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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 13, 2021 2:06am-2:36am PST

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priority the holiday weekend travel surge even the variant spreads in new states governor cuomo under fire, what a top aide admitted of covid deaths the survival story of the deadly 100 vehicles piled the desperate search as the man gasps for air. they're turning this winter into something inspiring america. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt >> good evening everyone, the second impeachment trial with donald trump is on a fast track tonight they call the accusation that mr. trump incited the attack on the capitol of a monstrous lie a 10-minute video
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montage of democrats uttering the same words. >> we are in the fight of our lives right now. >> we fight like hell. >> democrats are standing up to fight >> we are in this fight in a serious way. >> the defense attacking the legality of the trial while avoiding some key questions of the president's actions on january 6th. the trial races towards a final vote as early as tomorrow peter alexander is covering this for us again tonight. >> reporter: tonight the counter offenses, former president trump's legal team slamming the impeachment case as an unpolitical act of political vengeance. >> this unprecedented effort is not about democrats opposing political violence it is about democrats trying to disqualify
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their political opposition it is constitutional cancel culture >> mr. trump's rhetoric and actions leading up to last month's riot incited the crowd. >> we fight like hell. >> no thinking person can believe that the president's january 6th speech on the ellipse was in any way an incitement to violence or insurrection it is absurd on its phase. >> reporter: playing this montage of democrats using the word too >> we are in the fight of our lives right now. we fight like hell >> to fight against the trump administration >> democrats are standing up to fight >> every single one of you and every one of you. that's okay. you didn't do anything wrong.
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it is a word people use. but please stop the hypocrisy. >> reporter: one of several times mr. trump's legal team ruled lengthy match up of democrats words without context. highlighting democrats challenging the legitimacy of the election >> to litigate questions of election integrity within this system is not incitement of resurrection >> reporter: they say mr. trump could not incited the siege because it was preplanned >> i know that
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everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. >> the president's remark explicitly encouraged those in attendance to exercise their rights peacefully and patriotically. peaceful and patriotic protest is the assault. >> one of the first people arrested was the leader of antifa >> reporter: none of the people accused anyone being a follower of antifa and later during the question and answer session, mr. trump's lawyer pressed whether the president knew
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vice president pence had been evacuated from the senate when he sent a tweet attacking him. >> the answer was no >> reporter: a republican senator said at the time he told mr. trump by phone that pence had been rushed out. democrats telling senators that mr. trump is solely responsible for the riot >> that mob did not come out of thin air he spent weeks after weeks inciting voters that the votes had been stolen. >> reporter: the senate should acquit >> like every other politically motivated witch hunt, the left engaged in the past four years this impeachment is divorced from the facts, the evidence, and the interest of the american people. >> reporter: late tonight the senate voted unanimously to avoid capitol police officer, eugene goodman for his heroism. both sides will
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deliver their closing arguments in this trial and we could have a verdict soon after. lester >> peter alexander, starting us off, thanks let's bring in our kasie hunt and chief white house correspondent, kristen welker where do we stand after today's defense by the former president's team >> reporter: the question/answer session has made clear, the senate is likely to vote to acquit former president trump. there is one big mystery left and that's mcconnell he suggested to open to conviction but had not given any clues of what he's thinking he and every senator will have to decide. >> he's being watched carefully. we heard from the president today on the trial, what he's saying >> reporter: president biden says he's anxious to see republicans "stand up," the president
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will monitor the proceedings from camp david. once there is a vote, once there is a vote, they'll aim back to his push. let's turn back onto the cdc on reopening schools. hospitalizations down to just over 74,000. kristen dahlgren reports on the new guidelines >> reporter: the cdc says it is time to get back to school in blue and yellow where transmission is low, schools are encouraged to return in-person. in red zone where transmission rates are higher than 10%. schools are encouraged to do with some in-person learning if there is no testing, elementary schools should be
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hybrid all schools adopted to five key strategies, masks, social distancing and hand washing and contact tracing. >> it is a crisis for all children i know. >> reporter: san francisco is suing the school district to reopen citing students' mental health lindsey synk is worried about her three children >> it took years to get him. and now -- >> reporter: the communities across the country had been torn of how to reopen safely in maine, the cdc plans does not require vaccinations for teachers the cdc encourages it but recognizes that some schools may open before vaccines are available to teachers. >> you can't have both
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things but say no you are not critical to get the vaccine. >> reporter: president biden saying states should prioritize teachers, calling it a national imperative to reopen schools kristen dahlgren, nbc news more americans are set out on holiday weekend travels even though the cdc is warning us not to. new concerns here is miguel almaguer >> reporter: despite the cdc's warning not to travel. more than a million americans flew thursday a significant spike in passengers ahead of lunar new year and valentine's day and presidents' day weekend. when they arrived in states like new mexico and rhode island, they'll find easy restrictions as covid cases dropped but new virus variant spreads. >> reporter: in new york where in-door dining resumes today, governor cuomo comes under fire his administration delayed releasing accurate data on
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nursing home deaths as well as the 9,000 covid patients transferred to long-term care facilities the national vaccine roll-out remains challenging. vaccines >> reporter: in massachusetts after authorities allowed anyone to accompany seniors to be vaccinated officials are citing safety concerns for the elderly. after some tries to take advantage of the program. >> it is embarrassing. it shows the current system is failing. >> reporter: here in southern california, a fraction of people been inoculated. the u.s. army soon comes into help speed up vaccinations. >> reporter: it comes after a year after patricia dowd lost her fight to the virus,
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the first confirmed covid death in the u.s. >> i found her that was -- that was so hard. >> reporter: tonight marking an unrelenting year in 60 seconds a survival story of the deadly pile up highway and a double winter storm threat
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stories of lost and survival after the pile-up in texas left six people dead. here is morgan chesky. >> it is traumatic, i woke up a few times. >> reporter: ryan cheney still could not sleep. >> if you did not dive under the truck in time, what happens >> i would get crushed. >> reporter: trapped in wreckage, a car and a woman's voice, cheney could not ignore >> the front end was pancaked and the rear end was pancaked i start to go around and outside the car and i see the fedex
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truck coming >> reporter: that's when ryan had to save his own life and sharing what happens next on facebook >> that lady in that little -- car died >> reporter: on that frigid morning, cheney kept going >> my knuckles are busted punching the window to save another victim. >> i was lucky to walk away >> reporter: a humbling hero on a heartbreaking day. more ice and snow on the way for the rest of the country. al roker is following the storm. almost 90 million people are under a weather warning coast to coast we are looking at heavy rain into the southeast, dangerous ice anywhere for parts of the mid appalachians into the northeast and lighter snowfall amount.
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the big storm dumping tons of snow in the northwest, 41 out of 48 states are seeing snow dallas could see up to 6 inches. lester, there is another one right behind this. >> there is always is. thanks very much now a plea for help of human smugglers in texas gabe gutierrez with the 911 call a warning it is disturbing >> reporter: the call for help came monday night from san antonio from a migrant saying he was trapped inside this truck the 911 dispatcher tried to keep the
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caller on the line as he gasps for air >> reporter: investigators were able to ping the cell phone and track down the secure video >> reporter: the harrowing call offers a rare glimpse inside the reality of human smuggling. this body camera video from texas showed the rescue of suffocating migrants inside the tractor trailer. in 2017, 10 migrants were found dead inside another. >> this human smuggling organization don't care for human life all they care is to make profit. >> reporter: a source told nbc news that the tanker may have discovered empty and no sign of the migrants now to our nbc news investigation, even with donald trump's second impeachment trial underway, behind the scenes, the most profitable assets in his real estate empire are at risk. cynthia mcfadden has the story. >> reporter: tonight a
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threat to donald trump's real estate empire which could struggle the trump organization revenues largely as a result of covid. the crown jewels of his real estate of his portfolio which source familiar to the matter tells nbc news he may be forced to sell at a discount one in midtown manhattan and the other in san francisco. ronaldo realty trust owns the rest. >> that 30% in each of those buildings worth more than anything else he owns these are tremendous assets >> reporter: the source told us, steven ross, the founder and chairman is considered something called a cram down with holding massive cash flow generated by the building to force the
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former president to sell back to ronaldo at as discount such a move would be devastating to the trump empire. according to the former president's federal records filed last month, most of his properties are hemorrhaging revenues. the international hotel in washington, d.c., revenue fell 63% and tumbled 43% at the doral golf resorts >> he's under water in doral. >> pretty close. he's right on his head on the line. >> reporter: these as a result of the riot on january 6th some of trump's bankers and lawyers distanced themselves and tenants and other buildings told to exit their leases >> he's been in difficult financial positions before and he found a way out >> regarding the current conversation
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with ronaldo, eric trump would only tell us the following we are proud of these two buildings and the best asset everywhere. he declined to comment. >> lester. up next for us, getting seniors the tax help they need welcome back, this year the pandemic is
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it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. and... done. and, now, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. welcome back, this year the pandemic is adding extra hurdles to file your taxes jo ling kent is live >> reporter: for years
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she's been relying on her free tax help. how do you feel about taxes this year? >> well, i am a little frustrated there is always that question that i don't know the answer to and so these people are my lifeline actually. >> reporter: that key in-person assistance had been cancelled the albuquerque residents are among many senior residents finding new ways to do taxes. >> reporter: do you have any concerns? >> if i had a great concern is that seniors who are not familiar with technology or they don't have access to technology are not going to really know what to do >> reporter: the united way recommends calling 211. a help line available 24 hours a day it will connect you to someone who can help you locally. visiting for an affordable way to file or talking to neighbors for
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guidance a reminder to watch out for fraud this year >> no one is going to call you and offer to do your taxes for free >> reporter: she hopes her community center will open in time. if not she will figure it out >> we live long enough to know stuff happens. you kind of learn to live with it >> reporter: while making the most of the new normal jo ling kent, nbc news winter masterpieces inspiring america.
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celebrating the cold of winter and warming the heart, kevin tibbles. >> reporter: finishing touches to a frozen masterpiece. >> what was the hard part >> reporter: chicago's latest snow days into old fashion fun with snow dragons >> you are a couple of big kids >> yes >> wow, this is so cool >> reporter: a few hearty souls embrace the vortex, turning the white stuff into a thing of beauty. ice sculptures in grand rapids, michigan, helping small business during the cold clamp down. >> it has been a challenge for businesses like ours >> reporter: one couple dreaming of a
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romantic valentine's, sculpting a little tower. kevin tibbles. nbc news >> that's "nightly news" on this friday, thank you everyone for watching please take care of yourself and each other. good night >> kate: knock it off, viv. you know exactly who i am. >> vivian: how could i? i've never seen you before. >> kate: yeah, right. well... maybe you'll know who this is. oh, you're not going to say hello to your long-lost son? >> vivian: i'm sorry. you're confusing me. >> kate: really? because i'm being completely straightforward with you. this is jacob, stefan's twin brother.
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you remember. you met him in salem, right? when you came back here to kill lani at her own wedding, the same time you died? >> vivian: the fact that i'm alive proves that you must be the one lying. >> kate: ha! well, i should have known you'd deny your flesh and blood to save your own ass. [suspenseful music] ♪ ♪ >> rafe: hey. >> nicole: hi, rafe. come in. so are you here to visit duke? >> nicole: [chuckles] >> rafe: uh... >> nicole: uh-oh. this is serious, isn't it? >> rafe: yeah, it's, uh, police business. is allie here? it's about charlie.
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>> charlie: hello, mother. >> ava: nope. nope, you're not real. >> charlie: i thought i was real. i-i feel real. >> ava: nope. you're locked up. they arrested you. i'm, um-- [chuckles] i'm dreaming. >> charlie: yeah, yeah, this whole thing has been a nightmare, but good news... the nightmare's over, and charlie is going to live happily ever after. >> ben: juliet... [gasps] [breathing heavily] what the hell was that? ♪ ♪


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