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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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when the quake hit. the epicenter in berkeley along the hayward fault underneath the hotel. the newsroom flooded with comments and calls. thankfully no major injury ohs damage. kristy smith in the san francisco with us. with you we begin with chief meteorologist. jeff ranieri. 4.4 but felt stronger and widespread. >> and there are reasons behind that. i was woken up this morning as well when the earthquake hit. and it was a really big shake. and a lot of movement that did feel stronger than that 4.4 this morning. as we mentioned it happened on the hayward fault. 1.8 miles east southeast of berkeley. the number one people so many people felt if was the fact it was shallow. only eight miles below the surface. in large part areas from santa rosa to san jose were able to
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feel the jolt and the back and forth shaking motion. and the number one reason reason is of course that it was shallow. but the second thing we look at is the shallow nature allows the primary and secondary energy waves to travel farther reaching more of the bay area. and that's why so many of us had the perceived notion that it was higher than 4.4 magnitude. let's look at the primary and secondary waves. primary waves usually arrives first hence the name. this travels lieu rock and water. that's what arrives in the big boom first experienced all the way down to san jose. we had reports of that. secondary wave that only travels through rock and soil. but that's where you get the back and forth motion. we had reports of that from the north bay down to the south bay. most of the bay area, bottom line, felt the p and s wave and due to the shallow nature.
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now it's simple to forget but always remember drop cover and hold. if you feel that big jolt first, the primary wave you may have time to seek shelter before the big shaking starts when a big earthquake hits. we are tracking more on a brand-new storm coming to the bay area in 15 minutes. >> see you then thank you very much. are you prepared for the next earthquake in do you have the earthquake kit? many people are asking that after the jolt. nbc bay area kristy smith joins from us san francisco where a lot of people are thinking about that earthquake kit. >> reporter: that's right, after what they went through. it's been described as a sharp jolt felt in different corners of the bay area. some folks telling us they couldn't go back to sleep right away and spent time reexamining the earthquake plans. from san francisco to san jose people are talking about the overnight earthquake that woke them up and rattled their nerves. >> i woke up, and hard shaking.
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i thought it was going to last a while. >> reporter: the 4.4 magnitude quake was centered in berkeley but felt across the bay area. san francisco's acting mayor called a press conference to rereassure people that after a check public safe and infrastructure was in good shape. she netted a surge of emergency calls. >> 120 calls in the first 0 minutes. a time that normally sees about 15. many just worned if it was a quake or reported alarms going off. they are remind first degree it isn't a real emergency they can call 311. >> we try to stress how important it is to keep a kit in the car, because you never know where you'll be. >> reporter: michael skyler is codesigner of disaster supply center in sand rafael. he said water warmth and food are at the top of the list. people want disaster
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preparedness kits more now. >> they start ordering kits and supplies. a lot of people don't know what to do. we try to tell them as much as we can about getting prepared. >> this woman bought two kits one for her car and home after a wakeup call she won't forget. >> we live right on the hayward fault in berkeley. and waking up at 2:38 this morning was enough to convince me. >> reporter: there are many types of kits available for the home or the car. and supplies available have kept pace with new technology. reporting live in san francisco, kristy smith, nbc bay area news. >> good reminder for everyone as you might know the hayward fault runs directly through memorial stadium on the cal kafrmz. about about five years ago the skaumd reopened after two years of retrofitting. after cracks were easily scene before it was renovated. by the way that renovation cost $30 oh million.
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let's look at the strongest earthquakes in recent memory. august august 2014, the napa quake. 6.0 magnitude. along the west napa fault. the biggest since 1989. dozens were injured. one person died. in october of 2007. a 5.6 shook the san jose area. it struck at 8:00 at night. and no major damage. and the largest still more destructive to date, the 1989 quake, magnitude 6.9 quake killed more than 60 people left thousands injured. and you were that shot be with the cypress freeway structure, part of the bay bridge collapsing. one of the viewers posted in video to twitter showing things knocked off shelves inside a safeway. that's the wrong video apparently. coming up in 25 minutes roz plater will continue the team coverage talking to the usgs about how being prepared, things you should do when the big one
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does hit. the other headlines this evening, marijuana is now legal as you know in california. but illegal in most of america. so what gives? the trump administration is cracking down. attorney general jeff sessions today removing an agreement which said federal agents would largely be allowed states -- states that had federal agents to largely regulate marijuana under their own laws. that's not happening now. robert handa joins us from san jose with the political power play. robert. >> reporter: that's right. . many many people here said they hoed legal sayingsization would end the federal scrutiny that's been on them. instead the attorney general is turning up the heat. >> well, it never a dull moment with in administration. >> reporter: there's been a steady stream of customers today at the harborside dispensary in san jose. but quite a change when the legalization went into effect. the same can be said for the
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celebratory mood as the customers heard about the renewed vow to enforce federal laws against marijuana by essentially encouraging local u.s. attorneys to prosecutor buyers and sellers. >> yes, i am. i'm concerned about just about everything mr. trump does. >> reporter: santa clara university law professor dave ball was public safety chair on the blue ribbon commission on marijuana law and policy. he says it's possible pennsylvania u.s. attorney could go after a big dispensary or grower as a message. >> don't rule out california as being a sight of some of that. remember oakland was one of the -- went after harborside dispensaries despite the fact that the city of oakland didn't want her to do that. >> reporter: but the target of the raid harborside owner steve deangelo says he thinks u.s. attorneys in california now have higher priorities. >> does it make sense to take the limited law enforcement dollars and go after cannabis at
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that time? i don't see any reasonably use attorney making that decision. >> people don't need to feel like they're criminals. >> reporter: there are definitely issues looming including the fact that the northern california u.s. attorney recently resigned to go into private practice. and that means the president and attorney general will help appoint his successor. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. bay area activists are furious about a uc berkeley student detained after viting his girlfriend last is saturday when they missed a turn and ended up at an immigration checkpoint. he was brought into the u.s. by his mother when he was a child from south america. he hoped to gain a path to citizenship through the daca programs. immigration activist the at cal got him an attorney and angry about delays in getting him his legal rights. >> he has the trite to a hearing, the right to post bond
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and be back at university in the next week. >> his attorney says he is being held by i.c.e. in san diego and has not received due process since he was detained for days and he is being held in an overcrowded holding cell and still has no court date. well new at 6:00, the kate steinle drama is not over. tomorrow the judge in the high-profile murder case could grant a new it trial based on the one count jose zarate was convicted of. some brock joins with us the new developments. and what does it all mean. >> reporter: what it means right now is the closer look at the jury instructions in this case and whether or not those instructions were adequate. the defense contends it's not. the jury was not briefed on transitory possession with, the idea that jose zarate had only briefly touched the weapon wouldn't constitute possession process. the documents were filed in
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court by the prosecution which buy rowe why they think the retrial would be bogus but many legal experts don't agree. the primary players will be back in court pleading their case. but this time it's not over the magnitude of the murder on san francisco's embarcadero but rather a single weapon possession charge for jose garcia zarate. here is his attorney three weeks ago. >> i think a properly instructed jury, whether in state court or federal court is going to find mr. garcia zarate not guilty. >> reporter: the defense filed for a retrial. though the people of the state of california pushed back. in a motion submitted this week, prosecutors kentd o contend a momentary possession instruction requires substantial evidence that the defendant did not intend to prevent law enforcement officials from seizing a firearm. zarate by his own admission tossed the weapon into the water. >> clearly he wasn't trying to assist law enforcement in recovering this weapon. >> right. >> the prosecution has a pinpoint here that this should
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negate any notion of transitory possession. >> what the prosecution has is theory if this trial moves anything it's that both the prosecution and defense had powerful theories. >> nbc legal analyst dean johnson says the judge is likely to keep the weapon possession conviction in place but he says expect the arguments over jury instructions to drag on. >> i think there is a real possibility that there is an instructional error in this case. and based on that, the new trial might be granted, more likely the new trial would be denied but this lays the groundwork for a strong appeal. >> reporter: now, last month we did speak with a juror in this case. and he told us, yeah, he was confused about instructions pertaining to possession. does the possession mean that zarate held it for a second, a while? they had no idea. if the conviction does stand tomorrow, there will be an appeal almost certainly be and the first direct court in san francisco. i can tell you we will be here
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tomorrow morning as the sentencing and perhaps the declaration of a new trial happens. we'll have the latest from the hall of justice reporting this evening from san francisco, sam brock, back to you in the studio. we have new developments tonight in the pier 39 terror plot. the u.s. attorney office releasing the indictmented to which include ago bomb charge. according to the court documents 26-year-old everett jameson seen here intended to use home made pipe bombs to fumble people into pier 39 onto the pier on krms day so he could shoot them. the indictment also charges jameson with attempting to aid a terrorist organization and distributing information relating to destructive devices. he was arrested after talking about his plans to undercover agents. a preliminary hearing on the charges is set for tomorrow. she said she would. and now she has high pressure the long-term player in san francisco politics is officially throwing her hat in the ring for the mayoral race. former board of supervisor
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president filed paper this is morning with the department of elections. alyoeta seeking to finish out mayor ed lee's term. the mayor died the last month. and london breed has talked about filing but hasn't filed. the deadline is next tuesday. it is now or never. if you want to be on team usa for the olympic you have to do well in sfla. and tonight the men on the ice. the u.s. figure stating championship continuing in san jose and one of the contend certifies a teenager from pooflt. garvin thomas joins us live from the exclusive perch inside the shark tank. we want to hear all about him. >> reporter: jess, we heard about the kind of dedication and sacrifice it takes to reach a level where you are competing in national championships. palo alto vincent zhou is no exception. when he was 8 years ol his mother quit her job and went with vincent down to southern
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california to begin serious training. they stayed in an apartment with no hot water and no air-conditioning. will it pay off? we'll begin to find out soon. >> yes. >> vincent zhou has spent a good chunk of his teenage life in an ice rink. tonight, he will have just over two minutes to prove what he has learned over all of those years. >> whoa you know that you have the ability and -- and i do -- i flow that. i trust in my ability to execute everything and my program is technically -- technically accurate. a lot of it comes down to the mind, believing in myself. >> reporter: the palo alto 17-year-old came in second at last year's nationals. his first ever senior competition. but with big results have come even bigger expectations. >> i'm stepping into this new spotlight that i just have this
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one year to just step up to all the expectations and make them and try to make the olympic team and be compared with the people who have been senior for twice as long as i've been alive. >> vincent will be the first to admit this season leading up to nationals has not been up to his expectations. he even posted a note to his many fans promising to do better. tonight, vincent can begin to deliver. >> we're stepping into uncharted territory with only one chance to make it right. >> reporter: vincent is scheduled to take to the ice before 8:00 this evening. of course this is the short program. the free skate for the men comes on saturday. obviously he would do very well if he matched the performance of the bay area ladies last night with karen chen of fremont coming in third in the short program and polina edmunds of san jose in seventh. reporting live from sapp center. >> garvin has the best assignment of the week.
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>> he does. >> and the best assignment of next month. hes heading to south korea for us. you can follow the daily and nightly reports on bay area. he will be posting exclusive video on the social media sites. the investigation into a shooting at a b.a.r.t. station continues. the family of a man killed by a b.a.r.t. officer is seeking some action. and it is a mess back east. most of the eastern sea board and even parts of the south battling a bitter cold this massive blizzard, the impact around the country and around the world, including here in the bay area. just a few showers here right now. but a new storm on the way heading into friday. plus another storm that could bring 2 inches of rain. the full update in six minutes. sfx: tinny headphone music
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injuries -- after being hit by a suspect )s car. ipp a pleasanton police officer is back home tonight recovering from injuries after he was hit by a suspect's car. happened yesterday on this drive off of vineyard. police say a burglary suspect drove his honda accord right into the officer. the officer was transported to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. the driver of the honda still missing. police say he was in a gray honda accord with a light blue license plate and an uber sticker on the windshield. just into the newsroom the oakland police department identified the man shot and
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killed during a confrontation with a b.a.r.t. officer. . it happened yesterday amp near the west oakland station was tindalele was fighting with another man. anser hassan is there live. and some people have gathered to a prayer vigil. >> there is a small group gatherered. they organized to unite to pray for victims, the family and the communities and all those impacted. as for the family they hired a lawyer to investigate they say they want answers. two men down one dead after an officer-involved shooting near west oakland b.a.r.t. yesterday zbleeng the mere fact that two men are grappling is not a reason to shoot shob. >> this well-known civil rights attorney hired to represent the family of the man shot and
6:21 pm
killed witnesses say he was on his way to b.a.r.t. with his family when he got into a fight with someone on the street. the situation quickly escalated. that's when police claim 28-year-old tindale pulled out a gun and shot the man in the leg. then they say a b.a.r.t. police officer rushed over and fired at tin dale when he refused to put down the gun. >> i'm always concerned when an officer has the gun out and running to a situation, that often means they have few options available. the sque was that shooting justified under the circumstances or not. >> you know the brother who passed i see him all the time he gets his haircut in my barber shop. >> this pastor owns the barbershop. it happened in front of his store. he is frustrated with the growing violence in his community and what he calls the demonization of black men that comes with it. he organized the prayer circle to unite the community after seeing his friend killed. >> i saw two black men in a situation and i didn't like
6:22 pm
neither tide side. i didn't like that one with was hurt and one lost his life. i saw two brothers who needed help. >> he leaves behind two sons ages 8 and 2. the b.a.r.t. officer hasn't been identified. but oakland police found a second gun they're investigating to see if there is a connection. reporting live in oakland, anser hassan. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. got any friends or family back east? they are getting hammered. and we are feeling the impact here on the west coast. let's look at times square in new york city about 9:25 at night. this is one of the busiest intersection sees in the world. but process looks empty tonight. not many people out. school cancelled. people staying home as snow blag et cetera the area. millions of people under blizzard warnings. it's not just snow. it's wind and water. strong winds knocking out power and storm surge waves pounding the coast. rushing into some cities and turning streets into rivers of
6:23 pm
slush. you are looking at boston there. now a lot of in is continuing for days. after the storm leaves, the freezing temperatures are expected to linger. air traffic headaches around the world. here is the bay area nearly 100 flights cancelled at sfo alone. the most frustrating parts. many passengers didn't find out until they were already at the airport. you figure with all the cancellations and delays it could be like this for several days in the bay area all the way into the east coast. >> looking at that slush in boston it's really stunning. they haven't seen that in four decades. >> it's just a phenomenal really when you think about it. temperatures by saturday colder down to 13 degrees for the high. and then by monday that's the warm up 36 for the high. and that's not even including the wind chill. frigid weather through the upcome weekend if you are headed to the east coast. as you look back at home we have a spotty showers right now. near san francisco and the
6:24 pm
peninsula. but this is just a little bit of activity out ahead of the next storm system head our way. as we look at the future cast you can see the next storm begins to line up at 1:30 in the morning tomorrow. and if will bring wet weather for the morning commute in napa, sonoma county, down to san francisco. that's the wettest at 6:00 a.m. then it starts to slowly progress towards the peninsula by 11:00 a.m. and then eventually move to the east bay at 2:00. then last would be the south bay as it starts to break apart by 5:30 at night on friday. the extended forecast shows it clears out by the we could. we goat a break saturday and sunday. but i want everybody to start thinking about next week at this point. it does look like our storm is speeding up. so that means rain on the monday with possibly a big storm day for us next tuesday. rainfall totals, widespread, 1 to 2 inches. that's the best he know right
6:25 pm
now in terms of the wet weather. even towards the south bay could get even one inch. throughout wednesday we'll see it move out and dry weather on thursday. more of this on the exact rainfall totals for the bay area on the friday storm at 6:48. >> okay see you shortly. up next if you check et 401(k) balance today. the dow jones did something it's never done before. the record breaking news next. rhonert park.
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police say overnight a man broke into a home -- antr happening now, frightening
6:27 pm
burglary in roe noek park. a suspect as airtimed process. a he found a garage door open ner an unlocked car out front. and just in police are looking for a police in a swatting case. the police rushed out and designed it was a hoax. a historic start to the new
6:28 pm
year. well, people are making money, a historic start to the new year. take a look. the dounls broke above the 25,000 mark the first time ever. it comes after the release of stronger than expected jobs data. the sp $s and p and nasdaq hit record highs. the teslas reduces fourth
6:29 pm
quarter number processes. tesla tok closed slightly lower. troubling allegations tonight against the alameda county sheriffs department. according to a lawsuit six former and current inmates at the yale claimed to be miss treated by guards while pregnant. they allege it led to mismiscarriages. one inmate claims forced to give birth while in solitary with no assistance. the spokesperson for the sheriffs department said it has not been served with a lawsuit. >> well up next president trump trying to change the subject in a way as blistering accusations swirl around his administration. what's the latest from the white house. and we continue coverage on the earthquake that rolgtsed a lot of people on the bay area. what the usgs is saying will happen next? . this guy is in a hurry.
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come try my country scrambler plate. with juicy jimmy dean sausage, crispy homestyle potatoes and fluffy scrambled eggs mixed with bacon, ham, and cheese. here you go. oh, cameras. hi mom! part of the brunchfast menu. we )re following breaking news. new reports that north korea and south korea have right now at 6:30, we're following breaking news. we have new reports that north korea and south korea have agreed to talk. according to reuters, the two countries will hold official talks next january -- discuss me january 9th, next tuesday. the agenda including the upcoming olympics in south korea as well as issues of mutual interest. after north korea sent a statement accepting the south korean offer for talks. did you feel it? a rude awakening for lots of people in the bay area. now the question is what do we need to know about last night's
6:33 pm
earthquake? a lot of people rethinking the earthquake plans. >> the 4.4 quake struck early this morning. rose plater joins us from berkeley with the latest. roz. >> reporter: you know, just about everybody we talked to said they were in a sound sleep and the quake woke them up. because they sit atop the hayward fault it seemed more powerful than it was. you didn't have to go far in berkeley to find people talking about the early morning earthquake. >> no you just always hear there will be a big one on the west coast. you get a little nervous when you feel anything. that was a strong jolt zbhr the magnitude 4.4 quake struck at 2:39 in the morning, strong enough to shake things up and strong enough that people from one end of the bay to the other felt it. uc berkeley scientist says that's partially because it was roughly 8 miles deep. >> the deeper they are the more broadly they broadcast themselves. >> she says the quake wasn't so
6:34 pm
unusual but occurred long the high ward fault. as which prompts anxiety because we've heard the forecast. >> the big big earthquake in the bay area is likely on the hayward fault process. it's ready to go. we know that. it's stretched like a rubber band. >> reporter: as with the early warning system still in prototype stage she says it worked. >> people in san francisco would have gotten two seconds of warning. the farther away you the more time you got. my colleagues in menlo park got three seconds. >> reporter: scientists are hoping to get money to expand the alert system in the congressional budget. we're told that the president didn't have money for the system in his budget. the house put it back in the budget. they are waiting for congressional approval and try to expand the system. live in berkeley, roz plater. >> one of the viewers in redwood citient this video, the moment
6:35 pm
it woke him up. he is laying down on his couch. you can see he is confused at the beginning. you don't see the shaking but you can see his attention is caught his dahl ago well and he gets up to check out what happens. . even though it happened in the middle of the night people turned to social media to report the quake. thousands commented on the posts. many sharing experiences saying they were rattled. more trouble for the leaning and sinking millennium tower in san francisco. siting the fire risk that we first reported, building inspectors now slapped the tower with a violation notice. investigative reporter jaxon van derbeken continues the exclusive report on the tower. >> reporter: it's a step in the right direction. the entire thing is unsettling. >> reporter: the supervisor aaron peskin is talking about the city issuing a fire safety violation against the millennium
6:36 pm
tower. >> coming out of my vent throughout my apartment. >> reporter: we told but that threat, exposed after millennium condo owner paula pretlow started smelling strange owners an independent expert concluded they were evidence of, quote, a life and fire safety hazard to the occupants. his report pointed the source of the smell. gaps opening up as the tower continues to tilt. gaps between the wall and the concrete and steel tower. smoke and flames experts say it can shoot through the gaps. making it easier for the fire to jump to higher floors. but for more than a year the problem was kept secret. the city issued the violation notice process. the notice says the breech in the fire and smoke barrier is represented. additionally the expert sites cysting of the curtain wall
6:37 pm
panels and suggests the issue may be more widespread. millennium officials now must either find a different expert who vouches for the building's fire safety, gaps and all, or come one a fix. the tower developer and home owner association wouldn't comment about the notice. but supervisor peskin, a frequent critic of the city's handle of the case says it's not doing enough. >> i wish the city would be more aggressive about it. but all in all they are finally only because of media attention paying attention to the issue and they finally issued a notice of violation. >> minimal up officials have until january 19th to respond to the city. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. president trump's attempt to stop publication of a become. the publisher of the steve bannon fire and fury responded to cease and desist letter
6:38 pm
announcing the become, released tomorrow instead of next we can. the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sander startwood a video message about the stock market gains. puzzled reporters wondered i why the president didn't walk down the hall and speak to them in person. when asked about the book sanders claimed it's laughable and disgraceful. bannon instant denying his toxic quotes but he said this. >> there is no one we think higher than president trump and the agenda. let's not let the left wing media stir it. >> questions raised in the book about the president's cognitive ability prompted unprecedented question to sanders today whether the upcoming medical exam will include a mental acute test she says wait for the results. fire and fury is the number one selling book on amazon's best seller list. but one of the books anecdotes
6:39 pm
is dismissed asset utterly ridiculous by a former british prime minister. tony blare is denying an account in the book that he warned donald trump's son-in-law, president trump's son-in-law jarred kushner that mr. trump was under uk surveillance. >> the idea that the british intelligence services would stop to interfere and spy on american presidential candidates is utterly absurd. >> the former prime minister says he met kushner in february about the middle east peace process but denying discussing phone calls or communications. well a storm storm forced a closure of highway 101 but there is a catch. on the reopening. weal tell it to you. not exactly a smooth ride
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
between muir beach and stinson beach yet. the road blocks are gone but it's not exactly a smooth ride between the beach and citizensen. caltrans opened 101 after nearly
6:42 pm
a year of closure. but they tell driverises it's a lengthy delay. there are six active projects long the section. you may remember the road was closed after winter rainstorms caused damage and led to dangerous conditions. well it's a non-starter. that's how california politicians respond to president trump's plan to reopen the california coastline to oil drilling. the plan would open federal waters right off of our coast for the first time in more than three decades. the interior secretary announced the plan today saying responsible development of off shore energy would boost jobs and economic security. now multiple states have voued to block this proposal. >> no snow for us here. but we will be getting more rain. >> two more good chances coming as we head throughout the next seven days. right now the clouds rolling back to san francisco. and mostly cloudy in the city with 61. but notice rainfall begins to pick up by 11:00 tonight. we're tracking how much wet weather for friday in a few minutes. and our live coverage continues from the u.s. national
6:43 pm
skating championships in san jose. guest who one of the best in the business will be joined by two-time olympic skater jeremy. back in a moment. sfx: tinny headphone music
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where the men abo okay. are you ready? a live look at the s.a.p. center now where the men are about to take the ice in the u.s. national skating championships. among those skating for a place on the u.s. olympic team. palo alto's own vincent zhou. the hometown skater hoping to follow other decorated skaters like brian boitano. last night we chatwood brian. tonight jeremy abbott. the fours-time u.s. champion. and welcome back to the bay area. he won the u.s. nationals here in san jose. what about six years ago, jeremy. >> about, it was 2012, six years ago almost exactly. >> welcome back to town did you feel the earthquake last night? >> i did not i actually literally just landed about an
6:46 pm
hour ago. raced over to watch the men's. >> so, a lot of the men are feeling really nervous maybe they feel the earth shaking underneath them when they hit the ice. we have the one big chance with vincent zhou. do you think he has a good chance in what was your prediction for this. >> i think that vincent has a great chance at making the olympic team this year. he has to do his job like all the other men. but it's definitely a hard fought competition not just for vincent but for everyone else trying to get the spots. >> it's been the women laflt taking center state your name. is nathan chen someone we should look out not only this week in san jose but moving forward to south korea? >> absolutely i think nathan winning the grand prix set him up well for the olympics and a chance to win the title in the
6:47 pm
olympics. >> what do you think these guys are going through right now? and what piece of advice would you give them now looking back at your own experience? >> well, i'm sure all these guys right now are very nervous and they're going overt goals and trying to remember everything they've done in training this past year and the past four years. the biggest thing i could tell this is broegt. a lot of time when we get nervous the air is taken out of lungs. and the best advice i was given is to breathe and take my time. that's all i can impart. and really enjoy it tp because the championship is electric. it's unlike any competition. they get the opportunity to compete in front of a home crowd and so energetic and amazing and enjoy the moment. >> jeremy abbott you wowed the crowds and back in town as an analyst thanks for joining us. >> all right thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> yef, we have to just breathe. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> breathe. >> he didn't feel the earthquake. he just got in tonight.
6:48 pm
>> i could have used that advice last night. >> you could have been breathing last time. >> big time in the east bay where i live. now looking ahead towards wet weather heading into friday. let's look at the microclimate forecast. and we are starting off with a look at that storm system. it's a cold front tracking right now. and we have seen a few showers out ahead of that. but really the main branch bringing wet weather is still several hours out in the pacific. let's bring you through the time line so you know how to prepare into tomorrow morning. at 9:30 tonight we still may have showers in the north bay, also close towards san francisco and the peninsula. but the bulk of it is off shore. heading to tomorrow morning, 1:00 a.m., still the most activity in the north bay also down towards santa cruz mountains. by 6:00 the best chance for rainfall would be up towards the north by. also down towards the peninsula. overall, it does look like that storm system really starts to break up as it gets closer. so i think the best advice for
6:49 pm
tomorrow, just be prepared for some slick spots on the roadways. and cope the umbrella handy in the back seat of the car. temperatures start off .50s. nothing we can't handle in terms of temperatures or rainfall as well. through tomorrow morning also for the north bay we'll begin with 50 and san francisco at 52. let's bring you back to the future cast, seek see how it plays out. 11:00 tomorrow over the north bay and peninsula. and a little bit of energy drops over the east bay. and then eventually by tomorrow night we get a little bit of activity down through the south bay. really not that much in the way of rainfall here for the south bay. most of the best chances, the north bay and the coast. you can see that right on the rainfall totals. right around a quarter to .3 inches in the north bay and cost. down towards south bay trace mts to maybe about .5 of an inches. temperatures not cold but not too mild. 62 in antioch.
6:50 pm
iefts from half moon to san francisco. and you you're looking at 60 expected in santa rosa. and the extended forecast we get a break. do what you need to to do this we could. clean out the gutters, do the outside chores. by all accounts right now it looks like wet weather is starting to speed up on the time line for next week's storm. rainfall on monday. then by tuesday we get into heavier rainfall, a 1 to 2-inch rainfall estimate at this point. down in the south bay we could get at least one inches of rein. maybe the north bay two inches or more. that's based on current forecast models. can you see wednesday and thursday we dry out. temperatures in san francisco in the 50s. across the interior valleys we drop down to winter-like temperatures through the early part of next week. as we always say this far out on the storm system we will know more as we get closer. but everything right now is lining up for the big storm next tuesday. >> okay. we will wait for it. thank you. up next we were talking
6:51 pm
about the u.s. figure skaters but now the other type of skaters, the hockey players. and current nhl players won't be playing in the upcoming olympics. but that doesn't mean the sharks won't be represented. colin resch explains next.
6:52 pm
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unlike olympics usa hockey... will not feature any current n- okay. we have a slight change. unlike olympic past team usa hockey won't feature current nhl players. >> that means a big opportunity for lesser known athletes. nbc bay area colin resch explains. >> reporter: it was april 3rd of last year when the nhl announced it would not be participating in the 2018 pyeongchang olympics. the following day at the shark's practice facility, olympic alums joe pavelski and mark edward voiced diz please. >> they deserve to go. >> it's nice to have the best on best. but i'm sure who ever goes it's going to be just as exciting. you know it is the olympics and such a huge stage. but as players and the
6:55 pm
experiences we've had, it's disappointing not to have that opportunity. >> reporter: but the opportunity had to go somewhere. . enter john mccarthy, the san jose bare cued acaptain spent nine years in the shark organization was informed new year's day he will be heading to south korea as a member of team usa. >> to be honest i never thought i'd have a chance. to get that news, the phone call was really, really awesome. >> americans playing professionally in europe, those playing collegiately in the states and knows under ahl contracts deemed eligible. mccarthy is in the ahl category in san jose but not always. >> it's almost inneric is that i was on the myren league. whereas earliery i had a chance to play in the nhl but you know, this is the thing that was a transition to the career to the minor leagues allowed me to play
6:56 pm
in the olympics. that's inneric and pretty cool. >> >> reporter: in san jose, colin resch, nbc bay area. we'll get them in any way we can with a little local blood for team usa. the olympics it's like 36 days out. february ninth in opening ceremony. >> tuesday is the big day for the rain. and we're talking significant rain. >> it looks significant at this point. we're thinking once we get to next tuesday, one to two inches possible. widespread throughout the bay area. get the calendars ready for that. we'll be updating you on possible changes. we'll rewind a little bit take a look at friday forecast and you see the .10 to .5 inch possible. best chance north bay and coastline. dry this woekd. >> just to dispel all rumors there is no earthquake weather. >> not at all no. >> thanks for watching us here. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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now on "extra" -- >> you're having a baby? >> a baby. >> her first interview about the baby on the way. is she planning a wedding to tristan? and -- >> have you got a name for the baby yet? matt lauer "today" though critic, he's reportedly watching the show from home and e-mailing the producers. we're in the heart of the city in the middle of the bomb cyclone. jen and angelina coming face-to-face, oprah up for a big honor. >> we're on final countdown to


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