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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 12, 2021 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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minneapolis erupts again protesters clash with police overnight after an officer shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop tensions already high as the murder trial of derek chauvin enters its third week. a vaccine victory. the u.s. shatters its single day record with over 4.5 million americans getting a shot on saturday but as covid vaccination ramp up, so does the wave of a fourth wave of infections a royal remember raemembrane we're live in england.
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glad to be pack with you i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with the unrest on the streets of minneapolis once again. the national guard is being mobilized as police confront hundreds of protesters and appear to use tear gas in brooklyn center, which is a suburb of minneapolis. the neighboring police department in brooklyn park is reporting that their front door was shattered by gunfire, and businesses were looted this new outrage erupted after a man was shot and killed by police about ten miles from where george floyd died. officials say a driver was pulled over for a traffic violation and officers discovered he had an arrest warrant. police say the man then reentered his car as they tried to ashes him and one officer fired their gun. the governor identified the man who was killed as daunte wright and tweeted "our state mourns another life of a black man taken by law enforcement." >> as that investigation begin, the trial of derek chauvin is entering its third week. the defense for the former minneapolis police officer is
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expected to start culling witnesses soon nbc's meagan fitzgerald is covering the trial good morning, meagan >> reporter: frances, good morning. as the prosecution gets ready to rest its case, all eyes are on the defense as they prepare to call their first witness anxiety in the twin cities as the prosecution prepares to rest its case, a family member of george floyd is expected to take the stand this week. so far 35 witnesses have been called in the murder trial against derek chauvin. arguably, the biggest blow to the defense, the county medical examiner who did the autopsy on floyd. >> mr. floyd's use of fentanyl did not cause the neck restraint. his heart disease did not cause the neck restraint. >> reporter: joining other experts who say floyd died because of the actions of law enforcement. >> there is no evidence to suggest he would have died that night except for the
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interactions with law enforcement. >> reporter: the defense will call their own witnesses this week >> this week for the defense is a challenging week, but frankly, it's the whole ball game >> reporter: expected to make the case that floyd died from preexisting health conditions and drug use, not the 9:29 that chauvin's knee was on floyd's neck >> the cause of death issue is the battleground because, you know, jurors are going to be impressed by the expert medical witnesses that the defense has lined up >> reporter: and jurors may hear again from the prosecution's witness nicole mackenzie as the defense tries to make the case that bystanders distracted chauvin. >> makes it very difficult to focus on the patient if there are other things around you if you don't feel safe. >> we have seen the videotape. we have seen remarkable civilian witnesses and expert witnesses there, but is still a battle brewing. >> reporter: a battle the entire nation is watching the big question is will derek
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chauvin take the witness stand legal experts say it's not likely because the scope of cross-examine is so broad. taking the stand opens him up to questions about past police conduct complaints as well as other potential instances of prejudice or bias. frances? >> meagan, thank you a u.s. army officer is suing two police officers after they pointed guns and pepper sprayed him during a traffic stop. >> get out of the car now! get out of the car, now! >> what is going on? >> get out of the car now! >> i'm honestly afraid the get out. >> you should be get out. get out! >> get out of the car. >> get out now >> i'm actively serving this country and this is hoy you're going to treat me? i didn't do anything whoa, hold on! >> this happened in december in the town of windsor, virginia.
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the officer seen pepper spraying lieutenant caron nazario has been fired in his suit he is claiming his civil rights virginia police say they're conducting an independent investigation. nbc reached out to the two officers with no response. a sterling admission from officials in china who say their covid vaccine don't have high protection rates this could affect hundreds of millions of people in over 60 countries that have approved chinese vaccines chinese health officials are considering mixing doses or increasing the dosage to boost effectiveness. meanwhile, here in the united states, the pace of vaccinations is ramping up as supplies of covid vaccines continue growing, states are expanding their eligibility and dropping some of their restrictions new hampshire and oklahoma have opened up vaccines to nonresidents, while more than half the states in the country still have residency
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requirements nbc's jennifer johnson has the latest >> reporter: the u.s. administered a record 4.6 million covid vaccines saturday. some good news as new cases increase in at least 32 states, fuelled by unvaccinated young people infected by the uk variant. easter spring break and more traveling have some hospitals struggling again >> now that we're seeing upticks after each holiday, it's taxing. it's exhausting, and it's a lot to ask for the staff. >> reporter: the midwest is getting hit the hardest. michigan is now the epicenter, second only to florida in cases of the uk variant. the governor asking for more vaccines what's happening in michigan today could be what's happening in other states tomorrow and so it's on all of us to recognize we can squash where we're seeing hot spots. >> reporter: vaccine roll-out will slow this week with johnson & johnson allocating 85% fewer doses than last week some of its vaccines were spoiled, and three states halted the one-day shot after adverse
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reactions like fainting. meanwhile, the biden administration is pledging to get to the bottom of what exactly occurred in china that started this pandemic. >> we need to do that precisely so we fully understand what happened in order to have the best shot possible of preventing it from happening again. >> reporter: blinken blaming china for not being transparent, allowing the virus to quickly spread throughout the world. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington there is a somber mood across the uk this morning as the country lost a beloved member of the royal family prince philip, the husband of queen elizabeth died on friday at the age of 99, just two months before his 100th birthday funeral plans are already being put into place after a weekend of tributes. for latest, we turn to nbc's matt bradley outside of buckingham palace. matt, good morning >> reporter: good morning, guys. the weather is really matching the mood here. unseasonably cold and each snowing in the middle of april a lot of preparations are being made the media has come out in force.
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and of course this weekend we're expecting to see prince philip's massive funeral, which will not be so massive. you can file this under major events that will look nothing like other major events that would normally held because of the pandemic there were supposed to be 800 mourners invited to the funeral for prince philip under plans made before the pandemic now that number has been trimmed down to 30 now of course all eyes on prince harry. he just arrived from the states. and of course he and his wife meghan markle the subject of much controversy meghan markle, who is very pregnant, is going to be staying in los angeles, which gives the opportunity for prince harry to come alone and try to seal some reconciliation with his family after the fallout from the oprah winfrey interview just a few weeks ago. now prince harry just like every other member of the british public, he is going to be asked to abide by the rules. he is going to quarantine for ten days he will be able to get out i
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believe in five days if he tests out. but he'll have to go through multiple tests, social distance, and then he'll be attending that funeral on saturday, looking nothing like royal funerals that are rest of us are used to guys >> matt bradley with the latest from the uk this morning matt, thank you very much. let's turn to nbc meteorologist janessa webb to see what's in store for the week ahead. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone we're waking up to little dense fog that has been across all areas of the northeast since sunday morning and it continues to really be thick out there. also watching these showers, and they will not push out sections of the midwest to the northeast until about tomorrow afternoon so a good 24 hours of these showers. they make their way all the way into boston by this afternoon into your evening. then a touch more sunshine for your tuesday on the other side of the country, still watching that snowfall from denver all the way into
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still the cool weather making its way from denver all the way into the high plains mid-50s. we'll take a look at this week ahead forecast coming up, guys >> sounds good, janessa. thanks history was made at augusta national it was first in masters history as hideki matsuyama tapped in the final putt to cap off two strong final rounds, finishing 10 under par and winning the masters by one stroke. matsuyama is the first japanese born man ever to win a major tournament in golf you saw last year's winner dustin johnson presenting the new champion with the first ever grown jacket of his career when we return, how big business can fight for your right to vote. and a volcanic eruption leaves st. vincent on the verge of disaster.
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leading the news, top business leaders are weighing whether to take action against restrictive voting bills nationwide more than 120 ceos, business leaders, lawyers and experts met over zoom this weekend toe look at ways to respond to republican-led efforts to limit access at the ballot box among the attendees, reps for amc theater, pepsico, three major airlines and paypal. proposals included pulling donations, refusing to move business to states with restrictive measures, and relocating events. a statement could come this week. iran is calling a blackout at an underground atomic facility, quo, nuclear terrorism. two intelligence officials told "the new york times" an explosion at the natanz nuclear facility destroyed an internal power system, and it appears to be israeli sabotage. it could take up to nine months to get production back online. the incident is ratcheting up
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regional tensions and it come ace mid efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal that was abandoned by the trump administration in 2018 now to the growing humanitarian crisis in the caribbean after a volcanic eruption blanked st. vincent in ash. tens of thousands have evacuated with experts warning of more activity from the volcano. here is nbc's kathy park >> reporter: the island of st. vincent on the verge of disaster after another volcanic eruption. the lush caribbean island now looks more like a battle zone with a thick layer of ash coating nearly every corner of this country while the strong smell of sulfur hangs in the air. the prime minister described the ongoing crisis how bad is the situation right now, and would you say the conditions are worsening >> the northern one-third of the island, best on the east and on the west covered in ash. a lot of homes have been destroyed by the weight of the
3:15 am
ash. my home village outside of my mom's house, the ash covered up to my ankle. >> reporter: roughly 16,000 have now evacuated the surrounding area these explosions shut off water and knocked out power to much of the island but cruise ships are now on deck to help with evacuations carnival tweeting we are awaiting next steps from st. vincent government on a evacuation support. >> we have to manage all of this during a time of covid we have managed the pandemic quite well we have had only ten deaths. >> reporter: after decades of inactivity, the les soufriere volcano has become more active this satellite shows eruptions intensifying experts warn that the seismic unrest could last weeks. kathy park, nbc news still to come, a benefit from masks that's nothing to sneeze at. the new study on how it can
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. next week marks the anniversary of the sinking of the "titanic" here to explain his side of the story is the iceberg that sank the "titanic". >> first of all, you came to where i live and you hit me. it was midnight. i was chilling
3:19 am
then i hear this irish cacophony behind me. to not be offensive, but it's -- i'm sorry. that's what it sounded like. like full "riverdance. and before i turn around and go like what? half my ass is gone. which was my best feature. and i'm literally injured, but all anybody cares about is like 40 or 50 people died or whatever >> it was 1500 people. >> why are you attacking me? >> took 110 years, but a solid defense finally from the iceberg. >> a funny one at that if you suffer from allergies, then you know too well that the spring and the summer months can get pretty bad. but this year people with allergies could see some relief. there is new research that suggests face masks like the ones we wear to prevent the spread of covid are also helping people with allergies.
3:20 am
here to explain is nbc's dr. john torres. >> reporter: lisa gunter in macon, georgia is one of the more than 24 million americans suffering from seasonal allergies, a reaction to pollen from grass, tree, weeds, and flowers. >> i've had allergies off of my life runny eyes, itching. having a lot of frequent throat clearing. >> reporter: now with people getting out after months inside during the pandemic, they're starting to hit across the country. >> if your allergies are bugging you this time of year, you're not alone. >> trees are still budding so that pollen remains very, very high. >> reporter: but now some allergy experts are noticing something different. >> what we're finding is in this past year, patients who have pollen allergy, because they're wearing their mask, because they're wearing goggles to decrease potential viral exposure, they're actually getting the added benefit of having improvement of their allergic symptoms. >> why are you seeing people
3:21 am
with less outdoor allergies? >> by wearing a mask, you're automatically decreasing exposure to your nose and mouth to these little particulates that then cause the inflammatory reaction. >> reporter: lisa gunter says it's working for her >> wearing the mask and then showering is kind of my routines. >> reporter: so which works best n95s a disposable mask changed after each outside exposure or a cloth mask washed daily with hot water. it's something lisa does following her afternoon walks. the doctor says what they're learning this year could lead to a shift in practice. >> just cutting down on flus, cutting down on the cold, and now it's even cutting down on the seasonal allergies. >> it really does make a difference. >> reporter: a difference to help millions find relief and enjoy the outdoors dr. john torres, nbc news. >> janessa takes a look at the week ahead in weather. that's up next and a super hero story we're there r e fothbig
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the surprising way to save water. we're back now with a story about courage, and a little boy who took a big risk, overcoming personal challenges to share one of his favorite storybooks with the world. jose diaz-balart report, he got the surprise of a lifetime . >> reading your book called "a new day. >> reporter: this is not your typical book report. >> it's like really funny. >> reporter: for 8-year-old jordan, who has a stutter and is on the autism spectrum, it's a monumental achievement >> he is an amazing kid. he's worked really hard to overcome, you know, everything
3:27 am
the world's dealt him. >> reporter: a major part of jordan's success, his love of reading. so when he got named hero of the week after school, he brought his favorite story to share with the class and also talked about it in a tweet that later went viral. his mom bethany writing "please be patient he has a stutter." jordan's choice? "a new day" by brad meltzer. >> what he liked about it is every day for him really is a new day. it's a chance for him to start over >> i want you to know you're my hero this week. >> reporter: on a touching social media response from the author himself >> what did you think of that? >> i was really surprised. i was wearing a shirt that had nece nasa on it so he decided to wear a shirt that had nasa on it. >> reporter: brad was so humble and moved by jordan's courage that he joined us recently for another surprise >> brad meltzer wanted to say hello to you in person
3:28 am
you're going get a chance to see him and meet him right now >> really? >> look! >> oh, yeah, jordan. >> i rather. >> hey, jordan, amazing man, how are you? >> fine. >> i'm going to show you my newest hero. you ready for him? >> tell me if he looks familiar. that face is worth it, pal that's you our amazing artist drew you. it's coming your way >> a drawing of jordan. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: a tribute for the boy now inspiring so many. are you surprised at the overwhelming response that this has had? >> i'm not because people are amazing. and we're fearful and we're brave and we're cowards and we're incredible but you see someone like jordan, and kindness will always win >> and jordan's next new challenge, he is working on learning spanish how about that >> he is going to nail it at the rate he is going his face really said it all.
3:29 am
so great steal kindness does win. love along with it everybody wins >> it's lovely to see someone, a lot of parents sometimes worry that their children with autism might struggle to find a connection it's clear that he has found one. that's awesome thanks for starting the week with
3:30 am
the country's best shot yet in the vaccination effort. more than 4.5 million americans got their jab in a single day amid growing fears of a fourth wave in the pandemic. growing outrage this morning over virginia police using pepper spray on a uniformed army officer. the fallout has an investigation into the incident. final farewell where buckingham palace has revealed the funeral plans for prince fellowship "early today" starts right now glad you're with us this morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena.


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