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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 8, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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i believe we should be seeing the dance again. >> i saw that last week and didn't know he was local. love that. teachers are working so hard right now doing virtual lessons. >> that's great. we're going to see you at 6:00. bye-bye. >> bye. . tonight the covid crisis and fears that millions of americans may have been exposed. the images of fans celebrating the super bowl win in the streets of tampa many are packing at bars or gathering at home the new plan from insec produce its vaccine faster, pfizer donald trump's legal
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team previewing the defense on the eve of the 2nd on the impeachment trial. how democrats prosecuting the case responding and the rules just unveiled, will they call witnesses? >> the dangerous freeze, al roker is tracking it 15 killed in avalanches and after a glacier collapses. the celebrity doctor opening up about her teen son's tragic death. what every parent should know. the price you pay your taxes, why this year, why you should file as fast as possible and my conversation with the star of the super bowl, inspiring america. announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lestor holt. >> good evening everyone, a delayed super bowl hangover may be a covid surge concerning images of watch party with people closely gathered after the big game it is what we can't see what makes it more concerning the u.k. variant of covid, that early study suggests rapidly taking a hold here, more
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contagious and more lethal the vaccines we have still appears effective and on that front here is what is we stand over 42 million vaccine shots have been administered from thursday while the same time hospitalizations have dropped to 81,439 miguel almaguer has the late details. >> reporter: it is what health officials pleaded for the public to avoid, crowded streets, bars and restaurants, fuelling fears of a super spreader event. millions of americans watching the games. many with those they don't live with as new variant spreading across the country >> having super bowl events in households is the set up of this set of variant to take a stronger hold and unfortunately unlike before, the viral spread will happen much faster
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>> reporter: with the brazilian variant found in oklahoma, two new studies not yet peer reviewed are troubling site for the u.k. strain. researchers believe the variant is doubling every ten days the risk of dying from the variant is 35% higher. >> the encouraging news is that the vaccine that we are currently distributing right now quite effective against that particular variant >> reporter: having just marked the one year anniversary of the first covid death in the u.s., our nation continues to close in on half a million fatalities on sunday, congressman ron wright lost his battle at the age of 57. therapist rodriguez was just six months from retirement >> he's been my friend and my brother. my co-worker for all these-years.
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>> reporter: hoping to save lives and ramp up vaccine distribution pfizer is hoping to cut time from 110 days to 60 days >> feels like we are at a critical time at all this the south africa variant, they are suspending their roll-out of a vaccine that only offers minimal protection with that here is keir simmons. >> reporter: in the race to get shots in the arms of americans, a warning from south africa >> it is an example of how things can go very wrong very quickly. >> reporter: 2,000 people found astrazeneca much less effective against the south african variant offering minimal production against mild disease >> reporter: astrazeneca is not authorize in america. the other vaccines are still
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effective against the variant. as coronavirus encounters people with antibodies, it figures out a way, every infection is a chance to mutate more. people already having antibodies, the risk of mutation goes up. >> can we develop vaccines specific to those variants >> reporter: in the u.k. health workers are going door-to-door in effort to test and track and control the south african variant. >> reporter: tonight astrazeneca is pushing back saying based on its studies, it believes its vaccine still protect against the severe disease >> keir simmons, thank you. the former president trump
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's trial begins tomorrow athe t u.s. capitol. trump's legal team arguing the trial unconstitutional and trying to remove him from office that he no longer holds. these words before last month's riot incited violence. >> we fight like hell. >> reporter: mr. trump's lawyer was speaking at a figurative sense and that he did not direct anyone to commit lawless action pointing to this comment of the same speech >> i know everyone here will be marching to the capitol building peacefully and patriotically, make your voice heard.
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>>. >> reporter: d democrats fighting back house prosecutors writing there were no exception to allow the president to abuse power without accountability and tomorrow senators will vote on that issue. if it passes as expected, the presentation will begin on wednesday. we learned democrats will lay out their cases in vivid details of social media posts and videos and undecided whether witnesses will be called >> donald trump came out and told us what he was thinking he ignited that fire and poured gasoline on it and i think may even refused to send firefighters to put out the blaze. >> peter, we are hearing both sides agreeing on rules o f the trial. >> that's right. >> reporter: house
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democrats and mr. trump's lawyer will get three days to make their case they're the biggest hurdle for democrats. it is unlikely tonight. pete williams reports on what we know of the rioters and the charges they face. >> reporter: federal prosecutors charged 211 people on the assault of the capitol accused some planning a violent attack well in advance. it came from 43 states, men out numbered women 7-1 at least 20 were military veterans. >> absolutely a spectrum that supports and january 6th brought extremists from all areas and they all came with different skills set nearly two dozens had ties to right wing extremist groups the crowd boys pushing police out of the barricades and breaking windows
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the spot where rioters first entered the capitol. members of the militia group had similar plans, using cell phones as walkie-talkies to coordinate their actions. most of those arrests accused of trespassing. james upmore brought his son, chance to the capitol so he can have a memorable birthday >> pete williams nbc news, washington president biden will concentrate on the massive covid relief bill so many americans are counting on. kristen welker is at the white house. what's the president planning >> reporter: the president took a
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virtual tour in arizona, senior officials tell nbc news they're trying to counter program the trial. on wednesday, the president makes a trip to the pentagon. the president voiced support for the program. it could under cut mr. biden's push for his $1.9 trillion. democrats unveiled a $3,600 child tax credit republicans saying the price tag is soo high. one mother's warning after her family's tragic loss
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we are back now with the deadliest week at least 15 people killed in a
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series of avalanches why we are seeing so many this year, megan fitzgerald >> reporter: in the back country of utah. four skiers killed buried by an avalanche. four others survived >> this was an unmanageable avalanche. >> reporter: the terrain is so treacherous that crew had to be choppered in >> the skiers were all under the age of 30. >> she lived her life to the fullest and was doing what she loved to do. >> reporter: in the past week, 15 people have been killed by avalanches the deadliest seven day period in more than a century. >> reporter: forecasters say much of the mountain is seeing a weak snow pack and more people venturing through the back country. >> we have seen an unprecedented winter it has been unusually dry. what it does is it sets the stage for a very weak, shaky foundation >> reporter: a warning even to the most experienced
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megan fitzgerald, nbc news >> there is more snow on the way and places along with life-threatening cold. al roker is here tonight. what are you seeing? >> dangerously cold windchills over the next 48 ours. it will feel like minus 10 on de moines and big arctic air plunges into the plains by thursday a big winter storm getting itself together as the arctic air plunges into the plains by thursday a wintry mix in the atlantic accumulating snow in the northeast with hazardous travel looks like that dog gone ground hog may just be right. a desperate search after the glacier
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collapsed. richard engel has the latest >> reporter: you are watching adam in north india as it crumbles a piece of the himalayan glacier broke off. >> reporter: as they emerged from too ma tombs and debris >> reporter: the area is so remote, the rescue crew had to chopper in and repelled down the canyon walls dozens at least have been killed around 200 people remained unaccounted for. climate scientists say this is the destructive power of global warming and warn more is coming unless we act. >> it does look like we are making disaster of this type more likely. >> reporter: climate change is real. we are seeing the effect of it all the time >> reporter: around 2,000 indians and soldiers and police are searching for survivors and
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some are trapped in tunnels. india dispatched a team of scientists to determine the exact link thank you, richard. she's famous on giving advice on love and relationships. tonight dr. berman is sharing a tragedy to this country speaking to opioid crisis and how dealers are reaching teens online >> reporter: dr. berman famous for her love advice writing my beautiful boy is gone. 16-year-old, sheltering at home a drug dealer connected with him on snap chat and gave him xanax and he overdosed >> i went into his room and he was on the floor and gone >> i am so sorry >> reporter: laura and her husband, sam, say sammy was a football player and a junior and looking forward to college.
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>> it is more potent than heroine, it is dangerous for kids who may be experiencing something. >> reporter: deaths from fentanyl and other opioids increased 38% from may 2019 to may 2020 >> there is a rash, kids who are at home bored during the pandemic and trying to entertain themselves the berman says snap chat is not doing enough to protect kids >> big tech not taking responsibility helping police finding the dealer snap chat expressed in part "we are committed to working together with law enforcement in this case and detect drug related activities." >> i was saying to my girlfriend was that i got both of
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my teenage boys trapped in the house safe i was wrong. >> reporter: speaking out through their pain and hoping to save others. kate snow, nbc news. as tax season began, what you need to know before you file blache
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oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tos thol need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ it is almost tax season, this year there are some changes due to the pandemic you need to know we are preparing you with our
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week long series the price you pay your taxes here is jo lynn kent >> it is more stuff this year. >> reporter: instead of waiting january, tax season begins february 12th. experts recommend to file early >> if you are able to file it early than normal, you may get your refund sooner so that you can have that cash >> reporter: it will reduce identity theft especially your social security and budget what you may owe and claim stimulus money from last april or december if you qualified and did not receive it >> reporter: what if you get your checks in january? >> they are going to be included on your 2020 tax return it is not going to reduce your regular refund without your stimulus
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>> reporter: you may be able to file for free. check your eligibility on >> reporter: even though the start of tax season is pushed back, the deadline is still april 15th >> jo lynn kent, thank you. it was one for the ageless last night in tampa. tom brady making history turning stephanie gosk from patriots to bucs fan >> reporter: >> reporter: last night not so small club grew even larger joined by the good people of kansas city. >> they were the better team, they beat us, pretty good >> reporter: brady got another photo like this. there are now seven, spanning nearly two decades the only thing that changes is he gets older and older.
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that's one single player with more super bowl victories than any single team. >> what does last night win do to tom brady's legacy. >> to do it at a franchise that have not had much success silents any doubters >> reporter: at age 43, how is it possible? there is skills and the vegan diet, no sugar and no olive oil. >> reporter: last night brady played one of the best super bowls any quarterbacks ever played i am so so sorry stephanie gosk nbc news i will speak te
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star athlete who's inspiring america.
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the super bowl ad, a lot of folks are talking about, toyota commercial, for a touching real life story that's inspiring america. >> mrs. long, we found a baby girl for your adoption >> reporter: it was a super bowl ad that tug our heart strings. >> your life won't be easy >> reporter: life is anything
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but easy for jessica long her legs were amputated when she was a toddler. the ad tells the story from her journey in becoming an american paralympian. i got teary watching that ad. >> it was emotional and it brought a lot of memories upstream >> reporter: she started swimming when she was a kid. i love the fact that i can take off my legs and jump into the pool and i felt like just like other kids >> i felt like i had an equal plain field >> long made her debut in the 2004 athens game 23 medals and 13 of them gold. >> what i love about this is a uniquely american story but it is also a russian story. how important is it for folks to
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know that about you? >> there were a lot of anger with my adoption i think that's another reason i was so good at swimming because i put it all in the pool as i got older, i learn to appreciate and love that the fact i came from siberia-russia >> reporter: the swimmer shares right now at 6:00 she is used to being a prosecutor not on the defense. the back yard weddings thater t. what will it take to get not at is teachers, educational staff being vaccinated. >> steps to start in-person classes in the bay area's
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biggest school district. getting ready to open california's largest vaccination site. we'll show you what it will look like. good monday. thanks for joining us. >> picking up the pace. california has now administered two-thirds of its vaccines. the governor spoke today from petco park, a mass vaccination site in san diego. governor newsom said he is working hard to make sure the vaccines go where the people are. that means not only sending vaccines to mass vaccination sites but also local community organizations. and a big thing on his mind? making sure all vaccines get used. the governor said he recalled nearly a hundred thousand doses from one pharmacy that wasn't using them fast enough. >> last week we re-allocated close to a hundred thousand doses in the hands of one of our largest pharmacies here in the state of california. we were able to


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