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tv   First Look  NBC  January 30, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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here! it's your favorite thing to do. what's going on in here? just come over and sit with me. get cozy. wait, we we're watching us watch you? yeah. isn't it great? we can watch our reactions to my segments that we reacted to last year. so you want me to relive 2020 all over again? exactly. and relive all of your "1st look" segments? my favorite segments, though. so i have to watch us watch you strip all over again? johnny bananas: yeah. and i have to watch us watch you try and cheer again. excuse me? "try?" yes. emphasis on the "try." and i have to watch us watch you put a sparkler in your mouth all over again? johnny bananas: yes! well, this is going to be fun. or a nightmare. this is going to be more like a dream come true. i mean-- [chuckles]
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[shushing] don't caress me. [rock music playing] [man vocalizing] [fanfare] welcome to a special episode of "1st look," where we take a look back at our reactions to my all-time favorite "1st look" segments. this is the beautiful and talented morgan willett, who was my prisoner-- i mean, quarantine partner-- through these rough times. morgan, what would you say my best quality is, and why would you say it's my luscious derriere? 100% not your derriere, but i'd say you have a pretty good head of hair. yeah? what about these babies? [twinkling] eh, i guess you have a good manicure, too. i think i have more spirit than any man on earth. well, that's very debatable. all right. well then, since we're not ever going to settle this, why don't we let the audience decide? here's the time i tried out for the los angeles rams' cheerleading squad and my spirit was on full display--
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despite what morgan thinks. you know what, johnny? i think i know what it takes, especially when it comes to spirit. i cheered for four years at a d1 school for a football team. so i know some things about college football. the texas longhorns. hook 'em! uh, except-- roll tide. ew! i've had my fair share of cheer tryouts, though. so i know what you went through. i'm sure you-- oh, no, you didn't. oh, no, you didn't. you just wait. you've never seen anything this grueling, ever. rallying the fans, performing their hearts out in rain, sun, defeat, or snow. you can always count on the unsung heroes of football-- the cheer squad. they are the unsung heroes. oh, he's good. in 2018, after-- that's not me. i'm very aware. johnny bananas: of over 100 hopefuls, classically trained dancers quinton pirone and napoleon jennings became la rams cheerleaders along with a squad of 38 females. go rams!
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so they were the first two males to ever be cheerleaders for the nfl. that's cool. [sighs] and i was almost the third. now trailblazers in the sport, quinton and napoleon-- did you meet them? yeah. they, uh-- they were my trainers. we don't have any pompoms. we don't tumble. - you don't tumble? - no. stunt work? no stunt work. see, that's the difference between cheer and dance. what's the-- what's the difference? so, technically, cheerleading would include the stunting, the tumbling, the throwing the girls in the air, which is what more college cheerleaders do. i took a few tumbles while i was i learning. i would love to see you do a backflip. [scoffs] now, the first part was obviously the interview process, which-- i'm sure you nailed. how do you feel about performing in front of large crowds? terrified. what other capabilities do you have for us? johnny bananas: i was an iguana wrangler in florida. i'm a sumo wrestler. [screaming] i think these are all-- all these skills that i have would translate over
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into cheerleading very well. sumo wrestling-- i would love to know how wrangling an iguana would translate. because you have to have agility because you have to be able to catch them. the mawashi-- the little diaper thing-- it's similar in size to what-- you should've shown up for your tryout in that. [sighs] probably would have made the team. i probably would have. [laughs] these poor girls having to audition with you. [sassy electro music playing] (singing) we're a high-flying, international party machine. we get down and the east-- [laughing] oh, my god. (singing) we make a scene, we got that big hun' dollar bill. [laughing] there's the snap! face. i honestly don't think my audition could have went any better. (whispering) fingers crossed. [laughs] oh, my god. now, i don't know if you noticed this, but they were-- because i think they forgot some of the moves-- so they were actually copying of off me. morgan willett: you're right. because they were like, oh, yeah, you got to do the pirouette before the--
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good dance term. russian twist. [laughs] johnny, we thought you put forth a great effort. your technique needs a little bit of work. you have a lot of personality. you need to make more eye contact. [cartoony running sound] we're not going to have you on the team this year. but we'd like to have you come back. as a consolation prize, we'd like to give you this shirt, and hopefully we'll see you at a game. [sniffles] i need a moment. [sad piano playing] these girls are so over you. [sighs] i don't know. this is all i ever wanted. [morgan laughs] it's a lot more difficult than it looks on tv. and they make it look effortless. five, six, seven, eight. [cheerleaders exclaiming] yup. that was my move. that was pretty good. i'm not going to lie. that's actually-- that's a russian. that's technically called a toe-touch. wow. [energetic music playing]
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welcome back to a special edition of "1st look, banana reactions." morgan can you believe it's already been two years since i became the host of "1st look?" you've really come a long way. well, who were the hosts before you? well, to name a few, there was ashley roberts from the pussycat dolls, audrina patridge from "the hills." i believe carole baskin's even hosted a segment in the early 2000s. [crickets chirping] morgan willett: so the show must have gotten a whole new feel with a bro host like yourself taking over. - damn right. but you know what? i slipped right in without skipping a beat. let's check out the very first episode of "1st look" i ever did, and the origin of my alter ego, havana banana. [flashy brass music] havana banana was the best damn boy-lesque performer-- can you--
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--downtown los angeles has ever seen. can you explain "boy-lesque?" for those, like myself, who may not be educated on the term. i had to dress in drag and strip. were you nervous? i didn't know what to think. i was like, "i thought this was a travel show." [laughs] and here at bar mattachine, to help me do just that, is male burlesque artist tito benito. tito! --going to transform me from bro to male burlesque artist. those are michael's. oh. i always thought burlesque was, like-- - did you wear nipple tassels? - oh, yeah. it can be. burlesque is basically just a theatrical striptease. we are going to put you in a show tonight! did you know when you walked out that you were going to do a show? i didn't know that they were going to have an entire audience there after he gave me the basics, and i was going to perform in front of a crowd of people. tito benito: have u evyo played with a boa before? uh, yes, i have. i'd probably start like this. i invented that move. no, you did not. he didn't tell me to do that!
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i just did it. definitely-- it just came out of nowhere. --squat a little bit, and then push-- you look like you're loving that. you're going to grab this and you're going to put it in between your thighs right here. and before you ask, yes, that's a spray tan. you did get a spray tan for this? had to. what's this over here? you're so cute. and i do magic sometimes, too. he did not even know that glove was in my ear the entire time. you're so multitalented. your contour is on point! i look good in makeup. look at those-- watch these lashes. with all this, and the glitz, and the glam, i'm a little nervous about it. i'm not going to lie. wait for it. yep. oh, wow. yeah. there's the nipple tassel! there's the tassel. oh, my god. [bleep] look at those eyelashes. wow, my thighs look great! tito benito: i'm proud of you! i want you to have this outfit. is it weird that i can't stop looking at myself? tito benito: no, not at all. i love that. that's actually goal accomplished. it was i was looking at somebody else. what's your burlesque name, johnny? havana banana. now, tito's nipple tassel twirling abilities
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are next-level. it seems so. he can put them on his butt cheeks and twirl them around. did you try that? no. i don't have time. havana banana! [applause] did he create the routine for you? you know, there was no routine. he just showed me a few moves, and he said, go out there and do it. there was this guy who was drinking a martini, and i took one of my stockings off and i stuffed it in his martini. oh, you're an asshole. yeah, the guy was-- he got really mad. i mean, yeah, it felt great afterwards. you kind of look-- you kind of look good in a dress. [shouting] look at that! the they are! there's the nipple tassels. you don't-- you don't have it. there is the tassels. now, i also have to say i have a much more profound respect. getting that makeup off-- it's hard. the amount of wipes, and alcohol, and q-tips, and cotton balls, and paint thinner, that
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i had to use to get that off. so he put so much glue to glue those eyelashes on, [squishing noise] that i had glue stuck in my eyelashes for, like, days. and when i'd work out, if i start to sweat, my eyelashes would stick to my eyelid like this because there was so much glue in there. i got to say-- beauty is pain. [upbeat music playing]
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covered california. this way to health insurance. welcome back-- welcome back to "1st look," as we take a look back at our favorite reactions to our favorite segments of 2020. all right, let's get one thing straight here. i'm the host. maybe for "1st look," but folks on youtube seem to think that i'm a fresh addition. just look at these comments. "morgan and johnny are so great together." "lmao, morgan in the very beginning lets me know this is going to be good." "morgan is so beautiful." all right, well here's one about me. "yo, you can totally see banana's [buzzing] hanging out in the open."
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oh, that might have been from your koreatown sponge bath. yeah, maybe. let's take a look at the time i hit the streets of koreatown with none other than the two toms-- tom sandoval and tom schwartz, from the hit show, "vanderpump rules." get ready for a whole lot of handsome. if hollywood's the soul of los angeles, some might say koreatown is the heart. it's a 24-hour menagerie of spas, karaoke bars, toy stores, and everything in-between. you know to take on these streets tonight. i'm starting with the essentials-- korean barbecue. you remember this spot? yeah, i think i remember it. talk a little bit about koreatown. woman: koreatown came into being in the early 1900s. it was the koreans who were able to move into this space, and really brought economic boom. [interposing voices] the fact that our community did not give up. many chose to stay and commit. how fast were you trying to eat while she was talking? i was so hungry. [laughs] i drove all the way up from orange county, ok?
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starving. we get there, and they bring out every type of beef and pork that you can imagine and i'm sitting there like, "can you please start cooking this food up because i'm about to die?" so, actually, in korean culture there is something called [speaking korean]. [speaking korean] what does that mean? the pre-party, the party, the after party, and then the after-after party. and that means we're about to have the night of our lives. that's right, that's right. so this would technically be the pre-party. this would be "eel cha." boys, boys, boys! there they are, these maniacs. i like his pants. johnny bananas: tom sandoval and tom schwartz from "vanderpump rules" are keeping me company for this night out. here's to koreatown. out of the two toms, who was the crazier one? sandoval. for sure. [laughs] i could see that. he's wearing his party pants. he is wearing his party pants. --to aroma golf range, which is one of the only multi-story driving ranges in the city. oh, that's cool.
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--is famous for these full body scrubs that they do at the spa. if you beat us-- johnny bananas: ok. we will pay for your scrub tonight. johnny bananas: we'll see if the toms can give me a run for my money. wow! woo! that's a good swing. right? i won that one. let's go. you're body ain't going to scrub itself. now i'm going to get rewarded by my korean in salt scrub. i mean, i don't know. i'm thinking, like, a massage. maybe get oiled down. i don't know. it sounds great though, doesn't it? a body scrub? johnny, come this way, please. johnny bananas: coming! [laughing] this is what caitlyn's dad texted me about. "i'm seeing johnny on the tv. he is naked and they're covering him up with boxes." naked as a newborn baby. i love salt. [screaming in pain] did you hear that? [whimpering] poor johnny. it actually felt really nice. my bod--
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you were probably so smooth. so smooth! i really did feel like a newborn baby. yeah, so you big old baby complaining about it. johnny bananas: welcome to mama lion. ooh, mama lion. what do you envision for the future of koreatown? i see it becoming the melting pot of los angeles. i think it's-- [interposing voices] i've been coming to koreatown in the 10 years been-- these sparklers burn at an incredibly high heat. yeah? so don't put them in your mouth. you should never put anything flammable in your mouth. that's the number one rule of life. is that the number one rule? never put anything flammable in your mouth? every time i come, i fall in love a little more. [speaking korean] that's the thing about koreatown. every time i come here, i leave happy. one hell of a night. aww, that was good. that makes me want to have a drink. i don't know about you. you're out of wine. no, we're not. pretend like this is full. - oh. geonbae! geonbae!
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welcome back to a very special edition of "1st look" banana's reactions. so you've traveled all over the world. but what was the best destination? [sucks teeth] ooh, that's a tough one. scotland was beautiful. alaska was unlike any terrain i've ever seen. but i'm still waiting on "1st look" to send me to the ultimate destination-- space. ever since i went looking for aliens in roswell,
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i've kept my eye on the sky, and i've been following the space force twitter account. well, since 2020 was out of this world, how about a little space quiz, stud-nik? ooh, very punny. let's blast off. all right, so in 2020, large bodies of salt-water were discovered on which planet? is it a, saturn; b, mars; c, uranus; or d, the moon of uranus? i'm going to have to go with the moon of uranus. that is incorrect. it is b, mars. but we'll give you another chance. in 2020, a large silver monolith disappeared from the desert valley of utah, only to reappear three days later in-- is it a, stonehenge; b, easter island; c, romania; or d, again, the moon of uranus? oh, this is easy. definitely in uranus. anyways, that is also incorrect. it is c, romania. but we'll work on that. i don't believe it. watch now as i try and convince morgan that the truth is out there, as i go southwest in search of ufos.
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do you believe in aliens? [sci-fi music playing] yeah, i guess i do. i think aliens are real in the form of, maybe, light or like a giant star, essentially. but i don't think that they look like this. so aliens, then, you think are on earth in the form of giant stars? so essentially, you're sitting next to an alien? [laughs] you're an idiot! july 8, 1947. the army air forces has announced that a flying disk has been found in roswell, new mexico, and is now in the possession of the army. ok, i liked that. i'm going to channel my inner fox mulder, because today-- do you know who fox mulder is? no. did a spaceship crash here? were there little aliens taken off the spaceship? and are there people who can corroborate and verify if this actually happened?
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and to help me in my search for the truth is former ufo special investigator don schmidt. this guy was a beauty. i mean, it's not a real job, is it? yes! it's a real job? he makes a salary for being a ufo specialist? investigator. investigator. i want to know who pays don schmidt's bills. we paid him for the day. witnesses were all threatened. isn't it hot outside? why is he wearing a coat? it's a full-on suit. because if you're an alien hunter, you've got to look good all the time. you're constantly under surveillance. he even said right now-- we've been walking on the street-- if we looked up in the air and waved, they would be taking pictures of it. [shutter clicks] the real question is, do the aliens have a tiktok? i bet they know how to do "savage." [music - megan thee stallion, "savage"] (rapping) classic, bougie, ratchet. most prominent was the head-- large, almond-shaped eyes, like horse eyes. very diminutive nose, just a slit for a mouth, just openings for the ears.
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they appeared like human beings, but they weren't. they appeared like human beings, but they weren't. this guy's full of it. but what i'm looking for is proof, so how are you going to call? well, the ufo seekers, of course. - this is not real. - no, these are real people. this isn't-- they do not have a logo on their car. we're headed to the ufo crash site, where the object was discovered that crashed in 1947. you never know if you might find something. now, this was-- i flew this drone there, and i-- doesn't that kind of look like an alien spaceship crashed there? kind of. like, a crash-- yeah, if you squint and-- - see? - ok, that kind of looks like-- a crater! --see if we could find any debris left over from a possible crash here. that's a metal detector. i have a question. you guys had to have planted these metal objects. no way! hell no. we're professionals. --assembly. see, that's what we're looking for. they can't really be bent or destroyed. you can see how thin this is and you
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can't even flex the material. yeah. good catch, tracy. good job, team! now, what if i told you-- oh, boy. i just want to pack it all up. just sell it all. let's go on the road and let's be ufo hunters. i think you're on your own, bud. johnny bananas: --light and things that move-- look at that! it's like i could see in the dark. wait, hold on. we got movement! what do you say that is? was that real? what it-- yes! that's real. what the hell is that? [stammering] airplane? no. what's that? airplanes don't move like that and stop. airplanes don't do that. that's not real. yes, it was! that-- we actually saw that. that's kind of creepy. dude, boom. ufo. well, you know what i bet? when aliens do come to invade the earth, you're probably going to be abducted first because you're the one who's searching for them. you messed with the ufo seekers. you're probably going to be the first one to go.
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and you're going to be the first one to be probed. [spooky sci-fi music playing] come on! i'm just saying. see, morgan? that wasn't so bad, now, was it? no, being in lockdown with you again wasn't as bad as the first time. and it was fun remembering what you looked like with a decent haircut. don't hate on the salad. at least i didn't gain the quarantine 15. um-- ok. thanks for hanging with us tonight. here's to 2021. it could not have gotten here fast enough, and we are so excited to finally have some normalcy. i know i can't wait. neither can i. ok, now which segment should we watch next? no. give me the remote. [music playing]
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narrator: today some gifted guests are spreading light, love, and a little magic on "talk stoop." [theme music] get ready to have your mind blown by the wonders of oz pearlman. he's one of the busiest performing mentalists in the country who stepped into the spotlight in a big way on "america's got talent." i'm cat greenleaf, joined by oz pearlman. he's a magician, a mentalist, and all of that. - all of it. - so show me what you do. let's do it. think of somebody you would love to interview. there is no way i could know who this person is, could i?


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