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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 5, 2019 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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we start with breaking news out of orange county. two explosions at an octoberfest celebration inti seval people t hospital. >> investigating electrical fire in underground vault. when it exploded. ler another e. flames shooting into the area, prompting emergency response from firefighters and paramedics as you see there.
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firefighters say four people injured, two firefighters and two civilians, one person on a stretcher there. we'll bring you more as it comes in. we're in a microclimate weather alert. red flag alert. >> combination on display on the in contra costa county. no structures doly rob mayeda i tracking it for us. >> san temperatures. highs were in the low 60s. air is trending warmer and drier and will continue to do so, especially in north bay hills above 1,000 feet. red flag warning through 10:00 tomorrow morning.
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win winds flaring out over the north bay hills. hilltops with 20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds and humidity levels dropping down. 20% or less. high fire danger before sunrise. quickly climb into mid-80s early as 1:00. morgan hill, 87 by 1:00, some 90s in reach. for dry, gusty, o winds coming up in accuweather forecast in a few minutes. pg&e is taking no chances. about an hour ago it turned off power for yuba, butte and coombis counties to combat
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wildfires. marin county fire is bringing in more crews. for weather reports our app, it's free. get reports on your cell phone. terrifying ordeal, woman wakes up to find stranger in her home groping her. happened in what is believed to be a safe neighborhood in dublin. marian marianes from where the sexual assault took place. investigators believe it's a random attack. just before midnight thursday woman woke up to find a man her. she screamed, the man ran off. police combed the neighborhood for the suspect. this neighbor who asked not to
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be identified said the officers used a police dog to search his backyard. >> they had guns drawn and really gave me an extra awakening, seeing people in your backyard with guns. >> reporter: didn't find the suspect they believed entered through unlocked back door. >> unusual, dublin is quiet. >> reporter: arrested transient here at the park. about two miles. says he had never seen the man in the park before. until was sitting over there. him? >> the picture. yeah. >> reporter: simmons is at jail, accused of sexual assault and residential burglary.
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nbc bay area news. redwood city man hit by police cruiser last month has died with injuries. hit september 18th when officer lost control of-hour patrol car responding to report of home invasion. victim standing on the center median near james avenue. wet road conditions are believed to have played a role. man accused of stabbing his father in belmont this morning. police say he approached sleeping father and began stabbing him without warning about 2:00 this morning. father is in stable condition, police arrested love without incident. search for a woman turned into recovery effort. 8:30 coast guard helicopter crew discovered a body matching description of the missing
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24-year-old. friends say she went for a swim, never came back. magnitude 3.5 earthquake provided a jolt. surprising experts. 8:41 this morning. people close to the epicenter described a fast jolt that was loud and sent them scrambling outdoors. >> just been outside, other people went out, asking what was going on. truck hit the building, because it shook. >> expert with u.s. gs told us there was vertical motion to this quake, unusual, usually much further inland. thousands reported feeling the quake, followed by several small aftershocks. it's reminder to be prepared in case the next one is bigger.expl
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be bigger. tips on fesessentials, first ai kit, cash in small bills, clothing, blanket, crank style radio, food and water, rope, duct tape and multiuse knife. find the full list on wait is over, warriors fans finally got chance to check out the team's new home. fans not only ones trying to adjust to new arena. team dealt with confusion as well. sergio quintana is live to explain. >> reporter: there are a few fans i talked with who were a little but excited about chase center and looking forward to roar of fans as the revs up. some devoted fans slipped into seats and got comfortable
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quickly. >> feels kind of familiar. maybe the shape is pretty classic anyway but i don't feel away from home at all. >> reporter: almost like family in new house, other fans seemed to be carefully taking in new surroundings. >> looks better but oracle had a different feeling i think. we'll get used to this. >> reporter: not only ones still getting used to cavernous new place. coach steve kerr joked about it. >> before the game i didn't know where my assistant coaches were, where to find them. literally got this facility down here, all these different rooms, i went to get something tonobo yet. >> reporter: just the eason, to c tonight to what warriors fans are used to at roarical. but it's proving to be the go-to entertainment venue for other large events in san francisco. been 13 concerts here. for some it's a new reason to
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venture into the city. >> i think it's going to be a focal point between the giants and here. i love this part of the city, been coming here since i was little girl and there was nothing. >> reporter: for others it will take getting used to. now this is also my first night at the new venue. i have to confess my photographer and i got lost inside. we're still getting used to the place too. reporting live, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> appreciate the honesty. it's new. coming up, warriors game and reaction from steph curry on his firstxpience at chase center. rally in skoiacramento call for recall of governor gavin newsom, people gathered to help with the movement. group known as 2 million californians to recall gavin
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newsom started on facebook in july. more than 14,000 members. received approval to start gathering signatures on petition. say they're outraged at recent bills signed into law. >> he's not dealt with the homeless situation very well. and i'm just concerned that i can't afford to live here anymore and i've lived here entire life, retired and would like to stay. it's been a busy weekend in san francisco. tomorrow it gets tol head to the city in fleet week, check out the cool events. all free to the public. including tours on military ships and watching the blue angels. police asking everyone to do their part to stay safe. can sign up for safety alerts from the city.
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for more information, still ahead, no one is immune from the bay area's housing crisis, even facebook is feeling the pinch. why mark zuckerberg says his company might get squeezes out. >> former vice president joe biden on the offensive tonight. ad controversy. 67 degrees in san francisco. offshore,e's a cyberattackinue on business every 39 seconds. we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system that automatically updates, so you always have the latest protection. phishing. malware. risky sites. it can help block all of that. get fast internet and adonth.
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it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business. beyond fast.
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former vice president joe biden has taken a lot of heat from the trump administration, now on the attack. ad is titled unhinged. argues that mr. trump is doing everything in his power to push biden and other candidates he doesn't like out of the presidential race. former vice president has been hesitant to legitimize hisattac >> all comments about the corruption from most corrupt president we've had in modern history. he's the definition of corruption. >> president appeared to pressure new president of the ukraine to dig up dirt on biden
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and his son. he insisted the efforts were reasonable. >> reporter: yesterday in montenegro mike pompeo refused to answer questions about the impeachment inquiry. >> when the world doesn't focus on things that matter and instead get caught up in silly healthy. >> reporter: insists that himself, state department and president acted appropriately reqst the investigation from ukrainian president on oil company on whose board sat biden's son to make sure not corrupt and look into alleged interference in 2016 investigation.
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rejecting accusation that request was made to interfere in the collection in 2020. >> "meet the press," speaking to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. watch it 8:00 on nbc bay area. nuclear negotiations between north korea and the united states have broken down. north korea's top negotiator ended it inflexibility. u.s. -- said that didn't reflec the talk. accepted invitation to return for more discussion but unclear if north korean leaders are willing to come back to the table. gruesome rampage in new york's chinatown, man beat
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four homeless men to death. appears the suspect is also homeless. used metal pipe in the attack. suspect does have prior arrests for assault. pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong, many wearing face masks in defiance of a new ban. started midnight, all subway and train services are closed after overnight arson attack, looting and fighting with the police. v. grab and go at lulu lemon. stole yoga pants. >> lot of yoga pants. >> and jumped in car and took
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off. same car involved in another threat the week before. tracked down in antioch. no one is immune to the bay area's housing crisis, mark zuckerberg says foib acebook is looking for somewhere else to expand. prices up, traffic is bad. we know this. wants a hub to be around each other, main headquarters is in menlo park. he says he's trying to help the bay area build homes over next two years. san diego's downtown full of racers. >> day one, 5k, kids run, fitness expo. this is theunners this morning, the races are
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tradition. >> i like it. enjoy it. i'm back every year. signed up for next year. >> family and i have been doing the san jose rock and roll for years. 5k, 10k, half marathon. >> continues tomorrow with the main event. racest 13.1 mile event in california. rate racers come from all over the country to take part. tomorrow morning will be nice temperature for a race right? morning races will be better. afternoon is heating to 90 degrees. >> stragglers will pay a is micr alert for fire danger in the north bay hills and air is starting to modify right now. flag atop the building is pointing west. northeast breezes have reached san francisco. clear sign, 67 degrees.
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humidity 40%, normally a lot higher. emeryville, 55 degrees, not much wind there. and san jose, temperatures hanging on to the 60s outside. another thing we'll have to watch in the afternoon. speaking of outdoor plans and exercise, spare the air day tomorrow. likely to see pollution levels inma see one more of the monday. notice the temperatures out to the coast. sign of the breezes. half moon bay is 56. wind arrow is offshore. morning, wind sheltered, 40s and 50s. but if they keep going where you are, may wake up to d-60s. upper 80s around san jose, 90 south of downtown.
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close to 90 around antioch and concord. closer to upper 80s for downtown oakland tomorrow. we'll watch that. san mateo to palo alto in the mid-80s. no sign of the sea breeze until late. 90s in the north bay, the item to watch. combination of dry, gusty winds in hilltops above 1,000 feet an possible asds comes up. offshore winds act like hair drier to the b monday. near 90 degrees inland. 70s and 80s t as we see bit of onshore push of cooler air but stay tuned, could be another offshore wind event setting up thursday. right now looks like stronger winds than tonight. watch out for that.
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warm in san francisco until monday, same for the valleys, could be a little bit warmer, then mid-week forecast continues to trend gusty. wouldn't just be for north bay, arete something to watch. >> bright side, good for fleet week. >> really clear out the skies. steph curry talks about first game at chase center. sports is next. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better? check this out!
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. the start the warriors wanted but hey, it's only preseason. >> it doesn't count. dubs hosting the lakers, first game in chase center. steph curry there, lebron james, anthony davis. warriors down early, who else? steph curry scores first points ever in that new arena. lot of warriors fans excited to see d'angelo russell. d-lo. nice finger roll. but warriors didn't have enough. look good idea in second
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quarter, but that's it. losing 123-101. steph curry about the new home. >> beautiful. ability to create amazing environment and home-court advantage. excited about t next game is tht thes minnesota timberwolves. sharks against the ducks. logan couture, beautiful shot, at that time, tied it up. didn't stop there. unfortunately for the sharks. ducks win 3-1. sharks are 0-3 this season. cal bears were up in eugene taking on the oregon ducks. good pregame stuff. put cal ahead, first career start, connects with christopher brown jr. but that's all the scoring that cal could come up
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with, oregon won 17-7. stanford won though. we'll be right back. ♪ hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today.
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firefighters are s helping santa clara. >> a little boy took it upon himself to make sure they were safe. helping direct traffic. crews on a medical call when sebastian jumped in, he's got future as firefighter. that's coming from firefighters. >> "snl" is next, good night. keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is now only $1,399 plus 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time.
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