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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 26, 2018 3:00am-3:31am PST

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♪ ♪ the winter olympics are officially over. welcome to "access." i'm scott evans. it was not a great medal count for team usa, about you what we lack in medals we have in inskpir inspiring stories. black panther continues to smash records. our look at the film and we look at the issue of people and dramatic new details on jennifer and justin's split. from headlining like dashed baby dreams to living like a single guy, jen and justin's marriage has been under a microscope from the start. through it all "people" senior editor says that jen is doing
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okay. >> sources around her say that she's someone that is not one to have regrets. she wouldn't be devastated and looking at the negative end. she feels she got a lot out of the relationship and they had good times together. they apparently had hopes to have kids together, but it wasn't in the cards. >> you guys wrote that they were trying to have a baby which i think that's something that's always wagered and is that sort of the big new information coming out in this? >> what we are learning is she and justin wanted to have a baby and it didn't work out. and the other thing they had complex feelings about it and they were sad about it, but she didn't let it consume her. >> a giant issue, two very different lifestyles. >> their biggest hurdle was just these separate lives that were very difficult to merge because ultimately, they were people who were both stuck in their ways. he was a new yorker who liked to have spontaneous walks at night. she's hounded by paparazzi no matter where she goes. she liked to live somewhat of an isolated life in l.a. where she was able to have everything she needs and have her privacy in her very large, beautiful home. he, you know, had a difficult time with that and friends say that, you know, this is something that plagued them from the beginning of the
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relationship. >> in their case, absence did not make the heart grow fonder. they would go for large periods of time apart. he, when he was in new york according to sources would sometimes act like a bit of a single guy and hang out with his friends and do whatever he wanted and have minimal contact with her for days. >> we don't like that as women. i'll tell you right now. >> as for finding love again. she is facing the future of having to get back on the dating scene that she never wanted to do again and the media attention is the worst part of it. >> as for her and her ex-brad pitt don't expect them to reunite. >> according to sources that's really not on the table. they've not seen each other for an entire decade and they've totally moved on and they're no dummies. they remember why they broke up in the first place. >> there is no way those two are getting back together. brad did her pretty wrong back in the day.
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>> the winter olympics might be over but the inspiring moments live on and now we look back at one of our favorite moments, an emotional lindsey vonn who brought her olympic career to a possible bittersweet end. >> lindsey vonn has said that this will be her last winter olympics and if it is, she is going out in style. i watched her last week lose a race. she stood there afterwards and cheered every one of team usa coming down the slopes. today she won bronze. she said she felt it was like winning gold because she said, her grandfather, who died just three months ago, she believes was watching her, was helping her. she was tearful as she talked about him. >> i wanted to win so much because of him, but i still think i made him proud and our family never gives up, and i never gave up. i kept working hard, and i am really proud of this medal.
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i know he is, too. >> and down goes vonn. >> i gave it my best shot, you know? i tried so hard, and i worked my butt off, and i'm so proud to have competed with such amazing girls. it's been fun. it's been a fun ride, and i hope tomorrow i can maybe pull something out of a hat, but it's sad. this is my last downhill. i wish i could keep going, you know? i have so much fun. i love what i do. my body just can't -- probably can't take another four years. >> she wants to hear it from the crowd here. >> when lindsey vonn skis it is a family event. her dad was there, and her sisters were there and i spoke to both of them and they have nursed her through so many injuries and so many problems and even missing the last winter
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olympics, and i said to them this really is a medal for you guys, too, and while we were talking, lindsey leapt in and gave them a big hug. >> there she is! >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> oh, i am so excited! >> don't you just love seeing that? all of the tears. you can see how much love is between those sisters and that's the kind of thing that has made lindsey vonn such an olympian. let's talk about the best movie of the year, shall we?" black panther" continues to break record after record after record and to put it in perspective, the movie was supposed to open with $170 million, and that was going to be a big deal, but it has blown past that with $242 million domestically and one week later it's already crossed over half a billion worldwide. >> i'm not really privy to the numbers right now, and i try to just close my eyes and let it do its thing.
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>> michael, let's give you an idea of how mighty these numbers are and start with it being in the top five openings of all time which includes jurassic world and the avengers and the latest two star wars movie. oh, wait, there's more. way more. it snagged the biggest february opening weekend followed by deadpool two years ago and the biggest opening by a black director and the biggest opening by a black title character. and black panther power is everywhere. >> the fan engagement has been off the hook. it's been inspiring to see people come out to the theater in the trad traditional garb and taking selfies and it makes me feel very proud. >> you dress up to go to church and you have to dress up and show out. >> and the phenomenon continues with bozman making the cover of rolling stone, and toure explains why people are coming
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out in droves to see this film. >> people are dying to see this because they need this sort of a vision of black culture, of african culture. and to see that it's made by a young, black man also is just so beautiful. i mean, these people made us so proud with everything they've done with this from the casting to the clothes to the set to the action. we are so proud of them and so proud of this whole piece, and i can't wait for the next one. >> and what a wild weekend it's been for winston duke who makes his big screen debut as mbaku. that's right, this is his first movie. talk about an entrance. and he's loving it. >> obviously, the film is huge and changes you so much, and just walking down the street has got to be different. do you feel that already?
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>> you watch more, and people are coming up to me and, are you the guy? are you the guy? yeah, so -- what do you say? >> this is still deeply new for me so i'm still kind of like them so i'm not tired of anything or hiding. i'm still looking in the mirror. i'm america mbaka. are you the guy? >> you are definitely the guy, all right? coming up, we'll take a look at the rise of panther, and they took home two bronze medals and now meet the shib twins and their adorable mom next.
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enjoy this amazing movie. i'm glad you guys came. >> i love you, serena! >> i love her too. serena williams, their private black girls screening of "black panther." more than 200 grassroots campaigns sprouted up to make sure kids got to go see this movie. there have been black superhero movies before, true, but none on this scale and none with this kind of cultural impact.
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>> everybody is excited. >> my son, it is your time. >> i am so excited and it means my son who is 12 years old can see a superhero that looks like him. >> here's what it means to everybody. superheroes are not just white. black panther has landed bringing it with a sense of pride, power and purpose. >> i feel this is a moment where they are celebrating african culture and it makes me happy. >> we knew it had to be different given the cultural significance of it and we went through war together and it's time to share it so i'm happy about that. >> these students who scored advanced tickets give you an idea of the incredible anticipation of this movie with schools, church groups and families snagging seats weeks ago. >> this is history, you know? a lot of times we don't learn about our superheroes until
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after the fact and now is a chance to learn about this superhero right now. >> this is unheard of and i'm ready for it. i'm here for it. >> you get to decide what kind of king you are going to be. chadwick bozman returns home to take his place as king and michael b. jordan plays his nemesis. >> it is my responsibility to make sure that it does not fall into the hands of a person like you. >> we wanted it upecoand stand out and at the same time we wanted it to be a piece of entertainment and it didn't let you go the whole time. >> i think it's really important for the kids in this next generation to see themselves in a strong, successful, no-stereotypical roles and also strong women. >> entertainment journalist shagoon and vanessa barnett explain why marvel studios' first black superhero film is such a big deal. >> this is the most significant black movie that's ever been made and the reason i know that
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is everybody knows black history. forget the superhero. they show black people with present day and the future and they dispel the tarzan myth of people in africa being technologically advanced and they have mineral like africa had gold, oil, and diamonds and they make us look regal, royal, smart, scientists, and it's never been shown. this is the first movie that shows that black people can be in the future. >> it is huge, and it's want just being proud about who i am and seeing that reflected on the big screen. it comes from the complexion. it's the hair. they all had natural hair, every aspect of this movie screams i'm black and i'm proud! >> amen, sister! and coming up, everything you need to know about the black panther himself, chadwick bozman. let's get back to the olympics for a little bit and the most memorable moment for team usa brother and sister ice dances
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maia and dantano, or the shib twins. natalie sat down with the ice dancing duo. ♪ ♪ >> you two have been skating together for how many years now? >> 13. >> 13 years. do you ever fight? >> we used to lie, because we were worried about how it would look if we said that we did, but it's very natural, any time you're working with your si some whether it's your sib or professionally. >> we are honest with each other. >> we are brutally honest with each other. >> maya was 9. >> alex 12 when they started skating competitively. they started spending time together at practices and they're bound to know everything about each other so we tested them. >> who is the messiest of the shib twins? >> no doubt me. >> yeah. >> yeah. no question.
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>> who is the most likely to be late somewhere? >> also you. >> come on, natalie. you have to help me out. you have to make me look good here. >> you tell me something about her that you don't know. >> who is more mature? and intelligent? oh, gosh, that's her too. >> who is the better driver? >> he drives more. >> i drive more. it's something. >> yeah, i do. >> the brother and sister duo have taken their charm to social media where they're known by their handle the shib sibs and they reveal secrets only they know about each other, right? maybe not. >> we're so boring. no secrets here. >> you guys don't have any secrets? >> everything is on youtube. >> we have a cool mom? >> why is mom so cool? >> she called me on my -- my bad jokes and she's very real. she keeps it real. >> mom is even included in some of alex and maia's blogs although somewhat reluctant. mom.
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mom, do you have anything to say to the viewers? >> yeah, come on, mom. you get us views. you're entertaining. people love you. >> maia, get out of the way. this is mom's shot. >> say something mean about alex? >> what does she say when you tell bad jokes? >> she rolls her eyes. >> it's something that we've always had a really fun family dynamic and it's something that we started including in our youtube videos more often and she's more popular than i am now. >> somehow i can totally see that. coming up, he's the black panther now, but wait until you see the long, lost early roll we uncovered of chadwick bozman next.
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when i was growing up there were no black superheroes. there were no black guys coming out for a triumphant reason on the cover of "time" magazine, maybe martin luther king. how do you feel when you see something like this? >> when you say it like that, you just gave me chills, man. >> chadwick bozman on the cover of "time" and "rolling stone." further proof of the cultural impact of "black panther." this is chadwick's first superhero and not his first american hero and access has been with him every step of the way. >> chadwick bozman, did i mention i love your name? >> thank you, man.
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>> i don't want to, but i will. >> no, no, no, you won't. >> i don't want to, but i will! >> we first saw chadwick on "all my children "qwest in 2003. >> i can't help it if someone took my bike. >> and "law and order" and this native who focused on directing was a virtual unknown when we spoke to him in 2013. chadwick stopped by the live show to talk about his film "42" where he played breakout black baseball player jackie robinson. >> what are you going to do if one of these pitches goes at your head? >> i'll duck. >> chadwick's obscurity was a plus for the film. >> nobody knows chadwick bozman so he comes in and you really get to focus on jackie robinson. >> right. see jackie robinson. >> do you know how to play baseball? >> i play little league baseball. >> with very little experience, chadwick trained for five days a week for four months.
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his portrayal of jackie put him in the hollywood big leagues. >> are you ready to be recognized? this is huge for you. i'm kind of, you know, i'm quiet. >> are you? >> yeah. and i like to stay in the shadows and in the cut. so i'll still probably find a way to do it. i've got some disguises. >> you do? >> what do they look like? i'm not going to tell you. >> robinson was chadwick's first real life portrayal, but far from his last. >> prove it. >> following 42, his next big starring role was james brown in 2014's get on up. >> they don't call him the hardest-working man in show business for nothing. i felt like the hardest working man just trying to play him. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm not a professional dancer. so it was a daunting task, to say the least. >> and in last year's marshall, chadwick played his third real-life hero, the early career
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of the supreme court's first african-american justice, thurgood marshall. >> i only represent innocent people, people accused because of their race. >> i probably have turned down more biopics than, you know, i wouldn't even try to name how many. >> anybody you wouldn't do? >> i wouldn't do harriet tubman. >> and now with black panther chadwick is achieving stardom on a whole other level. >> it's like when you were a kid and everyone pretended to be some kind of professional athlete and you hit the last shot and the crowd -- it's like -- that's the -- that's pretty much what it feels like. how can you get used to that? how can you get enough of it? >> that's a picture up on number one. chad. [ applause ]
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>> all three of his yeses are available on dvd and blu-ray now. coming up, jennifer lawrence, was she rude to this baf
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wynton duke making his big
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screen debut in black panther. it took four auditions over four months to win the lead of mbaku. all the details on access live. >> i go into the waiting room and i see all these, like, big stars, and i'm like whoa, i don't know what this thing is, but it's going to be huge. i go back again, and i don't hear for a long time, then i go in for a work session with ryan kugler. >> three weeks later he got a call back for a chemistry test with star, chadwick boozman. >> i literally heard a voice saying everything's okay, if you got it, you got it, if you didn't, you're still going on okay. >> i know whose voice that was?
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>> who? >> your mom. >> maybe she was outside the window. >> his mom was the first woman to push him into his career. and the third was his black panther co-star. >> she was the first one at yale that i met. >> wait, what? >> as students, you have work study, and her work was to give a tour to all the prospective students. she was the one that was assigned to tour me around when i got there. we hit it off, we've been friends ever since and we saw "the avengers movie." it's kind of come full circle because we were both just students, and we were saying, wouldn't it be cool to be in a
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movie like this? but it's going to be a long time. >> at a strapping 6'5", young winston had the best name, winston duke. i said did they call you took? you said no, they call you winnie the pooh? >> it was hard growing into this thing, because as a kid, winston duke, so i had a lot of cute si names, i had winnie, winnie the pooh, pooh bear a. >> is that your workout routine? >> just breakfast. >> just breakfast? what am i doing for lunch? a lot les weight that's for sure. we told you everything you needed to know about double bronze winners, but we look at
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the performance that actually landed them their second bronze medal. flowing across the ice with grace and ease, the brother-sister duo knew they needed the skate of their lives. but before the performance, maya pulled to the past for inspiration. >> she pulled up some videos when we were kids, me meeting her for the first time. we were a wreck. it was what we needed, though. >> obviously it worked with flawless timing, they locked up their scores, and did exactly what they set out to do. >> that was the best skate of our lives, that was the skate we have always dreamed about and no matter the results, i knew we did the best we could. >> it all became very real
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during the medal ceremony. >> it was incredibly special that we were there together, we were able to hear our parents in the crowd, it was just such a special moment. >> hey, guys, you're on the "today" show. >> their parents chris and naomi joined them on "today" this morning, they too were reflecting on the journey a. >>. i was looking at photos of them when they were young too, and i didn't realize you did that. this is just so special for our family. >> of course some believe to be lacking a component many consider to be a necessity in ice dancing is chemistry. the silver medal performance was nearly flawless. and so did the canadian skaters, skating their way to the second gold of the game. >> i don't know if a brother sister team can do this, because this is really about a


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