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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 19, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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they will just be ep on friday's, saturday's, and sundays. . we'll see you at 6:00. tonight the growing nightmare in texas of the extreme weather. nearly half of the texas population is under boil water notices, massive lines of food store shelves bare burst pipes and billions in damages and the anger why some are seeing energy bills in the thousands. senator ted cruz in damage control, he now says it was a mistake to fly off to cancun
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while his state is in crisis the text messages from when i say wife what they revealed of the last minute trip president biden touring pfizer's vaccine plan as the winter storm delayed the roll out in all 50 states the news of the pfizer vaccine giving new hope. the outrage in florida, two women accused of disguising themselves as grandmothers to get the vaccine. when the governor is confronted, his angry response our series of "kids under pressure" of our kids in a lost generation and our red planet like you have never seen before. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. the end of the misery is not yet insight a 13 million remaining without safe water frozen pipes thawing
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raising new risk for this evening. bottled water being handed out and shelves at stores are bare i also spoke to the parents of the young daughter's death. >> we'll tell you how bad the impact was we begin of course in texas, morgan chesky, with the latest >> reporter: tonight in texas, too much water >> my room is ruined >> oh my god >> reporter: or not enough >> this is the only water we have now >> reporter: what's left is unsafe to drink. the deep freeze compromising supply for 13 million texans first responders hurting too. this san antonio apartment fire urging fire crew to truck in water after hydrants frozen
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>> we get a little runs out >> reporter: brutal cold in the 11-year-old's death, seen playing in the snow 24 hours before his parents found him dead in his room the suspected cause the suspected cause hypothermia. the family's mobile home without power or heat. any power outages are left out of supply. >> reporter: grocery stores, shelves still bare and thousands lining for hours >> with warmer weather on the way, seems like this could soon be disappearing. >> reporter: for a growing number of texans a brand new and expensive storm is just getting started. >> our heat went out we had pipes that's busted her $40 payment is now $9,000 why?
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griddy energy charges her on a variable rate plan >> reporter: can you afford that >> absolutely. that's three mortgage payments >> reporter: for now millions of others are facing one more night below freezing before a winter nightmare finally starts to end. >> morgan, i understand there are new concerns now >> reporter: with temperatures rising above freezing the next several days, all those water in pipes could cause more damage when they start to thaw >> i spoke to the mayor of austin who told me why they are still not through this mayor adler, what do you folks need most right now as you head into the weekend >> water, we need water more than anything else the one we with dealing with right now is the absence of water in the city.
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we need people that are volunteering and helping one another. >> you got pipes that had been frozen for days, presumably they're starting to thaw and that could bring its own problems is it possible that this is going to get worse before it gets better? >> we have two-thirds of the city that does not have water i don't think it is going to get much worse than that the question is duration my community wants to know when this is going to be over many of them went a week without power and now they don't have water or the water comes back and having to boil it. it is looking like at least several more days. >> we are also still in the middle of winter, we don't know with climate change, we don't
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know what comes next we heard of the power grid in texas and its vulnerability. looking down the next several weeks here, are you worried of a repeat >> no, this was such a rare event, i don't think we'll see it again the next several weeks. i will tell you i am not convinced it won't happen next year this is the third time i have seen this happened we have more extreme weather events we have to change our regulatory structure to make sure it gets incentivized >> what are you telling your residents tonight? >> i am telling them i am sorry people in this community are being asked to do things they should never be asked to do and enduring conditions they should not have to endure we need better answers from the state with respect to what happened with the grid right now i need to get my folks water and food and warmth >> mayor adler, thank you so much for spending a few minutes with us. we wish you the best of luck. >> if you would like to help, you can find that information on
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our nbc's nightly news facebook page new fallout on senator ted cruz gabe gutierrez has more on that >> reporter: senator ted cruz now admits his stay to cancun was a mistake. >> as i was heading down there i started to have second thoughts immediately because the crisis here in texas. >> reporter: he got a frosty reception. the "houston chronicle" says texans is angry with ted cruz right now. >> he needs to show up and act like he cares. >> reporter: "the new york times" reveals a series of text
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messages from his wife mrs. cruz telling friends her house was freezing and inviting hers to join the cruz at the ritz carlton in cancun >> when things were happening we simply stayed on the ship and that's the commitment that we made when we signed up for these positions. >> reporter: cruz's office did not respond for comments about those reported texts >> gabe, thank you this week's weather is still having a ripple effect on the covid-19 vaccine effort 42 million americans have received at least one dose hospitalizations in just over 62,000 miguel almaguer with more tonight. >> reporter: tonight as brutal weather finally begins to clear,
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its impact on the race to vaccinate americans is coming into view. 6 million doses were delayed to all 50 states because of shipping problems. this map shows the footprints of the storm but it reached coast to coast >> they don't have it. >> reporter: more than 2,000 vaccination centers lost power including hospitals and clinics. authorities scramble to inoculate anyone they could. lines forming at this texas synagogue. outside of the storm in florida, more than 200,000 doses expected this week are delayed and 130,000 vaccines in colorado are also behind schedule still coping with serious distribution problems they could reopen tomorrow with 1.4 million doses in transit today, pfizer is hoping to ease its complicated system
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of shipping and storage, seeking fda's approval to store its vaccine in regular freezer for up to two weeks instead of those hard to find ultra cold freezers now roughly a year into the pandemic, there is been a five-week decline in covid cases as hospitalizations and deaths also slow. jill hawker, a frontline nurse needed a double lungs transplant after becoming infected is going home today >> the long process i had to go through and i would not wish it on anyone. >> reporter: tonight the war against covid continues. miguel almaguer, nbc news vaccine cheaters caught in the act, how some are using deception to get the shots and the country's vaccinating people faster than any other.
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there are outrage tonight over the steps some are getting to get vaccinated. kerry sanders is in florida.
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>> reporter: in florida some so desperate greating vaccinated desperate getting vaccinated they're dressing up like grannies the two women who tried to get a second vaccine after using the ruse successfully to get their first dose >> something is wrong with the whole system here. >> reporter: when the governor was questioning this week, the eligible were overwhelmingly white and republican, he fired back >> reporter: those unable to schedule a vaccine appointment not happy. >> i guess it is who you know that counts. >> reporter: nbc news examination how florida distributed the vaccines show
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red counties in the state getting more shots per capita than blue counties doses are given based on a mathematical formula >> i do not think our governor should be dictating who lives or dies if you happen to have money, you get the golden ticket. >> reporter: the fear tonight a growing distrust, the vaccines plain field are not levelled lester >> kerry sanders thank you. president biden got a firsthand look inside the covid vaccine effort today the white house rolling back the trump immigration policy peter alexander is at the white house this evening what's the latest? >> reporter: president biden touring pfizer plant today in michigan five new federal vaccination centers, one in philadelphia and four others across florida where they'll be able to deliver 12,000 shots today the biden administration beginning to roll back what a former president trump's signature immigration policy
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the biden administration says that dispose seekers asylum to the border >> president biden also gave his first speech to a large national audience and drew a large contrast with former president trump. more from andrea mitchell >> reporter: president biden making good on a promise he made as just joe biden two years ago. >> we'll be back i am a man of my word. >> reporter: reversing donald trump's decision to quit the iran nuclear deal and the paris climate accord and pulling u.s. troops out of germany. >> the united states is determined to reengage with europe >> reporter: on iran, offering
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to go back to the limits of nuclear fuel production and expand the deal to control iran's missiles and other behavior >> we must address iran's stabilizing activities across the east iran is threatening to block u.n. inspectors next week the u.s. says it won't lift sanctions until iran lift their nuclear deal >> we are talking about security, energy security, economic security and food security even physical security >> reporter: iran have not yet responded to the u.s.'s offer to talk some leading republicans opposing any talks with iran and the u.s. making the first move >> andrea mitchell, thank you. no country is vaccinating people faster than israel half at least received one dose with more on that with richard engel. >> reporter: free shots for
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every shot teenagers are now up 90% of people over age 60 already have one dose. doctors say the impact is profound >> you can find more amount of patients are positive but they are not sick the vaccine gives good protection from severe disease. >> reporter: it is proof vaccine here is pfizer can end the pandemic per capita the united states remains far behind >> how many people had to get vaccinated by percentage >> it is only at this point that we are beginning to see the effects of the n the u.s. would be at the point where you vaccinated 150 million people >> reporter: israel's population is small healthcare is centralized and mandatory and the country's many
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wars made it quick to respond to the crisislling them to go to gyms and attending eveninup travel tickets as well. >> be sure to join richard "on assignment: covid mutant." up next, could there be a lost generation because of this pandemic
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we are back with our series "kids under pressure" and what we found in our study of teens being hit especially hard by the pandemic here is gadi schwartz. >> reporter: it is a school night. because of the pandemic, jobs have been sporadic virtual learning means trying to listen to zoom classes on her head phones when she's vacuuming someone's house or working late into the night >> reporter: what time do you get home >> like around 12:00 or 1:00. >> reporter: in the morning? >> morning >> reporter: the next day? >> the same. >> reporter: our study found 63% of black and latino students reported increased stress latino students are twice likely to miss a day of
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school because of health problems and 95% reported being affected by stress or anxiety. >> reporter: how many of you guys are stressed ability money? >> i have to help my family and i am worried of them not making enough money >> reporter: have you struggle with depression on this >> a lot >> reporter: not only are you working and not only are you going to school but you are helping your little siblings >> yes >> reporter: go to class, too >> i just try to help around the house but later i started to understand >> reporter: their principal says it is common. >> they may have to change diapers while trying to listen
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pre-calculus, that's a lot to struggle for teenagers. >> reporter: and being expected to learn >> i am going to have students whose grades are going down because they got to support their family and their dreams going to college right after high school will be impacted or shattered. >> reporter: it seems like you really want to learn >> i do want to learn. right now it is my last year and i am trying to get my credit and get everything done. >> reporter: as she tries to graduate, her plan for community college will have to be put on hold they can't afford it so for now her dream is deferred. gadi schwartz, nbc news, california >> boy, those kids are carrying a heavy load
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nasa's perserverance rover. and a close up of one of the wheels in the martian dirt up next, the big heart of texas
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back to texas where folks don't have to look far for help >> reporter: texas have lost a lot this week but not its heart.
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jim mcenvale did not have to think twice. >> it struck you that you can do this >> we had to make adjustments here because my people are freezing and i can't let them free >> reporter: it is not the first time he welcomed strangers. he did it after hurricane katrina and harvey >> he was going for the next day. >> reporter: in abilene, this fitness center springing into action converting the gym's floor into shelter >> it is a remarkable thing they did, we got hot showers. >> reporter: elsewhere neighbors sharing generators for >> we powered three houses with one little generator when we had no power for 36 hours. >> reporter: others have gone door-to-door delivering
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supplies >> do you need anymore? >> a lot of people that need help >> you didn't wait for someone to ask you, you stepped in and you saw the need >> there is so much function on who to blame let's not blame people, let's fix the problem. the essence of living is giving, i will go to my grave. >> reporter: texans showing they can weather any storm together that's "nightly news" on this friday, thank you for watching, i am lester holt, please take care of yourself and each other good night right now at 6:00. ready to play. the state loosens rules for youth sports. athletes are celebrating tonight. >> some of us play this game with our heart and soul. >> we'll break down what sports can be played in which counties and the hoops high school teams need to jump through to get back on the field. governor newsom says the state will set aside 10% of its
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vaccines for teachers and staff. >> which must be done. it must be done much sooner than the current path we're on. >> the reason he says he wants to seize this opportunity. get ready to head to court. san francisco's city attorney puts the school distribute on district on notice. he says teachers' demands that go too far will not be tolerated. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good friday, thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. jessica aguirre is also with us on a busy friday evening. >> raj, it's kind of like vaccine whack-a-mole. you're finally eligible and you get an appointment, and severe weather disrupts the distribution and you can't get your vaccine. coming up, we'll talk about what's the delay, when they'll get here and what the governor has to say about hundreds of thousands of doses that will


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