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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 10, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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a hearty, hefty, good tasting breakfast. with eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese and taters. and when you finish, you know you had something to eat. our case is based on cold hard facts it's all about the facts >> we are really here because the majority in the house of representatives does not want to face donald trump as a political rival in the future. that's the real reason we're here >> the second impeachment of donald trump began with some never-before-seen images of the capitol siege on january 6th we've got the highlights of day
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one. what do americans think about what's going on? our morgan chesky talks to people on both sides >> a growing number of experts are worried about the various mutations of the coronavirus and if we're doing enough to fight it. is the irs about to deliver us some financial pain if you've worked from home during the pandemic our stephanie ruhle on what to look out for when filing your taxes. we can't seem to get enough of this courtroom hearing in texas. you've got to hear him as well wednesday, february 10th "early today" starts right now good morning i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. democrats will lay out their case in the impeachment of donald trump this afternoon. the former president is accused of inciting insurrection at the capitol last month each side will have 15 hours to show their case.
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yesterday they used a graphic to show that fateful day. [ chanting and screaming ] >> all right let's bring in our capitol hill correspondent tracie potts tracie, what can we expect from opening arguments today? >> phillip, expect up to eight
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more of house democrats making their case connecting former president trump and his words that day to the riot that happened at the u.s. capitol this comes after what started out as a bit of an emotional start with that video and several hours of debate over whether or not it is constitutional to try a former president. this is how democrats laid out their case. >> impeachment exists to protect the american people from officials who abuse their power or betray them it exists for a case just like this one. the president of the united states literally incited an armed attack on the capitol and celebrated the attack. >> my youngest daughter tabitha was there with me on wednesday,
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january 6th. the sound of pounding on the door like a battering ram. the most haunting sound i ever heard, and i will never forget it the kid's hiding under the desk, placing what they thought were their final texts. she said, dad, i don't want to come back to the capitol. >> reporter: now, the defense was interesting. the trump lawyers said they changed their strategy after hearing the house manager's case, they admitted they thought it was well organized and effective if not overly dramatic. they argued that you cannot try a former president we'll hear more about that in coming days. here's their case. >> let's understand why we are really here. we are really here because the majority in the house of representatives does not want to face donald trump as a political rival in the future. >> anyone truly interested in
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real accountability for what happened at the capitol on july 6th -- january 6th, would, of course, have waited for a full investigation. >> any officer who wants to serve his or her country must know they will be subject to impeachment long after their service in office has ended. this is nothing less than the political weapon onization of the impeachment process. >> the house managers were focused. they were organized. they made a compelling argument. president trump'team was disorgizedan they did everything they could but to talk about the question at hand, and when they talked about it, they kind of glided over it, almost as if they were embarrassed of their rguments. >> reporter: senator bill cassidy, one of the six republicans who moved to have it go forward said it's constitutional we'll hear the opening statements beginning today six is a far cry from 17 republicans who would have to
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join every democrat to convict phillip? >> no easy task. much like the election itself, the second trial of donald trump has left americans fiercely divided nbc's morgan chesky spoke with voters to get their views on the impeachment. >> reporter: a country sharply divided over a presidential impeachment. >> trump needs to be held accountable for what he did. >> i'm 100% against any impeachment for donald trump. >> reporter: we spoke to bobby mitchell in ohio, a military veteran who voted for trump, now worried the impeachment trial will keep the country divided. >> reporter: are you worried that the division only grows >> exactly it only grows. now you have the right saying this is a private citizen. there is no point to impeach him. it's not going to work. >> reporter: then there's sue
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ann in pennsylvania. >> you supported the first impeachment. do you support the second impeachment. >> absolutely. it's important that we show our children, the country, and the world thathis behavior is not oklahoma. >> reporter: our poll shows americans evenly split there are other issues that others want to take precedence. >> i wish more focus was on the coronavirus and not on this. >> reporter: despite those strong opinions, there is one thing many told us they can agree on, and that's the hope that this trial ends sooner than later. frances, i send it back to you. >> morgan, thank you. tragedy strikes the city of buffalo, minnesota authorities say gregory ulrich was unhappen with his treatment. >> reporter: in buffalo, minnesota, a city in shock after
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a gunman opened fire at a health clinic. >> somebody came in and started shooting at least 15 shots were fired no further information at this time. >> our hearts break today as a community. >> reporter: around 11 a.m. the suspect identified as 67-year-old gregory paul ulrich entered the allina health clinic and started shooting. >> we have someone who's entered by the front entry. >> reporter: at least five injured. >> at least four homemade devices. >> re armed with explosives was apprehended. >> the single suspect is in custody. we've cleared the device in basically the entryway. >> we did find the suspicious devices at the super eight motel. >> reporter: this incident was
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targeted at that facility or someone at that facility erin mclaughlin, nbc news. now to a winter storm delivering arctic air and heavy ice moving across the country. let's check in with meteorologist janessa webb who's going to break it down for us. good morning, janessa. >> good morning. good morning, everyone the icy accumulation is going to be very dangerous. it takes very little for this situation to expand, but we're going to see this front make its way from arkansas to west virginia with a quarter of an inch of ice. please make sure if you lose power, you have all of your devices powered up through the afternoon, and that extends through your friday. and on the northern tier from west virginia you can see accumulated snow, icy areas up to 2 to 4 inches it's a warm front for the mississippi valley and lingers to the start of the weekend. and then on the southernnd,
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we'r e to the deep south you're really going to notice it in the south today oklahoma city, 41. the question on everybody's mind, how long does the cold last we'll talk about that coming up. >> that's what we want to know janessa, thanks. >> "early today" is back in two. the race to ramp up vaccinations as new covid cases. >> and the oldest nun yet to fend off the virus ldest nun yeto fend off the virus got that right. let's rethink this. so your doctor tells you about trintellix, a prescription medicine for adults with depression. feeling this overall relief. plus, get this:
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it's a unique crafted blend of vitamins, zinc, other minerals, and herbs. take on your day with airborne. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ did you know diarrhea is often caused by bad bacteria in food? try pepto® diarrhea. its concentrated formula coats and kills bacteria to relieve diarrhea. see, pepto® diarrhea gets to the source, killing the bad bacteria. so, make sure to have pepto® diarrhea on hand. a nun is a second oldest living person who's made history again by surviving covid-19. according to the french media,
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sister andre who was born in 1904 tested positive for the virus in january and recovered in three weeks just days before her 117th birthday, which is on thursday the nun who was blind said she wasn't worried about her diagnosis and isn't scared of dying. a new study looks at the effects on those with deme-emen. dementia patients are twice as likely to contract covid-19 compared to those without the condition. those with dementia have a significantly higher risk for hospitalizations and death the overall mortality rate jumped to 20% compared to just 5% researchers reviewed medical records of over 61 million adults in the u.s. koalcohol abuse within the lgbtq community has soared one third of gay men reported
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their substance abuse or alcohol has increased. and 32% of lgbtq college students were drinking more since the outbreak alcohol consumption has increased among the general population as well, but at a significantly lower rate. more progress is being made in the national vaccine rollout. according to the cdc, more than 40 million shots have been administered in the u.s. and hospitalizations are falling, but there are still major concerns about new variants. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: as if the nation were turning a corner, key metric are trending in the right direction. hospitalizations are falling across the country the seven-day average for daily infections has not been this low in three months. >> by the trend moving in the right direction, we remain in a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: the proliferation of virus variants, some 700
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cases, strains from three countries, are just the tip of the iceberg in the u.s., and while some variants appear to be more dangerous and perhaps deadlier, at the very same time -- >> we're so excited. >> reporter: states like new york, colorado, and california, are among the many lifting restrictions iowa's governor just eliminated the state's face mask mandate, debating basic science top doctors say now is not the time to travel, travel in groups, or come to a facility like this to get vaccinated. but that, too, remains part of the problem. most americans still can't get a vaccine and some don't want one. in santa clara county where one of the nation's largest inoculation sites is up and running, half of the employees at the local sheriff's office have declined the shot when it's wanted most nationwide. >> this is a race between vaccines and variants, and that's why we're so desperate to
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get more vaccines into more amples. >> reporter: the numbers are improving, but the threat is far from over. still to come, rebooting romance with some boyz ii men this valentine's day. plus, if you work from home, why you may be in for some unwanted surprises this tax season ed surprises this tax season rely know they're working. new febreze fade defy plug works differently. it's the first plug-in with built-in technology to digitally control how much scent is released to smell 1st day fresh for 50 days. it even tells you when it's ready to be refilled. upgrade to febreze fade defy plug. feel the cool rush of claritin cool mint chewables. powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy, allergy relief plus an immediate cooling sensation for your throat.
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doordash and shake shack are teaming up with boyz ii men. they're going to host a virtual valentine's day concert on sunday. a remake of the iconic 1939 film "the wizard of oz" is in the work it will not be a music it will be a fresh take on the children's novel and they'll have some large ruby slippers to fill. >> yeah, they do. the super bowl champion buccaneers will hold a parade this afternoon unlike the parade for tampa bay lightning last year. fans with boats will not take part in the procession but they can watch on the water. now to tax season and pandemic deductions. nbc's stephanie ruhle joins us with what you need to know about taxes and working from home during the pandemic. >> reporter: phillip, it's been
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a year of absolute upheaval because of the coronavirus pandemic now that it's time to file taxes, those disruptions are impacting if, how, and what we can deduct after two years in san francisco, rachel meyer moved back east to be closer to family in new york. the one thing that didn't cross her mind when packing up, her taxes. >> i am feeling a little bit nervous just because i do have to take an extra step. moving from state to state is not something i've had to deal with previously with my taxes. >> reporter: she's one of 16 million people who filed for an address change during the pandemic. >> if you kept your job but moved during the pandemic, could you be on the hook to pay more taxes? >> absolutely. >> reporter: a lot depends on which states you live and worked in and how long you were there 24 states expect you to pay if you worked there even for a day.
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in seven states, owing is based on wages some are making exceptions during the pandemic, and others have agreements about living in one state and working in another. and what about your home office? >> unfortunately as an employee, you cannot get a tax deduction for the items you're using. >> reporter: the bottom line, if your home became your office or you moved to a new state, think about hiring an accountant this year, a cost that may end up saving you a lot in the long run. and what's more confusing, expect even more changes to the rules in the coming months, which is why many people are looking to file for extensions but always remember forecast you think you're getting a refulkd, the sooner you file and doing it online with direct deposit, the sooner you'll be getting that refund phillip? >> great advice as always. still to come, aunt jamima takes on a new name. plus, michelle obama is serving up smiles one stream at a time ing up smiles one stream a time keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes
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you're the man, man. when you want the real a good neighbor, state farm is there. instantly clear every day congestion when you want the real with vicks sinex saline nasal mist. for drug free relief that works fast. vicks sinex. instantly clear everday congestion. good morning, everyone the cold continues to make its way across the northern tier it's the morning lows. that's why we have freeze alerts in place we have some spot this morning the feel-like temperature, down to 55 below, and that colder air, it's going to expand to the midwest by tomorrow morning. indianapolis back to the single digits with air temperatures in the teens, and then to the east coast, we're going to see pittsburgh, only 20. and, guys, looking at the extended forecast, this lasts
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two weeks. >> thanks, janessa a zoom filter fiasco up next zinc, other minerals, and herbs. take on your day with airborne. ♪♪ would you like to try a breakfast sausage made with plants? plants it's delicious and i'm a kid so if i like it... mmmm. morning star farms, america's favorites made from plants. and try incogmeato. what's the #1 retinol brand made from plants. used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena® [ heavy breathing ] allergies with nasal congestion overwhelming you? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one. [ deep inhale ] claritin-d. get more airflow.
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former first lady michelle obama is launching a kids show she's taking her love of eating healthy and turning it into a global culinary adventure. joining her on the side are two sidekicks, waffles and mochi waffl waffles & mochi will air february 25th. a judge has a tip if you're doing a zoom session your filter has to be off. here's why. >> can you hear me, judge?
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>> i can hear you. it is a filter. >> it is i don't know how to remove it. i've got my assistant here she's trying to. but i'm prepared to go forward with it. i'm here live. i'm not a cat. >> i wonder if he does impeachment hearings that attorney, rod ponton says if he can make people laugh at his expense, he's happy to do it. >> the "snl" skit come to life those men with the other straight faces. >> professional. >> hysterical. aunt jemima the brandt is getting a complete makeover. the pancake syrup has been around for 100 years pearl milling company first packaged reddy made pancake mix in 1880s late show host alex trebek's
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wardrobe is being donated by the show and the family to the show fund it provides housing and education for formerly incarcerated and homeless new yorkers. alex has long been a supporter the dough fund tweeted and said how much that will help the men and their futures. this heartstopping moment when a man narrowly escaped a rooftop collapse caused by strong winds he walks up the stairs of that flower shop and the roof coming crashing down. good thing nobody was injured. this week a powerful storm that hit istanbul damaged dozens of buildings across that city. it could have been so much worse for so many people it's a good thing they weren't hurt. >> it's a good thing he wasn't on a cellphone and had headphones on. let's celebrate some
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. ultimately this is unacceptable. we're an urban environment. >> >> right now at 4:30, danger this morning in the waters of san francisco bay after hundreds of gallons of oil spilled following a rupture at an oil refinery. the big question at this hour, what went rog. dusting cough that chalkboard, the bay area school district bringing students back to the classroom in hours and the steps taken to protect the kids and teachers. plus crossing into california. just how many more vaccines are on their way to the golden state and how many of your neighbors have already got


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