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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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right now. another deadly police shooting in minnesota. protesters spill into the streets. officers deploy pepper spray. as the nation watches the trial of chauvin. >> vaccine eligibility opening up to anyone 16 and older. some counties have made the move early. >> you don't have to be attacked to want to stand up and fight in the community. >> a rally for change. hundreds come together to fight hate against asian americans. >> another sleepless night for
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many in minnesota. a deadly police shooting. >> it happened this afternoon. ten miles north of minneapolis. where the trial continues. these are aerials of the protesters. flash bangs and smoke filling the air. >> tem straiters are marching after a police officer shot and killed a 20 year-old man following a traffic stop. >> after pulling over the man they noticed he had a warrant. the drive got back in the car and drove away. one officer shot into the car. hitting the man. he crashed into another car and he was later pronounced dead. >> report of looting in the area. all this as we enter week three of the chauvin trial. the stale may rest the case tomorrow. the first week was marked by emotional testimony from witnesses who saw george floyd
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die. pinned under former officers knee. this past week highlighted testimony from medical experts. defense claiming drug use and heart condition played a major role in his death. experts testified he died because he was deprived of oxygen. >> coronavirus coverage. days from the state opening up vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 and older. starting this thursday april 15. anyone can schedule an appointment to get a vaccine. regardless of health risk or occupation. allowing anyone who is at least 16 to get the vaccine. the county previously opened eligibility to everyone in certain zip codes. now the county opened it to everyone ahead of the thursday statewide expansion. pfizer is approved for 16 and up. moderna and johnson & johnson
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are okay for 18 and up. those looking to sign up for an appointment urge go to my >> restaurants in san francisco may get a reprieve this week. considering doing away with the current 11:00 p.m. curfew. >> diners tell us they got used to calling it an early night. news of the favorite restaurant maybe open later. it's just the right note. >> it's really exciting that we're able to go passed 11. >> the health department will announce the final decision wednesday. lifting the current cur few starting thursday. part of the effort to ease restrictions while san francisco remains in the orange tier. the owner just opened two weeks ago and says that would be useful on weekends especially. >> nice to know you have the
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wiggle room. if you are busy enough. you can push your hours further. especially on the weekend. >> that's a sentiment. the manager says it will help especially with the local patrons who want to stay out longer and spend more money. >> it's a pick up. when it comes to money. and the weekend. >> what they really need is to get the green light to open their bar. >> we're waiting for open the bar everything will be normal. >> in san francisco -- >> johnson & johnson doses went to those in communities hit especially hard by the pandemic. this vaccine clinic vaccinated hundreds of people. the site was set up to specifically serve people who live in east the north fair oaks community. and bell haven. anyone 18 years old was welcome.
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>> it's been five months since the vaccine roll out began. with 71 million americans fully vaccinated. back in december the fda gave pfizer emergency use. and health workers began receiving it. a month after that january 13. people 65 and older were eligible in california. and march 15, people with health conditions were able to get a shot. that brings us to april. the beginning of the month. 50 year-olds get the vaccine. and now in four days, everyone in the state 16 and older will be eligible. take a look. county by county here. a majority of the bay area passed that 50% threshold. leading the way. with 66% of the population having at least one dose. in the south bay, trailing with 46%.
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getting their first dose. napa 31% of population have gotten at least one dose. that is expected to grow. when they calculate tuesday. >> one final lighting at least for now. every sunday for the past year the beacon atop the mount was lit. to honor front line workers and remember lives lost in the pandemic. they will no longer light it up ob sunday after tonight. before the pandemic the eye was only lit once a year on pearl harbor remembrance day. providing hope during the past year. >> if we serve as a note of hope or inspiration for those that are out there facing the pandemic. then our job was done. if that's the case, i'm proud we have been lighting the beacon. >> volunteers will turn it off
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in the morning. and won't relight it until december 7. >> the biden administration promising to get to the bottom of the virus origin. it blames china. for not warning the world from the beginning. >> we fully understand what happened in order to have the best shot possible to prevent it from happening again. >> because china was not transparent, it allowed the virus to spread throughout the world. >> a simple yet powerful message. stop the hate. that was the united call for 300 people in mountain view. who spoke out. teenagers organized the rally. determined to inspire change. >> the teens who organized the event specifically picked this location. because is this is where some japanese americans were forced to board trains headed to camps
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during word war 2. a busy evening in downtown tonight. reflecting on the community coming together today to fight against hate and violence. >> great to see a huge community effort. there's so much support. to the cause. it's quite close to my heart. >> more than 300 people marched from the station to city hall. denouncing hate and violence against asian and pacific islanders. teenagers organized it. she says someone recently shouted racial slurs at her in san mateo. >> just seeing the influx of hate crimes. and just the rise of antiasian sentiment pushed me to take action. >> several people spoke including congresswoman. and nbc bay area. >> i was raised here. >> the group remembered the 75
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year-old asian man attacked in oakland who died from his injuries one month ago today. during the peaceful rally several bay area law makers earn courage others to speak up against hate. and protect each other. 15 year-old who helped plan the event -- says he hopes people here will leave beating the drums of change. >> when they go home we hope what they can do is see an attack and see something wrong, go ahead and try to right the wrong. stand up for other people. and stand against hate. the traditional sunday service at san jose baptist church put on hold. leaders decided to hold a town hall. video of the gathering. the church made the change after hacker took over the zoom feed last sunday and went on a rant.
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they made several threats against blacks and jews and the lgbtq community. >> a recall effort is expected to be officially filed in the morning against the town's mayor. at least four women came forward claiming the mayor sexually assaulted them. north bay congress members are calling on him to step down. he continues to deny the allegations. today critics protested outside the winery. run by the family. although the mayor stepped out of the operations for now. protesters want the mayor out of office immediately. >> i'm oit here today to demand that he resign. effective immediately. and any involvement in public service. he doesn't deserve to serve. >> loords of the recall effort
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plan to file formal recall paper work tomorrow morning. the mayor released a statement today calling the accusations unfounded and false. it reads in part if i have done anything wrong i would accept responsibility and resign. i have not. i'm fighting back and will clear my name. >> the making it in the bay series. housing crisis and cost of living here. a coalition of mayors, businesses and non-profits are teaming up against homelessness. hosting a news conference this week. to unvail a action plan to house 75% of the bay area unsheltered population. by 2024. the plan after leaders work together a year to address the crisis. coalition is not revealing details until the event. 10:30 tuesday morning. >> running low on doses but not on hope. people lining up in san francisco hoping they weren't
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turned away again. >> the tense traffic stop of a uniformed army officer. what the governor is demanding and the swift action from the police department. >> we are wrapping up our weekend. we had sunshine. what can we expect for the workweek? what are the temperatures looking leek.
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>> much of the bay area slept some were up early showing motivation for a vaccination. long lines outside of the general hospital again one day after hundreds were turned away. >> getting up in the morning was hard. >> they got turned down from a vaccine yesterday. they made sure to get the shots today. which meant waking up and getting in line by 4:45 a.m. they were the first two people in the walk up line. they had some fun getting
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vaccinated. >> we decided to dress up. mainly because we were coming out in the morning. >> we got nothing but smiles. >> not everyone had the same sense of humor about waiting. it became an hours long wait for those who came later. >> i didn't mind getting up early. >> he hasn't met any of the vaccination requirements until now. he lives in one of the eight zip codes heavily impacted by the infection. >> you can get your shot if you are 65 and older in san francisco. or 16 and older and a patient of the net work. >> we do 2,000 vaccinations each day. >> today the clinic went through vaccines by 1:00 p.m.
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and 1,900 people received a dose. they are open for walk up every day from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. until supply runs out. you need an id or bill to ploouf eligibility. appointments can be made for in net work patients. >> we reported on the back and forth negotiations going on. san francisco filed a lawsuit against the unified school district. tomorrow schools in san francisco will welcome students balk in person. eleven preschools, 22 elementary schools opening by the end of the month. 107 schools in the district are expected to offer in person learning. high school sports can begin practicing and competing tomorrow. older students won't be back in classrooms until later this month. >> the courthouse and hayward hall of justice reopen to the public tomorrow. on a limited basis. people can perform limited
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things like record search and request documents and restaining orders. >> out rage over the disturbing traffic stop in virginia. several developments to tell you about. one of the officers involved has been fired. the governor is ordering the independent investigation. the traffic stop from december plays out from three different angles. police pulled over the army officer because his car appeared to be missing plates and he admits he wouldn't stop. the video shows officers drawing weapons. pepper spraying him. he's suing claiming they illegally detained him. threatened to murder him and ruin his career. he says temporary plates to his car were clearly visible in the back window. >> what made your client start recording? >> when you are a person of color, if he hadn't. we wouldn't have known what was going on. >> in a statement today the town
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manager says the investigation found the officers didn't follow policy. disciplinary action was taken. >> in washington the capitol police officer killed in an attack earlier this month is set to lie in honor this week. he will lie in the u.s. capitol rotunda tuesday. his casket will arrive na special ceremony. congress and capitol police are invited to pay respects. he is the 18 yore vet of the force killed on april 2. when a driver plowed into a barricade at the capitol. the second officer was injured in that atake. the suspect was killed when he threatened officers with a knife. we're taking a look at american extremism. 100 days after the violent attack at the u.s. capitol. we talk with people who witnessed the event firsthand and the roots of extremist groups and become widespread and where we go from here. as a nation. >> happening tomorrow. executives from some of teches
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biggest companies tackle the global computer chip shortage. chief executives from companies are expected to take part. the global shortage could effect industries from healthcare to electric vehicles. part of the president biden executive order to conduct a review of semi-conductors and key products. northern california most popular festivals continued today. >> robert honda helped. he posted photographs. he prepared to emcee for day two of the northern california cherry blossom festival. wearing that traditional coat. the olympics logo on the back. how convenient. >> normally 200,000 people
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attend the event in san francisco. traditional art and music are the highlights. it's the 54th year. >> too bad it couldn't take place outside. it was a great day. >> it really was. wrapping up the weekend we couldn't have asked for better weather. sunshine, terps in the 60s and 70s. what can we expect now that we have monday tomorrow. let's take it on. 46 degrees over the next couple hours we'll remain in the 40s and notice a little bit of cloud cover again tonight and tomorrow. as we wake up. especially around the coast lean. over night lows in san francisco. 52. in the 40s. san jose 51. and waking up with the high clouds tomorrow. by the afternoon expect sunshine again. 25 the temperature change.
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not a huge difference compared to 24 hours. we are already seeing some of the fog. take a look. half-moon bay to about three miles. expect that early in the morning. micro climate forecast for monday. nice day. we have upper 70s. for san jose 78 degrees. livermore 79. 60s areas like oakland and san francisco. a couple of 80s. dry and warm for monday. things are going to change just a bit heading into monday and tuesday. that's because of the bit of a change with on shore flow. that will kick up the winds heading into monday. depending on where you are at monday around dinner time. we'll see gusty conditions. around the coastline. wind speeds 20, 25 miles per hour winds. thanks to the on shore flow. and ahead towards the next seven days.
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right now we're not expecting any rain for the next seven days. we'll get cooler into tuesday. because of the flow. aside from that we'll warm up. into the middle of the week. take a look at next sunday. that is 85 degrees. it looks like we have a warmer trend ahead. after we get through this workweek. something to look forward to there. for now tuesday will be the coolest day of the week. sunshine looking like it's here to stay. at least for the next couple of weeks. i wish we would have get rain around here. it's not looking like it. wednesday and thursday a slight chance that if you're heading to the sierra there's shower activity. if you have plans to head to lake tahoe, make sure to check the travel conditions. >> all right. a battle brewing in san
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francisco. over a gorgeous stretch of road. some people want it to remain car free.
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the fight over a popular road in golden gate park is intense fig. cyclists and some families want to keep it off limits to cars. it was closed today cars during the pandemic. so additional out door space could be provided. today more than 100 people gathered to urge the city to keep the road closed permanently. >> anyone who comes out here and any day of the week can see what
11:26 pm
vibrant and life and serenity and safety and great environment this is creating and what this is doing for the community and connecting people. ending this would be a shame. >> the museum and california academy of science don't want the road closed. because they say it gives vehicle access for the disabled and others who can't walk or bike there. >> universal studios no hollywood cranking up and getting ready for the grant reopening. >> on friday. guests will see two new attractions. secret life of pets and covid protocol will be in place. reduced capacity. it's opening. >> still ahead. warriors might be losing their rookie center. for the rest of the season.
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got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. as covid restrictions ease chlts traffic is picking up across the bay area. we break down what means for air quality. students heading back to the classroom. welcome back. james wiseman rookie season might end. the center injured his right knee. it happened last night in the second quarter of the warriors win over the rockets. he didn't play after it happened. the results of the mri are still being evaluated. there's no timetable for his return. it is feared he could be out for the season. after the game, curry and head coach talked about the possibility of moving forward
11:30 pm
this season without him. >> it seems like when he takes a couple strides he gets dealt adversity. it's tough. >> hopefully he won't be out for too long. if he does, other people will play more. >> how about good news. a great weekend for the giants. they welcomed back fans for the first time in a year. then came through with the first sweep of the season. the giants taking on the rockies. only about 9,000 allowed in. they got loud when he went yard in the bottom of the first to give the giants a lead. the giants also getting it done on the hill. tossed six scoreless with eight ks. a solo home run. and the giants sweep the series from the rockies.
11:31 pm
>> i can't tell you how many times in the dug out we said i can't wait to see what feels like with a full house. that's not to say what we're seeing now isn't encouraging. it is. that's the reason why we get so excited about potentially all the fans back in the park. it feels so good to have their support. >> final round of the masters. he began with the four stroke lead. there was drama on the back nine. there always is. he was born in san francisco with great tournament. finished second. schauffele was putting pressure on him. had the lead two. he made a mess of the 16. it didn't matter. he hangs on for a one stroke victory. this is history. first japanese man to win a major championship on the tour. that's a look at sports.
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more news after the break.
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earlier we told you about san francisco may lift the curfew on restaurants and bars. the vaccine roll out increased quite a bit over the last month and a half. february 24, you can see we had 4,400 or so doses being given out. march 31 up to 10,000 doses. then we go downhill. april 10 just 6,900 shots. highlight the supply issue. >> the state has been pushing hard to make sure vaccines are distributed equally. this graph breaks down the doses given by race and ethnicity.
11:34 pm
the percentage of californiaens who identify as white and have gotten a vaccine is quite a bit more. you can see. than in other minority communities. it's at 31%. latinos at 22%. asian american 13%. and numbers even lower for the black community. which is at 3%. those in the other category don't fall under a listed race or they declined to state that information. >> so many families lost loved ones from the coronavirus. the pain is immeasurable. there's unexpected burial costs. there's help from the federal government. starting tomorrow families who suffered a loss due to covid-19 can apply for reimbursement up to $9,000 for burial. it will come through fema. there's no citizen ship requirement. you have to provide several documents including a death certificate and receipt. find more information on fema
11:35 pm
web site. >> the effort to save jobs and possibly the future of city college of san francisco kpont continued today. facing major budget cuts. 200 full-time faculty members could be laid off. 30% of the full-time faculty. the college warns the lay offs are the only way to save the school. a protest was held to fight for the jobs and the school. >> we need to keep our institutions for our students. we need to keep the community in community college. we need to stop the cuts. >> final notices for those who could lose jobs is expected may 15. >> a growing list of cities providing hazard pay to grocery workers. discussing requiring large stores to pay employees additional 3, 4, or $5 an hour during the pandemic. to stores with more than 300 employees nationwide. it would be in effect until the
11:36 pm
county reaches the yellow tier. zerl several cities and counties already have hero pay. >> the coverage of the vaccine. a trend among gender lines. when it comes to side effects. in the first 13 million doses, 79% came from women. headache, dizziness and fatigue. a big reason is women's immune systems are different than men. >> from the common cold to the flu. women have a robust immune response to certain infections. if there's a stronger response to the vaccine, the origin is that. >> the story is part of the new platform. to see the full interview and stories.
11:37 pm
any time on >> preparations under way for the prince phillip ceremony. >> we saw a rare public appearance today by prince andrew. the queen's third child. he appeared in front of the camera. here in windsor. to pay tribute to his late father. and also gave insight into how his mother the queen is holding up after losing her husband of 73 years. >> the queen as you would expect is stoic. she described his passing as a miracle. and having left a huge void. in her life. we the family the ones that are closer rallying around to make
11:38 pm
sure we're there to support her. >> all day preparations have been under way here at the castle for next saturday funeral. we have seen a crane operating inside the castle grounds. generators have been moving in. this is going to be a very different funeral to what was planned before the covid pandemic. the public is not going to be able to attend in any form. there are going to be 30 guests inside for the funeral itself. among those we are expecting prince harry. who is going to fly in from california. he's going to have to contend with the britain strict quarantine procedure. we are waiting to learn more about that travel plans. as he returns from california to his native britain to honor his grandfather. >> there was another volcanic
11:39 pm
eruption in the caribbean today. turning into a humanitarian crisis on the island. american cruise ships are evacuating residents. >> tonight the island on the verge of disaster. after another eruption. the lush caribbean island looks like a battle zone. with a thick layer of ash coating nearly every corner. the strong smell of sulfur in the air. prime minister described the crisis. >> how bad is the situation? would you say the conditions are worsening? >> one-third of the island. covered in ash. a lot of homes are destroyed. my home village. the ash covered up to my ankle. >> 16,000 have now evacuated.
11:40 pm
today's explosion shut off water and knocked out power. cruise ships are on deck to help with the evacuation. carnival tweeting we are waiting next steps from the government on evacuation support. >> we have to manage all of this. during the time of covid. we have managed the pandemic well. we had only ten deaths. >> after decades of unactivity. it's more volatile. following lt first blast on friday. this satellite shows eruptions intensifying. tonight experts warn that the seismic unrest could last weeks. >> tea hard to keep up with the latest technology that could shape the future. don't worry. we break down what it means and exact your money. >> did you enjoy the sunshine?
11:41 pm
and temperatures. there's fwoing to be a slight change to the forecast heading into the workweek.
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it could be a game changer in the fight against climate change. me that i know is a troublemaker. it comes from cows and grazing animals breaking down plants.
11:44 pm
researchers have just discovered a simple ingredient in sushi could be the trick for drastically cutting down on the methane. >> cows are constantly chewing. they break down what they eat. they belch out methane. >> it's called a greenhouse gas. it traps heat from the environment. and returns warming of the planet. >> researchers found feeding dairy cows small portions of seaweed reduced how much they produce. >> we found up to a 67% reduction in methane. >> that's not all. these cattle are bred for beef. and researchers fed them diet.
11:45 pm
82% reduction. >> the scientists use this special machine. several times a day to measure the methane in the breath. the theory is that the seaweed inhibits an enzyme in the system to produce less methane. will the seaweed diet impact the taste of milk, cheese and beef? researchers didn't testify the flavor from the dairy cow. they did conduct a taste test comparing steak from seaweed fed steer to traditional steak. >> we had 112 people tasting the beef. and they couldn't see any difference in taste. >> animal science professor who conducted the study says the cows receive just three ounces a day. and appears to be a low cost solution to get up to an 82% reduction in methane. >> this has a huge implication
11:46 pm
for the industry. the state has mandate to reduce emissions by 40% in nine years. >> more research needs to be done. the diet maybe the first step in reducing greenhouse gases in agriculture. and creating a more sustainable burger. >> we put together an hour long climate in crisis special. you can catch it again in a couple weeks. we talk about the greatest climate threat facing bay area. and take action to help fix the problem. two saturdays from now. april 24. 7:00. >> the forecast. she's also a climate hack expert. >> i'm trying my best. i'm learning so much from viewers. when i got the assignment, we had to look for little simple
11:47 pm
planet friendly swaps around your hope. climate hacks. check out my social media. shampoo and mascara everything. we have it there. simple swaps. make a big difference. speaking of differences not a huge difference in this week. when it comes to our lack of rain. but we'll see a slight cool down and warm up again. live view over san francisco. beautiful night there. we are going to notice the return of some fog around the coastline into the over night hours. it's early tomorrow. currently walnut creek 54 degrees. 48 degrees by 6:00 a.m. only dipping into the 40s. north bay about 46 degrees. and waking up to the low 40s as well. san jose 51 degrees right now. expect to see a little bit of high clouds tomorrow.
11:48 pm
by the afternoon we'll get plenty of clearing and sunshine. fog and visibility. about three miles. depending on how early you have to be up. doppler radar paints the picture of what's to come. not much. aside from stratus in the morning. we'll see a nice monday. temperatures in the upper 70s. low 80s. we'll start out cool and things warp up. 78 degrees. concord 80. martinez 76 and around the coastline. we have 60s. if you're hanging out around the coastlinement expect wind to increase. especially around your dinner time. thanks to a shift with the on shore flow. also going to cool us down into tuesday. you might notice gus 'tis. tomorrow evening depending on where you are. into the over night hours.
11:49 pm
long range out look. wednesday april 14. notice right there you see the spot the green. it's not over the bay area. it is over the sierra. looking like a possibility for scattered showers for the lake tahoe area wednesday and thursday. the rest of us here it's not looking good. you can see the rain staying in the pacific. through saturday april 17. and we're going to be getting warmer. let's look at san francisco 7-day forecast. cooling down a bit. in tuesday. that will be probably the coolest day of the week. including inland areas. by next sunday we'll warm up by as much as five, nine degrees in some spots. giving a preview of summer. hopefully you get a chance to get out next weekend. >> all right.
11:50 pm
thanks. >> back in a moment. it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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it's a new world of digital collectibles. attracting a lot of money and star power and explanation. >> it can be hard to wrap your head around. we explain. >> do we have time for one more question? >> the craze is a so puzzling it was spoofed on saturday night live. nft. a way to own a digital asset such as tweet or gift. with a certificate. >> like trading cards. >> in most cases you need a wallet to buy one. owning it doesn't mean you own the copyright. and the item can circulate online. >> you bought the rights to say you own the official version.
11:53 pm
which for people doesn't mean there's a will the of value. >> the value is decided be how much people are willing to pay for it. which isn't small change. twitter ceo sold his first tweet for $2.9 million. a piece of art sold at auction for 70 million. >> i really feel like we're at the beginning of scratching the surface of what this could be used for. >> top shot has grossed $498 million. and this week, nfl star brady is launching a company called autograph. >> we're saying digital creators, we believe in what you're producing out there. we want to invest. that's the consumers are saying. >> virtual collectibles.
11:54 pm
>> u.s. craft distillers are dealing with major challenges as they try to recover from the pandemic. and one of the most pressing issues is a 25% tariff on american whisky. that will double to 50% on june 1. the congressional bourbon caucus wants to suspend the tariff. >> the price will have to go up. there's no way around it. at what point does all the pricing for all american whisky go up and gets built into your understanding of price. >> the tariffs are from the trump administration due to trade wars. disputes over aluminum and steel imports. this is a no-nonsense message from three.
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we're getting closer to swim suit weather here. we were hearing from about temperatures upper 70s to 80s. >> swim suit weather here. not in russia. unless you took part in the swim suit skiing event. two things that should never go together. >> but they did. >> hundreds of people gathered where the olympics were held in 2014. to ski in their swim suit. participants traveled from all over the country to take part in the event. it one just swim suits. some elected to go down the slopes in their pajamas and costumes. sounds warmer. i'm into it if it's warm. >> 32 degrees. going down the hill. okay. >> russians are tough. >> shakespeare said all the worlds a stage. >> that includes a store window
11:58 pm
in paris. see for yourself. what's weird about this store front? two french actors who haven't been on stage during the pandemic performed behind glass in a trendy clothing boutique. look at the crowd. may included a bathtub and soap. teeth brushing. i don't know. anyway. organizers asked the audience, they look confused. >> well, i'm getting confused too. it's our story. the store is closed to the public. they wanted to do something. and they did. >> good for them. thanks for joining us. have a great night.
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- [narrator] cam newton. heisman trophy winner, college national champion, and first overall 2011 nfl draft pick, - when football season comes, i wanna be the most prepared player ever. - [narrator] the former panther and current patriots quarterback, says he's come a long way since his rookie year. - you really didn't know how to lose when you first got to the nfl. - i was so young and like a raging lion coming into like a meat house. - [narrator] born just outside of atlanta, newton explains his obsession with football at a young age. - i went to sleep, dressed to the t and ready to for my football game the next day. - [narrator] and shares the ups and downs of college ball. - how much consideration did you give to quitting football then?


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