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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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cruz campus. the late night lift could have turned out far worse...if not for what the student did next. sam/vo and the "escaped inmates" who kept many communities on- edge for days...are not only locked up--- they'll be back before a judge today. the new details we are learning about how one was captured. kris/vo plus, "one year later." remembering one of the worst tragedies to ever strike california. how have things changed since the terror attack in san bernardino. today in the bay starts right now. ==kris/2shot== good morning - and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia cannon. ==sam/2shot== and i'm sam brock. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather ==kari//cu== ==mike//traffic h set== ck traffic maps
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starting with a delay for "bart" riders ==kris/cu== a u-c-santa cruz student is recovering after jumping
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a u-c-santa cruz student is recovering after jumping from a moving car... to get away from a would-be kidnapper. ==take vo== police say that the young woman was waiting for a bus at the kresge crest-gee college stop near heller and mclaughlin drive just before one o'clock yesterday morning. that's when she chose to catch a ride with a passing driver. but, the driver didn't stop where he was supposed to... despite the student's pleas for him to pull over. the young woman eventually jump out of the car as the driver slowed for a turn. the driver then took off.. the student has minor injuries. ==sam/curail== today two jail escapees recaptured this week - and the people authorities say assisted them - are scheduled to make their first court appearances since the manhunts ended. ==vo== that first manhunt ended tusday night in antioch.
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that's when agents recaptured laron campbell. we're hearing for the first time about intimate details behind the arrest. one deputy u-s marshal spoke exclusively with nbc bay area. he says escapee laron campbell was covered in foam insulation when agents nabbed him - after falling out of the attic. ==sot== "he saw us in the front. saw us in the back. he went up there. he's 6 foot 4, 230 pounds. i dont think it lasted that long. we think he came crashing through the cieling. and that fall probably took most of the wll o fight trt; 14 im " outcue: out of hi ==contvo==authorites say the ot was also found hiding in the attic. that was in a san jose home on wednesday night. ==kris/cu== a convicted felon accused of killing a san francisco city worker-- could enter a plea in court today. ==vo+rail== officers arrested "michael higgin-botham" on suspicion of murder yesterday morning. higgin-botham is accused of killing a "department of public works" employee just a couple blocks from s-f general hospital. our investigative unit found that higgin-botham has a long criminal history -
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including an attempted robbery win 20-10 that ended when an i-r-s agent shot him. ==chyron== he's now accused of killing 27 year old "jermaine jackson." sources tell nbc bay area that the shooting may be gang related. =sam/cu= the c-h-p is investigating another shooting on an east bay freeway. =rail= it happened around three yesterday afternoon at the canal boulevard on-ramp to westbound i-580 in richmond. a witness saw people in one car shooting at another car . investigators located shell casings on the on-ramp - but no other evidence of a shooting. =vo= it follows another shooting on 580 just one day earlier. police say a man and woman were shot near the fruitvale exit. investigators closed eastbound traffic for hours while officers combed the roadway looking for evidence. the victims are expected to be okay. =kris/rail= a high school teacher in fremont is off the job and out on bail... charged with having sex with a student. =vo= police say 'corine ah-dee- ott audiat' started communicating
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with a male student at washington high school in fremont this past spring. by early summer, the 32-year old p-e teacher allegedly started having sex with the student off campus. investigators say they became aware of the relationship last wednesday, and arrested audiat on thanksgiving day. she's been with the school district since 2008. =sam/topvo= a somber day.. today marks one year since the san bernadino terror attacks... 14 people were killed-- and 22 others injured when a married couple opened fire at a county holiday party.. =cu= "syed farook" and "tashfeen malik" were later killed in a shootout with police. =vo= today will be marked with a number events-- starting with a memorial bike ride this morning.. county employees will then hold a moment of silence at 10-58 a-m -- that's when the first 911 call placed. there will also be a public ceremony tonight to honor the lives lost. =sam/topvo= a first in california politics. governor jerry brown has
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nominated the first latino attorney general in state history. if confirmed... "xavier becerra" hav-ee-air beh-sehr-uh will succeed kamala harris, who was elected to the u-s senate last month. becerra served 12 terms in congress... representing los angeles county. ==sam/2shot== some of the world's most poisonous mushrooms are popping up all over the bay area. now, an experimental treatment could save pets that ingest the deadly plant. ==kris/take vo== two potentially deadly species are sprouting up because of the cold and wet weather we're having. the sage veterinary center says a dog died earlier this month after eating one of the mushrooms in the briones regional park in contra costa county. when an other dog was brought in after ingesting a mushroom in her yard in san mateo county-- one of the vets gave her an experimental treatment. and she survived. ==take sot== "we'll go ahead and remove the bile where it tends to build up in a large concentration and so you essentially do the same thin to get back and hit the liver." ==cont vo== while it's possible to treatthe veterinarians say it makes more
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sense to keep your dog away from mushrooms on the trail and at home. 2 shot coming up....keep your hands on the steering wheel this morning. there's a wind advisory still in effect for parts of the bay area... ==wx//ck== kari weather mike//trx mike traffic vo plus, guarding against a public safety hazard...while putting a "squeeze" on public parking. more on why oakland city leaders say the 'clay street' garage has to be shut down. full bay bridge
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==traffic maps full== ==kris//cu== a premium parking area in downtown oakland- won't
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a premium parking area in downtown oakland- won't be available to holiday shoppers starting tomorrow. ==take vo== oakland public works says the "clay street" parking garage will be closed indefinitely because of potential dangers... if a major earthquake were to hit the bay area. there are more than 300 spots in the garage. the drivers we spoke with say they face two problems now. one, it's already tough to find other parking... and two, the garage was much cheaper than most other garages. =take sot= matt gillespie, concord says: "the one under the devry is three times as expensive, which is why i park here." babara kautz, marin says: "if ir late and can't get into this ga runs=14 =cont vo= the garage also offer the garage also offers free parking on city council nights. the dalziel garage down the street will now take those folks in. public works is not saying when... or if this garage will ever re-open. sam/2shot coming up: vo a case of mistaken identifity? the reason this woman was turned away from renting a
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car. ==4 shot== toss to weather an
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==mike//traffic h set== ck traffic maps
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ck emeryville 80/580 ==kris/cu== a well-known rental car company is under fire after a
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cancer survivor says she was turned away -- because her shaven head didn't match her license photo. ==vo== leah cook says she went to the alamo rental car counter at the sacramento airport yesterday -- not wearing her wig. she had her car reservation in hand and gave it to a service member. but after showing her license -- the alamo employee began to question her. =sot= "he held up my id and said who is this, who is this? and i said that's me goes like no that's not you and i was like thenhe's like no that's not youd see i have cancer." rns 0:15 =contvo= over the manage -- and heled didn't believe her as well. distraught -- she called her daugther -- who happens to be the wife of former 49ers player, stevie johnson. cook was finally able to rent a
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car after a second manager stepped in. ==sam/rail== air b-n-b is announcing some changes for some of its users in europe--- scott mcgrew reported on this yesterday--- and it could lead to a major shift in our neck of the woods. ==take vo== this all comes after our investigative unit exposed how thousands of people across san francisco are renting out their homes illegally. now, airbnb is tightening up enforcement abroad. the home-sharing website will soon block hosts in london and amsterdam from renting out their homes for more days than their cities allow. we asked airbnb if it would do the same in san francisco, and the company told us "no comment". earlier this week, san francisco also took steps to limit how often people can rent out their homes. the board of supervisors voted to set a max of just 60 days a year... for anyone trying to rent out their home to short term visitors. mayor ed lee has until next week to veto the bill. ==take vo== to learn more, watch our entire series of investigations by going to our website: n-b-c bay
4:50 am just click the investigations tab. ==sam /2shot== the white house is going high- tech to teach kids more about government. ==kris /boxes== for that and the rest of your news before the bell -- we turn to landon dowdy live at c-n-b-c world headquarters. cnbc/live vobox vobox vobox == /boxes== thanks landon. =kris/cu= listen up, parents. 'hatchimals'. eportedly getting
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=vo= c-n-b-c is reporting that some employees at a santa cruz store posted on instagram that the store would have a limited stock of the hot toy on sunday. and that's not all. nintendo classic edition mini will also be in stock. like the hatchimals, the nintendo game console is sold
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out at a number of retailers and has been highly sought after by consumers. ==kris/2shot== coming up -- ==vo== a bart expansion delayed. the reason people on the new line won't be riding anytime soon. sam/cu but first-- happening now: nearly 80 dogs rescued from a hoarding house in el cajon. learn about when you will get a chance to adopt one on nbc bay area dot com. reveal plus-- virtual football. on our facebook page, we're giving you a sneek peek of how we'll watch sports in the future. we're back with more of this morning's top stories in two minutes. =kris/live= ad lib ve picture li francisco
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=sam/topvo= not your ordinary robbery ...what you're looking at is a potentially life-threatening rip off. these surveillance photos show a thief taking the cash register from the "nine- oh-seven" grill in benicia. what made the robbery worse ...the cash register had donation money for an employee suffering from organ failure. if you recognize this man -- call police. =sam/cu= an innocent driver and a burglary suspect are both in the hospital this morning-- after a high speed police chase, and crash, in fremont. ==take vo== the chase ended when the suspect smashed into another driver on walnut ave.. police were attempting to pull the suspect over ... because he matched the description of a burglary suspect. investigators say he may have been driving 70 miles an hour at the time of the crash. the other driver-- is said to be seriously hurt. we still don't know the extent
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of the suspect's injuries. police say the suspect faces several charges... including residential burglary and evading police. =kris//topvo= one person is dead - and two others were hospitalized after a crash in san francisco. this is the view from the nbc bay area chopper. as you can see - several cars were involved. it happened just before noon yesterday at lombard and divisadero streets ... that's a major thoroughfare, in and out of san francisco. that intersection stayed closed for more than 4 hours... backing up traffic for miles. the cause of the crash is under investigation. ==kris/cu== it looks like commuters will have to wait a little longer fo is a the cause of the crash still under investigation. looks like commune utah commute will have bartkowski run through a series of test operations that could take weeks or months.
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leaders have no plans for a hard date for the station to open. >> major upgrade coming for bart. to make sure riders don't get trapped in the bay in a catastrophic earth quake, could take two years to update. after 5:30 only one trap will be available. seeing some pretty balancing cameras. >> yeah having to switch things around. >> yeah it's definitely windy but milder too. not as cold as it has been but we're in for a big chill early next week. i'll detail that in a few minutes. >> looking now at berkeley 180 as well. we'll talk about what's going on
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coming up. >> and helping addicts by giving them a safe place to shoot up a controversial new plan to help them.
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now that you put me in this position even if you don't help me one bit i'm going to get it done don't worry about it. >> all fired up, donald trump lets loose at his first rally since coming president-elect.
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his announcement that he flipped. >> and a proposal about a fiery ad that puts at risk. >> and a new center to help. =mike/ck= ck traffic maps ll we want to get to breaking news on the bark track bart track. >> there's limited service between north end of oakland and the richmond station. we'll continue to track that. here out of oakland are


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