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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 24, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, it's a big day for two counties on the road to recovery, marin and san mateo dropping to the red tier. that means gyms and indoor dining is back at reduced levels, of course. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. let's look at that map. san mateo as well as marin county both in the red tier. everyone else else there in the purple. nbc bay area cierra johnson is in mill valley where i'm sure some of the business owners are rejoicing this day. >> reporter: yes.
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good morning, marcus. that change in tiers is a big deal for businesses like shoreline coffee here in mill valley. they've really had a reduction in business with just using the outdoor dining. they've talken a big financial impact and now this will be a change for them. as it sounds, marin and san mateo counties, movie theaters can reopen at restricted capacities. gyms and indoor dining can expand their businesses. they can allow people to workout inside as long as the capacity remains at 10%. here at shoreline coffee, the last year has been rough but the owner says hopefully things are finally turning the corner. >> we didn't make any money this year. we stayed open. we were here for the community. it felt good. we kept all our employees working. you know, in some ways it felt great, you know, having -- being able to open
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yeah, you're behind on your personal, financial stuff but it's, you know, future looks bright. >> and that future does look bright, indeed. it's a bright day outside. it would be a good today for outdoor dining. as that owner was discussing, not every day is a bright day. there's been cooler temperatures. there's been rain. just being able to have the indoor dining would give them the reassurance that folks would still be able to come and enjoy, not just have the option of sitting outside or taking it to go. it's a huge deal for business owners and the customers trying to get back in and see some of their regulars. as for the employees here at this restaurant, they didn't have to lay off too many people. with the weather turning now, and folks being able to eat inside the owner says he will be able to extend the hours, offer more hours for some of these employees, many who have been here for more than 25 years. we're live in mill valley, cierra johnson, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cierra.
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let's take you to san francisco live. in a matter of time before the city, they're going to move into the red tier as well. city health officials say san francisco could make that move as early as next week. this is because the infection rate is looking so much better there. being in the red tier is one of the requirements needed for san francisco schools to reopen. the school board unanimously approving a tentative agreement from unions over requirements to resume in-person instruction. it includes prioritizing vaccines for teachers, covid testing, ppe along with enhanced cleaning and health screenings. there is no firm reopening date but the goal is to resume in-person instruction before the end of the academic school year. meanwhile there's a growing outrage in the south bay as the school district decides to bring chronicle reporting los gatos saratoga reached an agreement with the teachers union to allow high school students to return
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in two groups on wednesdays for one hour. superintendent says it's a safe way to transition into hybrid learning. parent also rally on friday demanding that students return to the classroom for longer than one hour per week. now let's head outside to the bay bridge. beautiful sight for you as we've had nice clear weather over the past week. looking nice throughout the bay area. the sun is supposed to be out all week. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the beautiful weather for us. that sun usually sees warmer temperatures. will that be the rest of the case for the week? >> yeah. so we're looking at some warming temperatures. a little warmer than normal as we continue on with sunshine, as people are getting ready to head out for lunch. we continue to enjoy the warm-up here, even though we had such a cool start to this morning. taking a look at where we are right now, some upper 60s for a few spots like hayward and concord, 68 degrees and continuing to make it into the 70s once again. a lot of us are just a few
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degrees shy of a record high temperature for again today and we are going to have this above normal weather for the next couple of days. we also have some high winds that will start to pick up. i'll talk about the wind advisory, where we could see some of those peak winds, and the temperatures in the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. marcus? >> thank you so much, kari. just in, san francisco mosque into phase 1b of its vaccination plan. that means people working in education, child care, emergency services and food and agriculture c includes more tha 168,000 people in addition to the 210,000 health care workers and people 65 and older who are already eligible. the city is still dealing with vaccine shortages so people might not be able to get appointment right away. this might make it easier to get a vaccine. fda regulators say johnson & johnson's covid vaccine is safe and effective. the vaccine is a single dose
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only, and does not require ultra cold temperatures for storage. the fda's full review happens friday. if all goes well, 20 million vaccines will be ship bid the end of next month. and an additional 100 million doses over the summer. new reports suggest some people in the bay area are jumping the line for those vaccines and misrepresented their race in the process. this morning, reports that some people in marin are using doses meant for people in black and latino communities to gain access through the state's vaccine scheduling system my turn. one source says the codes are circulating widely and people are booking appointments at the oakland coliseum even though they're not eligible there. l.a. times reports similar line jumping in southern california as well. nbc launching that website called plan your vaccine. this is a way you can find out the closest location to you to get that vaccination shot. go to the website, our website
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for the link to it, the white house says it's not backing down on its pick to lead office of management and budget even though president biden's nominee can't find many friends in the senate. scott mcgrew is here now. actually, it's really a lot of people calling out the name on twitter. >> yeah. so this neera tanden, she needs senate votes to get the nomination and she is struggling to do so. she has to get through two committees and then the full senate. brand new those committees have suspended their vote, saying they will get to it later. it's a really bad sign when you're the nominee for the office. tanden was very vocal on twitter in the years before biden won the white house calling senator susan collins ignorant, senator ted cruz heartless, senator mitch mcconnell moscow mitch. even senator mitt romney, a moderate, say her past attacks make her wrong for the job. political columnists are arguing
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both sides of this. writing those concerned about tanden's incivility sure didn't seem to mind during the trump era. others like matt lewis point out if you want civility to return to washington, you can't say they did it, too. neera tanden's nomination, he writes, has to die so decency can live again. it does seem extremely unlikely that tanden will get her job. democrat joe manchin of west virginia will vote against her which means at last count shes to not have the majority she needs. there's bad blood between manchin and tanden. manchin's daughter is the pharmacy ceo who raised the price of epi pens. not popular with most americans but tanden was very particular in being a very vocal critic against her. these votes have been suspended. that say bad sign. the rest of the voeb votes, marcus, seem to be going through for mr. biden's other nominations. >> we'll continue to watch. thank you so much, scott. coming up, bye-bye to the electronic grocery store for the
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silicon valley. the reason the tech store is now gone. lucky to be alive. golf legend tiger woods in a horrific car crash. new details of his condition. what major stars are saying about woods after learning of the incident. first, for black history month we shine the spotlight on a bay area education pioneer, dr. ruth b. love began teaching in oakland, was appointed as the school superintendent after the assassination of marcus foster, making her the first black female to hold that role. she left that position in 1981 to become superintendent of schools in 26th dr. ruth love day in the city of oakland for her contributions to the city. today in the bay salutes the life of educator dr. ruth b. love.
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welcome back. the end of an era for electronic goods haven, fry's just announced it's permanently closing its doors here in the bay area and throughout the rest of the country. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at fry's location in san jose, where customers have been showing up unaware of that news, bob. >> reporter: correct. actually if you look over to the right, some people have been showing up. there's a guy right there, who looks like he was coming here to try to make a return. he won't be able to do that. one customer comments to me that the writing was on the wall as far as the demise of fry's. if you've been in the stores recent months you have noticed the bare shelves, lack of inventory, few employees. the notice outside this location here in san jose, and it is now official. after the statement was posted on the fry's website, announcing that all 30 of its stores, including the four remaining here in the bay area would close for good after, quote, difficult decisions to shut down its operations and close its business permanently as a result
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of the changes in the retail industry and the challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic. the company will begin a wind down of its operations and the best interest of the company, its creditors and other stakeholders. several customers, as we mentioned, were unaware of the news. they showed up to find a locked door. some saddened to hear that the store they shopped at for years, decades in some instances, are shutting down after it's been in business for 36 years, selling tvs, computers, all sorts of electronics, odds and ends. fry's was famous for the theme store here in san jose. a man trying to return a computer networking tool he just bought yesterday. >> i bought this yesterday, and i'm trying to return it. i did not they would be today. >> reporter: i guess you're stuck with it. >> yeah. it's unfortunate. we've been buying from them for a long time. >> reporter: what's the store meant for you? >> it's like somewhere we can
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get parts really quickly. we didn't have to wait for it to arrive from amazon or something. >> it's a shame to see it go away. i mean, we basically grew up with going to the store a lot to, you know, buy everything from my tvs to video games and, you know, unfortunately i'm going to have to find somewhere else to buy all that stuff now. >> where do you go now? >> well, there's best buy. that's about it. >> reporter: others mentioned amazon, of course. i spoke off camera with an employee who has worked here 20 years. he said this is crazy. that's all he said to me. he was notified last night about the shutdown and was told to show up for an employee meeting about the next steps. they're still inside, as you saw some employees showing up for work this morning. they won't be taking voicemail for the email. the website is inactive step
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that statement on there. no links to buy anything. there are instructions. if you had any equipment you dropped off at fry's for repair there's instructions on how to get that back. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thanks. >> right now, tiger woods is still recovering from surgery. this, after he was badly injured in that car crash in southern california yesterday. now, it's said that woods suffered catastrophic injuries to both of his legs leaving his career in doubt. authorities say that investigation into what happened could take weeks to complete but woods is fortunate he survived. nbc's craig melvin has the latest. >> we have a rollover with someone trapped. >> reporter: the victim of that terrifying crash, golfing great tiger woods. overnight his official twitter account reassuring fans that he's currently awake, responsive room. the 45-year-old suffered multiple injuries to both legs and was rushed to a local trauma center, where he underwent
11:16 am
several hours of surgery. the doctors revealing in a statement, woods fractured his tibia and fibula, leg bones below the knee, and had to use a rod to stabilize them. they also inserted screws and pins into his foot and ankle. earlier on "today," we talked to sheriff's deputy carlos gonzalez, first on the scene. >> i don't think he was aware of how gravely he was injured at the time. it could be a mixture of adrenaline, it could have been shock. >> reporter: woods' suv, traveling at a greater rate of speed according to authorities flipped over multiple times. >> no skid marks, no braking. apparently the first contact was with the center median and from there then crossed into opposing lane of traffic, hit the curb, hit a tree and there were several rollover process. >> reporter: images of his wrecked shocking. the front end completely torn
11:17 am
off. >> just look at that vehicle. literally broke apart there. >> reporter: all the suv's air bags deployed, some stained with blood. first responders forced to use an ax and pry bar to remove the windshield to extract woods from the suv. so far, the exact cause of the crash unknown. the road to recovery once again under way for tiger woods. five back surgeries, a knee surgery, and now what some suspect could be a career-ending car accident. that's the very latest from here outside the ucla harbor medical center. back to you. >> craig melvin reporting in southern california. he is talking about what's going on here. a lot of people tweeting about tiger woods. president obama writing that he is a -- here is is to a speedy recovery for the goat of golf. if we've learned anything over the years, it's to never count tiger out. his former girlfriend, lindsey
11:18 am
vonn, is writing praying for tw right now. these are just a few of people responding to tiger woods' accident, all wishing him well. 27-year-old southern california man is talking for the first time about being beaten up one week ago, an attack he believes was a hate crime. deny kim is a current community activist. he was walking in korea town when two men jumped him, shouting anti-asian slurs and his friend managed to chase the attackers off. he suffered a fractured nose, black eye and has experienced subtle forms racism in the past. >> throughout my career, i experienced a lot of micro-aggressions because of my race. i never felt luke i fit in. i never felt like i belonged. >> polic vague help. if you're looking for a way to help, telemundo 48 and our
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parent area comcast has partnered to launch a solidarity fund, providing grants to organizations working to stop attacks against asians. if you would like to donate, any amount will help. go to we have a link there for you. we continue our who inspires me series as part of our special black history month coverage. each week members of our nbc bay area team speak about people who have had a significant impact in our lives. cierra johnson is here to talk about her grandmother. your grandmother is a big part of you being here now in journalism. >> good morning, marcus. exactly. my grandmother, gladys henderson, 97 years young, who lives in ohio, my home state. she's had a passion for writing and a passion for news. my grandmother graduated high school at the top of her class,
11:20 am
i should include, she wanted to go and work for the local paper. when she reached out, she was told that that's not a job for colored girls. she was obviously disappointed but decided to take her talents of shorthand and her amazing memory and decided to work as a clerk for the county. she was one of the first to do that. she also worked as a radiologist receptionist. she did a lot of note taking there and a lot of writing about the radiology procedures there. what i really take from my grandmother is how one door closes, another opens. just don't let the first "no" be the end of it really. she's a ray of light for my family. she still writes to this day. she has boxes of journaling she's kept for really years. that is why she is my inspiration. my grandmother, gladys henderson. >> i know you make her very proud. i want to say from all three of us, we've shared stories, kari, your great grandmother, and my grandfather, cierra, your
11:21 am
grandmother. it's great for us to be able to uplift their legacy and thanks to our team for allowing us to do that. thanks for sharing those beautiful stories. it's time to get a look at that forecast. something else beautiful to talk about is that forecast for today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that and the sun yet shining again. >> yes, it is. and, as we take a live look outside in san jose, our temperatures are already in the mid 60s. and we'll see our temperatures warming up for the rest of the afternoon, reaching 69 degrees. and that's going to be at about 1:00 to 2:00 this afternoon. but i know that a lot of people enjoying all that sunshine are also outside sneezing because of all the pollen. if you're allergic to cedar, ash, palm trees they're what's floating througharity right now. we're seeing high levels of those pollens. we're in the upper 60s and low 70s. 70 for the high today in
11:22 am
martinez as well as oakland. morgan hill reaching 70 and 70 in santa rosa. then as we go into later today, we are already under this wind advisory. you may, at times, feel those breezes picking up and it will just get worse as we go throughout today. some of our mountain gusts may reach up to 65 miles per hour in elevations above 1,000 feet. most of us getting wind speeds at about 20 to 45 miles per hour. taking a look at the timeline and when we will start to see those winds picking up, especially for the north bay by about 7:00 to 8:00 tonight. then as we go into early tomorrow morning, it's still going to be breezy, especially in the north bay, with wind speeds of 25 to 30 miles an hour, then going through the forecast, we are going to see the winds calming down. still a lot of dry weather as we are going to see some cooler air starting to move in. the rain chances still staying away from the bay area. even as we go through the seven-day forecast, just a lot of sunshine and some warmer than
11:23 am
normal temperatures, looking at low 70s for the inland areas for today and then some 60s through the rest of the forecast. in san franci mostly 60s over the next several days. a really nice weekend ahead. yeah, we do need some rain. and that's something we'll still be waiting on as we go through at least the next week. marcus? >> thanks, kari. coming up, now on mars, the secret message included on a huge pair of shoes used by mars rover. aace mask they say kills any virus it comes in contact with, including covid-19. the company says studies have shown that that mask can give a person 99.9% protection. the company is hoping to sell to health professionals soon.
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mars rover perseverance patroling the planet for signs of life. did you know there was a message in its parachute? a binary code to spell out dare
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many things. how cool is that, kari? >> that is pretty cool. let's take a look at our seven-day forecast. it's going to be still really nice, but pretty windy today. you're going to notice those winds picking up, especially in san francisco. some of our hills in the north bay. reaching 30 to 45 miles per hour. we could see some of those top gusts reaching 65 miles per hour. it won't be as windy tomorrow. it will be slightly cooler through the next several days and a lot of sunshine and pollen in this forecast. marcus? >> all right. hope you're going to the beauty salon, have your hair tied down so it doesn't blow everywhere. that does it for our midday newscast. the next one coming on for you at 5:00. always on join us tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great wednesday. live look at the golden gate bridge as we send you on your way. hump day. almost near friday. have a good one.
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right now on "california live," kim is taking us jewelry shopping at the dry bar. >> female-owned businesses are booming since the pandemic. >> add ago little spark toll your day. >> not a little. a lot. >> a ton. >> a ton. >> then punky brewster's bff is all grown up. but are they still friends? >> are you still close in real life? >> plus the kid who made history with a dream and a baseball. >> just remember, that's all i do. >> inspiring woman who beat some ugly odds in the


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