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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 30, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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following a powerful breaking news. a tsunami alert being issued following a powerful earthquake in alaska. the magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit just over an hour ago, seven miles outside of anchorage. the new pictures of a road that collapsed after that quake. look at the cars. can you make it out that it's stuck there in the center? tsunami warnings in effect for nearby areas in the southern part of that state. >> that earthquake shook buildings and sent many people running for cover. this is brand-new video from alaska that shows that damage done inside of a grocery store. the associated press reporter saw the cracks in the building. the total damage done, not just clear yet. our nbc bay area seismograph
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captured that impact. that quake was followed by an aftershock. of course, we will keep following this story and bring you updates as they come in. back here in the bay area, our other top story, a los altos man arrested early this morning after chp officers spotted him looking asleep behind the wheel of his tesla on highway 101. that tesla is now evidence as investigators try to figure out whether the driver had it in autopilot at the time. >> that driver, an elected official in los altos. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we brought you live coverage of this story earlier this morning on "today in the bay." nbc bay area's kris sanchez live on the scene, live from redwood city this morning where officers first tried to pull that driver over. >> and kris, have you learned any new information? >> reporter: yeah, that he tried to pull that driver over in palo alto or wredwood city where the got him off highway 101.
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they said he was completely asleep and even after they managed to get him to stop, or his car to stop, they had a hard time waking him up. we just talked with chp here in redwood city. we were in palo alto as that tesla was towed away just before 5:00 this morning. and according to redwood city chp officers, they say 45-year-old alexander stannek of alas los altos was going five miles over the speed limit when officers tried to pull him over in redwood city. officers turned lights and sirens on and no reaction from the driver. officers then pulled up next to him and found him sleeping behind the wheel. officers could not wake him up so they pulled a chp cruiser in front of the tesla to slow it down. and the fact that it stopped without a collision is why the chp believes that tesla was in auto pilot. he hadn't been going over the speed limit. if that autopilot had been set
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lower, your officers might not have had reason to pull him over. >> correct. they wouldn't have a reason to pull him over from behind. but as they were coming up to see if there is anything wrong with the vehicle, they would have observed the driver was asleep. >> reporter: so there was no erratic driving. >> correct. >> reporter: 45-year-old alex stannek of los altos failed a field sobriety test and was arrested on dui charges. he is the vice chair of the los altos planning commission and co founder of an upscale hotel chain. if he was using autopilot, it would not be the first time a drunk driver tried to use autopilot as a designated driver alternative. in august, a monterey man was arrested after crashing his tesla into the back of a san jose fire truck. at that time, he told officers he thought he had autopilot on. back in january, chp officers found a man passed out behind on the wheel of his tesla on the bay bridge when he was arrested
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for dui. he also told officers he put his car on autopilot. his blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit. i did talk with someone at tesla, they do not want to comment on this incident yet, but do remind us that autopilot is not self-driving technology. it is not autonomous technology. it is driver-assist, and the drivers are meant to be fully aware and engaged while they are behind the wheel. so if that is the case, this is not what happened here as that driver was arrested passed out behind the wheel going 70 miles per hour on highway 101. we're going to continue this story. my colleague is here and will follow up for 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. in redwood city, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kris. as mentioned, we followed it this morning as well on "today in the bay." and sent out a push alert at 6:15. you can download our app to get breaking news right to your smartphone. new details on the data breach affecting up to a half
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billion people at one of the largest hotel chains. it's a story we've been following all morning long on "today in the bay." pete suratos joins us live from san francisco. and pete, we're talking about a lot of people who will actually be affected by this. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marcus. look, you may get an e-mail about it if you booked a room at a starwood hotel over the past few years. in fact, there is a number of properties here in san francisco. we're standing in front of one of them, the w hotel. and this data breach dates back all the way to 2014. that's the information we're getting from marriott international. of course, they own all of the storewood hotels. but here is all of the information we know at this hour. we know that according to marriott this data breach affected up to 500 million guests at all starwood hotels who booked on or before september 10th of 2018 of this year. we're talking about only starwood hotel guests, so that's folks that state at the st. regis, sheraton and all of the w properties, just to name a few. so this does not have an effect
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on those who booked through the marriott network. marriott international, who owns the starwood hotels, were alerted to this breach back in september. and for at least 327 million guests, they say that the passport numbers may have been a part of this breach. now, a big part of this breach that everyone is talking about is the credit card information that may have been taken as a result of that data breach. marriott says this data is usually encrypted. but at this point, they're not ruling anything out. i did get a chance to speak to jonathan kran. he explained what makes this data breach unique from others. >> there's a combination of things that make this very unique. it's both credit card, financial information. but it's also a rival andty p departure dates. very personal information. think about the reasons you go to a hotel, whether for business or personal reasons. that's information that can't be recovered. >> reporter: and here's a full statement from marriott's
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president and ceo. you can see it there. explaining the company deeply regrets the incident and they plan to be better moving forward. i want to point out, marriott did set up a call center and website for help for folks concerned. we have that information on our website at we're live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, very much, pete. new at 11:00, a foot chase at a school. our nbc bay area sky ranger caught the takedown as it happened. a k-9 unit helped track down the suspect, yet to be identified. all of this happened at vallejo charter on tennessee street. we're working to find out if the arrest is related to a nearby robbery. our sky ranger also captured video of a person being put in the back of an ambulance. crews interviewed workers to say a mask robber with a gun entered a business this morning but was stopped by an off-duty b.a.r.t. police officer. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez working to gather more
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information right now. she'll have an update on nbc bay area news at 5:00. turning to your microclimate weather forecast, the bay area is getting the chance to dry off after this week's storm. meteorologist kari hall has been telling us, don't put the umbrellas away just yet. >> that's right. another storm on the way and it's going to affect our weekend. a live look at our doppler radar powered by stormranger. along with san rafael and the golden gate bridge. a nice day out there right now. meteorologist kari hall tracking this latest storm to tell us when it arrives. >> it will be arriving for the north bay overnight and then starting to move into the rest of the bay area before sunrise. this will be an early saturday morning storm for most as we enjoy once again our chance to dry out. a live look outside in san jose. willow glen only reaches into the upper 50s for the afternoon and partly cloudy skies. we're seeing just a little bit cooler than normal. as we look at stormranger right now, not showing a drop of rain anywhere in the bay area. but then as we open up the picture, we can see the swirls of clouds and rain moving into
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the pacific northwest. and this is with a cold front that will be dipping into the bay area as we go into early tomorrow morning. as we time it out once again all dry for today, even mostly sunny skies. then we start to see clouds moving in this evening and rain in santa rosa as early as about 1:00 this morning. and then tomorrow morning as we go through about the 5:00 to 6:00 hour, seeing the first wave of rain moving into the rest of the bay area. we'll continue to track this and talk about how much additional rain we'll see coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> sounds good. thank you, kari. president trump, along with the president of mexico and prime minister of canada have signed their trade agreement. >> though, scott mcgee, it's not quite a done deal just yet. >> that's right. congress still has to approve it but a symbolic step forward for the three countries as they revise nafta with a new deal they're calling the usnca. leaders are in argentina for the
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g20 summit. the president cancelled the meeting at this conference with russian president putin and will probably try to avoid contact with saudi principle mohamed bin salman. but putin and salman were happy to be seen together. the internet passing this video around as the two men greet each other with enthusiastic handshakes and smiles. back here in the u.s., former trump attorney michael cohen admitted he lied to congress when he said he and president trump had ended business deals in russia before the election. president trump's not in legal trouble here in this particular case. he didn't lie to congress. but he has been telling us the very same thing for years now. he had no business in russia. >> i have no deals in russia. i have no deals that could happen in russia, because we've stayed away. we could make deals in russia very easily. if we wanted to. i just don't want to, because i
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think that would be a conflict. she always likes to tie me in with russia. i have nothing to do with russia, folks. i have nothing to do with russia. john, how many times do i have to say it? are you a smart man? i have nothing to do with russia. >> nothing to do with russia. but the president has now adjusted that message to he lightly looked at business dealings with russia. a tweet from argentina. lightly looked at doing a building somewhere in russia, put up zero money, zero guarantees and didn't do the project, witch hunt. lots of court action today. in an hour from now, former fbi director james comey will ask a judge to quash a subpoena from congress. congress wants to ask him questions. comey says he wants to answer, but in an open hearing, not behind closed doors. and we were supposed to hear more about the paul manafort case. he's trump's former campaign manager. sentencing has now been delayed until march. he's already in jail. but won't know about -- until spring about a much longer sentence, laura. >> very interesting. thanks so much, scott. riders have complained about
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b.a.r.t. trains for years, but there is a new fleet of cars commuters are lining up for. this was the scene a couple hours ago at the lake merritt station in oakland where we saw a steady stream of riders forking over ten bucks for the b.a.r.t. toy train. the reproduction made out of soft, squishy foam rubber. b.a.r.t. tells us they have sold more than 200 since they went on sale yesterday. >> i love the train. i'm going to put it on my desk or maybe i'll just use it as a stress ball to and from work. >> it's a toy. you're a grown man. >> i mean, i don't know, b.a.r.t. is the cool part of the bay area culture. it's kind of unique. it's got its own, like, stories behind it. i think that makes it interesting. >> reporter: how does it compare to the real thing? >> i guess they're still pretty nice and new and shiny. >> smells better. i can't claim credit for that joke. that joke has been all over twitter. >> it sure has. a number of people on twitter, in fact, have used the toy train to bring up topics like broken
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escalators, dirty trains and late service. right now toy b.a.r.t. cars are only available at the customer service window at the lake merritt station. >> i'm going to have to rush down and get one. coming up, much more, including romaine lettuce back on the menu. what you need to know before you serve it to your family. and one mother is slamming southwest airlines after she says workers made fun of her daughter's name. the reaction from southwest and the reason the mother is not satisfied. your refrigerator.
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the federal governmen welcome back, everyone. romaine returning to your refrigerator. the federal government is establishing a new guideline so you know your romaine lettuce is safe. the fda, along with producers and distributors have agreed on new labels that will list where the romaine lettuce was grown and when it was harvested. the outbreak of unsafe lettuce has been narrowed down to
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california's central coast. the closest being santa cruz and monterey. also included, santa barbara and ventura. and the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. right now the dow up 74 points and stocks actually fell slightly today as investors looked ahead to a key meeting between president donald trump and chinese president. facebook is apparently getting ready to release findings of a civil rights audit it promised communities of collar. in may, 19 groups requested the audit. they're asking facebook to look into the impact of facebook policies and programs for minorities. their concerns include discriminatory advertising and voter suppression. according to "usa today," sheryl sandberg is telling one activist group she expects that report to be issued by the end of the year. new at 11:00 for you, a texas woman is calling out
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southwest airlines employee there who was mocking her 5-year-old daughter's name. the little girl's name is spelled a-b-c-d-e. and it's pronounced ab city. >> she posted the girl's boarding post on social media. nbc's peter maxwell has the story. >> most importantly, it was posted before i even knew. >> reporter: a woman who grew up in moses lake and 5-year-old daughter became the unwilling targets of internet trolls after an outrageous move by a southwest airlines gate agent. >> i had gone through preboarding authorization and they take your boarding pass and typically rip it up. >> reporter: but the gate agent didn't tear the boarding pass. instead, kept it and moments later burst out in laughter. >> it was five minutes of me being up there, laughing and pointing at the boarding pass to a co-worker, making comments and pointing towards my daughter.
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>> reporter: tracy's 5-year-old daughter has a unique name spelled a-b-c-d-e but pronounced abside. >> and i said, hey, excuse me, i can hear you and my daughter can too. i would appreciate it you would stop talking about this. >> reporter: abcde lives with epilepsy and life is hard enough. later she learned the gate agent posted her daughter's name and ticket on facebook. she was contacted by strangers on the internet who tracked them down using -- >> my daughter's boarding pass. and she added in my daughter's age, my daughter's gender and just a bunch of additional information. you could view my rapid rewards information and a random stranger was able to find me. >> reporter: southwest airlines did respond to my inquiry. in a statement, they said, quote, we extend our sincere apology to the family. we take great pride in extending our southwest hospitality to all of our customers.
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we have followed up with the employee involved. tracy says she's frustrated that it took weeks before the airline acted. >> my frustration was that that stuff was posted. even more, once i contacted southwest and they have been contacted by other people as well, asking me, they didn't take action on it. are you heading to the mountains this weekend? a live look at sierra there, and this is what it looks like in the sierra today. snow-packed on the side of the roads there. this is 80 at kingvale. >> fresh snow great for the slopes but not fun for drivers when it was really coming down. chains were required to get over the summit but things look a lot clearer now. always keep the chains handy. a winter storm warning is in effect through tomorrow morning. >> looking at that snow, of course, people who are going up there to go skiing or whatever, that's a good thing. >> yeah. that is a good thing. and you see how fast they
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cleared out the roads. the winter storm warning goes into effect tomorrow morning as the next round of snow moves in. i wanted to show you some of the views that we were seeing around the sierra. this is olympic valley. you can see it just piled up there. we have had snowfall totals anywhere from 12 to even up to about 24 inches over the past few days. this is a look at truckee and the trees where the snow is just weighing down the limbs. and then also at a golf course in the sierra around lake tahoe. such beautiful scenery, doesn't even look real. this is a look at the squaw valley resort as you make plans for the weekend. it's going to be partly cloudy today, a high of 33. and then more snow moving in tomorrow. looking at an additional up to 10 inches in some of the higher elevations there. as we bring it back home, we know we've had quite a bit of rain. let's talk about how much we've measured for the water year. this dates back until october 1st. and in santa rosa, we are not near the -- where we should be
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if it was average, we would be at 100%. but we are very close. 93% as we have measured over 6 inches of rain for san francisco. it was 3 3/4, which brings us to 91% of normal. and we're kind of lacking there in the mountain view with only half of the normal amount. san jose nearly 2 inches and we're 81% of normal. we know we have some more rain on the way, of course. the water year not done just yet. a live look outside in palo alto as you make plans to get out there, heading up to 60 degrees with partly cloudy skies. for this evening in oakland, we are going to see temperatures cooling off nicely, and it's going to stay clear for the tree lighting in jack london square. it starts at 5:00. we'll be at 55 degrees. nice evening to head out, but then we track our next storm system that may have an impact on your saturday morning plans. we see it here on the satellite imagery. and as it starts to move in, we can see that rain arriving for the north bay as early as around midnight to 1:00 in the morning.
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the rest of the bay area, right before sunrise with rain moving through in a couple of ways ahead that cold front. and then it does clear out for the afternoon. during that time frame, we're looking at about a 10 to a quarter of an inch and then for the stanford/cal game, you'll be happy to know the rain will be early. may affect your tailgating plans, but by the time we kick off, it's going to be clearing out and highs in the upper 50s. we'll take a look at some more events going on around the bay area and also some more destinations you may be heading to coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. coming up pretty soon, you might not need an i.d. to get on your flight. all you have to do is show up. we'll tell but this new technology in action right now. first, happening now, the newest class of supreme court justices posed for their official photos. chief justice john roberts sat with his colleagues, including recently confirmed justice brett kavanaugh. since no cameras are allowed inside the supreme court, the class photo is one of the only opportunities for a shot of all nine justices together.
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we'll be back together right after the break. stick around. nbc bay area )s bos
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throwing it back on twitter with flash back friday for you here. nbc bay area's bob redell throwing it back on twitter with this video of him trying to break the human speed record set by usain bolt. you can watch the entire video by following him, bob nbc. >> all right. so if you're planning to fly over the next coming weeks, you
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could be in for a big change if your plan includes traveling through atlanta. delta air lines has opened its first biometric airport terminal in the country. >> this means your face alone serves as your boarding pass. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: at the world's busiest airport, it's all about picking up the pace. >> right here. for me. there you go. have a great flight. >> reporter: delta's international terminal, first in the country to go completely biometric with facial recognition cameras replacing paper tickets and passports. it starts at the check-in kiosk. the camera recognizes your face, compares it to your passport photo on file and you're done. but don't forget your passport. you'll still need to show it at the gate to prove you have one, because when you get to your destination, they're going to want to see your passport. hi, how are you? when you check your bag, the camera again verifies it's you.
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that's it? >> perfect. that's it! >> reporter: not just checking in and bag check, but next year you'll be able to use your face as a boarding pass to get right through tsa. it's the same process when you get to the gate. the camera recognizes your face and you're on the plane. >> just one step. you don't have to go through the hassle and very convenient. >> reporter: homeland security already uses facial recognition cameras for arriving departing international passengers. but delta is the first to use it curb to gate, shaving nine minutes off the boarding time for an international flight. next month coming to detroit's international flights and soon flights within the u.s. >> i think it's realistic to expect within the next couple of years to be able to experience this same benefit domestically as well. >> reporter: a slow rollout across the country as facial recognition comes to an airport near you. coming up, breaking news we continue to follow a 7.0 earthquake hits alaska. the latest on the damage left
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behind. this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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breaking news. a powerful earthquake in alaska. the magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit just over an hour ago about seven miles outside of anchorage. we have new pictures of a road that collapsed after the quake. look at the car stuck in the center of your screen. a tsunami warning has now been cancelled. >> that earthquake shook buildings. people running for cover because of that. this is brand-new video in from alaska that shows that damage done inside a grocery store. the associated press reporter saw cracks in the building. the total damage done isn't yet clear. the quake followed by an aftershock. nbc is expected to break in with a special report any minute now. of course, we'll bring that live as it happens. now to the chris watts case. has certainly shocked the nation. he's the colorado man who confessed to killing his
11:31 am
pregnant wife and two young daughters. >> for the first time, we're seeing new video of his confession and learning new details about his mistress. nbc's miguel almaguer has details. >> i don't know they're not coming back home. >> reporter: hours of new video released by law enforcement take us inside the interrogation room where for the first time chris watts in his own words breaks down to his father. >> she choked. >> i'm freaked out. >> it's rage. >> good god all mighty, son. >> reporter: watts, who failed the polygraph. later admitting to detectives he murdered his pregnant wife. >> i put my hands around my wife's neck and did that same thing. >> reporter: their daughters, 3-year-old celeste and 4-year-old bella are also dead. >> they're gone.
11:32 am
there's no bringing them back. >> reporter: after watts led detectives to their bodies, shannan was discovered in a shallow grave. bella and celeste were stuffed in nearby oil tanks. >> hi, are you chris? >> reporter: investigators also releasing footage of officers with search dogs first arriving at the family home. police say this video shows him backing his truck into the family garage, where he loaded their bodies. >> the thing was, he was never hostile. >> reporter: detectives also spoke to watts' mistress, nicole kissinger. police uncovered racy photos of her in a secret app on watts' phone. >> to this day, even after everything that i found out, i still look back at that and i don't see any red lights with the way that he spoke of his family. >> reporter: when kissinger learned of the murders, she cooperated with authorities and was never charged with a crime. police say she googled, "did
11:33 am
people hate amber frey," the mistress of scott peterson, who also killed his pregnant wife. this morning a cold and calculating killer spending his life behind bars in a web of lies now exposed. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. on thursday, a massive document dump from investigators in the case caused a police server to crash. before that happened, multiple media outlets were able to download the material and videos and post them online. fire-ravaged neighborhoods cleaning up in butte county, as well as drying out. yesterday's heavy rains caused flash flooding and mudslides. a lot of people who recently lost their homes in the deadly fire endured day-long evacuation orders. yesterday's storm also led to about a dozen water rescues in and around paradise. >> some of the rescues were a dynamic water rescue where a vehicle was swept into the water or swept off the roadway to where crews had to get people out of the vehicle and back to safety.
11:34 am
>> the evacuation orders were lifted last night, but there are already concerns about the next storm moving in over the weekend. >> we're learning students in the fire-ravaged paradise school district will return monday. the district is securing three elementary schools that will house k-5 students through the end of the school year and classrooms will be packed with supplies thanks to generous donations made to the teachers. after the fire ripped through the community, people from across the country donated several items, including markers, glue, paint and cle kleenex. photos were posted on facebook. the group, color a classroom with kindness was set up to collect the donations. happening today, governor-elect gavin newsom in mexico to attend tomorrow's presidential inauguration. yesterday newsom visited an immigration detention center in the san diego area, along with a shelter for asylum seekers. he says that the state has to do more to address the crisis at the border.
11:35 am
>> my job is to be constructive. my job is to try to find ways to bring people to the table. and to address what legitimately can be described as a humanitarian crisis. >> newsom plans to discuss the migrant caravan when he meets one-on-one with the protect there. this is a special report. good day, there is news of a major earthquake in alaska, striking just north of anchorage. the state's largest city by far with the population of about 300,000 people. the magnitude 7 quake triggered a tsunami warning. that's now been cancelled. it damaged buildings, buckled roadways, cut power in places and knocked local television stations off the air. we can show you some footage from inside an anchor raj courtroom that captured the moment the quake struck, shaking pictures on the wall and knocking loose ceiling tiles as people took shelter beneath desks. the quake hit at 8:30 local
11:36 am
time, about two hours ago. there is no word yet on any casualties. nbc's miguel almaguer is tracking the story from our los angeles news room. what are you hearing? >> reporter: an cover cochorage region used to earthquakes, but not quite this powerful. this is a 7.0 that rattled the region. many reported violent shaking for 45 seconds up to a minute. buildings began swaying from left to right. we know ceiling tiles were falling off of the roofs. we know that cracks were scene in local buildings, local fires had been reported and many roads have crumbled in the area. at this hour, first responders are trying to get around the community to assess the damage. there's about 300,000 people who live in the anchorage area. it is the largest city in all of alaska. again, they have about 40,000 earthquakes there per year on average. that's more than every other state combined. but a magnitude earthquake 7.0 certainly is rare. the strongest earthquake to ever
11:37 am
strike the united states was a 9.1. >> and that was back in the 1960s. this area, while used to seismic activity, is not used to an earthquake this powerful. the good news right now, there has been no early reports of injuries or fatalities. that, of course, could change as the day goes on. first responders are still trying to navigate through local cities to assess the damage. that could take several hours. and i should also mention, lester, at this hour, they're dealing with aftershocks. many people reporting powerful aftershocks. we have seen images of children inside schools ducking and covering as this quake began to rattle across the region. as you mentioned, about 8:30 in the morning, many people just getting to school and starting their workday. >> we saw video of buckled roads and one frame of video looked like it fell eight or nine or ten feet there. the roadway collapsing in those areas. we want to bring in seismologist lucy jones. she is monitoring all of this from los angeles. lucy, what kind of aftershocks
11:38 am
would you anticipate from a quake this strong? >> well, a magnitude 7 is going to have a large number of aftershocks. on average, the biggest is going to be close to magnitude 6. there's already been a magnitude 5.7. so it's very much a standard sort of aftershock sequence we're seeing. people should expect to be feeling them -- many of them today, continuing for many weeks and even, you know -- you could very easily have a magnitude 5 aftershock even a year or two from now. >> miguel mentioned how many quakes the state of alaska typically sees. and, of course, we recall the '64 one, the 9.2. given that, is this a state that's more prepared in terms of its construction standards to withstand something like this? >> well, yes. alaska has had to grapple with its earthquakes for a long time. and you get the political will to have stronger building codes when you have a lot of earthquakes. but it does look like one of the things that's going on today is pretty widespread lick which
11:39 am
faction which is when you shake a loose soil that's got a lot of water in it, it ends up behaving like a quick sand before the water can flow away and the soil is compressed. and it's very difficult to engineer, to prevent things from coming down with that. and the pictures that we're seeing suggest that liquifaction may be playing a role in the damage. >> thank you, lucy. we heard reports of damage on the island of kodiak. people being told to move to higher ground because of a tsunami threat. i want to bring in wnbc meteorologist erica grow. erica, the threat is off the table. >> that's right. and they wouldn't have cancelled the threat if we weren't out of the danger zone. tsunamis are when the waves propagate outward from the epicenter of the earthquake. this epicenter was about seven miles to the north of the city center of anchorage. so very close to building structures. i lot of infrastructure, as
11:40 am
well. so that's the main concern moving forward. here is a better look. you can see a waterway in between. but we are out of the main danger zone for a tsunami. now moving forward we're talking about those roadways that did buckle and completely collapse in some cases, making them completely impassable. another concern, the seismologist talked about the liquification of the soil. now with more rain on the way through tomorrow, we could see landslides. any loose debris around, lester, could become a missile in this situation if any of those water flows concentrate in areas where there is earthquake damage, even cars can be lifted, water is a very powerful force, as well. >> all right. erica grow, thank you for that. we should also note the anchorage area is home to a large military base, joint base, combined air force and army facility. no word from there yet. let's go back to miguel almaguer. miguel, this would have occurred 8:30 in the morning during the
11:41 am
rush hour. is that perhaps making reporting slow on what's happening in terms of potential casualties? >> lester, fortunately, we have no reports of fatalities. this was probably just before the workday, before many people were getting into downtown buildings in the area. the other good news here is we have seen -- while we certainly have seen widespread damage here, for the most part in many areas it has been fairly cosmetic, things inside grocery stores where shelves are toppled. while we see some roads that have suffered some serious damage, we haven't seen buildings that have snapped in half or are in pieces in the downtown area. because of those strong earthquake standards that are in place in alaska, similar to california, it looks like most of the buildings were able to with stabb withstand the shock. first responders are still trying to make their way out into many neighborhoods and because so many roads have been hard hit, it's going to be difficult for them to make their way, and especially into the smaller and outlying communities in the anchorage area. some 300,000 people live in the
11:42 am
anchorage area alone, so certainly many hundreds of thousands of people felt this earthquake and they're now bracing for more aftershocks in the hours and takdays ahead. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. president trump is in argentina for the g20 summit and has been briefed on the quake. we will, of course, continue to monitor this still-developing story and come back on the air as events warrant. we'll have full details when i see you back here for "nbc nightly news." for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news new york. good day. we )ll be right back wk at your weekend forecast. coming up, we'll be right back with a look at your weekend forecast.
11:43 am
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nice to have a break in the rain today. >> yeah, nice and clear for today. >> it's clear for today. it's also kind of cool outside. and we're going to see even cooler weather in the forecast with more waves of rain as we get a look outside right now looking into san francisco, enjoying the break from those downpours. and we do still have some high waves along the coast, looking at ocean beach. although the high surf advisory has been allowed to expire. and then as we head down to fremont, we can see there's a little breeze. you can tell by the flag waving in the wind. as we go into the afternoon, we're going to stay in the upper 50s today with partly cloudy skies and then cool off quickly. and then we'll start to see more clouds moving in as this storm system, we can see the swirls of clouds and rain moving into the pacific northwest and even some light rain that will be approaching during the overnight hours. and we'll start to see some of
11:46 am
the heavier downpours reaching ukiah and santa rosa. right at about 1:00 to 2:00 in the morning. and then seeing a wave of rain moving into san francisco at 5:00 in the morning. at the east bay, in the east bay, into the tri valley, seeing the rain at about 5:00 to 6:00 and san jose at about 7:00 in the morning. there could be a couple of waves of this so even after that initial round we could see a little bit of a break. but then by the early afternoon, it's all clearing out. we'll get some more sunshine. but behind the front, it is going to be cool. we're looking at the possibility of seeing anywhere from a tenth to possibly closer to a half inch of rain. but it looks like most of us will be at about a quarter inch or less. and then as we track this system moving in for saturday, there will be some more systems moving in for next week. so we'll keep an eye on that. but as you make weekend plans, maybe you're going to christmas in the park in san jose, this
11:47 am
goes basically all day long in downtown san jose. and during the middle of the day, we're going to see highs in the mid 50s, partly cloudy skies tomorrow night. and then dropping down into the lower 50s. so bundle up. and also you need to bundle up if you're going ice skating anywhere from union square and also in downtown san francisco. it's going to be really nice and cool but breezy with temperatures dropping back to the lower 50s there. so we're tracking a couple of rounds of rain. it's going to be mostly in the morning for tomorrow with a high of 55 degrees inland and then on sunday, sunny, 55, still breezy and really cool during those early morning hours to start out next week. highs only up to 54 on monday. and then a chance of rain in the forecast that comes back with still some cool temperatures and some breezy winds. but this system doesn't look very strong at this time. and for san francisco, more of the same. really not going to see much of a wide range in temperatures from the coast to the inland areas. as we still will have some cool
11:48 am
weather in the forecast, it's time to get out the boots and sweaters and all that stuff along with the umbrella we've already dusted off. so really getting ready for some winter-like weather as we move into december, laura and marcus. >> get the boots out. thanks, kari. come up, one south bay man is making sure no one goes hungry during the holidays. it's a story that will make you bay area proud.
11:49 am
11:50 am
there are many programs to help make sure children don )t o hungry ... particularly at welcome back. there are many programs to help make sure that children don't go hungry, particularly at school. but that doesn't mean that there aren't families that actually fall through the cracks. >> in gilroy, those families have a very generous friend. garvin thomas is here to tell us who it is in today's "bay area proud." >> reporter: outside of detroit and cars. i can't think of another city more closely associated with a
11:51 am
single product than gilroy and garlic. and in figilroy, christopher rah takes connection to city very seriously and generously. at christopher ranch in gilroy, 200,000 pounds of garlic are processed every single day. that's 73 million pounds a year. all overseen by just one family. of which christopher is the third generation. >> the company has been around for 62 years. my grandfather founded it in 1956. >> reporter: there are down sides to being executive vice president of the family company. the pressure for perfection is high when it's your name on the bag. but then there's the freedom of not having to answer to a board or shareholders. the freedom to make spur of the moment decisions. >> we were talking about different things -- >> reporter: like the one ken recently made while talking with
11:52 am
jeremy diercks, new principal of the local high school. >> it's pretty unique and very generous. >> reporter: the issue of student finances came up. particularly student lunch debt at the cafeteria. >> thank you. >> reporter: ken asked how much there was. jeremy said $5,000 and so ken cut him a check and wiped it out. >> it's heartbreaking. it's tragic. you think about our students and our community, you want them to have every opportunity. you want them to perform at 100%. and when they're going hungry, even just a risk of them going hungry, we knew something had to be done. >> reporter: now, it's not by chance that it happened at this high school. it is, after all, christopher high school. built a decade ago on land donated by the family in another act of civic generosity. >> it's the right thing to do. i mean, companies that can give back, families that can give back, should. >> reporter: but ken is now interested in expanding his donation to cover the whole district. making sure that at least one financial worry is taken off
11:53 am
some struggling families' plates this holiday season. all thanks, of course, to the christopher family skill at putting garlic on them. for some families, of course, there is a free and reduced lunch option. but administrators at the school say some families don't qualify for that financial aid when their families' finances take a hit for another reason, often the school lunch debt is a bill that doesn't get paid. but thankfully was this time. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> nice to see. >> yeah. a name you won't forget soon. >> no. or you can smell that name, too. with the garlic. nice family. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
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annual christmas tree lighting event is being held. happening today in oakland, the annual christmas tree lighting event is being held. the official lighting of the tree will happen at jack london square there. that event starts at 5:00. and also in san francisco, winter park will open up at civic center. you can actually hit the ice rink or check out the lighted tree there. the tree forest. mayor london breed and olympian brian boitano will kick off the fun -- it happened about an hour ago. so a lot of fun out there. this week we told you proposal season has started, but weddings are happening, as well. if you're looking for a new spot to tie the knot, how about costco? ever thought about that? that's what this san diego couple did yesterday. their first date was at costco
11:57 am
three years ago. they met online and turns out she messaged him only because he had mentioned his love for costco in his profile. among the guests yesterday, costco workers and shoppers. probably saved a lot of money on the food. look what they got there. official costco tags with their new names on it. mr. and mrs. >> that's sweet. >> they didn't walk down the aisles? >> i'm sure they did afterwards. pick up some paper towels. >> whatever you need before we leave. >> and they're going to have some nice weather there. also here in the bay area, we're looking at some upper 50s and then another round of showers moving in. mostly before noon tomorrow and then we'll be tracking more rain for the middle of next week. >> okay. we'll keep posted for that. hope you have a great weekend. thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast at 5:00. >> we'll see you back here monday morning for "today in the bay" starting at 4:30. have a great weekend.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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♪ wow. gosh. look at that! that is a palace. it is lit. lasers are lighting up that $60,000 a night palace. that's where nick jonas will be married this weekend. it is like a week long affair leading up to the big day. welcome to "access live." rose friday. >> here's to natalie saying lit. >> the palace is lit! >> are you with me, though? i love a good celebrity wedding. they're gong deep on this. three-day affair. like a ten-day long affair but the nuptials stretch


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