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tv   Today  NBC  July 5, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we will be back with you at 7:25 with more live local news. >> of course, join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. z buenos días. a hacer campaña. el presidente obama hace su primera aparición en la campaña con hillary clinton en el disputado estado de carolina del norte. donald trump los critica por usar el avión presidencial para llegar ahí. hola, júpiter. (aplausos). durante la noche, trabajadores de la nasa estallan en aplausos cuando la nave espacial juno comenzó a orbit espacial juno comenzó a orbitar patriotic duty last
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night hosting fireworks on nbc. >> no matter how many times you're lucky enough to see it in person, it never ceases to take your breath away. i was lucky to be there. >> the rain stopped just in time. more on the fireworks in just a bit. our top story, politics. all eyes on the presidential
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race in north carolina where president obama will be campaigning with hillary clinton, their first trip together. donald trump has his own event there today. this as our new nbc survey monkey online tracking poll shows clinton leading trump five points nationally. let's start with andrea mitchell in charlotte this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama will go all out in the first campaign appearance with hillary clinton today giving her a ride here on air force one. they've been teammates. even rivals. and today president obama will do what few other incumbent presidents have. lend his political firepower to his party's likely nominee trying to help elect hillary clinton. >> i'm with her. i am fired up. i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> reporter: he'll be the first incumbent since ronald reagan to
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campaign actively for his successor. many are too unpopular or too controversial to be asked but mr. obama's popularity is above 50%. a huge benefit to clinton in battleground states like north carolina. president obama is giving hillary clinton a ride on air force one and donald trump has pounced. usually the campaign picks up part of the expense for air force one when used for political travel. today's speech is about clinton and the economy, what's achieved so far and what more needs to be done. officials tell nbc news not a broad attack on president obama but the president has been slamming trump for comments and polici polici policies aides say mr. obama e
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sees as offensive. in fact, the president has plenty of motivation to want to defeat trump. starting with trump's birther challenge to mr. obama's legitimacy. >> you are not allowed to be a president if you were not born in this country. he may not have been born in this country. >> reporter: the timing of today's appearance is awkward coming so soon after hillary clinton's interview with the fbi and her husband meeting with the attorney general and donald trump is not going to let any time go by. he's playing tag team coming here to the state to north carolina tonight just after clinton and obama take off. >> thank you. donald trump also stepping up his search for a running mate tweeting about possible picks and responding to the firestorm over an image he tweeted that is viewed by some as anti-semitic. >> reporter: trump is under fire for that tweet that many saw as
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anti-semitic and now taking the unusual move of tweeting about who he's meeting for potential running mate. donald trump trying to blame hillary clinton for a tweet he sent out showing clinton over a pile of money with the caption the most corrupt candidate ever in what many consider a star of david. trump deleted the image within hours but not before a firestorm of criticism. hillary clinton's campaign calls it blatantly anti-semitic saying it's a pattern that should give voters major cause for concern and now trump's campaign is defending the tweet arguing the star was really a sheriff's star adding clinton through her surrogates is trying to divert attention from dishonest behavior of herself and her husband. the statement came monday night after trump's tweets on a vp pick were not changing the subject. two weeks before the convention and the candidate is reminding
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people he's narrowing down his options tweeting about meetings with two potential picks at his golf course over the weekend. only a day after the sit down and pence was forced to comment on trump's controversial tweet. >> you know, i think the campaign has addressed that. i would just say that my focus is indiana. >> reporter: also on trump's list, newt gingrich but again does gingrich want to do? >> being vice president means you have to go to meetings. you have to sit around. you have to deal with the press all the time. you have to deal with congress. i used to be a congressman. i know what it's like to deal with congressmen. >> the next president of the united states. >> reporter: sources close to governor chris christie say he's interested but with a 26% approval rating in new jersey, it's not clear the governor could even deliver his home state.
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speculation right now is that the decision could come as early as next week but sources close to the candidate and the campaign remind me that donald trump is unpredictable. he could pick somebody completely different and make the announcement much sooner than you think. savannah and willie? >> katy tur, thank you. nicole wallace, nbc political analyst, good morning. le let's start with the democrats. is it upside for hillary clinton to campaign with president obama or downside for reporters who don't want a third obama term? >> in this climate, a political year where everything is on its head, these horrific tragedies, terrorism really from all around the globe and sadly here at home, she is attaching herself, which she has already done, to obama's foreign policy record and after trump had the worst month of his candidacy, he still edges out hillary clinton on
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that single question of who do you trust to protect this country against the threat of terrorism? i think the one risk for her is to attach herself too much to the obama foreign policy widely viewed by republicans and independents to be ineffective on that front. >> so she'll be out with democratic all-stars. what does she need out of these people? is it about the honest and trustworthy question? >> the other places she has a deficit in our poll is the question of honesty and trustworthines trustworthiness. she's running a top shelf campaign. she has the president of the united states who made this fight against trump personal for him in comments in his official role taken on the central tenants of trump and trumpism she has elizabeth warren out
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there throwing sharpest knives on the shelf but losing to trump in terms of honest and trustworthiness. >> trump is out there tweeting about who he's meeting with. we all know about it. we've seen names on the short list. complete thing for sentence. the best vp for donald trump is someone who -- >> who tells him how bad things are really going behind closed doors but puts a good face on the campaign in public. i think by that measure chris christie is probably the person he wants to pick. i've seen candidates pick the person they want. i think george bush wanted to pick dick cheney and he did. obama wanted to pick joe biden and he did. they have picked candidates that would make the biggest splash sarah palin was in that category. nobody knows what donald trump is going to do except donald
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trump. >> thank you, nicole. to an historic achievement for space exploration overnight. we're geeking out over this. after a five-year journey, a solar powered probe has arrived in orbit around jupiter. >> nasa scientists at the jet propulsion lab in southern california say it's the toughest thing they've ever done putting a spacecraft named juno into jupiter's orbit overnight. it was all for juno, nasa's space probe that successfully entered jupiter's orbit after a five-year journey. >> nasa did it again! that says it all to me. >> reporter: juno's ambitious mission, figure out how jupiter
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became a planet and how our solar system may have been formed. >> going to go into the scariest part of the scariest place. part of jupiter's radiation environment where nobody has ever been. >> reporter: juno is the size of a football field and operates on solar power. scientists named it an jupiter's wife known as roman goddess who could see through clouds and that's what nasa's version of juneau will do. fly through the clouds of jupiter orbiting over 37 times over the next 20 months, a journey that will take time because of the massive size of the planet. jup nine science instruments will explore how much water is in its atmosphere and for nasa, this was a make or break moment. the mission cost more than $1 billion. juno is the second spacecraft to ever circle jupiter. >> after 1.7 billion-mile journey we hit burn targets within one second on a target
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that was just tens of kilometers large, isn't that incredible? >> reporter: right now aboard juno there's a special camera that will take color pictures of the planet and nasa is helping for your help at home in deciding where to point that camera for jupiter's up close moment and even though juno traveled for a long five years, arrived right on time starting its orbit of jupiter just one second off schedule. willie, savannah? >> just astounding. thank you so much. i was thinking about this this morning. a five-year trip and they nail it within one second. say it again. people at nasa are geniuses. >> imagine whoever did that mathematical equation. impressive. now to this ongoing search for whomever left a homemade explosive in central park that seriously injured a teenager from virginia over the holiday weekend. today craig melvin is in central park this morning with the latest on this. craig, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. connor golden's life was changed
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in an instance as the university of miami honor student at last check was in serious but stable condition at a nearby hospital. as you indicated, there's a forensic team trying to figure out who it was that left this small but powerful explosive device here in central park. sunday's blast creating panic and confusion in new york's bustling central park. >> we don't know. we don't know. >> reporter: 19-year-old connor golden was walking with friends when he climbed down a large rock and stepped on a plastic bag holding what police say was explosive material. his friends shocked. >> he's our friend. we should get in the ambulance. >> reporter: golden rushed to the hospital where doctors amputated his left leg beneath the knee. his grandmother says he's celebrating his 20th birthday this sunday. >> i get sad because i think does connor know what's happened to his leg?
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certainly his father and mother do but does he know? >> reporter: police now searching for clues and witnesses. investigators believe the blast was a result of someone experimenting with fireworks and not a terrorist act. >> we would not categorize this as an explosive divide number one. number two, it was not placed there as part of an experiment to have someone be hurt or step on it or touch it or not at all. >> reporter: experts believe it was created by an parexperiment. the tragedy happening on a holiday weekend known for firework injuries. on sunday, several people were injured in kentucky when a firework misfired. in plymouth, massachusetts, a barge caught fire cutting the show short. fortunately no one was hurt. in new york on monday, police were out in full force to protect the 4 million expected
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for the fourth of july spectacular. tourists along with new yorkers enjoying the night but being careful. >> new york's finest taking care of us. we're safe. we're all right. >> reporter: police believe whoever m whoever made that firework here in central park had some basic knowledge of chemistry. meanwhile, the testing on that explosive material, the results expected to be released sometime tomorrow, guys. >> all right. craig melvin in central park for us. thank you. dangerous heat set to impact tens of millions of americans all across the country. dylan is in for al and has more on what you can expect where you live. >> good morning, guys. it's going to be just exceptionally hot especially in areas like the southeast through the carolinas but also down through texas into oklahoma where we do have heat advisories in effect and also some heat warnings especially northeastern oklahoma. we have 38 million people under some sort of heat advisory. it's not just heat but humidity. that's what is going to make it feel like it's 105 to 115.
7:16 am
when it's very humid, your body tries to sweat but it doesn't cool down very efficiently. that's what makes your whole body temperature rise. with temperatures up around 100 degrees in dallas with the humidity on top of that, it's going to be very, very uncomfortable. we're not looking at breaking records here because it's july and it has been hotter. it's the humidity that's making it so uncomfortable for so many areas. wichita, 100 degrees tomorrow. even into columbia, 98 degrees. stretches up into washington d.c. it lasts through thursday. it lasts through friday. it's not just the high temperatures. we're not looking at just extreme record breaking temperatures but it's the humidity that makes it so dangerous for people. >> big numbers up on that board. thanks. now to the wave of violence in saudi arabia with three suicide bombings rocking three cities in just 24 hours. this as muslims were celebrating the end of ramadan. four security officers were killed in one of those attacks. it's a site visited by millions of pilgrims every year.
7:17 am
there was also a suicide bombing in eastern saudi arabia and one near the u.s. consulate in the western city of jeddah. scare on a flight from new york to tel-aviv over the weekend. two f-18 fighter jets were deployed. the boeing 747 was in swiss airspace at the time. the plane landed safely in tel aviv a short time ago and no bomb was found. the road to rio now. a pretty scary moment at the u.s. track and field trials in eugene, oregon, during the pole vault. his pole snapped. he did not qualify for the u.s. team, however. close to rio now. more on athletes to watch there a bit later in the show. glad he's okay. to lottery fever sweeping the country. tonight's mega millions jackpot soared to $449 million and
7:18 am
powerball is climbing as well. blake mccoy is in chicago where people are grabbing up those tickets. blake, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. people heading into work this morning will notice that latest eye popping jackpot. $449 million. that becomes the third largest mega millions in history and not to be outdone, the powerball jackpot is also rising this morning. take a look. two side by side. powerball is sitting at $257 million. that's because neither of these games had a winner in quite some time. it's been 27 drawings for megamillion and 16 drawings for powerball. 1 in 259 million in megamillion opposed to 1 in 292 million for powerball. you say the lottery days always get hectic. >> yes, they do. >> reporter: sometimes they'll print tickets ahead of time so they're ready. we have our tickets. be sure to bring your dollar
7:19 am
bills in case you're like us and have pools going at work. people want those dollar bills. the drawing is tonight for mega millions wednesday for powerball. >> that's a lot of money. we were worried about you. we saw you in surveillance camera. we didn't know if you were arrested or something. glad you're okay. >> not in trouble. >> blake, thank you. let's turn back to dylan with the rest of the forecast. >> damp in the northeast today. we'll see that storm system start to pull away a little bit later on this afternoon. stormy down through the carolinas and across the southeast. a chance of stronger storms including minneapolis-st.paul this afternoon. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have clouds all across the bay area. it will also help keep our temperatures down as we go through the day. we're starting out near 60 degrees. heading up to 74 degrees in the east bay. 63 degrees in san francisco with some mid to upper 70s for the peninsula. south bay as well as north bay and the tri-valley will be hitting the low 80s with mostly sunny skies. breezy winds across the bay with a pretty strong onshore flow for today around the next several days. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you so much. just ahead, italian police discover the body of a wisconsin college student who vanished in rome one day after he arrived for an exchange program. an arrest has been made in that case. happened just overnight. we'll have the latest. the race to contain a toxic
7:21 am
algae bloom triggering a state of emergency in florida. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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==topvo== firefiters say illel fireworks caused an good tuesday morning. 7:26. i'm sam brock. firefighters say illegal fireworks caused an over night fire that heavily damaged a home in vallejo. it started about 1:00 this morning on a house. the fire started along a wall next to the garage and spread to the main house. firefighters do say the parts of the home were salvageable but for now the home is uninhabitable. two adults and one child made it out safely. while firefighters blame illegal fireworks the homeowner tells us he believes the fire started from a faulty refrigerator. it is the fog acts as our fridge this morning keeping us cool. >> we're also seeing the clouds spreading across the bay area as we take a live look at san jose.
7:27 am
after all of that clears out around mid morning we'll get some sunshine and some nice comfortable temperatures. it's now in the upper 50s to low 60s with highs today reaching 79 in san jose. 75 in redwood city. and low 60s in san francisco. 63 in the mission district. 77 in santa rosa. oak land, 68 degrees. 79 today in santa rosa. now, heading into the next several days our temperatures pretty much hold steady. you'll see that at the bottom of your screen. even into this weekend it looks very nice with some cool mornings and nice warm afternoons. let's head over to mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> pretty calm day as far as the mornings go. looking at the bay bridge. just show you this shot. smooth flow of traffic. fast track lanes we do have backup in the cash lanes but not as bad as we often see. slow on the stri valley southbound 680. it's cleared so no problems for the tri-valley.
7:28 am
whack ov we'll see you again in next 30 minutes.
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♪ 7:30 on this 5th of july, 7:30 now on this fifth of july, 2016. back to workday after the long holiday weekend. here's a look at today's headlines. president obama is hitting the campaign trail with hillary clinton today. they're holding a rally in charlotte, north carolina. president obama speaks at an event in raleigh. >> severe weather interrupted fourth of july celebrations on a couple states on monday. this is damage left behind in southeastern kentucky where strong winds damaged a walmart and several cars in the parking lot. and thunderous applause ran out at nasa's jet propulsion lap torre as juno entered orbit around jupiter. it took five years to get.
7:31 am
there it is a near two billion mile journey to reecht biggest plan net our solar system. it will spend 20 months collecting data and images. >> an arrest has been made in the death of a u.s. college student whose body was found three days after reported mising in rome. our chief global correspondent has that story. good morning. >> good morning, willie. this is a tragic midsummer mystery. an american who had been in rome less than 24 hours is found dead. his parents flying out with the heartbreaking job of identifying their son. and as you say in the last few hours, arrest of a suspect. but as ever, the unanswered question, why was this student killed? beau solomon was enjoying the first night out in rome with a roommate and friends. he went to pay a bill and was never seen again. failing to appear later that morning for class. yesterday police find a body in the river three days after he disappeared.
7:32 am
beau was 19 and a student at the university of wisconsin madison. jake solomon is his older brother. >> we called the credit card company and realized that thousands of dollars had been charged ton his card. >> reporter: police focused on the neighborhood where the student was last seen and on reports that a man was seen throwing someone in the river. they've now arrested a homeless italian man on suspicion of aggravated murder. >> he's an amazing kid. >> his brother spoke before knowing beau was dead. >> when he grows up, he wants to be a politician. he's part of the young republicans club. social butterfly. and just kind of loved by everyone. he's the glue that keeps our family together. he's huge athlete. he loved playing football. he was quarterback here for river valley. he's a big golfer. >> reporter: another brother remembers beau's courage
7:33 am
overcoming childhood cancer. >> he had 15 to 20 procedures growing up throughout his life and was able to overcome all that. >> reporter: american students in rome are shocked at his death. >> it's just a sad feeling to think about his family and about what went through. i think we're all just really sad about that. for the most part, we do feel safe. we're all extra cautious now. >> reporter: friends and students held a vigil for beau solomon, murdered within hours after riving in italy for a summer of learning. while his friends in wisconsin are not surprisingly shocked, one who known him for five years told us that beau was really excited about the trip and she posted a tribute on facebook saying beau you were too good for this place. you will be dearly missed. thank you for being a blessing. savannah? willie? >> devastating to hear his family talk about beau. thank you so much. >> all right. back closer to hoax a stast emergency in florida to tell you b and this is the cause. a massive invasion of toxic
7:34 am
algae is blanketing some beaches. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in stewart, florida, north of miami. he has more on the storey. gabe, good morning. >> good morning. much of the beaches in this area remain open. authorities are deciding on a day to day basis whether to close them base ond toxicity levels. this marina is in a neighborhood tucked away from the open ocean and the smell putrid. as can you see, this toxic algae rots, it seems to be getting thicker. >> reporter: this morning what some are calling an environmental catastrophe caused by this toxic green algae is triggering another green desert on the treasured coast. big business lost over the critical holiday weekend. >> there's two boats on the entire sand bar. >> ott owners of this charter boat don't have much to celebrate. >> at least over a week and a half since anyone's even called. >> reporter: in stewart, florida, on the fourth of july,
7:35 am
a fireworks display attended by a smaller than usual crowd. today four florida counties under a state of emergency. bathtub reef gaech beach desert >> this sun safe for everybody, marine life, people, nobody can enjoy being on the water anymore. >> reporter: scientists and local authorities say there are many factors including population growth, climate change and pollution. >> basically, we fertilizing all of our waters to death. what exacerbated the situation on the treasure coast is the hundreds of thousands of septic tanks. >> reporter: communities across the country battled algae blooms. this lake in oakland, california, shut down for the third straight summer. lake erie tamed to drinking watter in toledo. people with report algae blooms.
7:36 am
>> something absolutely has to be done. there is no way around it. >> a major question is what happens to all this glop once it finishes rotting and falls to the ocean floor? scientists are expecting massive fish kills in this area. the long term impacts of this disaster are still unknown. savannah? >> just awful to see. gabe, thank you. let's get a check of the weather now from dillon. >> good morning. we have a chance some of stronger storms today. today is up through minneapol minneapolis-st. paul. damaging wind gusts is the biggest threat. an isolated tornado is possible. again, it's really the straight line winds. we have the threat of storms that extend down into northern kansas and over into wisconsin as well. we are going to see these begin to pop-up especially as we go into this afternoon and evening and just something to keep an eye to the sky out for if you are planning things outdoors today. just look up for the dark clouds. we're going to see this continue to move eastward throughout
7:37 am
night. by midnight, it piushes over ino wisconsin. tomorrow morning, it will pass through chicago. louisville will see stroonger storm. we have that enhanced risk for scattered storms. none of we're in for some cloud qul skies this morning. but a lot of sun this afternoon. right now it's in the upper 50s to low 60s as you head out the door. coastal fog may be an issue costing mist and drizzle but it will be up to 63 degrees in san francisco. north bay, 77 degrees. also some upper 70s in the peninsula for the south bay. tri-valley, high in the low 80s today while the peninsula, 76 degrees with mostly sunny skies and breezy winds today. up to about 20 miles an hour. and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. thanks a lot. still ahead with many top republicans planning to stay away from cleveland, why this year's gop convention will be unlike any we've ever seen.
7:38 am
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breyers. the good vanilla. we're proud to announce that our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. we're back at 7:43. with the republican national convention less than two weeks away, donald trump is still trying to unite his party. >> many of the gop's best known figures plan to skip the gathering in cleveland. what can we expect?
7:43 am
here's nbc national correspondent peter alexander. >> reporter: donald trump predicting the republican convention will be one for the books. >> i think we'll have a great convention. i think we'll go onto a great victory. >> reporter: for the gop the rnc has always been a grand old party. >> i accept your nomination for presidency of the united states. >> i accept your nomination for president. >> i proudly accept your nomination. >> reporter: but with republicans deeply divided over trump, the cleveland convention may produce unexpected fireworks with protests outside and a possible anti-trump revolt within the party's ranks. among those staying away, formidable lineup of past presidents and nominees including both bushes, john mccain and the man at center stage four years ago, mitt romney. add to that a roster of rising republicans sitting down including senator ben sasse. and utah congresswoman mia love recently telling a report i
7:44 am
don't see any upside to it. neither of trump's former rivals, ted cruz or ohio's home state governor john kasich are expected to speak. both have yet to endorse trump. that could free up speaking slots for loyalists like chris christie and ben carson and some major corporations have decided not to be a sponsor in cleveland. though they won't comment on whether trump's nomination played a role. no matter what, there will be drama. trump promising a winner's night featuring iconic sports names like bobby knight. >> you take some of these great winners -- they're winners. there aren't many winners. >> announcing speeches by his family including his wife. >> my children will be speaking at the convention. children are all going to be speaking. ivanka, tiffany, don. my wife is going to speak at the convention. we'll have a great time. >> ivanka trump guaranteeing her
7:45 am
father will re-write the party playbook. >> a convention unlike any that we've ever seen. it will be substantive. it will be interesting. it will be different. >> reporter: for trump trailing clinton in polls, the four nights in cleveland may be the best chance to reset the race. >> you're going to see a focus on trump's strengths and a focus on hillary's weaknesses. that will have a unifying effect for many republican voters out there. >> trump won't have the stage to himself for long. hillary clinton and democrats take their turn just 72 hours later. for "today," peter alexander, nbc news, washington. >> as wild and unconventional as this may be, last time around we had clint eastwood talking to an empty chair. you have to top that. >> the bar is high. up next, pbs is under fire this morning. why did the network show old fireworks during last night's capital fourth special. carson has a bit of controversy there right after this.
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we are back at 7:50. carson is in the orange room. all is right with the world and a lot of people talking about the fireworks last night on pbs. >> they are. you did great job hosting the fireworks spectacular here in new york city on nbc. there were showers overall but a pretty good night here. for people in washington, d.c., fog took over much of the sky and hard to see the fireworks on that pbs special but only for a bit when the sky cleared up on
7:51 am
soci television. they called out pbs for showing old footage. fake footage of fireworks on the fourth? it's cloudy and rainy in d.c. those shots clearly not from tonight and some of the scaffolding shots of the capitol, it's been there for months. other shots on tv from a distance seem to show a scaffolding free capitol there. after the special was over, pbs did respond online tweeting this. we showed a combination of the best fireworks from this year and previous years. it was the patriotic thing to do. still, melissa writing saying you should have let viewers know some portions pre-recorded. most of you know on a lot of the special, even my new year's eve special, music is prerecorded ahead of time but when it comes to fireworks, people want it live. >> the coverup. always the thing. >> you can't really see them, wouldn't you rather see
7:52 am
fireworks that you could. >> be upfront about it. >> carson, thank you. just ahead, taylor swift's star studded holiday bash. >> were you there? >> sadly, no. >> not in the squad. celebrating one month to rio.
7:53 am
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wx toss to trfic . good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have low kouds and fog in parts of the bay area. we start out in temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s as you head out the door. and we'll get a lot of sunshine again today, up to 79 degrees in san jose. palo alto, 76 degrees. and some low 60s for the embarcadero today. with some gradual clearing in san francisco. 77 in santa rosa. oakland, 68. 77 in fremont. while san ramon today will see a high of 79 degrees. as you can tell by the seven-day forecast, the bottom of the screen, we will have more of the same weather heading into the weekend. mostly cloudy morning with some sunshine during the afternoon. let's head over to mike now to see what's happening on the roadways this morning. >> mostly cloudy at the golden gate bridge. not a major concern but maybe the windshield wipers. we do have some mist in the area but not a lot of slowing on our
7:57 am
maps. we see that around the golden gate bridge and all around the bay. a little slowing fb 880 toward 92. earlier crash cleared there. stop of your screen northbound 101. we just got a crash twr sween ellis and shoreline. they have the same details. 85 and san jose for 87 north coming into downtown. no big deal. send it right back to you. happening right now, family members a s ars are talking abo they say led up to an explosive encounter that led san jose police no option but to shoot and kill a young armed man. the nation's oldest park ranger responds to what she says has been an outpouring of support ever since she was attacked and robbed inside her apartment. supposedly surprise visit by warriors star steph curry literally floors one boy atte attending his basketball camp. that story is posted on our facebook page. weigh in. we'll see you again in 30 minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm going to stand by you >> coming up, the royal treatment. >> bullying does not only affect young people and children. it exists all around us. >> prince william's message about a cause close to his heart, issuing a new challenge if his quest to put an end to bullying. >> plus, ready, set, good morning. we come on, we are about to hear from the fbi director james
8:01 am
comey. expected to make a statement from washington. at this hour, we do not know the subject of the statement he will make, but a lot of speculation it may have something to do with the department of justice investigation into hillary clinton and e-mail practice. we have a live shot the podium. we expect james comey to take the podium in a moment. let's go to chuck todd. the moderator of "meet the press." we are scratching our heads. we don't know what the press conference is about. >> we would assume and so many wondering they would have waved off. sometimes he does this for terrorism investigations. let's not assume it is what it is. coming now 772 hours removed frm her meeting with the fbi. i know in your experience in your days as a lawyer, that is not a lot of time in the middle of a supposed investigation. so, that did give the clinton people feeling those would experience it, maybe they feel good.
8:02 am
>> and here is director comey. >> good morning. i'm here to give you an update on the fbi's investigation of secretary clinton's use of the personal e-mail system as her time as secretary of state. after a tremendous amount of work over the last year, the fbi is completing its investigation and referring the matter to the department of justice for a decision. what i want to do today is three things. i want to tell you what we did. i want to tell you what we found and i want to tell you what we are recommending to the department of justice. this is going to be an unusual statement in at least a couple of ways. first, i'll include more detail about the process than i orderly would. i think the american people deserve the details in the case. i have not reviewed this with the department of justice or any other part of the government. they do not know what i'm about
8:03 am
to say. i want to thank the fbi employees and the work. once you understand how many we have done, you will understand why i'm proud of their work. first, what we have done. this investigation began as a referral from the intelligence community inspector general in connection with secretary clinton's use of the personal e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. the referral focused on whether classified information was transmitted on the personal system. our investigation looked at whether there is evidence that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on that personal system in violation of the federal statute that makes it a felony to mishandle classified information, intentionally or grossly negligent way. a second statute making it a
8:04 am
misdemeanor to knowingly remove classified information from the storage facilities. in response to the counterintelligence, we have investigated to determine if there is evidence of computer intrusion by nation states or hostile actors. i have used the singular term so far. secretary clinton used several different servers and administrators of the servers in her four years at the state department. she used mobile devices to send and use e-mail on the personal domain. as new servers and equipment were employed, older services were stored and decommissioned in various ways. piecing that back together, to gain as full an understanding as possible of the ways in which personal e-mail was used for government work has been a painstaking undertaking requiring thousands of hours of
8:05 am
effort. for example, when one of secretary clinton's servers was decommissioned in 2013, the e-mail software was removed. that did not remove the e-mail content, but it was like removing the frame from the huge unfinished jigsaw puzzle and putting all the pieces on the floor. the effect was millions of fragments ended up in the server's unused or slack space. we searched through all of it to understand what was there and what part of the puzzle we could put back together. fbi investigators read all of the approximately 30,000 e-mails that secretary clinton provided to the state department in 2014. where an e-mail was assessed as possibly containing classified information, the fbi referred that e-mail to any agency that is a possible owner of that information so that agency can
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:06 am
make a determination if the e-mail had classified information when it was sent or received or classify it now if the content was not classified sent or rereceived. that is the process as up classifying. from the group of 30,000 e-mails, returned to the state department in 2014, 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received. eight of the chains contained information that was top secret at the time they were sent. 36 of the chains contained secret information at the time and eight contained confidential information at the time. the lowest level of classification. separate from those, about 2,000 additional e-mails were up classified to make them confidential.
8:07 am
those e-mails had not been classified at the time they were sent or received. the fbi also discovered several thousand work related e-mails not among the 30,000 e-mails returned to secretary clinton in 2014. we found the e-mails in a variety of ways. some deleted and we found some on devices connected to the private e-mail domain. others we found by reviewing the archived government accounts by people in government at the time. including high ranking officials at other agencies. folks with whom the secretary of state would correspond. this helped us recover the 30,000. still others we recovered from the painstaking review of the millions of e-mail fragments in the slack space of the server decommissioned in 2013.
8:08 am
with respect to the thousands of e-mails we found not among those produced to the state department, agencies have concluded that three of those were classified at the time they sent or received. one at classified and two at the next level. none of those we found have been up classified. we found no evidence that any of the additional work relate e-mails were intentionally deleted to conceal them in any way. our assessment is like many e-mail users, secretary clinton periodically deleted e-mails or percenta purged when devices were changed. there was no archives of her e-mails. it is not surprising we discovered some on the e-mail in
8:09 am
2014 when very produced those to the state. it could be some of the work-related he have mail ra e- that were discovered by the lawyers in late of 2014. the lawyers doing the sorting did not read the content of all of her e-mails like we did. they relied on header information and tried to do search terms on the 60,000 remaining on her system at the end of 2014. it is highly likely that their search missed some work-related e-mails and we found them and in the mailboxes of other officials or slack space of a server. it is also likely that there are other work-related e-mails they did not produce to state and we did not find elsewhere and now gone because they deleted all
8:10 am
e-mails they produced to state and they cleaned devices to conclude the forensic recovery. we have discovered the information to attempt how the sorting was done by the attorneys. we cannot fully reconstruct the electronic record of the sorting. we believe the investigation has been sufficient to give us confidence there was not intentional misconduct with the sorting effort. of course, in addition to the technical work, we interviewed many people to whose involved in setting up the server, to staff members to whom she corresponded with e-mail and secretary clinton herself. last,extensive work to try to determine what
8:11 am
indications there may be of hostile actors in the e-mail system. now let me tell you what we found. we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the hailing of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. for example, seven e-mail chains classified at the top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. those chains involve secretary clinton both sending e-mails about the matters and receiving e-mails about the same matters. there is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding with the matters should have known an unclassified system was no place
8:12 am
for the conversation. in addition to the sensitive information, we found information that was secret by the intelligence community. that is excluding any later up class filed e-mails. none of the e-mails should be on an unclassified system. it is concerning because all of the e-mails were housed on unclassified personal servers, not even supported by full-time security staff like those found at agencies and departments of the united states government or with a commercial e-mail service like g-mail. i think it is also important to talk about the marking of classified. only a small number of the e-mails here bore markings the classified information. even if information is not marked classified in an e-mail, participants who know or should know the subject matter is
8:13 am
classified are still obligated to protect it. while not the focus of the investigation, we also developed evidence that the security culture of the state department in general and with respect to the use of unclassified systems in particular, was generally lacking in the kind of care for classified information found elsewhere in the u.s. government. with respect to the intrusion, we did not find direct evidence that secretary clinton's personal e-mail domain in its various configurations in 2009 was hacked successfully. given the nature of the system and of the actors potentially involved, we assess we will be unlikely to see direct evidence. we do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom secretary clinton was in regular contact from her personal account. we also assess that secretary clinton's use of a personal
8:14 am
e-mail domain was known by a large number of people and readily apparent. she used her personal e-mail extensively outside the united states including sending work related e-mails in the territory of work related adversaries. we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to secretary clinton's personal e-mail account. so that's what we found. finally, with respect to the recommendation to the department of justice. in our system, the prosecutors make the decisions about whether charges are appropriate based on evidence that the fbi helped collect. although we don't normally make public the recommendations to the prosecutors, we make recommendations about what resolution may be appropriate given the evidence. in this case, given the importance of the matter, i think unusual transparency is in order.
8:15 am
although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding of handling of classified information, our judgment is no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. prosecutors weigh a number of facts before deciding to bring charges. the obvious considerations like the strength of evidence and with regard of intent. and the context of a person's actions and how similar issues were handled in the past. in the mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. all the cases prosecuted involved some combination of clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information or vast quantitiesiquantities of information or indications of
8:16 am
disloyalty to the united states or efforts to obstruct justice. we do not see those things here. to be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. to the contrary. those individuals are subject to security or sanctions. that is not what we are deciding now. as a result, the department of ju justice makes final matters on this case. i know this will be intense debate. what i can assure the american people is this investigation was done honestly, confidently and independently. no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear. i know there were many opinions expressed by people not part of the investigation, including
8:17 am
people in government. none of that mattered to us. opinions are irrelevant. they were all inn informed by inside to the investigation. we did our investigation the right way. only facts matter. and the fbi found them here in an entirely apolitical and professional way. i could not be prouder to be part of the organization. thank you very much. >> you were listening to the news conference to james comey. the director of the fbi. he served the obama administration and bush administration. he concluded significantly that hillary clinton will not face criminal charges in the investigation into her e-mail practices when she was the secretary of state. as he mentioned just there, generally, the fbi makes the recommendation to the department of justice. in this case, it is unusual as i turn to chuck todd. loretta lynch has just in essence recused herself.
8:18 am
saying she would accept the recommendation. here they decided not to prosecute. that doesn't mean they give a free pass to hillary clinton and behavior here. >> it was an extraordinary 15 minutes in the history of the presidential campaign and in the history of presidential polit s politics. director comey felt he had to walk through people. we live in such an era of mistrust and distrust, he felt he had to spend half of his time painstakingly go through everything. if you are hillary clinton, you have a clean bill of health. she does not have a clean political bill of health. it is not going to dump stuff on her. the cloud doesn't go away. this brought back all of the issues they thought. that is the long term damage.
8:19 am
>> it doesn't end the presidential campaign with an indictment. i turn to andrea mitchell where clinton is campaigning with president obama today. there is no question a lot of material here for her political opponen opponents. james comey did not give her a free pass. it was careless for her to have a server with classified information on it, andrea. >> he did say that. he said he could not rule out hostile actors penetrated her e-mail and those e-mails with whom she was communicated. he described a careless procedure. the facts that she was as careless as he described if his -- basically this was a political indictment of how she handled e-mail. it discounts her explanations she made for the course of a year as to the security of the e-mail system. it will be fodder for her
8:20 am
critics and frankly for a lot of supporters it will be troubling for the key voters, independent voters, who are critical of the campaign. the fact also of the timing which is extraordinary. she is supposed to be heading here to charlotte today on air force one. embraced by barack obama. how difficult is this? the other thing we should point out which is amazing, the fbi director would never in an ordinary case reveal this much about the case as chuck was saying in advance of the recommendation to the justice department. >> he gave a lot of information about what exactly that investigation had found. we should mention we are looking at a live picture of hillary clinton on the campaign trail now. chuck, it was interesting. how many times have you heard and andrea heard and i heard asking secretary clinton. i never knowingly sent or received classified information that was marked classified at the time. comey took that on directly.
8:21 am
even if something is not marked classified, people who know or should know have a duty to protect it. he is saying she should have recognized how sensitive this information was whether or not it had a marking that said classified. >> he took it to a point. essentially said i have two examples where she should have known better. he walked through two specific examples of e-mail chains where she both sent and received that she should have known better. let's talk about the big picture. if this gone the other way, we are nine days from the first convention. this could have created an entirely different situation in the democratic party. today is a sense of relief in brooklyn. a bunch of people watching on tv. they thought it felt good considering saturday to today. that was the sign of the good thing. they were nervous.
8:22 am
>> it never happens in washington. a general feeling of suspension. nothing leaked. i have pete williams on the phone. pete, you are the person to remark upon how james comey said the recommendation, but walked everyone through. the thought process and investigatory steps. >> they have been thinking whether to do this if no charges were filed. as soon as they said the fbi director was making the announcement, i thought he would say what he said. the first thing to point out, savannah, the fact she used a personal e-mail server is irrelevant to the question to how classified information was handled. it would have been the same problem if she used the unclassified system. that was the problem with the classified information in the unclassified system. using the personal e-mail made it worse because it was less protected. the main problem was putting classified information on the
8:23 am
non government non classified system. basically the conclusion was it was sloppy, but not criminal. i can tell you that he senses the justice department did not know what he was going to say. i was trying for the last hour. i have been talking to people at the fbi for weeks now saying if you don't file or recommend charges, how will we know you are done. within the last couple weeks, they were saying we're discussing that now. it is unusual for the director of the fbi to layout the recommendations to the justice department are. it is not over. justice will still make a decision. the attorney general said last week that she will be guided by the recommendations of comey and the career people at justice. i would be very surprised if this goes any way other than no
8:24 am
charges. >> pete, you make a good point. the issue of whether or not she had a personal server is not directly related. the issue was the hostile actor or nation state was able to access the information. andrea, he said the fact she had the private e-mail was known to a large number of people and used this overseas. we not see any direct evidence, but we probably won't. i felt it is likely there was intrusion there. >> exactly. the fact she used her private device overseas in hostile territory. most likely in russia and china and place where is they would have such access. he said it is likely it was penetrated, although he had no evidence of it. pete is a better expert on one piece of this, but i think it is
8:25 am
also justice department ruled that you do not make decisions very close to a presidential election. i think in that case, they were already getting very close to that moment. they had to say something before she is officially nominated. it would be that much worse in august after the democratic convention. there is a down side here. there is no criminal prosecution because as he points out, in all of the past cases and i know a number of them personally as do you, where we had a former cia director, two in fact, involved in mishandling classified information. it was intent and the quantity of the information in those cases that led to prosecution. >> no question about it. whether to prosecute for this fbi director seemed to hang on the issue of whether there was
8:26 am
evidence of intentional misconduct. criminal charges will not be filed. we will continue to follow this on and tonight on nbc news with lester holt. i'm savannah guthrie. this is an nbc news spec overnight fire that heavily 8:26, firefighters say illegal fire works caused an overnight fire in valet ho. started about 1:00 this morning at a house on devenger and spread to the main house. crews say parts of the home were savaged, but few now, it is uninhabitable. they blame illegal fireworks, but the homeowner says a faulty refrigerator. most of the bay area, a very, very light drive. in fact, the earlier crash in
8:27 am
mountain view, it cleared. the slowing gone. meanwhile, in fremont, we had a couple of crashes, that finally showed speeds back to normal. southbound toward dakota, but then farther south, around stevenson, the center divide activity, but no slowing there. the bay bridge metering lights are still on. the biggest back up there. we have westbound 80, toward the bay bridge, a little slow. you know what, even for that that's a great drive. back to you. >> i was going to say, that's tolerable. thank you very much. we'll see you again in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 on tuesday, july 5th. a post-holiday crowd soaking up the sun on rockefeller plaza. i hope you hear the music. it's sean mendhawn mendez. >> fans should be lining up at any moment. they'll be here. imagi magic! has a new album here for a special performance. >> and we'll walk you through things you want to stock up for in july. >> now, a check of the weather.
8:31 am
>> we'll see a chance of stronger storms today through the upper midwest including minneapolis-st.paul. we also have some isolated scattered storms through the southeast today with temperatures topping out in the 90s. your feels-like temperature down through texas and oklahoma will feel like it's about 105 to 115. we do have heat advisories in effect. drink plenty of water. stay inside during 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. and cooldown when you can. a slight risk of storms tomorrow through south dakota and into nebraska. a chance of scattered showers and storms that will move into chicago stretch down into kentucky and into the southeast. it is hot all of the way up into the northeast and new england. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. humid. muggy. there now, slowly clearing as we go through the rest of the morning. temperature wise, it feels cool, upper 50s to low 60s, with a high of 84. palo alto, 76 degrees, and low
8:32 am
60s in san francisco. 80 in fairfield, while oakland is at 68. in livermore, today, expect a high of 81 degrees, and our weather continues with morning clouds and some cooler than average temperatures for the rest of the workweek. >> don't forget to take us with you when you walk out the door. i have to point out, dylan, wish it were dryer but still enjoying today. i love it. love the play on words. carson? >> thank you very much. we are geared up for friday's big premiere "the secret life of pets" from our sister company universal. our viewers have been sharing pictures and videos of the silly things they caught their pets doing. let's get to a couple of them here quickly. she can't get enough of checking out her own reflection in the mirror. so much for staying inside. this is megan's dog who has absolutely mastered the use of
8:33 am
the door. there you go. better lock that thing. this yorkie found her way up the escape. just jump over that gate. no problem. keep those pet photos and videos coming to or online using #todaypets. let's go out to savannah. >> thank you. stores rolled out the big sales for the holiday weekend but your savings do not have to end there. we have what to buy in july. good morning. i love these segments. certain things are better to buy in certain times of year. >> there's a time for everything especially if you want to save big bucks. >> i know amazon is doing these precursor sales leading up to prime day. walmart has a big offer going. >> definitely worth checking out websites because sales are good. not everything is on sale. before you sign up for the subscription, do your research and make sure what you want is on sale on those sites. >> let's get into these specific categories. home decor. >> amazing deals on home decor.
8:34 am
savings up to 65% off. we'll start over here for example. linens, tablecloths, outdoor gear up to 50% off at pier 1. these awesome outdoor pieces of furniture up to 40% off at sears. you can get indoor home decor like great wall art or other types of stuff from places like wayfair. now is the time to get it. >> we gave a sneak preview. if you're a do it yourselfer, paint is on sale as well? >> up to 40% off. at home depot a bucket of five gallon paints, you save $40. at lowe's paint samples are just 99 cents and at sherwin williams, you can get up to 40% off on great paints and primers. true value has a great deal. all easy care products are on
8:35 am
sale. it's buy one get one free for some of those products. really good time to do diy. >> now we get into my whe wheelhouse. handbags are on sale. >> up to 70% off right now. i want to start with one of my favorites. this deal is incredible. select handbags $500 or less up to 50% off. this sale is only taking place today. i want to mention you get an extra 20% off your entire order today only. we're also seeing wristlets on sale at macy's. lord & taylor 25% off savings and jcpenney select handbags and leather goods 40% off. >> video games. something for everybody. >> these will be up to $50 off. for example, we're seeing xbox 1 games on sale for $50 off at
8:36 am
toys "r" us and select games like ps3 and ps4 games on sale at walmart and gamestop. stock up for your kids. >> good time to buy jewelry as well. >> savings up to $300. blue nile, these are boxed sets from macy's up to 50% off. we're seeing good deals at zale's as well. >> outdoor goods also on sale this time of year. >> camping goods. bikes are on sale up to $100 off. if you go to dick's you can get $100 off select bikes. >> talk to me about the ice cream. >> it's national ice cream month. lots and lots of ice cream on sale at select stores. super yummy. stock up now. so good.
8:37 am
>> i can eat this whole thing right now. thank you so much. by the way, she's got more deals on our website. coming up next, summer travel trends you want to get in on. first, this is "today" on nbc. how good was that?
8:38 am
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>> announcer: design your life on "today" is sponsored by the 2017 ford fusion. the beauty of a well made choice. >> we're back at 8:39 with the start of a special series design your life spofocusing on travel. all sorts of ideas to have you feel empowered to plan your own adventures. this summer being hip is hot. >> one of the things trending is holiday. berlin, austin, nashville, offering amazing music, great foods, cool boutique shopping. people are looking for that
8:40 am
local authentic feeling. >> being fit is in with wellness holidays seeing a 25% increase this past year. catering to vacationers who want to stay lean and mean. also a big trend in travel, art from oklahoma to ontario, artists and hotel galleries make culture and comfort assessable. >> art has gone mainstream. >> the ultimate experience in travel this year is the unexplored. >> with opening of new destinations to the western world, there's a big rush for people to go see places like myanmar or cuba or arctic before it changes. my tip is to pack up, book that trip as soon as possible and see it before it's too late. >> let's bring in mark elwood, senior editor of "traveler." good to see you. let's walk through some of these places we're talking about. we'll talk with hipster travel. you're the voice of the hipster. >> i hope so.
8:41 am
>> you even wear jeans and a blazer. well done. what are we talking about in terms of hipster travel and where we should be headed? >> we'll talk about west texas. specifically a town where there are less than 2,000 residents but 16 art galleries. there's an amazing bookstore. okay grocery store. a place that an artist called donald judd founded a foundation 40 years ago. you may know his art. he brought all of his friends there and it's become the gro y grooviest place in texas. >> glamorous camping. i do love the trailers at a spot. we've got a hotel there. if you're not into trailer, you can stay in a hotel downtown. >> let's go to relaxing retreats. you're taking us to utah. >> this is an amazing all inclusive getaway where you can take care of your body and your
8:42 am
mind. you will be in st. george, utah, the red mountain spa. the rate includes all of your meals and as much exercising as you can handle. you want to do hikes, you want to do fitness classes. personally i think the big lure is you're near zion national park. the canyons there are unbeatable. >> let's move to art lover. we heard of "night at the museum." you can sleep at the museum in louisville, kentucky. >> the 21st century museum hotel doesn't know if it's a museum or if it's a hotel. they opened in a few secondary cities around america. whenever they appear, it basically says the cultural life there is thriving. the one in louisville is right downtown. it's a few blocks from the kentucky center. some great galleries. you also have amazing old victorian buildings nearby. >> we like to go places that haven't quite been discovered
8:43 am
yet. sri lanka is one of those. >> i think unmissable place. had troubles recently. it's calmed down. very peaceful. very safe. we have an all inclusive trip. almost two weeks out of new york, incredible price including flights. when you get there, you'll see elephants in the national parks, you'll get to see tea plantations. >> i want to travel with you. let's take this old leather luggage and hit the road together. thank you so much. up next, a performance from the hit band magic!. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
♪ ♪
8:45 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> if you turned on the radio at
8:46 am
all last summer, you have heard of our next guest. >> magic! hit big with "rude" and now out with the second album called "primary colors." good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> thanks for getting up early. >> thanks for having us. >> everyone knows the song "rude." such a huge hit. interested to read this morning when you made it big with that song, you hadn't all been together that long. now you have. >> when "rude" was big we had only toured very little. we started in the studio as a band. now we've been touring for 2 1/2 years and made this album so it has this kind of sound, this whole new sound. still the same band. still the same fusion but more experience. >> people who love the song "rude" can they expect to hear more on "primary colors." >> reggae is what we do. the focus on great songs.
8:47 am
"red dress" has the element of that. >> people love the message of "red dress." it's not just about the dress but the woman that wears it. >> you're going to sing that for us now. take it away. ♪ ♪ she's tried on everything ♪ every little thing inside her closet ♪ ♪ and she knows it's getting late ♪ ♪ those that i been texting and i'm starving ♪ ♪ cause we been working overt e overtime ♪ ♪ she wants to make her night one we will remember ♪ ♪ and i'm standing at the town ♪ thinking it's all right put on whatever ♪ ♪ but i've been on my best
8:48 am
behavior ♪ ♪ pacing back and forth ♪ and 10,000 lifetimes later ♪ when she walks through the door ♪ ♪ i said hey, you with the red dress on ♪ ♪ i got to find a way to take it off ♪ ♪ i got a lot of love and it's growing strong ♪ ♪ when i see you with your red dress on ♪ ♪ you in that red dress ♪ you in that red dress ♪ yeah it's hard to concentrate ♪ ♪ finish up your plate she once told me ♪ ♪ but i got one thing my mind ♪ as they pour the wine and it comes to me ♪ ♪ but i've been on my best behavior ♪ ♪ not to cause a scene ♪ but when we final lly get hom later ♪ ♪ it's just you and me
8:49 am
♪ and i said hey you with the red dress on ♪ ♪ i got to find a way to take it off ♪ ♪ i got a lot of love and it's growing strong ♪ ♪ when i see you with the red dress on ♪ ♪ hey you with the red dress on ♪ ♪ i got to find a way to take it off ♪ ♪ i got a lot of love and it's growing strong ♪ ♪ when i see you with the red dress on ♪ ♪ you in that red dress ♪ ♪ i said hey you with the red dress on ♪ ♪ i said hey you with the red dress on ♪ ♪ hey you with the red dress on ♪ ♪ i got to find a way to take it
8:50 am
off ♪ ♪ i got a lot of love and it's growing strong ♪ ♪ when i see you with your red dress on ♪ ♪ >> you in that red dress ♪ ♪ red dress ♪ ♪ with that red dress on >> all right. the song is "red dress." album is "primary colors. magic! thank you. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪ 8:52. al is off. dylan gets the honor of the birthdays. >> i love doing these. let's look at who is on our smucker's jar today. happy 100 birthday to marie from stockton, california. she's lived in 12 countries. mr. herbert ferguson from youngstown, ohio, celebrating 100 years. he served during world war ii and received the bronze star medal for his service. what an honor. thank you for your service.
8:53 am
happy 100 birthday to glenn from pennsylvania. he loves to keep up with his grandchildren by writing e-mails and talking over skype. and walter from honolulu, hawaii. this college football fan is 100 years old. he's traveled all over the country to watch his favorite teams play. go team. gertrude is a life-long cubs fan. if not watching the game, you'll see her in the pool. she swims 15 laps a day and last but not least, happy 100 birthday to daniel from pennsylvania. this busy grandfather served as captain in the air force during world war ii. thank you for his service, as well. we're celebrating your pet's birthday. whatever you got marking a big day, tell us about them. head to be sure to send in your pet selfie. >> how old does the pet have to
8:54 am
be? >> any age. >> 100 in dog years. >> a tortoise to live to 100. coming up in our next hour, we'll attempt a guinness world record in studio 1a. by we i mean natalie.
8:55 am
8:56 am
tuesday, i'm sam brock. the family of cal student, tear fully received her remains, she died in bangladesh, and people on the campus of uc berkeley will come together to honor her life. jane had been working in bangladesh as a summer intern. she and 19 other hostages died
8:57 am
in that attack at a bakery in the capital city of dhaka. they were honored yesterday. today's vigil is to take place at noon today. happening now, bob bur del is on the campus getting reaction from students, bringing us a live report for the midday. jackie speer had an emotional sit in for gun control lows, or at least a vote on them. voters can link to her on her facebook page. kind images of moon circling the planet, that of course would be jupiter. you can go to our home page. we'll see you in 30 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," our supreme summer fun begins as we kick off guinness world record week. then the awesome flip by gymnastics champ that was pitch perfect and how to get that celebrity look by rocking the hottest hues. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. it's july 5th, 2016. the rain passed through this morning. we're ready to go. al has the day off. my morning jam.
9:01 am
"ain't no man." they played it in our studio two weeks ago. the new album is incredible. a lot of rotation at our house right now. >> you stomped a lot last night. >> tamron and i had a late night hosting the macy's fourth of july fie works in new york ci-- new york city. what was interesting is yesterday dylan said you're going to be fine. this is jennifer holiday singing "america the beautiful." let's listen for a second. it's that good.
9:02 am
>> wow. >> goose bumps for sure. >> i was standing next to willie's mother-in-law. first time coming out to see the show with the kids. we're standing there. she kept saying i can't believe it. i can't believe it. it was adorable. >> she grew up around here. never been to the fireworks. so cool to watch her watch the fireworks like a kid. it was beautiful. >> i took my kids a couple years back. it's that joy to see in their eyes. no matter how many times you see fireworks. >> you expect it from kids. here's willie's young mother-in-law. a kid at heart. pure joy. the best reaction is oohs and aahs. >> yesterday during the show dylan said weather will be fine. you guys are good. at some point when the monsoon rained on top of us, where is dylan now?
9:03 am
>> i was looking at the radar because i was not happy that it was raining because it was not supposed to rain more than a couple sprinkles. because it was so humid, those sprinkles turned into downpours because the air holds more moisture. they were sprinkles but they were dramatic. >> everyone blamed al roker. we're standing there and they kept say al roker got it wrong. al wasn't even at work. >> al gets the credit. >> in your defense, nobody saw that come even the people running the show. it did clear away in time for the fireworks. >> you did say there would be sprinkles. >> you're not in charge of it. just trying to report on it. the crowd didn't leave. they did not. even with the downpours. they stayed. >> it's 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon.
9:04 am
>> talk about the music of the fireworks. let's get to the important stuff. tamron's dress was trending on social media last night. tell me what we're looking at. you were killing that dress last night. >> actually, so many of you tweeted it's a vintage one of a kind loaner. i do not own it. it was lent to me. an amazing stylist picked it out. remember, we were in a meeting. i polled should i wear it. what's going on? it was split. some people said i shouldn't wear it. i wore it. all of the kind words on social media. one tweet just for the record, i did google whether it's appropriate to wear flag clothing. the official word is it can't be a garment made of an american flag but a t-shirt. some people asked legitimately. i did more research on that than i do on half segments i do. it's a loaner dress. it can be yours as well. that wasn't the controversial
9:05 am
thing. willie wanted to wear what i thought was an excellent pair of blue jordan sneakers. they looked like they were growigrow i -- glowing when you walk past his dressing room. >> didn't wear them. it didn't quite work. we had consensus from everybody it didn't work. i have a shot of me with george and lucy, my kids watching the fireworks which is really cool. that's not my kids. my children are not in the air force band. there they are right there. tamron at rehearsal, i took a picture and posted this. wearing these incredible gladiator sandals. >> he said those aren't rehearsal shoes. those are game shoes. >> hard to get into those. i assume you have to sit. >> they zip up the back.
9:06 am
i think we did a trend. you wrap it around your leg and there you go. because we were hopping in and out of puddles -- >> i'm sorry. i said i'm sorry. >> blame al roker. al roker is to blame. it was a brilliant show. thank you to macy's. the production team involved in this. it's first class. as i told willie, with christmas you may or may not celebrate. thanksgiving may not be your thing. the fourth of july is just us no matter where you're from, it's us. >> always takes your breath away standing there. no matter how many times you've done it. >> i've never seen macy's fireworks in person. >> bring your umbrella. >> won't need it. it won't rain. sprinkles. should we move on? >> i told you i paid more attention to the dress. jordan ramsey took part in a q and a and asked him to list five
9:07 am
things everyone should be able to cook. are you ready? things you should be able to cook. men, women, kids. a burger. >> definitely. >> a healthy breakfast. depends how you define it. braised dish like a pot roast. a chicken dish. what's your chicken specialty? >> chicken pot pie homemade. >> slow roast roast chicken. >> barbecue chicken on the grill. >> i thought you would say kfc. and now this is the one i final controversial. an amazing cake or brownie. is it amazing if it's not made from scratch? does it count if it's bought out of a box? >> i love a box of brownies. that's my favorite kind of brownie. here's the thing, i have learned to get rid of the box and do everything from scratch because scratch is so much better. i will never go back to the box.
9:08 am
i know they are close. box brownies are close. i think once you even just do that, and just knowing that you put that extra labor of love into it. >> labor is the key word. i can do both. i prefer the box. i can just eat the batter. you're right about homemade. something extra you accomplished. that's the list. that's what gordon ramsey thinks we should all be doing. >> let's talk olympics. a month to go. one month counting down to the opening ceremony. we're taking a look at some of our olympic gymnasts. she got chance to throw out the first pitch at the houston astros/seattle mariners game. that's not taking time off. she's still doing backflips. >> she throws a dart down the middle. i wouldn't know where i was.
9:09 am
>> right over the plate. >> amazing. >> astros won that game. pretty cool. >> either way, you are never going to do it. i could never do it. amazing. >> simone got that. check out something that maybe some of the gymnasts have a little trouble with. a hula hoop. >> i haven't hula hooped for a very long time. is it broken? i have a defective one. >> i'm a judo player. i should be good with my hips. >> my gosh. why? >> yeah. >> for me, it's nothing.
9:10 am
literally all there. >> she got it. >> go, tamron. >> natalie has it. >> can you do a forecast and hula at the same time? >> i can't do it. >> this is a good workout. >> my center of gravity is off. the baby bump is in the way. i can't hula hoop and according to willie i can't forecast either. let's see if i get this right. it will be exceptionally hot through texas and down through oklahoma but even over into the carolinas, too. it's not just the heat, it's the humidity. we won't break any sort of records here because it is july and it has been hotter. we are still looking at the chance of your feels-like temperature around 105 to 115. you really need to stay hydrated. you really want to go in the ac and cool your body temperature down whenever you can. temperatures around 100 in dallas. little rock, 96 degrees.
9:11 am
tomorrow the heat continues to spread. d.c. gets into 92. thursday, we are in for some cooler-than-normal temperatures across the bay area with some gradually clearing skies. we're seeing the sunshine now in the south bay, but still cloudy in san francisco and it's 62 degrees there with highs reaching 63, not much of a rise into the afternoon. in the north bay, expect a high of 77 degrees. we'll also have some upper 70s in the peninsula and the south bay. in the trivalley today into the lower 80s. east bay 74 degrees. winds will kick up from the west at 15 to 20 miles an hour. >> do they offer hula hoops as a workout? >> they do. >> i guarantee they do. >> up next, if you're nursing a sunburn from your beach weekend we've got some relief from that. do you often consume fruit, fruit juices, coffee or soda?
9:12 am
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9:15 am
you're looking for broad spectrum that covers uva, uvb of at least an spf of 30. reapply every two hours and definitely reapply after you've been sweating or swimming. >> if you or your kids get a sun burn what do you do to treat it? >> you can use al low or something that was listed as a pharmacists pick, solarcaine. it contains lidocaine, it can be very soothing and if you stick it in the refrigerator it feels even better. >> the next one is heat rash. what is it exactly? >> i don't know if you've ever had that. it's little bumps that can be flesh colored or red little bumps. typically in babies because they have what we call immature sweat ducts. if you have been out in the sun for a long time or you're out exercising in humid weather, your sweat ducts can get clogged. that's what it is. it's not dangerous. it goes away on its own within a couple days and will even go away after you cool down a little bit. if you notice high fever or
9:16 am
you're not sure if it's heat rash or anything, especially if it's your child, you may want to take them to the pediatrician. lanolin, cal owe calomine lotion. >> moving on over. let's talk about swimmer's ear. how do you know if you have it? >> it happens when you're swimming too much and water gets stuck in the outer ear canal. that's a great environment for bacteria to grow. how can you tell? super easy. you pull on the outside of the outside of the ear or you push here, that will elicit pain immediately. and it's such a sensitive sign you could do that to yourself or your child. the treatment is simple. keep the area dry. when you apply drops you can get a drop that contains anti-bacterial or steroid. as i child or yourself you lie down on the pillow so the drops can get in that. that should also clear up. high fever, swollen lymph nodes, please be in touch with your health care provider. but that's usually very
9:17 am
treatable. and stay out of the water until you're cleared up. >> the last one is even more serious and can be fatal. heat stroke. >> heat stroke is an immediate 911. if you are concerned that somebody near you is suffering from heatstroke, perhaps they feel nauseous, they are vomiting, they might be dizzy, their skin might start to feel that pale, moist, their heartbeat might be high and thready and they're not breathing or maybe their cognition they're not so awake and alert please call 911, they need to be treated by a medical professional. earlier signs for that of course, feeling really tired, feeling nauseous, getting dehydrated. those are the kinds of things you need to look out for. >> hydrate immediately. >> all right, dr. natalie, thank you so much. tomorrow we're going to be talking about summer symptoms that strike in the great outdoors. >> if we humans aren't the only ones that need protection outside in the summer. jeff rossen has what you need to know about keeping pets safe and healthy in this heat. pops up. that's so interesting honey because i'm going to share a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up.
9:18 am
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9:21 am
now that it's july, we're officially into the dog days of summer. if you have a pet, we have important advice to keep your furry friend safe in the heat. >> today jeff rossen has great tips and brought cute friends along. you hang out with good company. >> these dogs are beautiful. a great row of dogs here. tips to keep your dog safe. i didn't know this. i don't know if you did. dogs can get sunburned just like people can get sunburned. don't let that fur fool you.
9:22 am
it goes right through. you can't put human sunscreen on a dog. >> what do you do? >> it has zinc in it. it's bad for dogs. if they get zinc in them, it could be very bad for them. there is sunscreen made for dogs. the vets say this is what you should use. we have spencer down here. >> doing a great job putting it on spencer. >> you can put it on his face and all over the pet's body? >> it's nontoxic. don't put it in eyes or mouth of course. you can spray him just like you would one of your children. take your job away for a second. something like that. that's fine. for all of these suggestions, check with your vet before you buy these products to make sure it's safe for your dog. >> up next we have emily with luna. >> smallest dog i've seen in a
9:23 am
while. >> how many pounds? >> 130. >> for great dane in a new york city apartment. good luck with that. your barbecue can be dangerous for a dog. we hear how chocolate can be toxic. there are a lot of other things. i'm sorry luna. i knocked down a fire hydrant. i want to show you things you should not give your dog. you see that bone down there. >> this is a huge bone. >> believe it or not, dogs can choke on things like that. especially a dog this size. >> hot dogs. >> what's wrong with hot dogs. >> the problem with hot dogs is if you don't cut it up, they'll take it whole and choke on it. also same thing with corn on the cob. dogs can choke on corn on the cub. buy the dog bone from the store and not give them human food with bones. >> i see fruit salad there. is that dangerous? >> i didn't realize this. toxic grapes for dogs. and luna can hop up on this
9:24 am
table for a dog big enough. no grapes and guacamole is bad for dogs because garlic and onion is toxic for dogs. >> it's good to remind your house guest. people were trying to give my dog things and assume it's okay. they don't know. >> i'm not a dog owner i wouldn't know that grapes are bad. now you do. and we have one of our producers and oslo and talking about how dangerous it is for dogs to walk on hot pavement during the summer. you know what it's like. it can hurt your feet. it can hurt the dog's too. the general rule is if it's too hot for you, it's too hot for the dog. you can also do the five-second hand test. take your hand to the pavement. if you can hold it for five seconds, it's probably okay for the dog. the safest thing to do is buy
9:25 am
what ali did here. cute booties for your dog. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. up next, ♪ ♪ yes, dear? hey, honey? you're washing that baked-on alfredo by hand,right? yes, dear. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great. cascade.
9:26 am
good morning, it's 9:26, i'm chris sanchez. firefighters say fireworks caused this overnight fire which heavily damaged a home in vallejo. it started at about 1:00 in the morning along a wall next to the garage and spread to the main house. they do say parts of the home can be salvaged, according to firefighters, but for now the home is not livable. two adults and one child inside the homemade it out safely with their dogs and while the firefighters claim illegal fireworks, the homeowner disagrees and tells us he believes the fire started because of a faulty refrigerator. that is the sound of heart break, a family of a cal stud t
9:27 am
student, tarishi jain, received her body for a funeral. she was killed in a bakery in the capital of dhaka. the victims were honored in a stadium in dhaka and today's vigil is scheduled to happen at noon. we have a look at weather and traffic coming up right after the break. ♪ give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season sale, with our best-buy rated c2 queen mattress now only $699.99. only at a sleep number store.
9:28 am
good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologioleteorologist kari . we'll see the clouds for a little while longer. temperatures are warming up. 61 in oakland and 67 in palo alto. low 60s for san jose and livermore with highs today reaching to the 60s and coastline. 76 degrees in palo alto and san jose will see a high of 79
9:29 am
degrees and low 80s today in concord. let's head over to make for a look at the roadways. >> top of the screen, folks, you see traffic controlling getting on to southbound 101 from 680. that should clear up quickly because there was a car fire at the end of the ramp. that jammed things up on the map you see the lower drive chinging from red to yellow so speeds are improving heading south of the 680/280 interchange. a crash might be causing a slower drive but look at the green. you're fine everywhere you go. back to you. we have more local news coming up in just a half hour. have a good morning.
9:30 am
a dramatic announcement about the use of hillary clinton's private e-mail server while she was secretary of breaking news from washingt washington. >> the department of justice makes final de matters like this, we are expecting that no charges are appropriate in this case. i know there will be intense public debate in the wake of this recommendation as there was throughout the investigation. what i can assure the american people is that this investigation was done honestly, competently, and independently. no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear. i know there were many opinions expressed by people who are not part of the investigation, including people in government, but none of that mattered to us.
9:31 am
opinions are irrelevant. >> reporter: he called her handling of the e-mails careless and said it is possible that hostile actors gained access to her files. but the fbi is not recommending criminal charges. >> a snu study finds many apartments in the u.s. are getting even smaller. the search website found the average size of a new apartment in buildings of at least 50 units is 934 square feet. that is 8% smaller than in 2006. but if you're looking for a big apartment, the study found atlanta, charlotte, and boston are among the best bets. and online used car service now is delivering cars to you. startup company sells used vehicles over its website and mobile app. it's launching a service to deliver cars almost anywhere in the u.s. it will cost you extra. the company says getting a car, for example from new york to dallas, will add $899 to the price of that car. so good idea.
9:32 am
tonight's mega millions drawing certain to provide its own kind of fireworks. the jackpot is now at $449 million, making it the third biggest mega millions jackpot ever. no one has won it since early march and the jackpot has been growing ever since then. the odds of winning, though, 1 in 259 million. still got to be in it to win it. let's get a check of the weather right now from dylan. >> so you ear saying there's a chance. thanks, natalie. we do have a chance of scattered storms today especially up into southern minnesota and northern parts of iowa where we could see damaging wind gusts. that's the biggest threat with those storms later today. we also have scattered showers and storms through the southeast and in the northeast, it will start to clear out as we go through the day. hot and very humid down through texas. it will feel like it's around 115 degrees. tomorrow it is still going to stay hot. the heat continues to spread through the south into the northeast. even d.c. and new york city will get into the low to mid 90s. scattered showers and storms
9:33 am
from the great lakes into the southeast and also a slight risk of stronger storms in south dakota and parts of nebraska later tomorrow afternoon as well. . we've got a lot of clouds in spots, but they are slowly clearing and it's now 67 in palo alto, 62 in san jose and napa. it will be 79 degrees today in san jose with half moon bay we have 60 degrees the embarcadero at 62 degrees with some clearing later on today. we'll also see sunshine in the north bay up to 80 in fairfield, 87 in brentwood and pleasanton, 82 degrees. to it," a story that was brought to our attention by family fun magazine. enchanted makeovers and detroit
9:34 am
rescue mission ministries are using creativity and imagination to support kids and parents entering shelters. these new york elementary school students are planning, designing, cutting, gluing. as members of the generation on kids care club, they've been charged with making capes for kids who live in a shelter miles away in the midwest. >> we want to put it on the cape to make sure kids know there's important things in the world. >> it doesn't matter where you live or where you come from, you all need a boost in self-esteem sometime. >> with luck these colorful capes will help anyone who puts them on feel like a superhero. the capes landed here in taylor, michigan, where terry shutdown her interior decorating business in 2007 to build enchanted makeovers. >> i knew this was my calling. enchanted makeovers mission is to transform shelters for women and children into healthy,
9:35 am
nurturing, positive environment. >> terry sees power in what is handmade and creates sewing resumes inside shelters for residents. >> not only is it a life skill, a coping skill, but a beautiful way to provide for your family. there are so many different ways and programs that we can provide to shelters besides just food and clothing. >> when terry was a child, her mother would sew for these very reasons. >> it was pretty rough growing up. we moved 12 times. we were homeless but mom tried to make it as normal as possible to provide clothes on our back. she made it. >> now terry encourages communities to pitch in by creating capes for kids to happen into their armor of strength and hope. >> thousands of capes have been made for children across the country. we want more. we want to triple that. >> nearby detroit rescue mission ministry provides services for
9:36 am
mom working to get back on their feet. >> it's hard but i'm learning. i want to be a social worker. >> i love my kids. they deserve the world. anything i can possibly give to them, i will. >> those capes sent from new york to enchanted makeovers will be shared with their young ones. >> my kids love the capes. they think they are some kind of superhero. >> we can see in those children that they have a lot of hope. well determined. very smart. loving and caring. and today will be a great day for them. >> even this mom gets a cape. >> more than just fabric. i think that everything we make has that love and positive energy that's embraced around the child. >> one important lesson terry remembers from her childhood. >> we'll get through this no matter how many dark days we might have and that's never left me. >> if she has her way, these children will remember that same message for a lifetime to come.
9:37 am
>> just amazing. to learn more about enchanted makeovers and how you can make capes for kids, just go to and check out family fun guide. tamron's tuesday trend is next. what do you have today? >> do you think pink or natalie? we're showing the summer's we're showing the summer's hottest hues in lip color. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ we're showing the summer's hottest hues in lip color. for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren.
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this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth.. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™. >> here we go. back with my tuesday trend showing off your summer style is not just about a cute outfit. cute summer dress. also about bold lips from high gloss to red hot hues. we're going to see how to get the perfect summer lip color. good morning. you look beautiful. great color on you. >> thank you so much. >> i know everyone is obsessed
9:42 am
with kylie jenner's lip color. >> the summer is the best time to experiment because it's so hot outside and you want to wear less foundation and you can use your lips to pull yourself together with a bold pop of color. >> i don't know if it's true but rihanna said something when she wants to look made up, she puts on a bright lipstick. >> i completely agree. >> where do we start? >> let's start with the first trend we're seeing this summer. a glossy hot pink lip is really big right now. we're seeing it on celebrities like reese witherspoon, j. lo and what's great is that it's an eyes way to look flirty and summery. >> i love the range of co complexi complexions. it looks great on each of them. >> you want to start with lip liner. go with pink lip liner because that's going to define your lips and really intensify the shade.
9:43 am
>> the same color as the lip color as close as you can get. >> absolutely. then you just fill it in in the center and if you want to intensify, you can layer it. it really is just an easy way to look made up. >> do you color in your lip with the lip liner? >> yes. depending on if you want a more intense color. if you want to keep it shear, you don't have to. if you want to give it a pop, i like to fill in the shade in the center. >> when you go bright like that, the rest of your makeup has to be -- >> very minimal. >> looks beautiful. you have items you think would work out. >> i have a range of lip pencils. this is a new lip gloss that just came out. so amazing. so many pigment and high shine. she has on maybelline. under $10. high shine. >> i love that. moving on to the next trend which is matte trend. we do have a picture of kylie
9:44 am
jenner's lip there is and adele. this is my favorite look. >> this is what i have on. totally my favorite. we know red is always classic. what's great and makes this modern is that it's a matte texture. make sure that your lips are exfoliated. you don't want to wear matte with dry lips. very crunchy. use exfoliator. toothbrush. lip brush. after. be gentle. >> what color is this? >> this is from anastasia. this is liquid lipstick. >> this is $20. >> goes on dry. goes on liquid and dries down instantly. it stays put all day no matter what you eat. >> i asked so many questions we're almost out of time. this is a hybrid. between the matte and lip gloss. >> this is about coral. what's great about this coral shade is it's one of my favorite
9:45 am
formulas. it's everything you want in a lip product. hybrid between lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick. it has shine. it has the color. it has the moisture. it looks great on everyone. >> i love it again. not really any makeup on. a little on your eyes and then this pop. beautiful. i love it. thank you, ladies. i'm so obsessed now as i have bare, dry lips. we'll make sure we put this up online as well to have summer kissable lips. up next, one of these three people that you see could become a guinness world record holder in a matter of minutes. wait until you see what they are wait until you see what they are attempting. if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. wait until you see what they are attempting. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief
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9:49 am
seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. it's the first day of our summer supreme series. we will be attempting to break three guinness world records in three days. >> and to kick everything off, our plaza producer alex and one of our fans from the plaza from stockton, california, will attempt to break the record for the most wet t-shirts put on in one minute. >> here to make sure everyone sticks to the rules, we brought in the adjudicator. one minute on the clock. a bunch of wet t-shirts. only the contestant can put them on. the record is 12 right now? >> 12 in one minute.
9:50 am
one t-shirt at a time. head and arms through the holes and all of the way down the body. just like a regular t-shirt. >> it amazes me the record already exists. >> 12 is the record. >> is this what you expected when you came down to the "today" show this morning? >> not at all. >> you can leave a winner. my money is on you. >> we'll put one minute on the clock. the goal is 13 for a world record. >> we'll start on my go. i'll do a three, two, one, go. for the record. three, two, one, go. >> our viewer is owning it already. she's moving. >> showing stockton, california,
9:51 am
some love. on fire. is the water warm? making the move. >> does it have to be -- can tag be in the front. >> all of the way down. 30 seconds left. tag does not matter. >> how many does christie have on? >> 20 seconds left. >> come on. you got 20 seconds. >> you guys look ridiculous. not to our viewer. she looks amazing. >> five seconds. >> just fell short of the world record for wet t-shirts. >> we do know that christie won. >> how many by your count. >> you have five? >> how do you do 12?
9:52 am
five. you have four. >> she doesn't break the record but you win. >> great job. congratulations. >> was that worth it? >> thank you, guys. >> that was hard. i can't imagine doing 13 of those in a minute. >> michael, thank you very much. on thursday we'll try to break another guinness world record for lasso attempts. why not? we're back on "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> a noble effort, my friend. that was harder than i thought it was going to be. >> i can't believe somebody got 12. crazy. >> we'll try again. we have the lasso one coming up later this week. up next, kathie lee and hoda, a
9:55 am
special guest joining their guys tell all panel. >> plus, married at first sight stars. >> they'll give it all away. >> what are we giving away? >> after your local
9:56 am
we're in for a very nice day with some afternoon sunshine after the morning clouds we're seeing will be clearing out. it will be up to 76 degrees in morgan hill and half moon bay. 60 degrees in the mission district. 63 with some low 80s for
9:57 am
fairfield, upper 80s for brentwood and oakland 68 degrees. upper 70s expected for san ramon. later on this evening at at&t park, the giants game will be going on and it will be in the upper 50s, cool with gusty winds and mostly cloudy skies by the end of the game. what's happening on the roads, mike? >> not a lot. even over here in palo alto southbound we don't have the slowing we typically see for the lane shift. but, look, the map will show you the same thing. all around the bay, no problems. the earlier car fire cleared without slowdown in san jose, a slow southbound 101 at 92, you were bogged down in san mateo, notten usual. another crash around holly, that might be there. back to you. happening now, family members are talking about what they say led up to an explosive encounter that let san jose no option but to shoot and kill a young man. the nation's oldest park
9:58 am
ranger says she has received an o outpouring of support after she was attacked in her richmond home. and a surprise visit by steph curry floors one boy attending curry's basketball camp. you have to see that on our facebook page.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. . . from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. don't even try to adjust your set. it is national boozeday tuesday, national bikini day. >> the 70th anniversary of the bikini. >> we should just get these and go to the beach so much better than worrying about cellulite and tucking things in. >> youk


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