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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we could see more hail develop here. the other thing we're tracking is cold air that we mentioned aloft. it is producing a little rain-snow mix throughout portions of mt. hamilton. what's left of this tonight? i still think some scattered areas of isolated thunderstorms from 6:30 until maybe 9:00 tonight. we're tracking a brand new weather change for friday. i'll tell you that what is at 5:19. the rain here has been turning to snow in the sierra. crews were out early grooming the runs and plowing the parking lots. this allowed the resort to open some extra ski runs for the first time this season. chain controls are still in effect on i-80 heading up to the sierra. a lot of you have been showing us crazy weather going on in your neighborhood. this is daniel husky's backyard, video coming down and pelting the kids area. craig shot this video from
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morgan hill. it sure is beautiful down there. thank you very much for that. let's check out this hard rain coming down in san jose. we want to see your pictures and your video, we love them. send it to us here at or tag us on twitter. the string of storms is starting to take a toll on our roads. this was a scene in san jose today at alameda and university avenue. you can see they had to bring out the big equipment. road crews looking for problem spots. there's one pothole in particular that's been a pain. >> that area floods and cars will run over thinking it's just pavement and you hear it. from my house i hear it every day. >> san jose's new $70 million pavement maintenance program kicked in at the beginning of the year. city officials say the added money comes mainly from bond measures and a gas tax. a successful manhunt in the south bay. san jose police busted a group
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of teenagers accused of stealing a car and some aren't even old enough to drive. officers say they're part of a new rash of burglaries and break-ins. damian trujillo is live outside the evergreen community center with a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. damian. >> reporter: well, the captain in this area along with congresswoman sylvia arenas just had a forum here alerting people to be on the lookout and to be safe. it seems home burglaries are back en masse. they brought out the canines and the long rifles. door-to-door, the san jose police searched for four suspects who stole this car and then crashed it after the cops gave chase. >> kind of unnerving, isn't it? >> well, yeah, a little bit. but it's nice to see all of these police out here. >> reporter: police arrested the four suspects, all between the ages of 14 and 16 years old.
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they say burglars are getting younger. even the police chief notes juveniles face very limited consequences, very little or no time in juvenile hall for crimes like these. teens are among those victimizing the evergreen community again after a two-year lull. >> we had a rash a few summers ago. i was out here two summers ago and we took care of it. when a crew gets arrested, the next one moves in. >> reporter: neighbors today watched as police took down another crew in evergreen. >> it feels like you're in a movie almost. there was a good response. a lot of police. >> reporter: police are vowing to stop these crooks from terrorizing evergreen again. and two years ago during that last spike in crime here in evergreen, there was a police officer shortage. today there are more cops on the streets and they vow to respond quickly to these calls. we're live in the evergreen
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community of san jose. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a plea for help by investigators to help figure out what led a man to go on a dangerous ride through san francisco's castro district. that's the ride. last saturday police say 70-year-old man drove his minivan onto a sidewalk and drove down it more than a block. he faces a number of charges, including attempted murder after he didn't stop. he is a transient who lives in that van with his dog, told cops his brakes were not working. police are not sure they believe that. they're asking for witnesses to step up and tell their side of the story. yesterday his attorney entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. a path to citizenship for d.r.e.a.m.ers. president trump says that will be part of his immigration plan to be revealed on monday. the president right now is in switzerland at the world economic forum. it's the first time in 20 years a sitting u.s. president has attended. president trump is taking his america first message there.
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in d.c., there is encouragement over the plan to allow citizenship for the daca program. >> i think it's a nice thing to have the incentive of after a period of years being able to become a citizen. >> however, in return, he wants $30 billion for the border wall. also limits on chain migration and an end to the visa lottery. it validates bigotry, that's how a muslim activist group sums up the trump administration's travel ban. the california offices of council on american islamic relations is reporting that ban impacts its members. after the first executive order from january of last year, two-thirds of those who contacted cair wanted information. nearly a third reported facing issues while traveling and a third of those reports were from u.s. citizens. the trump administration says the travel bans are needed to protect the u.s. homeland from potential terrorists.
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an apology and an urgent request from the opd tonight. the agency says they may have wrongly denied temporary visas to dozens of undocumented immigrants who had been victims of serious crimes. jodi hernandez is live outside the oakland police department with what the agency is now asking people to do. jodi. >> reporter: terry, the police department here acknowledges it made a mistake, and tonight they are urging undocumented immigrants who were victims of violent crimes to reapply for temporary visa certification. he describes how he was assaulted, hilt in the face by a would be robber in 2016. the undocumented immigrant from el salvador went to oakland police. immigration advocates say he should have qualified for a temporary visa under the new visa program, but was denied by the opd. >> and the whole intent of the
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law is to get our victims to report the crimes and not be fearful of contacting the police. >> reporter: tonight the oakland police department admits it mistakenly denied certification for as many as 25 crime victims last year, and perhaps more in 2016. they say the department misunderstood the guidelines of the u visa program that allows victims of violent crime who cooperate with police a temporary visa. >> i would implore the community really to -- to really understand that this was unintentional and that we have open arms for them. >> reporter: attorneys with the alameda county public defenders immigration unit caught the mistake and brought it to the police chief's attention. immigration advocates say the u visa program is critical. >> without the u visa, yes, perpetrators would be able to prey on immigrants with impunity. >> reporter: now, the police department acknowledges a sharp
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increase in the number of applications they denied over the last two years. they say they're going to be thoroughly reviewing all of those denials in the coming days of the reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. b.a.r.t. is considering some radical ideas to deal with overcrowded parking lots. the b.a.r.t. board discussed them today. at some stations parking lots fill up as early as 6:00 a.m. one of the ideas that came up, surge prices to park during peak hours. another idea, using automated license plate readers to track whether people are actually paying. there was no vote. board members say they're just looking at the options. more than 100 demonstrators took to the streets of san francisco and stormed city hall. their message, save the mission district from gentrification. christie smith was there as the group tried to deliver their message to the new interim mayor. >> reporter: demonstrators marched down mission district voicing their opposition to what
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they say are condo developments for the wealthy. >> we don't want mission street to become another valencia street where you have high-ending restaurants. >> reporter: under united to save the mission, they want san francisco city leaders to provide protection for small businesses, establish a cultural corridor and affordable housing. >> studios right now in the mission cost $3,000. families cannot afford to live here. when you're making minimum wage. >> reporter: they took their message to city hall outside the mayor's office. a legislative aide for supervisor hillary roman says these are some issues they have been working on. >> we've been introducing what we called interim controls, which are some policies that help create some legal protections to make sure that there are assisted. >> reporter: she says they're working on assuring that incoming projects have the highest level of affordable
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housing. demonstrators say the issues are complex and they'll keep coming back. >> there's an array of issues happening on mission street. >> reporter: now, that legislative aide we spoke with said this is really an important issue to them and they have been trying to tackle it in a number of different ways, including taking another look at programs that aim to help low income people with housing that appear to still be underutilized. christie smith, nbc bay area news. still to come, getting help for sexual assault survivors in the south bay. what some stanford students are doing to make it easier for them to come forward. then -- >> it's a lot, kind of overwhelming. >> palo alto's own figure skating superstar talks to us ahead of the winter olympics. the question that got him all choked up. heavier rain near los gatos on winchester boulevard through 5:52 tonight.
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we'll let you know how long these storms linger this evening and a new change in the weather for tomorrow. that's in nine minutes. new way e
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victims of sexual assault. the university says it )s in talks with "santa clara county" to provide "rape stanford is working on a new way to help students who are victims of sexual assault. they are in talks to provide rape kits to the facility in palo alto. right now santa clara valley medical center is the closest
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place to stanford that provides those kits. students say a closer location would be a big help. >> many people on campus don't have cars. and then are you going to go do a rape kit in an uber? having to travel all the way to san jose is a significant barrier. >> it's not as simple as just transferring the kit. the facility must have staff that are properly trained to handle the kits. governor jerry brown today gave his final state of the state address that became with lawmakers standing and chanting his name. >> as my father used to say, i accept the nomination. >> governor brown praised increased funding to public schools and greater control for local governments but touched on the long road to recovery by those hit by the state's deadly wildfires and mudslides. governor brown also noted while democrats may be the state capitol's dominant party, the biggest victory, including
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pension reform, was bipartisan. >> workers' compensation reform, another vote with republicans and democrats there. the water bonds, the rainy day fund and the cap in trade program. and by the way, you republicans as i look over here and look over there, don't worry, i got your back. >> the governor also repeatedly cheered the state's high-speed rail plan calling the project on schedule and on budget. critics deny that. history will be made at the winter olympics. it always happens. but just two weeks away from now. a bit of bay area sports history has already been made. >> for the first time in 30 years, not since brian boitano and debbie thomas has the bay area placed two figure skaters on team usa. garvin thomas joins us now with a touching story about one of them. >> terry, like many other skaters, vincent zhou's story to the olympics hasn't been a
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smooth one. when he was just 11, he struggled with terrible injuries that had him contemplating giving up the sport. by his side supporting him the whole time was his mother. not the first time she played a key role in his career. >> yeah. >> reporter: in just a matter of days vincent zhou will take center ice in pyeongchang to represent his country. it will be the most familiar, unfamiliar place he has ever been. vince vincent's body will have just arrived. his mind, though, has been there for years. >> i can't count the number of times that i've stood in my starting pose at the world arena, closed my eyes for a second and imagined that it's the olympic arena. >> reporter: his olympic shot is of course the result of years of training and hard work by vincent. but as he has gotten older and matured, he began to realize
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that the down payment on this dream was made by his family. v vincent and his mother left their hometown of palo alto when he was just 8 to train seriously in southern california. it was not a glamorous start to such a high-flying career. >> sausage and a glass of milk for breakfast every day. sometimes mcdonald's because it was the only thing open. graffiti on the walls, not necessarily a good neighborhood. i don't think i realized how difficult it was for my mother to take a flying leap of faith to do that. >> reporter: which explains why when the music stopped in early january at the national championships in san jose and vincent still had a spot on the podium and the ticket to south korea that came with it, it wasn't just a win for him. it was a gift for his mom. >> my mom has been through a
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lot. she was right by my side. and she was part of the standing ovation and she was crying. she never -- she never does t t that. it's kind of overwhelming. >> reporter: in fact the only thing that could surpass it, vincent says, will be to hear her cheer at the 2018 games. >> i'm so excited for him. >> we're going to be obviously -- we're supposed to be impartial. maybe not this time. i'm rooting for him. >> oh, totally. >> you're on the right side. >> thanks, garvin. you're off in a week, right? >> yes. >> safe travels. take a look at the sunset, sky ranger just caught this view a few minutes ago. no, it's actually live right now. how beautiful is that? just one poofy cloud there.
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some areas got hail, rain. i only saw sunshine. and then, you know, just a mixed bag today. >> that's not bad. >> beautiful there too. >> whenever we work together, the three of us, we have beautiful sunsets. >> there still is some storms out there right now, a little instability in the atmosphere that we'll continue to track the next couple of hours. let's take a look at your microclimate forecast. we are under this microclimate weather alert just due to the fact that we have seen quite a few hail reports coming from this upper level area of low pressure. there's enough uplift with it, it takes plain ole rainfall, sends it up into the atmosphere a couple different times, it refreezes in the cold air aloft and sends it back to the ground as small hail. a closer view of the doppler radar and satellite combined and you can see a few pockets here that we're monitoring. really the biggest and heaviest rainfall right now is in the southern santa clara valley right over los gatos, also
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campbell. it's moving off towards the east as we head through 5:38 tonight. we are also monitoring some isolated storms out here offshore that are moving off to the east. the best projection for this would be continue some thunderstorms possibly into santa cruz, also morgan hill, san martin and gilroy could be on track for some of these storms the next three hours as well so we'll be monitoring this as we continue throughout tonight. so in terms of the forecast, we'll keep the instability in at 6:00 this evening. i still think by 9:00 we may have a little bit bubbling up in the south bay and along the coastline. as we head through tomorrow morning, what you're going to notice, things really start to clear out for us. with those clear skies there's going to be nothing to keep any warmth near the surface and temperatures will drop and a lot colder for tomorrow. that's one of the biggest changes for us. in the tri-valley we'll start off with 37 degrees. south bay also at 44.
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here across the north bay an average of 35, maybe some patchy frost. and in san francisco, mostly clear and 44. we'll continue with sunshine as we head throughout the day for tomorrow. it's all due to high pressure building in. it's not a warm area of high pressure. the biggest thing this will do is send that rain/storm track off to the north. so no chance of rainfall the next three days and possibly even beyond. temperatures tomorrow stay on the chilly side but we get that sunshine by the afternoon. 54 in santa rosa, 51 in san francisco. a little milder in san jose at 58. right here in livermore, 55 degrees. my extended forecast keeps it dry all the way through this upcoming weekend with on again, off again cloud cover and dry all the way into next thursday. for the inland valleys notice those morning temperatures. we're in the 30s the next two days and we also continue with dry weather and some partly sunny to partly cloudy skies as we head throughout our extended forecast. winter waited a while to finally arrive for us, but it's here.
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a lot of people loving this rainfall we're getting. >> it is nice. thanks, jeff. coming up, it's only a symbolic clock, but today scientists moved it 30 seconds closer to doom's day. we'll tell you why, next. i've seen wonders all around the world
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. that was the message from atomic scientists in washington 30 seconds closer to global catastrophe. that was the message from atomic scientists in d.c. and decides how much to adjust a symbolic doomsday clock. the clock now reads two minutes to midnight before catastrophe. scientists listed several factors. among them is the ever-present threat of nuclear war combined with reckless statements
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surrounding nuclear weapons. a brazen robbery has police on the lookout. the theft shows a man with a box cutter demanding money from the receptionist. he even grabbed some candy at the desk before taking off with cash. it happened at the glow tanning salon in oak park. today in the south bay 75 young people became the nation's newest citizens. the youngest to take the oath, 14 years old. while each was excited about becoming an american citizen, they're well aware of the hundreds of thousands of d.r.e.a.m.ers still waiting for their chance. >> there are a lot of people that are really smart and really hard workers. and i actually want them to continue to stay. >> my parents came here on a work visa, so hb-1. like being sworn in here, you know, makes me feel really like glad that they did that. >> these new citizens are from
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17 different countries, including thailand, ethiopia, and sweden. hail and a whole lot more. we are under a microclimate weather alert. one last look at our skies just ahead. stay with us. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine.
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bridge. tonight at 6:00, corrosion concerns on the newest stretch of the bay bridge. only on nbc bay area, we investigate a new issue that could shorten the bridge's life span by decades. that's tonight at 6:00. amid all the hail and rain today, we got a rainbow. lots of them today. sky ranger caught this beautiful sight earlier flying between san jose and morgan hill. and the rainbow came right after it started hailing on 101. >> yes. >> you can see the pot of gold if you look carefully. >> really? let's go! >> we do still have some areas of heavy rainfall that we're tracking right now. you can see on the doppler radar, we'll zoom down into the strongest one continuing in the santa clara valley. could hold up into morgan hill by 6:18 tonight. the good news, we do dry out the next several days. watch out for the cold mornings, dropping down to the 30s friday and saturday morning. we'll track anything else on that doppler radar coming up at 6:00 tonight. >> okay, thanks so much, jeff. thanks for joining us. nbc news, nightly news with lester holt is next. >> good night.
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tonight new fallout from the sex abuse scandal rocking usa gymnastics and michigan state. the university's president resigns, and congress is demanding answers. who knew what when and why weren't so many young girls protected from a predator doctor? breaking news on immigration. president trump now proposing a path to citizenship for nearly 2 million dreamers. what he wants in return from democrats. in this raging flu emergency a 12-year-old boy dies. his family says they thought he had a cold. tonight how to tell the difference between a bad cold and a potentially deadly flu. what oprah is now saying about a potential run for president. and flyer beware. those cheaper seats could end up costing you more. what you should know before you buy your next ticket.


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