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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 25, 2021 2:06am-2:36am PST

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ambitious new plan to send 25 million masks to those in need and a mission to vaccinate the world. one of biden's cabinet picks. the alleged capitol rioters accused of stealing nancy pelosi's laptop, the disturbing new video. and the changemaker astronauts inspiring a new generation to reach for the stars. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, the question as we learn the extent of tiger woods' injuries in the car crash yesterday. is his career over fans say don't count tiger out. he remains hospitalized with serious leg injuries so severe, we now know he could
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have lost one to amputation we are h. ea torres of the risk of this kind of recovery. we may be days away from the third covid vaccine getting the green light. we'll tell you what makes this one so different and how it measures up to the others that news comes as a california strain of the virus emerges. we'll tell you why that's fuelling new concerns this evening. let's begin with miguel almaguer the 45-year-old golfing legend is alert and responsive at harbor ucla medical center before going under surgery. woods could have lost his right leg, crushed in the crash. >> when he came out of the clon the
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stretcher, i was able to notice that he was injured severely >> reporter: woods had open fractures affecting the tibia and fibula bones which were stabilized by inserting a rod into his leg air bags sustained with blood and a seat belt likely saved his life >> i will say it is fortunate that mr. woods was able to come out of this alive >> reporter: deputy carlos gonzalez found woods trapped but conscious in his car, showing no signs of impairment. firefighters used an ax to extract him. >> i heard a big boom. >> reporter: woods may have been traveling faster than the speed limit when he crossed the center divide and plowed into the embankment >> no skid marks or break in the first contact was with the center median.
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>> reporter: the road woods lost control was deep headed to a golf course outside los angeles for another day of filming with celebrities, news of the serious accident spreads quickly. fellow athletes and former president and friends learning the news >> reporter: after previous incidents after troubling behind the wheel, woods won the masters meack in january >> i have one more mri scheduled. >> reporter: tonight tiger woods is lucky to be alive an accident that spared his life but could still end his story
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career >> miguel is joining us on the hospital, what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: he's still in serious but stable condition. investigators are looking to pull the black box on the car could tell how fast tiger was going and if he drifted out of the lanes and perhaps did not pay attention. >> all right, miguel, let me bring in dr. john torres. >> each one of these injuries to his right leg is serious. when you combine it all together even more so he's got a long road ahead of them the doctor is looking to make sure he can walk and do those things he wants to do during the day like playing with his kids beyond that is trying to get him back to competitive golf that's a bit of a stretch but this is tiger woods we are talking about. he surprised us in the past >> all right, john mike tirico of nbc's sports is following this this is not going to be ease i, will it?
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>> no doubt. this is a far different story because of the complexity dr. john just outlined tiger woods had fifth procedures on his back and at his age. he's 45.e the one could. >> mike tirico, thank you. the country is close to having a third covid-19 vaccine authorized by the fda, which means millions more doses. more than 44 million americans received at least one dose more with tom costello >> reporter: the vaccine with 72% effective in the united states of johnson&johnson, far better than the yearly flu vaccine. pfizer and moderna vaccines are
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95% effective. j&j candidate is 82% effective against the south african strain a single dose that can be stored in a normal refrigerator already fda staffs endorsed the vaccine. an outside panel will decide to approve emergency use, emergency use authorization, eua. >> if it is granted, we'll waste no time of getting this life-saving vaccines into the arms of americans. >> reporter: j&j is preparing 4 million doses definitely much of the vaccine research at the medical center >> all of these vaccines are highly safe and effective. people should get the first vaccine they are offered. >> reporter: j&j says there is no report of allergic reactions. pfizer and moderna are on track to administer 3 million daily
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doses by april adding the johnson&johnson vaccine would ramp it up just as researchers in san francisco reports finding a more contagious home grown strain of the virus, more resistance to covid's antibodies moderna is sending an nih of the booster which could protect against the south african virus. lester >> tom, thank you. tomorrow we'll have my interview with the ceo of pfizer including protection against the new variant. the effort of getting 2 billion doses of vaccines into the developing world here is cynthia mcfadden >> reporter: it is the largest undertaking in history at the
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wee hour in history it finally began. >> reporter: the first vaccine delivered as part of the effort led by the world's health organization and unicef called covax to send 2 million vaccines to the world's poorest nation the vaccines will ship directly from the largest manufactures in the world in india in each of the covax's country, healthcare workers will be the first to be inoculated hundreds of thousands of syringes arrived in ghana, shipped from dubai arrived in the maldives which will get their vaccine allotment.
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>> reporter: so far about 200 million vaccines have been administered nearly half of those to only two country, china and the u.s. lester >> cynthia mcfadden tonight. richard engel with the exclusive reporting on the capitol attack
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i pressed the white house's press secretary today, the white house is privately considering other backup options lester >> kristen, thanks for the update new details and new videos of the capitol rioters accused of stealing nancy pelosi's laptop a warning that some of the language is disturbing >> reporter: this is 22-year-old riley williams from pennsylvania in the capitol on january 6th according to the fbi inside is williams on the desk is pelosi's hp laptop the same voice to telling others to treat it carefully.
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a witness claims william stole the laptop and intended to send the device to a friend in russia to be passed as russia intelligence williams turned herself into authorities after the assault. an nbc news investigation reveals tonight. this is riley williams expressing neo-nazi sympathy nbc news along with the other investigative group belling cats verified the video williams' social media account deleted, full of support for white nationalism. williams' lawyer told us the video was meant to be an internet joke intended to mock
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nazis but would not confirm or deny his client was in it >> richard engel, thanks let's turn our attention to texas where millions spent without water after the historic blast. >> reporter: tonight texans are caught in relief and reality. >> i am looking for groceries and water. >> we are not able to take a shower and we want to go back to normal >> reporter: three million people without reliable water countless others waiting for repairs. >> leaders are urging out of state plumbers to help by waiving restrictions >> we are swamped right now. >> reporter: maria ramirez is doing all she can for her three kids the kids' father punching through the wall to shut the water off. the latest struggle is finding
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groceries. >> can you describe what the past week had been like >> we were not prepared for this >> reporter: in houston, the mayor stressing recovering is far from over. >> people who are already on the margin >> reporter: today an emergency meeting from ercot >> we are in a dangerous condition and one that we have to respond to. >> reporter: at one point during the winter storm, power supply dipped so low, it was 4 minutes, 30 seconds from a statewide black out. six members from ercot resigned, all board members. >> morgan chesky, thank you. we want to turn to
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our new report from a texas town where a viral video led to a reckoning race sparked a battle still being fought more than two years later. we get more from antonia hilton >> reporter: south lake, texas. a troubling reality. >> it looks real pretty there is something about this town that's real ugly. south lake is just 2% black in the national spotlight in 2018 after a video of students shouting the "n" word went viral. >> i see it and my mouth is open it has been a long standing issue in south lake. >> reporter: outrage of the video seemed to unify the community. parents spending more than two years of inclusion training >> we got to a point where we were ready to present the plan to the school board is when the fear set in from the general public >> reporter: in august, a group of parents raised more than
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$100,000 to fight the plan arguing it is not necessary and schools can just punish students with the existing code of conduct. they flooded school board meetings to object >> i think every incident should be investigated to the fullest to find out exactly what's going on but no one has any basis to make assumptions of what's in another person's heart at the same time kids are going to make stupid mistakes >> reporter: this week nbc news received a new video a middle schooler saying the "n" word and laughing. the district told nbc news it could not discuss any details, this type of action and behavior is not tolerated >> reporter: south lake is at across road. black families worried the window to make this right is closing. one of those families is, a senior at the high school >> what else when black kids go to a school system where they don't feel entirely at home. >> it strips them of their
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identity >> reporter: do people here understand that? >> i think they do >> reporter: do black people want to get out? >> i think they do that's part of what they want. >> reporter: after nearly three decades she left south lake >> i want them to think about is this a tradition you want to is this the story tht you want this town to tell? >> reporter: a decision she says she made to protect her own family antonia hilton, nbc news, south lake, texas. up next for us tonight, checking in on your credit
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with all the challenges of the last year has your credit taken an unnecessary hit. here is jo ling kent >> reporter: she was hit with a surprise >> i was shocked to see the credit report which indicated we were under forbearance which was absolutely false we made every single payments on time >> reporter: lenders reporting some borrowers made loan payments late after they qualify for six months of delayed payment through the cares act.
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>> it could be that you are having late payments where you had known or loans that are ion on your credit report and sometimes it can be aud. >> reporter: experts recommend regularly check your credit on annual credit report if you see a problem, file a complaint with all three credit bureaus and consider taking legal actions if your request is denied maria adds pay close attention to any comment of your report, too. >> the pandemic is stressful enough and to have this on top of it was very painful. >> reporter: jo ling kent, nbc news up next, the change makers in space
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finally tonight of our series of "change makers." >> i thought i was a girl that wanted to go to space. >> reporter: the 17-years-old says it is hard for some to imagine that she could. >> did you ever feel your interest in science was pushed aside? >> there were a lot of people looking down on me and said that i could not do it. >> reporter: jemison will be making her first trip in space today. history taught her a different lesson in 1992, dr. may jemison stepped
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into the record books. >> i was thinking of the little girl in south side chicago who just assumed she would go into space. >> reporter: like taylor she defied expectations. >> it is critical because we need all hands on deck since her flight is nearly 29 years ago, 11 other african-americans have flown into space currently 47 astronauts and three are african-american women. as a speaker and activist, she has raised money for books and sent kids to movies that showcased african-american scientists >> if the kids can see it, they can be it. >> what i am interested in is that women, people of color are able to bring their
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perspective. >> reporter: taylor, do you feel the skies is the limit for you? >> definitely, you can get anywhere with whatever you think. >> reporter: charting of course to expand that's possible on earth and beyond rahema ellis, nbc news >> aiming for the stars. that's "nightly news" on this wednesday, thank you for watching, i am lester holt, please take care of yourself and each other, good night. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪♪ father of mine ♪ ♪ tell me where have you been ♪ ♪ you know i just closed my eyes ♪ ♪ my whole world disappeared ♪ ♪ father of mine ♪
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♪ take me back to the day ♪ ♪ yeah when i was still your golden girl ♪ ♪ back before you went away ♪ ♪ i remember blue skies walking the block ♪ ♪ i loved it when you held me high ♪ ♪ i loved to hear you talk ♪ ♪ you would take me to the movie ♪ ♪ you would take me to the beach ♪ ♪ you would take me to a place inside ♪ ♪ that's so hard to reach ♪ ♪ daddy gave me a name ♪ ♪ my daddy gave me a name ♪ ♪ then he walked away ♪ ♪ daddy gave me a name ♪ ♪ then he walked away ♪ ♪ my daddy gave me a name ♪ ♪ i will never be safe ♪ ♪ i will never be sane ♪ ♪ i will always be weird inside ♪ ♪ i will always be lame ♪
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♪ now i'm a grown woman ♪ ♪ with a child of my own ♪ ♪ and i swear i'll never let her know ♪ ♪ all the pain i have known ♪♪ ♪ my daddy gave me a name ♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: welcome to "the kelly clarkson show"! let's hear from my band y'all! tell her in our house seats requested "father of mine" why is that so special to you? >> it's tyler from new jersey i requested "father of mine" because i am a huge everclear fan, i've seen them a ton of times and of all of their records and even caught one of the guitar picks at one of the shows. and got the cd in 1998 and was not really a


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