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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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funding and infrastructure in place, you can't bring them all back to the classroom safely. these parents made a strong case today for schools to reopen in san jose. >> how can i do with my kids. i need to go to work. nobody taking care of my kids. i need to pay babysitter. i don't have money. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: he says his kids' education is lagging behind. mayor sam liccardo brought the parents along to help his push to get schools it reopen asap. >> politics have opened our card clubs, marijuana dispensaries and bars. we must do better. >> reporter: but a board member says his district alone safety modifications to meet cdc guidelines, plus san jose teachers who live outside can't get vaccinated here. they have to go to their county
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of residence because of vaccine shortage. >> this is unacceptable. >> reporter: the mayor says there are state and other funds available to help schools get post-covid ready. but he says he won't open his schools until he feels it's totally safe, and that could be next fall. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. okay, it's business as usual again for the mass vaccination site at the moscone center. the site finally had enough shots to begin administering doses. they hope the approval of the johnson & johnson vaccine tomorrow will help increase vaccine supply. there's fallout for one medical. it's accused of giving vaccines to people not eligible. essentially, allowing people to
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jump the line when it's not their turn. >> san francisco cut ties with one medical and demanded that company return more than 1,000 doses. today san mateo and alameda counties followed suit. robert handa has the angry reaction from the community. >> reporter: we're outside one of the many facilities run by one medical, often described as a concierge provider. it accepts all kinds of insurance that make getting services easier. in this case, maybe too easy. patients came in and out in burlingame, but those seeking a first dose of vaccine may have trouble getting it. the department of health shut off its supply. san mateo county confirmed its investigation showed one pedestrianical did provide at least 70 shots to people who didn't qualify.
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>> no one should ever, ever, ever be able to cut in line. >> reporter: this burlingame woman says she's glad the county cut its ties because she had to wait. >> people who are older should get it first, and people who are in the health care industry, and now the teachers. they should all get it first. >> reporter: anthony is a homeless advocate and has health problems, but that hasn't helped him get a vaccination, and the one medical allegations has shaken his faith in the system. >> now if you know somebody on the inside. basically. >> i think you've seen three counties, and they are a trying to maintain their credibility. >> reporter: one medical says it has never knowingly disregarded eligibility guidelines. in burlingame, robert handa, nbc bay area news.
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all right, what about the variants? tonight pfizer's ceo talks exclusively with lester holt about the plan as the virus continues to mutate and change. >> is your expectation that this will turn into a routine three-dose vaccine? >> i think we need to wait to see, but a likely scenario is that we will not have a three-dose vaccine, we will have an annual revaccination with one dose of the vaccine. and that could be an annual booster either with the same vaccine or a change in the variants with an adopted to the new variant vaccine. >> the pfizer ceo also talks about how it plans to address confusion if booster shots come out before the initial shots are finished. nbc has started a website. you go to the site, scroll down
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there, go down, select your state, occupation and age, and the site will pull up the closest location you can get your vaccine once you're eligible. check it out, >> we're getting more vaccines and fewer cases. that's the mix. this graph shows the 14-day average of daily new cases in california. the post-holiday surge in january. california had an average daily reporting case, 40,000 cases each day. early february, though, look at the big decline, down to 13,000 cases per day, and today, 6,000 new cases. we'll do the math for you, that's an 84% drop since january and a 54% drop in the past two weeks. that's the reason things are starting to reopen. businesses, schools and youth sports. robbed, dragged by her attackers. there's video tonight of another attack on an asian-american, this time in oakland. janelle wang joins us with the
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investigation and the movement against these crimes. >> reporter: more troubling video shows up. and tonight we have one of an asian-american woman being dragged down the road by a car. we want to warn you, some may find this disturbing. it happened outside of a beauty supply store on the 800 block of international boulevard in oakland. we spoke to the woman's husband over the phone. they live in the santa rosa area, but his wife was shopping in oakland when a thief snatched her purse. her instinct kicked in, and she refused toive go up her purse even as the thief got into the white get away car. she's doing okay but is still shaken up. >> even though that would be a natural reaction to hang onto it, but i'd let go if i were her. it sends chills down my spine. >> reporter: oakland police says if you can identify the car,
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please call the oakland police robbery unit. this crime fueling the passion and movement to raise awareness about these crimes. that includes efforts by a 13 year old girl from the peninsula. >> i'm sure many of you guys have seen and heard of all the horrific things that have been happening recently to asian elders. it's heartbreaking for me to see these senseless acts happening in our community. >> she is a seventh greater from san mateo and saw video of one of the attacks where an elderly man was pushed out of the blue violently and decided to put together a rally for this saturday. what are you hoping comes out of this rally? >> well, i'm hoping to raise awareness towards this issue, and we hope that in the future schools will educate students about this matter and this social injustice, because being able to learn it when they're
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younger makes them more aware. >> the stand for asians rally is this saturday, february 27th at 1:00 p.m. it takes place at san mateo central park. city leaders, a recent victim of one of these attacks all speaking. over 100 people have already signed up to be at this rally. pretty remarkable for this young girl to put together this event in just days with her mother. but it just shows these crimes are touching and affecting even the youngest members of our community, raj and jessica? >> she's quite the activist, that's for sure. thank you, janelle. so how can you help? we have partnered with the asian pacific fund. weep will provide grants to organizations working to stop attacks on asian-americans. a man was shot to death at his son's football practice. now an arrest has been made.
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it happened yesterday around 5:30 in the evening at concordia park near mills in oakland. a gunman came in and shot him. oakland's police chief says this violence is unacceptable. >> young people finally to be able to come out and engage and participate in sports, to have this event happen is just really, really tragic for our community. >> grief counselors are available for those youth on the football team who saw or heard this shooting. and take a look, a tough situation for a driver in san francisco. stuck in a big hole. this is at the 280 offramp near sixth street near pinterest headquarters. the hole is about five to six feet deep. the skyranger was overhead. this triggered a big backup on 280. the driver by the way, eventually got out of that hole. it's unclear how she did it. one lane of the offramp is now closed.
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president biden's nearly $2 trillion covid relief bill is set for a vote in the house tomorrow. a political pole says three quarters of americans support the bill, yet republicans on capitol hill are lining up against it. president biden met virtually with governors hoping they will pressure lawmakers to pass it. it will help states open schools. >> it's about putting vaccinations in the arm, money in the pocket, children in the schools, workers in their jobs, and it is, it's what this country needs. >> speaker pelosi is also making the case that a national $15 minimum wage should be included in that bill. still to come, lady gaga's dog walker shot and her two french bulldogs stolen. the reward the celebrity is offering tonight. also a disturbing cold case on the peninsula finally
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cracked. the piece of evidence that led to an arrest. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. beautiful day today and some great weather tomorrow. i'm show you the change that's on the way this weekend. i'm back in about eight minutes. thank you, jeff. before we ngwee continue our series on bay area black history. we honor terry j. vaughn, her acting career spans three decades and includes her role as lavita on the steve harvey show. activism includes working with the black lives matter movement and a push to get out to vote during the 2020 election.
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for nearly a decade, comcast has been helping students get ready. we've connected 4 million low-income students to low- cost, high-speed xfinity internet. we're working with hundreds of school districts across the country to sponsor free internet and laptops. and parents are seeing an impact. and now we're turning 1,000 community centers into lift zones - wifi enabled safe spaces to study. so more students can be ready for anything. i'm trying to do some homework here. it's a lot of money. lady gaga offering half a
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million dollars for the return of her two dogs after a thief shot her dog walker and told her two dogs. all of it caught on camera. it's a little disturbing. this is video obtained by tmz. you can see a car pull up to the dog walk ir. two men jump out, attack the dog walker and try to take the two french bulldogs when one of the men shoots the dog walker. the thieves snatch the two frenchys. lady gaga is in italy working on a movie, but is offering $500,000 for the dogs' safe return, and she says no questions asked. 32 years later, the case has been solved. but detectives say there may be other victims out there. they described what they call a heinous case in 1989. a sleeping woman was raped, choked and stabbed but managed
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to survive. dna evidence identified john harris, jr. as her attacker. >> at the time of the crime, harris lived in san mateo but was not known to the victim. >> he does have a minor criminal history. they were misdemeanors in the past, but we to not know of any similar crimes like this that he's committed. >> mr. harris lives in manteca, and he works for a business that installs surveillance equipment. >> harris is now 55 years old. you see his picture right there. he was arrested yesterday near his work there in manteca. he's lived in several bay area counties, leading police to reach out to other jurisdictions. san francisco's investing $120 million to address historic inequity for disadvantaged residents. the two-year effort is called the dream keeper initiative. the goal is to break the cycle of poverty for black children and their families. more than $3 million is earmarked for early education. nearly $7 million will pay for
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family advocates, technical assistance and case management, and $5 million to increase diversity. housing mainly for the lack of it for so many is one of the defining issues of life in the bay area. it's a problem so big, it's hard to imagine one person can actually make a difference. >> yeah, but an oakland man says he is willing to give it a try in tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: any home, no matter how big or small, is always put together piece by piece. one of the things, though, that makes the small home dan bod nur and his team are putting together special is just how few pieces it takes. but make no mistake, his goals for it are very big. >> i do believe the idea is a good one. i do believe that we are going to end suffering for a lot of
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people. >> reporter: we first met dan seven years ago when the i.t. consultant created inexpensive 3d printed prosthetic hands for children who needed them. turns out there was a flaw in dan's plan. the kids didn't really want them. >> it turns out that those kids are who they are. they were born that way. they know how to get through the world the way they are. they don't really want a prosthetic hand. this thing started out in my garage. >> reporter: instead of being discouraged, though, dan said the opposite happened. he was encouraged by his ability to create something to help others. he just needed a new target for his energy. dan found it on his daily commute. passing ever-growing homeless encampments. >> from oakland to san francisco day to day for many years it became a journey through suffering. >> reporter: the day he saw the aftermath of a fire that killed a homeless person, well, that was it. >> i'd say that was perhaps the
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pivotal moment. i started thinking about, well, what could i do, personally, me? i'm just one person, but i could think of an idea, maybe i could come up with something. >> reporter: dan set his engineering mind to creating a better shelter and has come up with one he thinks could really help on a large scale. the quick haven transitional shelter is a packable, storable shelter that can be assembled by three people in 30 minutes with just a single tool. it is sturdy, secure, relatively inexpensive, and dan thinks, best of all, attractive. a village of these rather than sheds or other makeshift structures to lead to great ircommunity acceptance. >> it's going to look sharp, and these have a modern, stylish appearance. >> reporter: dan says interest in his shelter has been great even before they started production. he understands homelessness is a complex problem, but he just
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hopes his shelters end up being one big piece of the puzzle. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> that is really lovely. >> yeah, they are stylish. they are modern. nice to see. jeff is with us. we're talking about sunshine outside, jeff. >> yeah. oh, it's really, really beautiful. classic california day. i know we'd all like to get some more rainfall in here, but i really couldn't argue with this kind of weather with some of our covid restrictions in place. and we're going to see more excellent weather as we roll through tomorrow. let's bring you outside to our sky camera network. you can see in san jose there's more of that blue sky, looking all good. currently, 66 degrees. notice how temperatures drop off pretty quickly tonight. once we get to 11:00, we're back to the 40s. so we'll a be starting with a chilly morning. south bay, peninsula, tri valley, low 40s and sunshine. we're also looking pretty good
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as well for the east bay at 40 degrees, san francisco 45 and the north bay in the low 40s. temperatures tomorrow hover pretty much the same. we're only seeing it drop maybe a degree or two. so down here across santa clara valley, 65 in san jose, 66 in east san jose and gilroy, 67. temperatures just a few degrees warmer over to the east bay with 69 in concord, 68 in walnut creek. we have ocean breeze mixing in so 56 in half moon bay. winds relatively calm in the peninsula out of the northwest at 12. you head to downtown, 63. a little breezy with the ocean breeze. but up to the north bay, more stellar weather. 68 in sonoma. 65 in clear lake. once we hit saturday, i do think
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we're going to get mountain wind returning. we have another system, the same setup as we just went through dropping down across the west. it will have a lot of snow for the interior west mountains. for us, we're getting the windy and dry side of it. i do see a little wind coming back. that's going to really help to agitate your allergies. elm, cedar, ash, plum, keep that in mind. you can see in my extended forecast here, the wind for the mountains, saturday into early sunday morning, and then we'll see more sunshine return into next week. 60s for highs in san francisco. and upper 30s and low 40s for those morning lows. coming up tonight in our 6:00 show, i'm taking a look at the rising sea levels, and raj and jessica, there definitely is some data in here i think a lot of folks might be shocked to hear about. the west coast is actually rising faster than the global
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level. we'll take a look at the maps. we'll show you where things are. when we talk about climate and you hear about say level rise, we often don't see all of the data. we'll get everybody up to date on that information. >> i love when you school me. love it, love learning with you, jeff. >> he schools us ever night. >> thank you. just trying to share. the new timeline of how long it's going to take to fix a section of highway 1 that recently crumbled during a storm.
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an update now on the collapse of highway 1. that beautiful stretch about 19 miles south of big sur. last month, remember that
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atmospheric river event we had, a flow of debris washed downhill at rat creek sweeping away the pavement, 150 feet of it. cal trans announced emergency repairs will begin march 1st. next week. until now they have been rethinking the complicated drainage system right there. five miles of roadway will be closed to traffic. they're hoping the famed segment of highway 1 can reopen by early summer. >> that looks treacherous. a big boost for families and students in oakland. comcast unveiled plans to outfit community centers with free wi-fi and free laptops for 1,000 students. it's part of the continuing effort to help families who need connected to the internet. comcast will contribute to the
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parks and recreation. >> i talked about my journey as an olympic swimmer and how i use the internet and just to continue to stay motivated during this covid season. >> 1,000 students received free laptops and 12 points of free internet at homes for eligible families. that's terrific. >> that's great. it's so cool to see that. new news coming into the newsroom about santa clara county opening up the businesses and going to the red tier, stay with us .
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we have breaking news in santa clara county. it could move into the red tier by next wednesday. county leaders are preparing to are that reality. that means it would join san mateo and marin counties allowing indoor dining, movie theaters and church services to reopen. again, santa clara county likely to move into the less-restrictive red tier next wednesday. a coyote took a bite out of
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his leg. the 20 year old tells us about the frightful interaction. we'll have that at 6:00. >> that's going to do it for now. lester holt is next, and we'll see you again in just 30 minutes. . tonight the new the new covid variant spreading in new york city, the new concern of the new strain and your protection. i want comes as the u.s. on the brink of authorizing a third vaccine. president biden marking a smile stone, million vaccinations since he took office and should you try to choose which vaccines you get. we'll tell you what the experts are saying. and my exclusive conversation with the pfizer's


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