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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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minutes headed the very airpora. turkey are grounded this hour, but one flight is expected to ack off in just minutes headed to that very airport attacked in istanbul. it is now 4:00 in the morning in turkey, five and a half hours after a deadly attack at the aturak national airport. gunmen set off bombs inside the area. at least 36 people are dead and hasns others injured, but that warder keeps climbing. no word yet on any american casualties. how many gunmen were on the ground is unclear, but nbc has learned that isis had deployed more isis to turkey during the ramadan. ae do have to tell you the images can be disturbing. aatch closely. it appears to show the inside of
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the international airport during the terror attack. firmof a sudden there, you see people running, and then moments to pe there is that explosion. nbc news has not been able to independently confirm the video, but it is very similar to others that we've seen. tt's go straight out to peggy bunker who joins us live from sfo and passengers who landed a short time ago. at 5:00, you were there for a flight about ready to depart minutes from now. is that still happening? >> reporter: it is. in just about 10 minutes a turkish airways flight is set to depart. some who were on that plane received different messages, some say the flight was  canceled, others saying it was grounding. they called the airline and said, yes, the flight is due to depart. we just checked a moment ago, and in 10 minutes the flight is set to take off, not even a delay. we looked at passengers who came
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in on the flight from istanbul and landed at sfo at 4:20 this afternoon. it took such a long time to talk to any of those passengers and i found out why they're being put through extra security, extra passport check. there was extra immigration agents waiting for that flight that came in at 4:20. we talked to anxious parents waiting for their sons to get off that plane, but mostly now people very concerned about flying, especially internationally, such as this passenger here who has serious concerns. >> when i was there, and people were shooting on one side, and we all ran the other way. then bombs went off and people were running the other way and there was more shooting. we came out and after that, i think there was another bomb. >> reporter: obviously an eyewitness account there, just a horror taking place at that airport. that's really what we heard from here at sfo from people hear
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getting on board that plane. just a sense of unease. a couple people were headed to turkey for their vacation and they think this is creating such a terrible sense of fear before they got on their plane. so we will go downstairs. we'll try to find some of those passengers who just got here to sfo and hear their stories. we know they were notified when they were on board traveling in bacr flight what just happened 24/7 airport they took off from. we'll be back at 6:30. >> we're going to check in with peggy in the next half hour. we'll be updating our website 24/7. we also have a slide show with pictures of that aftermath set here for you. we have a developing story in san jose. the search for a gunman who attacked a man near san jose mate. -- t:30 in the afternoon, shots his fired near downtown. two men were hit, one died at the hospital.
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mary ann favros at the crime scene. mary ann, is this gang related? do you know? >> reporter: police don't know at this point, and they still don't know if this homicide was relate to do last night's homicide in san jose. right now police are looking for a gunman that they believe may have driven off. this happened just a few blocks from the dorms at san jose state in a neighborhood with a lot of young kids. witnesses say they saw someone open fire on two men in a minivan. san jose police just briefed us and described what they found when they responded this afternoon. >> officers responded to the area and found two victims with at least one gunshot wound each. both male adults. they were transported to a local hospital where one was pronounced deceased shortly thereafter. the second victim is in very critical condition. >> reporter: police say the
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victims' vehicle had several bullet holes. the suspect is on the loose. he is described as a hispanic male in his 20s wearing a dark-colored t-shirt and a dark-colored baseball cap. he apparently took off in a gray minivan. neighbors are rattled by the brazen attack. >> it is a little scary because i was just out here about five minutes before that happened with my daughter, and she was riding her bike. you know, i'm on my cell phone, so it is kind of scary. it's very close to home. >> reporter: this is the 24th homicide in san jose this year, and it comes less than 18 hours after a man was found shot to death in his car off barry esther road. this time last year in san jose, there was 10 homicides. neighbors tell me they heard at least seven gunshots this afternoon and that their kids started running when they heard that. and again, police are still investigating a motive for this
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crime, and they say right now they don't know if there was a of p between this shooting and the one last night off berry esther road. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc news. some pride but apparently some hate. san francisco police say this man assaulted a young couple near fifth and market on saturday. homthreatened to kill the young women because of their sexual orientation. way on need help solving another attack. in men in a sedan yelled at a man walking on 22nd and mission. onth then shot the man with a bb gun before driving off down the street. an> police in san leandro say he mene solved a murder. y theyas the scene last month. pectce say someone shot and killed a man outside a family celebration at a local senior center. the getaway van crashed into a
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car and the men got away. police say they tracked down the suspects. formal charges could be filed tomorrow afternoon. no doubt about it, you must tures elt it outside. it was hot. some areas saw a dip in rob -ratures, but for the most part, the heat is still on in the valleys. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us now. rob, when will we see some relief? >> concord down from 102 yesterday, and san francisco and oakland staying mild with 60s and 70s. still 98 for a high in morgan hill. slightly cooler but very subtle cooling at that with a high still of 97 degrees. east bay still fascinating. you have 66 in oakland, 86 degrees alamo, almost a separation of 40 degrees across
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the san francisco valley. big time cooling in san francisco. as winds pick up, wind speeds around 25 miles an hour means tomorrow will not be a spare the air day, and as that sea breeze strengthens, that means the valleys will finally catch a break as we see more low clouds and more significant cooling. we'll have timing on the drop in temperatures when we come back. >> you can download the nbc bay rs -- pp. right there you can get your own climates forecast. all lanes of highway 17 are now back open tonight. it's been a hectic and dangerous 24 hours following yesterday's wildfire. dais is near los gatos. it started when a car caught fire yesterday afternoon and the flames spread quickly, forcing evacuations to those houses in crash eighborhood there. crews spent today clearing the invois from parts of the highway. h ne tragic crash on interstate 5 at the grapevine. ed ibay area families were involved. hit th the aftermath near gorman
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early this morning. the minivan the families were in had been stopped in the othershand lane after a minor accident. a big rig then hit that minivan. the two men inside the minivan were able to get out in time, frt two mothers and their four children died in the fire. the families, one from daly city, the other from san for cisco, appear to have been on their way home back to the bay area at the time of the ooash. well, right now some bay a ea parents who say they're olicerned for their children's dafety are confronting their scotts district. last week we showed you parts of a threatening letter which olofce confirmed was written by a 15-year-old scott valley student. they say authorities from the district they have been monitoring the student who was supervised in the office. parents who hired an attorney want answers about the issues of communication and counseling for ase students who apparently is ce off to return to school this fall. word on whether the district
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attorney will file charges in crash a e. a police officer killed in the line of duty is still very ay a on the minds of family, friends and the community. r ficer michael catherman died in a crash only a week ago. robert honda join us from a fundraiser for the family, and micha robert, you spoke with michael's parents. >> we're at a barbecue for a fundraiser going on for the catherman family, including lots of food, conversation and an auction about to start soon. it's this kind of community support that family members are looking for and focusing on as they deal with their loss. it has been virtually nonstop business at famous dave's barbecue for a fundraiser for michael catherman's family. the first took place last tuesday when, at the spc center, about 3500 people, including
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about 1,000 law enforcement officers, paid tribute to catherman. his parents, tom and diane, say the community support is comforting. >> to do this for our son is such an honor. we're so appreciative of it. and support from the community has been wonderful. we had officers sitting at our house and our neighbors were coming over and feeding them. it was very cool. >> reporter: much of the money raised go to the group. police and fire, the fallen heroes, for a michael katherman trust fund. >> the poa has embraced us, and that means so much to us. i just want to say thank you to everyone, and again, to all of the officers out there, we thank you for your service and what you do for our community to keep us safe. thank you. >> reporter: and we thank tom and diane for talking to us. as you can see, the fundraiser
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is still going strong and will continue until tonight. but as you heard, the community's support seems to have no end. atve in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. coming up, when airbnb fight in chinatown, some say a host goes too far. i'm at the police academy where techniques are trying to be changed in order to cut down on the amount of times police officers shoot someone. we'll show you how they're doing it, coming up. a new training techniqueyhe
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sfpd. its geared not only f recrui...but alo ther veterans of the detrtnt. new at 6:00, new training techniques for the police department. will it reduce the use of force? mark matthews is at the academy with a simulator. mark? >> reporter: they have a video that plays out life and death scenarios, and the responses are oftentimes the wrong way. >> can i have another unit? >> reporter: the scene is san francisco general. a patient, obviously distraught, pulls a knife. sergeant steven pomato pulls his pistol. >> sir, can you drop the knife for me, please? >> reporter: in the video, the man drops the knife, but with the touch of a button on a
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controller, that scenario could change. the purpose of the simulation used to be shoot or don't shoot, explains pomato. but not anymore. >> we're engineering the training to kind of fall back a little bit, take positions of cover and negotiate that situation, try to defuse and deescalate. >> reporter: it's happening here at the academy and at the gun range. >> simple de-escalation, tactical repositioning. >> reporter: this sergeant now conducts classes at the gun range. it used to be officers came here just to shoot, now they come here to change wait that they react. >> i believe what we're doing today is much better than what we were doing a year ago. >> reporter: two hours of class, two hours on the range every six months. and one week every two years. and it is not the new recruits that are the challenge, it's the veterans. >> it's really difficult to erase 25, 30 years of training, but the only way to do it is to
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implement new training and keep that training up, and hit it at different angles. >> reporter: the san francisco police department is feeling the pressure. the message they want to convey, they're doing something about it. you saw a little video clip of me there hold ing a weapon at that video screen. i hesitated and i was stabbed. had it not been for my partner, sergeant pomato. reporting from the academy, nbc bay area news. it's heating up in san francisco. i want to show you some wanted flyers that popped up last week. some people are wanting to destroy the housiw and bring ne for homeless people. >> i'm talking about unscrupulous speculators who take five or six buildings and turn them into 365 days a year
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hotels. there is no place for that here in san francisco. >> one man on the flyer says he's concerned about his name and picture on the flyers. he says it's important to note that other people on the poster we don't even know if they rent places on airbnb. if we did step outside right now in san jose, 76 degrees. in san francisco, some 80s around the east bay. maybe you like 90s. we've got that, too. 78 in napa with the low clouds starting to move in. san francisco, the cool spot at 60. winds starting to pick up off the ocean. marine layer has deepened by about 500 feet today. we did see cooling along the bay. wind speeds at about 25 miles per hour. there's the cloud cover we're watching on the coast, but if you look to the east, big thunderstorms, from lake tahoe
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to yosemite. right along the western fringe of this, that temperature rotates from southeast to north. we'll see those thunderstorms continue on the sierra. not so along the bay area. temperatures will be cool obviously around san francisco and oakland thanks to that sea breeze until about 8:00. then midnight, 50s and 60s outside. more low clouds tomorrow morning, a morning that could start off with a drizzle or light mist out there on the coastline for tomorrow as low clouds continue to steepen on up. temperatures tomorrow, a little cooler as we continue the trend down by two to three degrees each day. san francisco in the 60s for tomorrow. north bay temperatures 80s and 90s still, but away from 100 degrees and upper 90s around the tri-valley. things are going to cool down a whole lot more as we approach the start of the holiday weekend. we'll show you those cooler temperatures in the 80s coming up in the forecast in the next
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half hour. back to you. >> we'll see you shortly, rob. thank you. i started thinking about coming back when i was on bedrest. >> now she's head to do rio just 15 months after having a baby. motivation is high for dana vollmer's third trip to the olympic games.
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of budget shortfalls th ecae happening now on our website, rio's acting governor warns the olympics could be a big failure because of the budget shortfalls that threaten
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security efforts. on our facebook page, give us your feedback on a popular chest of drawers being recalled by ikea. the company found the dressers can be a danger to children because they fall over. we're back in a moment with more news. maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball.
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and yes, she is. dana vollmer is on her way to the olympic games in rio. during last night's trials, the former cal swimmer finished her 100-meter fly in 57.24 seconds, coming in second to varole. she had left the pool to take on a new challenge: motherhood. 15 months after her son was born, dana is back on the road
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to rio. the swimmer tells us how she did it. it was a plunge dana vollmer wasn't sure she would take again. two olympics and four gold medals, dana was done with swimming. or so she thought. >> i started thinking of coming back when i was on bedrest. >> reporter: a couple years later, dana was pregnant with her second child and in bedrest for two weeks. >> that time was awful. >> reporter: that was the time it took for dana to dream of another olympics. a few days later, baby arlo arrived. it was for arlo that dana began exercising her hopes once more. >> when i first got back in the pool, i could hardly do warm-ups. i was told by a couple people you couldn't get your body back after having a baby, and i liked goals like that. >> reporter: dana became a mama on a mission. >> to show you don't have to give up a life as an athlete to be a mom. >> reporter: a long-time coach
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says having a toddler has pushed dana to a new level. >> i think the mental approach is probably the biggest difference, you know. i just see a calmer, more grounded dana than i've ever seen. >> reporter: dana's times are closing in on where she was in london where she set a world record. she has at least one more mission in rio, and just making it is already enough for this swimmer. >> making it from here on out is a bonus, and i think that's how she looks at it. >> no pressure is awesome. >> no pressure at all. dana and her husband are already talking about a little brother or sister for arlin after these olympic games are over, but this time there's no talk of leaving the pool again. dana says she plans to swim for life, maybe competing again after rio, so we miwish her the best of luck. another swimmer also qualified for the olympics in
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the 400-freestyle. she also did well in the trials in omaha. not everyone is headed to rio. jason day, the number one golfer in the world, says he won't compete in the olympics because of concerns over the zika virus. day says while his chances of getting the virus are slim, he says he will not risk his family's health as he and his wife want to have more kids. day's announcement comes just a few days after another top golfer, rory mcilroy, opted out as well. not just zika, there are other problems in brazil. take a look at this photo. this is a sight that greeted visitors flying into the rio airport yesterday. it reads, if we can see it there, welcome to hell. police and firefighters don't get paid. whoever comes will not be safe. as you might know, rio and all of brazil are mired in the worst recession since the 1930s. a lot to cover when we're there, and we are now just 38
6:27 pm
days from the start of those games. of course, i'll be there to bring you live reports throughout the summer games not only on the athletes but on the situation in brazil as well. >> he cheated on the test and got caught. >> volkswagen paying the price for violating consumer and environmental laws. a settlement that was just reached in a sapphin francisco courtroom.
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right now at 6:30, istanbul joins a growing number of cities abroad to be targeted by terrorists. tonight a mounting death toll after a series of suicide bombings and shootings inside europe's third busiest airport. what we know is at least 36 people are dead, but dozens more have been injured. now, that attack is triggering new fear and uncertainty for international passengers here in the bay area tonight. >> a flight bound for istanbul was scheduled to leave sfo about 20 minutes ago but so far has not departed. let's bring in peggy bunker who spoke to some boarding that flight. peggy talks to us now from sfo. good morning, peggy. >> reporter: good evening to you. they are on that plane. the whole check-in story is emptied out, but when we do keep checking it looks like they have not departed.
6:31 pm
passengers landed here from istanbul from that airport. many said they are horrified about what happened after their plane took off and landed here. you can see earlier, this is some of the people that were arriving and coming out here at the international. many people who were waiting to pick them up were just so grateful to see them land here. we learned from passengers that they learned what happened back in the istanbul airport while they were on the plane. they were watching live tv as many of these international planes were equipped with. that's how they learned what happened at the airport they just left from a few hours before. a very emotional flight, according to smome of them. we talked to one who just got back from a peace flight. >> i feel fortunate i was able to get away. it's unfortunate this happens in some parts of the world. i'm going to keep traveling. i'm going to live abroad and
6:32 pm
keep doing what i want to do. i can't let fear restrict that. >> reporter: so many people are shaken up here as they were getting off that plane just learning of the news, and then when they landed, of course, all the messages on their phone. many people said their loved ones got in touch knowing they were flying from istanbul and were very, very concerned. also, it was a very arduous process once they got to sfo. as they were coming in, many people said their passports and visas were scrutinized when they got here to san francisco. back to you. >> thank you, peggy, and we'll be looking to see if that flight took off. our check of the istanbul airport continues on line. we have a slide show of pictures of the aftermath there as well as more on the death toll. millions of dollars for a report that has no new revelations. the subject of that investigation, the 2012 benghazi attacks in libya. the report, written by a house committee, reveals nothing new
6:33 pm
about hillary clinton's role. the big takeaway, though, shows with two americans dead and two more soon to be, defense secretary leon panetta ordered un forces to benghazi but no plane was ready. representative trey gowdy joined them. >> i'll leave them to scrutinize this report, but i think it's clear we need to move on. >> reporter: the report, which cost about $700,000 of taxpayer money. it appears pg&e may actually have the critical records prosecutors have said the utility couldn't produce. investigative reporter jackson v vander becken joins us after
6:34 pm
being in court. how did it play out? >> it seemed like a regular day in court and a long day of cross examining a government witness. in the end, both the prosecution and the defense had an amazing announcement that they were wrangling over some 3,000 pages of documents that pg&e essentially proved that they have the records. the government said they don't. why it took so long for this to come to light, well, that's an open-ended question. >> the judge oftentimes can set the tone for this kind of case. what was his response to the revelations? >> he's a thoughtful kind of judge and he initially said he's going to go over the resolutions and get back to them. pg&e is trying to prove they don't have these documents, and if they can suddenly produce them, it's going to put a crimp in the trial. >> what could this mean for the future of this case, jackson? >> we don't really know. the judge could say, this came
6:35 pm
too late, so the documents can't be used. or he could put a hold on the trial. there's just really no way to know how significant these 3,000 pages of test reports that pg&e now says it has that it didn't disclose earlier could have on this case. >> a lot of impact on pg&e and customers across the bay area. it may be the world's most expensive piece of software. volkswagen will pay $14.37 billion because of a piece of software that allowed it to cheat on an emissions test. that settlement, 71,000 people in the state who bought 2000 diesel models from 2012 to 2015 will receive several hundred dollars. >> several thousand vehicles were purchased by california
6:36 pm
consumers who were misled by vw who were led to believe their purchase was not only a smart investment but also eco-friendly. >> they seemed eco-friendly when they were tested but then polluted four times the legal limit once on the road. the criminal justice is still looking at criminal charges against that giant company. the city is working with santa clara county on creative ways of housing the homeless. they're considering church shelters, small modular homes, but some say they could serve many more people and is a more realistic short-term solution. >> the idea of them sleeping in tents is crazy because that's what they're doing right now, anyway. they're staying wherever they can. if we can get the council to agree to city encampments, that's a better answer. >> they're also considering housing for 2,000 more veterans.
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get ready to pay up. this friday an increase in the price of parking at caltrans stations, the daily parking would increase 10% per day. those parking at the belmont caltrans station will have to start paying. before belmont has been free. there will also be higher rates at the dearden station. attendance this year at the gay pride parade, huge. they estimated 42 million people participated in pride weekend. watching as thousands more marched on the road on floats. some people there carried signs honoring those killed in orlando. up next, the website shut down. a small business owner in san francisco comes to us to get it back on line.
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nbc bay area responds. and a santa cruz man arrested for burglary. how he ended up getting beaten up with the same bat he broke into a house with, allegedly. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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it could have been much worse. an early morning fire in a condo complex broke out in the building's third floor. a chopper was overhead. neighbors helped each other evacuate. one of the firefighters was overcome by heat and smoke, but the department tweet aed a few hours ago that he's been released from the hospital. no word yet on how this fire started. a santa cruz man is jailed in florida where a family claims he tried to rob them but they
6:41 pm
got the upper hand. this is how the man in santa cruz looked after he broke into a house wielding a baseball bat. with grandma and three kids inside, dad grabbed him in a bear hug. that's when the wife grabbed his bat and hit him with it. >> i think he got pretty lucky. had he stood there any longer, mama bear protects her babies. >> he ran off and they found him hospitalized under a fake name. an emotional reunion in san francisco. he poses with cliff heist, seen here clutching the instrument, has played since he was 16. the violin, which dates back to 1909, was stolen yesterday from heist's car. the police spotted the violin and today it went back home with its relieved owner.
6:42 pm
artifacts from california will be just a key stroke away from you. that's because these old bits of history are being digitized and being loaded up on a server. the idea is to organize all the pieces of history and make them easily accessible to us. >> i believe in google's commitment to our culture, our history, and yes, to the state of california. >> reporter: the people working on the project say the amount of historical material on line will continue to grow as more and more is digitized and uploaded. as we head to the fourth of july weekend, we want to know what the weather is. let's bring in our meteorologist rob mayeda. rob? >> look at the four degrees of separation. two degrees in brentwood as we see low clouds and a cooler approach to the weekend. we'll look at that in the
6:43 pm
forecast when we come back. a small business owner's website held hostage. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. the business bay area responds, next. san francisco small businesowne.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
jess/2shot she reached out for help en nbc bay area responds to a san francisco small business owner. >> she reached out for help when her website was shut down by her hosting site. consumer investigator chris chmura is here with her story. what exactly happened, chris? >> how many times did you delete an e-mail from a company you didn't recognize thinking it was spam. >> that's what jocelyn did and it shut down her website. bay area responded and we helped get that website back up and running. >> our dog's name is tuco.
6:46 pm
we call heim boo-boo. he looks like he was just born to do that, to jump and get that ball. >> reporter: tugo is the inspiration behind boo-boo's best. jocelyn counts on her e-commerce website to drive business. >> anybody who i approach, they always will use the website as a reference. that's the first place people go to use the product, to use the company. >> reporter: but recently jocelyn's website was taken down. a message on the site read, temporarily unavailable. she didn't know how or why it happened, but she did know one thing. >> it means we don't get sales so i don't make money. >> reporter: scrambling to get her site back up, jocelyn called blue host, her hosting site. she was recommended to site lock, a security company. site lock referenced this e-mail it had sent her, that they detected mal ware on her site.
6:47 pm
she saw the e-mail but dismissed it as spam. after all, she didn't do business with sitelock. sitelock told her she had to pay up to $120 a month to fix the m malware and get her site up and running again. >> that's a lot of money. especially for someone like me. >> reporter: confused and frustrated, jocelyn asked for our hope. sitelock explained they were a security partner and they did, in fact, find malware on her site. blue host acknowledged that the sitelock e-mail could be perceived as spam. so it's working to evolve its e-mail communication. eager to help jocelyn out, blue host jumped in and fixed her site for free. boo-boo's best is back in business. >> i must say it was very fast. that's fantastic. i'm thrilled. >> and we are happy to hear that. in a statement, blue host said its priority to offer web
6:48 pm
services that protect both its customers and its network. sitelock said it already modified its e-mail relationship with blue host so it's clearer. they are recommending all small business owners, including jocelyn, invest in security to protect their website. if you have a consumer complaint, we'd like to hear about it. call us at 1-888-996-tips or you can visit us on line at no complaints about the news desk, right? >> our modifications in the news are so far going great for us. >> we are out here while our permanent set gets some tweaking done to it. >> we like this spot. all our staff is out here. >> when news and weather happen, you see it happening right behind us now. temperatures cooler today. you kind of have to look at the numbers closely to believe me here, because still 91 degrees in sonoma but that's four degrees cooler than yesterday.
6:49 pm
you see places like san rafael, oakland. you'll notice those temperatures cooling from about 105 to 102 degrees. if you look at the east bay, 42 degrees of separation in those climates. still 82 degrees in livermore, but look at brentwood, 102 degrees. 70 close to san jose, but you see san francisco. you have the low clouds, hazy skies, 63 degrees, winds picking up to 6 miles an hour. temperatures in the low 50s and 60 towards the low game. here we are watching these areas of low clouds that will thicken up as we head into tonight. also if you look off to the east today, big time thunderstorms in certifica the sierra and down towards yosemite. an area of high pressure which are really baking the valleys of
6:50 pm
the last few days. moisture is rotating around the western flank of the high but the upper level winds around the bay area we still think will be southwesterly. most of that moisture will stay away from us, but the low-level clouds and fog deepen by about 500 feet. thunderstorms still a potential there for the high country if your travel plans include lake tahoe and around yosemite. here's our big story. the area of low clouds starting to spill back across the bay for the morning. as the marine area continues to thicken up, that's going to lead to temperatures start to get a little cooler. we're talking about more than just three degrees of cooling. but by the weekend, at least 3 degrees cooler for our valleys. drizzle possible for the morning there around your golden gate bridge commute. 80s closer to napa and low 90s. probably still some midnight.
6:51 pm
he's further north. mid to upper 90s still possible for you. i really don't think you'll notice the cooling as we get to friday and saturday as this high really starts the weekend. that will be the end of the week leading to fourth of july weekend. that sea breeze will allow temperatures begin to drop close to average. better air quality there, too. dublin out of the hundreds, 90s and they be eventually some 80s. san francisco, more low clouds. a the bit of a cool start to the weekend. the numbers we think should rebound as we approach fourth of july there on monday. so the fourth of july weekend forecast for now, we'll see a bit of a warming trend but not to the levels we've seen over the last few days. the slow cooling continues the next couple days. the biggest cooling arriving for friday and saturday. back to you. >> that's just right. thanks, rob. up next, the basketball legend has died. the outpouring of love and admiration today for pat
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coach of the te a pioneer in the sports world has died, pat summitt, long-time basketball coach of the tennessee lady bulls died at the age of 64. >> she had a huge impact on t terra van de vere. she helped elevate girls' basketball. >> reporter: an outpouring of love and admiration. basketball coach pat summitt has died at the age of 64.
6:55 pm
summit has been battling early dementia for several years. >> she loved us unconditionally, and we in turn loved her the same. >> reporter: her achievements on and off the court were immeasurable. in 38 years as the head women's basketball coach at the university of tennessee, her team reached the final four 18 times and won eight national championships. with 1,098 total wins, she is the winningest basketball coach in nba history and sing singlehandedly changed the women's game. >> no other coach has impacted a sport the way she impacted women's basketball. >> reporter: off the court, every player who stayed with her program for four years earned a degree. and she set up a foundation aimed at finding a cure for dementia. >> we're just out there doing anything we can in the way pat summitt has always done in her life. she did everything with excellence and integrity.
6:56 pm
>> excellence and integrity. part of the legend for which pat summitt will always be remembered. nbc news. >> she was tough but she was a legend. tonight at 11:00, a drinking water warning for the south bay. the strange odor you may notice coming from your tap and why the south bay water district says it's still safe to drink the water. a place in the guinness book of world records with a very winning performance. yes, this goes on for another eight minutes but you may have recognized those opening words. 10-year-old nathan baum memorized the entire constitution of the united states. it won't surprise us one day if he wants to be a constitution attorney.
6:57 pm
goodbye, see you at 11:00.
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taylor. his rumored hookup as taylor swift takes italy. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ new photos, taylor and tom strolling the streets of rome. her ex calvin secretly texting with this reality tv str? >> i'm 20 years old. >> all of the breaking couples news today. >> bachelorette shocker, jojo walking off the set in a panic. >> i don't know what i'm doing. >> and new couple alert. katie holmes dating matthew perry? the new tarzan and jane shut down hollywood boulevard. >> did you bring a date tonight? >> their racy sex


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