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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 25, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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let's talk about that heat. it's a problem. >> it is a problem. it's what we're all talking about today because not only does it pose a health risk, it also will be a high fire danger day once again, with some poor air quality. here is a live look outside in san jose, as we get ready to head out the door. it does already feel warm. we're in the upper 60s and we'll hold steady there through about 7:00 and then we'll start to see those temperatures warming up at 88 degrees at noon. another hot one but there is relief in the forecast and we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. mike, there is a new crash in dublin >> that's right. i did take the camera you showed with the traffic coming in out of livermore and in to dublin and turned it around facing the dublin grade in here, westbound 58 getting away from us, i see a lot of traffic starting to slow, approaching that dublin interchange, where a report just came in about a tractor trailer, sounds like a big rig in the middle of the roadway. if crews can move it quickly that will be great news for the morning commute, that is one of
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the slow areas to start. we'll track the tri-valley. the speed sensors around the rest of the bay are showing a lighter flow of traffic including highway 4 which is at speed. there is a build starting subtly at the bay bridge. developing on capitolill this morning, house speaker nancy pelosi announcing a formal impeachment inquiry in to president trump. the house speaker accuses mr. trump of betraying national security and the integrity of american elections with his conduct. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill to break down what it all means. tracie? >> hey, laura, good morning. so what it is and what it's not. it's not a finding of wrongdoing or even a charge for president trump, but what it is, is a step forward for democrats in this impeachment journey. it is a formal inquiry now, so everything they do, the hearings, the testimony, the evidence, is now part of a formal process to determine if the president broke the law. house speaker nancy pelosi made it official, lawmakers are
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opening an impeachment inquiry against president trump. >> the president must be held accountable. no one is above the law. >> reporter: pelosi, who has been reluctant, moves forward at the urging of more than 180 democrats. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's a witch hunt. i'm leading in the polls, they have no idea how they stop me, the only way they can try is through impeachment. >> reporter: what turned the tide, a phone call with the president of ukraine, a whistle-blower claims president trump threatened to cancel aid unless the country investigated joe biden and his son's connection to a ukrainian company. under pressure, president trump has agreed to release the transcript of that call. >> i feel like when you see this transcript, the president's going to be vindicated. it's going to be proven he's done nothing wrong. >> reporter: impeachment isn't a crime, it's a charge, and we're not even there yet. this inquiry allows lawmakers to officially gather evidence and interview witnesses to br a cascas build a case. >> we're going to get this, have
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the opportunity to hear from the whistle-blower, make sure that whistle-blower is proprotected. >> we must not wait, now is the time to act. >> reporter: and republicans who argue this is about democrats loss in the last election. >> they should have given it up then but they can't let it go. >> reporter: the white house will turn over the whistle-blower's complaint when the director of national intelligence testifies tomorrow. now new this morning, we are hearing from the president of the ukraine, the man who was on the other end of the call saying no, president trump never pressured him. the two are supposed to meet at the united nations here in new york later today, this afternoon. marcus and laura? >> certainly something a lot of people are talking about. tracie, what happens next with this impeachment process? >> next steps, get the transcript of the call, that happens today. get the official complaint, and lawmakers want to hear from that whistle-blower, see if they can
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get him or her in to testify. >> we'll watch to see what happens with that, tracie. thank you for the update. our coverage of the story will continue all morning long. at 5:30, reaction from california republicans, and what oakland's mayor, a frequent trump critic and target, is saying. the "today" show has team coverage for you and analysis coming up at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." 5:04 for you. happening today, democratic presidential candidate julian castro is visiting the bay area. the former housing and urban development secretary will be in oakland, councilmember noel gallo will give castro a tour of the new transit village near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. he'll also visit a large homeless encampment on high street. now to our other top story, the red flag warning. controlled power outages start this morning including omsome 10
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customers in napa and sonoma county. that impacts the far west. 48,000 customer also be involved in the second round of safety shutoffs. pg&e has been monitoring high fire danger conditions for several days. >> we understand what turning off the power for these 1400 customers in the north bay means. we understand the impacts that this can create and so that's why we've been really monitoring closely and it's a decision that we didn't take lightly. >> pg&e says the wind event may end by noon. after that, power lines will have to be inspected before power will be restored. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall, the ingredients will be there. we've got the heat, the dry conditions, and those winds. do you think they'll die down? >> it looks like we'll see the winds subsiding as we go throughout the day. here is the areas included in that red flag warning from now
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until 11:00, and so it's mostly elevations above 1,000 feet. here is a look at our model showing the winds, seen as we look at where we see the bright colors on the map here, it indicates where the winds are gusting the highest, and we do start out with winds sustained at about 24 to 25 miles per hour, at times, and starting to calm down as we go through the rest of the day, and it's still going to be very dry and hot once again as we talk about our high temperatures heading up to 101 degrees today, in antioch, concord as well as napa, 102 in ukiah. i'll have another look at this and the big cooling ahead, that's coming up in the full forecast. >> kari, thank you. all day we'll be throwing a lot of resources at this story from field crews to our team of meteorologists as well as journalists in the newsroom. we have i covered every angle. if news breaks we'll get you
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through the push alert on our nbc bay area app which is free. a four alarm fire burning near mare island in vallejo. we got news into our newsroom the fire started about 3:00 this morning, a three-acre vegetation fire. fire officials say about 20 firefighters are at the scene, it started near the south point of of the island and burn burning to the north. nbc bay area sky ranger headed to the scene. once we get the images we'll bring those to you. a 21-year-old man who police say fired a gun last week on the san jose state campus is expected to appear in court. joseph vicensio faces several charges including attempted murder. no one was hit but bullets did hit the mlk library and a nearby parking structure. officers arrested the suspect a few days later after releasing surveillance images. mountain view has become the
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latest bay area city to restrict rvs on city streets. councilmembers narrowly voted to approve the ban. starting next june, rvs will not be allowed to park long-term on residential streets or any road with bike lanes. instead, vehicles will be restricted to industrial and commercial roads. opponents say it will hurt those without homes who are living in their rvs the most. in just a few hours, the u.s. coast guard will be holding an active shooter drill an yerba buena island. you may hear gunshots between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. it is part of a training exercise. officials say you should not contact police about that noise. oakland schools are letting parents know they don't have to worry about health of the district's free lunch program. the district says students will continue to receive two free meals a day thanks to its community eligible provision which is locked in for the rest of the current school year. that program provides free and
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reduced price breakfast and lunch for all 71 schools. while you were sleeping, major cleanup now under way in western wisconsin, after a tornado touched down, causing as you can see here some pretty heavy damage. new video in to our newsroom from chippewa county outside of eau claire. strong winds tpled big rigs along highway 71, look turned on their side. reports of no one being seriously hurt. here in the bay area the big story is the heat and today, san francisco will be helping people try to deal with what should be some high tempures. today the rec and parks department will offer free admission at seven city pools, and all pools plan to keep at least one lap lane open for anyone who is hoping to get in some exercise. >> sounds like a dip in the pool is going to be just the right prescription. >> absolutely. meteorologist kari hall, you've been tracking all of this for us and that heat is not going away, at least for now.
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>> not today, and so it's going to be another really hot one, that's the reason why we have a heat advisory in effect. it starts at 11:00, goes until 7:00 this evening. those will be the hottest hours of the day, and the heat advisory for all of these areas shaded in orange, which includes san francisco, where we will be headed back to 90 degrees today. as you get ready to head out in concord, we have a start in the mid-60s, leading to 81 degrees at 10:00, and then some low 90s already at noon today. so it's going to be hot, but we do have some relief coming our way. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike, you're closely watching the tri-valley. >> so closely in the last 90 sends i noticed traffic starting to move much better right here, 580 approaching the dublin interchange. you know all the auto dealerships here and in the distance the dublin grade, that gets you oriented that tail light section would be westbound 580 approaching a crash which was reported right at the 680 interchange in the middle of the
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freeway, looks like they may have moved that big rig. there were no major injuries, we're just trying to get crews there and chp was already there the last time. we're tracking that tri-valley commute and the build and any problems toward the bay bridge, there are none. we'll show you the bay bridge and the backup coming up. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:11. still ahead here on "today in the bay," the latest area that's turning to 911 texting, that's coming up for you at 5:25. plus this south bay building recently vacated by toys "r" us is considered to be haunted by some. but it's also back up for halloween. we'll tell you what's moving in there, next. the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco,
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no to prop c.
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right now at 5:14, we are under a microclimate weather alert, as we deal with one more day of high heat and high fire danger. here is a live look outside in palo alto. if you can, carpool or catch transit. it's going to be a day where we are trying to spare the air and our temperatures will be in the mid-60s leading to some upper 80s by noon. we'll talk about how hot it gets and how much we cool down, that's in the forecast, in less than five minutes. palo alto, a little slowing, some flashing lights rightt the willow road interchange. got that ribbon cut yesterday but still have work to do going on here. good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street could open lower
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this morning after stocks fell yesterday. the markets coming under pressure from a weak report on consumer confidence and also worries about trade after identrump criticized china during his u.n. speech. political uncertainty also weighing on the market, following news that house speaker nancy pelosi would make an announcement on launching an impeachment inquirinquiry, of c we know she did do that. the nasdaq and s&p 500 suffering their worst day in a month and on the watch list a report on new home sales. amazon is offering virtual health care services to its employees. amazon care app provides them with access to health professionals over video chat and text, who can provide a diagnosis, recommend whether they need on site care and prescribe medication. the service comes as amazon is making a big push into the health care space. last year it bought online pharmacy pill pack and earlier this year developed skills that could handle patient information. hiring for seasonal jobs at retailers and delivery services is in full swing, and apparently the time to apply is now.
5:16 am
staffing firm challenger is out with its annual holiday job forecast and it suggests hiring will meet or fall short of last year, challengers says it's a tight labor market so companies are paying more for seasonal workers but not a lot of jobs inside of stores. over the past five years, seasonal job market changed as online shopping has surged so most are in logistics, warehouses and fulfillment centers. marcus and laura, back to you. >> we were ready to become target team members. >> still can do it. >> got our red shirts ready. >> thanks. >> thanks, rahel. some call a haunted piece of bay area history coming back to life, sort of. sunnyvale toys "r" us is having a seasonal comeback. spirit halloween moving in along el camino reale. the location made headlines in the 1970s when it was featured as part of a ghost hunting
5:17 am
television show. maybe it will add to the whole haunt thing. >> i know, that will be cool to just get in there. >> you like to be scared. you like roller coasters. >> something that can shake me, give me goose bumps. >> i don't know if it's good or bad that, that was my toys "r" us and every time i would hear about the story, i'm never going there again but the new game would come out, i got to go there. >> did you ever sense anything? >> i'd get shivers every once in a while. >> mostly because you were excit excited. >> mike and marcus adventures. >> ahhh! >> we're seeing the halloween stores popping up. >> already, here we go. >> i can do the chill thing. >> i think it's going to cool off quite a bit over the next few days. we have to make it through today. a live look in san francisco, where we set a new record yesterday for our high temperature reaching into the 90s. we're going to do it again today.
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not only that, but we do have the unhealthy air quality in spots. we're dealing with unhealthy air quality, high heat, along with a fire danger so as you head out the door, we have temperatures all over the place. right now in brentwood it's 73. you compare this to 58 in napa, and in san francisco it is 67 degrees, as you head out the door. we are going to have a wide range in temperatures to start out today and we're all going to feel the heat this afternoon. as we look at our temperature trend for martinez, we'll be at 68 degrees at 7:00. 81 degrees at 10:00, if you get outside early, the earlier the better, and then the latter part of the day, we're reaching into the upper 90s today. as we look at our south ba high temperatures in east san jose expect a high of about 97 degrees there. we'll be up to 101 in danville, and hayward reaching 94. we're also going to see a high of 94 in redwood city, san francisco reaching up to 90 on the embarcadero and the mission district, and the north bay
5:19 am
reaching 98 degrees in sonoma and in clearlake. so we have the high pressure that still remains in control. it's bringing in some northerly winds with this clockwise flow, going into the next couple of days, that will have less of an influence on our weather. we'll see an area of low pressure and a storm system moving into seattle and portland, dropping in producing some gusty winds and even some shower chances for the sierra. looking at the next seven days for the inland areas, it looks so much better after today. 102 for the high temperature, we'll feel that in ukiah today. elsewhere we're seeing triple digits. then going into the end of the week, upper 70s, and then we'll see that continuing into the start of next week, with san francisco in the mid 80s today. we'll see that fog returning by friday. headed over to mike, you're starting with a look at the bay brid bridge. >> i was. i was sorting through smaller issues. not a major factor for your commute. this is the biggest impact the
5:20 am
bay bridge backup that's forming for the fastrak lanes. cash lanes building up a little more easily. yesterday late in the morning commute it was a lot tougher than we often see, between 7:00 and 9:00, huge roadway backup and then things started to move a little better. we're watching for the pattern today, and so far, highway 4 shows a build pretty typical pattern, pretty typical timing here. the fire right there, the peninsula is called mare island, the peninsula in the preserve, not affecting highway 37. we see your traditional slowing out of vallejo past highway 29. the rest of the bay the tri-valley area, west 580 the live camera shows traffic flowing nor smoothly. no major injuries. we'll track that and a little slowing but it's less than we saw before so unusual recovery for 580 and 520. traffic is flowing smoothly. the backup at the bay bridge is the one we're concerned with now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it is 5:20 right now. coming up the latest bay area
5:21 am
community to allow texting 911 for help. up next, the situation law enforcement hopes technology will use. plus some say it's a long time coming. the honor two legendary bay area olympians, tommy smits and john carlos are finally getting. you're watching "today in the bay." i've booked your shower, sir. ♪ ♪ ♪ how far you travel, is up to you. how comfortable you travel is up to us.
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5:23 right now. happeningtoday, santa clara county is launching a new 911 emergency texting service. local leaders say texting can help during home invasions, school shootings, domestic violence and countless other situations in which people are afraid of being overheard. it will also help improve access for the hearing impaired. san jose police dispatch conducted a soft launch of the texting system earlier this year. the official kickoff event takes place later this morning in san jose. 5:24. developing right now, we're getting a closer look at the destruction left behind after a powerful earthquake struck pakistan. at least 22 people are dead, more than 700 injured. the 5.8 magnitude quake collapsed homes and damaged central roads. when it hit yesterday it sent many running for their lives. take a look. new shid video of a man able to narrowly able to escape injury as a building collapsed directly behind him. we can only hope empblveryone e
5:25 am
in that building made it out of time. tropical storm karen is moving away from puerto rico and to the u.s. virgin islands but not before delivering a powerful punch. strong winds and torrential rain still threatening to unleash flooding and mudslides. you may remember an earthquake struck puerto rico late monday. puerto rico is still trying to recover from back-to-back hurricanes in 2017. greta sundayberg among the winners of the award known as the alternative nobel. inspiring urgent climate action and talking to thousands of thousands of students across the u.s. in the meantime she's making changes to her twitter account after president donald trump posted a tweet mocking the 16-year-old climate activist. he quoted an emotional line from thunberg's address, she seems
5:26 am
like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. she changed her twitter profile to embrace the president's words. warner brothers new movie "the joker" is coming under fire before it hits the big screen. relatives of the people who died in the 2012 shooting at a colorado movie theater have written a letter to warner brothers, that shooting happened on opening night of "the dark knight rises" batman movie. there are concerns about violence in the upcoming film and also want the studio to play a bigger role in addressing gun violence. >> a corporation that is making money off of gratuitous violence needs to be taking care of society as well. we want to see survivors have the supports that they need and funding that they need like a vet would. this people didn't sign up for war but they've lived through a war. >> 12 people died and 70 more were injured when a gunman started shooting inside the theater. you can hear more about the plea
5:27 am
coming up on the "today" show, right after "today in the bay." 5:26 for you right now. many call it long overdue, but two bay area sports legends remembered for taking a stand at the olympic games are receiving a top honor. >> tommy smith and john carlos were u.s. olympic team sprinters who medaled athe 1968 summer games and also member of the san jose state track team but raised black love fists on the medal stand, both were sent home. both are inducted into u.s. olympic hall of fame, this will be the first time either has been involved with team usa since making that statement, which sparked so much reaction 51 years ago. >> san jose state it's so cool to take a picture with it. >> they've come on our newscast, too, it's cool. coming up a busy day at "today in the bay." breaking news we're covering this more than for you the ceo of san francisco-based juul is stepping down as the vaping company faces a string of issues
5:28 am
and pressure to combat teen vaping. coming up in a live report, who will now run that company. plus the heat and fire concerns. hundreds of pg&e and customers are without power in napa and sonoma counties. a live report just moments away. kari hall is tracking conditions for us >> not only do we have a high fire danger but also a heat advisory in effect. i'll track that along with temperatures and the relief in the forecast. more is coming up after this break.
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a very good morning to you. taking a live look outside, this time at the bay bridge, a gorgeous sight right there. boy, warm temperatures across the bay area once again. kari was telling us 90 degrees in san francisco yesterday. that's tough for a lot of people. >> it is. no air conditioning. >> not to mention all the fire concerns that they're having as well, power outages, more on that in a moment. want to say good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the conditions we're dealing w the red flag warning. >> that continues throughout the day, it's been extended until 7:00 p.m. we are seeing the red flag warnings in effect for elevations above 1,000 feet, where the winds will be gusting and continuing to gust up to 40 miles per hour, with sustained winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour and humidity levels dropping down to about 10 to 25%. low humidity, high winds and hot temperatures not a good combination, but we are going to have another hot day as we reach up to 101 degrees in napa, and
5:32 am
some mid 80s in san francisco, while san jose reaches 96 degrees, we'll see livermore reaching 100 degrees and mike, you're also looking at the tri-valley, have the crashes cleared yet? >> they have and that's great news. the commute is starting to build in the tri-valley. we're talking about 580 around the dublin interchange and another around greenville. looks like they're both out of lanes and that's great news. west 580 typical slowing out of the altamont and slowing for vasco, much better than yesterday. the backup was coming past the preserve. we have a little slowdown now as you get down to one lane and head toward 580. under half hour still for marsh creek road a pleasant drive right now. highway 4 moves smoothly out of the same area but headed west through pittsburg and bay point. a couple of crashes away from the bay bridge at the shoulder and backup at the toll plaza the lights are on. back to you. breaking news to tell you about this morning on the vaping epidemic. the ceo of san francisco based
5:33 am
juul labs stepping down effective immediately. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from the newsroom. she's gathering new information on this. what's next for the company here, and even what it could mean for the vaping industry? >> this is a big step and it happened just in the last half hour. the most obvious change an average person will see isn't the name plate on the ceo's door. it's a full stop of all advertising for juul. kevin burns stepped down amid heavy criticism of the vaping industry and of juul in particular, which is accused of marketing its ecigarettes to young people with the sleek designs and the sweet flavorings. he will be replaced by an executive from the third largest tobacco producer in the world, that's the company behind marlboro, the new ceo is known for his work with regulators. the ceo was replaced effective immediately, all advertising is suspended immediately, that's broadcast, print and digital. lobbying related to federal policy is now stopped while the federal government comes up with
5:34 am
its policy on vaping. the new ceo's statement this morning "i have long believed in a future where adult smokers overwhelmingly choose alternative products like juul. unfortunately, today that future is at risk due to unacceptable levels of youth usage and eroding public confidence in our industry." now he adds that juul has to strive to work with regulators and policymakers, but we don't know what that means for juul's efforts to convince voters to overturn san francisco's vaping ban. juul has spent more than $3 million on that effort. other cities and states are either enacting or working to enact bans on vaping. as you may know by now, there are nine people whose deaths are attributed to vaping. >> thanks for the latest developments, kris. 5:34 right now. within the last hour pg&e shut down power for some customers in the north bay, due to the high fire danger and windy conditions. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in sonoma this morning.
5:35 am
do we know exactly how many customers are without electricity right now? >> reporter: just over 1400 customers, laura and marcus here in sonoma and ma napa, including safari west, workers within the last 20 minutes powered up this generator so they can keep the lights on in their offices behind them, and they will be open for business later today. take a look up in the tree. notice there's no wind. the air is very calm. that's the reason why pg&e did shut down this power in this area at 4:30 this morning, as a precaution over concerns there would be high winds that could damage utilities, electrical equipment and cause a wildfire like the ones that devastated the north bay two years ago. off camera, there is a pg&e crew not far from us on standby just keeping an eye on the equipment. the winds are very calm right now, nonexistent. of the 1400 customers without power in the north bay, about 700 are here in the area of the porter creek road area which as you can see in the outage map
5:36 am
provided by pg&e covers safari west, the geyser and a part of calistoga. the other 700 customers without power are located in the napa and northern part of lake berryessa. throughout all of northern california there are 48,000 customers involved in this second round of safety shutoffs that reach to the sierra foothills. pg&e is monitoring high fire danger conditions for several days. the utility company waited until late yesterday to make the decision. >> we understand turning off the power for the 1400 customers in the north bay means, we understand the impacts that this can create and so that's why we've been really monitoring closely and it's a decision that we didn't take lightly. >> i've had friends and family friends that have lost homes and with the power being shut off if it can save someone's home it's good. >> reporter: in calistoga, restaurants like pacifico lost money during last year's safety shutoff. this year the owner installed a generator just in case.
5:37 am
similarly here back out at safari west, they brought in a portal generator so they can stay in business later today. pg&e is expecting the expected wind event to end at noon and what they'd do is have the crews go out to inspect all the equipment. right now the air is calm in this area where we're at right now, there is no wind but that doesn't mean it might not pick up later this morning. reporting live here in sonoma, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. amid the high fire danger, a massive fire broke out yesterday in fresno county. the so-called hay fire burned near the city of kerman yesterday afternoon, it destroyed 1100 tonds of high and farm equipment. the cse sunday investigation. people in the south bay this morning will have one less fire concern because firefighters have now fully contained a brush fire that started over the weekend in the hills above
5:38 am
milpit milpitas. it started saturday near calaveras road and burned about 130 acres. all streets including calaveras road are open again. first step towards opening an democrats are now taking the first step towards opening an impeachment inquiry against president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi made it official last night. we have a live look at a capitol hill, where it looks like the drama may be ready to play out. the inquiry is tied to the growing controversy over the president's recent phone call to the president of ukraine, whistle-blower reportedly says trump may have tied aid to the ukraine to an investigation in to joe biden's son and for his work for an oil company there. the white house is apparently ready to release the transcript of that call. senator pelosi wants to know if a crime has been committed and wants to see that transcript. the president says everything was above board. >> he'll have to choose whether to break the law or honor his responsibility to the constitution. >> look, it's just a continuation of the witch hunt, the worst witch hunt in political history.
5:39 am
we have the strongest economy we've had, the best unemployment numbers we've ever had. >> here is how the process works. after looking at the transcript, the house committee decides whether to recommend impeachment, then the full house votes on whether to move forward. finally, the senate will hold a trial with the chief justice john roberts presiding. each side makes their case, then a two-thirds senate vote is required to remove the president from office, if that should happen. a follow-up for you this morning, contra costa county leaders have approved the first step in a new tax that may soon hit the cash register. our bob redell reported on this yesterday on "today in the bay." supervisors want to add a half cent sales tax. yesterday they approved a plan to put it on the ballot next spring. if voters approve it, the county sales tax would go up from 8.25 to 8.75%. those added revenues would fund transportation and road improvement projects. if it passes, the added sales tax will go into effect next
5:40 am
july. >> talking about roads, taxes and what's being paid for in contra costa county, let's show you how the roads are being u used. highway 4 toward concord, pittsburg and bay point to feed toward the pleasant hill area that's the commute direction toward the bay bridge. away from the bay bridge we have a crash settled on broadway for east 24, and it's in the center divide, so out of lanes counter commute but we track that entire area. no problems for the maze or t bay bridge. the metering lights are on. a look at the rest of the bay for the speed sensors, no problem and a smooth drive over that san mateo bridge. folks traveling toward the high-rise and going down, i hope that would be the same for temperatures. >> for temperatures one more day we have to get to but the cooldown is coming for the weekend. >> it will be a great weekend. we're making plans to get outside. let's check out saturday's forecast across the bay area, reaching the low 80s for the inland areas which is about normal. the bay reaching 75, and the
5:41 am
coastal areas staying in the upper 60s. on sunday, we'll see highs up to about 78 degrees, so it continues to cool off. we'll see the bay up to about 74 for the high, and the coast up to 66 degrees. take your jacket to the beach. if you're planning to head out on saturday, maybe checking out the barbecue in the glen, that's going to be happening on saturday starting at noon. we're only going to reach up to about 72 degrees during the middle of the day so it's going to be perfect weather for grilling out, so in pacifica, we do have some cool air there for the fog festival this weekend, and if you're going to be out there at 10:00 in the morning, cloudy and drizzling, peeks of sunshine throughout the day but don't bet on it. as we take a look at our forecast for lake shasta, it's going to be a nice weekend but it will start out in the upper 70s and continue to cool off. we're only reaching about 60 degrees on sunday. half moon bay we'll start out the weekend with some foggy conditions and drizzle on
5:42 am
friday, and then we'll see a little bit more sunshine the rest of the weekend, with highs up to 64 this saturday. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend in the east bay, that's coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari, looking forward to it. next and all new an overnight fire at a church in contrata county. we'll have a look at the damage this morning. later, archie met the archbishop. our first glimpse of royal baby archie as his parents tour africa. see more of this new video. >> so cute! we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
5:43 am
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we're coming up on 5:45 and under a microclimate weather alert as we deal with one more really hot day and a high fire danger. this is is a live look in fremont as you get ready to head out the door. we have some upper 60s, it's a very warm start, compared to where we should be, and it's going to be a hot afternoon. we're already at 87 at lunch time. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead as we cool off for the weekend, that's in less than five minutes. and right here, we see a good smooth drive for the tail lights, much better now that the crash has cleared to the dublin interchange, this is 580. we'll show you how the rest of your commute shapes up. fire crews are still on the scene in antioch this morning after part of a church went up in flames. this started at around 1:30 this morning at antioch christian center off. flames destroyed the church's offices but the chapel is okay.
5:46 am
firefighters say it all started as a small grass fire and then spread to the church grounds. there's still no word on a cause. this is national rail safety week and authorities say two deadly bay areainess departments are shedding light on its importance. in san jose, someone was struck and killed by a caltrain. this happened last night near capitol and blossom hill stations. in hayward one person was killed by an amtrak train last night, near ladigg street. they say everyone should keep in mind that you should never try to beat a train and you should always obey the crossing guards. santa clara county leaders are taking new action this week to support sex assault victims coinciding with the release of chanel miller's memoir about being assaulted by stanford swimmer brock turner. supervisors voted to create the santa clara county office of gender-based violence. it will oversee services for victims of sexual assault.
5:47 am
it also unanimously approved money to fully fund two rape crisis centers and it will help launch a pilot program to link medical forensic exams with victims services and law enforcement response. the same supervisors yesterday also approved a new styrofoam ban that applies to restaurants, food trucks and other vendors in other parts of unincorporated contra costa county. it does not include trays for raw meat, reusable ice chests or prepackaged food. vendors can request a hardship exemption for up to one year. plans for a 5,000 square foot rooftop bar in downtown san jose are moving forward. a city based company submitted a smite development permit with the hopes of revitalizing an historic building along south first street along with a new bar, the new proposal includes plans for office and retail space adjacent to the bank of italy office tower. developers hope to break ground in 2021. get ready to get emotional, giants fans. the season is coming down to its final days, bruce bochy is
5:48 am
nearing the end of a very long career. >> speaking of long, two games for the price of one, probably what it felt like. fans at china basin, including former yankees manager joe torre. buster posey hit a solo home run and the game was tied going into the 16th inning, when rookies scored three runs to beat the giants 8-5. of course we're sparing you those lowlights. the oakland a's manager bob melvin back in the thick of the playoff hunt. every pitch means something and last night things started well. chris davis hit a two-run homer in the fourth inning for an early lead. that's all the runs the a's would score. they had a chance in the ninth but a double play ended. a's lost 3-2. the wild card lead is down to half a game with five games remaining. new overnight for you, an archbishop meets baby archie. prince harry and meghan markle introduced their royal addition to archbishop desmond tutu and his daughter.
5:49 am
this is in south africa this morning. the face-to-face meet something part of the royal couple's tour of the country. the royal couple met with the pair to talk about tutu's foundation, which focuses on raising global awareness on critical issues around the world. >> so cute. look at that little face. looks just like harry. a mini harry. >> that's the first time i've seen him since he was born. >> right, i know. >> instead of going it's just a doll. >> you're looking past the archbishop. oh, the baby! >> so let's start out this morning, we've been talking about the hot weather and the high fire danger, but we also have a spare the air alert day, that's a live look outside in dublin, already a lot of people up and out the door. if you can catch transit, that's going to help us out some and also carpool, we try to reduce the amount of unhealthy particles in the air. we look at these numbers, it shows the amount of particulate matter that makes the air
5:50 am
unhealthy mostly in the inland east bay and the south bay. if you have breathing problems, limit your time outside. as we get the kids up and out the door for school this morning it's a nice comfortable walk to school, probably don't even need a jacket, and then throughout the day, make sure they're wearing something that will help keep them cool and have the water bottle to refill it throughout the day. we're going to reach 90 degrees by 1:00 today. our high temperature reaching 96 in san jose, 95 in pa llo alto. oakland reaching 90 degrees and mid 80s, but i think we'll still see some low 90s again in parts of the city today. up to 101 in napa as well as antioch. we have high pressure that's really giving us this offshore wind flow, and not creating much of a wind for some of those areas that have been dealing with high heat. going into tomorrow, that high pressure backs off, we have more of an influence on an approaching storm system that will be coming in, and bringing in a chance of some breezy winds and rain for the sierra, while we catch a cooldown in the
5:51 am
forecast, it's going to feel so much nicer. look at the difference here, from 102 today, down to 75 degrees early next week. we'll also see that cool air remaining for a few more days. as we look at san francisco, this is the last day we'll have to deal with such high heat. the fog returns tomorrow and continues into the weekend to cool us off. headed over to mike it's a little slow out of palo alto. >> it is. i wanted to double check and make sure it was just the construction movement and no other crashes, that's what we're seeing, willow road got all the publicity yesterday as they had the ribbon cutting for the new interchange but they still have a little work to do and we definitely have the improvements continuing through the same stretch for the bay shore freeway. should be cleared in a couple of minutes. crash cleared to the shoulder opposite side of the bay 880 at "a" street in hayward, a smooth drive through the area there. the crash in this area is an issue, we're looking at patterson pass road, this is a different area, looks like we took the chopper sky ranger the
5:52 am
fire going on in mare island. i'm going to get out of your way as we get oriented. sky ranger is over the mare island preserve, that's where the four-acre fire is located. it happened early this morning and it's still ongoing. it is pretty far south from highway 37 and west of highway 29, so it's not affecting the freeways, although you can probably see the glow from quite a distance. you see the fire crews on scene. four-alarm from what i understand and the smoke will be in the area as the sun comes up, it may be a factor and distract folks traveling through the north bay but as you see from the speed sensors at the top of your screen, we just have your typical slowing out of vallejo for westbound 37. i'll send it back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. happening now, all new poll shows senator kamala harris dropping further behind a race for the democratic presidential nomination and a surprise change at the top. according to quinnipiac poll, senator elizabeth warren is leading with 27% support among voters followed by former vice
5:53 am
president joe biden with 25%. senator bernie sanders, south bend mayor pete buttigieg and harris follow behind. harris has only 3% support. next and new this hour some good news to share. >> it's not every day you have a police officer tie your tie for homecoming day. >> i know, i appreciate it. >> the story behind the viral video, plus a teenager and his mother's message to this officer. what if you could stop mass murderers before they kill? maybe we can. i'm senior investigative reporter bigad shaban. we investigate the mind of a murderer, next. how do i use better than bouillon?
5:54 am
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5:56 am
5:56 this morning. a touching story trending this morning. a police officer's act of kindness for a teenager on his way to a school dance. >> the officer pulled over the boy's mother as she was driving to that dance. she failed to make a complete stop but instead of giving her a ticket, he noticed the young man was struggling with his tie. >> the tie was perfect. i was actually really happy, because i was worried i wasn't going to have a tie at all. >> that was after the officer helped him. the teen thad the officer for his help, the two hugged there, and her facebook post the single mom says she's so grateful.
5:57 am
oh. >> the tie looks good, too. >> i wonder if she got a ticket. >> i hope not. if you're headed home for the holidays you probably want to start booking your thanksgiving flight. >> aaa says that the best value deals start today. the organization analyzed three years' worth of booking data for its members to determine the best and most popular times to book travel. this is air travel, and from september 25th through october 27th, travelers are expected to get good prices, and more flight options. aaa says that the key to getting the best deals really is booking early and being flexible. >> you got to be flexible when you're looking at flights. you definitely are looking at bottom line and best value but sometimes paying more may mean the better value for you in terms of flight times or when you land. >> last year aaa says more than 50 million people traveled for thanksgiving and another 112 million or so traveled for christmas. all new on "today" former
5:58 am
california first lady maria shriver leads a new discussion. >> the topic aging for women and all the changes that comes with it. maria sat down with some famous friends who you may recognize to help dispel some of the stereotypes and share what aging gracefully means to them in the 21st century. >> i think that the term age appropriate needs to go away. >> yes. >> it's really meaningless. >> what else do you think has to go away, women of a certain age. >> are you supposed to be dancing when you're 60? you're not supposed to be. all these things we've been taught are unseemly for someone of a certain age. >> the full story airs at 8:30 on the "today" show. if you can't stick around, look for it online at what if you could stop a murder years before it even happens? >> cutting edge science right here in the bay area aims to detect patterns in the brain that could help identify who might be at risk of committing
5:59 am
violent attacks in the future. senior investigative reporter bigad shaban has that story. >> good morning. more than a thousand miles away in new mexico, research inside prisons is revealing new information about the minds of murderers. dr. kent kiel specializes in studying psychopaths. he's a neuroscientist and psychologist and over the last decade he conducted mri scans of nearly a thousand prisoners. in order to examine the brain differences of killers versus non-killers. kiel and his team found the brains of people who kill are wired differently, specific sections of the brain responsible for controlling emotions, impulses, and social awareness are less developed among those who have taken a life. dr. kiel is already getting requests from parents around the country who want their kids tested for potentially violent behavior. the scans and analysis run about $10,000 per child.
6:00 am
this te of emination does raise ethical questions but it could very well be years before this kind of testing becomes widely available in our area or other medical centers across the country. back to you. right now at 6:00, overnight outages early this morning, planned shutoffs by pg&e in parts of napa and sonoma counties started. we're live in the impacted zones as that fire danger remains high. it's really a sad day for our country actually. >> if she does that, they all say that's a positive for me from the election. >> impeachment inquiry reaction and fallout from house speaker nancy pelosi's dision and what the white house is pledging to do soon. we have team coverage. later, lyft for your commute, at 6:15, we update the san francisco rideshare company is making to its app to help you track down more than just a car, even if the company doesn't profit. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and


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