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tv   Today  NBC  February 2, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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look at nbc bay area storm ranger, it is scanning and you know that means we can see the lower level rain better than anybody else. you can get it on the app, nbc bay area. good morning. buried. the snow still piling up in the northeast, as one of the biggest winter storms in years rages on. >> about every half hour, i come out to keep up with the snow. >> more than 2 feet in some cities. accidents and rescues all across the region. commer trains grounding to a rare halt, as howling winds fueled dangerous flooding. and this morning, al is already tracking a new cross-country storm before this one is even over. new strains, new urgency. >> we are focused on this every hour of every day. >> health officials racing to speed up the vaccine rollout
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amid a dire prediction. variants of the coronavirus could claim the lives of another 200,000 americans in a matter of months. just ahead, the urgent plea for all americans to double down on precautions to hold off another surge. coming together? president biden and republican senators meet in the oval office on the president's nearly $2 trillion covid relief package. both sides emerging hopeful but with no deal in place. >> i think it was an excellent meeting, a frank and very useful discussion. >> while the firestorm grows over controversial congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. the senate's top republican blasting her conspiracy theories as looney lies and a cancer for the party. nbc news exclusive. elon musk announces his unprecedented plan for an all civilian mission into space. how he and a fellow billionaire
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plan to pull off the out-of-this-world journey without a single trained astronaut on board. legend lost. hal holbrook, an icon of stage and screen, has reportedly passed away. we will celebrate his remarkable career, and we'll take a look back at the life of "saved by the bell's" dustin diamond. how he is being remembered by fans and former cast mates. all that, plus, battle of the stars. super bowl week kicks off with all eyes on tom brady and patrick mahomes. >> we just got to go finish the deal. >> i'm glad we're back in this game and getting a chance to win another super bowl. >> how the two quarterbacks, with nearly 20 years between them, are gearing up for the big game today, tuesday, february 2nd, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah
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guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. welcome to "today." it is a tuesday morning. so happy you are joining us. the snow was falling when we came on the air yesterday. in some places today, still snowing. >> that's one of the hallmarks of this storm, it's a long one. it's already shattered century old records in parts of pennsylvania. >> yeah, and in new jersey, a whopping 30 inches has fallen. that's up in northern new jersey. >> as the snow piles up, so are the flight cancellations. more than 200,000 overall, including at least 500 flights canceled today. >> as we mentioned, yet another winter storm, one more developing behind this. it's on the west coast. it's a race to cross the country. that one, by the way, coming in time for the weekend. we'll get to al's forecast in a moment. al is standing outside. by the way, little mountains of snow we don't usually have out here at rockefeller center. >> right outside our studio. >> we'll start our coverage with nbc's gabe gutierrez. he is in worcester,
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massachusetts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the snow was falling overnight, and now a massive cleanup effort is under way. at least four people are dead in pennsylvania, maryland, and across the region, travel is treacherous. this morning, from new york to massachusetts to maine, the northeast is buried after one of the biggest winter storms in years. powerful winds, heavy snow, and coastal flooding slamming the region. >> about every half hour, i come out to keep up with the snow. >> reporter: the massive nor'easter dumped more than 2 feet of snow in parts of new jersey and virginia. whipping winds pounded midtown manhattan. today, many people are just starting to dig their way out. >> it's just going to take me as long as it takes. i'm going to pace myself. >> reporter: new york and new jersey are under states of emergency. whiteout conditions left drivers stranded. >> let me say this unequivocally. this is a big one. unless you must be out, do not go out. >> i would assume the worst with
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this kind of storm. >> reporter: in pittsburgh, icy roads caused even this massive salt truck to slide off a hill. in connecticut, two people were pulled to safety after their truck crashed into a pond. the nasty nor'easter snarled air travel, too. more than 900 flights canceled at tri-state area airports monday. many covid vaccination sites throhoug the northeast also temporarily shut down. new york city's are still closed today. but the storm wasn't bad news for everyone. kids stuck at home finally able to enjoy an old-fashioned snow day. >> now, with covid, the kids don't get snow days anymore. everything is remote learning. it is fun for them to get out here and be able to be a kid. >> reporter: and some kids at heart are also looking on the bright side. >> people enjoy florida, i enjoy this. this is what i live for. >> reporter: here in worcester, the cleanup is under way. the national weather service
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says this was the highest daily snowfall on february 1st since 1898, hoda. >> i love that he loves the snow. >> glass half full. >> thanks. the storm is certainly keeping al busy. he has his eye on another storm heading our way. al, do you have a side hustle there? >> well, look, my friend here, his job is clearing these mountains of snow off. he's going to -- i'm going to let him get going here. all right, go ahead. start her up! all right, in the meantime, we have got a lot still going on with this storm. take a look. on the radar, you can see, first of all, the northeastern alerts. still 39 million people for the northeast on into new england. on the radar, as you can see, it is still spinning around. heavier snow up through northern maine and also inland parts of new york. the system is kind of split into two systems. so we've got a little bit of a wraparound situation.
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right at freezing here in new york city, so we could go back and forth between rain and snow. tomorrow, the snow ends as the storms pull away, but much colder temperatures with strong wind chills come in behind this system by tomorrow night. on top of what's already fallen, up in northern maine, we could be looking at 18 inches of snow. generally, though, anywhere from 3 to 6 interior sections of new england and also new york state. out west, we're watching this big storm develop. we'll have more on that a little later. it'll be another coast-to-coaster. happy groundhog's day, everybody. >> pretty impressive, al. thank you so much. moving on, the race to vaccinate, as many americans as possible, is becoming more urgent with new strains of the coronavirus being discovered in more parts of the country. health officials fear they could reverse recent progress made in covid cases and hospitalizations. nbc's national correspondent miguel almaguer is in los angeles with details.
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good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. more than half of the country is now reporting new variants. scientists are working around the clock to gather as much information as they can, as fast as they can. experts warning if americans don't double down on precautions now, those hundreds of variants of cases could quickly multiply and spin out of control. this morning, the fight against the coronavirus now taking place in labs. the cdc working to test upwards of 7,000 samples a week, looking for dangerous and potentially deadlier variants of the virus. the highly contagious uk strain is now in at least 33 states. officials also worried about the south african and brazilian strains. >> they're more transmissible. we think the vaccines will be less protective for the new variants. >> reporter: at the university of washington, a grim forecast. they estimate the death toll could climb to 600,000 in three
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months. >> previous infection may not protect you, so we should probably be thinking less about achieving herd immunity and more about trying to prevent death and severe disease. >> reporter: across the country, while daily infections are down over 30%, the death toll still tops 3,000 a day. >> in january, we recorded the highest number of covid-19 deaths in any month since the pandemic began. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci says current vaccines are still key in stopping these and other new variants. >> viruses cannot mutate if they don't replicate. and if you stop their replication by vaccinating widely, and not giving the virus an open playing field, you will not get mutations. >> reporter: 1 in every 13 americans have now had at least their first dose of the vaccine, but the rollout has not been
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without its problems. news that the johnson & johnson vaccine is only 72% effective causing some concern, though experts note, it's the only vaccine tested on the south african variant. with some states now easing restrictions, new fears gatherings this weekend for the super bowl could cause yet another spike in cases. >> avoid superspreader super bowl parties. it's simply not safe to gather in other people's homes. >> reporter: now there is yet another worry. dr. anthony fauci is warning of ominous scenarios if the south african strain becomes the dominant strain, saying that if you've already contracted the virus, there is a, quote, very high rate of being re-infected. he emphasized the importance of speeding up vaccinations to avoid that exact very scenario. back to you. a lot to get to in
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washington, too, tied to biden's first 100 days in office. overnight he hosted a group of senate republicans for a two-hour oval office meeting on a potential new round of covid relief. chief white house correspondent peter alexander on the story for us. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. you said it, the meeting lasting two hours, both sides describing it as productive. to get a big relief package passed, democrats are willing to go it alone. president biden wanted to hear the counteroffer from a group of republicans, to see if there was room for compromise. when all was said and done, the white house didn't appear to be conceding much ground, saying the president will not settle for a package that fails to meet the moment. facing a punishing pandemic and its growing economic toll, president biden with a bid for bipartisanship, hosting his first official oval office meeting with ten republican senators, discussing a possible deal on covid relief. >> we have just had a very productive, cordial, two-hour meeting. >> reporter: for anxious
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american, there are areas of agreement. both sides want $160 billion to ramp up vaccine distribution. >> i think they should be more optimistic. there was common ground. we've got to take care of the american people. >> reporter: while president biden is calling for $1,400 in direct payments, the republicans are pushing smaller checks, $1,000 to fewer americans. a fraction of the money the white house wants to reopen schools, and nothing for states. the republican senators' proposal, roughly $600 billion, a third of the $1.9 trillion package the white house and democrats want. >> it makes no sense to pinch pennies when so many americans are struggling. the risk of doing too little is far greater than the risk of doing too much. >> reporter: the white house is motivated to move quickly, especially with former president trump's impeachment trial beginning next week. their goal to get a deal done by march, when extra unemployment assistance and other pandemic relief runs out.
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meanwhile, top senate republican mitch mcconnell taking aim at controversial freshman congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. without mentioning her by name, mcconnell suggesting in a statement that greene's looney lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the republican party and our country. greene appearing to respond on twitter monday, writing, the real cancer for the republican party is weak republicans who only know how to lose gracefully. this is why we are losing our country. greene has been under fire for promoting false qanon conspiracy theories, and suggesting that the school shootings in newtown and parkland were staged. back at the white house, president biden will sign three more executive orders, aimed at reversing some of former president trump's hardline immigration practices. one order will create a task force to reunite undocumented children separated from their parents under the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. a biden official overnight calling the policy a moral failure and a national shame.
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the task force will be chaired by the homeland security secretary mayorkas, expected to be confirmed this afternoon. >> peter, thank you. also this morning, we're getting an eye-opening, new look inside last month's siege on the u.s. capitol. craig is here with more on that. morning, craig. >> hoda, good morning. savannah, good morning to you, as well. while speaking out on instagram live, congresswoman squoks ocasio-cortez shared the trauma she felt on january 6th, and she revealed it was made even worse by another terrifying experience in her past. nbc's kasie hunt joins us with more on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you. it's really one of the most harrowing accounts of the events of january 6th we've heard so far. alexandria ocascio-cortez, often referred to as aoc, sharing details about what happened to her during the insurrection at the capitol, telling her viewers she felt like she was going to
7:15 am
die. >> we cannot move on without accountability. we cannot heal without accountability. >> reporter: overnight, new york congresswoman alexandria ocascio-cortez opening up for the first time about her experiences during the capitol riot. >> all of a sudden, i hear boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, on my door. and then i hear these huge, violent bangs on my door, and then every door going into my office. >> reporter: she hid inside a bathroom within her inner office. >> i'm here and then the bathroom door starts going like this. the bathroom door is in front of me and i'm like this and the door hinges right here. and i hear "where is she, where
7:16 am
is she" and this was the moment where i thought everything was over. i just -- i mean, i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: when alexandria ocascio-cortez came out of the bathroom there was a capitol police officer there. she and her legislative director ended up barricaded themselves in the office of katie porter, where staff members pushed furniture up against the doors. >> she said i'm looking for where i'm going to hide. i said don't worry, i'm a mom, i'm calm, i've got everything we need. and she said i just hope i get to be a mom, i hope i don't die today. >> reporter: alexandria ocascio-cortez describing the impact of the riots for the first time, that she's been a victim of sexual assault. >> these are the same tactics of abusers and i'm a survivor of sexual assault.
7:17 am
and i haven't told many people that in my life, but when we go through trauma, trauma compounds on each other. >> reporter: emotional there. she and members of congress, the country, will be living through that trauma again next week as former president trump's impeachment trial unfolds. the impeachment managers are focusing on videos and court documents to try to show just how much worse it could have been. craig? >> harrowing account indeed. kasie hunt for us in washington, thank you. let's take another look at the weather with al. he's back inside, toasty and warm. >> that's right. things are relatively calm throughout much of the country. we have the big storm here in the northeast. sunshine through the gulf. ohio and mississippi river valleys, into the plains. mild in the rockies, of course. next big system coming into the west now. we'll be talking about that in the next half hour. in the meantime, we're going to get to your locacal forecastst
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>> and that is your latest weather. hoda >> al, thank you just ahead, nbc news exclusive with spacex founder, elon musk, on his unprecedented plan to send civilians to space. >> what future do you want, one where we're confined to earth or a future where we are out there among the stars? >> the historic mission. the billionaire who signed up to push a worthy cause, and how you could join him. plus, the news that legendary actor hal holbrook passed away. we'll celebrate his iconic career whwhen it comemes to floing, or i'm hardrd to pleasese. so, i go t to floor & & decr where ththey don't just know the e differencece betwtween producucts, they live e for it. fromom american n hardwood to spapanish porcecelain toto italian m marble, i'm looking g for inspiriratn from evevery part ofof the wo. so, , when it cocomes to discoverering everyy imaginablele tile, wood, lalaminate or stonene without compromimising my dedesign, one aiaisle doesn'n't cut i. i neneed an entitire store. now,w, i've g got one. exexplore floooor & dedecor in pererson
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or otherer symptomss of an ininfection, a sesevere or worsenining rash, are or p plan to bececome preg, or b breastfeediding. avoid d grapefruitit during t treatment.. ask yoyour doctor r about living lononger with k kisqa. a very good morning to you. it 17'ing 26. i'm laura garcia. here a acloot at today's top stories including hazard pay for grocery store workers at risk during the pandemic. >> reporter: i'm sharon katsuda. city and county leaders throughout the bay area are discussing whether to give grocery store workers heroes pay. the heroes pay would be $5 extra per hour on top of their normal pay and oakland city councilwoman says grocery stores that employ 500 or more should pay their workers heroes pay and santa clara county there's talk of doing this at least two fwroesry store chains saying
7:27 am
they'd close 25% of their stores because of it. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. leaders in san francisco looking to address the disparity those vaccinated by establishing a new mass vaccination site in the mission that is where the latin-x community makes up 42% of the cases of covid at that site. folks should be able to receive between 200 and 400 vaccinations each day. a rain yea start to our tuesday morning. boy, we really need the rain, kari. >> yes, we do, and unfortunately we're seeing this rolling on out of here, very slowly, but we don't have a lot more rain headed our way, so we're trying to soak up every drop that we can, as we are seeing this system starting to wind down for a lot of us, especially farther to the north. as we can see, the moisture continues to stream over parts of the south bay and east bay, but we are going to see this
7:28 am
rain chance go down through the next couple of days and temperatures warming up as well. laura? all right, thank you very much. and thank you for joining us. another local news update in half an hour.
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it is there's a perfect shadow cast of me six more weeks of winter there will be! [ cheers and applause >> punxsutawney phil, you know how to get us. six more weeks of winter groundhog day is here. that is just into our newsroom al roker -- >> roker is taking exception >> it's ridiculous. >> why >> it's snowing in punxsutawney. other than tv lights, there's no way he's seeing his shadow. >> i don't think you can question the integrity of -- >> i will question a rodent any time. >> can i ask you a question we didn't plan, what is his, like,
7:31 am
record >> okay, out of the last, i think, 125 years, he's seen the shadow 105 times he's not seen it 20 times. >> okay. >> the odds of that -- >> okay. >> pretty slim >> i'm going with roker. >> though, i do find it impressive he was able to scribble out that poem before he saw his shadow. >> yes, he did >> they probably have two of them, i'm guessing. >> probably on twitter. we're going to get the latest on the storm. dylan happens to be over at bryant park. she's not far from us here in new york hey, dylan >> hey, guys a little better out here this morning than it was yesterday. we picked up nearly a foot and a half of snow here in new york city it's the biggest snowstorm we've seen in five years more than 30 inches of snow fell in new jersey, about 40 miles from here. in fact, yesterday, in a few hours, we picked up more snow than we saw all of last season now, i don't know if it's just that we're so used to working
7:32 am
from home, or if people were ready for a different type of news story, but this seemed to be the snowstorm people in new york city were waiting for so many were out and about all across the city, enjoying the snow kids happily playing and sledding in central park some even skiing in central park and times square, of all places. naturally, flights were impacted yesterday. more than 200 flights were canceled at laguardia airport. more than 300 flights were canceled at jfk. several more are still canceled this morning as we continue to dig out here in new york city, it's another snow day for new york city public schools, complete with remote learning. guys >> dylan, thank you. we'll get to al's forecast in a moment. right now, we have an nbc news exclusive on what is shaping up to be a historic space mission. >> elon musk planning to send four civilians on a multi-day mission to orbit the earth none of them is an astronaut, but one is a billionaire a billionaire determined to
7:33 am
combine the journey with the mission to end childhood cancer. >> big deal. nbc's tom costello joins us now from spacex headquarters tom, elon musk knows how to make a headline this is sure a big one. >> reporter: yeah, it's a big headline it is a cool story so this is the first time ever that four civilians will climb into a spaceship, just like this one here, for a trip around the earth without veteran astronauts on board it is also, as craig mentioned, a chance to raise a lot of money for a very noble and noteworthy cause. then in addition, it's all because of the generosity of a very rich man who is trying to do some good he's a 37-year-old billionaire, just as comfortable flying one of the vintage russian fighter jets he owns as he is running the company he started in his parents' basement when he
7:34 am
dropped out of high school now, jared isaacman is about to push the limits even further. >> three, two, one, zero >> reporter: he and three others becoming the first civilian astronauts to lift off from the kennedy space center late this year for a multi-day trip orbiting the earth, riding on top of a spacex rocket the brainchild of another billionaire entrepreneur, elon musk you two seem to have, like, you know, twin brothers of different mothers kind of scenario going on here. >> well, i think we share similar ideals and interests that's for sure. >> reporter: the mission dubbed inspiration. >> you have to be focused very much on this mission ahead it'll come up fast. >> reporter: isaacman won't say how much he is paying spacex for the trip, but he is using it as a fundraising vehicle to raise a staggering $200 million for st. jude children's hospital and he's putting in the first $100 million. >> the ball has bounced my way
7:35 am
several times, and there is a lot of kids and families that are dealt a really horrible hand in life. and they don't even get to grow up to that point in life >> reporter: as part of the fundraiser, he's paying for three others to join him on the trip around the earth. a former childhood patient at st. jude who was cured of cancer and is now a medical staffer at the hospital someone selected from among those who donate to st. jude no minimum contribution required and someone with an entrepreneurial vision and passion to make a positive contribution four civilians, none of them with prior astronaut experience. >> lift-off. >> reporter: for musk, it is all about his goal of opening up space to everyone. so you're going to put four civilian astronauts on a trip around the earth are they essentially going to be remote controlled from here, from l.a., or will they have any operational responsibility for the space shuttle? >> could assume manual control and fly it all over the place.
7:36 am
we would recommend against this, but it is one of the possibilities. >> reporter: isaacman, who founded ship for payments, processing hotel and restaurant transactions, is, himself, an accomplished pilot now, he's undergoing the physicals, getting measured for a space suit, and spending time in a spacex simulator. >> you've got capabilities to command the vehicle. as well as always ensuring you have a safe return to earth. >> super reliable technology it is ahead of everyone else i couldn't be more confident about the rocket, the spacecraft we'll be going on later this year. >> reporter: for st. jude, the $200 million fundraiser promises to save and change lives. >> that ensures that no family will ever receive a bill from st. jude, not for the cost of treatment, travel, housing or food all we want mom and dad to worry about is helping their child live. >> reporter: as for the actual mission and where they'll go >> it is up to him it is his mission. he can go wherever he'd like. >> reporter: really, it is up to
7:37 am
him? he can go wherever in orbit? >> pretty much, yeah. >> reporter: talk about getting away from it all yeah, pretty much, he can go wherever he wants. listen, this entire effort kicks off on sunday with a big super bowl ad to really kick-start this st. jude children's hospital effort to raise $200 million. then it opens up the opportunity for anybody in the public to sign up to go along on this trip doesn't matter how much you contribute, you'll be considered back to you. >> elon musk mentioned that someone could take the controls and drive it i'm assuming he was joking around, but do any of these people actually get real training >> reporter: so, actually, as we mentioned, jared is a pretty good pilot he has 6,000 jet hours under his belt so he's really into the nuts and the bolts and the engineering of this in theory, hopefully, he'll have enough knowledge, he could do something if he had to but the entire crew, all these four people, will get emergency egress instructions, how do you get out of it in case of an
7:38 am
emergency. they'll understand more of the mechanics of it. they'll go through a lot of simulator training ultimately, you know, these are four civilians who are jumping into a spaceship for a journey around the earth. >> how long does it take, tom? that was a question that came up during your spot roughly, how long would it take them to get around the earth >> reporter: well, they won't say how many days they're going to do this you orbit the earth once every 90 minutes or so i'm getting the impression we're talking about three days or so i've said, what do you want to do they said, you can alter your journey, for jared i said, what do you want to see, the north pole, the grand canyon, what he said, everything is on the table. we're considering all our options. >> wow all right. >> i mean, it's cool >> yeah. >> they remote control it from earth, like a joystick or something? >> reporter: i think mostly, it is going to be remote control from right downstairs here at spacex headquarters. >> you're signing up, aren't you, costello? you're signing up. >> reporter: i'm all in. my wife isn't so sure. >> thank you, tom.
7:39 am
>> pretty cool coming up next, a true battle for the ages. how are 43-year-old tom brady and 25-year-old patrick mahomes gearing up for their super bowl showdown >> we will hear from both of the star quarterbacks in a live report from tampa bay, right after thisis after r this ♪♪ which is f fitting, because e we've b been at t the middle e of tabless for genenerations. ♪♪ that is,s, until someone atat the end neneeds a littttle more on theirir biscuits.s. no matter where e your tablele, pull up p a chair and brbring the cocountry i.
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7:43 am
coming up on 7:43 with our countdown to super bowl lv. >> are you ready >> let's do it >> as far as quarterbacks go, you couldn't ask for a better matchup. tom brady, the most storied player in nfl history, taking on patrick mahomes, the game's, arguably, most dynamic, young star. >> nbc's sam brock is fired up it's sort of sad, but he is already outside the stadium. the game isn't happening for five days, sam no, i'm kidding. he is at raymond james stadium at downtown tampa. they're fired up sam, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. fired up is a relative term. it's in the 40s this morning in tampa. for florida right now, i'm fired up i will say this, it's obviously not a normal year. this is super bowl week. so much enthusiasm right now there are story lines on the field. tom brady and the bucs are
7:44 am
three-point underdogs to the kansas city chiefs off the field, normally massive celebrations and full player access, this week, it became a virtual kick-off to a unique super bowl the stage is set for super bowl lv in a 2021 pandemic twist, the players are nowhere near the stadium. instead, appearing by zoom stars across the board, but all eyes on the two men under center tom brady and patrick mahomes. brady won their last head-to-head playoff matchup, but mahomes won the last super bowl and was the game's mvp. >> i think he's got the ability to focus when the moments are the biggest, and to deliver for his team that's probably the mark of any great athlete, is coming through in the clutch. >> as i continue in my career, i'm still trying to do whatever i can to watch the tape on him because he's doing it the right way. you can tell by how many super bowl championships he has, and the rings are on his fingers >> reporter: the 43-year-old brady with six championship
7:45 am
rings, and now a tenth super bowl appearance, telling reporters, he may play past the age of 45. >> i think i'll know when it's time i don't know when that time will come, but i think i'll know. i'll understand that i gave everything i could to get to this game. >> reporter: for many, mahomes and the chiefs represent the present and future >> there's mahomes underhanded, he throws it for the touchdown. >> reporter: the reigning champs are dynamic and loaded with skill players. the bucs are the first team in nfl history to play a super bowl in their home stadium. fewer than 25,000 fans will attend about a third of the stadium's capacity instead of bobbleheads and foam fingers, every fan will receive an n-95 mask, bacterial wipes, and a safety card. and the traditional super bowl experience will be moved outdoors and by online reservation only overnight, on the nfl network, the two quarterbacks sharing their mutual admiration. >> every single year, he's just getting better.
7:46 am
it is truly amazing to watch it is amazing to go up against you know you're going up against the best >> are you 25? >> 25. >> 25. he has, obviously, a bright future he has a great career ahead of him. >> reporter: now, both players were asked, if you could have one superpower that the other guy can do, what would it be brady said, if he were mahomes, he'd love to go back 10, 15 yards, flick his wrist, and send the ball 60 yards. mahomes asked the same question said, if he were brady, what he'd love to do, stay calm under pressure and always throw on the money, even as everything around him is collapsing. mahomes also pretty good at doing that, too. back to you. >> i like that, talking about each other it's nice. >> that was cool. >> sam, what do you call tampa bay this week? you coined the phrase. what are they calling it >> reporter: there's a few that's tompa bay, champa bay we'll see in five days, craig,
7:47 am
if they are in in fact champs. what a matchup this is going to be >> all of the nicknames equally terrible thank you, sam >> thank you, sam. coming up, by the way, dolly parton has a super bowl ad she's never done one before. we'll talk about her super bowl ad, and she's weighing in on the snack-it bracket. >> wait a minute you told us earlier what the favorite snack was you influenced her. >> i asked her you will see, it is a good pick, too. mr. roker, what you got? >> pigs in a blanket >> nothing to see here >> okay. anyway, let's take a look. so we have two storms that are going to be coming coast to coast, coming out of alaska. the storm number one is going to be moving coast to coast and affecting the east by friday storm number two is going to be a little more problematic. let's start with the first one this one comes in, brings a winter storm through the rockies, gusty winds, difficult travel by the time we get to thursday, heavy snow for the upper midwest, rain for ohio the mid mississippi river valley friday, it's snow for the great lakes and new england, but rain
7:48 am
along the east coast now we have the second storm coming through on saturday the american and european models agree on a storm dropping snow in the plains, but the american model from sunday to monday brings it to the east -- i should say, to the west, bringing snow to northern new england and parts of the midwest. the european model, on the other hand, had a double snow swath. snow for the midwest, heavy snow for the northeast and new england. significantly heavier snow either one that happens, we do know that behind either of these storms, we're going to get an arctic outbreak for the beginning of next week that's what's going on around the country. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's look at storm ranger, we still have some rain in the south bay, but it has been winding down for much of the bay area. still continuing in the east bay, as well. but this is a slow-moving cold front and as it moves out, we will have much cooler temperatures. you can see the raindrops we're seeing on the lens in san jose.
7:49 am
so for the rest of the day, we will start a drying trend but there will be some spotty rain chances and temperatures reaching into the upper 50s. >> too many dips in the bracket. >> the amount of emotional energy we all spend on the snack-it bracket, it is embarrassing and wonderful thank you very much, al. more on the snack-it bracket later. coming up, we are going to remember a true legend i in hollllywood, celelebrated ststa screenen star hal l holbrook, , first t these messssages nurtrtec is the e only quick- didissolve trereatment for migraiaine attacksks thatat can get m many peoplele k to normamal activitities and lalast up to 4 48 hours with j just one dodose. don'n't take if f allergic to nururtec. the momost common n side effet wawas nausea..
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> i'm bob redell, we are in week 47 of this pandemic, and here in california, we're seeing some signs of hope. take a look at your tv screen, cases are dropping. this is the 14-day average of new cases in the state. january 13th, we peaked at just more than 40,000 cases per day and now we're down to 20,000 new cases a day and when it comes to hospitalizations, january 16th, 22,000 californians were hospitalized with covid. today the first sign of a consistent drop, 18,000 people are in the hospital. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. netflix knows you'd watch a show about chess. will you watch a show or movie about gamestop? apparently there's one in the works about all the stocks moving back and forth. big short was a big movie about
7:57 am
the economy. netflix thinks you'll watch one about gamestop. >> kari has a look at the forecast today. a little rainy out there. >> yes, a little bit of rain for our early morning hours, but this rain is slowly moving out and the rest of the day is looking a little bit drier for us, as we're seeing the last little burst of this rain pushing through san jose and parts of the east bay and then in the rest of the forecast only some lingering spotty showers for tomorrow. hit or miss rain with this through tomorrow afternoon, but then the rest of the forecast is cool to start and then warming up in time for the weekend. sunday we'll see high temperatures reaching into the upper 60s and that will stay with us into early next week. so we're trying to get as much rain out of this system as we can. most of us have seen anywhere from about a quarter to half inch with this latest round of rain moving through. laura? >> all right, thank you very much. thank you for joining us as
7:58 am
well. join us for our midday news at 11:00. another local update in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up, digging out the biggest winter storm in five years buries parts of the northeast. residents in some areas hit with more than 2 feet of snow >> i want to be in florida >> al says there's another cross-country storm on the way we are live with everything you need to know plus, remembering dustin diamond. tributes pouring in for the actor who played the lovable character, screech, on "saved by the bell." >> guess who >> ahead, how dustin's co-stars are honoring him. >> he was kind of like a little brother. you grow up with a guy, so
8:01 am
you're bound to get close. and parton the interruption. we'll catch up with dolly parton, as she gives us an exclusive look at her very first super bowl commercial. and you'll never guess dolly's go-to snack for the big game today is tuesday, february 2nd, 2021 ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 ♪ >> from minnesota, good morning, savannah, craig, and hoda. >> we're the campbell family, all the way from carrollton, texas. >> >> we love you >> today my sister margot is turning 1. >> happy birthday, margot! >> i'm bob. >> we're celebrating his 91st birthday. >> on the "today" show >> bob, we love you. happy birthday, bob. we're so happy these guys are
8:02 am
spending the mornings with us. means a lot to us. thank you for starting your tuesday with a cup of coffee. >> happy groundhog's day let's get to your news at 8:00 on that topic, the winter storm that brought everything to a halt across the northeast, well, it's not over yet. >> cities will be digging out for days, and there could be another round already on the way. al is back with that good news >> you know, we like to start people's day off right the most snow by state, nazareth, pa, 30 inches. 32 inches in newton, new jerry harrison, new york, 25 salem, new hampshire, 16 richmond, rhode island, 12inche. we're not done yet. you can see wraparound snow coming from the two systems. they've kind of split-up. and we're seeing both of them pulling slowly off to the north and wiest. wind chills today in the northeast, like new york is going to feel like 20 degrees. tomorrow it's going to feel like
8:03 am
it's about 20, 25 degrees. below-average temperatures will continue. on top of what has already fallen, locally up in northern maine, upwards of 18 inches of snow. generally, though, about 3 to 6 more inches, to some places 9 inches, upstate new york and interior new england. >> al, thank you. also this morning, outrage is growing over a 9-year-old girl who was pepper sprayed by a police officer. this happened in rochester, new york. >> protesters took to the streets demanding action. one officer has been suspended, two others on administrative leave. last friday, officers responded to a call that a girl was threatening to harm herself and her mother. police say when they tried to take her to the hospital, she resisted and kicked one of the officers. officers say they warned her that they would use pper spray if she continued to resist. eventually, they did. the girl was taken to the hospital and later released.
8:04 am
now to the raging debate over reopening schools in this country. chicago has become the epicenter of the fight, after the city's mayor threatened to lock out teachers who refused to return to the classroom. this morning, it looks like both sides are back at the bargaining table. shaquille brewster joins us from chicago with the latest on all of it. shaq, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. this is the latest in an ongoing clash between chicago's public school district and its teachers' union. this morning, both sides say they're making progress. for the parents and teachers in the district, it has been nothing but uncertainty. this morning in chicago, teachers are closer to a deal, but they're still not back in the classroom. >> remote learning is failing too many of our kids. >> reporter: chicago's mayor lori lightfoot has been pushing for elementary and middle school students to return this week, threatening, then walking
8:05 am
back, lockouts for teachers who didn't report in person. the teachers union pushing back, citing covid concerns. >> we cannot negotiate safety. we have to have safety. i think it is of the utmost importance now because it is a pandemic. >> reporter: but for kids like fifth grader taylor, returning to school had been something to celebrate. >> overall, i was excited. >> reporter: you planned your outfit for going back to school. >> and my lunch. i planned everything. >> reporter: riley's plans now on holold, again, , as the city chicago's teachers union negotiate over issues like safety protocols, ventilation and contact tracing. riley's mom says she understands the concerns, but says her daughter needs to be back in class. >> she was having difficulty with the e-learning. it just wasn't a good start for us because of her age and the grade she's in. >> reporter: public health officials say there's growing evidence children aren't the main drivers of community spread. when safety measures are in place, schools can reopen safely. a similar dynamic playing out in the wealthy suburbs of fairfax
8:06 am
county, virginia. >> when we heard that the vaccines were getting rolled out and teachers would be in the front, we were relieve because they just assumed that meant that our students would soon be returning and being able to resume their instruction. wewe're shockeked. >> reporter: the district says not all school staff have yet been vaccinated and are calling for a gradual reopening. adding, we understand the frustration of parents who wanted s schools to o open soon and we alslso understatand the frustration of others whwho sti do not f feel ready y to return. the e stalemate e underscoririn difficulty of president biden's goal to reopen most schools within his first 100 days. back here in chicago, city officials are calling for a two-day cooling off period as they look for a deal. the teachers union wants a reopening plan more closely aligned to vaccinations for the staff. the mass vaccinations for teachers are still several weeks away. craig? >> complicated issue.
8:07 am
shaq brewster in chicago, thank you. news covered. morning boost, uncovered. >> let's get there. sometimes when you have a crummy day, a bad day, a hug can go a long way. take a look at the genuine love shared by two little toddlers. >> you okay? >> yeah. >> need a hug? >> doesn't matter how old you are, how young you are, sometimes you need a hug. all of a sudden, life is better. need a hug? we need to do more of that. f t >> great when we can all hug again. >> exactly. >> it's a good one. coming up, we have a great conversation with the one and only, dolly parton, just ahead. >> we do you know what, dolly did make a little bit of news yesterday with me and jenna. she talked about making a decision to turn down the presidential medal of honor when offered by the trump administration two times take a listen. >> i feel like if i take it, i'll be doing politics, so i'm not sure
8:08 am
i don't work for those awards. it'd be nice, but i'm not sure that i, you know, that i even deserve it. >> she deserves it. >> she turned it down a couple of times i said, what would happen if offered by the biden administration she said she doesn't want to get political. we'll have more on the conversation with dolly in the fourth hour. first, we're going to chat with the country queen about a first in her life. she's starring in a super bowl commercial. first, we're going to celebrate the remarkable life and career of a hollywood icon, hal holbrook wewe'll do thahat, right a afte. we'll l do that, r right aftere. ♪♪ it's a nenew dawn, it's's a new dayay... ♪ nono matter hohow you got t d it's's time to m make a st. ♪♪ ...and d i'm feelinin' go♪ starart a new daday with trere. ♪♪ ...and d i'm feelinin' go♪ nono once-dailily copd medede has ththe power toto treat copn as many waways as treleleg. wiwith three m medicines in o one inhalerer,
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8:13 am
we are back. 8:13 sad news from hollywood overnight. >> yeah, veteran actor hal holbrook, a giant of both the stage and screen, has died at the age of 95. >> nbc's anne thompson looking back this morning at his celebrated career. anne, good morning >> reporter: good morning. hal holbrook had a long and remarkable career, with iconic roles from mark twain to abraham lincoln, delighting audiences for some 70 years. for many film fans, hal holbrook was the actor who brought the informant deep throat to life in the 1976 film "all the presidents men". >> just follow the money. >> reporter: in six decades, he
8:14 am
appeared in more than 130 movies and tv shows in six decades, he portrayed characters with an understated style and his unmistakable voice. from dirty harry magnum 4s. >> i never had to take my gun out of its holster once. i'm proud of that. >> reporter: to a stockbroker with a conscience in "wall street." >> not so much, death and taxes. not a good company anymore. >> reporter: in the 1950s, holbrook became an overnight star when he appeared on the "ed sullivan show," performing as mark twain. >> i could never see any benefit in being tired. >> reporter: holbrook would go on to reprise that role hundreds of times, winning a tony when he eventually brought it to broadway his many tv credits include "north and south" and "the sons of anarchy," as well as "the sopranos." >> the fact is, nothing is separate everything is connected. >> reporter: in the '80s, he had a recurring role on "designing women," playing the boyfriend of his real-life wife, dixie carter
8:15 am
the two were married almost 25 years, until her death in 2010 in 2007, holbrook enjoyed a late career resurgence, playing a lonely widower in the movie "into the wild." >> what do you say you let me adopt you? >> reporter: holbrook explaining to al on "today" why he needed to climb a mountain for one scene in the movie instead of letting a stunt double do it. >> i like climbing i felt it was important to climb up there and know how it was going to feel, and how exhausted you would be, whatever then just sit down and not think about it i mean, you sit down and the scene comes out. you don't figure the scene out in advance >> reporter: holbrook was also a father and grandfather he is survived by his five children and four grandchildren. i think one of the most remarkable things about him is that he started playing mark twain when he was in his late 20s and played it all the way
8:16 am
into his 90s not bad. >> not bad at all. >> in fact, he talked about the fact when he first started, he spend a lot of time putting on the makeup to age himself. he says, one thing about getting older was, he didn't have to put as much makeup on. >> didn't need it. >> thank you, anne. >> what a body of work my goodness. let's get a check of the weather. >> all right let's show you what we have going on starting off with today, we are looking for that nor'easter to move out and finally keep things clear. look for mild conditions in the rockies. sunshine from the plains all the way to the gulf. another big storm comes into the west then as we move into tomorrow, that western storm brings snow into the rockies we're going to be looking at some snowy conditions making their way into the centr
8:17 am
>> and that is your latest weather. best part of the morning. >> oh, is it >> just a smoking hot, piping "pop start" in the oven? >> is it ready >> is the oven on? >> don't let it burn. >> hit it, carson. >> where is the graphics department >> wow, we got graphics up out of bed we're ready to go, guys. let's do it. it is time for some more exclusive reveals of our biggest super bowl commercials this first one features none other than the great dolly parton the country legend and square space teamed up for "9:00 to 5:00." it's now 5:00 to 9:00 for those of you that have a side hustle
8:18 am
after your day job ♪ working 5:00 to 9:00 you've got passion and a vision ♪ ♪ because it's hustling time, only way to make a living ♪ ♪ gonna change your life, do something that gives it meaning ♪ ♪ something worthy of your dreaming ♪ >> hoda had a chance to talk to dolly about her big super bowl debut. let's roll a little bit of that. >> okay, i can't get -- i love it i love it. 5:00 to 9:00 come on, dolly this is your very first super bowl commercial? >> i think it is we did something real special, working with square space, which as you know, is this new way to get things out there, building your own websites, promoting your own products and so this was a wonderful way
8:19 am
to kind of bring back that song and add new words and talk about what these new people are doing. so i'm excited about it. >> so are we i like the little dolly wink we got. the other thing i love, dolly, was i remember you telling a story when you were shooting the movie "9 to 5," and how it was your job to come up with the theme song you hadn't come up with it yet you took those amazing, acrylic nails and did -- mine are stubs -- and did that thing that you -- >> the typewriter sound, yeah. we all know that one ♪ stumbled to the kitchen pour myself a cup of ambition ♪ >> yeah. that ended up playing into the soundtrack, didn't it? >> yes, it did it could sound like a typewriter i didn't get to do it on this one. they might have put it in. i'm not sure. >> we wanted to give you a little belated happy birthday. we tweeted you online, but, boy, we want to say it in person now. what i loved so much about your 75th birthday, is you said you
8:20 am
didn't want anything you just wanted people to be kind to each other >> yes, wouldn't that be a great gift for the whole wide world, not just for my birthday but a gift for the world i just hope that we're going to get our stuff together one of these days looks like we're in for some hard times, but we can make it easier, make it lighter, if we just cared a little more, tried a little harder. i'm still, just like a song i wrote, i still believe we're going to come out of it, eventually, and we're going to be better, hopefully god has shown up some stuff we need to be looking at. >> dolly, just hearing you makes me feel better the other thing i got to get you to weigh in on, so for the super bowl, we vote on all the super bowl snacks. we narrow it down to the final two. if you had to choose, what do you think should be in the final round? what's your snack? >> oh, pigs in a blanket with potato chips pigs in a blanket for sure i like a heartier kind of a snack. >> pigs in a blanket we'll take that one to the bank. dolly, we love you with all our
8:21 am
heart. thank you so much for being with us today >> well, thank you i'll see you later >> i don't know if that's fair, hoda now, america's treasure, dolly parton, told the country to vote for pigs in a blanket. >> they edited it out, i only gave her four options. she loves her pigs in a blanket. we'll have more on "hoda and jenna" later. >> no impartial jury >> i agree, guys they should take that statue of dolly outside of dollywood and put it in front of the capitol i mean, she's a symbol of everything that's right in this world. >> that's right. >> looking forward to more of that conversation. let's get to it. let's see what america loves, as we reveal round two of our super bowl snack-it bracket. we started with 16 big game-worthy snacks we are down to our elite eight chicken wings, obviously, crushing the veggie platter. 76% to 24% no surprise there. wings now goes up against the
8:22 am
almighty tex-mex treat seven-layer dip, which beat mozzarella sticks. dolly's favorite, pigs in a blanket, handily beat egg rolls. now, it goes up against the titan in nachos. absolutely destroyed chicken tender 83% of the vote went to nachos guacamole beating pizza rolls. no surprise there. guac faces queso which beat loaded potato skins by just 2% >> now, we have a guac versus queso. >> we do artichoke spinach dip. that took down jalapeno poppers. that will face buffalo chicken dip. you put your hand upon my hips, when i dip, you dip. that's going to be the motherload, battle of the dip. >> queso. >> pigs. >> wings, carson daly. >> i have wings, too. >> carson daly, i knew you were my brother from another mother
8:23 am
i love you >> no doubt. can't have the super bowl without wings. >> no. >> we appreciate america weighing in. if you're at home and want to vote for your favorite right now, the elite eight, we'll get it down to the final four. we encourage you to go to >> what are we doing >> there is an earnest in my voice for the snack-it bracket. >> the music gets dramatic, as well go queso. >> go wings. >> bonus points, can anybody name the seven layers of a seven-layer dip? >> beans. >> cheese. >> sour cream. >> guac. >> olives? >> does that count >> do you know >> green onions. >> salsa. >> no, i looked it up. it's refried beans, sour cream, guac, salsa, cheese, green onions, olives or tomatoes. >> is that seven >> it's seven. >> that's going down. we have one more super bowl ad for you this morning. this is funny, too it is for amazon alexa
8:24 am
it features michael b. jordan. the sexiest man alive is taking on a new role. take a look. >> it is flawless, isn't it? >> we think so. >> i mean, i literally couldn't imagine a more beautiful vessel for alexa to be inside >> alexa >> how many tablespoons are in a cup. >> there are 16 tablespoons in a cup. >> food just got here. why you cooking? who is that? >> turn on the sprinkler >> honey, i already ran the sprinklers things are getting way too wet around here. >> alexa, dim the lights >> alexa, lights up. lights up. >> add bath oil to my shopping list >> alexa, no, don't do that. >> i was in his hands. i was being changed.
8:25 am
i was also kissing you. >> honey, other people have to use the bathroom around here, too. >> that's a good one >> great. >> oh, man. >> i like it add bath oil to my list. no, don't do that. >> carson, that's a good one thank you so much. just ahead, a story you don't want to miss jenna shining a light on a very special bookstore in washington, d.c., and its inspiring owners, who got a huge surprise from their most famous former neighbor first, your local news
8:26 am
. good morning to you, it's 8:26, i'm kris sanchez, east bay education leaders are joining the call for a faster vaccine rollout. 15 contra costa county school board presidents sent a letter to the county asking to prioritize vaccines for all school staff. like most counties contra costa is still only vaccinating health care workers and people over the age of 75. bay area public schools are still all distance learning but schools opened yesterday from kindergarten through second grade. it could be a soggy recess whether you're outside at home
8:27 am
or at school. kari? >> we've seen the rain moving through early this morning. still raining in the south bay but it's tapering off. for the rest of the bay area the grass may be wet for quite a while after this slow-moving system passed by. and we are in for some clearing for this afternoon but there still may be spotty rain in the forecast between today and tomorrow. after that, we're in for a dry trend, going into the end of the week as well as the weekend. and it's going to warm up. we're looking at temperatures in the upper 60s by sunday. kris? >> thank you so much, kari, more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. hope you have a great day.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ rock me mama like a wagon wheel ♪ welcome back today, 8:30, tuesday morning second day of february, 2021, otherwise known as groundhog's day. >> what'd they decide? what'd punxsutawney phil decide? >> he supposedly saw his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter it was snowing at the time. >> you're skeptical. >> we also have to wait on the
8:31 am
other groundhogs to weigh in >> there are a whole bunch of them we have a busy half hour for you ahead here on this groundhog's day. we're going to remember "saved by the bell's" dustin diamond. a lot of us grew up with this show mario lopez, a.c. slater, is going to share his thoughts on the complicated legacy of his former co-star fans react to diamond's sudden death. jenna has a story of a special black-owned bookstore in d.c., becoming a source of pride and inspiration for the nearby community. just wait, wait until you see who joined its virtual book club recently a fun surprise jenna, we're excited for this one. then a much-anticipated beauty list. we'll check out some of the winners of harper bazaar's hair awards the products worth adding to your routine. we have big stars coming up in the third hour. magic johnson talking basketball and helping small businesses plus, nick jonas stopping by about his new super bowl commercial
8:32 am
>> fun. plus, we have lined up more stars, even more stars tomorrow. >> more. >> sarah jessica parker, taraji p. henson, they'll be live with us by the way, nominations for the golden globes will be revealed tomorrow we'll have that live, too. 31 minutes past the hour, want to give us a check of the weather, al? >> absolutely. first of all, today, groundhog day, we have that storm system moving out another storm system coming into the pacific northwest. everywhere in between, pretty darn nice. as we look at tomorrow, western snow moves a little further east above average temperatures through the midsection of the country. snow showers linger in northern new england, upstate new york. sunshine from the atlantic down to the gulf. that's what's going on around good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we can see the rain streaming through the bay area before most of us it is winding down. still some showers in parts of the south bay and east bay. but this cold front will be moving through and rain chances will be going down over the next couple of days.
8:33 am
our temperatures gradually heading up. so by the time we hit the end of the weekend we're looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and we will be in a stretch of some dry weather. so this is the last little bit of rain for a while. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much this morning, fans and fellow actors are remembering dustin diamond, best known for his role as screech on nbc's beloved sitcom "saved by the bell." >> diamond, who was just 44 years old, died yesterday, only three weeks after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. nbc news now anchor joe fryer has more on the highlights and the struggles of diamond's life. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. dustin diamond died suddenly from a form of lung cancer his manager revealed the diagnosis last month, while being treated in a florida hospital diamond went through tough times in his life, but this morning, his "saved by the bell" co-stars are remembering the actor who played the lovable nerd, who captured hearts around the
8:34 am
world. >> oh, i've always loved the mating habits of worms >> reporter: a quintessential geek, screech was the lovable, scene-stealer on the popular saturday morning comedy series "saved by the bell." diamond, who was just 11 when he landed the role, played the iconic character for 13 years in total on the popular franchise. >> i need the phone. i'm prepared to take it by force if necessary. >> reporter: "access hollywood's" mario lopez met diamond in the '80s on set when they both starred on the sitcom. overnight, he told us he was shocked by his sudden passing. >> i just spoke with him a couple weeks ago, and he seemed in really good spirits, positive about getting through this he was kind of like a little brother. you grew up with the guy, so you're bound to get close. i'm just very sad by the news, and it just seemed to come out of nowhere. >> you'll always be first to me. >> reporter: other co-stars paid tribute. mark paul gosselaar writing, i
8:35 am
will miss those raw, brilliant sparks that only he was able to produce. elizabeth berkeley said, i will hold onto those sweet moments and the laughs we shared tiffani thiessen adding, god speed, dustin. >> guess who >> reporter: much like his character, the child actor struggled off screen, too. diamond came under fire after his 2009 tell-all book "behind the bell," the controversial claims about other cast members. diamond later said he regretted the book there was also a sex tape and run-ins with the law the actor served time in jail for a bar stabbing in 2014 >> i felt lost as i mature, i realize, wow, i was kind of going through my rebellious teens in my 20s >> reporter: after the actor's passing monday, his long-time agent wrote, in part, he's had a history of mishaps, of unfortunate events we want the public to understand that he was not intentionally malevolent he, much like the rest of those who act out and behave poorly, had undergone a great deal of turmoil and heartache.
8:36 am
adding, dustin was a humorous and high-spirited individual whose greatest passion was to make others laugh. he was able to sense and feel other people's emotions, to such a length that he was able to feel them, too a strength and a flaw all in one. although he lived a complicated life, one thing is for sure, we'll always remember all the laughs he brought to the halls of bayside high. >> oh, my, what a moment what a thrill! >> reporter: nbc's streaming service peacock re-imagined "saved by the bell" last year. diamond was not part of the reboot, but mario lopez, who is one of the producers, told us he recently talked with diamond about working him into the upcoming season. peacock also released a statement, saying he will always be a part of the bayside family. back to you guys. >> joe fryer, thank you. growing up, "saved by the bell" was appointment television on saturday morning in the melvin house. for those of us who were social outcasts growing up, we
8:37 am
identified with screech in a special way. sad loss straight ahead, guys, major surprise for a black-owned bookstore, when one of the most recognized people in the world decided to drop in on their virtual book club. virtual book club. jenna has that fun story for us.
8:38 am
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8:39 am
♪ sprininkles! ♪ february, of course, black history month. this morning, jenna is here to shine a light on a really special bookstore in our nation's capital, mahogany books. >> the owners opened it hoping to inspire conversations about issues facing their community. jenna caught up with them, and so much more. >> i love them so much when mahogany books opened a few years ago, east of the anacostia river in washington, d.c., it was the first bookstore to open in the neighborhood in more than two decades. it is a beacon in books, culture, and conversation,
8:40 am
including regular book club meetings in a recent virtual gathering, they had the surprise of a lifetime by a former president for ramunda and derrick young, passion begins in the pages of books. >> mahogany books is a place that really celebrates black books. >> reporter: mahogany books was named after their daughter, beginning online in 2007 ten years later, they opened their first store in southeast d.c., offering a vast range of books that celebrate all aspects of black culture and community >> we thought, this community deserves this bookstore. any bookstore, to be honest. it's part of american life to have access to books it was that important to us. i'm from oklahoma. when i grew up, i didn't have that many books, access to black books. >> reporter: i am imagining you as a little girl at school, and looking for characters that look like you, that go through the same things. i wonder why you think representation matters so very
8:41 am
much >> there's so many intrinsic values of why seeing ourselves in books really matter it matters from achievement. it matters for careers, everything it shows you what's possible a gentleman came to our door, maybe 65-ish or so, an african-american gentlemen, and he stood at the threshold of the store. he didn't come in, but tears started coming down his face my husband said, sir, is everything okay, what's going on he said i've never seen this many black books in my entire life that's what we're here for whew, i see you, jenna, wiping your eyes. i'm trying not to mess up my mascara going on >> reporter: okay, let me get myself together. for the youngs, it's always been about more than just selling books. >> when little kids come in, or a young guy comes in here and he's trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life and he talks about him being
8:42 am
interested in business, i just give him a book. hey, you know what, i want you to take these two business books. come back and talk to me >> reporter: mahogany books is all about community and conversation and connection. they combined all three when they founded their monthly book club >> doesn't matter if it's a best seller or not, if it's new or not. we just want to have lively conversation we want everyone to come in and speak for piece, or if they want to sit back and listen >> reporter: when the pandemic hit, they had to put their book club meetings on pause, until last week, when a certain author surprised them and dropped in on their virtual meeting. >> without furth rt adieu, we'll bring in our special guest today. >> hey, everybody! >> hi, mr. president >> i wanted to come on here because i thought, well, let's see if we can find a way to support our outstanding african-american independent bookstores >> yes. >> i also just wanted to see who the brothers were who named
8:43 am
themselves the very smart brothers book club >> reporter: this month's book, president obama's "a promised land." like any good book club, they conversation went beyond the book. >> how did you maintain the ideals and goals and not fall into the cynicism that a lot of us tend to have? >> the trick is, to be able to have that kind of long-term perspective, but still feel the urgency of now, as dr. king wrote about. what happens, you know, when you see a george floyd or an eric garner, that's terrible. that should make you angry you can't just kind of say, well, it'll take time. trying to keep those two things in mind at the same time, i think, is the biggest trick. >> sure. >> not just being president, but being a functioning black person in america. >> reporter: and everyone wanted to know about the former first
8:44 am
lady, back in the spotlight after that inauguration look >> i really want to ask you about how you felt with michelle coming down at the inauguration. [ laughter ] >> i don't know what it is about y'all with michelle and her belts. i asked michelle about it at dinner the other night, listen, baby, you are gorgeous you know i understand completely why you are a fashion icon i don't have an answer other than just knowing she looked good and looks better than me. i understand that. >> what did the little girl from oklahoma, who couldn't see herself in books, who didn't have access to those books, think when the first black president joined her book club discussion >> jenna, there are no words it was just humbling i do think of my roots i do think of my parents, my dad, who only went to the third grade, who has his daughter
8:45 am
here or our ancestors who have come before us who were killed for reading. here we are, celebrating black books to this day, and to do it freely and honorably, that's a >> president obama learned about mahogany books and their outreach to the community. his team was the one that told us about his recent virtual visit. i have such good news for anyone in d.c., i can't wait to make a trip when it is safe, mahogany books is opening their second location there this summer. >> fantastic. >> i know, i'm so thrilled. >> so many bookstores are struggling, but mahogany books seems to be doing okay >> well, a lot of indy bookstores are struggling, but they readjusted really fast. they had their online business open since 2007. they sprung into action and shipped books where they needed to go. they kept up with community engagement, like virtual events like the one with president obama. they also have children's books.
8:46 am
they're a resource for a lot of parents who are homeschooling or teaching kids from home, who are looking to keep their kids reading. i mean, first of all, they're a married couple who can work together so beautifully. >> that's impressive. >> i couldn't believe it >> wow. >> derrick said he had the opposite of his wife he had a mom who got every book into his hands >> you've become our resident, obviously, book correspondent. one thing i like about all of your reporting, you always highlight the importance of representation love that. >> well, it is important. >> it is it is paramount. coming up third hour, we're going to have a little more on changemakers for our series on black history month. this morning, another special shop this is a shop where history is always on display. >> awesome, jenna. >> thank you. >> really great. we have a lot more to get to in this next half hour, including help for your hair let's say you haven't been to the old salon in a while we get it. we're going to reveal some products that are going to be
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:48 with today's style. okay, so when the pandemic hit, sales in almost every single beauty category declined immediately, except for one. that was hair care >> yeah. >> we needed it. >> essential women and men are taking advantage of all the time indoors to focus on rejuvenating and repairing their damaged hair >> all right so to help us all out, the folks at "harper's bazaar" have put together a list of tried and true products for their annual hair awards. here to walk us through the winners is jessica matlin, beauty director at "harper's bazaar" and new momma, we should point out. can we see your little baby before we get started? congratulations! >> oh, i wish. she's at home. >> we have a little picture. >> we have a picture, just for you. congrats. >> sweet. >> we know what you've been up
8:50 am
to by besides having a baby, you've been checking out the best beauty products. we're going to start with conditioner, which a lot of us need >> yes, yes, yes okay, so let's talk about the dove anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner. i'm obsessed with this pairing because, yes, it is all about, like, repairing and really preventing breakage. when your hair breaks, it makes your hair look dull, damaged, frizzy i get those little, you know, flyaways at the top, at the crown. this stops it before it starts and repairs any breakage you have i love this shampoo is sulfate free, so it won't zap your color. if you spend time doing your color, you want to keep it in there, at home or at the salon it also smells like fresh linen. love that. >> what is next? >> it is a ten plus. >> this is the hoda special. hoda, i remember you love this if i can walk it over to you after, i will. olaplex is a bond builder. a bond builder is great because your hair is made up of millions of little bonds.
8:51 am
whenever you brush your hair, use hot tools, color treatments, the bonds really fall apart. again, breakage, breakage. it looks dull, dry this is going to actually repair all those bonds and build life, making it shiny and color looking better than ever. >> you put it on before you wash your hair, then you put it on, and it changes the texture your hair feels different. we're all for that one jessica, let's move on to hair color. a lot of people, including savannah and i, have experimented on our own with hair color how do you get one that hits the mark >> okay, so you really want to head to l'oreal's service color and coat this is brilliant. i love they've done this you don't have to leave your house. go online, take this simple quiz it is thorough, but really simple you can even talk online with a colorist bam, they send you a custom color to your house. they even put your name on it. so cute. this is rachel's it works you don't even have to leave your house now, if you want something quick
8:52 am
that knocks out grays, like let's say you can't make your appointment, the snow canceled by appointment yesterday, i was supposed to get my color done for the segment. this root concealer works as simple as a hair spray you can see the nozzle is really nice a concentrated. miracle product. i don't know how i would survive without this for zoom meetings, segments like this one it is brilliant. >> i love that rita hazan let's talk about hair growth women and men can experience hair loss. what did you find? >> so stress is really a number one cause of hair loss now, if you are experiencing major hair loss, i would say maybe get to a doctor, rule out anything serious but stress can absolutely bring it on. now, you may be very familiar with women's rogaine, which is 5% minoxidil
8:53 am
it comes in a foam who is easy to use no muss, no fuss put it on your hairline once a day, and you'll really see results. now, if you don't want to jump to a drug, necessarily, doctors on our panel, i was very excited to see they're excited about a supplement you may think supplements, like, do they work doctors are very impressed by the clinicals with nutrafol. you take four of these pills a day. it has great plant extracts, and it's been shown to grow healthy, stronger hair. >> how long does it take >> between three and six months. >> okay. >> you do have to be patient >> okay. >> with all things, you kind of have to be, you know -- you have to be steady and consistent. >> jessica, we know you have some other tools and things. we'll put those on our website so folks can find out the best tools from "harper's bazaar. congrats on the little one you can find everything at >> thank you. >>
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jenna," more from the legendary dolly parton plus, a surprise makeover for a husband and wife >> i learned so much about women's hair. >> i know. first, though, dylan is back in the kitchen for "cooking with cal. magic johnson will join us nick jonas will join up. all after your local news and weather. good morning to you, it's 8:56, i'm kris sanchez, more bay area cities are debating adding hazard pay for grocery store workers, often called hero pay. today oakland leaders will vote on the measure or all grocery store chains with more than 500 employees, including safeway, whole foods, costco and such. workers would receive an
8:57 am
additional $5 per hour. leaders in san jose considering a similar plan, companies, though, are warning that the extra costs would be passed on to customers, even if the plan is only temporary, until the pandemic ends. happening now, we're following the story and we'll have a live report midday at 11:00. link to more details in our home page. also, at midday, we will take you to san francisco for a look at the city's push to expand vaccination access while at the same time ensuring shots are available to more low-income neighborhoods and people of color. you can link to more of the back story from the local section at and tesla has agreed to recall involving touch screens for more than 100,000 cars. last month regulators found the screens can suddenly go dark creating potential hazards for drivers, find that story in our twitter feed. happening now is brought to you by --
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today on "california live" -- >> we've got a cardiologist with some tips. >> and our apart weather man is sharing recipes.
8:59 am
the bay area county -- dozens of miles in repairs. environmental change having impact on the majestic redwoods. our climate in crisis continues tomorrow morning.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> good morning, everybody. happy groundhog day. on the "3rd hour of today," i'm al, along with sheinelle and craig. dylan is still out once again for us. we'll be checking -- this is kind of like, what was the year, dylan, where you were out constantly, and you bought, like, 82 coats because you were going out. >> that was groundhog's day. >> exactly. >> well, we're going to talk to you in a bit. if you feel like you've been living in a loop for the past year or so, you're not alone. in fact, this is how mornings have felt for us during the


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