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tv   Today  NBC  October 20, 2017 7:00am-9:02am PDT

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>> last look at what's going on with the weather. >> looks good as the sunrises. we are getting a fresh look at the rain left over on the roadways and the clouds rolling over the hills. we'll get breaks today. as we look at the high temperatures today in san francisco, 60 degrees. some warming temperatures on the way. it will feel more like summer next week. inland areas, look how fast it warms up. in a couple days, it is going to be summer. >> all right. it had been very smooth this morning. a near miss with bart, now -- >> a couple crashes. at least one. san jose, overall, there's the friday light commute. northbound 280 just off the 101 interchange, you can see the red sensors. there's a crash reported past 101 and maybe one at king. it may be the same thing or a separate one. we are watching the effect. >> not what we like to see on a friday, but we'll work with it thachlt is what's happening on "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with more
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live, local news. >> join us for the news at 11:00. head to napa. rejuvenate the economy fl. there. ♪ ♪ good morning. stunned and brokenhearted. white house chief of staff john kelly's emotional defense of the president's condolence call to a soldier's widow. >> if you've never worn the uniform, if you have never been in combat, you can't imagine how to make that call. >> how will the general's deeply personal words change the conversation? the government urging airlines to ban laptops in checked baggage. new tests showing batteries can overheat, explode and trigger potentially catastrophic fires. rare access. nbc news inside north korea, on the same day the rogue nation vows an unimaginable strike on the u.s. how people there feel about the
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threats, president trump and the possibility of war. all that plus los angeles police open a new harvey weinstein investigation. o.j. all-smiles for his new driver's license. and california dream. >> the catch is a touchdown. >> the oakland raiders pull off a stunning win on the last play of the game. >> it's a grand slam. >> while the los angeles dodgers crush the cubs to reach their first world series in nearly three decades. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. we thank you for joining us. >> this weekend in houston, we'll find out who the dodgers will face in the world series. and you're officially neutral. >> exactly. i go right down the middle on
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this one. we'll talk about that in a little while. meanwhile, it's a busy morning. let's start with john kelly's deeply personal defense of donald trump and the call to to the gold star widow. we start with kristen welker who joins us from the white house. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. this morning as questions found over what happened to the four soldiers in niger, the chief of staff is going to end the controversy swirling around his boss' outreach to one of those families. the chief of staff trying to end the controversy, swirling around president trump's condolence call to the family of a soldier killed in niger. >> there's no perfect way to make that phone call. >> reporter: retired general john kelly, delivering an
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impassioned defense to the president's call of the widow of sergeant la david johnson. >> if you've never worn the uniform, if you've never been in combat, you can't even imagine how to make that call. i think very bravely he does make those calls. >> reporter: kelly denounced frederica wilson, accusing of disrespecting the widow, by saying her husband knew what he was getting into. >> it stuns me that a member of congress listened into that conversation. absolutely stuns me. >> reporter: a gold star father himself, kelly shed new light on why mr. trump chose those words. in personal terms, kelly revealed when his son was killed, the joint chief relayed a similar message to him.
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>> he said, kel, he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. he knew what the possibilities were, because we're at war. >> reporter: kelly saying he was so upset wednesday, he left the white house for arlington national cemetery. >> i went over there for an hour and a half, walked among the stones, some of whom i put there because they were doing what i told them to do when thrp killed. >> reporter: the political firestorm, first erupted monday. >> you look at president obama and other presidents, most of them didn't make calls. >> reporter: the president, tuesday, telling a radio station, former president obama hadn't called kelly. >> president obama, who was my commander in chief when i was on active duty, did not call my family. that was not a criticism. that was simply to say, i don't believe president obama called. >> reporter: now, kelly offering a powerful plea. >> a young man, young woman going out and giving his or her life for our country. let's try to somehow keep that
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sacred. >> reporter: congresswoman wilson weighing in again today saying the president's call was not a good message to anybody that has lost a child at war. tweets overnight, the fake news is going crazy with wacky congresswoman wilson, who gave a total lie on content. meanwhile, another overnight development, the senate narrowly passed a budget potentially paving the way for tax reform, which is, of course, a key trump agenda island. it was a remarkable day at the white house yesterday. >> thank you so much. president obama and george w. bush are stepping back into the political fray. in separate speeches they voiced concerns about the political climate with swipes at the current president. andrea mitchell has that this morning. >> reporter: for nine months, president trump has done it his way, with little criticism from his two predecessors.
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without mentioning trump by name, george w. bush and barack obama are silent no more. >> it's good to be back. >> reporter: back on the trail for the first time since he left office. former president barack obama, rallying support for democrats in two big off-year elections. governor races in new jersey and virginia. >> our democracy is at stake. it's at stake here in virginia. >> reporter: slamming candidates who have taken a page out of donald trump's playbook. >> we're not at our best when we're trying to put people down. but when we're trying to lift everybody up. >> reporter: the president taking veiled shots at his successor. >> if you have to win a campaign by dividing people, you're not going to be able to govern them. >> reporter: mr. obama's comments, coming as former president george w. bush breaking his silence. fiercely denouncing the current political climate, speaking at west point overnight. >> we've seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty.
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at times, it seems like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than those bringing us together. >> reporter: mr. bush expanding on a powerful speech he gave earlier. >> our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theorys and fabrication. >> reporter: slamming the current administration's approach, without saying mr. trump by name. >> bullying and prejudice sets a national tone. >> reporter: since leaving office mr. bush has stayed relatively quiet refusing to weigh into the political fray, but in the wake of the response to charlottesville, bush 43, urging political leaders to stands up for american values. >> when we lose sight of our ideals, it's not democracy that has failed. it's the failure of those charged with preserving and protecting democracy. >> reporter: the former president was not criticizing
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president trump, insisting these are the same themes president bush has spoken on for two decades. but in the world of politics, there's little doubt bush was admonishing the current occupant of the white house. >> thank you. we are joined now by nicole wallace and retired conditional jack jacobs. we know how this started at the beginning of the week, with the president saying he calls service members' families who have fallen and other presidents haven't. that started this off. as a veteran yourself, and a medal of honor recipient, what do you make of the fact that we're having this conversation? >> we shouldn't have this conversation. these things are the best kept quiet. if the president is going to call next of kin, which is an extremely difficult thing to do. those of us in the service have made these kind of calls and
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visits, that's between him and the family. bringing it into the public view, i think demeans it. and it's a very bad thing to do. we would be better off if we weren't talking about this at all. >> let me turn to you, nicolle. for several months, we've been asking, what can john kelly do in this white house? can he bring order to the white house? can he control the president from acting on certain instincts? what did we learn about the importance of john kelly to this administration in the briefing room? >> i think we learn the depth of what he views the code by which he lives. and for him, he was willing to share what i have to damage is the single-most painful experience of his own life. when he described in his remarks yesterday how an american soldier comes home, if they lost their life on the battlefield, how the body is packed in ice, if you don't take that in, the way a soldier comes back from the battlefield.
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if you aren't in the military or you are in the military and you haven't lost a child in the military, if you don't take something from that, shame on you. however, he did that in service of a president who has us talking about this five days because the president has put it in the news five days in a row. on monday, by criticizing his predecessors. on tuesday, by telling radio listeners to ask john kelly. on wednesday, by making a widow's grief worse. and thursday, by sending his chief of staff out there. >> are you saying if john kelly can't control those instincts on the part of the president, how many times can he come out and clean up a situation like this? >> i think john kelly has probably a near bottomless well of goodwill because of his service to the president. but that doesn't help when the crises he's called on to contain are created by his boss. >> what were you going to say?
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>> we talked about this one time before, john kelly can control a lot of the input into the oval office, the information that goes in there and the people who go see him, but he can't control the president and the information coming out. that's a difficult task. >> good to have your perspective, sir, always, especially on this day. nicolle, thank you, as well. a lot more to get to this friday morning, including an urgent warning about laptops on airplanes. the federal government is calling for an international ban on large, personal electronic devices in checked luggage because of the potential of catastrophic fires. nbc's tom costello covers aviation and other things for us. tom, what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: we are talking about checked baggage. lithium-ion batteries are in every electronic device on the market. placing those next to aerosol spray cans. the ffa said that combination
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could create an explosion so powerful it could bring down a plane. this morning, a serious new warning from the federal aviation administration to the worldwide airline community. the faa calling for a ban on allowing passengers to fly with laptops and other electronic devices in the checked luggage because of potential of catastrophic fire. it comes after cases of electronic devices bursting into flames inside airline cabins. the faa says its tests show when a laptop's rechargeable battery overheats near an aerosol spray can, it can take out the pressure system. it can lead to the loss of the aircraft. >> i have significant concerns because we know there's a number of lithium batteries that are going to go into thermal runaway and create the potential for
7:14 am
fire. >> reporter: the faa lugged 31 cases where batteries caught fire or smoldered on flights. three cargo planes have been destroyed by fires, in part, to lithium batteries. two of the accidents were fatal. passengers should not pack large electronic devices in baggage. also they have specific approval from the airline. >> the thing that makes them so useful is also what makes them so dangerous. >> that, of course, is that they are packed with so much energy and power. hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover, can cause a fire next to the batteries. the u.n. aviation body set to next week and to consider actually banning these laptops and electronic devices in checked bags. >> tom, thank you very much. we have new perspective on the north korean crisis from inside that country.
7:15 am
keir simmons has made his way there, to see how new threats of war are confronting people in that region. keir, good morning.
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>> both sides today on a hair trigger. >> that is the border between the north and south, and inside socialism, and there is where the capitalism begins. that's the difference between north and south. this side socialism. there, where the north begins. the vice foreign minister is telling them, president trump's rhetoric is taking them to the ground of war. ar and in a war, this will be ground zero. and our exchange with a north korean lieutenant conditional,
7:17 am
reveals why these two sides, so close at this border, are so far apart. what do you think of president trump? trump is mentally ill, the guard tells me. if there is a war with america, we will win. in this closed-off country, the people are hard to read. some officials we spoke to still hope for peace. >> how about we shift gears now, a big night in the world of sports. a lot of games finishing up late after people here on the east coast went to bed. the raiders were down by six with about 20 seconds to go, and finding derick cook on the 1 yard line. th
7:18 am
raiders pull off a big upset, 31-30. let's go on to baseball now. los angeles dodgers headed back to the world series, that for the first time since 1988. they beat the chicago cubs last night 11-1. what a night for dodger's center fielder, kike hernandez. he hit three home runs, including a grand slam in the thur third inning. they will face the yankees or astros in the world series. >> i feel we need to say news, sports and traffic on the 8s. i throughout the mississippi and
7:19 am
we have strong storms firing up around houston right now. tomorrow we have a risk and 19 million people under strong storms. and this front coming out of the rockies, bringing a heavy rain, and a strong storm risk into the evening hours tomorrow, and then as we move into sunday it continues to the east from chicago all the way down into louisiana, and look at the rainfall amounts from new orleans to houston, we could see upwards of six inch of rain. that's what's going on, and we will get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. [ engine revving ]
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>> good morning, i'm meteorologist, kari hall. a live look outside san jose. here is a look at the radar. the rain clearing the area, but leaving behind streaks. it will be a much cooler day for the inland arias. antioch, a high of 68 degrees. 62 in oakland and 60 in san francisco. north of the bay, highs in the mid to upper 60s with breezy blends starting to relax for the afternoon. that is your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al, thank you. and just ahead, the new allegations and new criminal investigations facing harvey weinstein as his former employees are speaking out. what they claim they knew and did not know about their now disgraced boss. then are hidden cameras
7:21 am
spying on you in hotel rooms and airbnb rentals. the new police warning after one couple's disturbing discovery and how you can protect yourself. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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♪ ♪ it will no doubt be a difficult day in santa rosa. that )s where residents in some good morning, it's 7:25. i'm kris sanchez. it will be an emotional day in santa rosa where residents of the hardest hit fire damaged neighborhoods will be allowed to return home. that includes coffey park and two heavily damaged mobile home parks. entry will be allowed starting at 10:00 in the morning, but only for people who meet several requirements. only residents of the neighborhoods will be allowed. authorities want the fire victims to have a chance to assess and create. let's look at the weather forecast. welcome rain overnight. >> yes, we did in many spots measure a quarter inch of rain and cooler as the clouds move out in the north bay. santa rosa, 65 degrees.
7:28 am
62 in oakland and upper 60s for the south bay. as we go into the next several days, we will start a warming trend. we are going back to summer next week from 60 degrees in san francisco to 79 on tuesday. inland areas will be much warmer. still upper 60s today, low 70s tomorrow and by early next week, expect mostly sunny skies and very dry conditions. a high of 89 degrees with a peek at the warmth tuesday. let's check in with mike. >> it's friday light. we go to san jose, southbound 680 or southbound, 680 jams to northbound 280 because of a crash there. still in the middle of the roadway, we have westbound 80 and a crash slows down the upper east shore freeway to get the two right lanes cleared shortly. we have a lot of traffic in santa rosa around coffey park. the police are doing work because as kris said, they are getting ready to return to their
7:29 am
homes, locals only with proper id. back to you. >> our hearts go to them. another update in a half hour.
7:30 am
7:31 am
good morning, everybody. happy friday. it's 7:30. it's the 20th of october, 2017. nice to have you along with us. >> on this friday morning, we'll start the half hour with a check of the headlines and a powerful new voice in the president trump condolence call controversy. >> it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation. >> sounding off. white house chief of staff john kelly gives an emotional defense of the president in the battle over his condolence call to a grieving widow. denouncing the congresswoman who released the exchange. and praising the president. >> if you've never been in comment, you can't imagine how to make those calls. he bravely makes those calls.
7:32 am
back in action. former president obama hits the campaign trail since the first time after leaving office. >> we're at our best not when we're trying to put people down but when we're trying to lift everybody up. >> while his predecessor, george w. bush, takes a swipe at the current state of politics. >> at times, the forces that pull us apart, rather than the forces that brings us together. no more. mandalay bay will no longer rent the suite where a shooter railed bullets down at a crowd before. o.j. simpson gets a new driver's license, less than a month after being released from prison. and not forgotten. two 80-year-old veterans finally receive the purple hearts they earned for their service in the korean war. an honor six decades in the making. >> it means something for my children. i do it for them. >> today, friday, october 20th,
7:33 am
2017. got new developments in the harvey weinstein scandal. los angeles police investigating a new claim of sexual assault. and yet another oscar winner opening up about her encounters with weinstein. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in los angeles for us. good morning. >> reporter: guys, good morning. lupi lupi lupita is speaking out about harvey weinstein. the major hollywood star said it was time to step forward. lupita met harvey weinstein when she was a drama student at yale. the first encounter with the megaproducer coming three years before she won her academy award. >> 500,000. >> reporter: writing in "new york times," she says weinstein invited her to his home for a private screening, while his children were watching a film,
7:34 am
he says weinstein brought her to his bedroom, where he asked to give her a massage. punished. when weinstein wanted to take off his pants, she laughed. the next encounter coming a few months later. the actress writes, weinstein was direct, saying, let's cut to the case. i have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal. i was stunned, she writes. he told me not to be so naive. if i wanted to be an actress, i had to be willing to do this sort of thing. she refused ed his alleged advances. >> what's been compelling for everyone is to see the types of people coming forward. >> reporter: her account comes as an unidentified italian actress and model, met with lapd
7:35 am
detectives for more than two hours thursday. she told investigators, weinstein raped her four years ago, inside this beverly hills hotel. the woman saying weinstein knocked on her door uninvited, dragged her into the bathroom and raped her. the detailed account, the latest of more than 50 women, accusing weinstein of assault, inappropriate sex acts or inappropriate behavior. director quentin tarantino who became a star under weinstein, with hits like "pulp fiction" and "kill bill" tells "the new york times," he knew of the alleged misconduct for years. tarantino says two decades ago, his then-girlfriend, mira sorvino, told him she was victimized by weinstein.
7:36 am
he says he feels ashamed he didn't do more. >> hi used that exchange, the sexual dynamic as part of doing business with harvey weinstein. >> reporter: many of weinstein's employees believed the producer was out of control. but not suspected he was an alleged predator. in a joint statement they wrote -- we did not know he used his power to systematically assault and silence women. we did not he was an alleged rapist. this morning, a new accusation of rape. and oscar winner using her stage to give a voice to others. with more women stepping forward, a spokesperson for the weinstein company has released a statement, reading in part, any allegations of nonconsensual sex are denied by mr. weinstein. as we said, police here in los angeles, have begun their own criminal probe. matt and savannah, back to you guys. >> miguel, thank you. let's make a dramatic turn
7:37 am
and go to mr. roker for the weather. >> unfortunately, the fire threat rears itself again in california. in fact, this latest round of fires, now adds another billion-dollar weather-related event to the 15 that have already happened. we may set a record before this is all over, with 42 deaths and 6,900 homes. now, we're looking for santa ana winds to start kicking up again this weekend. an elevated threat of fire danger especially for southern california, from saturday to tuesday. from santa barbara to pine valley. look at what is going to happen with this heat. we have excessive heat watches, from oxnard to san diego. with daytime temperatures, 25 degrees above average. record highs possible. near 100 in l.a. on tuesday. san bernadino, 99. and 97 in escondido. we are getting a little bit of a break right now after that early morning rain moved through
7:38 am
and the temperatures will be cooler today starting out with breezy winds, but starting to calm down this afternoon. north bay high temperatures upper 60s. oak larnd, 62 degrees. 67 in palo alto and san jose. livermore, a high of 65 degrees. san francisco, 60 today. warming up for the weekend. breezy winds. the temperatures are going back to more summer-like feel by tuesday of next week. this "sunday night football" weather is brought to you by verizon. >> it's sunday. coming up, and you know what that means? it's time for a rerun. that's right. we're rematching the super bowl from last year. the falcons fly into foxborough stadium, gillette stadium. partly cloudy, mild, 59 degrees.
7:39 am
who is going to win? i don't know. but we know this. you want to be sitting around watching "sunday night football." it begins 7:00, falcons/patriots, sunday night, "football night in america." >> i like the way you tone it down at the end. >> just want to bring it back. >> thank you very much. much more coming up on a friday morning, including al's interview with the remarkable jane goodall. the woman who changed what the world knew about chimps. also ahead, the new faces of the opioid crisis. and melanie giriffith reveas a secret health battle. first, a "rossen reports" warning. >> coming up, a couple rents an airbnb and notices the owner of the house is spying on them with a hidden camera. how can you spot hidden cameras? before you go to a
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while other insurance companies just see a house, state farm sees the home you've worked really hard for. so why not give it the protection it deserves. state farm. ♪ back now, 7:43, "rossen reports." a new warning from police, and anybody planning a trip, the warning about cameras that could be hidden in the rooms you rent. >> jeff rossen is here. he has more on this. this isn't going to be pretty. >> reporter: we would like to think this doesn't happen. but it just did to a couple on vacation. they realize someone was watching them on a hidden camera in their room. obviously, it's beyond creepy. and police say it can happen to any of us. you go on vacation. you rent an airbnb, maybe a hotel room. and someone is spying on you. watching your private moments on
7:45 am
hidden cameras, even in the bedroom. how can you tell if it's happening to you? this morning, we're going to show you. this husband and wife just rented an airbnb in florida the and they look stunned for good reason. they just noticed that smoke detector in the bedroom, is a hidden camera aimed at their bed. the airbnb homeowner, this guy, accused of recording their every move. accused of video voyeurism. it happened in las vegas. another man accused of planting six hidden cameras in bedrooms and a bathroom, then renting the house to unsuspecting airbnb customers. he's pled not guilty. but the spy cams are so acces e accessib accessible, anyone can buy them. scott black is the owner of bethlehem spy shot. >> we have a camera hideden in this. >> reporter: i don't see it at all.
7:46 am
>> that's the point. >> reporter: and it fits into any home. >> completely invisible. >> reporter: so is this. >> this is a d.c. adapter that everybody has in the office. >> reporter: where is the lens? it's right there. and a smoke detecter. this is what we saw in the airbnb. i can't see it. >> reporter: think you can spot them in a house? we set up an experiment at this house. we told the family we're doing a general story about home safety and security. and asked them to step away and give us access to their house. they said yes. then, we went to work. we have hidden 14 hidden cameras all over their house. there's one right here, believe it or not. and here's one right over here. this cell phone charger is a hidden camera. we have these all over. we're going to see if they can spot them. come on in, guys. welcome back to your own home. we set them loose.
7:47 am
they're walking around, no clue we're watching them. we have eyes on the family in nearly every room. the kitchen. the living room. walking upstairs to the bedrooms. scott and i watching it all from a coffee shop. >> we're only two miles away. we might as well be 2,000 miles away. you can be anywhere in the world, as long as you have the internet connection, you can monitor it live. >> reporter: we have cameras in the master bedroom. they have no idea. when they come back downstairs, i have a surprise. we planted hidden cameras all over this house. in your bedroom. in your bedroom. in the kitchen, in that room, in that room. there's hidden cameras everywhere. >> you did it quickly. we were unsuspecting. >> reporter: you know this house by the back of your hand and you didn't notice. imagine going to an airbnb and there's things that are cameras. >> that is scary. >> reporter: we reveal our
7:48 am
cameras. from the smoke detector. to this pen. >> that's amazing. i'm speechless. that's rare for me. and that's cascary. >> reporter: the biggest surprise, upstairs in their bedroom. for a criminal, this is where the private moments happen. you didn't notice it. but we have a cameraed in this water bottle. >> it's inside the water bottle? >> never would you think an innocent bottle. >> reporter: what can you do to prevent this from happening in your family. you can find a radio frequency finder. >> we know this camera has wi-fi. it has been connected. >> walk around the hotel room and do this. >> as easy as that, yes. >> reporter: as for this family caught in our hidden camera experiment -- do you think i'm a creep? >> no. >> reporter: thank god. we'll take the cameras with us. we did this to help. we learned something today? >> we did. >> reporter: perfect. thank you very much. savannah said, they don't really know you. that's a fair question.
7:49 am
airbnb telling nbc news, it takes privacy extremely seriously. and the cases are rare. they're working with law enforcement. and both of the homeowners doing this, have been banned. cameras are never allowed, in bedrooms pa s and both rooathrou rent airbnb, they have to disclose that ahead of time. >> thank you. what chip and joanna gaines oh, you brought butch.
7:50 am
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good friday morning. coming up on 7:56 with cloudy skies left behind after early morning rain. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, slick spots on the road wways with the temperatures 63 degrees. livermore, 65 is the high. mid to upper 60s in the north bay. a cool, fall-like day and the clouds slowly getting out of here. san francisco tomorrow, slightly warmer and the trend continues for next week with the warmest day on tuesday, up to 79 degrees, then starting to cool down a bit. the inland areas will have a fall-like day today. a warmer weekend. still very pleasant, then next week, summer-like weather reaching the peak of the warmth on tuesday, 89 nts valleys. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> i was going to show you a
7:58 am
slow drive, but it's getting clearer. so is the sky and the roads. we'll look at the maps. west 92 is where we show the traffic going away. the map shows mild slowing toward the build in san mateo. northbound recovered from the earlier crash at 680 and 280 in san jose. the rest of the bay is not bad. the east shore freeway, recovering from an earlier crash. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we want to tell you, there is a situation at the international airport that we are monitoring right now. there is an alarm going off at one of the gates and terminal "b" is being evacuated as a precaution. we have a crew headed in that direction. we will bring the latest information as we get it. happening now, since the deadly fire, santa rosa victims are being allowed to go home in the hardest hit areas. pete suratos will have a live report at 11:00.
7:59 am
more news in a half hour. a bay area murder trial set to spark more debate on illegal immigration. next week: insight into the kate steinle killing. plus, the simple thing you can do at home right now - to prevent extra (stress ( if disaster evr strikes.
8:00 am
8:01 am
. it's 8:00 on "today" and coming up emotional defense. >> if you elect to call a family like this it is about the most difficult thing you can imagine. >> white house chief of staff john kelly opening up the death of his own son while defending president trump's call to a gold star widow. and former presidents bush and obama back in the spotlight sounding off on today's politics. >> we've got folks who are deliberately trying to make folks angry. >> we're live at the white house. plus, america's opioid crisis. as drug addiction tears through families, a growing number of grandparents are taking on the role of parenting. >> he deserves to have a happy
8:02 am
childhood. >> this morning, they're speaking out to us about the help they need. and getting even stranger. sheinelle sits down with the cast of the smash hit "stranger things" to get a preview of the second season. >> darker than first season and a bit more evil. >> is that possible? >> find out what is in store for the group of young heroes. "today" october 20th 2017. >> yes, we are. >> who are they playing this weekend? >> you're a big packers fan. >> nashville, tennessee! >> i think you just did that. >> you're scaring me. okay. good idea! security!
8:03 am
>> you're 13. officially teenagers! yeah! could you please bring a more colorful shirt. >> photo with al roker. as soon as i find al roker, i'll get him out here. in the meantime, let's do that. welcome back, everyone to "today" on this friday morning. we thank you for being here. we'll get outside in a little while and say hello to those people. >> it will be a party in the usa. let's get to some stories we're covering at 8:00 on this friday morning. defending president trump and the political feud that started after a soldier's death in combat. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more on this story from the white house. good morning. >> fw mogood morning to you. after the general had appeared to defuse this back and forth and focusing on what really matters the human toll of war and the president reengaged
8:04 am
overnight attacking a congresswoman on twitter who was consoling one of the soldier's families and heard the president's call on speaker phone. first more of john kelly's impassioned remarks. amid a gold star controversy that had become bitter john kelly bringing political rhetoric back into deeply political terms. >> when i took this job and talked to president trump about how to do it, my first recommendation was he not do it. it's not the phone call that parents, family members are looking forward to. >> reporter: kelly defending the president's call this week to the widow of sergeant la david johnson. >> if you elect to call a family, it's about the most difficult. it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation. absolutely stuns me. >> reporter: the retired marine general explaining that he told
8:05 am
mr. trump that when his son son, robert, was killed in afghanistan in 2010, president obama didn't call. >> that was not a criticism. that was just to simply say i don't believe president obama called. that's not a negative thing. >> reporter: instead kelly recalls on how his best friend consoled him. >> he said, kel, he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. he knew what he was getting in to. >> that's the message kelly says trump tried to convey to the family. >> in his way to express his opinion that he is a brave man a fallen hero and he knew what he was getting himself in to. >> reporter: mr. trump complained the words by the congresswoman were fabricated. on monday president trump criticized past presidents for not calling the families of the fallen. it comes as two of those predecessors are speaking out,
8:06 am
each using rare public appearances to take not so veiled swipes at the kurncurren commander in chief. >> we have folks who are deliberately trying to make folks angry. to demonize people who have different ideas. to get the base all riled up. >> bigotry seems emboldened our politics to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication. >> just two past presidents speaking out. also overnight, the senate narrowly passed a budget with all democrats and kentucky's republican senator rand paul against it potentially paving the way for president trump's proposed tax cuts. matt? >> okay, peter, thank you very much. police near tampa, florida, say a man caught with a closet full of guns, knives and homemade bombs had maps of two schools and a water treatment plant. deputies were serving a warrant when they discovered that
8:07 am
arsenal. the 24-year-old livers with his parents, but had those weapons in a clausewitoset with a combi lock. he has no criminal record will undergo a mental health evaluation. in italy, a criminal investigation is under way after a tourist was killed by a falling stone inside a world famous church. officials say a six inch block of decorative stone fell from the ceiling of the basilica in florence. it struck a 52-year-old spaniard who was there visiting with his wife. the 15th century basilica is the burial site for renowned italians including michael anglo and galileo. the cultural minister says they'll try to determine if the accident was caused by faulty maintenance. a ban on laptops and other personal electronic devices in checked luggage. certain lithian batteries can
8:08 am
overheat and the faa says if that happened in luggage next to an ordinary spray can it can create an explosion powerful enough and the result could be catastrophic. the faa logged 31 cases last year in which lithium-based batteries caught fire or smoldered on airline flights. coming up on this friday morning, we're going to talk about the rise of so-called grandfamilies. that's in the wake of the opioid crisis. also ahead, melanie griffith the health bshe has been battlig for years in secret. the "stranger things" kids to spill a few things from the set. let's see what megyn kelly is working on for today. >> country music sensation lee bryce singing his new song "rumor." going to take a walk through central park together. see you at 9:00. >> we'll look forward to that.
8:09 am
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do not take stelara® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. we're fed up with your unpredictability. remission can start with stelara®. talk to your doctor today. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for stelara®. back, now, at 8:12, with more of our ongoing series, focusing on the opioid crisis, one nation overdose. >> this morning, the impact on the families. stephanie gosk has that this morning. >> reporter: we have uncovered a whole new class of victims in the opioid epidemic, the grandparents. drug addiction is tearing families apart. and grandparents often step in to raise the grandchildren. it's a growing demographic that's losing a child to drugs, and at the same time, gaining a child. 5-year-old colton is filled with
8:14 am
boundless energy. >> i can't -- always have hot chocolate. >> reporter: a challenge for his grandmother, penny. >> sorry, little sister. >> reporter: raising him because her daughter is struggling with opioid addiction. >> we have day care expenses. we have extra food. we have clothes for somebody that grows an inch every week. it's things that we didn't think that we would be dealing with at this age. >> reporter: the opioid epidemic is tearing through the country. >> they're both breathing. >> okay. but you're unable to wake them up? >> no. i tried. and they won't wake up. >> reporter: the number of children being removed from their parents because of drugs and alcohol is on the rise. but what you don't see are the grandparents, often picking up the pieces. you are doing something that goes above and beyond what you expect to do. >> but he didn't ask for it. he didn't ask to be in this
8:15 am
position. he deserves to have a happy childhood. and the alternative is, he would have been put in a foster care program. >> tell me about where you get support. who do you lean on? where do you get help? >> me and her. >> reporter: and a facebook group helps, too. grandparent to grandparent. 2,500 strong and growing. >> it's the one place where you can go and people can understand how you can hate and love your child at the same time and not be judged. >> reporter: she asked what the group would want to share with nbc. and the answers came pouring in. >> just the first one is talking about the thousands of dollars of adopting their own grandchildren. >> reporter: financial support. >> day care. can't adopt because i can't afford health insurance for him. >> reporter: we heard the same message from grandparents around the country. >> my son, ryan, died of a heroin overdose when the baby was 2 months old.
8:16 am
>> addiction is a family disease and does not just affect the addict. >> grandparents like me need assistance. >> we need support from family and friends. we need support from our elected officials. >> grandparents are screaming for legislators and local officials to step up and support them. >> reporter: larry cooper runs the kinship program in tampa, florida, one of the few programs that offer a support network for grandparents. some of them brought in their grandkids and shared their stories. how many of you are taking care of these children because you're worried they aren't safe with their own parents? >> when he was 6 months old, they went to buy drugs. and the baby got hurt in the drug buy. i had to have my daughter arrested, take my grandson. >> my husband and i had to hire a private detective to finally get the kids. >> you worry about your daughter. but at the same time, you're
8:17 am
more worried about the grandchildren. >> reporter: this is not what being a grandparent is supposed to be, is it? >> no. >> i feel robbed. like you've got to be the mean, old parent. i've been robbed as a grandparent. >> it put me into depression at first. i kept saying, i have worked. i've saved my money to do what i want to do. and then, all of a sudden, i'm starting all over again. >> reporter: let's talk about the money. it's got to be a big factor. >> yes. >> how much of a drain does it put on your day-to-day? >> a lot of dipping into savings. especially for all of the lawyers. >> dipping in 401(k). >> yeah. >> reporter: the kids we met were all-smiles. the resilience of childhood m k masking what they're living through. >> i feel bad that his brother doesn't want him. >> his mother doesn't love him and he knows it. my mom loves drugs more than me. >> reporter: your grandson said it? >> ours have said it, too.
8:18 am
>> reporter: but the children don't let them dwell too much in the sadness. there's that joy, too, isn't there? >> best part of my day, every day, is when i come in after work. and they hear that key go like that. and my grandson and his little puppy come running up to me. >> grandpare. >> every day. that's everything to me. >> reporter: so many of the grandparents we spoke to hope their kids will get clean and come back to raise their children. many are also desperately trying to get their lives together and their kids back, including penny's daughter, who told us she is eight months sober. >> stephanie, that story. >> an angle i never thought of. >> i know. it ee's remarkable. not getting a lot of attention. >> there's people that are thinking, is there anything i can do to help? >> there's efforts. there's a bill pending in the senate, that would set up a task force to centralize resources and information. there's help on the state level.
8:19 am
and we have a list of the websites on >> information. great story, steph. thank you very much. appreciate it. we turn to al. >> struck out young the grandparents are, dealing with that. thanks, steph. let's show you what we have as far as the weather is concerned. national weather service out with the winter outlook. and it looks like a weak la nina. that will mean wet weather for the pacific northwest. cool weather from december to february, in the western plains. warm and dry in the southeast and wet in the upper ohio river valley. warmer weather throughout a good portion of the country, through that time period, stretching from the northern plains into the pacific northwest, a little cooler. as far as precipitation, it looks dry through the southern third of that's what's going open around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we had some early morning rain. still some lingering showers but we're getting some clearing as
8:20 am
we take live look outside in san jose. our high temperature reaching to 67. much cooler than normal. our fall-like weather doesn't last that long. we're in for a warm-up as we go in for the weekend. some upper 60s by the end of the weekend. some upper 70s next week. for the inland valley, 67 today, but upper 80s by tuesday. >> and that is your latest weather. matt? >> mr. roker, thank you very much. time to "trend." ready for this? we've all been in relationships for a long time. >> 22 years. >> ten years. married almost four. >> i'm in ten years. our dating may be rusty. millennial terms on twitter. ghosting? >> someone disappears on you. >> i thought you were dating casper. >> someone can have a texting relationship with you.
8:21 am
and you stop responding. one of our producers on the show, allowed us to put this up on the screen, without incriminating anymore. some guy texts her constantly. she doesn't respond at all. he texted her something like 18 times over 7 months. >> my goodness. >> with no response. >> she ghosted him. >> completely ghosted. so, this leads -- >> that's so sad. >> this leads to other dating terms we might not be familiar with. i'll quiz you guys. ready? >> yeah. >> can i have dating music? >> submarining. >> this is from your dating era. >> submarining. what's submarining? >> i don't know. you date somebody under water. >> you don't tell anybody. >> that's ghosting. >> together. >> submarining. you ghost, you go way underground. but you pop up again. and just pretend nothing ever happened. start the texting relationship
8:22 am
again. bread crumbing. >> i get that. a little flirtatious text or something. >> flirtatious but noncommittal. you keep the interest in the other person without making a commitment. >> i'm so glad. >> i used to call that breeziness. >> very light and breezy. >> breezy kills. kills. >> how about cuffing season. >> what is that? >> this is a family show. >> cuffing is when you come to the fall and the winter. if you are single and carefree, or maybe a little promiscuous in your dating life, you connect to someone for a winter relationship. >> to go to holiday parties? >> it's like comfort food. you want to have someone in a relationship over the winter. >> and you ghost after that. >> and finally, benching. these are real terms for the millennials. >> can you use it in a sentence? >> yes. savannah used to date me but now
8:23 am
she's benching me. >> oh, just putting you on ice for late while. but you have the hope of coming back. >> you may have found someone better. but you don't let me go completely because you put me on the bench in case you have to call me up. >> back in my day, we would say so and so is on-deck. >> benching is the same thing. that's dating 101. >> i'm so glad we're married. >> good luck. >> i learned a lot. "pop start." we begin with melanie griffith this morning. the actress revealed she was diagnosed with epilepsy. something she kept hidingen for fifth years. she was diagnosed after having two seizures, after the 201 cannes film festival. it's been three years since she had a seizure. now, to margot robbie. we're getting her glimpse of her
8:24 am
portrayal of tonya harding, who tried to sabotage her rival, nancy kerrigan. the movie is called "i tanya." and its trailer was just released. take a look. >> they want someone to hate. and the haters always say, ta a tanya, tell the truth. there's no such thing as truth. >> ooh. the performance is generating oscar buzz. finally, "fixer upper" the hit show, starring chip and joanna gaines, is heading into its fifth and final season. and it was announced we can expect some special guest stars, including laura bush. she's a fan. as will tim tebow. no word on how they're involved. but they will bringing their
8:25 am
charm over to waco, texas. you can catch the season premiere on november 21st. "the daly click." isn't this a great picture? we has a nice smile. they talked yesterday. michael phelps on the show thursday. and there was a particularly adorable viewer following at home. there's phelps' son. he sees his dad wave on the tv. phelps' wife shared this saying, i hope this makes you smile. >> really cute. thank you, sheinelle. >> two kids coming up. coming up next, sheinelle's visit with the "stranger things" kids on the set of the i )m ...
8:26 am
8:27 am
emergency crews are trying to figure out what set off a good morning. it's 8:26. emergency crews are trying to figure out what set off a fire alarm at san jose's airport terminal b. as we told you in our last cut-in, that incident triggered evacuations. we heard from an employee who happens to be at the airport. she says passengers are being allowed back into the airport, even though the alarm is still sounding. we spoke with an spokesperson. she says the alarms are going off in the area of gates 29 and 30 which are two gates that were recently opened at the airport. terminal a is not being impacted. we're having some activity over there on the san mo taio bridge. >> i'm trying to figure out exactly. westbound suddenly slowed down. earlier, there was a crash reported midspan.
8:28 am
what happens when people slam on their brakes to try to get into the service lane because they don't want to ram the car in front of them. we'll look at your map. it hasn't really had much of a chance to adjust. we do see sensors slowing heading over to the high-rise. use the dunn barton bridge to the south. light traffic should allow you to get there just fine. the south bay recover from an earlier crash on 280. 238 at 880, this crash, may be on the shoulder, you see a little extra slowing. no problem getting over to the bay bridge. a little slow though through downtown oakland. we'll have another local update in half an hour.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible.
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amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. ♪ good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's friday, october 20th. a beautiful morning out on our plaza. so many good folks. i love it. we have the best crowds this week. everybody is so excited. plaza is packed. and you all should come back. what are you doing next week? we have not one. not two. three concerts on our plaza. >> let me run it down for you. we will get things started on wednesday. did we say megyn is here? >> megyn is here. >> you're telling me about the concert. one of the music's riding stars,
8:32 am
khalid will be here. nail and horan. and rachel platten. make plans to stay with us for three-straight days. >> don't shower. just stay here. >> you can feel the crowd's energy. >> fired up. >> hi. how are you? >> very good. >> we hear you are huge fans of the show. >> yes, we are. >> i am. i keep them up with "today." >> thank you so much for waking up early. you have shirts. we all came together. you each get one. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> the enthusiasm. >> one more. one more mug. >> one more mug. who wants a mug? >> there you go.
8:33 am
>> you get a mug. you get a mug. >> i love the enthusiasm. >> i am just loving it. okay. listen up, "stranger things" fans. the hit series anticipated new season is almost here. and sheinelle got a really cool opportunity to chat up its young stars on the set to find out what is in store. looking forward to that. >> i cannot wait for that series. it's going to be great. we are cooking up a football feast with one of our faves. gail simmons is here. she has a taste of new england and the deep south, as the patriots host the falcons, coming up on "sunday night football." megyn, what is coming up? >> greg kinnear. love him. along with lee bryson. have you ever been to dry bar? >> the air drying place? >> for $45, you can get your
8:34 am
hair blown out. the woman who started it, was a stay-at-home mom with a blow drier. now, has a business. >> that went over our heads. literally. >> you haven't seen a blow drier in several years. your blow drier did have its day. we all remember that. now, let's get a check of the weather. i love you. >> nice. >> mean it. >> like my comb says, we'll never part again. let's show you what we have going on for your weekend outlook. october warmth of the mid-atlantic states. and storms in the central plains. we're looking for the beautiful day in the northeast, mid-atlantic. heavy rain to the lower gulf coast area. and the lower mississippi valley. fire danger rears its ugly head again in southern califoia that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm
8:35 am
meteorologist kari hall. the early morning rain has since moved on. now, cloudy skies and still some peeks of sunshine. there may be a few lingering showers. as we go through the next hour or two. then drying out this afternoon. high temperatures today in the upper 60s. much cooler than where we should be for this time of year. but we will be in for some warmer weather heading into next week. upper 70s in san francisco and upper 80s inland. >> and that's your latest weather. don't forget, anytime you need your weather, day or night, especially this weekend, check out our friends at the weather channel. gang? i'm still running. is anybody in there? >> we're ready for you, al. >> for the love of god. please. we're still running. >> keep going. >> all right. >> come on. come on.
8:36 am
>> he set himself up. thank you. "stranger things" about to kick off its second season. >> that was a treat. i'm out of breath. >> al is out of breath. >> this is one of the show, once you decide to start, you can't stop. i binge-watched it. it's about a group of kids trying to solve a dark mystery in a small suburban town and saving their friends from a scary fate. there are thrills, chills, secrets and screams. a winning recipe that's made "stranger things" a supernatural success. >> it really is a now about camaraderie and sticking together. >> you saved me. >> reporter: sticking together. this inseparable group of best friends. noah schnapp, gaten matarazzo.
8:37 am
young and clever allies, destroying a monster that's terrorizing their once-peaceful community. >> each one has their own elements of leadership. this team, they listen to each other. it was your idea. >> especially your character. >> it just shows how working together can solve a problem. >> set in a small indiana town in 1983, the show serves up a healthy slice of pop culture nostalgia. >> lando calrissian. >> did you have any idea the show would be as big as it is now? >> i never expected anything crazy to happen. >> you hear that? >> reporter: of the kids' scenes take place in the wheeler family basement. this is where they played the
8:38 am
game? it's creepy by cool. >> it's really cool. when there's a camera team, it's a lot warmer and feels like a home. >> somehow, she's channeling him. >> like professor x. >> reporter: tell me about your character, eleven. >> eleven is an orphan. she had a family but got taken by a scientist. eleven had abilities that no other child or human actually had. >> reporter: superpowers. >> right. >> she broke my arm. >> reporter: the series that scored 18 emmy nominations stars david harbour and wynoninona ry. it became a breakout favorite with a huge cult following. >> "stranger things." >> i watched like all eight in a row episodes. and it freaked me out. do you get spooked when the cameras aren't rolling? >> i'm the scaredy-cat on the
8:39 am
set. i get scared of everything. >> the scaredy-cat. >> reporter: is there anything you're afraid of in real life? >> sharks. >> reporter: sharks? those monsters are worse than sharks. what can we expect for season 2? >> it's darker and a bit more evil. >> reporter: is that possible? >> i didn't think so. but i guess it can be. >> reporter: on the verge of the show's season 2 release, preview scenes suggest it's getting even stranger. >> no. >> are you okay? >> reporter: taking us on a weird and live adventure. >> there's a lot of originality in the second season. >> over and out. >> now, i will admit, i found out some secrets about the upcoming season. but i have to keep those to myself. >> come on. >> "stranger things" will be released on netflix next friday. as crazy as it was for the die-hard fans, you should binge watch it. they turn up the volume. we couldn't take pictures.
8:40 am
we didn't want to put out any spoilers on the set. >> i think al is going to get it out of you in the commercial break. he wants to know so badly. >> and the kids are so talented. i mean, it's really impressive. >> you got me leaning. i'll check this out. >> just for the commercial. mr. peterson. mr. peterson's wife. >> thank you. the legendary jane goodall and a never-before-seen look at her remarkable work with chimps. first, this is "today"
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ it's 8:41. it's a friday morning. we're back with "today living legends." this morning, a real pioneer, jane goodall. >> imagine, 23, with no formal training or education. jane left her home in england to do something that had never been done before. her curiosities leading her to
8:43 am
africa, where she would study chimpanzees, where she would transform the scientific community forever. we thought it would be fun to meet at the iconic monkey bar p the perfect place. >> absolutely. >> reporter: there's no monkeying around with jane goodall. she set out on an adventure, living with and researching chimpanzees. her findings would change the course of science. we know the chimps are most similar to us. dna-wise. emotionally. >> one thing the chimpanzees have helped to do is open scientists' closed mind, to know that we are not separated from the animal kingdom. that leads you to say, okay, we're different. what makes us human? >> i understand you believed when you saw "tarzan," you would
8:44 am
have made a better jane. >> i would have. >> what was it about africa and chimpanzees that captivated you? >> being out in the wild. when i dreamed of it, there was nobody doing anything like that. >> to go where nobody had gone before, what gave you the confidence to do that? >> i think i was destined to do it. >> what did you learn that you've been able to apply to your own life? >> i think the most important thing was watching the chimpanzee mothers and seeing the importance of that close bond between mother and child in the first couple of years of life. and how devastating it is if that bond is broken. i definitely applied to that to the way i raised my own child. >> and you learned that from chimps? >> i learned that from chimps. >> taking this knowledge and putting it online through master
8:45 am
class. >> that's correct. >> this master class, i would like to share with you all of the amazing things i discovered about these closest relatives of ours. >> looking at this woman in the chair, you know, being interviewed. and i'm thinking, how does she do it? how does she speak like that? i mean, i'm two janes. i'm this one talking to you. and i'm that one out there. >> which jane do you like better? >> well, this is me. the other one, i have to try to live up to. >> there's this new national geographic documentary, "jane." over 100 hours of unseen footage. >> they would be sending out a photographer to document the chimpanzees. we loved being out in nature and loved the work we were doing. >> reporter: when you saw that, how did you feel? >> it was and is rather emotional. when you see your life laid out like that, and it took me right
8:46 am
back to those years i was in the forest. without question, they were the best years of my life. >> if you could put it in one sentence, how do you want to be remembered? >> we have to remember that each single one of us matters. we have a role to play in this life, just as every small species does. but for us, each day that we live, we make some impact on the planet. and we have a choice as to what kind of impact we're going to make. >> the idea that she really revolutionized s.t.e.m. before anybody talked about this. and still does this. she has an organization that brings kids out of the classroom and connects it with the world. she's really a remarkable woman. >> how brave it must have been for her to do what she did. >> and she credits her mom. her mom was the person who said, you want to do it, go do it. >> impressive. >> "jane" is out in select
8:47 am
theaters today. >> incredible footage. we look forward to this segment all week long. "today food" loves football. wait until you see what we're cooking up for the big game this weekend. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
all right. time for "today loves football." sunday night's game on nbc, a super bowl rematch, patriots/falcons. gail simmons has a must-try dish for both cities. >> excited for "sunday night football." a big crowd excited, too. let's start down south for atlanta falcons. you're making barbecue chicken wings. >> this is a riff from the recipe book, "bring it home." i'm going to start with oil in a bowl. chili powder, paprika, cumin,
8:50 am
salt and pepper. and feel free to use your favorite barbecue blend. and the chickens will go right in. i'm going to toss them up. get them in there. >> with your hands. >> i'm trying to be careful. outside on the plaza today. toss them in the rub. get nice and coated with the rub. >> how long should they stay in the rub? >> not long at all. you toss them to coat. and you lie them out on the sheet tray. this has been sprayed with to cooking oil, to make sure it's not going to stick. these are going into the oven, 450 degrees for 20 minutes. lower the oven to 400. >> what was in your house? spoked paprika, mustard powder and cumin. reduce it for five minutes. and the beautiful, crispy wicks
8:51 am
co wings come out of the oven. >> get some air under the wings to get them crispier. >> you don't have to fry them. this is beautiful. >> guys? >> sorry, savannah. didn't mean to catch you with a mouthful of chicken. my bad. >> that worked out perfectly. >> that's a good comment. >> right in the sauce. i'm serving them with my favorite fried pickles with a smoky mustard mayo. >> that's atlanta. new england, you're making a fish sandwich with slaw. >> looks like a lot. >> a slaw, a crispy cod or haddock, whatever you can find that's fresh. firm, white fish. and a tarter sauce better than anything you can buy. parsley, carrots, radishes. i made a vinaigrette. but this has mustard to give it a crunch. do that first and let the slaw.
8:52 am
i have half a cup of mayo. i'm going to chop up papers, dill pickles and chives. a little lemon juice. a little hit of salt. and a hit of my favorite hot sauce. >> that blew over here. >> that's okay. that's going in the seasoning for the fish. it's perfect. >> using cod? >> this is cod. you can do it with any firm white fish. >> let me ask how you're liking it? >> really good. >> thumbs up all around. >> really good, gail. >> touchdown. >> you take the cod. >> exactly. >> what is that? >> that is simple eggs. you're going to dredge it in the eggs. dredge it in bread crumbs. we have beautiful pieces of coated fish. and they go right in the hot
8:53 am
oil. they fry up beautifully. >> you have to try this. >> al does not rave about a lot of dishes. >> i know. >> he raves about this. >> you're like odell beckham spiking it and performing in the end zone. >> thank you so much. these fry up really beautifully. they're really easy. it looks like a lot of oil. but you do it quickly and they're light and crispy. and you can build your sandwich. you want to give me coleslaw, i'm going to put on the mayo. take a piece of fish. >> i ate that one. >> you're allowed. that's for you. >> pop that top on there. missed a little. >> not a big deal. it's messy. it's football. >> what are those? >> boston cream pie puffs. this is a great recipe for my book. i adapted a little bit. boston cream pie. classic new england dessert. vanilla custard in the center. >> they are pufull of treats. be careful. >> by the way, the recipes are on
8:54 am
we'll have more on gail's cookbook, "bringing it home," quick over to big game, sunday night, patriots and falcons on nbc. coverage at 7:00 eastern. we're back in a moment. savannah's got a mouthful of fish. >> stop it. >> this is "today" on nbc. we're the generation that had it all.
8:55 am
we're the generation that had the music and the moves. we're the generation that had the style. well, sometimes. we're the generation that walked where no one had walked before, like no one had walked before, and, boy, did we know how to fly. we're the generation that had a dream and broke down walls. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them. and in this dangerous world, we have to keep on saving them,
8:56 am
protecting them, caring for them even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll remember the children who desperately need our help, and we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit we're back. you want to know the definition of carnage. look at this. >> you did that. excuse me. i am innocent. sheinelle, what are you working on this weekend? >> i'm so excited on this story i've been working on. a program that's using hip-hop to get kids interested in arch texture. and on "sunday today," willie goes for a spin with dale
8:57 am
earnhardt jr. to talk about his dad. >> matt eats wings with a knife and fork. >> no, i don't. next on "megyn kelly today," the woman who has made a multibillion-dollar business out of blowouts. looking forward to that. first, your local news and weather. go, yankees. >> i'm goingi )m - -... it will no doubt be a difficult good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. it will no doubt be difficult in santa rosa. that's where residents will finally be allowed to return. this includes the neighborhoods of coffee park and two heavily damaged mobile home parks. entry will be allowed starting at 10:00 a.m. but limited only to people who meet several requirements. the next two days, only residents of the impacted neighborhoods will be allowed. that's because authorities want fire victims to have a chance to
8:58 am
assess as well in many cases grieve. happening now, speaking with authorities and reaching out to people returning to the burn zone. he will have a live report in our midday newscast. go to our homepage to learn more including what fire victims are being warned about before they enter those neighborhoods. the overnight rain helped firefighters in ex-continue gishing the stubborn north bay fires. four major fires all about 85% contained. also making progress on the wildfires burning in boulder creek and the santa cruz mountains. that fire is now 40% contained with 320 acres burned. i'm marcus washington and we'll have another weather update for you in an hour. always go to for more information and weather and traffic. a bay area murder trial set
8:59 am
to spark more debate on illegal immigration. next week: insight into the kate steinle killing. plus, the simple thing you can do at home right now - to prevent extra (stress ( if disaster evr strikes.
9:00 am
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this morning on "megyn kelly today" -- now, this is as good as it gets. actor and oscar nominee greg kinnear on his a-list career and the new chapter in his life. then, she made it. meet the self-made success story behind the massively popular dry bar, where the world goes to look runway ready. plus, cma award winning and gramm grammy-nominated country music star, lee bryce, in studio. all that and more, right now. hi. hi. hi, everybody. hi, everybody. it's great to see you here


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