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tv   Today  NBC  May 1, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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the bay. we're back here in half an hour with a live local news update. >> a cool shot there. join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. we hope you a great monday. good morning. breaking overnight, mass shooting. [ gunshots ] a man opens fire during a birthday pool party at a san diego apartment complex. at least one person killed, seven others injured, the gunman killed by police. we'll go live to the scene. dramatic rescue. a father and two babies trapped in an overturned truck. floodwaters quickly rising. how good samaritans got them all out alive, as the death toll from those storms climbs to at least 15 people overnight. even more bad weather expected today.
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crisis averted. congress reaches a late night deal to avoid a shutdown. but is the biggest battle to come? and chaos in the cabin. an airliner hits extreme turbulence. passengers, luggage and food sent flying. at least 25 people, some seriously. why the pilots never saw it coming. "today," monday, may 1st, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's a monday morning. we have craig in for matt. looking at that video is incredible. if you're one of those that ignores when the pilot says fasten your seat belt, turbulence coming. not when you see that. >> scary moments in the sky. two dozen folks injured. more on this story in a bit. >> our top story is this terrible shooting, it happened in california. a man opening fire on guests at a large pool party that was being held at an apartment
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complex where that man lived. catie beck is there. she has the opening developments on this story. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. that birthday party was being held at an outdoor swimming pool. it turned horrific when witnesses say the gunman, who was calmly drinking a beer, suddenly started shooting. while police aren't saying whether this shooting was racially motivated, almost all of the victims were african-american, and the shooter was white. terror filled moments at an upscale apartment complex in la jolla. a gunman opening fire, shooting eight people attending a poolside birthday party. >> six or seven shots were fired at the pool. i called 911. we got down. we closed the windows. and then, about a minute later, six or seven more shots. >> reporter: overnight, authorities identifying the gunman, 49-year-old peter selis. witnesses say selis was sitting near the pool, drinking a pool and holding a large caliber handgun before he started
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shooting. police inside of the helicopter first spotted the suspect while officers on the ground made their way into the complex. >> our helicopter saw the suspect was in the pool area and was armed and appeared to be reloading. >> reporter: one witness told our nbc station in san diego that selis who lived in the complex, walked into the pool party where a group of friends were celebrating the 50th birthday of another tenet. when they invited him to join the party, he lifted up his shirt, took out the gun and started firing. he kept shooting until he was out of bullets. >> from the screams, you could hear that somebody or multiple people were hit. a lot of screaming. i could see everybody on the balconies yelling, ducking down for cover. >> reporter: police moved in on selis, shooting and killing him. >> the suspect pointed the gun at our officers. and three of the officers fired on the suspect, and the suspect went down.
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and the suspect has been pronounced -- the suspect is deceased. >> reporter: seven of the victims were african-american. and one victim was hispanic. police say they have no motive for the shooting rampage. and it's unclear if race played a role. >> it was truly a horrific act of violence that took place here today. on behalf of our entire city, all of our thoughts and prayers, all san diegans thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. >> reporter: several of the shooting victims remain hospitalized, in critical condition this morning. police will continue a thorough investigation to determine what happened here. guys, i'll send it back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. another major story this morning, severe storms that have wreaked havoc across the south and midwest. while the death toll rises, we're also hearing multiple stories of survival and seeing some dramatic rescues caught on camera. we'll get to al in a moment. let's start with gabe gutierrez,
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in hard-hit texas. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning. the the death toll has climbed to 15 in five states. four people killed here in east texas. this home was obliterated. a husband and wife were inside, huddled together and barely survived. he's now recovering in the hospital. and we're hearing of widespread devastation and incredible stories of survival. >> need some help? >> reporter: near myrtle springs, texas, an amazing rescue unfolds in the wake of saturday's deadly tornadoes. inside this overturned pickup truck with floodwaters raging all around, a father and his two babies. >> i need a knife. a sharp knife. >> reporter: this video from wfaa shows half a dozen good samaritans working to free them. one baby comes out limp, apparently not breathing. tom mitchell, who shot this video, puts the phone in his pocket and starts cpr. a woman over his shoulder prays. >> let him breathe, lord. >> reporter: and the baby starts
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to breathe. at the same time, the second infant, strapped in a car seat, is rescued along with his father. >> debris everywhere. violent tornado. >> reporter: throughout that part of texas, four confirmed tornadoes cutting paths of destruction. >> my husband and i were looking out the window. we looked out the window. i said we adopt need to be looking out the window, we need to be getting in this closet. >> going to hit the power lines. >> reporter: dozens injured. near van zandt county, the twisters cut a path of destruction 35 miles long and 15 miles wide. these homeowners barely survived by huddling in a hallway. >> i don't know how we got out of the house. >> reporter: david's home collapsed around him and his wife. their daughter found them in the debris. >> we were just here at easter, the whole family was here. now, it's gone. >> reporter: this barn is where a high school prom would have been held saturday night. if this happened an hour
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later, this whole thing would have been packed with kids. >> it wouldn't have turned out the way it did. >> reporter: the same destructive storm system, pounding arkansas and missouri, flooding homes and washing out bridges. >> we've been here 22 years and have not seen it like this. it was just crazy. >> reporter: in arkansas, the search is on for two missing children, who were swept away by the floodwaters. here in east texas, thousands of people are still without power, and there's a massive cleanup effort under way. >> gabe for us in texas. thank you. as we said, the threat of more severe weather, including tornadoes, not over. >> it's moving east. and then that same area that's been so hard hit going to get hit again later this week with more heavy, devastating rain. the flood warnings continue because, of course, the rivers are still rising as that runoff continues. you can see the storms moving to the east. for today, 80 million people at risk for severe weather. the enhanced risk from upstate new york all the way to northern north carolina. tornadoes can't be ruled out.
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damaging winds and hail. the strongest storms from the great lakes into the northeast today. flood watches are up for northern maine. we're talking rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches. but here's what we're really worried about. by midweek period, from tuesday night into wednesday, strong storms firing up over the same areas, where they've had so much rain already. we're talking about anywhere from another three to five inches of rain. some areas locally, guys, could see another six inches of rain. so far, the first three months of this year have been the costliest in about 20 years. over $6 billion worth of insurance claims filed already. >> wow. >> and it looks like month of april and may are going to be just as bad. >> thank you very much. we'll check back with you. now, to washington, where a critical budget deal has been reached after weeks of tense negotiations. if approved, it would fund the government through september. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house for us this morning. hi, kristen, good morning. >> hi, savannah. good morning to you.
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congress reached that funding deal overnight and after president trump dropped his demand that the spending for the border wall be included. the president ready to start his next 100 days of his presidency after a somewhat rocky start. overnight, progress on capitol hill. lawmakers reaching a deal averting a potential government showdown. the bill will include millions in defense spending and border security. but none of that money goes to funding a border wall or hiring i.c.e. agents. congress is expected to vote on the package this week. earlier sunday, president trump touting his job performance in an interview with cbs news. >> it's something that i really love. and i think i've done a really good job of it. >> reporter: despite the effort of the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare, the president insists the new gop plan has evolved. >> we now have pre-existing conditions in the bool. we've set up a pool for pre-existing conditions so the premiums can be allowed to fall.
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>> reporter: those comments come days after conservatives on capitol hill cut a deal for a new amendment that would allow states to waive coverage of pre-existing conditions in certain scenarios. republicans are hoping for a vote on health care this week. but it's not clear they have the votes. savannah, craig. >> all right. kristen we will ter at the white house for us. thank you. president trump is weighing in on the north korean crisis, leaving open the possibility of u.s. military action if kim jong-un conducts a sixth nuclear test. nbc's kelly cobiella in seoul, south korea with more. kelly, good morning. >> craig, good morning. the president called the north korean leader a smart cookie. but it's his conversation with the controversial president of the philippines that's raising eyebrows. this morning, the white house is defending what it's calling a very friendly phone call with the controversial president of the philippines, rodrigo duterte. about the escalating situation in north korea. >> i'm not sure it's a matter of honoring this president. it's really a matter of a
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potential for nuclear and massive destruction in asia. >> reporter: duterte has drawn international condemnation for his brutal crackdown on crime that has claimed thousands of lives amid his country's ongoing drug war. mr. trump inviting the leader to the white house. marking a change of direction in the two nations. duterte was a vocal critic of president obama, sometimes using crude language to describe the former president when he was in office. all of it comes as the president is downplaying the significance of the latest failed north korean missile launch. >> this was a small missile. this was not a big missile. this was not a nuclear test. >> reporter: the unsuccessful launch, detected by officials early saturday was believed to be medium range land-based ballistic missile, a type that could be used to hit mobile targets like aircraft carriers. trump is not ruling out using force against north korea's kim jong-un. >> if he does a military test, i will not be happy. >> not happy meaning military action? >> i don't know.
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we'll see. eventually he'll have good missiles. >> reporter: the president is praising the north korean's dictator's rise to power. >> at a young age, he was able to assume power. a lot of people i'm sure tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else, and he was able to do it. so obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. >> reporter: this morning, we're hearing from north korea's foreign ministry, responding to u.s. policy of maximum pressure and engagement by vowing to push their nuclear program, quote, at a maximum pace. savannah, craig. >> kelly cobiella, in south korea. thank you. the story we talked about at the top. the terrifying moments of passengers on a flight from moscow to bangkok. the plane hits turbulence, throwing people and catering carts all over the cabin. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. good morning. what have you learned? >> good morning. the injuries are said to be quite severe. two dozen people injured and the video of the aftermath onboard
7:13 am
the plane is striking. passengers lying in the isles of the plane. some of them seemingly unconscious. others moaning in pain. we also are seeing catering carts upended with brown bottles, food strewn about the cabin. the russian embassy in thailand said this happened 40 minutes after the plane landed in bangkok from a trip from moscow. passengers that weren't seated, were thrown to the ceiling when the plane hit clear air turbulence. the injuries are broken bones, personal and external bleeding. medics met the plane on the ground. took people to the hospital including babies. this was a boeing 777. it's a major destination for tourists. clear air turbulence, as we reported many times, can happen without warning. it happens when an air mass meets another air mass moving at a different speed. almost like two fast-moving rivers meeting and colliding. very difficult to anticipate. that's why flight attendants say
7:14 am
keep your seat belt fastened when you're in your seat. guys, back to you. >> that is terrifying. tom, thank you very much. more dramatic video, showing a massive explosion just moments after a runway crash. this one happened last night on interstate 5 in dayton, ohio. you can see the thick plume of black smoke pouring from the vehicles when suddenly a huge ball of flames shoots into the air there. police say a 30-year-old driver was killed after traveling the wrong way on the highway and slamming into an oil tanker. the truckdriver, meanwhile, suffered minor injuries. southbound lanes of i-75 expected to be closed the rest of the day. >> incredible pictures there. now to this heart attack attack. cyber criminals managed to steal and then release part of the upcoming show on netflix "orange is the new black." now they are threatening other studios. miguel has this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:15 am
hackers kidnapped unreleased episodes of "orange is the new black" and uploaded to a site when they refused to pay their ransom demands. >> it was set to come out june 9th. hackers using twitter handle dark overlord claim they uploaded to a site over the weekend when netflix refused to pay their ransom. now they are threatening more damage. who is next on the list? fox, ifc, nat geo or nbc? what fun we're going to have. nbc news hasn't verified authenticity of the files. netflix declining to be interviewed only releaseing a statement. a production vendor used by several major tv studios had its security compromised. it's the highest profile cyber attack since the notorious sony
7:16 am
hack in 2014 when sensitive e-mails, celebrity gossip and the movie "annie" were stolen and made public. since then, the major studios have beefed up their cyber security. but some independent vendors remain a weak link, according to experts. >> this move the hackers made with "orange is the new black" is a warning shot. and perhaps, we could see more such incidents with other networks and other shows. >> reporter: it appears the hackers may have more shows and movies. the criminals posting, and to the others, there's still time to save yourselves. our offers are still on the table for now. this morning, studios are under attack. this may not be the hollywood ending they were hoping for. hollywood studios are already on edge because of the threat of a writer's strike which could come as early as tomorrow. the last time there was a strike, it cost the industry more than $2 billion. craig and savannah, back to you guys. >> miguel almaguer, up early in l.a. thank you. mr. roker is back. this is -- it's officially spring. >> i took my picnic table out.
7:17 am
pretty nice. anyway, let's show you what we got out west. the weather is going to be spectacular. there will be showers in the pacific northwest. we're looking at some may snow. that's right. first day of may. we got some snow up in the northern plains. and wet weather, works its way in the east coast. southwest, looking warm and dry. we'll get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. each piece of my jewelry collection is designed with lovers in mind. the vera wang love collection, at zales. the diamond store. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall.
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as you get ready to hud out the door, we already have upper 50s for the peninsula and the south bay, while the trival is at 52. also in the upper 50s for san francisco and the east bay. and then as we go into this afternoon, we're going to see some very warm weather reaching up to 87 degrees in the tri-valley and south bay. 82 in the peninsula. san francisco, 78 degrees. and 88 degrees today in the north bay. >> that is your latest weather. >> thank you. >> thanks, al. coming up, guess who is coming to dinner. mark zuckerberg's surprise trip to ohio. and it's fueling speculation. does he want to run for president? and the presidents of madeleine mccann, ten years after their daughter's disappearance. first this, is "today" on c. in the middle of a storm destiny struck.
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just ahead, a rare reunion. matt sits down with "the
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for 24 hour moisture. quickly rinse for smoother skin. ready to go! nivea in-shower body lotion. also available with cocoa butter. a very good morning to you. it's 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we had a traffic mess this morning on 880. want to check in with mike for the latest. >> this is video from sky ranger, our chopper over the scene, when it was over northbound 880. we're looking at the backup through downtown oakland as well. the crash still blocks all but one lane the northbound direction. that's the problem. now, the current picture from the coliseum, looking at traffic as well. northbound 880 at the coliseum camera, jammed up here coming out of hayward and san leandro. a tough piece of the nimt freeway. you can see 580 westbound is clearer. on the maps, westbound 580 moves smoothly. westbound 880 is jammed north of
7:27 am
marina boulevard. the other option is to head south on the nimitz and take the san mateo bridge across the peninsula. overall, aside from that stretch, everything else is moving well. the build up for san jose starting from 280. >> as we take a live look outside right now at san francisco, we do have a clear and sunny start. and also some mild temperatures. it's 58 degrees in san francisco. 65 already in fairfield, and san jose at 57 degrees. it's going to be a very warm day with high temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 80s. for all the inland areas, 82 in palo alto. san francisco, 78, and a nice comfortable 70 degrees at half moon bay. over the next several days, it stays warm with a lot of sunshine, and then temperatures coming back down on thursday and heading into the weekend. much cooler temperatures on the way, and the warmest someday of the week will be on wednesday. especially inland, with highs reaching 90 degrees, but then look alt the weekend with a high of 66. >> thank you very much. another local news update in
7:28 am
half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
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♪ good morning, everybody. 7:30. it's monday. it the 1st of may. rent's due, among other things. the car payment. good morning, everybody. have a great crowd out on the plaza. and we should be really proud. one republic is going to take over for a live concert. >> that's going to be great. >> savannah guthrie. craig in for matt. hoda's here. >> i can't believe it's may 1st. >> winter is over. >> i think rent is due. it's just old habits die hard. let's start with a check of this morning's top stories. investigators searching for a motive for a mass shooting in
7:31 am
san diego. a 45-year-old man opened fire on guests attending a pool party at an apartment complex, killing one woman and injuring seven others. when police moved in, the suspect aimed his gun at officers. they opened fire, killing him. parts of the south and midwest, are cleaning up from powerful weekend storms. tornadoes, flooding rains, high winds, blamed for 15 deaths across that region. the weekend deluge has rivers rising. historic flooding is expected along missouri's current river in the week. we have a picture that will make you smile. >> you know who that is? that is princess charlotte, the duke and duchess of cambridge releasing this photo ahead of her second birthday. doesn't she look like william in that? >> you know who that is? and we had a big graphic that said, it's princess charlotte. that's how i knew. >> that's a sweet one, right? >> adorable. this is a story that will get you talking.
7:32 am
a whirlwind weekend for mark zuckerberg. he traveled to the midwest. he says this is helping him with his work and his fiphilanthropy. but others think he may have his eyes on the white house. peter alexander has the story. >> reporter: good morning to you. for mark zuckerberg, the focus on philanthropy will give him a greater voice in washington. this weekend road trip hitting four states in three days, could be more good business. or perhaps it's something more, with some asking whether zuckerberg may have 2020 vision. it was just dinner. but it could be mark zuckerberg's first course in politics. the facebook founder making a stop in ohio. >> it was incredible. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: dining at home with the moore family. >> he thinks he can do more in his company than getting stuck with all of the gridlock in washington. >> reporter: zuckerberg reportedly asking his staff to find democrats who voted for
7:33 am
donald trump last november. lisa and daniel moore voted for president obama twice. but didn't know zuckerberg would be the mystery guest, until 15 minutes before dinner. >> my adrenaline is still running high. >> reporter: the dinner, highlights a plate of weekend travel for zuckerberg. all of it in the midwest. on friday, meeting with muslim students in michigan. saturday, sitting down with recoveri recoveri recoveri recovering ode recovering add t addicts. keeping a running diary on his facebook page. between, zuckerberg swinging by south bend, indiana, taking a driving tour with the city's democratic mayor. >> this didn't feel like a political visit. we weren't talking about politics. we were talking about community. talking about jobs and the economy. >> reporter: it's not a one-time deal. zuckerberg has visited ten states since january, when he
7:34 am
announced a perm challenge to meet somebody in every state of the u.s. by the end of the year, leaving some to speculate that zuckerberg may be dipping his toe in the political waters. the first line in this feeling by facebook. his leave of absence could not constitute a voluntary leigh of absence. he eluded to undisclosed future plans. >> i'm so grateful to have the opportunity that i've had to serve so many people. and i think that the best is yet to come. >> reporter: as for the moores, they say if zuckerberg runs, they're in. >> i doubt if he would run. but if he did, i would vote for him because i trust him. >> reporter: asked earlier this year if he had plans to run for president, mark zuckerberg said no. with more than a billion people logging on to facebook, he hardly lacks for a public platform. he will have a good one this month, when he returns to where
7:35 am
it all began, harvard, the school he famously dropped out of it. he will be back as the commencement speaker. >> peter, thank you very much. we want to bring in nicolle wallace. we're already thinking about 2020. do you think he's laying the groundwork for a run? or do we need to get a grip? >> there's two things we learned from the republican primary. and i never thought the words would come out of my mouth. but the democrats should look at this like a basketball tournament. and they should have a outsider bracket. and the other bracket is the old shoe or the comfy jeans bracket, where you put joe biden or bernie. things like facebook have fake news. people have murdered people on facebook. it's not associated with the public good. >> step back into your old life as a campaign consultant. if you were advising mark
7:36 am
zuckerberg, what advice would you give? >> i would tell him to drop the hoodies. i would tell him to drop the company profile, for all of the reasons i just listed. and i would tell him to stop thinking that leaving one of the coasts makes you presidential material. it used to be, the heads of serio sears roebuck and people that made cars would spend all their time in the middle of the country where people live. the notion to think it's a credential to leave a coast is ludicrous. >> joe biden was chatting over the weekend. let's look at what he had to say. >> guys, i'm not running. okay? i know it will cause a lot of speculation. look -- >> now, he says he's not running. but he would be 78 when he did. you talk to a lot of trump democrats. >> every one of them said they would have voted for him if he would run. he's beloved. we talked about how president obama is the leader of the democratic party. he can never run again.
7:37 am
joe biden is the next-biggest, most popular leader of the democratic party. and he can still run. >> see you for the next four years. >> big congrats, by the way. >> thank you. >> does it have a title yet? >> how about "the nicolle wallace show"? >> just named it. al roker is here. he has another check of the forecast. >> i don't think you will be co-hosting with mark zuckerberg anytime soon. >> you don't think that went well? >> hey. how am i doing? we are looking at -- look at this. some of the rain we've gotten out of the system, over the last 48 hours. since friday morning, rogers, arkansas, over 10 1/2 inches of rain. all the way to 7 1/2 in parts of illinois. generally, about 32 trillion gallons of rain fell. that would equal 49 million olympic-sized swimming pools. in a, my friends, is a lot of
7:38 am
water. and the tornado reports are just crazy stuff. so far this year, we've had 613 spread over 30 states. that's way above the average of about 485. now, for the rest of the day today, we have the severe storms making their way into the east coast and the ohio river valley, down into the gulf. river flooding continues in the good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine in this forecast. looking at san francisco. reaching into the upper 70s for the next couple days. and the warmest day will be on wednesday, up to 82 degrees. then it starts to cool down with some breezy winds and some clouds that will bring in some rain just to the north of the bay area. as we head to the weekend, it will be up to 90 degrees on wednesday inland after akeep couple days in the 80s and 66 degrees by sunday. >> and get your weather anytime
7:39 am
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♪ we're back at 7:43. this week marks ten years since the mysterious disappearance of madeleine mccann. >> after a decade of chasing leads around the world, are detectives any cloers to figuring out what happened? bill neely is in london. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. good morning, savannah. it's a beginning of a week the mccann family has been bredding. ten years since madeleine has disappeared. now, in a new interview, mcca mccann's parents say they still believe madeleine is alive and
7:44 am
they still buy her presents. kate and gerry mccann lost their daughter in a decade. ten years of pain since madeleine disappeared. they call it stolen time. >> it's time we should have had with madeleine. we should have been a family of five all that time. and, yeah, it just feels stolen. >> i think before madeleine was taken, we felt we had managed to achieve a little perfect nuclear family of five. and unfortunately for us, normality at the minute is a family of four. >> reporter: madeleine vanished on a family vacation in portugal, left in an apartment. discovered missing by her mother, who went to check on her while eating with friends. she found the window open, her daughter gone. for ten years, madeleine's been the focus of a global search. and every birthday, every christmas, her parents search for a present for their missing daughter. >> i couldn't not. you know? she's still our daughter.
7:45 am
she will always be our daughter. >> reporter: for all the searching, what tortures them, the total lack of evidence, is also what comforts them. >> there's no evidence that madeleine's dead. >> reporter: they cling to hope. that their daughter is still alive. >> that hope is still there. >> no parent is going to give up on their child, unless they know for certain a child's dead. and we just don't have any evidence. so -- >> madeleine being out there is no less than it was almost ten years ago. >> reporter: british police have never dealt like a chrase like . >> we have no definitive evidence that madeleine is alive or dead. we have to keep an open mind. >> reporter: just last month they said they're pursuing a significant line of inquiry. ten years on, hope again. but this week will be hard. >> every day is another day without madeleine. obviously, ten's a big number.
7:46 am
i think we'll get by, as we have any other year, really. we'll be surrounded by family and trefriends. obviously, there remembering madeleine as we always have. >> the day and the poignancy of it, we go back. but on anniversaries and her birthday, they are the hardest days, by far. >> reporter: in the next week or so, kate mccann will go shopping for a 14th birthday present for madeleine. and dozens of parents with other missing children, will wonder why this little girl captured so much attention and so much police time. >> bill neely for us in london. >> such a heartbreaker. coming up, we shift gears and get over to the orange room. dylan is there this morning. she has a story behind a
7:47 am
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7:51 am
deserted venues, barely assembled relief tents and box lunches. they shared the scene on social media. you can see beds piled up outside of the tents. people sleeping on their suitcases. a completely unassembled concierge desk. cheese sandwiches that were served for dinner. even the festival's headliner backed out saying, we won't perform at fyre fest we not confident we will have what we need. organizers released a statement saying we thought we were ready and then everyone arrived. the team was overwhelmed. the fyre team takes full responsibility for the issues that occurred. the event were postponed as people scrambled to find their way back home. all ticket holders will receive a full refund and a ticket to next year's fyre festival.
7:52 am
>> next year. we thought we were ready and then the people showed up. >> those tickets were pricy. upwards of $500. >> i guess it's not better in the bahamas. >> next year's is going to be better. coming up, an exclusive interview with jackie kennedy's personal assistant after your local mews and weather. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant,
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good monday morning. it is 7:56. we have a lot of sunshine around the bay area as you get ready to head out. quickly warming temperatures already. 61 in the south bay, and in the tri-valley, 58 degrees. 62 already in the north bay. it is going to be a warm afternoon, heading up to 87 in the south bay and tri-valley. in the peninsula, up to 82 degrees. also some upper 80s for the north bay. san francisco, 78 degrees. and today in the east bay. we will continue on with some warm weather over the next couple days, after this cool start. we're going to have the peak of the heat hitting the bay area as we head into wednesday. as we see the temperatures in oakland today up to 83 degrees. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> overall, we have your commute kicking in for the silicon valley and moving across the bay to the peninsula, but the big problem continues to be the east bay. 880 northbound.
7:57 am
westbound 580 jammed solid as folks are trying to figure out how to get past the circle. a crash at 880, a deadly crash. ee have video from our sky ranger, the chopper over the scene earlier this morning. one lane open on the northbound side. the backup jammed coming up to the scene. there's a live picture past the coliseum where your still slammed basically from san leandro all the way to downtown oakland. 580 westbound is an alternate. so is the san mateo bridge. >> thank you very much. happening now, sunnyvale residents won't have to deal with a strike. they came to an agreement for better pay with the city earlier this morning. hundreds of city workers prepared to walk out when the strike started at midnight. may day protests are happening world wide. earlier reports that tear gas was used on protesting crowds in paris. in cuba, a protester broke past security, raising an american flag in front of a
7:58 am
state-organized procession.
7:59 am
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♪ i'm on my way it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, inside jackie kennedy's private world. our long-time isn't opens up for the first time sharing the family stories outside the white house. we have an exclusive sneak peek sglfrmts pl . plus -- >> you broke my heart. >> an interview they couldn't refuse. >> it's ever present, those movies. >> five decades kwft godfather hit theaters, matt sits down with the stars of the legendary films. >> first one was a big hit. and the new golden girls. two of hollywood's funniest
8:01 am
ladies stop by studio 1 dlcha a getting snatched in their new comedy. >> this is very dangerous. >> it feels like you're putting a lot on. >> you need it here. >> today is monday, may 1st, 2017. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i need to see drivers license's. how old are we? >> we are celebrating our 70th birthday with the today show. >> what are we celebrating today? >> my 50th birthday. >> what are you celebrating today? >> my 40th birthday! whoo! >> who's the mother, who's the daughter? >> i'm the mother. >> i'm the daughter. >> who are we saying hi to this morning? >> texas! >> florida! >> guys, who's on the line? >> this is brooke from ohio. >> hi, guys! >> hi.
8:02 am
>> hi, how are you? happy birthday. good morning. good morning, everyone. it's 8:00 on "today." a little bit of a windy day. >> oh, whoa. >> having a real marilyn monroe situation and not in a good way. good morning, everybody. >> this is fantastic. >> what a crowd, yeah. >> this is a lovely bunch for a monday morning. >> this crowd is huge and we love this crowd. tomorrow i bet you it might be a little bigger because guess who's going to be here tomorrow on the plaza performing. one republic will be live on our stage tomorrow. i can't wait to see them. >> it's a little chilly this morning, guys, as we look at accusatory looks at dylan and al. >> not me. >> let's get a check of the morning's top stories. here's the news at 8:00. >> reporter: we begin with a mass shooting in san diego.
8:03 am
i'm katie beck here on the scene where one woman was killed and seven more injured in a deadly shooting rampage. that incident started last night in the evening at an upscale apartment complex where witnesses say the gunman was calm lly drinking a beer and suddenly started shooting. police have since identified that gunman as 49-year-old peter selis. police say selis was using a large caliber weapon and turned it on them but police moved in, shooting and killing him. witnesses told police selis had been invited to a 50th birthday party, suddenly lifted up his shirt and started firing, continued firing until he was out of bullets. now, at this point police are not speaking to weather race could have been a motivating factor in this shooting. there were almost all of the victims were african-american. the gunman in this case was white. police are continuing to investigate here at the scene, talking to witnesses, trying to collect whatever evidence they can to determine a motive in this case. as for the victims, several of
8:04 am
them remain in critical condition in the hospital. police say as soon as they are able, they will be speaking with those victims and trying to determine exactly what happened here. an ongoing investigation. let's send it back to you. >> katie, thank you. overnight on capitol hill lawmakers reached a blood pressures de-- bipartisan deal fund the federal government through september. it provides more money for defense and border security but not for a border wall. congress is expected to vote on that bill this week. meanwhile, trump says a new republican plan to overhaul health care is on its way. he tweeted sunday that it will have, quote, much lower premiums and deductibles and also cover pre-existing conditions. the death toll is climbing to at least 15 overnight following a weekend of violent storms in the south and midwest. four people died when tornados destroyed houses and overturned cars east of dallas-fort worth. others were killed by falling debris and rushing flood waters
8:05 am
in arkansas, missouri and tennessee. but there are also amazing stories of survival. good samaritans rescued a texas father and two babies when their pick-up truck flipped over in high water.20 people were pulle alive after a tornado destroyed a barn just hours before it would have been packed for a high school prom. so there are blessings sometimes in tragedies like that. >> amazing that it wasn't worse. coming up next, we've got an exclusive interview with jackie kennedy's personal assistant and she really reveals a side of the former first lady that few got to see. then what happens when one of the hottest groups in music -- one of the hottest groups in the world crashes a high school prom. >> love that. and a dynamic duo drops by the studio, amy schumer, goldie hahn, are going to sit down and talk to savannah. first, these messages.
8:06 am
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8:09 am
her trips to the kitchen for ice cream in the middle of the night. we sit down with kathy for an exclusive interview. >> i loved her. she loved me. we were buddy-buddies. >> reporter: kathy mckeon was with jackie kennedy in her difficult days. jackie, a young woman of 34, was facing an uncertain feeuture. in new york with her two young children, caroline 7, and john just 4. kathy was 19, and interviewing for a job with the most famous woman in the world. >> all of a sudden, this little by comes down the hallway with his dog. and he says, my name is john. and i said, my name is kathy. he said, do you want to see my dog doing a trick? i would love to see your dog doing a trick. he put the bone in there and says, go. and all of a sudden, this lady comes in.
8:10 am
you know, at the door. she says, john, what are you doing? you're ruining my couch. and she said, i'm mrs. kennedy. your name is kathy, right? i said, yes. she said, when can you start? >> reporter: that fast. >> i was ready to have her sit down and have a big chat with me. no. >> reporter: little john and his dog tricks helped you. >> he interviewed me with his dog. >> reporter: kathy lived with jackie on fifth avenue for the next seven years, rarely leaving her side. you saw a side of jackie kennedy, that few people would have seen. you saw jackie at home. >> i seen jackie at home, yes. >> reporter: what is that jackie like? >> she was very, very polite. very sweet. very kind. >> reporter: when caroline and john's nanny had time off, kat helped care for the kids. little caroline asked kat the
8:11 am
question whispered by so many americans at that time. >> where were you when my father was killed? i thought you were in new york. i was in ireland. where were you? she said, i was in the white house. she said, i don't believe what happened to my father. i don't believe what happened to my father. he was such a good man. >> reporter: the family's heartbreak was eased by a devoted uncle and friend, bobby kennedy, struggling with his own loss. he lived with his family just blocked away. what was their relationship like, jackie and bobby kennedy? >> very close. but good, good friends. he came to see the kids all the time. they loved him. they loved him. >> reporter: and then, the unthinkable. five years after the death of john kennedy, bobby kennedy was gunned down. kat mourned with the family on the train carrying their uncle's body to washington. john was on the floor, playing with a car. he jumped up to kat. >> like a christmas reed was
8:12 am
thrown through the window. and john said, are they coming to get us, too? no, john that was somebody sad for your uncle. >> reporter: he thought it was a gunshot? >> yes. >> reporter: not long after bobby's death, the first lady surprised many by marrying aristotle onassis. you saw aristotle onassis and thought they were just friends. didn't realize there was another relationship. >> i never put two and two together. >> reporter: was she happy then? >> very happy, yes. >> reporter: when kat got married, jackie and her kids attended her wedding in queens. kat moved out of the apartment, but continued to work with the family for years, even after jackie's death, spending summers in the kennedy home, managing the estate. when jackie died in 1994, her last visit with her became all the more meaningful. jackie gave her treasured
8:13 am
photos. kat's scrapbook, filled with her lifetime of memories is a rare glimpse into history, too. they can have cousins and friends stay with them at the apartment, four or five. no more, underlined. >> yes. she was good for that, yes. >> reporter: this is from john. it says, kathy, just so you know, i got her late last night. see you in the morning, love, john. >> he didn't have keys. he came in through the window. he didn't want to scare me in the morning. that's why he wrote the note. he left on the kitchen table. >> reporter: i can see him climbing through the window. >> reporter: in 1999, when news broke that john f. kennedy jr.'s plane went missing, kat refused to think he was gone. expecting him to show up at any time. >> sthey said the plane did go down. it was so sad. everybody lovered him. >> reporter: when you think about it now, and reflect back
8:14 am
and you've written the book and your pictures and memories. >> yes. >> reporter: how do you think about this experience? >> i can't believe where i ended up and who i worked for. it was so nice they made me part of the family. >> kat mckeon is such a lovely person. and all these stories up a all this memorabilia. >> makes you wonder why she didn't write a book sooner. >> she said, her grandkids were asking her about that time. and she thought i would will tell the story. >> that scrapbook. >> all of this is this priceless stuff you can't can believe. jackie kennedy went to her wedding. one of her relatives asked jackie kennedy to dance. she never forgave him for it. do you remember the relative? oh, yeah, she does. we reached out to caroline kennedy about this book. she declined to comment. "jackie's girl" hits bookstores.
8:15 am
this is time when we trend. >> remember when we introduced you to the quadruplets of ohio. all four of the brothers were accepted to harvard and yale and a bunch of other great colleges. we have information now. they're facetiming us. they have some exciting news. they have their a.p. exams, too. are you with us? nigel, zach, aaron and nick. good morning to you. we hear you. we don't see you. okay. we lost the shot. but can you hear us? >> do we have the audio? >> i think it's gone. >> my gosh. well, that went well. >> that would have been so good. i'm not going to tell you guys in case we get the shot back. >> there they are. >> all right, guys, tell us -- i know you were going to go to different schools. what are you going to do? where are you going to go? >> we're all going to yale.
8:16 am
>> i love it. [ applause ] >> that's amazing. >> now, will you all room together? >> how did you decide on yale? >> well, it really what decided for us was the bulldog days. and so, we really enjoyed and had a great time there. we felt it would work beth fst all of us to go to yale. >> they were genuinely nice and wanted to have us. >> we love your cameraman, too. >> i was about to ask. is that my mom shooting that video? guys, congratulations to you. >> that's great. >> so happy for you. they were cute. maybe we should go to the same school so our parents don't have to go to four graduations. >> that's true. >> can you imagine the laundry when they come home? to a man who, without a doubt, will be named world's best uncle. check this out. this adorable little boy was
8:17 am
celebrating his first birthday, there he is with the cake. and goes the cake. look at that uncle swoop in. >> very impressive. >> he managed to save -- >> he got enough. >> right back to the kid. finally, a little "trending" roundup. what do you see on your commute. a few people were seen traveling with odd items. here's a guy riding a bus with his 30-gallon container of cinnabon frosting. a woman with a raven on her lap. >> nevermore. >> reporter: how about this woman, on a train, fell asleep with her pizza on the ground.
8:18 am
that photo was at 8:00 a.m. >> i figured she passed out all night. >> you never know. >> we need birthday cake uncle to grab the pizza. you have pop start? >> yes. we are starting with shania twain. her first album in 15 years. she performed at the stagecoach music festival this weekend. and debuted her single for the first time. it's called, life's about to get good. take a look. ♪ ♪ life's all about giving up and giving it all away ♪ ♪ love the way i should life's about ♪ ♪ life's about to get good >> go, shania. >> i have a feeling that will get stuck in our heads. she is awesome. now, to the chainsmokers. the duo was headed to their
8:19 am
concert. they crashed a high school prom. take a look. ♪ >> the surprise performance giving high school students a night they will never forget. it was thanks to one student who e-mailed the band manager. and for those who have prom in the coming weeks, there's a glimmer of hope. the shachainsmokers tweeted, yo prom could be next. >> their manager is about to be inundated. >> dylan, thank you. mr. roker? >> we'll show you what we have going on. that severe weather going on, that caused the problems in the midwest over the weekend. it's heading to the east. you can see showers and thunderstorms from the great lakes down into the gulf coast. for today, we have 80 million people at risk for severe weather. the strongest area from upstate
8:20 am
new york, up to northern north carolina. can't rule out a tornado or two out of this system. we do have those severe storms. and also, throughout central minnesota, may snow and river flooding, still possible in t the northwest. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we will have a lot of sunshine andadn5jñ warming temperatures. in san francisco a high of 78 degrees and 79 tomorrow. the warmestd day will be on wednesday after we make it up to 82 degrees and then turns cooler for the rest of the week. by sunday we're only seeing a high of 62 degrees. for inland areas, expect it to warm up to 90 degrees. it's going to be very summer like for the next three days and then the rest of the week is going to be much cooler, even cooler than average by this sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. we're joined by tom brokaw, what documented what was known as the greatest generation after
8:21 am
world war ii. >> this morning, he brings us a story of remarkable veterans from the war in vietnam. >> reporter: i had a wonderful time at a reunion recently. and one of the most remarkable stories coming out of vietnam, of course, involve the american pilots, imprisoned in the north, in brutal conditions, many for years, seven, eight years. and so many emerged and picked up their lives, resuming their military careers. they were bound by brotherhood and the exhilaration of flight. i joined some of them for a reunion in san antonio. ♪ general chuck boyd, u.s. air force retired, has never lost his love of flight. not even after almost seven years in a north vietnamese prison. >> there is a special bond that exists between men who, not only survi survived, but in many ways prevailed, under difficult circumstances. >> reporter: boyd was shot down on april 22nd, 1966.
8:22 am
and experienced some of the worst the north vietnamese prison system had to offer. including the hanoi hilton. so did julius jarow and tom curtis. is there a time, a week or a month, when you don't remember, where you were when you were in prison? >> ever-present fact. >> reporter: facing isolation and torture, the p.o.w.s were desperate to communicate with one another. but wow? >> the sixth pilot that was taken prisoner was a guy named smitty. and he remembered learning about a tap code caught in survival school. >> reporter: the tap code that harris taught them was based on a five-by-five may ticks. with the letter "c" standing in for "k." >> if you tapped once, and paused and tapped again, it was an at a."
8:23 am
if you paused and tapped two together, it was a "b." >> reporter: every tap, every word, meant hope. >> we did it religiously. i learned that communication was the key to my survival. >> absolutely. >> without that, i wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: by chance, another captured pilot was a spanish language wiz. ken fisher became a tap code profess professor. >> he would send words. and the guy between the cell would come over and tap them on our wall. and we would collect them in our minds. >> reporter: all by tap? >> by tap. >> reporter: how good was your spanish when you tried it back here? >> i found out that everything this man had taught me was correct. absolutely everything. >> reporter: it wasn't just a language. it was a lifeline. astonishing, all three emerged from captivity speaking spanish
8:24 am
fluently. that's something you learned about how the brain works. and how endlessly powerful it is. >> the brain is not like a computer disc. it doesn't get full. the more you put into it, the more it expands. and becomes greater. >> reporter: perspective on what matters earned the hard way. >> any day that the door handle is on your side, it's a good day. >> reporter: to honor those that did not return, and to celebrate those who did, boyd leads a ceremonial missing man flyover. soaring high, forever free. quite remarkable. i couldn't learn spanish with an instructor standing in front of me. but they didn't have anything really else to do. and what they all said was that the brain has so much greater capacity than we realize. and as you keep testing it, it keeps expanding its ability to
8:25 am
deal with you. they talk about the things they remember they didn't know had been buried in their brain. and that was activated in part by this exercise. >> it's so interesting. they went through an incredible ordeal, tortured, the rest of it. but that human connection was so important to them. several of them told you, if it weren't for each other, they wouldn't have made it. >> we're going to do a story on "nightly news" that deals with just that. two guys that got their final 100th flight. and the other people in prison. and the fact they all emerged as whole as they are, is really astoni astonishing. >> tom brokaw. thank you for that. just ahead, we're going to get a real treat. everybody is excited because two of the funniest women in hollywood, amy schumer and goldie hawn. >> they're ready. >> cannot wait. first, a check of your local news and weather. i )m ...
8:26 am
new information just in the newsroom. good monday morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. new information just into our newsroom. police identified a manabtq fou dead in an oakland home depot parking lot. 22-year-old robert mccorvey of pittsburgh was found inside his car with a gunshot wound on alameda avenue last fight. police searched that area blocking the parking lot off. it did affect nearby businesses. they have not announced a possible motive or any arrests. we'll continue to keep you updated as this story develops. in the meantime want to check that monday morning commute. it was a rough one. >/[e look, this(÷pg story here, northbound 880 jammed solid from san leandro past 50 in oakland. as we look at your map i'm getting conflicting information.
8:27 am
one agency is telling me that 880 is open northbound at fifth and that it's recovering and another agency has not given that information. chp has not confirm all lanes open. so we'll say we have an issue for north 808, westbound 580 is jammed. b.a.r.t. is a good alternate. no delays for thatp system. easier across the san mateo and congested to san francisco as an alternate out as well. and in the south bay a crash on light rail. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in a half hour. have great morning.
8:28 am
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♪ good morning, everybody. it's 8:30. good morning, everybody. it's 8:30. the 1st of may, 2017. great to have you with us on a monday morning. 1st of may. your rent may be due. your car payment may be due. i always think that of the first day of the week. >> this is the best part about filling in for matt. >> the best part? >> well, savannah, yes. yes. coming up, talking about a comedic match made in heaven. goldie hawn and amy schumer, teaming up for a new movie called "snatched." it's goldie hawn's first movie in 14 years. >> savannah is exploding to do this interview. >> i'm so excited.
8:31 am
and get the seven-second delay ready. and speaking of superstars, we have matt's interview with "the godfather" cast 45 years later. they're going to reveal the star that almost got fired. how about that? and if they think the sequel is going to be better than the original. >> let's say a huge congratulations to our director, jim gaines. >> absolutely. >> jim is amazing. he just won an emmy. there he is. outstanding directing. >> congratulations. >> emmy-winning director of the "today" show. that's one of the things they highlighted, our historic broadcast, live from the white house. we brought you unprecedented access throughout 1600 pennsylvania avenue. and we toured several rooms unseen to the public. jim made it happen. that was a difficult feat to pull off. that's just the kind of thing he does every day, and we absolutely adore him. >> jim gaines is the best in the business. >> and now, he insists we call him emmy-winning jim gaines, from now on.
8:32 am
let's show you what we got. first, we're going to be looking at a -- >> "today's weather" is brought to you by kay jewelers. for 100 years, every kiss begins with kay. >> and now, i feel bad. >> on wednesday, more storms return to the same areas that were hit over the weekend. sunny skies on the western third of the country. at the end of the week, it's the east coast, wet and cooler. sunshine from the plains down to texas and more wet weather in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures are quickly warming up around the bay area with all of this sunshine. we're taking a live look at san francisco where the temperature is at 61 degrees. 61 in the south bay and palo alto and oakland at 63 degrees. as we head through the day,
8:33 am
expect a high temperature into the 80s. up to 87 in napa and concord, 85 san jose and livermore and morgan hill. today in san francisco 78 and 88 in santa rosa. >> that's your latest weather. get that weather anytime you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. savannah? [ cheers ] >> thank you so much. we're joined by two lading ladies of comedy. amy schumer and goldie hawn, teaming up for the movie, "snatched." schumer plays a daughter returning home to her mother, who was dumped by her boyfriend. >> did horse get out? >> he's right there. >> oh, good. >> hi. >> does he ever move? >> sweetie, want to watch a movie? >> i don't care, mom. >> honey, i know you feel so sad. but everything is going to get
8:34 am
better, honey. i'll tell you when dad left, i thought i would never have sex again. and i was right. >> amy schumer, goldie hawn are here. amy just said the most terrifying thing. she said, is this live? yes, amy, it's live. >> i said, don't worry, i've grown. i've evolved. >> she's evolved. from the last year -- >> i have flowers all over me. >> i hardly recognize her. >> who is this woman? >> stay classy. it's morning tv. >> morning. >> i saw the movie over the weekend. you guys are both absolute delights. it is hilarious. and kind of wrong in some areas in a very amy schumer way. >> what? >> thank you. >> as i understand it, you pitched goldie for this part on the airplane and she had no idea who you were.
8:35 am
>> that is pretty correct. yeah. i left her alone during the flight. i waited until we got off the plane and i went up and harassed her. i want you to play my mom in this movie. she was like, okay, honey. >> i thought you were the cutest thing. i'm trying to remember when that happened. >> i know. >> it was like -- >> no one remembers meeting me. it's hurtful. >> it's not. but there's that thing where you, you know, you're getting your bag or doing your thing. and amy came up. and she was just, you know, sweet. and adorable. and all of it. and i didn't -- you know, i hadn't seen the show. >> girl, it's all good. >> i feel bad. >> every time i tell the story. >> in your mind, when you read it, it's got to be goldie. >> 100%. >> and i mean, ask why, although it's obvious, because she's amazing and a legend. >> there's no one funnier than goldie. there's no one else. it was just -- i remember -- >> you're funnier than me. >> i can't even respond to that. >> i'm thinner than you, but that's it. that's it.
8:36 am
>> goldie, you hadn't done a movie in a long time. you were kind of out of it for about ten years or so. >> i was so out of it. i don't remember where i was, what i was doing. >> i think she was in jail, personally. >> i know. >> i was in jail. >> you were enjoying your real, normal life. >> no. i was working on a program for children. what i did is i went from producing movies to producing a show for children. >> i don't care for children and this is where we differ. >> this is where we clash. that's what i did for years. i love it and i'm still doing it. >> i have to say, you were a complete match in terms of mother/daughter chemistry. i read a quote from you, goldie. i look at amy and i watch her, she could have been my daughter. it would have been a troubled daughter. >> i said that -- >> you said that on "graham norton." >> we said a lot of things on there we can't say here. >> what advice would you give to amy if she were your daughter?
8:37 am
>> if she was my daughter? you don't give advice. what advice do you give somebody, right? >> keep your feet in a bucket. >> that's what you're mom said. >> that's what my mom said, because you can't open your legs if they're in a bucket. >> i would have said -- >> amy. >> it's the morning but -- >> i fell for it. is that like a cute expression, keep your feet in a bucket. like that's some sweet -- >> it is sweet. >> keep your feet in a bucket is good. and every time you do this, you get something from your mom, right? >> yes. >> about it. mine told me to stay off of the casting couch. and it was a good one. >> beautiful sentiment. >> i have other stories about that. but in terms of advice to give amy, i just would watch her fly and let her be free and not try to hold her back. >> you guys had so much fun, it seems, in the movie. first of all, i have to laugh
8:38 am
because i'm not giving anything away. you're kidnapped and there's mayhem that ensues. you're both wearing the same outfit for the whole movie. >> right. >> you were wearing a cute, white slip dress. by the end is a dirty old rag. it was like tarzan and jane kind of thing. >> every day, i was happy to take that off for the last time. >> is that a real jungle or a staged jungle? >> that was real. >> we were in the jungle, definitely. it was really fun. >> we have our vaccinations. >> it was hawaii. >> nice. >> not a bad location. >> yeah. wound up being nice in hawaii. >> who knew? >> you guys are quite adorable in this movie. i have to say, goldie, we love you all over again. we need you to do more movies. would you do that? >> of course. >> they're making a remake of "overboard." i know not hubby -- but your hubby, kurt, was here the other day talking about it. do you love "overboard"?
8:39 am
>> that's a classic. >> men have "the godfather" and we have "overboard." you can re-watch it a million times. >> i know, we had dinner with chris and anna in london. >> they're in the remake, right? >> yeah. well, anna is doing that. and she's just a lovely girl. >> she's so funny. >> what about you, amy? you have settled down. you have a man now. >> the works. >> i know. how's life? >> baby girl is growing up. this is exciting. i'm just so proud of the movie and yeah, i'm happy. >> so happy to have you here. amy, goldie, thank you so much. "snatched" opens in theaters on may 12th, check it out. coming up, the cast of "the godfather" reunited 45 years later. what they have to say to matt about the iconic movie that could surprise you. this is "today" on nbc. later. what they have to say to matt about the iconic movie that could
8:40 am
it's day one of we're playing zombie tag! i'm tired, but i'm teaching them hopscotch. i'm starting a garden with my neighbors so our kids can eat better. and we feel happier! i have more energy at work. i feel stronger! small changes you make today can make a big difference in how you feel.... and may help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. start now to turn today into a better day. it's been a month, and we feel better!
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♪ this is exciting here.
8:42 am
nearly five decades in the making. this year marks the 45th anniversary of "the godfather" franchise. >> can't believe it. over the weekend, matt sat down with the stars of the original and the sequel, as well as robert de niro, who brought the cast back together for the tribeca film festival. and matt found that the stars really haven't lost their touch. >> reporter: it was the offer five hollywood legends could not refuse, the chance to reunite for the 45th anniversary of one of the greatest movie franchises in history. >> leave the gun. take the cannoli. >> reporter: "the godfather." i was telling my friends in the office, and aside of their jealou jealousy, they were surprised to hear it was 45 years. does it feel like that, al? >> everything feels long to me now. everything is in the distance and i question whether i did it or not. that kind of thing. it's fine.
8:43 am
it doesn't feel that long because it's in -- somewhat in the in conscious life, it's referred to a lot. it's ever-present, those movies. >> reporter: "the godfather" follows the epic rise and fall of the corleone crime family. >> don't take sides with anyone against the family again. >> reporter: at the helm, francis ford coppola, who se seamlessly weaved together horror and heartbreak. >> look at the mess of my boy. >> this may never happen again. and it's all really due to francis. >> reporter: the director. your brother. >> he's my brother. >> the story i read, he didn't want you in the movie because he didn't want you to have to witness some of what he was going to have to go through in that movie. >> and it's all true. it's all true. because he could have been fired at any minute. apparently, the dailies came in very dark. very dark. at a certain moment after two
8:44 am
weeks, they cut it together and went, there's something really great here. >> reporter: was the studio in favor of you getting cast as michael corleone? >> no. >> as somebody said there, brando, pacino, over my dead body. >> reporter: the wedding scene sticks in my mind here. just describe what it's like to be shooting a scene, dancing at what was your wedding, with marlon brando. >> i was overwhelmed. i couldn't believe when he came towards me. very handsome man. i'm dancing with him. i'm tripping. he was so kind. >> reporter: you're dancing with marlon brando. >> i know. >> reporter: the movie premiered in 1972 and became the highest-grossing movie of its time. but during filming, not everyone was so sure of its success. the story goes out, a couple weeks in, actually after the wedding scene was shot, you and diane keaton go out, you have a couple of drinks and you say, this movie's going to suck. this has been a flop.
8:45 am
>> but also, company. >> not me. >> reporter: you didn't think so. you thought it would be a hit? >> absolutely. >> reporter: why did you think it was going to be a hit? >> great script, actually. but the whole environment of shooting -- filming something, at the time, so young. and inexperienced. we didn't know what filmmaking was. you know, especially when you're doing scenes and you hear people snickering from the other end. well, this isn't going well. when is the ball going to fall? anyway, francis, being as clever as he is, gets the schedule changed and puts the silotso scene, so that he will be in a position to show the studio this, is what pacino can do. >> reporter: coppola's bold style opened a door to a whole new world of filmmaking. his original master's the and its equally acclaim eed se kwae
8:46 am
will. >> first was a big hit. the second was going to be, you know, the idea of playi ining bo when he was younger, it was great. >> reporter: no trepidations of that? taking on a same version of the vito corleone role? >> no. >> reporter: was the sequel better than the original? james caan might have something to say about that. >> no. except i wasn't in it. >> it was different. i think francis was frying to express something there that he was really talking about and thinking of michael as the -- >> both were better than the third one. >> reporter: "the godfather part ii" was the first film starring ail pacino and robert dene de n.
8:47 am
they never shared a scene. but their appearance sparked rumors of a rivalry. any truth to it? >> we have known each other for a long time. we were up for the same parts. >> we grew up together. >> yeah. >> once i told him, i remember, what was the thing with depalma? >> "scar face." >> i said, if you don't do it, i might do it. >> that motivated me. >> reporter: you guys are great. happy 45th anniversary. and thanks for bringing this group together. >> yeah. >> bobby de niro made it all happen. >> he did it. >> hear it for de niro. >> thank you, tribeca. >> very cool. >> somewhere, matt is still pinching himself. that happened? >> i think he's watching. i think this morning he woke up and watched that segment. >> how exciting. >> it was good to hear james
8:48 am
caan echo a sentiment by everyone who has seen the trilogy. they were better than the third. >> little-known fact, dylan watches this movie every christmas. >> it's always on. that music, it gives me chills. >> by the way, if you can't get enough, matt will have more of the interview and behind the scenes story, later on in the week from that cast. >> looking forward to that. coming up, an eye-opening look at the nation's open hey allergy muddlers
8:49 am
are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you.
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maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx back, now, at 8:50, with a new documentary that's serving as a wake-up call for a lot of families. >> warning, this drug may kill you, signs a light on the life or death consequences of america's opioid epidemic. stephanie gosk has been looking at it. >> reporter: the numbers are
8:51 am
startling. we've all heard them. drug overdoses have doubled in recent years. heroin overdoses have tripled. everyone asking, what can be done? this documentary focuses on awareness, with stories told by people who tragically understand the problem better than anyone. >> if somebody told me six years ago that i was going to be a heroin addict, i would have thought that they were crazy. >> winn was starting to not get out of bed. i was starting to find the pill bottles around the house. >> i felt like the parent, where i was searching her room for drugs. >> reporter: four families. four stories about opioids and their destructive power. >> i felt happy. i felt warm. i felt like it loved me and i loved it back. >> reporter: a raw, personal look at the drug epidemic, from perri peltz, and hbo's documentary, "warning: this drug may kill you." >> these are different families. different stories.
8:52 am
different parts of the country. what they all have in common is that each of these families, each of these stories, began with a prescription, from a doctor. a real legitimate prescription for pain. >> reporter: like stephanie, who took painkillers after getting kidney stones as a teenager. and then, started sharing them with her sister, ashley. >> we didn't know what could happen. you know? we just thought, well, our tr started giving us these painkillers. so, can't be that bad. >> reporter: the sisters got hooked. ashley overdosed and died. as did winn doyle, a mother of three. and brendan cole, a promising young athlete. >> for the longest time, i couldn't come in this room. it's like the day he died. it took me a year to come in and throw his garbage out. >> reporter: just a few of the tens of thousands of deaths a year from overdoses. now, a number greater than from car crashes. what do you see is the biggest
8:53 am
obstacle in this country to grappling with this epidemic? >> the biggest obstacle in my opinion, without a doubt, is the stigma. the stigma that surrounds the disease of addiction. one of the moms said it so well. when our son overdosed, people didn't come around with casseroles, like they do if your child dies of another disease. >> this film helps us understand this isn't people choosing alternative lifestyle. these are people suffering from opioid addiction. >> reporter: and many of them, like those in this film, have no idea how quickly they can get hooked. >> if a patient is prescribed a ten-day supply, one in five patients end up stuck on opioids long-term. >> reporter: there's a good chance, that one of us will be prescribed an opioid for pain. should we be scared of that prescription? >> get off the drugs as quickly
8:54 am
as you can and get rid of the pills. don't keep them in your medicine chest. that's his own recipe for disaster. >> reporter: producers of the film aren't arguing that opioids are all bad. we need to understand them better. and doctors need to write fewer prescriptions. the other key is an attitude change towards addiction. and that may be tougher. the stigma is hard to shake. they hope these stories will help shake it a bit. >> wow. >> just to think that that brief ten-day supply. and it could change your life. stephanie, thank you so much. this documentary airs tonight on hba. back in a moment.
8:55 am
8:56 am
what's coming up? >> we have maria shriver, naomi watts, and susan i )m ... ==topvo== police have identified a man found dead in an oakland "home ed. monday morning. i'm sam brock. updating you been following all morning long. police identified a man found dead in the oakland home depot parking lot, robert mccorvey, a 2-year-old from pittsburgh. we -- 22-year-old from pittsburgh. he was found inside of a car with a gunshot wound at alameda avenue. as you see from the video police searched the area and blocked off the entire parking lot.
8:57 am
affecting access to nearby businesses. we will keep you updated on the story as it develops. in san francisco, the payday demonstrations this morning started about 30 minutes ago outside of i.c.e. offices. protesters mr protesters also planning at justice herman plaza. another rally at city hall. happening now deadly storms are expected to tear through the south and southwestern united states. this weekend tornadoes and thunderstorms killed at least 14 people across 16 different state and more than 50 others injured and many homes and businesses destroyed. the trump administration announcing that it's going to start rolling back regulations aimed at creating healthier school lunches for kids. the administration citing with food distributors argue the regulations aren't flexible enough. more news in 30.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," naomi watts and susan sarandon headlining their first movie together. liev shriver telling us about hiss new movie. and swimsuits for the waves, all coming up right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good monday morning to you. it is the 1st day of may, may day, 2017. and we are all here. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, listening to "give it to me twice." we played this last week. i guess they gave us to us
9:01 am
twice. by party favor. and john kingston and the rich kid. >> the fact you remember that is pretty amazing. >> i think it didn't go as smoothly the last time. >> i like to. >> i look forward to mondays. i look forward to hearing what you did with your weekends. i have a little clue. but i'm waiting to ask if you fell asleep at the operopera. >> we saw snippets on instagram. >> i went to the metropolitan opera, renee fleming is -- i look like i'm retired. retiring her most famous roles. this is a three-act opera. it's 4 1/2 hours. this is friday night, okay? >> you had been going since 3:00 that morning. >> all week. i fell asleep during the first act, the second act, the third intermission and the third act. i was going to nap in the second
9:02 am
intermission because renee fleming wasn't in the second act. the music just takes you. >> did a friend take your picture? >> deborah took the picture. thanks, honey. she admitted she dozed off a couple of times. >> i doze off in "the nutcracker." it's hard going to these things since you've been up since 3:00 in the morning. 11:30 at night. why not have express opera. >> express opera. >> i look at you, i feel like your sleep would be a pretty sleep. >> that's an ugly sleep. >> you are out. >> you may as well just close the casket and call it a day. >> i used to think if you could close one eye, the other will stay open. >> are they resting their eyes? >> i got such a good night's sleep. i went for a bike ride along the hudson river, which was lovely. got to the little red lighthouse
9:03 am
under the george washington bridge -- it's a great kids story. if you look it up. it's a great kids book. about the story of a little red light, under the gwb. and my son, nick, got confirmed, on sunday. >> congratulations. >> he made his confirmation. good-looking lad. there's my family. >> good-looking family. >> except for me. but other than that. >> you look nice and rested. >> there's the christmas card. >> he's towering over you. >> every picture. leila keeps going, hello, little man. you're a cute little man. so cute. little daddy. thank you, sweetheart. for dinner, in t"the new york times" cooking section, i thit was mark bittman. i can't remember. it was a boneless leg of lam, with an anchovy garlic crust.
9:04 am
>> you don't like lamb? >> the only thing i don't eat is lamb. >> next time you come over, i think you will like it. i am intrigued by dylan's -- >> yeah. you had a weekend, too. should we start with your lobster song? >> this is -- >> what's the lobster song? >> it's so stupid. but brian likes to videotape things around the house. i was putting pjs on calvin. here's my thing. >> a little lobsters to bed. calvins is wearing little lobsters to bed. >> it's like you're being possessed by edith bunker. or marge simpson. >> they say, you know, talk to your kids, and everything they're doing. >> don't scare him. >> he's smiling. if you look closely -- >> he's like, what is mom doing? i'm going to smile at her.
9:05 am
>> i telling him he is wearing lobsters to bed. >> in keeping with that theme, you actually got in a big pot of salt water. >> i want to hear about this. >> this is one of the coolest things i've ever done. >> do you have a picture? >> i sent them in. i sent them in too late. so, where should i go? >> looks like a dark blue something. >> this is the -- that's the tank you go into. stars on the ceiling. there's water all on the bottom. they fill it up with tons of epsom salt, you float immediately. it's like the dead sea. you lay in here, right? and then, this is me. >> you have headphones on? >> i had ear plugs in, because you put your head under water. the whole gist of the whole thing, you close the door, you turn off all the lights. your ears are under water.
9:06 am
the water temperature is the same temperature as your body. you can't feel anything. and you're floating. it's a sensory deprivation tank. you're supposed to be relaxed and you just sleep. i was having so much fun. i put my hands here and i would push myself off one wall. and i would spin around. >> like a kid. >> i was having so much fun for an hour. >> if only you were playing opera music. >> that looks cool. >> what is the point? >> it's supposed to be ultimate relaxation. >> how did you feel like when you got out? >> i felt like heavy. you're floating and weightless. i kind of had the shakes. >> wow. this sounds great. >> i was starving. >> next time you go in. >> i feel like i have three-times the gravity pulling on me and the shakes. sign me up. >> it was a different experience. it was interesting. you had a spa day. >> speaking of feeling free. one of my friends had -- they call it a sprinkle.
9:07 am
she has three kids already. instead of a shower, she's having her third daughter. it's a sprinkle. third child. it's a sprinkle. right? >> right. >> like an ice cream cone. >> because this one was for the moms, as well. we celebrate you having your baby. for my mom friends, i want to do something for you. at the spa in jersey. very new, seven floors. really nice. rooms of hot tubs and massages. here's the thing. i long to be one of those women who just -- want to be free. >> i feel like you have to be 85 in the gym. >> that's the thing. people there in the locker room -- you're walking around. there's men there, too. you have on the same shirt and shorts. but in the other areas, you want to be that way, and change your clothes and be free -- are you a -- >> god, no. >> no? i feel like if there's anybody
9:08 am
that should be free, it should be you. >> no. >> this is me. i'm in the room, right? and i'm like, oh, shoot, my other clothes are down there, but i need my bathing suit here. i'm stuck. i have to -- i just couldn't get in my clothes fast enough. other women are like, hey, just free. >> letting it hang out. >> it's a locker room. >> are you a free guy? >> well, i mean, i'm not going, hey, look at this. but, i get undressed. >> no quick -- >> no. nobody's -- >> what is the mentality of somebody that does that? just because it's -- >> what is the mentality? it's a locker room. >> i can't get dressed fast enough. or the shirt off/shirt on at the same time. >> in the kitchen here, ladies, do you -- >> she's hiding. >> do you have a problem being naked in the locker room? >> if you're in with a bunch of women, are you free?
9:09 am
are you a free woman? >> pretty quick dresser. >> anybody free in here? nobody's free. >> we got some guys -- >> guys. >> here in the studio. do you get -- rush to get dressed? >> no. >> do people ask you to get rushed? >> are you wearing underwear? >> no. >> not in the ladies locker room. that's another show. okay? >> no. >> seriously, just walking around. >> the guys are all -- >> we're fine. we're okay. >> do you look to the left -- >> we're not looking around. >> you're not comparing a little the. >> let me do a courtroom sketch. >> you may not be looking around. i'm not looking around. but i notice the women that i -- who i admire, who are free. i see it. and i go, you know what, good for you. >> yeah. >> and in fact, if i could be more free, i could go back and enjoy -- the body scrub or whatever?
9:10 am
it's like you're floating on a cloud. >> you wear clothes when you get a body scrub? >> exactly. i can't be that free. just laying on a table. stwl wh >> when you get a massage, do you wear clothing? >> i do take it all off for a massage. but i have the towels placed. >> in the locker room, i long to be -- i will keep you posted if i can be the woman i admire. >> little hash tag battle -- #free, #notfree. let's see in the locker room. >> i love that. #free, #notfree. are you the queen or king is of cuisine in your kitchen? >> you are. >> summer entertaining, we decided to launch "today's" ultimate cookoff. >> that's what these are for. >> we're looking for a rock star
9:11 am
recipe. >> wow. >> there you two. >> you wear that in the locker room, you'll be fine. >> everyone else, just all hang out. >> we want your go-to favorites. including breakfast, appetizer, soli salad, and dessert. if you want to be part of "today's" ultimate cookoff, enter to for a chance to come and cook in our studio. naked. >> yeah. i can't listen to what you're saying -- i'm trying to make this cute. that's not happening. coming up, what's the next big tv reboot of a massic ca
9:12 am
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cuddles cuddles up to a bowl. you buy any bag, we'll give a meal. it's that simple. back with more of "today's take." go to our twitter. #free, #notfree, if you don't get naked in the locker room. >> if you do, you're free. >> #free. one of the biggest comedies of the 1980s, 1990s. an eight-episode revival of "roseanne," with several cast members, including row sseanne r and john goodman and sarah gilbert returning. i would want a do-over. the last season where they won the lotto, i think they lost their way. i would like them to forget that season and go back. that was a great show.
9:15 am
>> yeah. >> i thought it was great that so many of them were onboard. and the reboots are popular. we don't like things to end. >> it has to be well-done. >> they did a great job with "gilmore girls." and "fuller house." >> we'll see. it's may 1st. in honor of may 1st, we're going to play a game of famous firsts. and you can play along at home. >> i keep clicking mine by accident. >> you dbuzz in with your foam finger. in the first episode of "friends" which character made a grand entrance in a wedding dress. >> rachel. >> jennifer aniston's character, rachel. >> very nice. >> okay, here's the first frame from a classic movie. what's the movie? shurmur high school. >> buzz? >> that wasn't a confident buzz.
9:16 am
>> is that "ferris bueller's day off?" >> no. close. want to try? "breakfast club." who was the first person to reach 1 million followers on twitter? katy perry, ashton kutcher or taylor swift? >> katy perry. >> wrong. ashton kutcher. >> really? >> i don't know him on twitter. >> okay. who was the first singer -- >> you didn't buzz. buzz. >> i'm going to give it to sheinelle. >> meryl streep won her first oscar for a role in "the deer hunter," "kramer versus kramer" or "sophie's choice"? >> "sophie's choice"? >> no. "kramer versus kramer." >> take those in the locker room. >> no, you didn't. oh, no. >> huh-uh. let's show you what's going
9:17 am
on as far as your weather's concerned. we have a lot of rain in the midwest. 32 trillion gallons of water. that's 49 million olympic swimming pools filled. and strong storms move to the east today. 68 million people at risk for strong storms. maybe one or two strong tornadoes. we're going to be watching that closely for today. those severe storms, stretching from the gulf coast all the way to the east. more wet weather in the pacific northwest. and good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside, fremont at 65 degrees, bright and sunny but really jammed up out there on the roadways. well, as you head out there, make sure you allow some extra time. our temperatures are now getting much warmer so it's almost time to turn off the heater and we'll be turning on the air conditioner later on today as those temperatures in san francisco reach 78 degrees. 79 tomorrow and 82 degrees on
9:18 am
wednesday. the inland areas will heat up to 92 degrees by wednesday. enclosed room. no one else was around. and a lock on the door. i also shower free. >> well, everybody does that. you are really -- you got real problems if you are wearing a bathing suit in your shower. up next, the story of a boxer that inspired the film "rocky." (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a coupe soup. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you. [woman] oh, why thank you. [burke] and we covered it, november sixth, two-thousand-nine. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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9:22 am
inspired rocky. we have a sneak peek. >> you follow boxing? rocky. would you mind telling mr. stallone that chuck is here. >> is he expecting you? >> what? >> is he expecting you? >> yeah, yeah he's expecting us. >> that's good. leiv. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> let's talk about getting this film made. what draw you to this role? >> i've been a fan of boxing. when mike tollen brought me this script, i was shocked and embarrassed i didn't know chuck's story. >> i didn't, either. i lived in philly for ten years. we all know "rocky." but i didn't know it was based on this guy here. >> yeah. the film in many respects, sort of overshadowed chuck's career. he was a remarkable guy. a remarkable fighter.
9:23 am
had an incredible story. >> when it comes to fighting in the movie, how much of that was real? did you want it to be as real as possible? >> we had a couple of boxers come in from wild card east, to do some boxing on ray donovan. and the guys were sparring partners. they were actually making contact with each other because they spar together so much, they know each other's timing without hurting each other. that's the way to do boxing on film. because the man who played muhammad ali and i are sparring partners, why don't we try to learn the fights, practice and he can actually make contact. so much of what defines chuck as a fighter is resilience and getting hit. ali put a whooping on him that night. that's what we did. and for the most part -- >> it looks painful. >> seems like at the end of a day of filming, you -- >> i was a little swollen. i had so many prosthetics on, it
9:24 am
didn't hurt. and pooch has tremendous control. >> what's the message you want people to take away from this? >> for me, we had the script for about ten years. in the course of that time, i had a couple of children and i've been on a television show. the aspect of chuck's life that i think is a cautionary tale about fame and our desire to be appreciated by the anonymous mob, rather than the ones nearest and dearest, had a profound affect on me. >> you play some pretty intense characters. can we talk about "my little pony" for a second. >> probably one of the more intense characters i've played. >> you are the evil guy. >> i'm usually the bad guy. i think chuck's the good guy. i have to do something that my kids can see. >> liev, thanks, all the best. coming up, bathing suits that can make you feel like a rock star. speak about free or not free.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
new informaton just into our newsroom--a man accused of kidnapping his daughter last month has turned himself in. =vo= "michael wallin" walk i good monday morning at 10:26. michael wallin walked into the police department last night. police believe he kidnapped his four-month-old daughter madeline on april 4th. if you'll remember, madeline was later found safely in livermore on the 5th. he's facing several charges including kidnapping. in sunnyvale, he dodged a strike that was set to last the rest of the day. >> i'm glad both parties reached an agreement so we're not going to have work stoppage.
9:27 am
both parties worked early hours of the morning and were able to come to an agreement. >> hundreds of people were set to strike. so that decision avoids a decision of what would have a strike of hundreds of workers walking off the job. the service personnel was not expected to be short staffed. the city's services would certainly have been convenienced as well as homeowners. we're glad to see a positive solution. we have a great day ahead. we'll check weather and traffic after the break ahead.
9:28 am
good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. we see all that sunshine and temperatures are warming up quickly. we're all the way up to 66 degrees in san francisco and oakland. as we go through the day, expect a warmup another 10 degrees. we'll see 90 for the inland areas and then it starts to cool
9:29 am
down for the rest of the week, and the coolest day will be on sunday. let's check in with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> kari, it looks horrible but 880 is now moving. we can see the jam around highstream. but things are moving a little better getting to that scene. again, the compression clearing there as well as 580 coming off highway 13. an improvement after a crash cleared about 45 minutes ago, or an hour ago. a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. the south bay continues to see the late commute as is typical, but 880 at 237, a crash there. thank you very much. that will do it for us right now. we'll be back in just 30 minutes with more news.
9:30 am
♪ if loving your body in a women suit sounds like a dream, we're going to help you change that today. finding a suit just right for your body can make a difference. >> here fwith swim soughsuits f shapes and sizes, is brittany burke. >> this is audrey, he is rocking the off-the-shoulder look. >> i would love this. >> we love this suit. it is so flattering. this is a bikini high waist. you can have that on the bottom and it's flattering when it hits your natural waist. off of the shoulder, we get a lilt bit of, you know, shoulder
9:31 am
and collarbone. and it's on-trend with the ruffle, too. >> this is best-case scenario, you want to wear two-piece but you want a little around the tummy, it's beautiful. and not that expensivexpensive. >> each piece is $25 from old navy. >> 50 bucks isn't bad. >> it flatters her curves. we love how it highlights her gorgeous shape. >> i like this one because of the pattern. it's bold and still a one-piece if you don't want to go two-piece. >> and we love a graphic print. people sometimes shy away from them and think they would be hard to wear. this one is super flattering. you see how it creates an hourglass pattern on her. that elongates her. it makes her legs look longer. her torso looks longer. and who doesn't want to look taller? it has the halter neck, which is on-trend and has more support if you like it. or if you have a smaller chest, you can rock a little bit more.
9:32 am
little less support there. >> super flattering. >> i love the back, too. >> our next model is patrice. and love the bright colors. this top is -- i love it. >> i love this suit, too. this is echo design. and it's a great way to wear -- people think that a bra faibath suit top is boring. but it doesn't have to be. this gives you support if you're playing beach volleyball. if you're smaller, it lifts you up and you look more feminine. but you don't have a ton of padding. >> the next one i like it, because of the sheer trend is in. this is sheer in the right places. >> this is so true. just like one piece is so -- people think it's boring. but it can be so interesting. the sheer creates this flattering illusion. she highlights her waist, which shows off the gorgeous curves.
9:33 am
and it's showing it in a totally new way. it show office those shoulders. but it has a really cool neckline. and we also tried this on every girl, looked amazing in this suit. this is cool. everybody looked great in it. >> where is this one from? >> this is from kenneth cole. you can get it from house of swim under $100. >> let's bring out our model, katie. you said that you're active. so, this is a good bathing suit for that. >> we love a one-piece that has some support. this is from gabby fresh that makes great bathing sooe ining . it has the modern look of the zipper. >> it's a working zipper. if you want to show more cleavage, i love that. and it has the mesh paneling on the thigh, too. >> i like the color. >> it harkins to the blush trend that's huge right now. it's a great look.
9:34 am
>> let's do an encore, quickly. i think you hit it with each one of these. >> they look great. >> i love the sass. >> #free, laidties. these ladies are free. coming up, as mother and daughter, they navigate a life-changing decision in three generation. susan sarandon and naomi watts are here after this. ♪ hit it! ♪ ♪ now look what you made me do ♪ ♪ you and me baby it takes two ♪ ♪ bringing new moves to the old school ♪ ♪ time for the whole world to enjoy the view ♪ ♪ we can go left they can go right ♪ ♪ save me a dance for the end of the night ♪ ♪ when i'm with you it's a party ♪ ♪ don't care where we're going ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3 get loose no♪! ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it out of sight. ♪ it's theat olive gardenver introducing new giant stuffed pastas starting at $12.99.
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9:39 am
we talk about susan sarandon and naomi watts. >> it's about one family's changing dynamics, over the course of three generations. and what happens when 60-year-old ray, wants to transition, from female to male. susan sarandon, naomi watts. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's a must-see. what took you so long to work together? i mean, it was just -- >> usually only allow one gal per film. and then, you hate each other and you're not in the same scenes. >> in all seriousness, we were talking about the gender issues are very tap copical. and you learn a lot, when you watch this film. >> one of the reasons it appealed to us, it was so accessible. it's not a documentary. but it does bring up a lot of the fears that a parent would
9:40 am
have, a lot of concerns. and this amazing, you know, all of the specifics, that a kid would be going through. and plus, another subplot. and so, you do find out a lot. but it's also kind of funny. it's kind of like a sitcom about -- in a way. i'm so stupid in it, really. i askquestions. and i have all of the disconceptions. she's the mom. -- >> we're going through it in our different ways on different time programs. so, it just can relate to every person, i think, in terms of their schedules. >> it doesn't feel like this is a movie that's hopping on a transgender bandwagon. it feels like a real story with real people. >> we're hoping that it cause s some kind of discussions. i'm happy i would go out to a film with my kids and we'd be able to talk about something,
9:41 am
days later, even. and i think it's that kind of a thing because it brings up a lot. she does this -- she goes from being this geeky girl to being this powerhouse. and really shows you how much it means to her. him at that point. >> i was only 16 when she shot this. what do you think it was like for her to take on this demanding role? >> i think she embraced it fully. she did a lot of research. there's a lot of things to read, great documentaries and things available. she has kids in her school, fully transitioned. she met with kids that, you know, became very, very helpful that we knew we were connected through the producers, as did i, with one of the moms who had gone through it. you know, we were all going through it in our different ways. and it just, there's so much humanity and so much heart. and the family is united, no
9:42 am
matter what. there's times when they struggle. >> it's really important to talk about the significance of support of the family. that plays a huge part in the survival of a person that's transitions to have the support of their family suicide rate is much, much, much, much lower. as she said, about everybody that's transitioning with her in a way. >> what about, you know, when you walk about -- when you work on something like this. and then, you transition in between different roles, like for example, you're doing "feud." you have the tv series, "feud." working with another strong actress. it's so great to see. >> that was like joining a cult in a way. it went on forever. and it was ryan's world. and jess had been in that world these really huge people to take on. i was terrified. i would say for five weeks i couldn't get the fear/fun ratio
9:43 am
in my favor. >> you and jessica lange. >> jessica was great to work with. and it was such an extraordinary experience. and i'm happy it's over. >> did you -- you never really -- >> everybody is loving it. i'm going to dine out on that. if i see it, i'll just be thinking, oh, i should have done that better. i'm going to go with everybody's positive reaction. and just delude myself. >> it was water cooler conversation. did you see "feud"? >> you can talk about it. >> susan sarandon, thnaomi watt. "three generations," with an expanded release next friday. don't mean to be rude. i have to step over here and do the weather. look and see what's happening as far as the week ahead for today. a lot of wet weather along the east coast, from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf coast. finally drying out. the rivers will continue to
9:44 am
rise, as we get into the mid-mississippi river valley. and as we look ahead towards the midweek period, strong storms unfortunately returning to where they had all the tons of moisture. again, dry out west. a few showers in the east. as we move towards the end of the week, we get the wet, windy weather. looking at showers and thunderstorms, from the plains down to texas. gorgeous weather. and we have a few showers in the pacific northwest. quick check. are you comfortable bearing it all while getting a massage. 97% say yes, they're free. 3% say no. >> not true. >> look at that. i win. >> whoa. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast. and it's quickly warming up. we're heading up to 78 degrees in san francisco. even a touch warmer for tomorrow
9:45 am
with wednesday being the warmest day of the week, then it starts to cool down. for the inland areas we'll also see big temperature swings from the upper 80s to 90 degrees by the end of the week. then we'll cool things off gradually as we head to the end of the week. by sunday we'll see a high temperature of 66 degrees. >> i know we have confused you. we're all over the map here. that's the show. we can check off susan and thnai never coming back. up next, we reveal a secret ingredient for chicken and broccoli. >> ♪ lucis a lucky dog. but not every pet is as lucky as lucky. so we came up with a little idea, this year, when you buy any bag of dog or cat food at petsmart, we'll give a meal to a pet in need. it's like this: when pearl eats, peanut eats. when wolf woolfs, george gorges. and when moose mows down his meal,
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lots of marketing fancy labels, slick designs; this one's got flowers on it, it's pretty. after the stomach flu ravages my home, am i supposed to believe that an ocean breeze is gonna blow it away? please. no. i know what clean smells like, bleach. the same bleach that knocks down dysentery, and cleans up crime scenes. you want to spend 3 bucks on liquid doubt, be my guest. you want clean, get a cleaner with bleach in it. clorox means clean. ♪ man, i am loving this week. on "today food," we're branging in great chefs to show you their favorite dishes. he is making a delicious roasted
9:50 am
chicken and broccoli. james, good to see you. >> al, nice to see you. thanks for having me. >> here's our ingredient grid, including beer, which we like. >> beer is the most important thing in this recipe. it helps to tenderize the chicken and gives a great flavor. >> like beer can chicken without the can. >> salt and pepper, lime juice. >> parlsl lparsley. >> a little bit of cumin. >> that's a lot of cumin. >> a little bit of wine. a little bit of beer. >> beer and wine. i've never seen the combo. >> the nice part about the beer, if there's any left over, you can drink it. >> what happens? >> we let this sit four hours, up to a day. >> in the fridge? >> the longer the better. >> you take it out, pat it dry. >> tie it with some string so the bird looks nice and tight. roast garlic, my favorite.
9:51 am
use it all of the time in the kitchen. >> all you do is put it in the oven, with the olive oil. >> 45 degrminutes for 400 degre. and we just smear it around. nice color. a little bit of olive oil. helps to make the bird beautiful. and always get the legs. the legs need a little bit of help. okay. in the oven. >> any salt and pepper on this? >> yeah. salt and pepper. thanks for reminding me. >> it looks a little naked. is it free or not free? >> everything is better with salt and pepper. one hour. >> okay. >> 400 degrees in the oven. >> that's it. now, the broccoli part. >> so good. >> believe it or not, broccoli is in season. it's a spring and a fall crop. buy broccoli. i wash it. spin it dry or get most of the water off of it. a little water leftover helps when you roast it, to keep it
9:52 am
from burning. >> a lot of people don't think about roasting the broccoli. >> it's the best way to do it. >> my favorite way to have broccoli. >> the flavors get sweet and tender. >> you're going to put this on a baking sheet with salt and pepper. how long in the oven? >> until it's done. probably about 20 minutes. >> you're going to show us how to cut this up. >> the finished bird. i cut the string off. and make nice slices right there. maybe i will use my hands. right there, on a little angle. >> that scares me about roasting a chicken, able to cut it. >> cut it there. done. >> that's beautiful. >> finished product here. the broccoli, you see how nice and colorful it is. >> and you have asparagus is great this time of year, too. >> asparagus and oranges. >> allyberrys coming out. >> it's my favorite cobbler. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. for all of our "today food"
9:53 am
recipes, head to first, this is "today" on nbc. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> delightful. we're trying to turn screen timhere goes!ive time... we're dolphins! we're making our local park a safe place for families. we're in super hero training! we're having more water and fewer sugary drinks. and we feel stronger. i'm doing better in school. we feel happier. small changes you make today can make a big difference in how you feel.... and may help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. start now to turn today into a better day. we're still going, and we feel better!
9:54 am
9:55 am
97%, free. >> i think it's the way you word it. >> i went to a spa this weekend. >> naked. >> being naked -- >> i went to a spa and the women were just hanging out. are you free? >> no. >> are you free? >> i go runs=:30
9:56 am
=trx at ck= good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures in this forecast today. it's going to be well above average for the inland areas, reaching 85 degrees in san jose and livermore, as well as 85 in
9:57 am
morgan hill, 88 in santa rosa and san francisco will be up to 78 degrees. it will continue to get warmer over the next couple of days with the heat peaking on wednesday, and then it will be cooling down just in time for the weekend. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. >> we're looking at oakland again. our coliseum camera does show movement. we still have steady but slow movement on 880 right past the coliseum. top of the map here, recovering still westbound 580 as we had that earlier crash that has cleared. in the south bay we have light traffic, in fact, all over the bay. but a sticking point on 280 all the way up to wolf. happening now, four people have been arrested during mayday protests in oakland. the protesters shut down the alameda government program, laying down in front of the building or chaining themselves to the doors.
9:58 am
they're arguing ice collaboration with the city, jail expansion and militarized police, they say. protesters are blocking themselves at the i.c.e. building in san francisco. they refuse to move until arrested. stay tuned in the next half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
test. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome. we're so happy you're with us for fun day monday. first day of may. may day. which also is s.o.s. sometimes when you're in trouble. that's yeah boy. >> we love her. >> do we have a good show to start off may? >> we have a great show to start off may with. julian huff i


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