what his family was about. my grand father said can't. don't tell me can't do anything. that sense of urgency when it comes to education and the resiliency. >> the phenomenon with o.j.
9:52 am
series people believe they know the story. but this proves we do not even though we were glued to our television. >> we know the justice as a public figure. we don't know him as a personal figure. the door that openned it up for me is a line where he said i deny these allegations but if there is something that i said or did that professor hill found offensive i am truly sorry. that meant to me he was going through some personal reflection. so really this is a moment in a man's life at the pinnacle of his career where he is about to rise to the highest seat in his profession where there is a challenge. he is about to lose something that he worked his whole life for. that is a personal conflict that has nothing to do with politics. you want to teach something to your son about character and integrity and you fight with all you have.
9:53 am
>> it is such a fascinating story that is now being reopened and people are reexamining the way they felt about it. it sounds like you reexamined the way you felt about the character. premiere premieres april 15th.
9:54 am
9:55 am
before we talk about -- we have to say good bye to our pal. love you, honey. did she hear us? >> i can hear you. everybody was talking at once. here we are, wizarding world of harry potter. huge success if you can judge by the line. this place is spectacular. thousands of people are here (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at hey, good morning. we're out here outside of at&t park this morning because it is giants opening day and we're getting ready to celebrate a win. the first win of the season. we've got spectacular weather to
9:57 am
go along with it. waking up to cool conditions this morning, back into the 40s and 50s across most of the bay. later on this afternoon we'll see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. that's a strong southwesterly breeze that's expected so that will keep temperatures cool. mid 70s expected for inland locations today. back to you. southwesterly breeze. looking over here toward the south bay where traffic shows a nice easy drive. things moral a little slower in the northwesterly direction. the slowest drive over the last 40 minutes, southbound 880 through san leandro and approaching san lorenzo. another crash at washington but good recovery from both directions over the last few. south bay again, slowing by the airport. happening now -- authorities in belgium have released new surveillance images of the so-called man in white. he's the suspect at large in the deadly brussels airport bombing.
9:58 am
a link to the image is on the top of our home page, on a lighter note, ant inho pointed out, giants getting ready for first pitch at 1:30. we have a facebook live video. our twitter feed as well.
9:59 am
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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, . >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> you better not! hey, everybody. it's thirsty thursday and we are celebrating a big day. we are celebrating something all the time. >> it is eight years today that we started the show.


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