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tv   Today  NBC  February 3, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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this morning. >> it's been good to be with you. a live look at san francisco as the "today" show gets started in just a few minutes. gorgeous skies out there. have a fantastic wednesday. good morning. shot in the arm. the vaccine rollout gets a boost. a new planan just annonounced t ship doses directly to pharmacies across the country. supply still limited, just 1 million dodoses to start, but t potential for a major game-changer, and not soon enough, as more contagious strains of the virus spread rapidly in this country. this morning, our interview with dr. anthony fauci, live. lying in honor. in the very place he died protecting. the rare and special tribute to officer brian sicknick. the president and first lady paying respects overnight.
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as the case against former president trump, saying he aimed his angry supporters at the capitol like a loaded cannon. we'll have the latest and the response from trump's legal team. line of duty. two fbi agents gunned down, three others wounded, while serving a warrant in florida. the agency's deadliest day since 9/11. >> they were valuable members of the fbi and will forever be heros. >> what we're learning about the victims and the mission they were on. the big dig out. >> there's a car under here somewhere. >> the northeast still shoveling out from that record-setting snowstorm, with some flakes still falling overnight. and the next potential blockbuster already taking shape. al has the timing and the track straight ahead. stepping down. in a surprise shakeup, amazon's jeff bezos giving up the role as ceo of the company he built into one of the most successful ever. this morning, what the future holds for the world's richest man and for amazon.
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those stories, plus, gold stars. the golden globe no, ma'am neighs just announced this morning live on "today." a very good morning for streaming services. live, here, today, wednesday, february 3rd, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. it's good to have you with us. >> good to have you with us, indeed. there's a lot happening this morning, including those problems still being caused by that massive winter storm. it's buried much of the northeast. by the way, if you're tired of shoveling, you better keep the muscles warm. al is tracking the threat of even more snow coming this weekend. we're going to get al's forecast in a moment. hopefully a lot of kids are headed back to school. we're going to start with the vaccine rollout, slowed by this week's massive winter storm. the white house announced a new
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plan to get more shots into arms by shipping vaccines directly to thousands of retail pharmacies across the country. we're going to talk about that and the new threats from mutated strains of the virus with dr. anthony fauci in a moment. first, nbc's erin mclaughlin has our report. erin, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. since december, covid cases nationwide have dropped by more than 32%. that's welcome news. but with new variants of the virus spreading fast, scientists warn, this battle is far from over. >> reporter: as americans wait in long lines to get their covid shot, the biden administration announced starting late next week, it'll ship vaccines directly to local pharmacies. >> pharmacies are readily accessible in most communities, with most americans living within 5 miles of a pharmacy. >> reporter: there will be a limited supply at first, with just 1 million doses and 6,500 stores, eventually expanding to 40,000. stores including
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walgreens, cvs, walmart, and 18 other national khans. once eligible, walgreens customers can go to the app or website to schedule an appointment. >> you can sign up for the second dose, as well. then when the day comes you into the store. they'll ask that you confirm you are an essential worker. they will confirm your age, certain chronic medical problems, and then you'll be vaccinated. >> reporter: based on everything you know right now, when will the average american be able to walk into a walgreens and get a vaccine? >> as we begin to build supply, i expect that we, by the spring, will be doing that at scale, and that will likely carry on through the summer. >> reporter: now, more cities are expanding their vaccine eligibility. detroit opening up appointments to grocery store workers, restaurant employees, and janitors, among others. >> we wanted to reach out to the men and women who are going to work every day, doing their jobs, who are most at risk for
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covid exposure. >> reporter: this as new data suggests previous covid infection may not protect you from becoming infected again by some of the new emerging variants. a new british study suggests the more contagious uk strain could be mutating, which may reduce vaccine effectiveness. >> looking at probably having to do a booster because of the variants. it could end up being, you know, that part of our lives are just yearly boosters or yearly covid shots. >> reporter: this morning, a new british study finds the vaccine developed by astrazeneca not only protects people from serious illness and death, it could also slow transmission by as much as 67%. that's seen as critical to ending the pandemic. the study has not been peer reviewed, but british health secretary calls the development absolutely superb. savannah? >> thank you, erin. joining us now is dr. fauci, the biden administration chief
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medical director, head of the institute of infectious diseases. dr. fauci, we heard the study out of england on the oxford vaccine. they're calling it absolutely superb. what do you call it? this notion that this vaccine can not only stoppen next but also reduce transmission of the virus? >> savannah, i haven't seen the data yet. that's not yet been peer reviewed. i certainly have every reason to believe the brits, but i'd like to see the data myself. if it is true, it's good news. yet again another vaccine candidate in the mix. we heard yesterday about the russian sputnik candidate with over 90% efficacy. j&j, johnson & johnson, from last year, also had good results. so as we're going on, getting into february now, we're going have multiple candidates in the mix, which is good news. as you said, that's balance -- >> you said -- >> yeah. >> i know where you're going with that. let me just for a second on these other vaccines, how quickly might we see the j&j,
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astrazeneca, oxford vaccine be approved? >> the j&j data we discussed last week is being reviewed with the fda right now. we could see, literally within a week or so, that they wind up getting the kind of emergency use authorization. i don't want to get ahead of the fda, but i would not be surprised, savannah, if this happens within the next week or two. >> so let's talk about where i think you were headed. we've talked a lot over this pandemic. i don't know if i read your mind yet, but, i mean, on the one hand you have good vaccine news, and on the other hand, you have bad variant news. you have these strains, these mutations of the original coronavirus, whatever name you want to call them, they're racing across this country now. how concerned are you that these more contagious strains of the virus could become dominant in this country and complicate the vaccine effort? >> well, that's certainly a possibility, and that's the reason why we take it very seriously. one of the ways that you prevent
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the further evolution of virus to become mutational, the way you do that is to suppress the replication of the virus. best way is two-fold. one, continue to double down on the public health measures to prevent spread from person to person, and as you just mentioned at the top of the show, get as many people vaccinated as you possibly can. the more people that are protected from infection, the less opportunity you give to the virus to mutate. it can't mutate if it doesn't replicate. so the more you suppress it, the less it does. >> i know this isn't really scientific, but, i mean, are we doing it fast enough? who is winning if it is a race between virus and vaccine? are we vaccinating right now at a pace to keep ahead of these mutant strains? >> well, we're getting better and better but, savannah, we're not. the situation is, we still have a demand that far exceeds the supply. what you mentioned in the
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beginning of the show, about getting the pharmacies involved, is really good news because if you get pharmacies to distribute, if you get community vaccine centers to distribute, and then later on, we'll probably have mobile units to get out there, but you have to get the steady supply, excuse me, of vaccines, so we can put it in people's arms. the more companies that give data, like we've heard this morning, that looks like they'll be able to get in the mix, the better we are. the more companies, the more vaccines. the more vaccines, the more people get protected. >> we've talked about how the so-called south african variant, or the uk variant, may be more contagious, may be somewhat more resistant to the vaccines, but the vaccines still work. you and i talked about an effort of upgrading the vaccines, to match it better. to these emerging strains. the work is already started, but how long does it take for something like that to roll out? >> well, you could probably do something like that in two or
7:10 am
three months because the vaccines themselves are flexible and adaptable to upgrade them. we don't need it right now, but we are going in that direction anyway, just in case. because, as you mentioned, the mutants are here in the united states. they are not dominant yet. we can prevent them from becoming dominant by trying to suppress the replication. but if they do become dominant, we may need to upgrade the vaccine. that's exactly the direction we're going right now. >> finally, it's not a national holiday, but it might as well be. we have the super bowl coming up on sunday. we are used to having indoor super bowl parties. i don't have to tell you about everyone reaching into the same bowl of nachos. how concerned are you, and what is your message to folks as they think about getting together for the super bowl? >> well, you know, every time we do have something like this, there always is a spike. be it a holiday, christmas, new year's, thanksgiving. as you mentioned, super bowl is a big deal in the united states. enjoy the game. watch it on television.
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do it with the immediate members of your family, the people in your household. as much fun as it is to get together on a big super bowl party, now is not the time to do that. watch the game and enjoy it, but do it with your family or with people that are in your household. >> who do you got, chiefs or the bucs? >> oh, dear. well, you know -- no, i don't want to go there, savannah. >> not your game. okay, some people hang on your every word. i don't know, dr. fauci, thank you. appreciate it. >> all right. thank you, savannah. good to be with you. >> take care. in other news also this morning, a rare and somber tribute is happening at the u.s. capitol, where officer brian sicknick, who was killed in the riots there, now lies in honor. nbc's chief white house correspondent peter alexander joins us with more. good morning. >> hoda, good morning to you. those powerful scenes at the capitol coming ahead of next week's impeachment trial, of course, with both sides now detailing their arguments.
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democrats say the former president is guilty of inciting insurrection. mr. trump's lawyers deny that. they say his speech was protected by the first amendment. >> reporter: overnight, president biden paying his respects to capitol police officer brian sicknick, lying in honor in the same building where he suffered fatal injuries at the hands of that violent mob. that deadly siege at the heart of next week's impeachment trial for former president trump. house democrats previewing their prosecution will argue that mr. trump is singularly responsible for the riot. he, quote, summoned the mob to washington, exhorted them into a frenzy, and aimed them like a loaded cannon down pennsylvania avenue. the impeachment managers insisting mr. trump be barred from future office because they say he'll do anything to reassert his grip on power. their 80-page brief pointed to the former president's speech to supporters shortly before the riot. >> if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a
7:13 am
country anymore. >> reporter: but mr. trump's lawyers say the comments were, quote, clearly about the need to fight for election security in general. they plan to argue the former president did not incite violence. >> this is a very, very dangerous road to take with respect to the first amendment, putting at risk any passionate political speaker, which is really against everything we believe in in this country. >> reporter: but democrats emphasize that some trump supporters believe they were acting on his direction. >> we were invited by the president of the united states. >> reporter: mr. trump's defense team also echoes the conclusion of 45 senate republicans, arguing the trial of a former president is unconstitutional because he holds no public office from which he can be removed. the democrats' rebuttal, there is no january exception to impeachment. saying a president must answer for his conduct from his first day in office through his last. still, for democrats, it's an uphill climb. last week, just five republican
7:14 am
senators even agreed to proceed with a trial, and democrats need 17 republicans to join them to convict mr. trump. here in washington, it's a significant day for house republicans facing an internal fight over their party's future. they'll meet this afternoon with pressure intensifying to take action against freshman congresswoman marjorie taylor greene, a trump ally who embraced false qanon conspiracy theories and endorsed political violence. trump loyalists want to punish the number three in the house, liz cheney, who voted to impeach the former president. hoda? >> peter alexander at the white house. thank you. craig is following another big story. good morning. >> guys, good morning. it was an early wake up call for the golden globe nominations. in fact, we had the honor of revealing them live right here on "today." natalie morales has the run down
7:15 am
of this year's contenders. good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning to you. with the lockdowns closing most movie theaters, many of the nominated films were streamed into homes. this year royalty dominated. the netflix series "the crown" leading the way with six nominations. in film, "mink" nominated for six. as award season kicks off, plenty of newcomers but a best actor in a musical or comedy nomination for "borat" and lat night talk show host for "the prom." "hamilton." and "the personal history of david copperfield."
7:16 am
taking on -- gary oldman in "mank." anthony hopkins whose character is suffering from dementia in "the father." boseman passed away from colon cancer and expected the most likely snag the award as well and he starred of course along with viola davis and she is up against -- nominated and up against vanessa kirby in "pieces of a woman." audra day, kerry mulligan and francis mcdermott. now in the tv category, no surprise here, "schitt's creek" swept with five nominees and moira roes as katherine o'hara is the one to beat and the
7:17 am
competition also includes jane levy, "the flight attendant." and as again "schitt's creek" dominating and levy is the one to beat and in contention -- niklas holt in "the great." and don cheetle in "black monday." tina fey and amy poehler are back and the broadcast will be live from both coasts, a change in the era of the coronavirus on february 28th. guys? you get a reprieve in the weather business >> just a little bit of a break. although, we still have snow from this nor'easter hanging around
7:18 am
nothing heavy, but it keeps going. like the neverending bunny today, heavy rain and snow for the pacific northwest. heavy snow later today rockies, developing snow in the rockies, developing snow in the rockies, developing snow in the the upper midwest, rockies, developing snow in the the midwest brings blizzard warnings tomorrow for centra iowa and continues to the east, bringing snow to the upper midwest, interior new york, into new england. wet weather along the mid-atlantic and northeast snowfall amounts from 3 to 12 inches into the rockies. as we move into the midwest, the u.p. of michigan could see 9 to 12 inches of snow. lighter amounts as you get further away now, the other system we were worried about developed saturday in the gulf with heavy rain threat for the gulf coast on into florida it continues on sunday but moves through the southeast and off the southeastern atlantic coast bringing heavy rain for the carolinas. some interior snow for upstate new york and on into new england. the track is still questionable. we have to watch it. right now,w, though, w we're breathing g a little b bit of ah ofof relief, a as far as a a nor'eaeaster developing. we'll continue to watch this we're gogoing to get to your lol forecast coming up in the next
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30 seconds good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a live look outside in san francisco, beautiful sunrise, and it's mostly clear now but there is a storm system approaching from the north that will bring mostly the north bay a chance of rain around noontime, and then continuing to scatter, some scattered showers for the rest of the bay area for this afternoon. the rest of the forecast is cool to start and a lot drier, and
7:20 am
will warm up in time for the weekend into early next week. ur weather. hoda >> al, thank you. straight ahead, inside the massive shakeup at one of the world's most valuable companies. jeff bezos, in his own words on why he is stepping down as amazon ceo, and what's next for him. and the game-changing company he bubuilt. and then, dr. fauci touched on super bowl safety with us a moment ago well, just ahead, we're going to go live to tampa for a first-hand look at the precautions being taken there, and what you can do to limit your risk while watching the big your risk while watching the big gai'i'm morgan, , and there'e'se toto me than h hiv. morere love,.... more a adventure,.,... more commumunity. but with m my hiv treaeatment,. there's s not more m medicins in my pipill. i tatalked to mymy doctor... and swswitched to.o... fewewer medicinenes with dovo. prescrcription dovovato is for somome adults who are ststarting hiv-1 trtreatment
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♪ i d don't know w where i am♪ ♪ i don't't know wherere i've b♪ ♪ but i knonow where i i wanna♪ good morning. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. here is a look at today's top stories including the legal battle looming to reopen schools in san francisco. >> reporter: i'm cierra johnson, in an unprecedented move according to the "san francisco chronicle," the city of san francisco is expected to sue its own school district in an attempt to reopen schools. now the suit alleges san francisco unified school district violated a state law by not adopting a clear plan during the pandemic, so what's next? "the chronicle" explains the city attorney will file a motion next thursday to san francisco superior court to issue an emergency order to compel the district to create a plan to get kids back in school.
7:27 am
i'm bob redell in pleasanton. because traffic on the roads behind me like 680 is down so much, caltrans tells us it's been able to lay down an unprecedented amount of asphalt during covid, between march of last year and now, 1.2 million tons they believe that's about double what they do in a normal year. all right, let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. she has a look at our forecast for this wednesday morning. how are we looking? >> we're looking pretty good. we are watching showers approaching from the north and we are going to see this mainly affecting the north bay by late morning into the early afternoon. a lot of the rain just drying up before it makes it south of san francisco, so we are going to be watching a quick-moving system passing on by with some hit or miss showers especially for areas outside of the north bay. we still have that chance today, it's much drier and cool tomorrow and the rest of the
7:28 am
forecast is starting to warm up. we have a lot of sunshine headed our way into the weekend as well as next week. laura? >> thanks so much and thank you for joining us as well. we'll be back in a half hour with another news update.
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more beef for less bacon. don't be jelly. ♪grocrey outlet jingle♪ raise a glass... to savings! welcome back, guys 7:30 it is wednesday. that is the view from the top of the rock that's the leftovers all the snow you know the slushy corners, trying to walk block to block, and you wish you had your hip waders on? that's what it is like biggest storm to hit new york in five years, this one. >> yeah. and the gray snow, city snow it looks prettier from afar sometimes. snow is still falling overnight, al mentioned that. let's check in with nbc's stephanie gosk, who is just up the road from us in central park it is sure pretty there, stephanie. >> certainly is, savannah. it's a winter wonderland here.
7:31 am
make no mistake, this was a deadly storm at least six deaths are being blamed on the weather. you know, it's the biggest storm, as you say, in years in this region. about a foot and a half fell in central park there are places in new jersey and pennsylvania that got twice that amount of snow. this morning, people are digging out, but there are still major disruptions. over the last couple of days, in-person school was canceled for a lot of kids. unfortunately, that did not mean a lot of snow days for kids. because of the pandemic, schools quickly switched to remote there were asol disruptions in vaccinations thousands of them all along the northeast. here in new york city, officials say they had to reschedule 1,500 vaccination appointments that's on top of a program that as you know was already facing some struggles. we're still dealing today with transportation problems. the secondary roads still need clearing airports are open, but there have been a lot of delays, which could continue throughout the day today.
7:32 am
for those people who did get out here, there was fun to be had. people cross-country skiing and sledding the city got less than 5 inches of snow last season for the entire season. this storm eclipsed that amount, and we're being told we could get some more snow on sunday savannah >> thank you, stephanie. we'll get al's forecast just ahead. now, we turn to the major announcement that's got the attention of wall street and main street. amazon ceo jeff bezos stepping down in the coming months. >> what does the future hold for the world's wealthiest man, and what does it mean for the company he founded that's seen exponential growth during this pandemic nbc's tom costello has details good morning. >> good morning. remember jeff bezos started amazon as a book retailer in 1994 it grew into a $1.6 trillion industry think of everything that amazon has that touches your life every single day 82% of us have an amazon prime account. now, jeff bezos is stepping away from the industry, the business
7:33 am
that made him a billionaire nearly 200 times over. >> reporter: stepping down but not stepping aside this coming summer, the man who transformed an online bookstore into one of the world's largest and most profitable conglomerates will officially turn over the keys to the company he founded >> you work hard, have fun, make history, is our motto. >> reporter: jeff bezos says he'll leave his post as ceo while remaining on the executive border with bezos at the helm, amazon has revolutionized onlin retail and how we get our goods, while also expanding its reach to supermarkets, in-home gadgets, and cloud computing, which accounts now for more than half the company's profits. >> that is sort of the foundation for so many of the companies, you know, not just in tech netflix uses amazon web services coca-cola uses amazon web services your bank probably uses amazon web services.
7:34 am
>> reporter: it is the web service sector that bezos turned to for his successor, naming andy jassy as the next ceo jassy joined amazon in 1997 and has been with web services since its inception. >> i took my last, final exam at graduate school the first friday of may in 1997, and i started at amazon the following monday. >> reporter: over the years, amazon also transformed bezos into one of the world's wealthiest people, with an estimated net worth of nearly $200 billion even after one of the most expensive divorces in history, in which bezos' personal drama became tabloid fodder. amazon has also faced criticism for making it harder for small businesses to compete against amazon's rock bottom prices and massive market share still, in a letter to his more than 1 million employees, bezos touted amazon's efforts to lead on higher minimum wages and environmental sustainability
7:35 am
now, the bookseller turned billionaire will shift his focus to other interests he owns the "washington post," and his ambitious aerospace firm, blue origin, a direct competitor to spacex owned by another billionaire, elon musk >> and it's this generation's job to build that road to space, so that the future generations can unleash their creativity >> tom, this big change is happening as the company is also facing scrutiny over anti-trust concerns what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: by the way, they just agreed to pay $62 million because they were not -- with the ftc, by the way, because they were not paying tips to some of their flex drivers in addition to that, there have been investigations, ftc investigations, into, specifically, their dominant market position as it relates to the internet, to web hosting, to cloud computing. they are the dominant player in cloud computing. even the cia has used amazon for its cloud hosting capabilities, guys >> all right
7:36 am
tom costello, thank you. coming up next, parties, lots of cheering and yelling, of course, all those shared snacks. they're a hallmark for the super bowl, but they present a challenge for health officials and business owners. >> we're going to go live to tampa with a first-hand look at how the host city is preparing for the big game, and what you can do safely to enjoy it. that's right after this. obooks? of course, podcasts. origininals. bestsesellers. future besestsellers.. sleeeep stories.s. slsleep storieies? what arareu talking ababout sleep p stori? malcolm. o oh wow. malalcolm. malcololm! mal-heyey no! roroxy, hey! roxy, , get out of malcocolm's housese! the momost inspiriring minds. the e most compepelling storo. all in onene place.aududible. (buzz) big news a america! back foror a limiteded time, the momost inspiriring minds. the e most compepelling storo. we''ve changnged the shahape of hononey nut cheheerios... because wewe want peopople to k know they''re delicicios and can n help lowerer choleste.
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7:40 am
this morning on "in-depth today," what does the super bowl look like during the pandemic? good question. >> well, we're going to find out. excitement is building for sunday it's a question that health officials, though, are still grappling with, both in tampa, where the big game will be played, of course, but also in cities across the country. >> dr. fauci was talking about this a few minutes ago kerry sanders down at raymond james stadium with the story kerry, what's the word how are they going to pull it off? >> guys, it's the big question, how do you make sure that the super bowl doesn't become a superspreader event? this is the ninth super bowl that i have attended, and there's a lot of excitement. because of the pandemic, it's also very different. >> reporter: the sounds are the same there's plenty of joy and sheer excitement at events like these leading up to the big game knowing in just four days the super bowl will be kicking off but it all looks and feels a little bit different this year
7:41 am
>> well, you know, it's easier for us to get around and see a lot more of the activities because there's not as many people so that's one positive >> reporter: the challenge, keeping things safe and covid free, the ceo of visit tampa bay is confident it can be done. >> all of our local bars, restaurants, hotels are under local mandates to limit crowds, to have social distancing, to mandate masks. all of that is in place. >> reporter: the cdc has also issued super bowl guidelines its advice, stay home and watch the game avoid social gatherings altogether >> we could have kind of mini superspreader events or little hot spots all around the country, starting with those indoor gatherings or even potentially outdoor gatherings if we don't follow the recommendations. >> reporter: but businesses in the super bowl host city want to cash in on the big game.
7:42 am
june bailee, who co-owns a brewery not far from the stadium, say they plan to let people gather, though he insists they'll do it safely the bucs are winning they score a touchdown everybody goes crazy it is going to happen. >> implying the hugs and the high fives >> reporter: yes yes! >> the hugs and high fives as long as it is within their own group. >> reporter: in los angeles, where restaurants just reopened for outdoor dining, no tvs will be allowed for super bowl viewing, to make sure gatherings do not happen. in the chiefs hometown of kansas city, missouri, fans there are finding their own creative ways to watch the game safely like local movie theaters where spaces are being rented to small groups to watch the game >> i wish i had, like, 20 screens. we've had so many requests >> reporter: no matter the location, super bowl fever is turned up as the bucs and chiefs prepare to do battle >> kerry, even though officials recommend against watching the game with groups of folks, we know people are still going to do it. so what kind of precautions
7:43 am
should people take if they gather anyway? >> reporter: well, yeah. folks are going to ignore the suggestions. for those who do, getting together with friends, we've heard it all before, but make sure you have a mask or double mask don't share food the gatherings, it's all about getting that plate of food actually have it separated so you're not sharing off the same plate. and if you're going to do it outdoors, don't put a tent up and drop the sides down. that's the same as being indoors. for you guys, you know, building an igloo in the snow, same thing. can't do that. >> yeah. >> thank you, kerry. thank you, kerry sanders for us. >> didn't mention double dipping the chip is that a no-no? >> no-no. >> no double dip. >> mr. craig, you're heading to tampa. >> going to head down. going to head down >> how happy are you >> i'm stoked. i'm excited. i'm a -- yes, i can say, full disclosure, i'm a chiefs fan looking forward to it. kerry has done nine. this is, like, my sixth. i have a ways to catch up. who do you like in the game, by the way?
7:44 am
>> i'm with -- i don't know. >> you're like fauci >> i was about to, then i was like, i don't know >> i'm not sure either my team isn't in, so it is hard for me to choose i'll have to -- >> i think you should cheer for the guy that took down drew brees. cheer against that guy. >> against that guy. >> probably a good philosophy. >> you can choose for him, then it justifies it all. shall we go to al. >> what do you got, al >> the enemy of my enemy is my friend >> yes. >> there you go. the enemy of a lot of us is climate change we're seeing this system rotating around. this may be the shape of things to come. why? we had this big area of low pressure look at this we're talking about a slow-moving nor'easter, consecutive hours of snow or freezing rain. new york city, 37. philadelphia, 51 hours washington, d.c., 43 hours the reason for this, the low pressure area that's a slow mover. what happened? it got sandwiched between ridges out in the plains, one in the atlantic
7:45 am
as climate change happens, we're going to see this happen more and more, these stalled weathe patterns with the change in climate. awfully cold today down in florida. 60 million people impacted record isolated lows, killing freezes. and we got this warning out from the national weather service in miami. falling iguanas possible that's rough because they're cold-blooded, they get very sluggish, they lose their grip on the plants and trees, they're dropping. if you see them laying around, they're not dead, just cold, stunned. if you run across the geico gecko, give him some space all right? >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we watch an approaching cold front moving in, it's going to bring us some scattered showers, but mostly for the north bay today. elsewhere, just a slight chance of rain, otherwise we're in for a lot of sunshine, and also cool
7:46 am
weather for tomorrow, but we quickly warm up as we head toward the end of the week, into the weekend, looking at our inland temperatures in the mid-60s and that continues with the dry weather into early next week. >> al. >> chiefs, i'll say it. >> yeah! >> you know why? because of your son, he loves patrick mahomes. >> chiefs all the way. >> and pigs in a blanket. >> all the way >> all the way, except for queso. >> dolly parton said so. coming up next, the big sporting event in the spotlight, the australian open >> this is super exciting. to pull it off, players and entourages have been isolating for two weeks. a recipe for success potentially for other sports here in the u.s. wewe'll find o out about t that afteter this if thehese statemements describebe you, and yoyou've b been diagnonod with gasastroparesisis, you u might qualalify for a clclinical stutudy and yoyou've b been diagnonod with gasastroparesisis, that teststs a new stutudy medicationon for nauseseay and yoyou've b been diagnonod with gasastroparesisis, tand ththe symptomsmsutudy mofof gastropararesis.seay and yoyou've b been diagnonod with gasastroparesisis, qualifieied participipants l rereceive stududy related d ce and ststudy medicacation at no chararge. qualifieied participipants l rereceive stududy related d ce
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coming up, hollywood's award season starting right here on "today." >> we have this morning's big reveal the golden globe nominations, live, with the help of sarah jessica parker and taraji p. henson. >> first, a check of your local news ...thehe itching ...t.the burningng. the ststinging. my skin n was no lononger min. mymy psoriaticic arthritisi, madede my jointsts stiff, swolollen... paiainful. ememerge tremfmfyant™ withth tremfya®, adultsts with modederate toto severe plplaque psoririas. ...can u uncover clelearer skind imimprove sympmptoms at 1616 w. tremfya® is also a approved for adulults with a active psoriatic c arthritis.s. serious s allergic r reactios may occucur. trememfya® mayay increasee your risisk of infecections anand lower yoyour abilityy to figight them. tell youour doctor i if you he an infecection or sysymptoms or if yoyou had a vaccine e or plan toto. trememfya®. ememerge tremfmfy™ jajanssen can n help you e exe cost suppoport optionsns. intrtroducing nenew extra charged d coffee at t dunkin.
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7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here is what's happening now. >> i'm cierra johnson. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the city of san francisco is expected to sue its own school district in an attempt to reopen schools. now the suit alleges san francisco unified school district violated a state law by not adopting a clear plan during the pandemic, so what's next? "the cropical" explains the city attorney will file a motion next thursday to san francisco superior court to issue an emergency order to compel the district to create a plan to get kids back in school. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. gamestop shares rose a little bit on the opening bell earlier this morning but in general they're not doing nearly as well as they have in the past, down
7:57 am
about 70% from friday. this as people get out of the stock, taking some of the money they made. the idea originally of course was to teach short sellers a lesson by running it up but the temptation to get the money out proved too much for some investors. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall, with a look at the last bit of rain moving through the bay area. >> yes, and one last chance as we go into today. approaching from the north and the north bay will have the best chance of seeing some scattered showers. a lot of the rain will dry up as it works its way elsewhere, south of the golden gate bridge, but we'll continue to watch that with some hit or miss showers in the forecast today. the rest of the forecast is dry and we'll warm up going into the weekend, mid-60s for the inland valleys and that will continue into next week. for san francisco, expect a high of 54 degrees today. 57 tomorrow, and then some low 60s as we head into saturday and sunday. laura? >> thanks so much, kari.
7:58 am
thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming up in half an hour. have a great morning.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
ship directly to retail pharmacies, starting next week. >> when will the average american be able to walk into a walgreens and get a vaccine? >> as we begin to build supply, i expect that we, by the spring, will be doing that at scale. >> so what does this mean for your spot in line? we'll break down everything you neneed to knowow. > plus, makiking historyry. how a young man got a new w chae at l life after r the first t e susuccessful f face and hand transplant.
8:01 am
>> even though it's not a life-saving organ, like a kidney, liver, or heart, it really is a life benefit. and the nominees are. we're kicking off award season with your first look at the golden globe nominees. sarah jessica parker and taraji p. henson will join us live to make the big announcement. did your favorite make the cut? today, wednesday, february 3rd, 2021. ♪ i got you moonlight ♪ >> hi, "today" show. >> we're the brewers from bakersfield, california. >> hello to family and friends. >> hi! >> today is grant's 9th birthday. >> hi to my third grade class. >> 25 years ago, we said i do. >> today, we're celebrating with you. >> it's their silver anniversary! >> good morning. welcome back, everybody. it is wednesday. we are glad you're with us. if you're just rolling out of the bed, good morning, sleepy head.
8:02 am
by the way, you can always set the dvr if you missed the first hour. >> over the weekend, a guy walked up to me and said, you know, you started doing the dvr thing at the top of the show, i started dvring. >> people are listening and catching on. >> all the rage. >> i love it. let's get to your news at 8:00. as more new strains of the coronavirus emerge, the white house announced a new plan to speed up vaccinations by cutting through red tape, including shipping them directly to pharmacies. nbc's erin mclaughlin has the latest on that. erin, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. that's right. the biden administration announced late next week it will begin shipping vaccines to local pharmacies. it'll be a limited supply at first. some 6,500 stores and over 1 million doses, expanding to 40,000 stores. part of an all-out push to get as many shots into as many arms as possible. as new strains of the virus are sweeping the country. take a listen to what dr. anthony fauci had to say earlier this morning. >> are we vaccinating right now
8:03 am
at a pace to keep ahead of these mutant strains? >> well, we're getting better and better, but, savannah, we're not. because the situation is we still have a demand that far exceeds the supply. what you mentioned in the beginning of the show, about getting the pharmacies involved, is really good news. >> reporter: a new british study finds that the astrazeneca vaccine could cut virus transmission by as much as 67%. seen as critical to end this pandemic. the british health secretary calling that result absolutely superb. although, the study has yet to be peer reviewed, and dr. fauci says he'd like to see the data. savannah? back to you. >> erin, thank you. we're going to have more on how the vaccine distribution at pharmacies will work "3rd hour of today." the chief medical officer of walgreens will be our guest live. the fbi is investigating a shooting in florida on tuesday
8:04 am
that left two agents dead, three others hurt. officials say the agents were trying to execute a warrant in a child exploitation case. approaching the apartment a gunman inside opened fire. 43-year-old laura and 36-year-old dan were killed. >> today this grim reality has taken two of our best from our family. >> the gunman was also killed. two other agents were hurt in the attack and in stable condition. overseas now, vladimir putin's critic, whose arrest led to mass protests in russia, has been hit with a prison sentence. the apparent effort to intimidate putin's opponents. also posed as a challenge to president biden. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel as more on this one. good morning. >> good morning. russia effectively sent alexei navalny to the gulogs, but it
8:05 am
only seems to be enhancing his standing inside russia and abroad. >> reporter: as the verdict came in, alexei navalny sent a message to his wife. things will be okay, he said. they won't be easy. a judge handed navalny 2 1/2 years with labor in a remote penal colony. his crime, violating a court order by traveling to germany where he was recovering from being poisoned with a russian nerve agent. navalny only returned to russia two weeks ago, knowing he'd face jail. the brave move earned him respect. tens of thousands have rallied for navalny since his return. thousands more have been arrested. france's president macron tweeted in russian calling for navalny's release. though not ruling out new sanctions, doing the same. >> we reiterate our call for the russian government to immediately and unconditionally
8:06 am
release mr. navalny, as well as the hundreds of russian citizens wrongly detained for exercising their rights. >> reporter: if russia hopes by locking up navalny he'll be out of sight and out of mind, it's mistaken navalny's media team is active and savvy. it recently released this video claiming to show putin's billion-dollar black sea summer retreat. while nbc can't independently verify its claims, it's been viewed over 100 million times. it's inspired memes about putin and the pleasure palace's aqua disco. putin says the summer house isn't his. but the navalny crisis is. it's the biggest challenge he has faced in years immediately after the sentencing, several thousand people demonstrated in moscow, according to organizers, at least 1,000 were arrested more protests are expected hoda >> richard engel for us, thank you. we've been talking a lot about the anticipation for the super bowl that's good and everything, but what about tennis? okay there is another huge event in sports to gear up for.
8:07 am
the australian open. players are beginning to emerge from a strict 14-day quarantine, and plans are in place to have thousands of fans in the stands, as well. nbc's kelly cobiella with how they're planning to pull this one off. good morning. >> hi, good morning, savannah. yeah, big numbers here they're planning to welcome 30,000 fans a day when the australian open kicks off next week they're already filling the seats in a warm-up tournament, something we haven't seen in months >> reporter: this morning, a rare sight in professional sports. >> another really impressive performance. >> reporter: fans without masks cheering serena williams at some matches, thousands sitting side by side players are amazed, too. >> i had goosebumps coming into the courts, playing in front of the fans again after 12 months of not experiencing that >> reporter: after a quiet u.s. open and socially distanced french open last year,
8:08 am
australian health officials are allowing in 30,000 fans a day. when the australian open starts next week. >> it will be the most significant international event with crowds that the world has seen for many, many months. >> reporter: australia has kept covid under control, under 30,000 cases and less than 1,000 deaths, thanks to quick lockdowns, track and trace, closed borders, and strict quarantines. all 1,700 australian open players, coaches, and staff were confined to hotels for two weeks. now free >> so glad the quarantine is over. >> reporter: seeing life almost as it used to be, before covid what is it like there? not just on the court but off the court. >> it's been so nice being able to go out to dinners and just to be able to go to a grocery store and not have to worry about people having covid. it's been almost kind of surreal. >> reporter: but perse in
8:09 am
western australia is in the middle of a five-day lockdown after one security guard at a quarantine hotel tested positive some worry this big international event could open the door to more cases organizers admit, it's a risk, but say it's a small one. >> if it is possible, yeah, it's possible anywhere. people will be able to see that it can be done. >> reporter: a model for the rest of the world if organizers can ace it and another reminder of the risk today, this morning a hotel quarantine worker has tested positive some players and staff are being contacted to get tested, just as a precaution and one more note, savannah, serena won her match today took her a little over an hour. >> quick work of it. kelly, thank you very much >> serena also said another reason she was excited the quarantine was over, she'd been spending pretty much day and night with her 3-year-old in a hotel room >> we can relate. >> yeah. >> indeed. >> we can. let's turn our attention to your "morning boost. a couple from kansas drove to florida to surprise their granddaughter, who they hadn't
8:10 am
seen in a year and a half. when grandma opened the door, her first reaction was not what they expected. >> hi, honey [ laughter ] >> oh. >> oh. >> okay. obviously that door slam was shock, and then when she had to take a minute, she saw grandma by the way, that hug, everything right there. everything i know a lot of people are waiting for those. >> drove two whole days. >> one day soon, we'll all get to have that >> that's why we need to get the shots in arms. up next, the breakthrough surgery giving a new jersey man a new chance at life it is the first-evever successs faface and hanands transplplant. >> our kristen dahlgren talked to a doctor about the daunting and delicate procedure wait until you hear how well he is doing now
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>> doctors at nyu langone health have announced they'v completed the first successful face and double hand transplant. >> remarkable. nbc's kristen dahlgren spoke with them and has the incredible details. hey, kristen, good morning >> hey, good morning to you guys yeah, joe suffered devastating burns in a car wreck. this morning, he's given a new face and hands, and he's really been given his life back. just four months ago, this would have been impossible for joe demaio. a fiery car wreck left the new jersey man with third degree burns cocovering 80%0% of his b. he had no lips or eyelids. fingers amputated. two years after the crash, what sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, the first-ever successful face and double hand transplant. >> our goal is to get joe back to a normal life. >> reporter: it's something that's only been attempted twice before. both times were unsuccessful.
8:15 am
most notably on charla nash, the connecticut woman whose face and hands were mulled by a chimpanzee. meredith vieira sat down with her in 2011. >> i'm doing good, but i've had a lot of setbacks. >> reporter: while her face transplant was successful, an infection caused irreparable damage to her transplanted hands, forcing surgeons to remove them. transplanting the face and hands is an extremely complex procedure. it involves transplanting large pieces of skin, making it prone to rejection by the body. dr. frank pape led three successful face transplants at the cleveland clinic. it's much more complicated, even, than a heart transplant or an organ transplant? >> right. they are a single organ. what we're talking now as a transplant, it's skin, muscle, bone, nerves, and a litany of other different types of tissue. >> reporter: the other challenge, locating a matching donor. joe's doctors compared it to
8:16 am
finding a needle in a haystack. just a 6% chance of a match, since joe's immune system was so sensitive after all he'd already been through. finally, last august, joe found a match. a donor from delaware. in a 23-hour surgery, the team from nyu langone transplanted both hands and forearms and a new face. today, joe is thriving. not only using his hands to do everyday tasks, but even exercising and lifting weights. it sounds like science fiction, in a way, and yet, we're doing these things. is this going to become more commonplace? >> i think the world has accepted face transplants and hand transplants. so even though it's not a life-saving organ, like a kidney or a liver or heart, it really is a life. i mean, you can imagine in a face transplant, if you can't smell, if you can't speak, if you can't breathe appropriately. plus, how you face the world. >> reporter: joe now facing the
8:17 am
world with brand-new hope. this was so complex, guys, his team had to do almost a dozen rehearsals, just to get everything right. today, he can dress and feed himself. listen to this, he is even practicing his golf swing. >> wow. >> there you go. >> incredible. >> amazing. >> kristen, thank you. >> also able to play with his dog and shoot pool, things he couldn't do before. >> it's quality of life threatening. glad to hear it's working out. >> kristen, thank you. let's get another check of the weather. al, what you got? >> okay. so we start off, things relatively quiet in between every place in the country except for the pacific northwest. big storm coming in there. and that pesky nor'easter still trying to move out. temperature wise, we're looking at really chilly conditions up through the western plains, on through the great lakes. 50s even down into florida and the gulf coast. 70s and 80s through the west. a mild day through texas today. mountain snows out west, plenty of sunshine from the great lakes all the way down into florida, where it is going to be chilly.
8:18 am
a little bit of light snow still leftover in the northeast and new england. that's what's going on around the country. good morning. the rest of the forecast is dry starting out cool tomorrow but we'll have significant warning going into the weekend with a lot of sunshine. the "indebted" will reach into the seas this weekend. >> oh, and here's a question for you. >> okay. >> the name of an nbc "today" anchor who is adding quiz show host to her resume. >> oh, let me guess. >> i don't know. wait. >> is it -- >> in the form of a question. >> in the form of a question?
8:19 am
>> who is savannah guthrie? >> one of the new fill-in hosts on "jeopardy!" >> well, there's -- >> yes, super excited. it is going to be fun, you guys. got to hit the books. >> look at you. >> we're excited. >> nervous? >> yes, i'm nervous. you know me. i've started studying. >> big words. >> how do you study to host "jeopardy"? >> you watch it over and over again. it is an honor. >> so cool. >> so exciting. >> it is really exciting. >> yeah. >> all right. >> we weren't supposed to mention it, but i went rogue. >> that's why i'm smiling. we weren't supposed to. >> it was supposed to be our little secret. >> what are they going to do, fire -- wait a minute. >> i don't know about you, i need this job. >> you have "jeopardy!" >> we love it. >> thanks, al. >> thanks, al. "pop start," guys. we're going to start with our super bowl commercial kick-off. we'll continue more exclusive looks at the ads for the big game. this morning, the first one is for the inspiration for the all civilian mission to space. we told you yesterday about the spacex mission. it is going to see an
8:20 am
entrepreneur named jared isaacman and three yet-to-be-named people launched into space this year. a donation to st. jude children's research hospital gives you a chance to be picked. now, we have a look at the new super bowl ad, narrated by octavia spencer and directeded bryce dallllas howard.d. ♪♪ twinklele twinkle littlele star ♪♪ >> thihis fall, ininspiration4n launcheses as the fifirst all civilian mission to space. and you could be on board. ♪ up above the world so high ♪ >> visit for your chance to go to space. >> isn't that crazy to hear? enter for your chance to go to space. >> octavia makes me want to go. >> anyone have an interest? >> no. >> ah, no. >> you would. >> no, no. god no. >> i would. >> you'd go?
8:21 am
>> absolutely. >> i don't jump out of a perfectly good airplane. >> al would go. >> who is wrong with earth? >> nothing. in fact, deborah is urging me to do it. >> you have no choice. i get it. by the way, since the announcement of the mission, $1 million already donated to st. jude. >> that's terrific. >> that's the point of this. that's fantastic. another exclusive super bowl ad to share this morning. this one stars will farrell for gm, and sees him on a mission to speed up electric vehicle adoption here in the states. >> did you know that norway sells way more electric cars per capita than the u.s.? norway. well, i won't stand for it come on. with gm's new battery, we're going to crush those losers. crush them >> what's this >> oh, it's my daughter's birthday. >> i don't care. grab an ev and meet me in norway. hey, awkwafina, norway is beating up at dbs. >> nuh-uh. >> uh-huh! meet me there in an hour. >> can i ride with you
8:22 am
>> no. >> batteries are made for all vehicles soon, everyone can drive ev. >> it is not really flying private. >> okay, norway, listen up, you fish-loving -- oh, this place is adorable damn it. where are you guys >> we're in finland. where are you? >> i'm in norway. >> norway? you're in sweden >> damn it >> that's a good one >> best one we've had all week. >> that's a super bowl ad. >> will is in it, it feels like a movie, right >> yes. >> everything you love about will. >> reminds me of the melissa mccartney one from hyundai. >> yeah. next up, it is time fo round three of the most important food-related bracket that's right, we are down to the final four of our super bowl snack-it bracket challenge. >> nervous. >> as expected, the titan chicken wing beat seven-layer dip. >> of course. >> facing nachos. >> yes >> nachos took down dolly
8:23 am
parton's pigs in a blanket. >> what? >> yes >> time-out. >> there's hope for network yet. >> how close >> more data in a second but first, sometimes the divisional game can be bigger than the final game. that's the case here you have wings against nachos. >> oh! >> tough one. >> that's a good one >> how do you choose that? >> tough one. >> nachos. >> i'm going with nachos. >> wings, baby you can't have a super bowl without wings. >> that's what i go back to. what you have to have. >> yes >> what's the other bracket? >> artichoke spinach beating the buffalo dip. put your hand upon my hip when you dip, i dip, you dip. >> thank you >> moving on - >> this is really hard. >> guac and queso. >> here's my thing about that matchup. for the big game, i want queso. i want something a little bit different. >> this was my argument. >> it is a special thing on a special day. >> you have nachos with cheese on them already.
8:24 am
>> that's true. >> that's true. >> well -- >> they both had 50% of the vote. >> where is steve kornacki? >> guac won that matchup let me read this guac and queso, 50% of the vote. we dove deeper into the data guac won by 64 votes. >> whoa. >> recount >> we need steve kornacki on the big board to break it down >> this is like the georgia of dips >> push guac over the edge, was it the center, the big city? >> we need the kornacki snacki. >> khaki breakdown. >> get on it. >> big brain >> what are the final four again? >> everybody at home, you can vote go to there's the breakdown. chicken wings against nachos >> yeah. >> guac against -- now, artichoke spinach dip -- >> i have it in my final four. >> i'm stunned. >> i never eat it. i never eat it. sunday, i want it. i want it. >> you have to have veggies. >> why is it a veggie? >> i don't eat spinach artichoke dip.
8:25 am
>> i don't want any vegetable. no vegetables on the super bowl. >> i really am a little surprise with the pigs in a blanket. >> wings. >> yes >> come on, wings. >> what about a pig in a blanket dipped in queso? sound delicious? >> i'm surprised pigs in a blanket went down so fast. >> me, too. >> especially after the endorsement from america's sweetheart, dolly parton. >> what's wrong with you >> they're now wrapping this up. they want this to go on. >> sorry. >> now they said to wrap >> i thought we were going to commercial. >> pigs in a blanket is like a wrap. >> yes, it is. cozy wrap, whatever it is. coming up, big morning for hollywood and for us we get to have the honor of announcing the first batch of golden globe nominees. there's sarah jessica parker, taraji p. henson they're like, what the heck is this show, and why are they talking about super bowl snacks? it's as important as the presidential election. you know why snacks are important right? after your local news, we'll have the golden globe nominees
8:26 am
good morning, it's 8:26. i'm chris sanchez. no word on what started an early morning fire at an abandoned building in san jose but it was fierce. you see the flames fully engulf that building. it happened between st. carlos avenue and 280. no reports of any injuries. we do know firefighters responded to several recent incidents at that same building, including a small fire yesterday but we don't know yet whether that had anything to do with this morning's fire. we will get to meteorologist kari hall, who has a little bit of green left in the radar. >> yes, this is just one last system coming through that could bring in especially the north bay a little bit of rain for
8:27 am
today. we are seeing it approaching but let me show you what it does on the computer model, it shows that that rain just falls apart and that kind of lines up with all of the dry air we are seeing south of the golden gate bridge. so we're looking at spotty, light chances for areas south of san francisco. but we will see some of the showers moving through at times, and then it clears out later on tonight. the rest of the forecast is dry, and we are going to have some warmer temperatures, just in time for the weekend. make some outdoor plans, kris. >> can't wait. more local news coming up in just a half hour. have a great morning.
8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
we're still talking about this. >> our wing discussion continues. welcome back, 8:30 >> go back to wing school. >> the 3rd of february. >> i'm the wingman. >> 2021. it's off to a later start than usual, but this morning, hollywood's award season kicking into high gear we have the golden globe nominations right here. >> we do doing the honors, oh, just a couple of former winners sarah jessica parker and taraji p. henson. they're up early with us good morning, ladies we're also going to break down the big categories we have our go-to movie buff he's always 100% with his predictions. >> yeah, he is. >> no pressure, parker >> on point. >> no pressure. >> we'll do that in a few moments.
8:31 am
coming up in a few minutes, a really great story for you on the third hour we're going to introduce you to a former nfl player who gave up his career at one point, he was making $8 million a year playing for the ravens he gave it up for a life on the farm his new life is helping a whole heck of a lot of people. >> that sounds like a real cool story. tomorrow on "today," jenna and i are going to try out the newest fitness trend it's a pandemic-friendly exercise we did it outside. it was 30 degrees. we actually facetimed al. >> yeah. >> it was freezing cold. we ended up getting kind of sweaty at the end. >> yeah. >> wow. speaking of the cold, if you are a little down on all the winter weather that we've been having, jill martin has a little pick-me-up coming your way tomorrow >> punxsutawney phil say six more weeks of winter, par for the course don't worry, i have you covered with everything you need comfy and cozy "steals & deals" style. see you tomorrow, only on "today." >> jill, we look forward to that.
8:32 am
al, let's get a check of the forecast. >> we start off with today show you we're looking at a pesky nor'easter trying to get out of here. chilly in florida. mild in texas. big storm coming out of the pacific northwest, bringing you mountain snow. tomorrow, that rockets into the great lakes and upper mississippi river valley with snow and wind. chilly in florida. sunshine up and down the east coast. warm and dry through texas beautiful day out west that's what's going on around good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're watching some rain approaching from the north, and we will be moving into the bother bay within the next couple of hours. elsewhere, some very light rain chances today. partly cloudy and temperatures only reaching into the mid-50s. tomorrow the sunshine returns and we'll see highs in the upper 50s in the inland valleys and nice warmup in time for friday and into the weekend. it is going to be nice but also very dry. we can see dry weather into the start of next week. >> we are still talking about wings. >> yeah. it's going to go on and on.
8:33 am
>> she's confused. >> she likes wings you like wings. >> this is to be continued we have important business. coming up next, we have sarah jessica parker taraji p. henson live with the morning's golden globe nominees, right here
8:34 am
8:35 am
it's 8:35. we're back on a big morning in hollywood >> we had the honor of revealing the first batch exclusively right here on "today." >> waking up to bring them to us is sarah jessica parker and the great taraji p. henson but first, how the big announcement played out a few short hours ago. >> good morning, everybody i'm very excited to share this
8:36 am
information. so best television series, musical or comedy. "emily in paris. "the flight attendant. "the great." "schitt's creek. "ted lasso." best performance by an actor in a television series drama. jason bateman, "ozark. josh o'connor, "the crown. saul." bob odenkirk, "better call saul." al pacino, "hunters. matthew reese, "harry mason. best performance by an actress in a limited series, anthology series, or motion picture made for television cate blanchett, "mrs. america. daisy edgar jones, "normal people." shira loss, "unorthodox. nicole kidman, "the undoing. aniyah taylor joy, "the queen's
8:37 am
gambit." best director, motion picture. fennel, "promising young woman." david fincher, "mank." regina king, "one night in miami. aaron sorkin, "trial of the chicago 7. chloe zhao, "nomadland." best performance by an actress in a motion picture, musical, or comedy kate hudson, "music. michelle pfeiffer, "french exit." rosemond pike, "i care a lot." anya taylor-joy "emmitt. best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama ahkmed, "sound of metal. did you hear it? >> yup >> sorry i thought i heard somebody best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama
8:38 am
ahmed, "sound of metal." chadwick boseman, "maranee's black bottom." "the father. gary oldsman congratulations to all the nominees. >> okay. good morning, everybody. my heart is pounding, pounding okay so best television series drama. "the crown." "love crack country. "the mandalorian." "ozark." "ratchet." best performance by an actress in a television series, drama. olivia coleman, "the crown." jodie culmer, "killing eve." emma coren, "the crown." laura len lee, "ozark. sarah paulsen, "ratchet. best performance by an actor in a limited series, anthology
8:39 am
series, or a motion picture made for television bryan cranston, "your honor. jeff daniels, "the comy rule." hugh grant, "the undoing." ethan hawke, "the good lord bird." mark ruffalo, "i know this much is true. best performance by an actor in a motion picture, musical or comedy sacha baron cohen, "borat subsequent movie film. james corden, "the prom. lin-manuel miranda, "hamilton. dev patel, "the personal history of david copperfield." andy samberg, "palm springs. best performance by an actress in a motion picture, drama viola davis, "ma rainey's black
8:40 am
bottom." andre day, "the united states versus billie holiday. vanessa kirby, "pieces of a woman. francis mcdormant, "nomad land." carey mulligan, "promising young woman. best motion picture, drama "the father. "make. "nomad land. "promising young woman." "the trial of the chicago seven. whoo congratulations, everyone. congratulations. whew >> well done >> wow >> nicely done, ladies. >> thanks, ladies. >> good job. we'll see you for the golden globes. >> oh, my god, i'm sweating. >> you did good. >> me, too >> you did it. >> nailed it >> that was terrifying. >> congrats to the nominees, too. ladies, thank you. we'll turn to the man we trust every year to break it down he has a great track record.
8:41 am
dave is joaning us now fro turner classic movies. first out of all, dave, you heard the nominations. what was the biggest standout surprise >> i think what you're seeing is a lot of the films that are nominated and shows that are nominated are shows that we've all been watching and movies we've all been watching in our homes these past few months and this whole year. you're seeing a lot of netflix and amazon movies and shows that are recognized, along with some of the more typical kind of studio films and shows that are kind of being recognized along with it. typical with the golden globes, they like to do a lot of new blood in with the iconic stars you have anya taylor-joy, the breakout star from "the queen's gambit," she was nominated for best actress in a limited series alongside icons like cate blanchett and nicole kidman. she was also nominated for her film, "emma. best actress in a comedy great showing and an exciting moment for, you know, a
8:42 am
terrific, new star like her. >> were there any you thought you'd see on the list that didn't make it >> yeah, honestly, there's a movie called "the five bloods," that did extremely well on netflix this summer. >> yeah. >> i love the movie. i was expecting some big nominations there. the film was not nominated, and neither was del roy lindo, who does a fantastic job the nominees for best actor, all fantastic. my favorite movie of the yea "sound of metal" is on amazon. chadwick boseman for "ma rainey's black bottom. anthony hopkins for "the father," a movie not released yet. a movie can come out before the end of february and be eligible for the golden globes. people are wondering, what is this anthony hopkins movie "the father"? it is a wonderful movie where he plays a man suffering from dementia it is a wonderful performance but hasn't really been seen yet. gary oldman for "mink. another movie that hasn't been released, which was the fifth
8:43 am
nominee for best actor he is a newcomer, opposite jodie foster in this movie plays a prisoner at guantonamo bay. so that's a performance to look out for but he really kind of got that spot over others. >> are you surprised "bridgerton" wasn't nominated? >> very much so. that was one that i thought was a sure thing especially because the golden globes really do like to anoin the hot show of the moment they did it with "the queen's gambit," and i'm sure it was nominated for best limited series, a category not announced yet. instead of "bridgerton," they went with "the crown." love "craft country" on hbo. "mandalorian," and then "ratchet," which was a surprise. we knew sarah paulsen would get nominated for best actress in a series to have the show, too, it was a bit of a surprise. >> when you look at the diversity represented in tv and movies, that seems to stand out this year.
8:44 am
whether it is chadwick boseman, viola davis, "love craft country," another great show it looks like compared to year past, the golden globes made sure representation is on display. >> they really have. i think that's a hallmark of kind of the film and tv industry as a whole this year, with films like "ma rainey's black bottom" and "the five bloods" as well as some of the tv series you're seeing "love craft country" chief among them i do think it's great that the golden globes are recognizing those. "one night in miami," as well, directed by regina king. i think the oscars are not going to have an embarrassing moment again this year where only one out of the 20 acting slots was populated by a performer of color. i don't think it'll happen this year. >> dave, it's carson back to the tv and potential snubs, i was surprised i didn't see "yellowstone," the kevin costner series kelly riley, who plays beth, and rip wheeler, they were outstanding performances would you put it on a snub list?
8:45 am
>> i would and i do think that "yellowstone" which is a popular show has a decent shot to ge nominations from the sag awards, which has a much larger voting body than the golden globes, this is only 90 journalists. sometimes, the kind of less sexy shows that get overlooked by the golden globes can come back in a big way with some other award shows. >> "emily in paris" made the list did that surprise you? "the undoing," it got a ton of things, like three or four nominations. >> yeah. i'm trying to train myself to say "emily in paris," like they want me to that was a little bit of a surprise showing there but as far as the "undoing," nicole kidman is an absolute favorite of the golden globes, as she should be. she does amazing work with anything i loved "the undoing," and i knew it'd be a player. what you're seeing this year is the limited series categories are just as exciting as the typical drama series or comedy series >> yeah.
8:46 am
>> those series are the ones that are kind of the water cooler, if you can have a water cooler moment, on zoom those are kind of the shows everyone seems to be talking about, that and "queen's gambit." >> dave carter -- >> you are a star. >> -- your ability to process information quickly is -- >> impressive. >> oh, my gosh, thank you. >> carson is disappointed baby yoda didn't get the nod. >> yeah. >> i am. >> "mandalorian" got it. >> disney plus has to be waking up this morning with the competition of streaming services, they hit it out of the park with mando. nominated in drama with the big guns. >> throw in "wandavision," might want to check it out. >> we watched a lot of tv. >> we did. >> what else are you going to do >> dave, thanks. >> much more on this morning's nominations for you on the third hour, as well, we'll dig into them more. for more on where you can see the rest of the nominees, head to >> of course you can catch the 78th golden globes sunday, february 28th. where else right here on nbc.
8:47 am
kids, coming up next, we are celebrating the remarkable life of a man named captain tom he's the veteran who captured hearts around the world in the middle of a pandemic, with a very special walk.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back 8:49 celebrating an englishman who capped off an extraordinary life by becoming a social media sensation. get this, 100 years old. >> captain tom moore walked right into the hearts of people all around the world, doing laps around his garden while raising millions for the british health care workers in the process. nbc's molly hunter is in london with more. good morning >> hey, guys good morning look, talking to captain moore, one of the most fun interviews i've ever done he was kind. he was thoughtful. particularly adept at facetime, of course. look, while this is really sad, he really made his last year count.
8:50 am
take a look. >> reporter: we got captain sir tom moore just when he needed him. an unlikely hero, walking laps, slowly, 100 at first as a joke, then many more his efforts touching a nation and raising a mind-boggling $53 million for front line workers what was it like when you hit the first 1 million pounds you are so many millions beyond that. >> this is unbelievable. >> reporter: a world war ii vet, a member of the greatest generation who had already given so much, now taking on a new mission, providing support to those waging a different kind of war. >> this invisible enemy that we're fighting, well, people in the hospitals and homes, they are on the front line of the army we're all behind giving them backup, providing all the goods they need and a pat on the back. >> reporter: this is a lot more
8:51 am
than a pat on the back >> whatever you like to call it. >> reporter: this was last april, at the beginning of the pandemic, looking straight down the lens over a fuzzy connection he offered me a little reassurance. >> everything will be all right in the end people like yourselves, you have a future you have a long time to go before you get 100 a very long time. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: days later, he celebrated his 100th birthday with 140,000 cards it was a banner final year a knighthood, a promotion to colonel, a royal air force fly by, a children's book, even a hit song then a bucket list vacation to barbados after weeks of battling pneumonia, he had yet to be vaccinated, last week, he tested positive for covid in a statement from his foundation, reading, we celebrate his life and will be forever grateful for his optimistic philosophy and
8:52 am
wonderful spirit. >> if you give a little bit of sunshine throughout, it will help everybody that's what we all need. personal sunshine. >> reporter: i've thought about that line so much. i just love it a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of glow now, there will be a minute of silence later today in the uk parliament prime minister boris johnson called on a national round of applause tonight for a national hero guys >> we'll be joining in >> yes. >> hero there and a hero here. sir tom moore. >> beautiful thank you, molly guys, we're back in a moment moment firs this is "today" on nbt,c. great party carly you must of blown your budget. not exactly. you have great wine name brand snacks tons of meat, and where did you get this imported cheese? hello? grocery outlet bargain market. want some peanut butter with that? no thanks, just us. more beef for less bacon.
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don't be jelly. ♪grocrey outlet jingle♪ raise a glass... to savings! oroweat bread. gathering, baking and delivering ththe goodnessss of naturere... frfrom one geneneration to the nexext anand from seeeed to slicece.
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♪ ahhh. ahhhhh. ahhh. a ah. ♪ welcome back. time to celebrate some special welcome back time to celebrate some special birthdays. mr. roker has his smucker's jars out. hey, al. >> that's right. thinking about captain tom as we do this. awfully cool let's break out the smucker's jars and spinning them, showing you great birthdays for great
8:55 am
folks. happy 101st birthday t angela mondella, avid reader from new york. secret to longevity, eating dark chocolate every day. paul burson of carry, ohio 100. lifelong piano player. loves tickling the ivories for everyone to sing along to. happy 104th birthday to genevieve zeitenber, an artist from pennsylvania. while working at a shoe manufacturer, one of her drawings was turned into an actual shoe. happy 100th to pontius, working in the factory where the first color televisions were made. all right. eddie moses is from silver spring, maryland retired computer programmer. 104 years old. that's pretty cool he says the secret to longevity, never taking things too seriously. last but not least, happy 103rd birthday to ms. ruby pearl chew. this active lady is from
8:56 am
charlotte, north carolina. became a policewoman in 1942 when guys were off to war. how about that pretty cool. >> awesome al, thank you. coming up on "hoda and jenna," a wednesday workout you can do from your living room plus, recipes for heart-healthy mix. up next on the third hour, retired astronaut scott kelly. first, your local news and weather. good morning, 8:56, i'm chris sanchez. the city of san francisco is poised to file a lawsuit against its own public school district in an effort to get classrooms there to reopen. city torneden is araria is expected to lay out the groundwork about one hour from now but according to the chronicle, the city would be first anywhere in the state, if
8:57 am
not the entire country, to do such a thing. mayor london breed is expected to sign off on that suit as well, which would argue the district is violating state law. "the chronicle" said a motion will be filed next week asking the superior court to issue an emergency order. happening now, our bob reidel is reaching out to san francisco administrators and we'll have a live report in our midday newscast. you can also link to more on the backstory now. it's right at the top of our home page. cvs expects to start offering covid vaccines as early as next week as 100 locations across california. it's expected to include three stores in the bay area. at least sunnyvale and sonoma. the vaccines will only be available to people already eligible and by appointment only. link to the full story in our twitter feed. also now check out the raw video of a large early morning fire at an abandoned building in san jose.
8:58 am
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> good wednesday. welcome to the "3rd hour of today." craig melvin here, alongside al roker and his pocket watch, sheinelle jones and her beautiful hair and her boots this morning, and dylan dreyer with beautiful hair a a great dress. everyone is -- >> and craig melvin with fantastic socks. >> thank you. thank you. i can't wear these too often. >> wear them today, why not? >> there we go. >> that's the shot we get, huh? you moved that for the shot. >> would go great with the


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