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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 30, 2018 12:37am-1:38am PST

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- governor john kasich, from "the assassination of gianni versace: american crime story," actor darren criss. music from kimbra, featuring the 8g band with nikki glaspie. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers, this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] it's fantastic to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. president trump will deliver his first state of the union address tomorrow, so if you want to know how the country is doing, the state of the union is being delivered by donald trump. [ laughter ] white house press secretary
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sarah huckabee sanders said today that president trump's state of the union address tomorrow is must-watch tv. incidentally, must-watch tv is also the first thought that goes through trump's head when he wakes up in the morning. [ laughter ] "must watch tv. where is remote?" [ light laughter ] several of the tickets to the state of the union address contained a typo that misspelled union as uniom. [ light laughter ] ah, you forgot the seven, said betsy devos. [ laughter and applause ] in a new interview, president trump said that he sometimes sends tweets from bed, or at breakfast and lunch. but, to be fair, those are the only things on his schedule. [ cheers and applause ] democrats on the house intelligence committee are criticizing republican chairman
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devin nunes for trying to publish a classified report that they view as an effort to discredit special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. even worse, his yearbook photo. [ laughter ] tesla ceo elon musk recently began selling a $500 flame thrower. and this is cool, it's self-driving. [ laughter ] the founder of ikea has passed away at the age of 91. the funeral will be broken casket. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter and applause ] i get it. i get it. i get it. i get it. [ light laughter ] but, i'm still going to try one more. [ light laughter ] that's right. the founder of ikea has passed away. the doctors did their best. but in the end, they were left with three extra screws. [ laughter ] there you go. [ cheers and applause ]
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so, in the end it wasn't subject matter, it was the joke. [ light laughter ] and finally, a bar here in new york has issued a ban on the word literally, from conversations between customers. so now the owners can truthfully say, there's literally no one in here. [ light laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he is the governor of ohio. john kasich is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] we're so happy he's back. he's fantastic in the new "assassination of gianni versace" on fx, "american crime story," darren criss joins us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and we will have music from a critically acclaimed artist all the way from new zealand, kimbra is here this evening. [ cheers and applause ] so, you're here on a great night. before we get to all that. as president trump was wrapping up his foreign trip last week, his administration was rocked by reports he tried to fire the special counsel in the russia investigation, robert mueller. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> seth: as the mueller story broke, trump was in davos, switzerland, glad handing with wealthy elites at the world economic forum. trump's tax and regulatory policies have been a boon to the financial elite who gather in davos every year. and yet somehow, trump still managed to antagonize an otherwise friendly crowd by taking a gratuitous shot at the media. >> i've always seem to get, for whatever reason, a disproportionate amount of press or media. and throughout my whole life, somebody will explain someday why. but i've always gotten a lot. and as a businessman, i was always treated really well by the press. you know, the numbers speak and things happen. but i've always really had a very good press. and it wasn't until i became a politician that i realized how nasty, how mean, how vicious, and how fake the press can be. as the cameras start going off in the back. [ boos ] >> seth: wow. [ light laughter ] you have to be a real piece of work to get booed in a neutral country.
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[ laughter ] only donald trump could make me side with the people at davos. it's like being at high society gala and thinking, "look at all these rich jerks." and then the joker crashes the party and you're like, "save them, batman." [ laughter ] after that performance, i guess it makes sense that trump spent the rest of his time in davos rushing into the arms of friendly interviewers. first cnbc anchor joe kernen asked trump about his position on trade, whether he supports free trade or fair trade. and trump gave this nonsensical answer. >> i'm a free trader. totally. i'm a fair trader. i'm all kinds of trader. [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: first of all, first of all, robert mueller will decide what kind of trader you are. second, trump sounds like he's reciting lyrics from the steve miller band. [ light laughter ] "i'm a joker, i'm a smoker, i'm also a midnight toker. [ light laughter ] in fact, many people, multiple people, call me the space cowboy." it's amazing how -- [ cheers and applause ]
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when trump doesn't know how to answer a question, he somehow manages to take every position and no position at the same time. a similar thing happened when trump sat down with fellow tv blowhard piers morgan. and for some reason, morgan asked trump who's been accused by at least 19 women of sexual misconduct if he considers himself a feminist. >> do you identify as a feminist? are you a feminist? >> no, i wouldn't say i'm a feminist. i mean, i think that would be maybe going too far. i'm for women, i'm for men, i'm for everyone. >> seth: you don't have to ask donald trump if he's a feminist. [ light laughter ] that's like asking hannibal lecter if he's a vegan. [ laughter and applause ] sometimes we can glean our answers from previous behavior. morgan also asked trump about a series of racist videos he retweeted from a notoriously islamophobic group in the u.k. and trump essentially tried to claim he had no idea what he was actually retweeting. >> you retweeted an organization
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called "britain first." one of the leaders. three times. and -- >> well, three times, boom, boom, boom. quick. >> yeah, but this caused, huge, huge anxiety and anger in my country. because britain first is basically a bunch of racist, fascist -- >> of course, i didn't know that. >> well, that's what i wanted to clarify with you. what did you know about them when did those -- >> well, i know nothing about them. i did a retweet. you know retweets. sometimes you do retweets, when you do your own tweeting, when you do your own social media, it's fine. when you do those retweets, they can cause problems. this was a depiction of radical islamic -- >> well they were unverified videos. at least one of them, was not what it seemed. >> well, they are. but this was -- i didn't do it. i didn't go out and -- i did a retweet. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, my god, dude, just say you retweeted someone. stop saying "i did a retweet." [ laughter ] that's how children talk. it's the difference between saying i went to the bathroom and i did a potty. [ laughter ] of course, while trump is talking about retweets, he's
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also dealing with the ongoing russia investigation led by special counsel robert mueller. now, mueller isn't just investigating alleged collusion with russia, he's also investigating whether trump or anyone else tried to obstruct that investigation and last week we got yet another lead in that obstruction case. >> breaking news tonight, "the new york times" reporting president trump ordered special counsel robert mueller to be fired last june, and only backed down when white house counsel don mcgahn threatened to quit if he was forced to do so. >> seth: amazing. trump is mad that he's being investigated for obstruction of justice, so his plan to get out of it is to obstruct justice. [ light laughter ] if trump was the captain of the titanic, his plan would have been to hit a second iceberg. [ laughter ] and if you think that's all dumb, that's not all, because trump apparently also concocted a bunch of fake reasons why he thought mueller couldn't be fair and should be fired and those reasons were truly absurd. first trump said mueller couldn't be fair because he had
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worked for a law firm that represented jared kushner. and then he said mueller couldn't be fair because he had interviewed to be trump's fbi director. but the dumbest reason came up with, is this. trump claimed that a dispute years ago over fees at trump national golf club in sterling, virginia, had prompted mueller, the fbi director at the time, to resign his membership. mueller left the club in 2011 and trump believes he still holds a grudge against him over the matter. [ laughter ] so, you think robert mueller has been lying in wait all these years quietly biding his time so he could finally get his revenge over golf fees. [ laughter ] "what's wrong, robert?" "trump raised fees at his club"" "you should write an angry letter." "no, i think i have a better idea." [ laughter and applause ] "yes. yes, i -- i think this will work. bring me my five-year hourglass." [ laughter ]
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so now this brings up a simple question, why would donald trump do this? why does he keep going out of his way to interfere with the investigation? well there are two possible answers. one, he's guilty. or two, he asked the fbi director for a pledge of loyalty, asked him to stop his investigation of michael flynn, fired the fbi director, admitted he fired him because of the russia investigation. bragged to the russians that he did it because of the russia investigation. pressured the attorney general not to recuse himself. pressured the heads of the intelligence agencies to intervene and tried to fire the special counsel who took over the russia investigation because he's innocent? so who knows? [ cheers and applause ] it's a bunch of those either -- either/or's. and that's not even a full list of all the ways trump has tried to interfere with the justice department and the fbi. last week, for example, we learned that after he fired comey, trump called in the acting fbi director andrew mccabe and asked him a pointed question. who did he vote for in the 2016 election? trump has been especially fixated on the fact that
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mccabe's wife ran for state senate in virginia as a democrat. and received donations from, then virginia governor, terry mcauliffe. now, mccabe, himself, was a registered republican as recently as 2016. but, trump cannot seem to stop obsessing over his wife's failed state senate bid. nbc news reported today that the day after he fired comey, a furious trump called mccabe demanding to know why comey had been allowed to fly on an fbi plane from los angeles back to washington after he was dismissed. mccabe told the president he hadn't been asked to authorize comey's flight. but if anyone had asked, he would have approved it. the president was silent for a moment then turned on mccabe suggesting he ask his wife how it felt to be a loser. [ audience oohs ] mccabe replied, "okay, sir." trump then hung up the phone. you told him to ask his wife what it's like to be a loser? you should ask your wife what it's like to be married to one. [ cheers and applause ] awful. you are awful. so naturally, all these reports have raised questions about how
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far trump has gone to obstruct an investigation of him and his campaign. and today former white house press secretary sean spicer crawled out of the bushes outside the white house -- [ laughter ] and answered -- tried to answer those questions. spicer was specifically asked about the report, that trump tried to fire mueller and said he personally could not corroborate that story. >> you were in the white house at the time. >> i was. >> can you corroborate that story? did the president try to fire bob mueller? >> there is nothing that i saw, witnessed or was near that suggests that true. ever. >> completely made up? >> i didn't say it was made up. what i'm saying is that i didn't see anything in my tenure, nor did i talk to anybody at my -- during the time that i was there that witnessed anything similar to what that was. >> seth: so spicer says he hasn't talked to anyone about it, but i'm not sure sean spicer is the most reliable source here, given that he has clearly never actually talked to donald trump about anything. >> i have not asked the president since the last time we spoke about this. i have not asked the president. i haven't asked him. i have not talked to him about the qualities he's looking forward to seeing.
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but, again, i haven't spoken to him on it. i honestly haven't asked him. i honestly haven't asked him that specific question. i have not had an opportunity to have that discussion. i literally have not had that kind of conversation. i've not discussed that with the president. >> seth: even when spicer was in the oval office, i'm pretty sure trump made him wear a blindfold like he was playing pin the tail on the donkey. [ laughter ] so, there's now a clear established pattern of trump attempting to meddle in the fbi and the russia investigations. but, one of the most fascinating things about this episode has been watching the reaction from the right. in fact, the last few days have been a very revealing look into how the right wing propaganda machine works. just, take fox news' host sean hannity, as an example. when the news first broke, on thursday night, hannity did what he usually does and dismissed it. >> at this hour "the new york times" is trying to distract you. they have a story that trump wanted mueller fired some time last june and our sources, and i've checked in with many of them, they're not confirming that tonight. and the president's attorney dismissed the story and says "no, no comment, we're not going there." and how many times have "the new
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york times" and others gotten it wrong? >> seth: so, that was hannity's first response. then about 40 minutes later the journalists at fox news confirmed the story and hannity had to issue an awkward update. >> all right. so we have sources tonight just confirming that, yeah, maybe donald trump wanted to fire the special counsel for conflict. does he not have the right to raise those questions? you know, we'll deal with this tomorrow night. we have a shocking video of the day to bring you, by the way. this footage comes to us from arizona where you see that red suv, high speed police chase. ultimately the suspect's vehicle slams into another car, flips several times before coming to a stop. >> seth: wow. i've never seen someone crash and burn like that. [ laughter and applause ] and the car chase video was bad, too. [ cheers and applause ] so fox news' own reporters, own reporters confirmed the story but then the next morning trump spoke to reporters in davos and called the story fake news. so then fox had to reverse itself all over again to fall in line with trump, going against their own reporting and dismissing the story as fake.
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>> let's take a look at the cover of "the new york times" up there in the corner. ted, this corner over here. there's a big story that apparently the president of the united states last june wanted to fire robert mueller. we heard back in june that there were talks the president wasn't happy with bob mueller. what would he do? >> right. >> but, some new details that may or may not actually be true. >> all right, well, the president said this is fake news. that happened last june. you know, it's something we have to tell you about because it is a headline on "the new york times." what do you think about that? do you even care? something you probably do care about is immigration. >> seth: oh, my god. [ light laughter ] they will literally do whatever trump says. i think if trump did actually shoot someone in the middle of 5th avenue, the fox chyron will be, "trump solves jaywalking problem in new york." [ laughter and applause ] now, obviously it's not surprising that republicans and "fox & friends" would do whatever they could to defend trump. but what is surprising is that there are even some democrats bending over backwards to give trump a pass. like west virginia senator, joe manchin. who said on sunday that trump firing mueller wasn't a big deal, it's just the way he talks.
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>> what's your reaction to the president's reported order to fire bob mueller? how much does that concern you? >> again, that's new york talk. i look at it strictly as the new york language that they have which is different than most other people. >> seth: what? [ laughter ] how do you think new yorkers talk? "good morning, kevin, fire robert mueller." "and a fine fire robert mueller to you, dave." ah, new york. [ cheers and applause ] so there's now a clear pattern of the president trying to interfere with an investigation of his campaign, and the people around him, and his allies in the right-wing media are either saying it's not true or admitting it and saying it's good. i don't know if he'll ever be charged with a crime. but given trump's penchant for accidentally admitting things, there's a good chance he'll end his interview with mueller by saying -- >> i'm all kinds of trader. >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with governor john kasich, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] sitting in with us this week, she's an incredible drummer who's played with music icons
12:58 am
beyoncé, maceo parker, and her own band, the nth power, has a new single "truth" out now. nikki glaspie is here! thank you so much for being here, nikki. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> seth: our first guest tonight is the governor of ohio and was a 2016 republican presidential candidate. please welcome back to the show governor john kasich, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome back. >> yeah, it's good to see you. >> seth: i'm very happy to have you here. i want to ask you a question, get right into it. obviously you were critical of the president when you ran against him during the primaries in 2016. said things about how he has insatiable desire for attention. how there were things about him that you didn't like. how do you feel like it's been going? [ laughter ] >> there hasn't been a big change.
12:59 am
>> no. it seems very in line with how we thought it would go. >> you know, my job, seth, is to talk about the policy and always try to stay away from name calling or personality. look, the country is frankly more divided today or has settled in. hard left, hard right. neither side listens to the other side. so all we're focusing on now is the middle, those people who are not hard right or hard left. and i'll tell you who else i focus on. the gen xers and the millennials. they're the hope for the future for our country. there isn't any question. they're comfortable with america's role in the world. they don't want all this conflict, they don't want name calling. they just want it to work. so i have a lot of faith in the millennials. i think they are the future and they are committed to improving our country. >> seth: do you feel like -- [ cheers and applause ] >> and it's community up. here's the other thing, see we're all focused on the president, okay. what's the president doing? i mean, really, does the president affect you every day?
1:00 am
what affects you every day are your neighbors, your jobs. right, those are the things. >> seth: i can't stress how much he affects my job every day. [ laughter ] >> yeah. for you. >> seth: yeah, yeah. >> for guys -- >> seth: i'm an outlier. i'm an outlier. >> yeah, you're right. >> seth: i'm an outlier. >> but don't you think coming from new hampshire like you did with the town halls and the way it works, it should be bottom up. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> so everybody in this audience needs to make you think this is politics. it's not. okay? everybody here needs to do something do bring some improvement where you live. don't wait for the big boss or the president or anybody. you do it. because if we don't do it, we lose the essence of what our country's all about. >> seth: that's a very good point. [ cheers and applause ] i think that is a -- what about -- you know, obviously there was -- it was a big field that ran against donald trump in 2016. a lot of the people were critical of him the same way you were. but they have since joined his cabinet. they have since returned to the senate or the house and support him and his legislation. if you were in a position, obviously, as a governor, you have is to deal with him less, but if you were in the house, if you were in the senate right
1:01 am
now, how would you approach being a republican dealing with donald trump? >> well, i think, you know, seth, i've been a sort of an iconoclast all of my career. see, look, when i got in, my job was not to report to the republican national committee. and i don't think it should be a democrat to report to the democratic national committee. you happen to be a republican because you're for less government, you're a democrat for x. but at the end, i have to do a job. i mean, i have to look myself in the mirror. and it doesn't matter to me what the partisans want me to do. and so, you know, my focus every day is economic growth, jobs, but there's another thing. you can't just have prosperity touching people at the top. everybody has to feel it. so in our state we expended medicaid. i want healthcare for people. you imagine if you didn't have health care what your life would be like? i want our people in the minority community to feel as though they got a shot. i'm sick of politics, aren't you? i mean, i'm sick of politics. okay. [ cheers and applause ] so let's -- what i try to do is let's look at a problem and go and fix it and that's all you can do.
1:02 am
so i served for a long time in washington. 18 years as a congressman. sometimes i worked against the president -- my own president and my own party. okay? so what? if i have -- fought to balance the budget, i had to fight at times the first president bush on that. so what? i mean, there were a lot of reforms. when we reformed welfare for poor people, i said we should reform welfare for rich people in corporations. what's fair is fair. so if you operate with a compass, you operate with a set of values, the jobs are not that hard. and when you get heat, so what? so, for me, think about this, not -- we had the convention in ohio, okay? i didn't go. it was in my own state. >> seth: yeah. >> people were, like, outraged. >> seth: sure. >> i didn't endorse him. you know, i wrote in john mccain, my hero, john mccain. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> a great guy. and so at the end -- [ cheers and applause ] people, today, still are angry with me. and this wasn't because i was upset because something happened to me. it was not the values i believed in. last point, i wrote a book called "two paths."
1:03 am
you know, look, we have a lot of trouble in this country. you can either look at people who are struggling and you can -- you can make excuses, you can demagogue them and make them more negative or you can look at them and say, "look, you got problems, i agree. let's go fix them together." so it's a difference between negative populism and positive populism. i want to give people hope because i -- not in a phony way, i believe it. i believe that that's what we need to do. >> seth: but let's talk about people who need hope right now. you are a supporter of the daca d.r.e.a.m.ers. these are obviously people that can't go fix their problem on their own. they can't fix it with other people's help. they need government to now come to a decision. are you -- >> it's mind-boggling to me. you got kids that were brought here who were 5 or 6 years old who are now, you know, in their 20s, right? and now we're going to deport them? they're fully integrated in our society. and the congress can't figure out how to get this done? this should be done in five minutes. and not -- they should not be used -- [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: mm-hmm.
1:04 am
>> they should -- look, they should not be used as a pawn to negotiate anything else. we all believe there ought to be security at the border. nobody disagrees with that. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> we can take a look at all of immigration, but these people -- i mean, they're living on a razor's edge worried about their future. and then some guy said to me the other day, "well, you know, what do we need to -- why do you care about them?" i said, "let me ask you, your son goes away, he goes to college, he marries a they have a 6-year-old son. so your son calls you and says, 'well, my wife got a notice, she might be deported.' what am i supposed to do with my son? am i supposed to leave the country? am i supposed to stay here? what happens to our kid?" he goes, "well, i never thought of it that way." look, in washington, in politics, period, we're dealing with people, flesh and blood. not numbers, not statistics, and not political jargon. so, seth, it's not only those people but also -- [ applause ]
1:05 am
people have come -- people have come to this country where they escaped, you know, an earthquake. and now we want to, like, for example, we want to ship them back to el salvador where their lives are at risk. no, no, no, no, don't do that, these are people and america's a place, we welcome people. >> seth: i will -- one last thing i want to ask you, you're going to new hampshire soon. you're making a visit to my home state. just random that you picked new hampshire? >> yeah. >> seth: or -- [ laughter ] >> yeah, well, look, i love new hampshire. i -- >> seth: yeah. >> i beat everybody -- >> seth: i know you're a big iowa fan. >> i beat everybody -- >> seth: yeah. >> i haven't been there. [ laughter ] but i -- i did very well in new hampshire. i made a lot of friends. but not clyde, was it james -- or johns hopkins, i was down there doing a talk. i've just -- i do things for universities. some, as much as i can do. and they asked. so i'm going to go and then if i'm going, it gets people like you to say, "well, i wonder why he's going." >> seth: yeah. >> so i -- >> seth: all right, good. well, it worked. i fell right into your trap. [ laughter ] >> i need my ratings, too. >> seth: all right, i'm going to keep an eye on that. governor john kasich, everybody. we'll be right back with
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is an emmy and grammy nominated actor you know best from the hit tv series "glee." he's currently starring in fx's "the assassination of gianni versace: american crime story." let's take a look. >> is it real? >> what? >> versace. >> what do you mean? >> the other day i heard you say you were half jewish. >> well, that's complicated. >> no it isn't, you're not jewish. you're catholic, same as me. you were an altar boy. >> we spoke about what happened to you. >> what does it matter what i said? >> what does it matter? >> yes. >> it matters. >> only if they know it isn't true. >> but you know. >> seth: please welcome to the show darren criss, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:11 am
♪ >> seth: nice to see you. >> nice to see you. it's so cool to be in this building, man, i have to say, this is like a big deal for me. i'm a big "snl" junkie. >> seth: fantastic. well, this is the place to be. >> and i have to ask you a question. >> seth: go for it. >> so will ferrell was hosting this weekend as you know. >> seth: yes. >> so i was reminded of a sketch that for "snl" fans is sort of hallowed ground for just, like, the best stupid sketch of all-time. i recently watched it, and i realized, oh my god, a young seth meyers is right in the front row, and i want to know if you have the same affection for gus chiggins old prospector. >> seth: old prospector, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> as i do, and many other people. just to know what that was like. >> seth: yes. so, old prospector, well, it was -- i tell you, because they just put it on youtube. it was my third week at the show. >> amazing. >> seth: and it was a really emotional week at the show because someone had sent anthrax to the building. so everybody -- it was like the right -- it was 2001. so it was a crazy time. and it was so -- that sketch was so dumb.
1:12 am
>> so it nose dives down a rabbit hole really easy. >> seth: and will makes choices that no other performer, and he does that all the time. >> right. >> seth: but he makes -- he takes so many pauses. >> oh you could see, all of you guys are like, what is going on? >> seth: yeah, i had this moment of oh my god, if i laugh, they're going to fire me, and then i look around at like jimmy fallon, and horatio, i'm like well they're still here, so i'm fine. [ laughter ] >> but in that moment, do you know that it's, like, this is something people are going to like or are you like oh my god. >> seth: the crazy thing was it got cut. >> it got cut, i know. >> seth: it was only at dress, so that was the thing, i thought this is the greatest thing that ever happened. and then i thought, oh, great things get cut all the time. i'm just new here. then they really don't. that was like -- [ laughter ] >> that was it. that was the one. >> seth: most things that get cut are like -- >> right. >> seth: that was the right thing to get cut. >> if you don't know it, go check out the old prospector. >> seth: old prospector, now available on youtube. >> delightfully stupid. it's amazing. >> seth: we, actually -- so we ran into each other backstage at the golden globes. >> yeah. you did a great job by the way. >> seth: thank you very much. >> but i was -- [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we had -- thank you. we had an after party, and someone told me you were on your way. i left because my wife was pregnant.
1:13 am
but you did make it in, but it was not easy. >> oh i could not get into your party, no, no, they don't -- >> seth: but you were on the list. >> yeah, that's what they tell me. it would have been nice at the time. no, we got in eventually. in fact my fiancee and i, we took a guy that we met, we thought we were being nice, we're on the list, we'll take you to the party. he's like okay, let me get the uber. so we're like we're riding high, we'll show this guy a good time. we're hollywood folks. we get there, they're like, no. [ light laughter ] and then go figure, this guy goes, hey i know that guy, and he walked us in. >> seth: oh really? >> always takes a guy you think isn't allowed at the party. >> seth: did you give him money for the uber i hope? >> no, no, i took that free ride. [ laughter ] >> seth: so we were talking backstage, first two episodes of the show is fantastic. you play not a serial killer, i guess, what -- >> i guess the terminology is spree killer. >> seth: spree killer, yeah. >> i'm not a lessoned criminologist, but it's a little different. >> seth: andrew cunanan, who killed gianni versace, and four other men in the course of a very -- what is it like getting in the head of someone like that? are you the kind of actor who
1:14 am
does that, or are you just kind of -- >> yes and no. i mean look, i'm an actor. so you obviously have to act the part, so to speak, but as far as putting your head in that space, i think people tend to forget that people's lives are much greater than the worst things they've ever done. and while obviously what me did is deplorable, and horrible, and still echoes of tragedy 20 years later, i -- this is a bizarre comparison. but if you -- like if i met you at a bar on a bad night for you. >> seth: yeah. >> and then i told all my friends, seth meyers is a jerk. >> seth: yeah. >> even though that's really just one night of your life. >> seth: i think the most i ever killed in one night was three. yeah. [ laughter ] >> was three, and that's like, who's counting? >> seth: yeah, yeah. >> that's a bizarre comparison. what i'm saying is we all have -- you have to kind of count the primary colors between you, and another person. i don't approach it as, oh, this guy kills people. >> seth: well, you also play him because he was -- i mean, a liar, and fabulous about his own life to some degree. >> yeah. >> seth: but you have to bring a lot of charm and charisma to this character who obviously we
1:15 am
are seeing -- we're kind of zoned into this awful time. >> yeah, he was a famously likable guy most early in his life. when, i was saying we don't know somebody from the worst things ever done. i met so many people that met him throughout this life that really were quite fond of him, and he was famously affable. somebody came up to me, i was in vegas at a concert. this guy comes up to me, he was like, you have to meet my wife, she went to high school with andrew. and she came up to me, and she's talking about, like, a teenage -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- like a 15, 16-year-old kid. she's like, i just want to let you know that when i met andrew, he was such a good friend to me. he was somebody you could count on, and i was heartbroken. and that's when you go, okay, we're not playing -- we're playing a person who has gone down this destructive path, and how does something so promising become something so horrible? that's kind of where -- >> seth: well, you do a fantastic job with it. i can't wait to see the rest of it because i -- you know, it's not one of those shows where you tune in, and you're like, oh, that's a psycho killer. you do a great job of bringing a lot of the layers to it. and thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. this is so cool. [ cheers and applause ]
1:16 am
>> seth: so glad you didn't have trouble at the door this time. >> yeah, and they let me in this time. >> seth: darren criss everybody, "the assassination of gianni versace: american crime story," airs wednesday at 10:00 p.m. on fx. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ not knowing exactly what something is can get us all out of sorts. but then, trepidation be darned, we do our taxes with turbotax, snap a photo of your w2 and all your details are uploaded. no kerfuffle, no tears, no drama.... see, nothing to be afraid of. ehhhh.... intuit turbotax.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome back. it seems like more and more people in congress will say one thing, and then the next day do the exact opposite. that's why we've come up with a new segment called flip-flop. ♪ >> seth: after a meeting with president trump, senator lindsey graham reportedly told associates that he was disturbed by the expletives trump used to describe certain countries. he was so upset, he found it hard to concentrate during his round of golf with trump the next day. >> leave him alone! >> seth: excuse me? >> leave him alone! haven't we made fun of lindsey graham enough? >> seth: oh, yeah, well he's a public figure. so i think it's okay to make jokes about him. >> leave him alone! [ laughter ] poor guy. trying to do what he thinks is best for america. the last thing he needs after a long day is to get home, turn on the tv, and see you taking jabs at him. leave him alone!
1:22 am
[ light laughter ] >> seth: i'm sorry. are you a lindsey graham supporter? >> if i'm a supporter of anything, it's kindness, compassion, not mean-spirited jokes. if you have to make fun of somebody, make fun of me! [ light laughter ] >> seth: i don't even know you. what would i make fun of you about? >> well, you could make fun of the fact that when i sneeze, my belly button becomes an outie. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's just, i usually tell jokes about people in the news, people like lindsey graham. >> oh, sure, make fun of lindsey graham. have your fun. go ahead and say he looks like a pasty lump of southern grits who learned how to talk. [ light laughter ] >> seth: whoa man, that's harsh. >> i know! so leave him alone! [ laughter ] >> seth: i would just love to get back to my jokes. >> well, you want something to joke about? how about this? you could make fun of the fact that this morning i cut myself shaving, and my butt is still bleeding. [ laughter ] >> seth: i don't want to make fun of that. >> okay. well then, how about this?
1:23 am
you could make fun of the fact that i'm terrified by alliteration. >> seth: so sorry, sir. that sounds scary. [ screams ] [ light laughter ] >> seth: why don't you please just sit down so we can continue the show? >> fine. go ahead and get back to your lindsey graham jokes. you know what i'd say to that? >> seth: i'm guessing, leave him alone? >> leave him alone! [ light laughter ] if you need to make fun of somebody, make fun of me. make fun of the fact that i wore baby diapers until i was 10 years old. now i just wear the adult ones. [ light laughter ] hey, you need some more material? >> seth: i really don't. >> well, i've got more, so tough tits. which i also have. [ metal clink ] >> seth: come on dude. >> you could make fun of the fact that i sit when i pee, and i stand when i poop. [ laughter ] or you could make fun of the fact that my best friend is a tree in central park. his name is jeremy, and his favorite food is the sun.
1:24 am
or you could make fun of the fact that i have toenails on the tops, and bottoms of my toes. [ light laughter ] or you can make fun of the fact that i call my privates the mystery gang, because nobody knows what the hell's going on down there. [ light laughter ] >> seth: okay. i think we've heard enough. just please sit down. >> fine. >> seth: all right. we'll be right back with music from kimbra. >> on nbc! [ chimes ] [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ nfor hollywood's biggest stars. and, with his vintage-inspired collection at kay jewelers, he designs them for the star in your life. the inspiration for this ring goes back almost 100 years. it's based on an art deco design. neil lane bridal. get her ring today with zero down special financing on in-store bridal purchases with the kay jewelers credit card.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my next guest is a two time grammy award winning musician whose album, "primal heart," is out on april 20th. performing "top of the world," please welcome kimbra! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ on my knees all my life i've been sold a chase hustling hope for dollars try cope a day a day ♪
1:31 am
♪ under condition we're on our way to the top we got the world at our fingers ♪ ♪ we make the penny drop got a means to get me outta the gate and i won't stop ♪ ♪ till i wake i'll say it loud till i mean it talk like i'll be the messiah ♪ ♪ when i'm on top i'm on top i'm on top of the world see me run ♪ ♪ see me run see me run with the girls i'm on top i'm on top ♪ ♪ i'm on top of the world i need a break then i'll take to to top of the world ♪ ♪ on my knees all my life i've been sold a chase hustling hope for dollars try cope a day a day ♪ ♪ euphoria i missed you like a new treasure we go so good together ♪ ♪ search all my life to find better but i won't hold my breath i'll keep it up ♪ ♪ and deliver they got attention deficit i wait for the good lord to visit ♪ ♪ mary mary all my life turned to dust no one knew who to trust had a chance ♪ ♪ for a good life
quote quote
1:32 am
see me on television on billboards and banners see me on ♪ ♪ white picket fences now watch me building my palace out on the run ♪ ♪ you'll see me gathering martyrs i won't forget where i started when we would ♪ ♪ pray from the gutters cause i'm on top i'm on top i'm on top of the world ♪ ♪ send me up send me up with the diamonds and pearls i'm on top ♪ ♪ i'm on top i'm on top of the world they can talk they can talk ♪ ♪ but i got the good word and it's crazy i'm defined brand new it's amazing ♪ ♪ i got high on a view but tonight i'm feeling tired and alone dear lord ♪ ♪ i hope we didn't go wrong i think i'm winning feel like i might feels like i'm in it ♪ ♪ feel like a god i'm in demand they're on my time one in a million ♪ ♪ fought a good fight on my knees all my life i've been sold a chase
1:33 am
hustling hope for dollars ♪ ♪ try cope a day a day they built me up to be beaten they beat me up to be beaten they beat me up ♪ ♪ to be beaten they beat me up to be beaten i said on my knees all my life i've been ♪ ♪ sold a chase hustling hope for dollars try cope a day we prayed from the gutters ♪ ♪ like martyrs we followed you prayed from the gutters like martyrs ♪ ♪ we followed you i'm on top i'm on top i'm on top of the world see me run ♪ ♪ see me run see me shout what i heard i'm on top i'm on top ♪ ♪ i'm on top of the world
1:34 am
on my knees all my life i've been sold a chase ♪ hustling hope for dollars try cope a day a day yeah uphill i'm winning not concerned ♪ ♪ if i'm cheating they built me up to be beaten they built me up to be beaten they built me up ♪ ♪ to be beaten they built me up to be beaten they built me up ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: kimbra, everyone! for dates, head over to we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
1:35 am
1:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to governor john kasich, darren criss, kimbra, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] nikki glaspie, and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ]
1:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hey, what's up, everybody? you're watching nbc late night. it is time for "last call." tonight, we're coming to you from a very cool place in new york city, this is the cutting room.


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