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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 13, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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americans must end. >> i got the shot. >> too many doses, not enough people. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening, thanks for joining us, i am terry mcsweeney. today dozens of santa clara county workers got the covid vaccine because people with appointments are not showing up. that's putting the vaccines going to waste but today they did not go to waste. marianne favro. >> reporter: the county had 300 vaccines that's set to expire tomorrow. they put out a call asking county workers to come to the fairground to get the vaccine. >> i got a notification that there is extra doses to give to employees so i dropped
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everything and came over here. >> reporter: it paid off. the public defender says just 20 minutes after arriving at the santa clara fairgrounds, he got a covid vaccine. >> i am thrilled and my mom was ten minutes away and i have not been able to hug her in a year now. i am excited to be with my family. i do think public offenders should not have to wait to get a text message if there is extra do dosage. >> he and other employees who are not healthcare workers in the eligible tier received vaccine today. the public health department says because of an increase in the no show rate over the past days, it had an excess of 300 vaccines that had been thawed and set to expire if they were not used by tomorrow. the county had procedures to
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offer the vaccines to those eligible which is why it alerted the public at the fairgrounds today. the county says it moves to county employees who were in the next eligible category and can timely respond to ensure no doses are wasted. 64-years-old craig ferguson says he's not a county employee but did get a shot. there may be extra vaccine. >> they told me there are shots so i came and got it. >> reporter: dozens rushed do the fairgrounds to get a vaccine were turned away because they ran out. the county says no vaccine went to waste. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a historic day on capitol hill. former president trump acquitted again. president biden weighed in, the substance of the charge is not
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indispute. he also said "this sad chapter in our history has reminded us that democracy is fragile." ad so many senators crossed party lines to vote to convict a u.s. president but it was not enough. kasie hunt has the story on capitol hill. >> reporter: former president trump declared not guilty of the impeachment charge he incited on january 6th. >> it is here by acquitted of the charge. seven republican senators voted with democrats to convict. 57-43. far short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict. 43 republicans voted not guilty but mcconnell offered a
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blistering indictment. >> president trump is still liable for everything he did while he was still in office. >> the former president calling the trial a witch hunt and insisting our patriotic and beautiful movement to make america great again had only begun. the vote comes after a month after rioters invaded the capitol. vice president pence rushed to safety as he was hunted in the halls. senators casting their votes tonight from desks that were ransacked by the rioters. >> reporter: president trump said he would walk to the capitol with them. >> we fight. we fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell, you are not going to have a country anymore. >> today is not an order. >> reporter: at the last minute, house managers unexpectedly
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calling to subpoena a witness to explain how the top house republican called president trump on the 6th to beg for his help. >> the president says well, kevin, i guess these people are more upset of the election than you are. >> nancy pelosi reacting to today's vote by criticizing senate republican especially mitch mcconnell. >> to say all the things he said, oh my gosh about donald trump and how horrible he was and is and then to say -- but, the house chose to bring it over. no, we did not choose. you chose not to receive it. >> pelosi is referring to mcconnell's refusal to hold the impeachment trial while mr. trump was in office. democrats requested he holds an emergency trial a week after the
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attack. forcing to accept the article of impeachment after the inauguration. positive news from governor newsom. the state has reached 6 million vaccinations. the goal is to do over a million each and every week and as supplies come in, build a system out to provide 4 million doses to be administered each and every week and well over our way to do it. >> the governor state's positivity rate has dropped significantly. little more than 4%. oakland's coliseum continues to transform into a massive vaccination center, in the north bay tweeting this picture of the team arriving to help fema. on tuesday, the largest vaccination center, capable of 6,000 shots per day. a lot to keep track of when it comes to the vaccine to cut through confusion and nbc
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launched a new website called "plan your vaccine," it tells you how and when to get your covid vaccine and the interactive map and it gives you the closest vaccination site for you. you can point your camera at the qr code. the bottom of your screen right there and it will take you to a link on the website, we'll show you this code again in just a few minutes. new at 11:00, two shootings on opposite side on the bay leaves a dozen people wounded. six people were shot near third street and casada avenue. the condition of the victims were unclear. over in oakland early this morning, a similar shooting, six men shot there about 1:00 this morning near downtown. it happens just a few blocks from oakland police headquarters. investigators are offering a
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$30,000 award for information leading to an arrest. in oakland today pushing back an unfair stereotypes that's gaining national attention. the idea that the asian-americans are being attacked. >> reporter: at least 500 people gathered at madison square park. >> we are not going to allow any narrative that disrupts our >> what's needed is folkster: c after a video of a violent attack after an elderly gained national attention. >> my mom is heartbroken. >> reporter: her 84-year-old
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father died two weeks ago after he was thrown on the ground in san francisco. the 19-year-old black suspect is now charged with murder. amy's husband says leaders in the different communities need to hold people accountable. make this type of violence shameful. >> when violent actions are happening over and over again, something needs to happen different. >> reporter: the alameda district attorney's office reported 18 crimes against asian americans in china town the past two weeks. now oakland mayor and the city's new police chief are restoring police liaison -- organizers at the rally hope this sign of solidarity will serve as a reminder that the community will not accept violence against each other. >> holding each other accountable and holding each other in community. zach norris says we need to address housing inequality and
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education and jobs and on divisions and this very public and diverse gathering is an idea of bringing hope to change to victims. >> the more people that care about these kinds of issues, the more it feels better and giving us comfort. >> tom jensen, nbc bay area news. they came from alaska pennsylvania and from right here in the bay area. the seven candidates for san jose police chief speaking at a community forum this morning. >> i believe my knowledge skills and accomplishments and education put me in a good position being one of the key candidates. >> my experience leading of every level in this police department is the one thing that sets me apart. >> reporter:city's youtube page, the search f new leader after andy garcia retired in december. he's the chief of police in dallas. a massive quake.
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the new video shows the after math of the 7.3 quake. a new wave of exploration. the bay area company is making it all happen in an equal friendly way. we are seeing chilly temperatures and during the day tomorrow. clouds in the increase and rain, making a come back before the end of the week. we'll show you the timing on that. and another look at that qr code we mentioned a few minutes o. use your phone to scan our code and that'll take you to our website where we have linked abc interactive, plan your vaccine tool, everything you need to know. how and where and when to get your covid shot. we'll be right back.
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new video showing the after math of the 7.3 quake near fukushima, japan this morning. no reports of any injuries so far. wow. 37 miles beneath the ocean bed. officials say there was no threat of a tsunami. new at 11:00, a winter blast across most of the country tonight, 150 million americans facing snow and ice and windchills. alerts along dangerous conditions. hundreds of thousands of people, the freeze over coating trees and cars and power lines.
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a massive pile up, sending eight people to the hospital. texas is still shaken by this week's deadly interstate crash. now the state is on alert for blizzard conditions and brutal cold. in the pacific northwest, mass vaccination sites closed today. the wind was so strong, literally knocked people off their feet and they're not staging that. that's for real. mapping the ocean floor with the sailing drone. you may have seen it being tested here in san francisco, the company sales drone launched the world's largest and most advance unmanned ship for ocean exploration. it carries equipment to help to map the sea floor down to 7,000.
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that's currently left of 20% of the earth's ocean are mapped. rob mayeda is joining us now. that was in oregon, the storm is not coming down this way. >> yeah, they had the snowiest day in seattle 52 years. almost 9 inches of snow came down. we'll see a little bit of that storm dropping south during the day tomorrow that'll bring the chance of some late today and rain showers and total temperatures but just not some big totals as you are about to see on sunday and monday. outside right now mainly clear skies, san francisco about 50 degrees. that's a temperature around the bay area. you can see walnut creek at 50. a similar story in san jose. wind speeds backing off a little bit. that's nice. the morning, hour by hour, san jose dropping into the low to mid-40s around sun rise. it should be a dry start.
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a little chilly. mid-40s from san francisco and oakland. highs tomorrow. 60, 61 in san jose. near 60 in the tri-valley and we'll see the rain get started first. by 4:00, most of the rain bottled up there. but then as we hit through the evening hours and tomorrow night, areas of some light to moderate rain. at time it will take us into monday. you are seeing light rain and that does not look particularly heavy. most of the bay area looking at less than a quarter inch of rain. north bay, you can see santa rosa a third of an inch of rain. here is the story through the middle part of the week. thursday and friday, there is another storm that drops in on friday morning impacting primary the north bay. right now next weekend's forecast keeping those storms off to the north.
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while we are getting these chapss, a lot of the impact is moving into the pacific northwest. a few monday showers, dry tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday, another system comes in, maybe a quarter inch to half an inch of rain for the north bay. i guess the good news is the storm are still cold enough to get snow down to 4,000 or 5,000 feet. we'll have more news after this short break.
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welcome back, i am anthony flores, kevin durante takes the floor center. k.d. won two championships and two final mvps in three years with the warriors. stephen curry goes for a drive-thru traffic.
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the nets take control. part of a 15-4 run to close the quarter. it was a blow out after durante had 20 points. as k.d. returns for the first time in the nets uniform. >> it would have been great to have fans here to welcome him back. >> it is great for basketball and the league. it is a good night. >> so much fun and such a big learning experience. a different philosophy. i am going to take it with me for the rest of my life. >> the warriors are back on the court monday night against cleveland. to the ice, they have been on the road 6.5 weeks to start
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the season. vegas scored a power play goal in all three periods. the knights beat the sharks. it was the sharks' first game in san jose. they're back on home ice on monday. no fans and no amateurs. jordan spieth with his second on the par 4, 15. he holds out from the fairway, he was one under in the round, had a 2-shot lead heading into 13 under par. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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new year parade won't be taken place because of the pandemic. it had not stop from keeping parade spirit and traditions alive in the season. here is a behind the scene of a chinese new year float. it is detailed and spectacular. this float is going to be on display at pier 27 in san francisco. it will be on display this weekend and next weekend from noon to 8:00 p.m. the chinese new year parade for the international festival and event associations, not this year but next year. celebrating valentine's day a little early. heart shaped valentine's delivered to the african penguins colony. they use the hearts as new nesting materials.
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