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tv   Today in the Bay  KNTV  July 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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that demonstrators left behind in oakland this morning. we have more on that coming up in a live report. kris, as you mentioned, first, a city very much on edge as it's an active crime scene still developing in dallas after snipers ambushed police officers spraying bullets at a peaceful protest last night killing five police officers. >> thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it's been a tragic morning. >> we now know that 12 people were shot, at least five officers are dead. seven other officers are wounded. two civilians were also shot. authorities say people are in custody. three people. and that another suspect is dead this morning. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell has been monitoring all the details coming into our newsroom. bob, good morning. deeply sorrowful morning as the nation is trying to digest this. >> good morning, sam and kris.
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one witness likened it to a little war as bullets flew from elevated positions on to police officers on the streets below. peaceful protests in downtown dallas last night turned violent when authorities say two snipers opened fire on police. people leaving the protests took cover in a parking garage as ssz spets fired on officers shooting some in the back in what has been called an ambush style attacks. >> i walking. snipers just started shooting. man, like all the cops were getting shot, man. >> reporter: 12 officers with were shot. three suspects were taken into police custody. one woman inside the parking garage where the shooting began and two other suspects during a traffic stop. in the early morning hours of friday, officers were involved in negotiations with a fourth suspect who shot at police inside a parking garage. >> so we are being very careful in our tactics so that we don't
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injure or put any of our officers in harm's way. >> reporter: police do not yet have a motive for the shooting and are working to make sure that automatic suspects have been taken into custody. dallas mayor mike rawlings praised police for their actions. >> to say that our police officers put their life on the line every day is no hyperbole, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: and now an update from the dlas mayor. there were actually two civili n civilians, a man and woman injured during last night's sniping attack. we expect to learn more details within the next hour when the dallas police chief and mayor are expected to hold another news conference. reporting live here in newsroom, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> certainly more updates to come, bob, thank you very much. president obama is in europe for his final nato summit but about two how weres ago he addressed the tragedy in dallas. the president said that he like many americans are horrified. >> today our focus is on the victims and their families.
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they are heartbroken. the entire city of dlaallas is grieving. police across america, very tight knit family, is feeling this loss to their core, and we're grieving with them. i would ask all americans to say a prayer for these officers and their families, keep them in your thoughts and as a nation, let's remember to express our profound gratitude to our men and women in blue not just today but every day. >> from tragedy on the streets of dallas to turmoil here on the home and overnight. demonstrators vandalized the oakland police department and "today in the bay" live in our hayward newsroom with a closer look at the damage that was left behind this morning. sharon, no injuries to report at least here at home. >> amazingly no. but the big story this morning was, of course, highway 880.
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thele 80 freeway just reopened a few hours ago after protesters had shut it down near the downtown area about 9:00 last night. the protests sent drivers to a screeching halt among highway 880. the protests started in the downtown area at around 7:00 p.m. last night and grew to about 2,000 people. about 1,000 protesters headed to the nimitz freeway and stopped traffic. during the night some protesters vandalized the oakland police headquarters, throwing red paint on the doors and spray painting anti-police messages on the building. vandalism done to the foot locker store in oakland. protesters demanding that police and city leaders hear their concerns. >> for everyone that feels that we are disrupting their status quo tonight, we say that our status quo has been disrupted for 400 years. everyone who says that tonight, that they have an emergency to
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go to, i say my people have been in a state of emergency for -- >> the protests last night started peacefully at around 7:00 but as we mentioned, a lot of vandalism seen this morning along broadway. some protesters are vandalized chase bank, too, and again the good news is at least 880 freeway near downtown oakland is back open in both directions. reporting live, i'm sharon, back to you. >> thank you very much, sharon. this is what sparked the nationwide protests, two deadly police shootings just hours apart. one in baton rouge, louisiana, the one on the right near minneapolis, minnesota. federal and state authorities are taking the lead in investigating this shooting in minnesota. the shooting of fill lan dro castile, agents from minnesota's criminal apprehension is reviewing the moments that led up to that officer shooting that man four times as he sat in his car during a traffic stop on
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wednesday evening. by now you likely know that castile's girlfriend who you see there in the video live streamed the moments following the shooting on facebook. minnesota governor mark dayton announced yesterday the justice department will monitor this investigation. and he says he is heartbroken for the state of minnesota. he, the governor, also says he believes that the shooting was racially motivated. >> would this have happened if the passenger or the driver or passenger were white? i think it would have. justice will be served. >> minnesota investigators named the two police officers involved in this shooting. we can't see them in the video there but they are identify as jer r jeronimo yanez. they are on administrative leave which is official police policy. kris, mean tile, the justice department is also investigating a police shooting in baton rouge, louisiana. authorities are pouring over more surveillance video from the
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convenience store where alton sterling died and body cameras of police say were dislodged during the scuffle. what you're looking at is cellphone video that shows an officer tackling alton sterling captured by someone nearby watching this all unfold. a second cellphone video shows the officer shooting sterling in the chest as he was detained. we have much more online at it is a very fluid situation from dallas. we're getting new details by the minute. bob redell has been following that situation very closely. you can download our nbc bay area app to get updates right to your smartphone. to other developing news here at home at palo alto this morning. police are investigating is a suspicious death on creekside drive not too far from the intersection of middlefield and san antonio. it is there that police say someone found an adult person dead inside a home last night. police are not elaborating on how that person might have died but officers are treating the death as suspicious though they don't say why at this point. several neighbors watched as
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police collected evidence for hours. >> the preliminary, very initial investigation leads us to believe that there is suspicious circumstances surrounding the death. we're not prepared at this point to say if it was a suicide or a homicide. >> seems that nobody knows the people that were living there. so we're a little curious who is involved. that's really what's on everybody's mind. >> police are trying to reassure people saying that they are not searching for a suspect and that people are not in danger. some illegal fireworks at a very unlikely place creating tense moments at sf general, the hospital went under lock down for hours after a loud boom inside of the fifth floor. after searching the hospital and securing it sfpd lifted the lockdown two hours later. no word on who lit the illegal fireworks or why. the microclimate forecast is much cooler than we would expect
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this time of year. >> we are seeing the fog and drizzle happening right now in san francisco and right along the coastline. so expect it to be very cool there. we will see that all throughout the day. but some clearing for the inland spots. and temperatures rising into the 70s. even some upper 70s for the south bay, north bay, and the tri-valley. san francisco stays at a nice and mild 60 degrees. into the next several days expect more of that weather that will be cooler than average. and then we'll start to see some warming air moving in in time for the start of next week. i'll detail that and a look ahead in the microclimate forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. now as we head over to mike you're tracking a new crash now in the tri-valley. >> not much of a commute to speak of overall. the green sensors, we'll go over to the interchange. dublin interchange is behind this shield here. 680 reports of a crash. sounds like a semi truck is involved. it's on the shoulder, it's a distraction. critical point where folks are
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making the transition. right about there we have a live camera. live camera shows us a light volume of traffic westbound past the scene of that crash without any slowing. easy drive-thru the area. >> thank you very much. coming up, san jose transforms into gymnastics city usa. a sneak peek inside the center ahead of today's women's olympic trial. jobs friday and the other shoe drops. we continue our breaking news coverage this morning from dallas. five police officers targeted and killed by snipers. seven other officers wounded. this as at least two shooters, according to the dallas police chief, opened up fire from an elevated position, not far from daily plaza in downtown dallas. we will have all the latest for you right after this break. an update to breakin news outoft
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dallas. an update now. police are still sifting through evidence in what is a very active crime scene this morning. and a very large crime scene. five police officers were shot dead in dallas and it appears that snipers took aim at them specifically. we are expecting to hear more news from the dallas mayor and the dallas police chief this morning in about 17 minutes or so as they update us on this investigation. and on the suspects they may or may not have in custody. local news now.
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airbnb has removed a listing from a texas man who reportedly refused to rent to someone because of his sexual orientation. a houston television station reports a man from houston signed up to rent a listing ahead of austin's gay pride festival. airbnb later cancelled it. the homeowner sent the man a message saying he did not support the lgbt community. when airbnb knew of the story they removed the lister and said they have zero tolerance with discrimination. traveling the style with lyft. they are launching it in here. riders can order either a bmw, audi, lexus, or cadillac escalade to pick them up. the luxury rides will of course cost more. >> all right. lyft raising its came up. it is not just scott mcgrew's favorite day of the month. it is also the most important day of the month for the
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american economy. jobs friday. >> let's right to it. >> we're about is a minutes away there, kris, and the numbers should be pretty good. relief from last month's numbers which were tepid at best. the jobs report comes at 5:30 and we think the numbers will be good because private payroll service adp says it's printed more paychecks this month than last. let's not delayed and gets right to susan li live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, susan. >> hi, scott. wall street is in wait and see mode right now ahead of the big jobs report this morning. 180,000 is what economists have penciled in for today. now, just to recap for you what we're trading off of this friday morning, stocks did end mostly lower on thursday with the marketing tracking falling oil prices. for the actual jobs report we're looking for some recovery. growth rebound it in month of june and follows the surprising weakness in the month of may striking verizon employees
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returned back to work. and wages, that's key, steadily rising. the dow falling 22 points yesterday so trading off 17895 this morning. the nasdaq edging up 17 at the end of it, 4876 is where we're kicking off. back to you. other big news this morning was the other shoe. the other shoe dropped in the story of the biggest debacle in biotech theranos. we were waiting to see what the federal government would do and they banned the founder elizabeth moe elizabeth holmes from her own blood testing labs for two years. she surrounded herself with people who maintain what was an illusion of multibillion dollar business. holmes herself was not a medical expert. she didn't finish college. many of her investors were not medical experts. much of her board were not medical experts. there are two who worked in the drug industry there on the left and the real expert is 80-year-old william fagy, epi
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deemologist. we're going to watch with interest what these men decide to do with their future in the company. board of directors had few medical experts on it. other biotechs are run by college techs. here's a lab founder with a ph.d. in genetics with his thoughts on theranos. >> it's a lesson that everyone needs to pay attention to the details and that it's been an opportunity to contrast with what's really very concrete sound clinical medicine. >> theranos will have to pay an undisclosed fine. we don't see this as something going forward. they will not be allowed to work with medicaid, medicare. i can't imagine this is a business that will continue much longer. >> fallout about how we vet things like this in the future. >> absolutely. particularly the press. the press did not do as good a job as it should have. >> we were never let? >> that's true. which should have been a sign. >> that's true. >> canary in the coal mine
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there. thank you. a live look at downtown san jose which has been transformed into gymnastics city usa. it's for the 2016 u.s. olympic team trials located next to the sap center gin nfan test yester. fans flocked to the south bay for a chance to meet olympians as well as hopefuls who are all compete for a spot in rio. >> i'm excited to see the team because the team is hard. >> i would go -- my favorite so far. >> gymnastics city is going to be open for everybody throughout the weekend and no tickets are needed. gymnastic darling shannon miller is here in san jose for the trials today as an ambassador. >> we have seen incredible kem potters come out throughout the process. i'm really excited. we've got simone biles and gabby douglas, fighting for the top three spots. the big question is who is going
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to be number four and five, who is going to round out the team. it's going to be very interesting. >> if she's all grown up then i'm all grown up, too. when did that happen? you might remember miller was on the 1993-1994 world all around champion. she also won gold at the 1996 olympics for the balance beam and miller says being at the trials brings back a lot of memories. >> being back at the trials i relive some of those pressures that you go through. the trials process in the united states is so much more difficult than actually competing at the olympic games. you can just get on the team, then that's really -- that's really where it's at. >> she will be at the gymnastics trials on sunday at the shark tank in san jose. by the way, the ice is goen. we are just 28 days from the opening ceremony. jessica aguirre is headed to rio. she will track our local olympians for us there. >> should have just cut the ice and done figure skate sdplg the level of difficulty on a vault on the ice.
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really elevated. >> i think it's tough enough as it is. that's going to be packed, no doubt, people going to the s.a.p. center this weekend. if you're lower inclined to go outdoor, it's nice. >> it will take a while for the clear along the coast. may not be the best beach weekend but, hey, at least it will be nice and cool. as we get a live look outside now at san francisco, you can see it's really cloudy, it's been misting. at times we see the low visibility in spots. so just watch out for thats you head out the door. it's 57 degrees in livermore, concord, and in napa. 53 degrees in palo alto and santa rosa at 55. a look at all the microclimates with highs today reaching into the mid 70s. even up to 80 degrees in the south bay. and half-moon bay, 60 degrees and also 60 for the high in the financial district. 72 in napa. 79 in pittsburg. and in danville today up to 77 degrees. the marine air, the low clouds
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and the cool temperatures continue to move inland for the morning and tomorrow, too. there will be an area of low pressure well to the north of us producing some rain there. but also helping to re-enforce our onshore flow and cooler temperatures for the next couple days. if you're planning to travel tomorrow heading to reno, it will be in the low 80s there and in southlake tahoe, 69 degrees. yosemite reaching into the mid 60s there and it will be windy. as we focus in on this weekend, highs in the 70s and low 80s for the tri-valley. in san francisco, 59 degrees. and 64 degrees on sunday with upper 70s in the north bay. now as we head over to mike, he's got an update on what's happening on the nimitz freeway. >> we had a report of debris there for 880 for those unfamiliar with the nickname there. a smooth drive around. now, sometimes called nasty name but it's not nasty but the nimitz did have a report of debris northbound right around coliseum way. right by the coliseum. let's look live out there. we don't see the problem as far
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as any lanes blocked. first had a car hit debris and that car is not visible either. glow for the lights. there will be mist. bay bridge toll plaza where we have cash lanes on the right starting the backup, guys. up next, taking action against an accused hoarder. the sights and smells that have the neighbors upset with this san jose house. federal agents are n joiningthee
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federal agents are now joining the investigation of the
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massive fire in emeryville. it destroyed 105 apartments under construction in several retail spaces also there. the building's developer rick holiday tells us the feds are exploring the possibility that renegade fireworks, illegal fireworks, sparked the flames. they were reconstruct the scene to pinpoint the cause. >> we might bring in canine that is trained to detect explosive residue or accelerant residue. we approach every fire scene with we don't know what happened, we're here to find out where the fire started and what caused the fire. >> the developer hopes to rebuild that property within the next nine months. after years of fines an threats the city of san jose is taking action against an accused hoarder in east san jose. calling in a contractor to come in and clean up a mess by the end of next month. overgrown weeds are seen taking over this property. that does not begin to describe
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the ferrecats. >> there's a lot of cats running around. they get run over or they die in the house or under the house and the stench from them is very bad. >> i couldn't probably sell my house because no one would want to buy it because of what's next toor door to me. >> we tried contacting the owner but the 79-year-old's phone is disconnected. city officials say she will get the bill for the clean-up. coming up, two breaking stories this morning. >> good morning. i'm bob redell live in the newsroom. still monitoring developments of that dallas sniper attack that has now left five officers dead. we'll have that story coming up. protesters shut down the 880 freeway for hours this morning. i'm sharon. mos: i was walng ana sniper jusf
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of the copwere =kris//cont.vo= a violt night i m. i was walking and the sniper just started shooting. the cops were getting shot. >> you can hear the disbelief in the witness' voices after a violent night in dallas. sf snipers open fire killing five police officers and wounded several others. this as protesters take to the streets here at home. demonstrations leaving behind a path of destruction on the streets of oakland. we have live team coverage on both of these breaking stories
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coming up. thanks for joining us this morn pentagon. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. we should mention we are awaiting at any moment a news conference from dallas with the police chief there. we are expected to be briefed on a lot of the details related to those five officers killed. 12 injured in total. live look right now from downtown dallas. we are looking for clarity exactly how many suspects were involved in that shooting. we don't know the specific number of shooters but we do know that three people are in custody and one person died in an exchange of gunfire with police. >> we will get you started with a look at the forecast. >> you may have to turn on the windshield wipers as you head out for that drive to work. it will be up to 77 degrees in the south bay. 76 in the north bay. and the east bay, 72 degrees. we'll talk about the weekend ahead with some slightly cooler temperatures. that's coming up. mike's checking in on the bay
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bridge toll plaza. >> that's right, kari. on a normal thursday we expect to see the metering lights on. we do have the cash lanes backed up though. no fast track backup. metering lights are not on yet but look the cash lanes did build up over the last ten. check on this carefully. meanwhile, the maps. getting there the maze is moving well. earlier protests we talked about, those cleared early this morning. 880 again open through downtown oakland and no major disturbance for the maze or the rest of the bay which is moving very smoothly right now. we'll track your commute as it builds. back to back to our breaking news coverage this morning. two developing scenes overnight with anger boiling over in two cities. authorities in texas continue to search for answers after snipers open fire on a crowded dallas killing five police officers. also, here at home. demonstrators ransacking the streets of oakland. >> first, back out live to dallas where there is a press conference set to get under way in just moments. we expect to hear from mayor mike rawlings and chief of
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police david brown regarding the deaths of those five police officers who were shot really ambush style, sniper style from some sort of elevated area. the police were looking and searching for explosive device potentially in a parking garage in that area. we see movement in the distance. we want to check in with bob redell who has been tracking new developments and sharon katsuda is live. >> good morning, kris and sam. if you're just waking up at home unfortunately the death toll did go up overnight. authorities in texas now tell us that eight dallas police officers and four dallas area rapid transit officers were shot. five of those officers have died. two civilians, a man and woman were also injured during this sniping attack in downtown dallas. police have taken into custody three suspects. one a woman in a parking garage where the shooting began, the two others during a traffic
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stop. and then overnight officers engaged and killed a fourth suspect who started shooting at them inside a parking garage. the sniper started shooting at the end of what had been a peaceful protest in downtown dallas. this was a protest over the recent killings of black men in louisiana and minnesota. some of those officers during the sniping attack were shot in the back in what has been called an ambush style attack. >> it's a cop down. >> yes. four cops down. >> four? >> yes. >> he shot five seven times. >> it's a dude? >> no, it's a sniper from up here somewhere. >> it's a sniper? >> you hear the shots. get down. get down. >> police do not yet have a motive for the sniper attack in dallas which incidentally took police not far from the plaza where another sniper took down an american president more than 50 years ago. >> bob, thank you very much. all of this has prompted police departments across the country to change their tactics.
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late last night san jose's chief of police making drastic changes. officers will no longer work alone. every officer will be paired with a partner in a patrol car. back here at home, destructive protests erupting in oakland overnigh overnight demonstrators first blocked interstate 880 and then took out their anger on the city. >> "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live in the hayward newsroom. we saw that red paint across the police department. sharon, really, the fact that they shut down the freeway for so long is a telling story of the frustration. >> yes, so much frustration and shut down for several hours. the 880 freeway just reopened after protesters shut it down last night at around 9:00. it sent drivers to a screeching halt on highway 880.
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>> to about 2,000 people the protests about 2,000 people have started about 7:00 last night. about 1,000 of the protesters headed to the nimitz freeway and stopped traffic. during the night some protesters also vandalized the roek land police headquarters throwing head paint on the doors and spray painting anti-police message on the building. vandalism done on the foot locker store in oakland. protesters say they want police and city leaders to work with the community to make the city safer. >> my mom is worried about my death. >> every day. >> every day. my sister is worriedn't my death every day. >> if i had a son today i would have to worry about him every i think isle d l le single day of life. >> last night started peacefully at around 7:00. but as we mentioned a lot of vandalism seen this morning along broadway. some protesters vandalized chase
5:36 am
bank, too. again, the 880 freeway now reopened near downtown oakland. so that's the good news. plus, fortunately there were no injuries reported in this protest. reporting live in the hayward newsroom, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you, that coverage will continue online. we want to go back to that news conference in dallas this morning. this is mayor mike rawlings. >> -- emergency personnel that have worked through the night and their courage and their calm determination to make our city safe and to arrest anybody that did us harm. i also want to thank the county, judge jenkins. i want to thank the fbi. i want to thank the governor, lieutenant governor flew in last night. the president called me from
5:37 am
poland. and all your commentators have wished us well and are praying for us. i want to say from our heart we feel that, so thank you. i am now going to tell you some not good news for you reporters and that is we've got a criminal investigation going on. and our number one job is to make sure the citizens of dallas are safe, so we're not going to tell you anything about the suspects and we're not going to answer any questions on that. we will when it's the right time. now is not the right time. but a lot has happened in the last five or six, seven hours since we talked. i guess it was early in the morning. and i want chief brown to give you an update on that. i'm proud of him. he's been working so hard these
5:38 am
last few hours. we've been with families and we've been trying to make sure that the city is safe this morning. and i believe it is. chief brown. >> thank you, mayor. we're hurting. our profession is hurting. dallas officers are hurting. we are heartbroken. there are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city. all i know is that this -- this must stop, this deviivisiveness between our police and our citiz citizens.
5:39 am
to update you on what's transpired since we last spoke let me walk through the standoff that had occurred -- that was occurring at el centro on the second floor, the college there in downtown dallas. we cornered one suspect and we tried to negotiate for several hours. negotiations broke down. we had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect. we saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device -- its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger.
5:40 am
the suspect is deceased as a result of the detonating the bomb. the reporting that the suspect killed himself is not accurate. we confirmed that he's been deceased because of the detonation of the bomb. our hostage negotiator did an exceptional job getting this suspect to talk before he died during the hours of negotiating that eventually broke down. i want to share with you some of the comments from this suspect. the suspect said he was upset about black lives matter. he said he was upset about the recent police shootings.
5:41 am
the suspect said he was upset at white people. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. the suspect stated he will eventually -- that we will eventually find the ieds. the suspect stated he was not affiliated with any groups and he stated that he did this alone. the suspect said other things that are part of this investigation so that we can make sure that everyone associated with this tragic event is brought to justice, so as the mayor said, we won't expand on any further on what other suspects we have interviewed or looked at or
5:42 am
their status until we get further into this investigation and get closer to a conclusion of what and who are all involved. but let me just say just some closing comments about dallas police officers and d.a.r.t. police officers. some of the bravest men and women you would ever want to be associated with. you see video footage after video footage of them running toward gunfire from an elevated position and with no chance to protect themselves and to put themselves in harm's way to make sure citizens can get to a place of security. so please join me in applauding
5:43 am
these brave men and women who do this job under great scrutiny, under great vulnerability, who literally risk their lives to protect our democracy. we don't feel much support most days. let's not make today most days. please, we need your support to be able to protect you from men like these who carried out this tragic, tragic. event. pray for these families. i spoke with the families of the deceased and the injured. they are not having a good time
5:44 am
trying to deal, absorb this, trying to understand why. and they need your prayers. so please join news helping us comfort the grieving officers' families. and i trust that soon, because we're working very diligently in processing the crime scene, finding -- to find evidence to bring any other suspects to justice, that were a part of this. please pray for our strength through this trying time. thank you. >> i want to add that there are -- >> you have been listening to the dallas mayor mike rawlings there and of course the police chief david brown calling for an end to the divisiveness and a call of strength right now not just for the folks in dallas but
5:45 am
for police departments all over the country who are grieving learning this news. the shootings by officers and of officers across the country, the last few days, has tensions clearly boiling over in some areas. >> we will continue our coverage of this breaking news story with nbc's edward lawrence in washington. edward, are you surprised to hear the police chief talking about what that suspect said in terms of what he wanted to do, that he wanted to injure white people, white police officers and he was upset over black lives matter and police shootings? >> kris and sam, that's one of the speculations in the beginning of all this, as to a possible motive. police will flesh out what happened. it is interesting though the president of the united states called the mayor of dallas to give his condolences. the president also spoke about this, calling this a vicious, ca calculate and despicable act. he said there is no justification for attacking law enforcement officers in this way. the president is being briefed
5:46 am
as he continues his nato trip in poland. president barack obama at the nato summit in poland this morning addressed the recent string of police-involved shootings. now with three high profile shootings in the past 36 hours either by police officers or targeting police officers in dallas have the nation on edge. >> well, we do know is that there has been a vicious, calculated, and despicable attack. >> the real sooigs -- >> reporter: protests erupted outside the white house, more in atlanta, new york, and across the country. >> we have to move to a specific reform. >> reporter: the president says the police as well as people of all races can do better. >> no possible justification for these kinds of attacks, or any violence against law enforcement, anyone involved in these senseless murders will be held fully accountable. justice will be done. >> reporter: first in baton rouge where an officer pinned then shot 37-year-old alton sterling on tuesday.
5:47 am
the confrontation and his death caught on video. then the live streaming of the aftermath of a traffic stop in minnesota. a broken taillight led to police shooting 34-year-old fill lan do castile. >> the officer just shot him in his arm. >> reporter: the governor called for justice. >> would this have happened if the passenger or driver were white? i don't think it would have. justice will be served. justice must be served. >> reporter: talking about the dallas attacks, the president also said that he wants everybody to pray for the victims and the victims' families in this case. you heard the police chief just moments ago saying that this should not be one of the days that you do not support the local law enforcement. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, now back to you, kris, sam? >> thank you. indeed he said the divisiveness between the citizens and the police force must come to an end. i think people on both sides of that argument would agree. our breaking news coverage continues throughout the morning. we'll have up to date details
5:48 am
group can get those through our app and we are not on air as well. but we also have some better news on this friday as well. >> certainly new news. a lot of americans went back to work, scott mcgrew. you have the latest on the job numbers. >> i'm glad i can bring you happy news. good morning. the labor department said more than 200,000 jobs were added in the most recent month. in fact, we'll look at number or perhaps we will. this comes after -- there it goes. indeed, 287,000 jobs were added in the month of june. the unemployment rate is now 4.9%. this comes after a terrible may jobs number. so bad that when we looked at the minutes from the latest fed meeting, every fed governor was against the interest rate hikes. now today's number may not be enough to change that. in fact, looking at the futures the traders make they show they don't take a rate hike is likely. other news, volkswagen will pay californian additional $89
5:49 am
million in fines as part of its settlement for cheating california and the u.s., for that matter the world, by creating cars that polluted far more than allowed. state attorney general harris says part of that money will go towards researching technology to catch future cheaters. the irs has taken facebook to san francisco federal court saying facebook may have badly understated the taxes. attish shoe is how facebook moves money into and out of irela ireland. an issue that a lot of high tech companies have faced. you may recall tim cook of apple was put in front of a congressional inquiry over apple's tax dealings in ireland. turned out to be a fairly gentle grilling. john mccain asked why he has to update the apps on his phone all the time. mark zuckerberg made a post last night about death saying his heart goes out to diamond reynol reynolds, the woman you just saw talking about calmly narrating her boyfriend's death in
5:50 am
minnesota. trying to figure out why it was briefly taken down. the facebook said it was a technical glitch. the register in new england said they took it down. no confirmation. we also saw facebook live video broadcast of the situation in dallas. this is an unexpected feature of this facebook live. facebook is going to have to figure outs this are important issues that americans need to see. i don't think it's what they planned for america to see. so they're going the have to figure out -- >> supposed to be baby pictures. >> important things but shocking, horrible things that are in your facebook feed. >> we think about periscope and facebook live, it's only been around about a year but it change how we cover live news. >> and the video gets out there where instead of just being recorded on a phone, which means that law enforcement can't stop it if they wanted to, which in this case would be a good thing. >> interesting.
5:51 am
thank you very much, scott. let us changes gears. weather and traffic at ten to 6:00 on friday. you have made it to the end of your week. greeting you is a nice cool day here heading into the weekend. >> looks nice this weekend. even though we have to deal with the fog and low visibility in spots. well, we will see that throughout most of the coastal areas into today as well as tomorrow. as we get a live look now at the golden gate bridge we see that you can barely see most of that. so the windshield wipers may be on for a little while as you drive-thru that fog. also looking at ocean beach. you can tell there is a little bit of a sheen on the roadway. might be wet there. it's now 57 degrees. nice and cool as we get this friday started. and it will be in the upper 50s heading out the door in san jose. as we break it down going hour by hour, more clouds there but it will be clearing out quickly in this south bay. inland areas will see that clearing a lot faster. and high temperatures reaching into the upper 70s. still a very nice day with us.
5:52 am
nice onshore flow. keeps our temperatures feeling comfortable. 76 degrees once again, the high in san jose. 77 in livermore. some upper 70s as you head up towards concord and fairfield. santa rosa at 76 degrees. the marine air continues to move inland as we go into once again the next couple of days. but there will be an area of low pressure causing some rain. farther to the north and that could affect northern far northwest california and then it kind of fizzles out before it moves into the bay area. at least our temperatures will be cooler. reaching into the mid 70s for tomorrow as well as sunday and then on into the start of next week it will be much warmer with highs reaching into the mid 80s. looking ahead to the weekend, looks very nice with highs in the 70s and a few low 80s in the tri-valley. let's head over to mike now. tracking a couple of slow spots, even on this friday light. >> even though it's friday. we wanted to cover the commute. just smooth flow of traffic all around this approach in the maze
5:53 am
and the reminder that after last night's protests they did reopen 880 early this morning. so no more issues. 580 is not allowing big rigs anymore. as we look at this big shot of the bay. see slowing at the bay bridge. over in san jose. first we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. friday we do have a metering lights on. the bay bridge toll plaza has your backup. lanes are filled in. only the fast track lanes. early on cash lanes were backing up fast track filling up past the overcrossing an now that's moving better as well. may have just spaed up the metering lights because the east shore freeway moves relatively light. looking to south bay. early start tort traffic just at 101 and 680. nothing more. back to you. coming up next, powerful typhoon rips through taiwan overnight. a glimpse of the damage that we're first seeing this morning. first, happening now. we are working with nbc news crews on the ground in dallas as the world waits for more information on this breaking
5:54 am
story. the homicide, the murder of five police officers. we are posting updates to our twitter account as that new information comes in. plus, we are talking with police in oakland after a protest that shut down interstate 880 and that turned destructive near the police department as well. you can find that story on our facebook page. we're back in two minutes.
5:55 am
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utheast twan -- brinng a developing story. powerful typhoon slams into southeast taiwan bringing strong winds and heavy rains. there are reports that at least one person was killed. and that more than 60 people have been hurt. things could have been very different though. typhoon was considered a super typhoon because of the strength. earlier but it appears that it lost a lot of power as it arrived on the shores of taiwan. we are going to monitor this latest information out of taiwan. bring you new details as we get them. back in the united states. a tornado wreaked havoc on the southeastern kansas town and there is a lot of damage there. a number of houses were hit including a mobile home park and a church. so far no reports of injuries or deaths though. the twister touched down just before 10:00 in the evening kansas time. people did get a warning 15 minutes prior so they can take cover. right now authorities are still
5:58 am
going door to door checking up on people who live in that town. international news now. just 11 hours ago pieces of wreckage believed to be from the egypt airplane that crashed back in may have been found on the coast of israel. the israeli prime minister's office said the praguements had been found north of tel aviv. egypt air flight 804 crashed on may 19th rewhile en route from paris to cairo. according to data egyptian investigators say there was a fire in the pilots tried to extinguish it before the crash. all 66 people onboard that flight were killed. real danger at pamplona's running of the bulls according to long timers is when one or more of those bulls become separated from the pack and that is what you see happening there during this morning's running in spain. some of the video from today's event is graphic. we would like to warn you. at this point six people have been gored and that includes two
5:59 am
americans. two of those who were injured is listed in serious condition at this hour. police in san diego believe they found the person responsible for a series of attacks on homeless men across their city. anthony pageant was booked last night on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. police say pageant attacked homeless men, many of whom were sleeping at the time. he even set some of them on fire. two of the victims died, two others were seriously hurt. police say the suspect was arrested in the town of chula vista. and an update to our breaking news now. >> snipers just started shooting. like all the cops were getting shot, man. i just saw cops bending over, man. five or six cops all getting shot down. >> all getting shot down, he says. update to that breaking news and chilling words out of dallas as witnesses describe what they saw as snipers took aim, targeting police officers during what was
6:00 am
up to that point a peaceful protest. from the terror and the tragedy there to a very tense scene on the streets of oakland as thousands of protesters snarled traffic last night and vandalized businesses across the city. our own sharon coup suit katsudl have an update. >> law enforcement just wrapped up a news conference moments ago. the latest numbers this morning. five police officers were killed, seven others were also shot, two civilians were wounded. breaking coverage continues right now with "today in the bay's" bob redell tracking all the information coming into our newsroom. he joins us now, bob. we just got new information about the main suspect in the attack who we are told said he wanted to, quote, kill white police officers. >> yes. according to the dallas police chief he wanted to kill white police officers. he had a problem with the black lives matter movement and also he, in the sense that he was for it but he was against the


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