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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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brace yourselves for a siberian express that's barreling down from the north pole, bringing bone-chilling temperatures and difficult conditions. we will look back at the truly extraordinary life of astronaut, marine, senator, and american hero john glenn. >> breaking overnight, south rea's president impeached and millions take to the street in united fury. >> kirk douglas prepares to celebrate his 100th birthday. >> the seven things that will get you banned for life from uber. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera. happy friday for you. millions of americans are going to have a tough time kicking back this weekend because millions are in the path of this
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treacherous weather system that will blanket much of the country. >> already one vehicle pilep has had deadly results. three people killed, dozens injured along michigan's interstate 96. the chain reaction crash happened in near white-out conditions. dangerous travel. a polar vortex. much more. all of that part of the system making its way here. here's kristen dahlgren with the details. >> another multi-vehicle accident near erie, pennsylvania, shut down parts of interstate 90 and sent several people to the hospital. in upstate new york, a funnel cloud along with blowing snow and slippery roads. >> we had to drive really slow. >> even the professionals had trouble. some areas could see more than two feet of lake effect snow. out west, places like silem and portland, oregon, under a blanket of snow and ice. schools and city offices closed and flights canceled. an arctic blast hitting hard across much of the country.
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walla walla washington, just 16 degrees. bolder dropped to 3, and casper, wyoming, a bone chilling 30 below. and it's far from over. the polar vortex could plunge temperatures even lower next week. >> that was kristen dahlgren reporting. our meteorologist bill karins is going to join us in a moment with the breaking details on the forecast. this morning, the nation mourns a true american hero. the terms legend and trailblazer may be thrown around a lot these days, but there are a few who have lived up to such praise. john glenn was one of those people. the astronaut, businessman, senator, and family man died at the age of 95 thursday. john glenn was many things, but above all else, he was a patriot. tom costello has more on his life. >> three, two, one. >> john glenn was more than an american hero.
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for more than half his life, he was a 20th century icon, perhaps best known for what happened on february 20th, 1962. the first american to orbit the earth and put america back in the space race with the soviet union. >> i feel fine. oh, the view is tremendous. >> the late t.j. o'malley was at the nasa controls that day. >> until he died, he kept the button he pushed to send glenn into orbit. >> hit that engine start button. i said may the good lord ride all the way. >> john glenn returned to a hero's welcome. and invitations to address congress. >> as our knowledge of our universe in which we live
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increases, may god grant us the wisdom to use it wisely. >> he was born in cambridge, went to a local college, and married his child hood sweetheart, anne. in 1957, a coast to coast supersonic record, los angeles to new york in less than three and a half hours. >> these are the men -- >> and then the early days of the astronaut corps, later immortalized in the movie "the right stuff." after a career in business, he was elected to the senate in ohio in 1974. >> john glenn needs you. >> and made an unsuccessful run for the presidency in 1984. then in 1998, nasa came calling again. at the age of 77, john glenn got his wish to return to space aboard the shuttle "discovery." >> booster ignition and liftoff of discovery. >> a lifetime of achievement and national service honored with
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both the congressional gold medal and the presidential medal of freedom, the country's highest civilian wards. john glenn, pilot, astronaut, politician, husband, and father, and an american original. tom costell oh, nbc news, washington. >> well, we have new details about the two georgia officers who were fatally shot on wednesday. officers jodi smith and nick smarr were both friends. both were engaged to be married. smarr's sister was smith's fiancee. it started with a domestic disturbance. here's the actual call to 911. take a listen. >> somebody punched holes in my walls. they're shooting. >> oh, no. he shot the police. he shot one of them. >> the officer was shot? >> yes, and i don't know. >> both officers had been fatally shot by minguell lembrick and a manhunt began
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after that. >> a georgia community in mourning. shortly after america's georgia police officer nick smarr's flag draped coffin arrived at the funeral home, word that a second officer had died. jodi smith, who had clung to life for a day, died in the intensive care unit. the two, best friends. >> jodi was there for nick. he heard him dispatched to that call, he knew he was nearby and he responded. >> the two cops were childhood buddies, went to the police academy together, both killed by minguell lembrick. following an intense frb manhunt, a dramatic conclusion, 26 hours after he shot both officers and went on the run, it ended with a self-inflicted gunshot. the cop killer desperate and holed up in the back room of a house only three miles from the initial shooting, committed suicide. he had a lengthy record 32 pages long. >> a convicted felon in
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possession of a firearm and he wreaked havoc on the community. >> investigators say both smarr and smith each got off one shot, even after they were blindsided by the gunman while responded to a domestic dispute call. the police chief said the incident was captured on a body cam. >> it tells us they both did what they were supposed to do. >> even more heartbreaking knowing their background. >> want to turn to politics where donald trump will remain at the helm of a show that made him a household name. >> brian, you're fired. >> this morning, and yet another first, the president-elect will continue on as an executive producer of his hit show "the celebrity apprentice." that news comes from mgm, which produces the show that airs here on nbc. when asked if trump would continue to receive any of the show's royalties, hope hix says detailed would be laid out later.
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last night, trump was in iowa as part of his thank youatory, firing up the crowd, bringing out the state's governor before sounding tough on the country. >> you have the massive theft of intellectual property, putting unfair taxes on our companies, not helping with the menace of north korea, like they should. and the at-will and massive devaluation of the currency and product dumping. other than that, they have been wonderful, right? >> earlier, somber moments for trump, meeting with the families of the victims of the ohio state university knife attack that took place last week. he said lone wolf attacks like the one that left 11 injured must be stopped. that as hie continues to fill ot his cabinet, making a controversial pick to lead the department of labor. >> on high in trump tower, the president-elect is filling out his cabinet. today with an eye on jobs, jobs, jobs. fast food billionaire andrew
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puzder is his pick for labor secretary, and another troubling confirmation. he says raising the federal minimum wage means cutting jobs. >> when you raise the cost of hiring low-skilled and young workers, you're really pricing them out of their jobs. >> puzder is also open to automation, telling business insider last spring, machines unlike people, never take a vacation. they never show up late and never file suits. some democrats called it a roar on labor. >> president-elect is heading in the direction of the bosses, not of the workers. >> today, trump travels to grand rapids, michigan, continuing his thank you tour. he'll be in baltimore on saturday for the army/navy football game. >> back to what's going to be a painful weekend when it comes to the weather. here's bill karins on the looming siberian express. >> how about last night in the seattle area? picked up 1 to 2 inches.
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there's snow on the ground. some was warmed up and might get drizzle now, but still snow out there, so be careful on the drive in the downtown seattle area. if you're in portland, too, some freezing rain and ice in some areas. as far as snowfall, the mountains are still getting nailed all through theinter mountain west that's. a monterey to san franc but there is some snow this morning around tahoe. i'll give you an example, show you what the cold blast is going to mean for next week. it will be impressive. >> as long as you show us, i don't want to feel it just yet. >> just ahead, the seven things that will get you banned from uber for life. we'll bring you that list. plus, south korea's prdz has
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oral-b. brush like a pro. want to bring you some breaking news from overnight in south korea where parliament has voted to impeach that country's embattled president over an influence peddling scandal. the constitutional court must decide whether to uphold the vote. it could take up to 180 days. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets for weeks demanding the president's resignation. the impeachment vote sets the stage for the president to become the country's first elected leader to be pushed from office in discragrace. >> leading the news, the mother of dylann roof had a heart attack in court on wednesday, collapsing on the floor and repeatedly saying i'm sorry. not long after prosecuted described in grim detail his cold and calculating attack that left nine churchgoers dead. the heart attack was given by roof's attorney after he sought
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a mistrial. when the survivor said roof should be ein hell, the judge denied the mistrial. roof faces 33 federal charges. >> time for a new baby to make eight for mick jagger. the rock legend and 73-year-old rolling stones front man and his 29-year-old girlfriend melanie welcomed a baby boy in new york yesterday. jagger already has seven kids ranging in age from their teens to their 40s. according to jagger's reps, both parents are delighted. the mother and baby are doing well. so this baby has many nieces and nephews. they may be older, actually, than the baby. fascinating. >> congratulations to them. >> uber is laying down the law for the first time ever. the ride sharing company is listing seven things that will get you banned for life. they include vomiting from excessive alcohol consumption. drinking alcohol in the car, carrying a gun, fist fights or other unwanted contact with other passengers oryour driver.
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flirting and other sexual conduct, inappropriate language, and stalking or contacting your driver after you have been dropped off. some of those are very obvious, self-evident. you don't want to do those in any situation. drivers actually rate passengers. better beware when ubering. >> not so obvious to me because you had to clarify when it comes to the flirting. what if people are on a date. >> if you're doing uber share. sometimes you're riding with a stranger. >> he's like no, it's flirting with a driver. something i was clueless about. >> just ahead, should the government allow airline passengers to make inflight phone calls? plus, stocks are soaring and so are morgan rates. is that a good thing? landon dowdy has the answers. she's coming up next. cause it ky tissue was near. the fiery tissue left her nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. puffs have pillowy softness for dakota's tender nose.
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fast forwarding today. defense secretary ash carter makes a surprise visit to afghanistan. he's consulting with military commanders and delivering a holiday pep talk to troops. >> the senate is poised to vote on a knil to keep the government until april 2017. senators have been on track for final passage of the bill, but a democratic revolt could endanger it. the government will run out of money at midnight if it's not passed. >> later, on "today," could your child's toys be spying on your and your family. consumer watch dog groups and their efforts to pull the toys
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from the shelves before they make it into your homes for the holiday season. that's on "today." >> the markets are off to the races with all three major indices setting reports again. but is that in santa's christmas plans? happy friday, landon. >> it's going to be hopefully another happy one. another day, another record high for the markets. the dow, nasdaq, and s&p 500 closing at fresh all-time highs yesterday as the post-election rally continues. the dow has posted 13 record closes in the past month. and is just about 400 points away from that 20,000 level, and analysts say there's plenty of room for stocks to run higher, calling it the trump trade or optimism for more pro-business economy. meanwhile, lock in your rate now. mortgage rates are at a high for the year. the average rate on a 30-year fixed loan is at 4.13%. that's equal to a payment of about $6 more per month for someone taking out a 30-year, $200,000 mortgage. rates are moving up in
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anticipation of higher inflation under a trump administration. and a fed interest rate hike next week. >> and the department of transportation is proposing airlines be allowed to let passengers make in-flight phone calls using wi-fi, despite complaints they could be disruptive. they could be forced to tell customers when they buy tickets whether they will be allowed. back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thank you. have a great weekend. >> just ahead, a hollywood legend prepares to celebrate his 100th birthday. you're watching "early today." all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® when you have a cold, pain from chest congestion can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®,
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always discreet for bladder leaks you're fired. >> it's christmas. >> i see the decorations. good luck in the new year. >> all right, la la land is among a batch of new movies hitting the box office this weekend. one of the most anticipated is la la land starring emma stone and ryan gosling. the pair sing and dance about trying to make it in hollywood. everyone's dream there. then miss sloane starring jessica chastain. and then a holiday office party that goes wrong, and nocturnal animals expands into more theaters across the country. it stars amy adams, jake gyllenhaal and is directed by none other than tom ford. >> a lot of good ones. then you have what really is a hollywood legend celebrating a major milestone.
4:24 am
actor kirk douglas turning 100 years old. douglas' son michael is hosting a celebrity birthday bash in beverly hills. kirk douglas recently told variety he never wanted to be in movies. i guess that didn't happen. he concluded the interview by saying, quote, we're doing this again when i'm 200. >> imagine some a-listers there. >> justin timberlake made a big splash down under. he surprised a group of performing arts students down under. some even got to perform for timberlake. he wrote, the students were crazy talented. congratulations to him for making the journey and bringing joy to the kids. >> i think the parents would have been happy, too. good all the way around. >> thanks for joining us. you're watching "early today." gah! look at us. we're rapidly losing credibility as handymen. mom washed our clothes. one wash with tide pods
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probably going to hear a lot about this in the days ahead. we're watching what they call a siberian express. cold air from siberia is going to move down to the central u.s. it's going to make the cold outbreak look like nothing. much colder next week than the central plains. chicago could have a high of 6. bismarck, of all places, i looked at the 7-day forecast, they're going to be 8 on sunday and that's the hottest temperature of the week. >> thanks for that. >> hillary clinton was back in washington appearing on capitol hill to give tributes to retiring senator harry reid, and warned of the recent rise of fake news story, but not before making a few self-deprecating jokes. >> after a few weeks of taking selfies in the woods, i thought
4:27 am
it would be a good idea to come out. the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences. >> clinton has been in recent contact with the owners of the d.c. pizzeria that was attacked because of a fake news story. >> holiday travelers arriving in spain are greeted by a not so pleasant surprise. look at these images. piles of trash all around the terminals while the passengers are there. that guy even sleeping here. it's a result of cleaning crews going on a five-day strike, protesting changes to their schedules and reduced holidays. the strike has ended but crews are threatening to resume those protests just in time for christmas unless more negotiations made. >> all right, actor judge reinhold, perhaps best known as brad hamilton in fast times as
4:28 am
ridgemont high, had a different close-up when he was arrested at a dallas airport for disorderly conduct. the actor's lawyer said he had cleared scute, but he was stopped when his bag raised an alarm. tsa reportedly asked to pat him down once again, which he refused. the 59-year-old will star in the film "highly functional" which is due out in theaters neck year. >> like a holiday movie turned horror film. a real life grinch was caught stabbing frosty the snowman. he pulls up and immediately targets the inflatable decoration. what happens? he slashes the snowman with a knife. then he jumps into a get-away car and rides off. the homeowner is making light of it all. he set up a comical go fund me page to pay for frosty's medical expen expenses. good to have a sense of humor
4:29 am
and a good heart. >> thanks for joining us, everyone. eeve a great w "breaking news" in san
4:30 am
francisco--- a water main break erupts in soma. right now, that water is threatening to bac . breaking news in san francisco, a water main break erupts in soma. right now that water is threatening to breach one of the city's most important buildings. a special team on site in oakland. forensic specialists have now joined the investigation into the deadly fire as they continue to probe for a cause. plus whooping cough causing widespread concern this morning on the peninsula. at least three schools in santa collar rah county reporting cases. good friday morning. i'm sam brock. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. all right. made it through a lot of rain yesterday. what about today, kari? >> today only light rain. this is our


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