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tv   Today  NBC  July 11, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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"today in the bay" will be back at 7:25 with more local news. gets who is coming back tomorrow? >> yes! >> it's nice to be here but good to have her back. see you guys. good morning. breaking overnight, tempers flare at a protest in louisiana over last week's police shooting. dozens arrested while in dallas investigators reveal more about the sniper who opened fire on officers at a rally there. this morning, did he have plans for a bigger attack? and a new mystery around the letters he scrawled in his own blood on a parking garage wall. crunch time. the republican convention exactly one week away, trump vp pick likely this week. will he put a registered democrat on the ticket? the surprising name being vetted. scary scene.
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aerosmith guitarist joe perry collapses. this morning the latest on his condition. ♪ and world exclusive. jennifer lopez and lin-manuel miranda for a touching tribute to the shooting victims and we have an enormous crowd as they get street perform live for the first time here monday, july 11, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning everybody. welcome to "today" on monday morning. we've got car son in for matt and we love our crowd, we love them today because today we have some survivors and victims of the orlando shooting massacre, they are going to get a treat. a song dedicated to them performed by none other than
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jennifer gomez and lin-manuel miranda. >> for the first time since his final show as you see there on saturday night on the historic show. >> looking forward to that. let's start with our top story, more protests, more arrests in the wake of last week's deadly police-involved shootings,
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ahead, who was talking about shoot and move tactics. >> reporter: the army prematurely kicked johnson out of afghanistan in 2014 action after he was accused of sexual harassment by a female soldier. the lawyer says the accuser requested a protective order and then johnson get mental health. a short time later he took self defense classes at the academy of combative warrior art. >> we didn't interact a lot. he came in and did his thing and left. >> reporter: investigators are now ig didding through johnson's digital trail for clues as they process the crime scene. also the city of dallas plans to reopen several buildings that have been closed since the shooting.n closed since the shooting. >> gabe gutierrez in dallas. thank you.e gutierrez in dallas. than we're hearing from one of s.
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we're hearing from one of >> gabe gutierrez in dallas for us, than the civilians shot, the mother the civilians sh at that march with her four sons, when the violence erupted. joe fryer with her story. >> reporter: good morning. in addition to the five police officers nine other were shot and injured including two civilians, one sharing her family's harrowing emotional story of survival. shot in the leg, right now shetamia taylor's heart is hurting. she took four sons to the rally in down town dallas thursday night when gun nir erupted. hitting an officer in front of their eyes. >> as he was going down he said he has a gun, run. >> reporter: moments later taylor felt a bullet pierce her leg. >> gun shots nonstop nonstop. >> reporter: she covered her son andrew as officers protected her. >> that officer jumped on top of
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me and covered me and my son. and there was another one at our feet and another over our head. >> reporter: amid the chaos two other sons were shielded by heroes. >> a police officer ran up and said go, i'll cover you. >> reporter: a son separated from his family was cared for by a stranger, who surprised the taylors at the news conference. >> any mother would have did that for somebody's child because you're a mother, i'm a mother. >> reporter: thanks to so many heroic actions the entire family survived but later learned five officers did not. >> of course i'm thankful that my babies are okay. but somebody's dad, somebody's husband, isn't. >> reporter: one of the victims is brent thompson. he got married over two weeks ago, is remembered in his hometown. >> brent thompson says here am
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i, me. and he put himself in harm's way to protect and save lives of his fellow officers and the citizens of dallas, texas. he is a hero. >> reporter: we now know funeral arrange its for two of the officers, those services taking place wednesday and thursday, as for those injured, nearly all are now out of the hospital.osp. c carson.c carson. emotional story this mon >> emotional story. thank you.u.>> emotional story. thank you.u. le to politics for the to polit to politics for republican national convention republican national convention from today, speculation is only beginning one week from today. beginning one week from today. speculation is mounting over speculation is mounting over vice presidential pick. it's also crun do's vice presidential pick. city of cleveland preparing for wh it's crunch time for the city of cleveland preparing for what contentious few days. could be a highly tense few days.we've got complete coverag we have complete coverage.e this morning. we'll start with we'll start with peter alexander. nbc national good morning to you. correspondent >> reporter: good morning. pete. peert -- peter, good morning to you. >> sass he zeros in on the vp pick. as he zeros in on that vp pick, donald trump may have to walk a donald t tighter tight rope with the mp n angry revolt in the party's even tighter tight rope than others wit ranks, trump may only have a ay
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limited amount of flexibility at social conservatives and grass still simmering roots republicans are demanding party's ranks. a choice that reinforces their position. social conservatives and grassroots republica it's decision week for donald demand trump, with republican reinforces their position. convention in cleveland seven trump with the republican convention in cleveland just seven days out, trump's highly anticipated vp pick could come days out, trump's highly y time. anticipated vp pick could come any time. with another political outsider? could he go with another the latest conte outsider the latest contender being vetted retired army vett lieutenant general michael flynn. retired army lieutenant flynn brings national security general michael expertise but supports abortion. he brings nationa rights, a position alarming to ex many republicans.e and supports rights. a position >> i think for women, these arer difficult issues but i think m republicans. >> i think for women, women have to be able to choose have to be able to choose. >> reporter: one anti-abortion group immediately rejecting that >> reporter: one anti-abortion flynn disqualified himself from vp consideration. further group rye jecting thatsing a unacceptable. further complicating matters flynn is a registered democrat flynn's a registered democrat. also in the running, new jersey and also governor chris christie, in th providing trump backup at a a j, rally today in virginia. providing jump back indiana governor mike pence upa likely to join trump tomorrow rally in outside indianapolis.virginia.
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and indiana governor mike pence likely to join trump out newt gingrich appearing to embrace his spot high on trump's list, this weekend telling the newt gingrich appearing ap if he is asked it's not an automatic yes. to em meanwhile, following the dallass shootings trump's response spo. initially more restrained and inclusive. newt gingrich telling ap if he's asked, it's not an automatic yes. >> we must stand in solidarity with law enforcement. meanwhile, following t >> later attacking president al shootings, trump's respons obama citing his comment that d inclusive. >> we must stand in solidarity the u.s. isn't as divided as or some suggest, arguing the president obama citing his president is living in a world divided as some of make believe. the president lives in a world trump also blaming president obama and hillary clinton for of weak leadership.make-believe, a we are a divided nation, trump writes..obama and clinton for w leadership. in cleveland, ahead of next in cleveland, a week's convention police head of planning to tighten security.t week's convention, police plan to further tighten securi >> the events in dallas kind of you know, heightened everyone's awareness. kind of >> reporter: the city's chief e promising enough officers are e. >> reporter: the city's chief promising enough officers are ready in case of violence. ready in case of violence. cleveland chief saying his team >> cleveland's police chief will be extra vigilant p a third saying his team will be extra of the city's officers will be assigned to duties related to vigilant. the convention there, federal a third of th
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agencies and out of town forces0 officers will be assigned to the convention. many of them from across the many out of town forces from across the state of ohio wil state of ohio will help secure perimeter now exactly one week the convention perimeter now one week away. >> peter alexander in washington. >> peter alexander in thks washington, thanks. >> now to the democratic side. now to the democratic side. hillary clinton is hillary clinton is poised for a. bernie sanders set to appear big endorsement.t.with her in n bernie sanders street appear with her tomorrow. nbs -- nbc's kristen welker has that.isten wr good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> this is a long-awaited win for for hillar hillary clinton, and moments ago moments ago she and bernie sanders made it official she and bernie sanders made it n official, their campaigns s sta releasing statements announcing will appear tomorrow in new the two will appear tomorrow in hampshire. sanders expected new hampshire, sanders expected secretary clinton. a major symbol of party unity. to endorse secretary clinton, a major symbol of party unity.y. hillary clinton hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the cusp of coming together. sanders on the cusp of coming both campaigns c together, both campaigns ing th morning that sanders will join confirming this morning that clinton on the trail in sanders will join clinton on the hampshire tomorrow. trail in new hampshire tomorrow. the move coming after clinton e and democrats agreed to some of sanders' demands on and democrats agreed to some of sanders' demands on health care, education reform and vowing to education reform, and vowing to
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fight for his signature $15 5 f minimum minimum wage..on sunday, sander on sunday, sanders declared victory writing we now have the victor most progressive platform in the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party. stil history of the democratic party ag still, the party unity comes t against the backdrop of the rec gripping the country. recent violence and up rest gripping the country. >> i have been following the >> i have been following the news of the past few days with horror and grief. news of the past few days with >> reporter: s horror and grief.peaking at a church i >> reporter: speaking at a phia tried to strike a balanc church in philadelphia clinton tried to strike a balance, offering support to police while offering support to police while also calling for reform. >> we do need police and >> we do need police and criminal justice reforms to save lives. criminal justice reforms to save lives. we do need to support police we do need to support police departments and stand up for the departments and stand up for th men and women who put their lives lives on the line.on the line. >> reporter: the crisis also dominating the diplomatic trip of the current commander in chief. >> reporter: the crisis also dominating the diplomatic trip of the current commander in chief, mr. obama cutting his trip short after urging calm. trip short after urging calm. >> whenever those of us who are >> whenever those of us who are concerned about fairness in the criminal justice system attack
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criminal justice system attack police officers, you are doing a disser police officers, you are doing a >> reporter: as for se disservice to the public.cretar cl >> reporter: secretary clinton today here at her home in new is off the trail today, here at. her home in new york. her aides tell me in addition to her aides tell me in addition to that big unity event in new hampshire tomo that big unity event in new ow, to talk abou hampshire tomorrow expect her to reform this week. talk about criminal justice carson, savannah? >> t reform this week.hank you so mu. >> thanks so much. >> we're >> we are joined by steve joiny kornacki and nicolle wallace in maine. good morning to both of you. nicole, let me start with you.m steve this is the week we likely are i going to get trump's vp pick.nd. nicole, let me start with you. what do you think he is looking for?trump's vp pick. what do you think he's looking for asid i mean, aside from the various that we've heard about? names we heard about what does ? he need to shore up his ticket? >> you know, i think, i agree > list that peter gave us in his repo with the list that peter gave us i think he's looki in his report but i think he's number one and curtain number two. behind curtain looking at curtain number 1 ande choice the party expects him to make. 2 and behind curtain 1 is the somebody safe. choice that the party expects, someone who solves some of his
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political vulnerability. somebody safe, who solves some so of his vulnerabilities, but i d. but i think trump is probably more nk more a attracted to curtain number 2, r two, which is the critics be dammed, like miks flynn who is a wild card like trump or someone like chris s di christie who has been a real se partner to donald trump at some lieutenant flynn of the lowest points of his candidacy. or s he doesn't come without some ofe his own risk for donald trump. trump >> i think we noticed in peter', someone like chris christie who piece we're reminded how open n lowest points of his candidacy but doesn't comes without his own risk for donal this process has been for trump this process has bee we know who he is vetting, vet. we know who he's campaigning with. campaigning with, a few said no thank you. a few high-pro is it smart for him to be so open? names. he said >> it's a trump process. no tha. a smart process for him to b more than any politician we've seen a guy who is a showman and thinking how to keep the more we've se audience engaged, keep them how. he keeps the audience guessing what is coming next. guessing what's coming next. i think this idea of flynn, the that's what i find so interestin name that was floated over the this idea of flynn, the name floated over the weekend, if you thin weekend, you think back to 2008, was interested a john mccain was interested in e putting joe lieberman on the ticket. putting joe lieberman on the ticket. he is democrat, pro choice.
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it nef went.t. he's a democrat. you're getting that same blow back now. he's pro choice. there's blow bac but the difference is trump is trump is a different political figure than such a different political figure than mccain i wonder if i do wonder if he will say the he will say the heck, i'll do it anyway. >> talking about hillary clinton, she's got two weeks, >> we talk about hillary clinton. the democratic convention in two she's got the democra weeks, she could announce this . th week or next week.ey could annok you're a former strategist. or what is the smart timing?next w. you're you want to compete with the he? do you want to com republican convention or wait o until it's over or do it this week do it this week? >> when we announced sarah palin in 2 >> we announced sarah palin in step on any bounce 2008 our strategy was to step on bounds. candidates come out with a bounce.ome out of their they have been in the national they've been in the national news for four straight days so most campaigns go second try to most campaigns that go second step on that bounce by making try to step on that bounce by that announcement on making that announcement right of their opponent's convention. on the heels of their opponent's convention. . >> speaking of tha >> i don't know is hillary goin to get the bounce she needs, sn it's reported that bernie is i going to get the going to endorse her as early as this week. too sflat she needs? it's reported that bernie will >> i think she's gotten the e week. is it too late? >> she has the bounce already bounce lfrd because the talk a because talk a month ago when month ago was remember, that democratic primaries ended trump clinton race was neck and trump/clinton race was you had democrats worrying
7:15 am
neck and neck and unless bernie sanders gets onboard, he unless bernie sanders gets on to hurt her. what happened is ba board he is going to hurt her. . elizabet barack obama got on board, den . trump made a elizabeth warren, joe biden got on board. the political world looks very different now. trulp made a few mistakes so the political world looks different happy to take bernie sanders endorsement but it doe the clinton campaign will be a ago. happy to take the bernie sanders endorsement. it doesn't look as essential. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. more to th more to the reason why nicole ie in kennebunkport, one on one is in ken bunk with former presidential port. candidate jeb bush. she's going to have an exclusive >> now to the devastating wild h fires in two western states, tw0 p.m. eastern on ms campers arrested for allegedly two campers have b starting a fire that destroyed arrested for allegedly startin three homes and three buildings homes and three buildings in in boulder county, colorado.aut poorly extinguished campfire authorities say the men left a forcing evacuations of nearly camp fire forcing evacuations of 2,000 people. 2,000 people and in california, 700 homes were e and in california 700 homes cua evacuated over the weekend beca fire burning north of los because of a brush fire burning north of los angeles.the sage f contai the sage fire is now about 60% contained and residents have en. been allowed to return home. scary moments this weekend scary moments this weekend t for passengers on a delta flight from atlanta to denver. the plane was forced to make an
7:16 am
the plane was forced to land in unscheduled landing in tulsa on saturday because some a passengers were starting to feel sick.rday because some passengers were starting to fe emergency crews say 12 say 12 passengers had elevated passengers had elevated levels bodies. of carbon monoxide in their they all recovered after getting bodies, they all recovered after fresh air but it's s getting fresh air but it's ll ur where that carbon mo unclear where that carbon have come from. monoxide may have come from.m.f taken out of ser for now the plane has been taken out of service. now to that health scare for >> now to the health scare for joe perry. we mentioned at the top of the legendary guitarist joe perry. show the 65-year-old hospitalized after staggering the 65-year-old off stage last night. hospitalid after staggering off stage at a concert last night. scary moments on stage for le scary moments on stage for ndar guitarist joe perry after he joe perry after he col collapsed while per following sunday..while performing sunday a 1970s rock and role tribute e hollywood vampires. band whose other members include whose alice cooper and actor johnny depp. other members include shortly after the show started, alice cooper and a tired looking perry sits downr still playing his guitarment nn depp. shortly after the show started, a tired looking perry moments later he stands, t stil his guitar. moment suddenly staggering off stage behind a large speaker where he behind a speaker where he
7:17 am
reportedly collapsed. reportedly collapsed.ed on inst showing emt workers appearing to video posted showing emt workerd appearing to rush him off stage as the band plays on. on one concertgoer telling "the net york post", it was super quick,g all of a sudden he just went the new york post, it down, and then you can see emts everyone carrying him stage left.all of a sudden, he w everyone was frantic. and then you can see but the show didn't skip a beat. the show didn't skip a beat. one one of the founding members, he aerosmith, perry served as lead guitarist since 1970. aerosmith was inducted into the perry served as the lead guitarist. aerosmith in the rock and role rock and roll hall of fame in 2001. hall of fame i perry was taken to the hospital perr where he is lifted in stable condition.n. stable condition. a tweet was sent from his overnight a account saying thanks to all of hi the fans reaching out and asking about joe.o all of the fans reaching out he is stable right now.. he is stable right now with family and is under the best care. with family and is under the >> scary stuff best care. >> hope. there. hopefully he can do okay. we'll turn to dylan in for al this morning. >> turn to dylan in for al. >> i like your ear rings. >> thank you. what's shaking? i like your earrings. >> i don't normally wear big erings.nk you. i don't normall we are keeping an eye on storms earrings. today especially through the they're weighing me down a
7:18 am
upper midwest and the northern plains. today especially through the upper midwest and the northern plains. not a so not a heavily populated areal some of these could be strong. we're seeing really heavy rain we're seeing heavy rain now, to right now just to the north of st. cloud. the north of st. cloud, fargo i downpours. dealing with heavy downpours, we we do have a severe thunderstorm do have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for right now. warning, watch rather for right now. it's later on it's later this afternoon those. those are storms we're going to keep a are the storms we're going to those have potential of producing keep an eye out for, the isolat potential of isolated tornados e especially across northern also down through eastern minnesota but also down through. eastern nebraska and western that's going to be the iowa we could see very large hail. threat the farther south you go. that's going to be the biggest tomorrow we'll see this risk threat the farther south you go. tomorrow we'll see this is aring spread a little farther to spread to the east including ea wisconsin, northern illinois, northern across eastern iowa, same types. stretching across eastern iow of threats, damaging winds, also same type of threats. large hail and you can't rule ea out an isolated tornado. isolated tornado t that will be tomorrow afternooni and tomorrow evening.he weather across the country. that's a look at the weather your local forecast is just 30 across the country..sends. y teet y teet your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. e tissue test? the what? ... tissue test! hold this up to your teeth... ...ugh yellow... i don't get it. i use whitening toothpaste. what do you use? crest whitestrips
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you should try them! whitening toothpaste only works on the surface. but crest whitestrips safely work below the enamel surface ... to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste you used the whitestrips i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. would you pass the tissue test? see for yourself with the whitestrips. they are the way to whiten. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside over san jose. clear skies. we'll see the sunshine throughout the day as the temperatures slowly warm up. right now at 60s degrees in concord, oak lane, and san jose. 58? san francisco with highs there reaching 68 degrees. there will be some spots hitting upper 80s to low 90s for inland valleys and 70s for the inner bay and oakland up to 74 degrees. s your latest forecast >> and that's your latest forecast.. >> all right, dylan. thank you. coming up, renewed calls to ban bull fighting after a popular matador is gored to death in a
7:20 am
-- fatally gored on live television. the first death in the ring. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪
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and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. == /x== now the eakinnews at wl good monday morning. 7:26. i'm sam brock. right now the breaking news we've been following all morning long. firefighters are mopping up after a fire ripped through a san jose recycling plant. it flared up about 4:00 this morning. firefighters raced to get the fire under control. they were successful in knocking down the flames within an hour. the recycling flacenter is near happy hallow zoo. investigators are looking how the fire started. nice temperatures to start. i think it will warm up. >> good morning. it will warm up as we move into the afternoon. even a little bit more than over the weekend.
7:27 am
we start out now upper 50s and low 60s and a lot of sunshine. up to 76 in the east bay and peninsula. the south bay up to 87. upper 80s for the north bay and tri-valley. san francisco a breezy 68 today. we're in for some much warmer temperatures as we go through the middle of the week. we'll reach the peak of the warmth as we head into thursday. cooling down a couple more degrees in times for the weekend. now let's head to mike to see what is happening as you head out for the roads or rails. >> better news for caltrain. 102 southbound has a two hour delay. the rest are less than that delay. but we have slowing traffic because of that. we have a smooth drive southbound 101 has a crash there on the bridge bay area. northbound 101 san jose. that's a recovery and earlier crash and motorcycle crash. watch out for motorcycles. look at the back up here. it may result in the northbound
7:28 am
slow down. >> thank you very much. that's going to do it for us now. see you in 30 minutes.
7:29 am
7:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> 7:30 now. monday morning, july 11th, 2016. our crowd, we're in for a major treat this morning, superstar jennifer lopez and lin-manuel miranda join us for a new song they'll perform live national holiday as far as carson daly is concerned. 7-eleven. which means. >> free slurpies. >> you're excited. let's look at the headlines this morning. with their convention one week away, top republican officials are beginning to have a series of key meetings in cleveland today. first on the agenda, hammering out the republican party's platform.
7:31 am
texas governor greg abbott could miss that convention after an accident in wyoming. abbott was scalded by hot water and suffered second and third-degree burns on his legs. a spokesman for the governor says he's scheduled to see a burn specialist today. a tough week. president obama heads to dallas tomorrow. he'll meet with families of the officers killed in last week's ambush sniper attack. he's also expected to speak at an interfaith memorial. former president george w. bush will also attend that service. also this morning, there's growing fallout over the death of a matador gored during a popular event in spain. it's the first fatality in the ring in more than three decades. >> reporter: carson, good morning. these bull runs happen across the country and they end in bull fights but already this morning the debate is heating up about whether this tradition should be banned after a matador was mauled on live tv. flash of his red cape and
7:32 am
suddenly matador victor bario was in the air. the goring too gruesome to show. it pierced barrio's leg. then plunged deep into his chest, punkting his lung and heart. his wife was in the stands. the 29 year old is the first professional bull fighter in spain to die in the ring since 1985. on spanish streets where thousands are trying to outrun the one-ton bulls this week, they've been tossed, trampled, and a spaniard was killed. one of a dozen gored already this year, including three americans at the famous running of the bulls. >> picked me up by my leg and smashed into all the people to the side of me. >> reporter: a bull tore a gash in his leg. the 23-year-old from san diego said it's his first and last running of the bulls.
7:33 am
>> it's dangerous and you are putting your life at risk. >> reporter: the bull runs end in bull fights. both bloody and controversial. the animal almost always dies. on social media, barrio's death trending worldwide. with some writing awful and cruel. one man writing score one for the bulls. this morning the nation is shocked by the matador's death. his widow says he died in glory. traditionally when a matador dies, both the bull and its mother are slaughtered to end the blood line but this morning there's a social media campaign with thousands signing on to save the bull's mother. guys? >> we'll have to keep an eye on that part of the story. thank you. let's shift gears now and get weather from dylan in for al this morning. hey! >> hey! it's going to heat up across the northeast where we have seen cooler than normal temperatures up through maine and into boston this weekend, temperatures were only in the 50s and 60s. you'll get to the 90s by the time we get to the end of the
7:34 am
week. another area that's unseasonably cool for this time of year is the northwest. spokane only 75 degrees today. boise, 77. missoula, 68 degrees. that's 15 degrees below average. we are also looking at a very chilly start to the day tomorrow morning with temperatures only in the 40s and 50s. here's where the heat is. dodge city, 99 degrees. not as humid as it has been. it will feel like 99 degrees. go farther south, much more humid. temperatures will feel like it's well above 100 degrees. memphis, 88. feel like 93. it gets hotter as we continue through the week. by thursday, dallas hits 101. charleston south carolina should get into the mid 90s. new york, back into the upper 80s with humidity slowly building through the week. so it's actually going to be much more typical for this time of the year. we're also again slight risk for stronger storms through the northern midwest where we could end up with isolated tornadoes and damaging w we'll have warming temperatures, too, in the bay area. we start out with the trend today. it's 60s in oakland and napa as
7:35 am
well as livermore. 55 as you head out the door. upper 80s and low 90s for parts of the north bay and the tri-valley. elsewhere mostly 70s and 50s alone the coast of san francisco. santa rosa at 86 today. and morgan hill expect a high of 85 degrees. once again, the warming trend kicks in this week. >> that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you. now to a closer look at the unique way police put an end to the killings in dallas last week. officials say it's the first time police have detonated a bomb to take out a suspect borrowing a tactic from america's wars in iraq and afghanistan. nbc's tom costello has been looking into this. tom, good morning. >> reporter: by in large, the dallas pd is applauded for using innovative tactics for putting an end to the killing. the discussion is how this is the latest example of law enforcement turning to military
7:36 am
tactics for policing. the decision facing dallas police was life or death. the heavily armed suspect, micah johnson, had already killed five police officers, wounded 14 people and was taunting officers warning that he planted bombs throughout the area. with police sharp shooters unable to get a clean shot of the suspect, s.w.a.t. commanders presented the chief with a plan. >> to improvise our robot with a device to detonate behind the corner within a few feet of where he was to take him out. i approved it. i'll do it again if presented with the same circumstances. >> reporter: police have been using robots for years most recently ramming holes in the orlando nightclub trying to free hostages but also to remove suspicious clothing from suspects, inspect suspect packages and fire weapons to detonate explosives.
7:37 am
metro d.c. the bomb squad is run by the fire department with a small fleet of remotely controlled robots. >> our main mission is to render a situation safe so instead of putting a bomb technician into harm's way, we'll send a robot. >> reporter: since 9/11, many police departments have beefed up their firepower. some departments criticized for showing up at lawful demonstrations in armored personnel carriers with semiweapons. now for the first time using a remotely controlled robot to set off a plastic explosive. >> police departments all over the country should be very careful how they use these kinds of technologies. confronting our own civilians with military-style equipment is probably the biggest problem here. >> reporter: veteran cops say you can't second-guess the dallas pd. >> in a case with this many policemen killed and shot, center of a major american city with all of these crisis facing
7:38 am
them and possibly more bombs, it was the right decision if that unique location of a parking garage on that unique day. >> reporter: dallas chief brown -- >> i have former s.w.a.t. experience here in dallas. you have to trust your people to make the calls necessary to save their lives. it's their lives at stake. not these critics lives who are in the comfort of their homes or offices. >> reporter: nypd commissioner bill bratton said dallas made the right call but he also says there needs to be a more public discussion before robot bombs become a more widely used police tactic. back to you. >> interesting discussion. tom, thank you. coming up on "trending" what does this building look like to you? we'll discuss it at length. the story behind that design has people talking. >> first, the new claims of sexual harassment against fox news ceo are
7:39 am
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7:43 am
allegations against fox news ceo roger ailes. >> nbc's senior legal correspondent cynthia mcfadden has been following this for us. good morning. >> the case gets uglier and uglier by the day. fox news saying a clause in gretch gretchen carlson's contract requires her to go to private arbitration to settle a lawsuit and her lawyer says it doesn't apply to ailes. it's been five days since gretchen carlson delivered her bombshell lawsuit accusing fox news chairman roger ailes of sexually harassing here and then firing her when she refused his advances. quoting ailes as saying, "i think you and i should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago." adding that "sometimes problems are easier to solve that way." since then a number of women have come forward regarding
7:44 am
their experiences with the head of the cable giant. some positive. some not. boyle told new york magazine in 1989 she declined ailes proposition in a car when she was 29 years old. she was up for a job with the republican national committee when she says he told her, "you know, if you want to play with the big boys, you have to lay with the big boys." the next morning she says ailes asked her if she changed her mind. she said no. the job didn't come through. she says a friend at the rnc told her, "word went out you weren't to be hired." boyle told nbc news she stands by her account. also included, five other women making similar allegations about ailes though none has been independently confirmed by nbc news. >> it depends ultimately on the judge but a lot of the times judges do not like to introduce evidence of other sexual harassment cases because it clouds up the case. >> reporter: meanwhile, several
7:45 am
current high profile fox anchors have stepped forward to defend ailes including maria bartiromo who was quoted in "variety" as saying i have known roger ailes for 25 years. i've known him to be nothing but a professional. similarly, two others told "the new york times" they have long-term working relationships with ailes and said neither witnessed the kind of behavior claimed by carlson. legal experts point out it is unusual that carlson is only suing ailes and that fox is not named in the suit. fox provided nbc news with a series of handwritten letters from carlson to ailes in which carlson gives no indication she's feeling harassed. this from a letter dated five days after the complaint alleges ailes harassed her. i've been a loyal employee who has worked really hard at fox for more than ten years. i would love to stay at fox and show you everything i can do. >> they are very damaging. you would be surprised how forgiving jurors are for people
7:46 am
who are about to lose their job. >> late last night we heard from mr. ailes' personal lawyer. "it has become obvious that ms. carlson and her lawyer are desperately trying to litigate this in the press because they have no legal case to argue. the latest allegations all 30 to 50 years old. our fault." >> we'll see what happens in a courtroom if it gets there. thank you. switching gears, the big hint did just drop about a spice girls reunion. and pokeman go ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:47 am
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7:50 am
we're back with a new smartphone app that's sweeping the nation. sheinelle, please explain. tra translate. >> pokeman go takes players on a real life scavenger hunt. it leads users to dangerous situation. >> reporter: pokeman is back taking america by storm but catching them all is getting dangerous. >> i get paranoid that i'm going to bump into something. >> i ran into a pole the other day. >> it's tempting to run across the street. >> reporter: with kids and adults alike glued to the game, people are hurting themselves. >> i'm trying to catch them all.
7:51 am
>> reporter: pokeman go is a free so-called augmented reality gave to place cute animated monsters in the world around you on the street, at the mall and other local landmarks. the thing about pokeman go, people love playing it includeded in popular places like hollywood boulevard. i found a pokeman right here. the problem is sometimes people run into each other and other objects, too. players are posting bumps and bruises all over social media. the game has become so popular the washington state department of transportation tweeted "if your weekend includes pokeman go, please do so safely." it's causing bigger problems. outside of st. louis, these three suspects were arrested for allegedly using pokeman go to lure unsuspecting players into armed robberies.
7:52 am
in wyoming, this 19 year old stumbled upon a dead body facedown in the river. >> i went to a walk to catch pokeman. >> reporter: finding a dead man isn't stopping her from hunting down more pokeman. >> i may go get a water pokeman. >> reporter: she's not alone. users are now spending twice as much time on pokeman go than popular apps like snapchat turning a '90s fad into today's latest smartphone addiction. >> one social media user spotted this sign saying pokeman are for paying customers only. it's taking over the country. it's kind of hard to understand if you're not into it. trust me, obviously it's huge. >> i'm downloading it right now as we speak. >> i just got snapchat and thought i was cool.
7:53 am
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traff tossraffiaffic i'm meteorologist kari hall. we take a live look outside at sunol. a clear blue start to the day. it's 64 in oakland. our temperatures starting to warm up out there. it will be a warm afternoon, especially for the inland valleys. up to 90 in fairfield. in oakland to 74 degrees, and palo alto 82 and san francisco will reach into upper 60s. we're getting ready for warmer air to move in as high pressure builds across the region. we'll have the valley temperatures reaching into the 80s and 90s and slightly cooler in time for the weekend. let's see what is happening on the roads. >> this was earlier on the rails between northbound and southbound cal train tracks around the burlinggame area. a look at the map know and the
7:57 am
rails are back in service. recovering from delays. 102 southbound delayed up to 2 hours. much of the trains much less. we're looking a the rest of the south bay. northbound routes are starting to slow down. for all the freeways 101 looks better. look at 87 and 280. they're slow the earlier stall cleared. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. happening now on nbc bay area. searchers back at a pleasanton lake looking for two swimmers that went missing last night. the search was called off at 11:00 this morning. it resumed at 7:00 this morning. they're recovering it a recovery mission. it's happening at shadow. it's still a search and rescue mission.
7:58 am
san francisco police department policies will issue the final report.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, meet the new fierce five. >> these are your olympic team members for 2016. >> the final roster now set for the u.s. women's gymnastics team. >> you reach your goal, you guys can always cherish that moment together. together more than individually. >> now sits down with the young lady for an exclusive interview. >> what you really want. ♪ i'll tell you what i want >> jennifer lopez and the new
8:01 am
song, love make the world go round. live for the first time today, monday, july 11, 2016. ♪ >> we love you. >> love is love is love is love. >> love makes the world go round. >> welcome back to today. it's 8:00. it's july 11, 2016. this is going to go down in history on our plaza because we
8:02 am
have such a treat. we have a great crowd. we have survivors of the orlando shooting to get a song dedicated to them from jennifer lopez and linwell miranda. >> let's go inside quickly and get the top stories. >> good morning. there was no let-up overnight with the outrage expressed by protesters over the deadly police shooting. the two black men in louisiana and minnesota. about 50 people were arrested during a demonstration in baton rouge sunday night and more than 100 people were arrested this weekend in suburban minneapolis. in the meantime, president obama is prepared to travel to dallas where he'll meet tuesday with the families of five officers killed by that gunman described as an anti-police agenda. breaking overnight, defense secretary ash carter arrived in iraq to help local security forces retake mosul from isis. u.s. advisors are prepared to
8:03 am
accompany iraqi ba battalions. donald trump is expected to announce his running mate at any time. his national security expertise but also supports abortion rights. and hillary clinton is poised for an expected endorsement from her rival, bernie sanders. they'll appear together tuesday in new hampshire. a texas jail guard probably owes his life to inmates who staged a breakout. officials released video of what happened during a medical emergency last month. several inmates kicked out the door of their holding cell to summon help for armed guard who cla collapsed out of view from security cameras. they arrived with guns drawn but once they realized what was happening, they struck the guard
8:04 am
who regained a pulse. here we go. a baseball glove, a hat, and you probably don't want a tray full of hot dogs, nachos and beer. a san francisco giants fan. based on stadium prices, that's about $60 worth of goodness that could have been eaten. now wearing, of course, all of that on her clothing as well as anyone else around her. but that's just the reaction. did she get the ball though? >> i don't think so. i can't even tell. >> in line with the tray. >> never happens with the beer. the nacho cheese maybe. >> it's not liquid gold, so you know. >> thank you. up next, the new fierce five. we announced u.s. women olympics team after the finals.
8:05 am
>> take a look at the new building. does it remind you of anything in particular? >> and lin-manuel and jennifer lopez performing their new song right after this. ♪ ♪ starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now.
8:06 am
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♪ hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card. >> announcer: today's "olympic start" is sponsored by kellogg's. what gets you started. >> we're we're b back now at 8:09.
8:10 am
rio games 25 days away. after an exciting weekend of competition, we can now introduce you to the members of the u.s. women's gymnastics team. >> remember these names, lorri hernandez, simon biles, we had a front row. good morning, natalie. >> good morning to you guys. the confetti still on the ground here at the sap center. there was a lot of excitement. a lot of drama here last night but now you know who they are. the newest members of team usa. the newest fierce five and i sat down with them for an exclusive interview. >> these are your olympic team members for 2015. >> five women, their olympic dreams are coming true. the leader of the pack, three time world champion, simonsimo
8:11 am
simone biles. gabby douglas hoping to add to her medal count in rio. joining her, another familiar face. aly raisman. another three time olympic medallist. you may not know the name madison but that's about to change. and the breakout star and youngest member of the squad, 16-year-old lori hernandez securing her spot on team usa. >> her whole life. what a great way to end it. that was fantastic. >> lori, they call you the human emoji. what are you right now? >> probably this one. >> you were 12 years old when
8:12 am
you were watching aly and gabby compete. now you're part of the fiercest five, perhaps. >> it's crazy to look back and see that i was fan girling over the amazing super stars and now we can all be together on a team. >> simon, everyone expected to hear you would be on this team. how emotional was that? >> it was just a whole whirlwind of emotion. >> gabby, your second olympics. to be able to say two time olympian, what does that mean to you? >> i don't know if i can put it into words because it's so special and representing usa is just so amazing. it's like, wow. >> you were competing against each other for these spots. now you're going to be competing. >> we're a team from start to finish. we work hard, cheer for each other and know we're all working hard and doing everything we can possibly do and that's all you can have for of yourself. >> really special to have the
8:13 am
support system. just something special i'll never forget. >> lori, everybody swarmed you. >> you guys made me cry. >> everybody was crying. aly was crying. a lot of tears. >> i don't get that emotional and then she's crying and i'm just like, here it comes. just like a giant lake puddle of gymnast tears. >> tell me about this group of women that you will be representing as team usa. >> always my favorite because once you reach your goal, you got to always cherish that moment together. i think together, we're stronger than individually. >> excited and going to go to rio. >> i got to tell you. the girls were giddy with
8:14 am
excitement. it was hard to get through the whole interview because they would break down in laughter the entire time. it was a night full of excitement, full of tears of joy, as we saw. lots of emotion. no rest for the weary for them right now. they now head to a 10 day very intense camp at the caroli ranch for training. we'll see them in rio. >> we will. so excited. thank you. catch up with them at 7:00 from the legendary 1996 women's gymnastics team. >> other stories that are trending today. you ready? a little something. >> a little snap. oreos. cocoa chip. >> it's a chocolate chip cookie. >> i don't like the cream. but the cookie is good. >> open it up and then really
8:15 am
just dive into each. >> hit the shelves this month. so go try it out. >> they are good. >> anything more fringe with someone older, trying to go younger with the lin ggo? >> look at this letter. trying to attract interns by speaking their language. hey bae intern. is that a typo? hang with you. it will be hella. and hell yes to getting lit on a monday night. >> sounds like a great time. >> sounds like your parents trying to punk you or something. >> joining snapchat. >> i'm going to show you a new building getting a lot of
8:16 am
attention. take a look at the pictures. you can see it does resemble, well, yes. it's actually part of the north china university of washington and whether the design was intentional or not. >> let's do it. >> where's my open? >> lin-manuel miranda received a stand og vacation oving ovation. the other thing he said good-bye to, his bow. talk more about that final show
8:17 am
after his performance with jennifer lopez. that's coming up in just a few. up next, derek jeter got married, everybody. over the weekend new york yankees legend and the swim suit model tied the knot at an intimater er ir i er ir is cer. could a spice girls reunion be in the works? if that's what you want, what you really really want. it's been 20 years since the group released debut hit "wanna be," scary, ginger and baby spice released this video. >> 20 years. and we want to say a big thank you. >> we've had our ups and downs, but you've always been there. >> and what we do, you're all invited. thank you. >> is it really a reunion or something out in the video and web site are titled jem, like
8:18 am
their initials and maybe forming a new mini group. that's what you have to figure out. pop star. >> people want to know. >> we'll let you know when we know. >> please do weather while we consider where posh is. >> you guys discuss. i'll distract you with weather. we have a chance of some weather out west. we have low humidity. we have humidity about 5% to 15% and gusty winds perhaps as high as 40 miles per hour. there hasn't been a lot of rain and temperatures are very hot. in that red zone, that's where we have a critical fire risk and the possibility of more fire developing and possibly spreading because of those conditions. currently right now, you can see all the flames indicate where we have some of the biggest fires and have a red flag warning because of those same kn conditions. gusty winds and warm temperatures. any fire that does develop could
8:19 am
spread rapidly and we could see thunderstorms in the areas that don't have the rain meaning you get the lightning to trigger some fires but then rain that won't be there to squash the fire. so something to keep an eye out. and we have a chance of stronger storms in the upper midwest through minnesota with isolated tornadoes break out later today across eastern nebraska and western iowa. biggest threat for large hail. it shifts east with a chance of northern wisconsin and mo issmi. dangerous lightning, pos we have some sunshine across the bay area, temperatures already making it into the low to mid-60s. so as you head out, it feels nice and comfortable. and it will be warming up today for the inland valleys and north bay up to 86 degrees and 58 degrees in san francisco. in the east bay, expect a high of 76, also 76 in the peninsula. "táái bay up to 87 degrees.
8:20 am
warmer weather in the forecast over the next few days. we could see the inland valleys reaching into the upper 80s to lower 90s. >> that's your latest >> and that's your latest forecast. carson and savannah? >> the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> and we are very happy to have two of the most in-demand stars with us. jennifer lopez and hamilton creator lin-manuel miranda. >> new song just released on itunes, a tribute to those affected by the tragic shooting in orlando and this morning, we had 50 survivors and family members here. ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here's jennifer lopez and lin-manuel miranda. el. ♪ and love is love is love is
8:21 am
love is love is love >> everybody hands up. is love ♪ >> everybody hands up. ♪ i'm, i'm wide awake ready to create ♪ ♪ everything i've imagined ♪ hearts without any hate ♪ crying for change ♪ causing a chain reaction ♪ those who hate us and fear us cannot keep us down ♪ ♪ cause we hear in our heart beat a ♪ because we hear in our heartbeat a beautiful sound ♪ t silence us now ♪ ♪ we just say no, oh yeah we let them know ♪ ♪ love ♪ it makes the world go round ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ ♪ love makes the world go
8:22 am
round ♪ ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ ♪ we will be all right living our lives ♪ ♪ not going to hide ♪ no fear in our eyes ♪ love is a call to action ♪ no one can get us down ♪ we hear in our heartbeat a beautiful sound ♪ ♪ we say no ♪ we let them know ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ ♪ love makes the world go
8:23 am
round ♪ ♪ la la la ♪ ♪ yeah when the music is play and the place is jumping ♪ ♪ when the bass rals the your rib came, hey something's changed ♪ ♪ i'm dancing face to face with a stranger ♪ ♪ a moment of grace you know that you're safe and they just drop the beat the moment you most needed it ♪ ♪ you came in as a question until the music completed it ♪ ♪ we cannot let them diminish or intimidate us ♪ ♪ celebrate, >> i want everybody to put their hands up. no matter who they are. spread that love. that's what we need right now. come on. love makes the world go round.
8:24 am
♪ love, love, love ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ ♪ la la la la pride away ♪ ♪ we're not staying inside today ♪ ♪ they're not taking our pride away ♪ ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ ♪ love makes the world go round ♪ >> here, "love makes the world go round." all at
8:25 am
jennifer lopez. lin-manuel miranda. we'll talk to them live in a moment but first, a check of your local news and weather. i'm ...==vonew is moing: firefi
8:26 am
8:26. i'm kris sanchez. firefighters are mopping up after this fire that ripped through a san jose recycling plant on 7th street in happy hollow park and zoo. it started at 4:00 this morning but it is out. family and friends from a woman who was kidnapped are holding out hope they will find her safe. police say they are not sure whether the 57-year-old is alive or dead. on july 1st -- late friday and early saturday, investigators made four arrests in the case. one of the suspects lived in the same building as the victim several years ago. let's look at traffic and weather coming up. hi, mike. traffic right now.
8:27 am
smooth flow of traffic now as slower drive across both san mateo and dumbarton bridge. we're looking over here toward southbound 880, heading toward union city, stalled vehicle blocking the second lane, folks getting by on either side of that adding to additional slowing heading toward the dumbarton bridge. late crash, just cleared, the recovery now past golden gate field and the mitering lights. >> more local news in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ love makes the world go round ♪ >> orlando! orlando! >> it's 8:30 now on a monday morning. monday, july 11th, 2016. such a touching morning. if you hear the crowd, they're chanting "orlando." there are victims, survivors, family members of the massacre in orlando. they were treated to the first live performance by jennifer lopez and lin-manuel miranda of their new single. we're so happy to have them here. hope you got to check it out. coming up, we'll talk about the special meaning of the song with lin and j. lo.
8:31 am
and bryan cranston is here to talk about his new film. we have the so-called hardcore carnivore in the kitchen working on a creative spin on chicken wings. pb&j. >> okay. we're gearing up for a new series about women and money because we all have different fears, make mistakes, even think about money differently than men do. ladies, we want to know where you stand. head to right now to take our survey. >> let's get a check of the weather, dylan. >> no humidity out here right now. beautiful morning in new york city. it will stay that way all day long and through new england where temperatures will start warming up as well. we're going to see a chance of some stronger storms today through the upper midwest, areas like minnesota could see strong storms. hail is also possible through eastern nebraska and western iowa today. we're also looking at the heat to continue through the
8:32 am
southwest. very, very dry conditions. fires could spread. fire danger warnings out in that area. scattered thunderstorms down along the gulf coast. we could see scattered showers and storms into the carolinas and the southeast. we're looking at the chance tomorrow of some of those storms through the upper midwest to start to spread a little further to the east into the western great lakes and in the pacific northwest, temperatures staying below average. high temps only in the 70s running about 15 degrees below average for this t we're starting out with some sunshine across the bay area and live look at ocean beach. now 54 degrees. it will be warming up, especially for the inland areas today. we're already starting to see mid to upper 60s in palo alto, 68 degrees. heading into the low 80s there today. los gatos, 87 degrees, mission district, high of 58 degrees. mid-80s for santa rosa. napa at 83, oakland 74. livermore up to 77 degrees.
8:33 am
>> you can track your forecast any time on the weather channel and at we want to thank our concert sponsor citi and the companies that brought orlando survivors and family members to our plaza today. air travel provided by united and accommodationed provided by marriott awards. let's head inside to savannah and carson. >> we just saw jennifer lopez and lin-manuel miranda perform. >> the song is called "love makes the world go round." all proceeds will go toward people affected by the shooting in orlando. good morning to both of you. i have to say, j. lo, usually you have us star struck but today lin-manuel miranda is here. none of us have gotten to meet him. >> millions of times. >> we love you just the same. >> i don't have questions for
8:34 am
you. >> my favorite interview of all time. >> this is a match made in heaven it seems to me. how did you get together and how did this idea come about? >> i had this song called "love make the world go round" for maybe eight months. i loved the song. i loved the hook. and when everything happened in orlando, kind of heard it in a different way for the first time. the world needs this right now. the world really needs the message of love being the answer. that's what really matters. that's what makes the world go round. nothing else. hate, anger, won't get us anywhere. so i decided that it needed a little rework. i wanted to put somebody on the bridge and great names came up and then lin's name came up. that's it. i had seen his speech on the tony's and thought he's a perfect person to do this with me. he said i have no time. i said we have to do this. i have to get on the phone with him. we did. once we spoke, he was, like,
8:35 am
absolutely. i'll do this. i want to do this. and here we are. >> that speech was incredible at the tony's. as you were giving it in the room, what did it feel like to you? >> it was a crazy day any way and to have that happen that morning was all on my mind as we were getting ready to perform at the tony's and have this night celebrate theater that became this different thing. i just wanted to sort of meet the moment and express what was on my mind and so when jen got in touch, it just felt like knowing what jen represents to the latino community and lgbt community, that's the music that's playing in every club in orlando. it felt like the perfect sort of way to amplify that message, message of the song and do something good for people. >> it's a movement. a moment to quote "hamilton" back to you. that was my segue. you had your last performance on saturday. >> a relaxing monday morning.
8:36 am
>> got to sleep in. you should go on vacation but that's because i'm selfish where you came up with "hamilton" in the first place during a vacation. how do you feel? >> i feel great. it was a very moving night. the paradox of performing "hamilton" is it's the most relaxing part of my day. for 2 hours and 45 minutes, i'm with this amazing group of actors. and all i have to do is be hamilton. in real life we're on our phones and doing a million things. that night was so special. so many friends and family in the audience and so many friends and family on stage. it was just an incredible night. >> who in the audience had the scissors? >> we had been plotting for two weeks. at 11:00, we cut it off. >> you were there for the last show. how was it? >> such an emotional night. all of the words had a different weight.
8:37 am
i had seen it before. i took my kids this time because they know a lot of the songs from the show already. it was just one of those magical moments on stage that is history making. it was great. >> we know you lost the hair. did you keep any souvenirs? anything that wasn't nailed down, i would take the outfits, the set. >> the show has to go on. >> this is his baby. >> first of all, i have to make sure security checks for you. nail everything down. but, no, you know, i'm going to go back and see the show tonight. it's my show. the fun for me is now i get to sit out in the house and see the show. i hear great things. i hear it's pretty good. i'm excited to be the writer. >> let's go back to this collaboration. just watching you guys perform that, how special to have 50 survivors, families, you could feel it. you have done a million shows,
8:38 am
jennifer. there was special in the 3 1/2 minutes. >> when we sat down to write it, we wrote it in 20 minutes. the reworking of the lyrics to make it specifically for this message and i don't know. every time we listen to it, we get teary. my god. there's something going on here. we just knew that it would be a much needed message in this moment and to have all of the survivors out there, it was just -- they're all looking at me with tears in their eyes listening to each one of the words and me being able to know that this was in some way helping them not just with the message of the song but also because of the charity. all of the proceeds are going to the orlando fund. >> it was created by a hispanic foundation and the money will go to mental health services for families of the victims and the greater orlando community. >> it's a great song.
8:39 am
great message and great cause. thank you so much for being here. such a pleasure. let me take a selfie. do you have your phone with you? during a commercial. we got it next. we can't help it. we're thrilled to have you both here. "love make the world go round" now available for itunes. watch for hoda's interview with the new alexander hamilton tomorrow morning on "today." up next, oscar nominee bryan cranston is here. we'll talk about his new movie but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ ♪
8:42 am
back now at 8:41 with bryan cranston. >> come on. look at the dates. do the math. i would be 77 years old. >> that's about right. >> let's go. come on. are you even looking? >> i'm looking. >> here we go. dates are perfect. >> what about this one? >> close enough i suppose. >> kind of sexy. >> the dates work. >> sexy? who the hell cares if it's sexy? >> i care. i want to have a sexy name. >> bryan cranston, good to see you. i loved this. immediately i think classics. i loved this movie. shooting that scene, you picked that scene up. >> we stole it.
8:43 am
it was on the cutting block to lose the scene all together. we can't lose this scene. it's how they get their identities. we took three people in a van and dropped off at a cemetery. come on. get out. where's the camera. get the camera. go. >> what about the script? >> we improvised. a couple lines we knew we were going to say. then we just ad-libbed. >> lebron can't win a championship without his cast. you were incredible in this movie. you're in every frame. you had amazing support case. >> yes. >> effortless on screen. talk to me about this movie. real life story. heavy stuff here. >> for 2 1/2 years he went undercover with a cartel laundering money. he brought down -- this operation brought down the seventh largest bank in the world at the time. bcci. also garnered about 85 arrests.
8:44 am
almost all convictions. hugely successful. the thing that really got me about bob's story is how did he reconcile being the bad guy during the day and going home and being the husband and the father, taking the trash out, doing homework with the kids. >> you get a good sense of that in the anniversary scene where he and his wife are out to dinner. in the scene, he runs into somebody where he's supposed to be something else but as an actor there are layers and layers of acting. you're incredible in that moment. >> a lot of layers in acting. just like the layer cake served at the table. there was a couple things that our director suggested a certain action at one point during that scene. so i thought, that makes sense. so there was a lot of spontaneous work done as well. terrific script. >> stakes are so high. this is the cartel. reminded as he's in deep here
8:45 am
that if something goes wrong, he's not just going to get hurt, it's bad news for his family. >> for actors we're used to getting into the shoes of someone else. being another character. if i make a mistake, i get to do a take over again. if bob mazer makes a mistake, it could cost him his life. >> let me switch gears. you worked with larry. any thoughts on maybe working with him again? >> i would go in a second if larry called and said i have this idea. working on "seinfeld" was like going to comedy camp. you are immersed in their genius. jerry and larry and the rest of the cast were brilliant. i got to be part of that. >> real life historical figures you've played. anybody you think you would like to play? >> i would like to play donald trump at some point? he's huge. these this shakespearean character. this comedic character.
8:46 am
who wouldn't want to take a bite out of that? it's huge. let me tell you something, this i can tell you, it is huge. >> you got it down already. >> do i really? >> seinfeld is good, too. >> i'm offended as a comedian. >> this movie is unbelievable. you're great in it as always. >> thanks so much. >> be sure to check out "the infiltra infiltra infiltrator." coming up, a recipe for pb&j
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're kicking off our get grilling week. originally from australia but a texas girl now.
8:49 am
a self-declared hardcore carnivore. she has thousands of social media followers who cannot get enough of her meaty recipes. these recipes are unusual. i can't wait to get into that. i heard you actually took classes at meat science university part of texas a&m. >> yes. they have a meat science department. a couple different courses there. they do a barbecue university course as well. >> tell me about this first one. this is unusual. >> it's different. these are peanut butter and jelly wings. we have classic ingredients. brown sugar. let's get started making the sauce. i'll put you to work. we have peanut butter in the bowl. we'll go in with strawberry jelly and brown sugar as well. paprika and chili and garlic
8:50 am
sauce. >> a little spice. >> a little kick to balance out the sweetness. this is the fun part. >> we have tasters over there. they'll get a bite of it. >> we stir it up. >> put it right over the chicken. >> just pour it over. >> this is going to sit overnight. cover it in clean film and have it overnight, at least two hours in the refrigeratorefrigerator. >> i want to coat my chicken. >> stir it up and coat it. we won't get the pretty dress dirty. and then you want to go over to a grill that's got a nice medium-high heat. these will stay on for probably about two minutes each side and then just keep flipping them until they get to the color you want them to be. >> this is okay to keep messing with your meat. >> you want to. there's so much suigar in there
8:51 am
you don't want it to burn. >> a verdict from our tasters before we move on. >> delicious. it works. it does. >> this is a hack that i've got. i put peanuts in a baggy and towel down so it's not loud and any you have a meat tenderizer. bash them up. >> get out issues. >> and then sprinkle some on top. i do a couple scallions for color as well. >> another appetizer on the grill. these are steak bites. what do we have? >> a beautiful piece of new york strip here. we're going to do blue cheese and figure and bourbon jam steak bites. you can use steak as an appetizer. we'll start with this new york strip and season it with a lot of salt. i don't actually season with pepper because pepper can burn. a lot of people don't know that. you want to season with your
8:52 am
pepper at the end table side. season nicely on both sides. don't be afraid. get in there. >> then a marinade going? >> this is it for now. we'll go over to the grill again. and this is a grill where i have coals just to one side and we'll put it on the incorrect side. it's called reverse sear. it will make sure that you have perfectly cooked steak every time. >> when do you move it to hot? >> you'll keep flipping it. it will take 15 minutes. i take it to 130 which is medium rare. whatever you're happy with. >> how are you preparing it? >> we prepare it. slice it up. put it on the sear. get it done. blue cheese and your bourbon jam and that's it. >> do you love it, guys? >> thank you. >> if you want more on these recipes, go to this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
summer. things are heating up for the wta. time to play when the emirates airline us open series hits stanford for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. now through july 24th. it's time to shine brighter than you ever thought possible. the emirates airline us open series. we're serving up the best of summer. don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford.
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>> we're back at 8:54. today's birthday wishes. dylan? >> perfect to everything we involved in our face. birthday cake. let's show you who is on our smucker's jar today. happy 100 birthday to betty hendrickson. her long list of skills include
8:55 am
sewing, plumbing and painting. you're hired. wilbert howard is 101 years old. serves as deacon as his local church and you'll find him singing along to his favorite song "this little light of mine. requestings "kenneth brown celebrating 100 years. self-employed farmer from kentucky. he says secret to longesvity isa bowl of oatmeal every day. and elsie young. and john is 107 years old. he goes to the local gym three days a week. i can't get myself to go once. feeling lazy. happy 75th anniversary to don and virginia campbell. two kids, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren and secret to a long and happy marriage is to simply put stay
8:56 am
out of trouble. as always, if you know someone celebrating their 100 birthday or 75th anniversary or more, send it to us. >> beautiful morning. we look forward to next hour. i'm ...the s wom's olpic gymnti good morning, the u.s. women's olympics gymnastics team was revealed on nbc bay area. look for a sold out and enthusiastic crowd. no one was more excited than these gals who made the team. the team includes reigning world
8:57 am
cha champs. simone biles shined during the trials, getting off to a strong start and never looking back. gabby douglas had a couple of rough spots. even falling off the balance beam at one point. but she recovered. now in the bay, searchers are back out at a pleasant ton lake look are for two swimmers who went missing last night. this is happening at shadow cliffs recreation area. crews are still hoping to find the pair. it is still considered a search and rescue mission. and on our app today, a blue ribbon panel reviewing the police department policies and will issue the final report. find that in our twitter page and our facebook page. when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some...
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>> this morning on "today's take," an epic adventure. and then team usa's newest fierce five that will have you flipping for rio. plus, chris colfer on his fabulous new role coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this monday morning, july 11th, 2016. i'm tamron hall along with dylan and sheinelle guest hosting with me today.
9:01 am
you can do whatever you want because you're not al or willie. you don't know this song? >> i can't hear it. >> go for it. >> this was the first record i ever owned. a 45. with the piece you put in the middle. the song is "whip it" by dazz band. i had a portable record player i could take around and i would open it up and plug it in my room and turn it up. i'll show you the move i did. are you ready? i would do this. >> how old were you? >> my mom would say what are these suggestive moves. i would go -- here it goes. >> you're suggesting. >> i don't know. what is that? >> stop.
9:02 am
how old were you? >> five, six, seven. >> it was organic. >> that doesn't happen in nature. >> soul train. let's think about it. for those kids at home, 45s were these record things. they were about yeah big. around the time the 45 was actually something, the only tv show that you probably watched and did that dance because they weren't doing that on american bandstand. it had to be soul train. >> maybe it was. i don't know. >> can i ask a question back to the records. do you remember when mcdonald's used to give out a record? >> yes. >> it was in the happy meal. if it made it through the whole song, you won a prize. and then it would trail off if you lost.
9:03 am
>> at the restaurant? >> they would hand out in their happy meal because we had record players to play it on. >> i feel like we should bring records back. aren't they coming back? >> they're expensive. i bought willie for his birthday last year nwa album. it was a rare limited edition. >> you're a good friend. >> my credit card bill is still not in use. vinyl is hot. we have to transition. that is beautiful. this morning on the plaza, a very powerful moment. jennifer lopez, lin-manuel miranda, you cannot find two bigger stars on the planet right now. they joined forces to perform their new song "love makes the world go round." it's a tribute song to those affected and lost after the orlando massacre at the pulse nightclub. here's what is incredible. the song can now be downloaded on itunes and all proceeds from
9:04 am
the sale through october 5th will go to the hispanic federation for the orlando fund, orlando survivors and relatives of the victims were jieoined on the plaza. a woman had a quilt that she was holding with faces of all of the victims who lost their lives that day. beautiful tribute. j. lo said it was a song she had for some time and after the massacre in orlando it took on a new meaning for her and she wanted to freshen it up in her words and she called the one and only lin-manuel miranda to give it a new edge to it. it's so special. >> i had my phone out. it was such a powerful moment. and then once everybody started waving the flags. it was one of those things where you could almost feel it. you could feel the energy of it. the strength of it. >> what was incredible was standing on the stage looking out at the people knowing
9:05 am
survivors were in the audience. i was recognizing them when we went through news coverage and these are people telling us the stories from their hearts. they had tears in their eyes and they were standing there and could embrace the moment. >> it's important, again, that these proceeds go to the families that are still trying to piece together and how do you piece something together when you lost someone forever, a piece of the fiber of your family. incredible. j. lo is brilliant as always. lin miranda with his final show. it has been a difficult time in dallas. we watched what happened in louisiana and minnesota. this is a very difficult time to say the least for our nation so to see j. lo on the front line not just being a celebrity but being a human.
9:06 am
love is what we need. >> bring people together. >> something else, speaking of powerful moments and coming together, can we talk about the u.s. women's gymnastics team. i'm so excited for usa and the fierce five. natalie morales in the thick of it all. we know who is headed to the olympics next month. >> it was so good here last night. i got to tell you, you can see confetti still on the ground behind me. there was so much tension in this building. people on the edge of their seats. a packed house here at the s.a.p. san jose arena. i got to tell you, we know who the fierce five are. a lot of names you probably recognize. simone biles, three-time world champion. everybody expected her to be here of course. she locked that top spot last night blowing away everyone here. she's headed to rio along with veterans gabby douglas, who struggled a little bit, i have to say, here in the trials. and she though making the team.
9:07 am
she redeemed herself last night and aly raisman also a former member of the fierce five. they're headed back to rio hoping to defend their team gold and joining them we have newcomers on the scene. madison kocian so solid especially on uneven bars. and then the newest breakout star of these games. when she was out here last night, the crowd yelling her name. laurie hernandez just 16 years old already making a name for herself. i talked to her last night. she was just 12 years old when she watched the fierce five compete in london. here's what she had to say when she talked about how much she idolized these now teammates of her. >> four years really does make a big difference. four years ago at 2012, i was this little kid struggling on the daily trying to --
9:08 am
>> asking for autographs. >> did you get their autographs? >> i don't think so. >> now you're teammates. >> crazy to look back. these amazing superstars now and we can be together on a team. >> so what do you do when you're just named to the u.s. olympic team? well, you have a dance off in the locker room. that's what the girls did. laurie hernandez tweeting this out last night along with teammates aly raisman and simone biles. from here, it is hard work ahead. they've got just 25 days to go counting down to rio. ten days they'll spend in intense training as a team rather than as just competitors against one another. you're going to see those girls an awful lot in rio. >> work hard, play hard.
9:09 am
>> thank you, natalie. i went to the training facility before they were preparing for this. it's just intense. in a very loving way. they are so fun. i told dylan she has a lot in common with simone. not just athleticism, joke, joke, the love of zac efron. simone, she'll e-mail me directly after this. she loves zac efron. she's flipping and practicing and i would say zac efron. >> i'm not that bad. >> you both have the giggles. zac efron rules the world. >> i don't know if you saw this earlier today, on saturday there was a baseball fan watching a game and she was trying to catch a foul ball. it can be tough. there are ways to catch a foul ball. some catch it in their cup. some people hold baby to the side. she didn't stand a chance.
9:10 am
this poor woman. san francisco giants versus arizona diamondbacks. she holds up her tray. i mean, there are hot dogs and beer and everything on this tray and the ball just -- >> i'm not convinced she was trying to catch it. i think she was trying to protect her face. >> here we go. >> i see what you mean. >> here's some advice. next time that happens, if you just drop the tray a little bit and give a little give, there's a chance maybe everything won't splash all over. you have to give with the ball. >> give with the ball. >> i want to practice it but they said we can't in this particular area because of this equipment that we have. >> you give with it. >> great advice, dylan. >> i don't like when people have to waste food or beer. >> what do we have going on with the forecast? >> some showers and storms. heavy rain. lots of cloud to ground lightning to the west of st. cloud. brace yourself. we'll see strong storms move
9:11 am
through shortly. later this afternoon another round of storms develop through minnesota. we could end up with isolated tornadoes and eastern nebraska and western iowa we could see some very large hail. tomorrow, this whole threat will spread farther to the east across the western great lakes extending into parts of the midwest. hail and damaging winds a possibility and something to watch out for eac san francisco and the bay area the temperature now at 64 degrees. and we're seeing some mid- to upper 60s as our temperatures continue to warm. it will be a very warm afternoon reaching into the upper 80s for the inland valleys. 74 and 68 degrees in the mission district. in the north bay expect a high of 90 in fairfield. also 86 degrees in pittsburgh. and danville today a high of 77 degrees. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> someone just wrote the jazz
9:12 am
band was on american bandstand but not the move. they didn't do that there. up next, the latest celebrity to run wild. julianne huff. wait until you see what happened on her latest i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a
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9:15 am
shy away from adventure. julian hough is a triple threat that danced her way to two ball trophies on "dancing with the stars." she won a lot aka. >> she also starred on the big screen in "safe haven" and most recently landed her dream role. now running wild with bear grills. check out what happened when they were dropped off in the african savannah. >> my gosh. bear was picking up the poop. wait, what? >> being this fresh, you get use out of that and that would hydrate you. i've done that before. >> have you really? >> wrong. bear and julianne, good morning. i'm not even talking to you right now.
9:16 am
i'm not kidding. five times a day people say how is the squirrel that bear made you eat? >> it went down for sure. >> did it come back up? >> it didn't. you know when you eat spinach, it tasted like that. the elephant dung was quite pleasant. is it actually the taste? >> i was worried about the pop. when you go to bite something. a little bug and insect guts come out. >> i worry about the gush. >> it's great food. >> okay. so this show is hugely popular.
9:17 am
you have taken out so many celebrities. why did you want to target the beautiful julianne. why did you want to teach her how to survive. >> that's such a loaded question. it's funny. the girls often outshine the guys. we have taken amazing men as well that are super fit and strong and the girls you have to think like you and same with julianne, pretty and petite, you have a streak of steel. julianne was in the african savannah eating the unimaginable sleeping under a rock. that's part of the adventure. "running wild" is a privilege to do. it's about you guys and guests and getting to know you in an honest unguarded way. >> julianne, i mean, you're very fit. you're athletic. you dance. yoga. workout. how would this compare to what you do normally? >> it's totally different.
9:18 am
that's definitely for exercise this is much more for survival and not dying. honestly, such a thrill and adventure. it reminded me off back when i grew up with my family and we would go on big hikes in utah and all of the big national parks and stuff. for me it was just like that sense of a little nostalgia. >> they didn't have elephant dung. >> you both got off lightly. a guest last week i found a rotting sheep. cut his testicle sack off. filled it full of maggots and gave it to him for dinner. >> are you going on "dancing with the stars"? that's the only way to pay him back for that. >> by the way, i did get off
9:19 am
easy. that sounds terrible. >> are we playing this game? you can only bring three things into the wild, what would they be? this back to school, give them a universe of knowledge with this 11.6" samsung chromebook for just $189. save money. live better. walmart. you didn't listen to your parents. you ignored every piece of advice.
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9:23 am
seconds on the clock and we're going to grab three items. i'm going for that -- i want that too. >> you want that? >> okay. >> what i learned, i'm going with -- >> i thought about that, and then either like razor or -- i think -- >> i'm trying to read what -- >> okay, time is over. so, let's see, you all went infinitely for the obvious stuff, but if you look over here there is a lot you can use. you got the hairspray. we repelled off of a 200 foot cliff just secured to this. >> i can't wait to see that. >> signaling mirror. >> that would have been in there. even this, you can boil is over
9:24 am
a fire, and it won't melt, but it will boil the water. >> i had elephant dung for my hydration, so i felt like i didn't need water. >> give us one quick tip that everyone should know. >> survival is about never giving up. you can have all of the skills and everything, but ultimately it is about human spirit. persistence, determination, that's what both of you girls had. >> we love you so much. the experience of a lifetime, can't wait to see you. >> thank you, by the way you can catch a special two-night premier, you're moving on up bear. august 1st and 2nd here on nbc. i told you everything i have done in my journalistic career, this is what people ask about the most. and coming up, chris coffer gets
9:25 am
a great roll on the big screen. thank you. pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers. is caringing because covering heals faster. for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day, cover with a band-aid brand flexible fabric adhesive bandage.
9:26 am
good morning, it's 9:26. new this morning, things are back to normal at a recycling plant after it went up in flames early this morning. it started around 4:00 this morning and the flames quickly spread. firefighters raced to get the fire under control and they were able to knock the flames down within about an hour. all of this happened at the recycling center on 7th street near municipal stadium. investigators are looking into a cause. in the east bay, search crews are scouring the waters at the recreation area for any sign of two swimmers who vanished last night. we have learned that the swimmers, the father and his adult son, were with a group on a rft when they fell overboard. crews suspended their search
9:27 am
around 1:00 this morning and resumed about an hour ago. bob redell is talking with investigators and will update us on the search at 11:00 this morning. we have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break. weath tosso traic
9:28 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist californkari hall. a lot of sunshine in the inland areas. we'll be warmer than we've seen the past few days. it's 70 in concorde. of 64 in san francisco. a look at a the highs reaching 68 degrees. 90 in fairfield. we'll also have mid- to upper 80s for parts of the east bay. san jose up to 82 degrees. and now let's head over to mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> things are calming down, but in the south bay, we have had our second crash of the morning. same spot north 101. it also involved a motorcycle like the first crash did. it had three lanes blocked for 20 minutes. 87 still slow through this area.
9:29 am
slowing through okayland. but let's get a live look by the coliseum. things bogging down at high street. the 66 overcrossing looks pretty good. slowing at the toll plaza. nothing dramatic there. we'll send it back to you. >> it's going to be a warm afternoon. make sure you hydrate. wear the sunscreen as you enjoy your day. more news for you in just a half hour. we'll see you then.
9:30 am
looking at the headlines, the new pokeman smartphone game is a big hit but robbers are taking advantage of the players. the game sends players on real world scavenger hunts to create virtual creatures but outside st. louis, robbers led a person to a parking lot. four teens have been linked to 11 robberies in the area. the workplace negotiation gap between men and women is shrinking but it is still sizable. according to a new survey, 42% of young men ask for more money when they get their first job offers. only 26% of young women do the same. the young men were also more likely to be successful in their
9:31 am
negotiations. the gap does appear to get smaller as job seekers get older. and there's no such thing as a free lunch. there is free slurpy. today, hallelujah is july 11. to celebrate, participating 7-eleven stores give away from a free slurpy through their app. the slurpy was invented when sodas were put into a freezer to cool them down and then they became a slushy basically i'm a southerner. we call that heaven in a container. it's no secret the "the secret life of pets" was a huge hit at the box office this weekend. the animated adventure from our sister company universal brought in more than 102 million bucks in its debut weekend. "the legend of tarzan" was second and "finding dory" was third. i think we all need a slurpies.
9:32 am
too southern for my own good. sorry, y'all. >> i can't pretend to go along with you. let's look at what will happen this week. early this week storms across the midwest. by the end of the week, scattered showers and storms from the southeast up through parts of the ohio and tennessee river valley. below normal in the northwest. above average temperatures expand making it into northern new england where this weekend was only in the 50s and 60s. you'll get into the 80s and we're expecting some warmer temperatures in the bay area. right now we have some mid-60s to low 70s as you head out the door. a lot of sunshine all across the bay area with a high today in san francisco of 68 degrees. 86 in the north bay. we'll have upper 80s in the south bay and trivalley. the east bay up to 76 degrees.
9:33 am
76 also in the peninsula. the next few days, the valleys will be heating up into the 80s and low 90s with the hottest day of this week on thursday. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. many of you may know chris color if -- colfer for his appearance on "glee" but what you may not know is he is also a "the new york times" bestselling author, not once, not twice, four times over. we love you. chris is out with the fifth installment of his "land of stories" series called "an author's odyssey." >> you sit down to write a book and hope people like it. you're just at the top of "the new york times" bestseller list. how does that feel? how does it hit you? >> it's wonderful. i never take it for granted. the books keep building.
9:34 am
the audience keeps growing and it makes it harder to write each book because every time i sit down at the computer. okay. this is not just a hundred kids i thought would read it. it's like a million kids. there's a lot of pressure to please them. >> have you always loved the writing and acting. you're doing both. >> as a kid i loved playing pretend. it wasn't until later someone had to tell me they are two different arts. they've been with me ever since i was a kid. >> since it's about the kids, we got a few viewers to give us a question. we picked out one from adriana. she's 9 years oweld. >> why did alex and connor have to go through so many challenges just to make the spell? >> a young journalist from msnbc there. she's very frustrated. >> they had to go through a lot of challenges to make the story fun and adventurist. i apologize for the trouble.
9:35 am
>> how do you navigate those waters? >> they have no filter. if they don't like a sentence, they'll tell you right to your face. it's hysterical and again lots of pressure. >> this is a series that seems like it's setting itself up for a good blockbuster movie. do you have anyone in mind for the main character? >> originally i was so against it. i would rather it be a good book that 100 people read than a terrible movie 100,000 people saw. the kids come up to me and they demand a movie. i no longer have that option. >> it's a done deal. people have spoken. >> right. so i think it's definitely going to happen. right now i'm taking my time to make sure it's with the right people and it's also a good movie and why make a movie that can't be a good movie. >> between writing bestselling novels, you found time to maintain your acting career. this is huge. you'll appear in a new film.
9:36 am
your role came about organically. >> i have been a huge fan of the show. jennifer saunders has been a personal hero for mine. a few years back, i didn't have friends in london so i just reached out to her and asked if she wanted to come to the show. she did. we became friendly. she said she was going to do a film and i to be in it. the rest is history. >> the biggest uk open of a british film since the last james bond movie. >> it's really good. really good. >> chris, thank you so much for coming in this morning. you have great hair. >> thank you so much. i try. >> it doesn't move. up next, need a few ideas for tonight's chicken? we're grilling up a taste of the mediterranean right after this. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker.
9:37 am
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there are rate suckers. he's been paying more for car insurance because of their bad driving for so long, he doesn't even notice them anymore. but one day brian gets snapshot from progressive. now brian has a rate based on his driving, not theirs. get snapshot and see just how much your good driving could save you. this morning on "today food" it's time to get grilling. you're here to spice things up with dinner with two mediterranean inspired dishes. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> my teammates have already started to dig in. it smells amazing. it's a chicken dish. one of the ingredients you're
9:41 am
using is zaatar. >> it's a wild oregano. it's the base for marinade of our chicken today. we'll put our ingredients together. we have sumac and cumin. >> where do you get zaatar from? >> you can order it on amazon. it's a popular spice. you can get it at any supermarket now. >> you have your marinade here. >> we have our spices and lemon juice and olive oil. we'll put that right on top of our chicken thighs. >> i love chicken thighs. can you use something instead? >> i love this with chicken breast if you can't to keep it leaner. for me i love chicken thighs because it's juicier and takes in all of the flavor. keep the marinade for 20 minutes
9:42 am
or do it for four hours or overnight, which i love because it imparts all that flavor. so now take your chicken thighs and put it right on the grill. hot grill. we want it to go for around six, seven minutes on each side. get a nice beautiful char on it. >> do chicken thighs take longer? >> they do. especially with a bone. if you're not sure about the time or if it's ready, toss them into the oven to finish them off. we have our chicken. garnish with fresh herbs. >> next up is eggplant. >> eggplant. so this is one of my favorite dishes. this is a charred eggplant. you want to keep it whole and score it. put it right on the grill just like this. nothing on it. basically what you're doing is you want to char it and get that skin really dark.
9:43 am
do it for 20 to 30 minutes. it will steam the meat inside and give it a smoky delicious flavor. when it's done, we will make our sauce which goes on top of the eggplant. you want to put fresh lemon juice in there. we'll put garlic in there. we'll put some ice water because that will keep it nice and velvety and light and then mix it together. season it with salt. there you have it. >> you have your eggplant. now we want to garnish this. this is where you can get really creative. we have our beautiful sauce. >> you can go to for the entire recipe. finish it off with lemon. >> delicious. go to our website. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> they started out singing on a boston street corner. it's true. the foursome known as lake street dive have a new number street dive have a new number one album and our
9:44 am
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9:48 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> their music is described as an exuberant rich blend of soul and jazz. lake street dive continues their steady drive to the top. in 2012, they had this cover of "i want you back" which went viral. the acoustic performance has close to 4 million hits on youtube. earlier this year, their third full length album hit number one on billboard charts and got to meet with the president and vice president when they performed at the white house. their latest album is called "side pony" and the gang is over with tamron and dylan. >> let's say hello to rachel, michael, michael and bridgette. how are you doing? >> congratulations. >> shocked when you said 4
9:49 am
million views. >> we hadn't checked it recently. we didn't know. >> it's a lot. >> i've been reading this new album is sort of an evolution of your guys' sound. why is this different? >> we've been together 12 years. we just want to keep making different music with each other and be inspired by different and new music all the time. >> take it away. congratulations, guys. ♪ ♪ i know the outcome ♪ i'm not blind ♪ i've been standing here before and i do it every time ♪ ♪ i never think i'll lose ♪ but it's a losing game
9:50 am
♪ and i'm breaking the rules thinking that i'm going to change ♪ ♪ ♪
9:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪
9:52 am
♪ i'm jumping right on it when i know it's going to end somehow ♪ ♪ because you know it ♪ because you know it ♪ because you know it's going to end somehow ♪ ♪ ♪ i know it's going to end somehow ♪ because i know it, i know it's going to end ♪
9:53 am
[ applause ] >> that's lake street dive. thank you so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> where is your co-host? >> hoda woman is on vacation. i have a very tall and handsome co-host. unless he went running for the hills, which would have been (scal): good day, m'lady!
9:56 am
i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at after a nice, sunny start, we'll continue to see the sun all day long and warmer temperatures in parts of the bay area. expect to to reach to 76 degrees in the peninsula and east bay. in the north bay, some upper 80s
9:57 am
there while san francisco stays at a breezy and comfortable 68 degrees. over the next few days, we're getting ready for warmer temperatures, especially for the valleys where some spots will be hitting into the low 90s. let's head over to mike for a look at what's happening on the roadways. >> at the bay bridge, it happens to be getting lighter. but we still have the weight in the left. stay out of the far left lane. looking to the left, we have a smooth drive on the approach. easier now for 580 and 24. most of the activity south of the bridge would be in the northbound direction. 87 and 280 around the interch g interchange. the worst they have been in a half hour. searchers back out this morning looking for a father and his adult son. they vanished while swimming last night. crew says they do hope to find the pair alive. it's still a search and rescue mission. we're posting updates to our
9:58 am
twitter and our website. and on our app, a blue ribbon panel reviewing police department policies will issue its final report. they looked into the department's practices in the wake of a scandal involving racist text messages. more news in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. . . from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. everybody, fun day, monday. no need to adjust your seat. this is not hoda. >> what is it? i'm not hoda. >> surprise. >> i'm been bamboozled. >> she has a very deserved work day off. she is the hardest working woman. >> i get to be hoda for a day. >> you sort of took over her dressing room. >> so far,o


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