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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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. nbc bay area news starts now. i'm not too crazy about guns getting fire the off on the fourth of july and new year's eve, you know, but these here, i think it's kind of ridiculous to not be able to buy these. >> right now at a:00, different opinions on the safety of fireworks. sellers hoping for a business boom, so to speak. police working to crackdown on
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illegal sales. i'm terry mcsweeney. they're hoping stepped-up fans can deter people from using fireworks. we have details on this new law. >> reporter: firefighters and city leaders are frustrated. they say despite the ban on fireworks, in the past few years, they've seen more than ever. but they are determined that this year will be different. take a look at the images captured by nbc bay area's cameras all across san jose. everywhere you look, you see fireworks lighting up the sky. this year, however, it's going to be a lot easier to punish offenders. first off, new laws have expanded the number of people, including city officials who can issue the fines. before a fireworks fine was a criminal citation issued only by a police officer, but firefighters say this year certain city officials can cite you, including fire officials, code enforcer, park rangers and
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police. it's considered an administrative fine, similar to getting a parking ticket. you can get fines for the sale, use, possession of fireworks, and as for the fines, first-time offenders will be fine the $500, second time offenders $700. and if you get fined a third time, $1,000. fire officials say this is serious. >> i would ask people not concentrate on what the law says and concentrate on ha's safe and go to one of the professional shows. enjoy themselves, come away this weekend with happy memories and being safe. >> reporter: now firefighters are also encouraging the public to report illegal fireworks. you can call if anonymously or e-mail the city. for more information on how to do that, laug onto and we'll have a link to that website for you. nbc bay area news. and a reminder.
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safe and sane fireworks are only available in a handful of cities. tor authorities say, for the fourth of july, leave it to the experts. can you find a list on our website, as the bay area gets ready to celebrate independence day, the warm, dry weather is a major concern. it's not terribly warm, but it's warm and dry. >> it's so dry. everything is golden, living up to the name, the golden state. but you definitely want to make sure you hide teed the warnings. just a little bit of a spark takes a little brush to ignite things. we've got some fog in belvedere this evening. we'll talk about your forecast for tomorrow for san francisco,
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the fourth of july, right? we're starting off the day with a little fog. we'll see the sun break out by 11:00. it won't be until about noon in san francisco till we start to see full sun that will be with us until about 5:00, 6:00. and fog is expected to roll back in for the fireworks festivities. in san jose, starting off clear with a few clouds. temperatures by noon into the 7 os and eventually into the low 80s. if you're headed to the beach, starting off foggy and cool. mid-50s. not until lunchtime that you get into the 60s. and eventually, we'll hit the mid-70s in santa cruz. but this could be a factor by tomorrow night if you're headed out to see the fireworks. we'll have the full forecast in about 15 minutes. the annual fourth of july parade always draws a huge crowd in danville and leads to this mad dash for people trying to secure the best seat possible.
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christie smith is in danville right now with a look at the strategy on how to view the action. take it away. >> reporter: well, this is what's happening. you have folks like these kind people out here, they are standing by in the shade because it's warm out here, keeping an eye on their chairs. after 6:00, it's okay to leave them. there are people keeping their chairs out of the way of the sidewalk but ready to put them in place. because this fourth of july parade in danville is so popular. but what we're being told is because of the drought people are being asked not to put tape down or chalk on the sidewalks to mark their spots, because businesses wouldn't be able to power wash after. despite that, though, chalk seems to be the go-to for many people. those sitting out say they've definitely seen tape removed but some try using alternatives to kree eight a space. >> we thought and thought and decided something that's sustainable and that we could reuse from year to year.
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we went with wine corks. >> reporter: in the end, though, those wine corks ended up being pulled up. so they're just waiting for 6:00. the 2016 kiwanis fourth of july parade honoring vietnam veterans. after 6:00, people can move their chairs into position and tie them together. tomorrow the parade starts at 9:00 a.m. reporting live in danville, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> it cracks me up. crews are gearing up for the biggest fireworks show in the bay area, in san francisco right along the embarcadero. workers spent the day setting up a massive display. took them all day. the five works show lasts a little more than 20 minutes tomorrow night. there's a new feature this year. most peoplen joy the music even if they're not that close to the pooefrmt. >> the audience, if they're not at the water front and they can
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see the show, they can download our app and get the sound track on their phone. kind of cool, high tech. >> the app is called pyro spectaculars. and it will be launched near pier 39. our app has all the tools you need to prepare for the fourth of july in the bay area. check out our events guide, as well as find the fireworks forecast for your neighborhood. islamic extremists are taking responsibility for a suicide bomber that killed dozens early this morning in iraq. a car bomb went off in a busy shopping district in baghdad. at least 167 people are dead. many more wounded. this is the third mass killing this week linked to radicals. we're told the attack in bangladesh was not related to isis. the killers were educated bangladeshis from which families, still part of a radical group.
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six of the attackers were killed. in friday's violence, this is the worst attack by moderate islamists in the mostly muss little nation. one of the victims was a student at uc berkley about to start her sophomore year. she was work toward economics. the vigil for her is set for tuesday at noon on the berkley kput campus. more people are under arrest after the deadly istanbul attack. the number of people detained is up to 37 now. 14 have been formally charged. militants stormed the airport. 44 people died. turkish officials identified the organizer as a leader of an isis cell in istanbul. and a recent tweet about
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hillary clinton. and a nasa fly by. and one bay area swimmer has punched her tiparticular elt to rio. and is calling herself a mama on a mission.
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turning to decision 2016. more controversy centered around donald trump's twitter account. yesterday the presumptive gop
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nominee had a graphic with clinton's face and a star. it reads "the most corrupt candidate ever." it was released two weeks ago with regard to bigots. it has been taken down and the campaign has refused to comment on the matter. trump tweeted it would be yes, ma'am -- impossible for the februa fbi not to recommend criminal charges. she does not appear concerned by the interview. she and her husband went to an of performance of "hamilton", later that night. a new profile lahas been revealed of president obama. he spends several hours in the treaty room. he works on speeches, reads
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letters from americans and sometimes takes a break espn and for a snack, he always eats exactly seven lightly-salted almonds. he plans to take a few months to sleep once his time in the white house ends. still to come, a close call at sacramento international airport. why a plane had to make an abrupt the landing. and the fight to contain flames across northern california.
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after traveling through space for nearly five years, the nasa juneau spacecraft is set to arrive at jupiter on the fourth of july. the goal of the mission is to improve our understanding of jupiter's formation and help us understand the own history of our own solar system. it will maneuver into jupiter's orbit tomorrow. a pilot was forced to make a hard landing at sacramento international airport. there were three people on board, nobody hurt. the runway was closed. other planes diverted to another landing strip while crews towed the plane out of the way. the plane had taken off from modesto. we have an update fwt trail
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head fire. it's burned almost 4,000 acres in placer and eldorado the counties. no structures have been damaged. celebrations had to be canceled because of that fire. a devastating scene in san bernardino after a fire broke out on a san bernardino hillside. it took just minutes to burn 10 acres. investigators say this could be the work of ash sonnist-- arson. it doesn't come at a worst time, because we're in the middle of fire season. it's going to get drier over the next couple months. do what you can to keep the bay area safe if you're thinking about lighting up fireworks,
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leave it to the experts. i know you get the spinners and spa sparklers with the kids. i know you want to do it. i want to do it too. let's talk about the weather. here we go. we've got clouds in san francisco. 62 degrees at the golden gate bridge. can you see people enjoying that cool, natural ac. temperatures cool, 76 degrees in san jose. 77 in gilroy. 67 in santa cruz. and 73 in hayward. and really, where our temperatures are right now is pretty much where they are going to be tomorrow for the daytime high. tomorrow's even, as the fireworks get going, we'll be watching the fog push back in. tomorrow morning when you wake up, here's timeline for 7:00 in
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the morning, widespread fog even for places like the tri valley that did not see fog, even across the south bay. it will push back to the coastline. but still, san francisco, look at that. fog doesn't move much between 11:00 and 5:00. we're goal to stay mostly cloudy. and by this time tomorrow, the fog will be pushing back if by 9:00. if you're heading to the city, it's going to be mostly cloudy for the fireworks spectacular. you know how it goes, the fireworks shoot up into the clouds and you get the glare. keep in mind, if you're headed that way, can't say i didn't warn you. 61 degrees by 8:00 tomorrow night. as the fireworks get going, mostly cloudy skies in the 50s. we have a wide array of things, sunny skies across the south bay, but the fog train is pushing into san francisco. that's going to be the general story each and every morning through the next several days in fact. 63 for your high in san francisco. mid-70s around the inner bay, and we will manage a few low 80s
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around the inland valleys for tomorrow. if you're headed for the beaches, there's a strong risk for rip currents. keep that in mind through tomorrow all the way through tomorrow evening. at that rip current risk does stay in place. we've got marine air in place, that's going to pump in overnight. because of this cooler weather, we've got high pressure starting to push to our south. that's going to allow our jet stream to sag a little further south over the next couple days. so by midweek, we're going to be talking about temperatures below average for once, not above average. we'll get out of the 90ing and back into the 70s and 80s for most of us. you take a peek across the map. wherever you're headed, nothing oppressive. no triple digits, no 90s, 88 for livermore, mid-70s around the inner bay, oakland at 66. 63 for san francisco and up in wine country, look at that. 70. so very comfortable weather all
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in all across most of the bay area. really not only for tomorrow but the week ahead. look at this, the tri valleys, close to 90 tomorrow. but by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday we really start to feel comfortable. and keep that in mind, we'll have morning fog each and every day because of the cooler temperatures. san jose same deal. close to 80 on wednesday. the cooling trend will affect all of us over the fex coupnext days. if you're looking for the best place to watch fireworks, 71 degrees, downtown san jose, doesn't get any better than that. >> are you working for the came ber of commerce? pretty good sell you've got there. >> i've seen them before. it's a good show. coming up, she is going to the olympics. but it was a long road back to the top. the bay area's dana baumer.
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the u.s. olympic swim trials end today in omaha, nebraska for some of the final chance to book the summer games, but one already has her bags packed. danville's dana baumer qualified by finishing second. we explain why she is a mama on a mission. >> reporter: it was a plunge dana baumer wasn't sure she'd take again. she was done with swimming, or so she thought. >> i started thinking about coming back when i was often bed rest. >> reporter: a couple years later, dana was pregnant with her first child and stuck in bed
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for seven weeks. >> being in bed for that long is awful. >> reporter: that time is all it took for dana to dream of another olympics. if march of last year, baby arlon arrived. >> you never know you can love something so much until he was here. >> reporter: it was for arlon that she began exercising her hopes once more. >> when i first got back in the pool, i could hardly do warmups. i was told by a couple people that you couldn't get your body back after having a baby. and i like goals like that. >> reporter: dana became a mama on a mission. >> to show that you have don't have to give up a life as an athlete to be a mom. >> reporter: a long-time coach says having a toddler has pushed dana to a new level. >> i think the mental approach is probably the biggest difference, you know, i just see a calmer, more grounded dana than i've ever seen. >> reporter: dana's closing in on where she was in london,
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where she set a world record. she has at least one more mission in rio. and just making it is already enough. >> you know, everything from here on out is a bonus, and i think that's the way she looks at it. >> no pressure is awesome. >> that was jessica aguirre reporting. she going to rio. as a reporter. now dana and her husband are already talking about a little brother or sister for arlon after the lem peolympics are ov. she says maybe she'll compete again after rio. we are getting ready for the opening ceremony which is only 33 days away. do you want a taste of what the games are going to be like? tonight on nbc bay area, you'll be able to watch the last day of u.s. olympic trials in the swimming competition, get an idea what it's going to be like in 33 days when everybody goes down to rio. by the way, i mentioned jessica aguirre going to rio.
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she's going to be reporting live each and every day. don't miss it. still ahead, steven spielberg's big return to the box office didn't go quite as planned. be good. i'll see you later. [ bark ] [ bark ] bye. see ya pal. xfinity home provides 24/7 professional monitoring for 24/7 peace of mind. aw. aw. aw. aw. [ dryer running ] know what your pets are up to... party's on! ...with xfinity home, connected, protected home. xfinity customers: get a great deal on xfinity home and ask about free installation. call or go online today. see the secret life of pets, in theatres july 8th.
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the fourth of july weekend a huge movie-going weekend and an underwhelming day for a much-anticipated movie, finding dorie still at the top of the charts while the bfg. this time, the legend of tarzan made its debut and came in in second plaz. in third place, the purge.
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the steven spielberg much anticipated "bfg" took a beating and didn't fare well. >> neither one of us heard of it. it didn't do to well, obviously. >> not everyone is going to the movies. some are going out and watching fireworks and lighting sparklers. >> i do have a little one, favorite past time. >> you have a little one. >> i have two of them now. got to keep it to the experts. i'm a tired dad. 50is and 60s at the coastline. our high temperatures, a look at the fourth of july, very comfortable, 60s and 70s at the coastline. and tomorrow night the fog rolls
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back in. >> you're a betting man, san francisco's not going to -- we'll be back at 6:00. on this sunday night -- massive bomb attack. the scenes of devastation and carnage in baghdad. more than 150 people killed. isis blamed for a third big attack in less than a week. the deadliest in iraq in years. holiday controversy. more on hillary clinton's interview with the fbi about her private e-mail server as the trump campaign tries to distance itself from an image that appeared on his twitter feed. speed trap? drivers fight back against a ticket-writing town they claim unfairly hits them with big fines. some calling it highway robbery. and on the job. inside the boot camp for dogs getting trained to guard against terror and sniff out explosives at airports. "nightly news" begins now.


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