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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  April 16, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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yeah, i know how to make the little heart and i take it up to her in bed yes, i take it up to her in bed. and you guys are like, "wow, you do all that for her? no no i do that for me [ laughter ] i'm just trying to keep her in the bedroom for as long as possible [ laughter ] i can have my living room back oh, you should see her "oh, this is just like a a hotel. as i close the door, just like a hotel. [ laughter ] my name's orlando leyba. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: thank you! orlando leyba! [ cheers and applause he'll be at the comedy cellar in las vegas april 22nd through the 25th join us tomorrow night, russell wilson and ciara will be here. [ cheers and applause my thanks to ice t, mike birbiglia, orlando leyba! have a seat. and the roots, right there thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers," rob lowe creators and stars of "frank of ireland" domhnall and brian gleeson, write and director of "promising young woman" emerald fennell and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. and this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight all right. that's really good for a thursday let's get to the news. president biden announced sanctions and other measures against russia today in response to cyber attacks and election meddling well, you have made a powerful
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enemy today. no, no, no, the other one. yeah, there you go president biden announced yesterday he will withdraw all u.s. troops from afghanistan by september 11th and said, quote, "it's time to end america's longest war, but don't cry cause it's over, dick. smile because it happened. president biden met in the oval office today with the congressional asian pacific american caucus to discuss diversifying the administration. said biden, "that's perfect, cause i actually know a great hawaiian guy i would love to hire just keep getting his voicemail. vice president kamala harris said yesterday she will travel to guatemala and mexico to address the ongoing immigration crisis she intends to find out once and for all how people like ted cruz keep getting back in house minority whip steve scalise brought a milk carton to the capitol yesterday with a picture of vice president kamala harris and the caption, quote, "missing at the border" on the side. and it's kind of the perfect punishment for him that he had to spend all day explaining the joke "you see, when kids went missing
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in the '70s they would -- no, i'm not making fun of missing kids you know what? never mind i shouldn't have done it never mind." infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci testified today before the house select subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic, which the democrat led panel has entitled "reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, a science driven approach to swiftly and safely ending the pandemic." and republicans are calling, "question time with dr. fakey. democratic lawmakers today introduced legislation that would add four seats to the supreme court. of course, if they do that, you know clarence thomas is just going to sleep across three of them toy company mattel announced yesterday they banned over 400 racial slurs from the board game scrabble, which really won't affect my game unless this is a racial slur netflix announced yesterday a partnership with the meditation app "headspace" to create a new series that will teach subscribers how to sleep yeah, pretty sure my wife already made us watch that one i said what i said
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producers have released a trailer for the newest installment in "the fast and furious" series called "f9: the fast saga. interestingly, if you hit f9 on your computer, it will write another "fast and furious" screenplay today was international pizza cake day and i know they say it's international, but i feel like it's just american and finally today was also, excuse me, national ask an atheist day. and the other 364 days are, they'll tell you anyway day. and that was a monologue, everybody. we got a great show, everybody rob lowe, our friend rob lowe will be here he stars in "9-1-1: lone star" on fox i can't wait to talk to him about that domhnall and brian gleeson are the pronunciations i've been working on all day i look forward to hearing if i've done them correctly and also talking about their new show "a frank of ireland." and she wrote, produced and directed "promising young woman," which has five oscar nominations, emerald fennell
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will be here but before we get to all that, the gop is intent on using the power of the state to punish critics and suppress votes as one of their former rising stars, matt gaetz, faces an intensifying investigation, in which authorities seized his phone last winter. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: the republican party is currently in the political wilderness they've lost the presidency and both houses of congress and their previous standard bearer never once cracked 50% approval. meanwhile, the biden administration is winning high marks in polls on its covid response, it's early slate of executive orders and the economy, which is why republicans are desperately grasping for ways to attack him, and ending up with some very bizarre critiques. >> john cornyn tweeted what now we know is a quote from a politico piece about joe biden "the president is not doing cable news interviews, tweets from his accounts are limited. when they come, unimaginably conventional the public comments are largely scripted
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biden has offered for fewer sit down interviews with mainstream outlets and reporters. and he goes on to say, "invites the question, is he really in charge?" >> seth: you got him he's not tweeting insane commentaries about arnold schwarzenegger's "apprentice" ratings or retweeting suggestions that osama bin laden might still be alive. a real thing trump did so the only conclusion we can reach is that there must be a secret cabal of antifa, deep state socialists who are really running thing while biden sits around having normal thoughts with his normal brain. republicans are obsessed with the idea that biden is a puppet, when trump was like a muppet they introduced on "sesame street" to teach kids about impulse control. "where all did my cookies go?" "sorry cm, i ate them all. these guys actually think americans wants a president constantly tweeting psychotic, all-cap stuff at 3:00 a.m. about having his wires tapped and screaming at reporters on the white house lawn with a helicopter whirring in the background like it's the final scene in "m.a.s.h. second "m.a.s.h." reference in two days come on, tiktokers, bring on your remixes
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if you can do it for sea shanties, you can do it for alan alda. and with all do respect to jeremy renner, that'll always be my hawkeye oh, he didn't have arrows, but he always had a quiver full of quips. say what you will about the guy, biden keeps it simple. yesterday for example, he was asked about his decision to finally withdraw troops from afghanistan. now, if reporters had asked trump that question, they would have gotten a ten-minute answer that somehow wound its way to the time he met marlo thomas at - "that girl, what a show, she hated me and you know what? she was right. a lot of evidence out there that i'm a bad guy. but when biden was asked the question, he was very direct >> was it a hard decision to make, sir? >> no, it wasn't to me it was absolutely clear. >> seth: a solemn moment and a direct answer. reporters who cover the white house probably have to figure out what to do with all the leftover space in their note pads when they were covering trump's white house, they probably couldn't distinguish between their note pads and their dream journals they could inject the bleach or
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what about powerful lights inside the body? did i fall asleep reading e.e. cummings again? so that's one reason biden's numbers are higher than trumps ever were. not to mention the fact that biden's policies are more popular. and as a result, republicans are stuck complaining that biden doesn't tweet enough and as the cornyn comments show, trump may be gone, but trumpism as an ideological project, as well as the performance of trumpism are very much ascendant within the republican party. as we speak, the gop is actively trying to use the power of the state to punish anyone who disagrees with them. the latest example being major league baseball. >> three republican senators are looking to put pressure on major league baseball after it decided to pull the all-star game out of georgia. the league making the move to protest georgia's controversial new voting law senators ted cruz, mike lee and josh hawley are introducing legislation today to eliminate a nearly century old anti-trust exemption for major league baseball as a way of punishing the league >> seth: so the america first crowd is going after america's pastime. what's next, you guys going to
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try to cancel blue jeans and pickup trucks? oh right, i forgot, cruz already canceled blue jeans. yikes! he really puts the dung in dungarees. i have to say it's especially surprising that ted cruz is going after baseball, given than he has the beard of a 40-year-old journeyman pitcher on a 1986 tops card. wearing a uniform from 1918. [ laughter ] so republicans want to use the power of the senate to punish anyone who criticizes them they're also plotting to steal the presidency and congress without actually winning elections. that's what all these voter suppression bills are designed to do. for example, you might remember when trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani flew around the country trying to convince state legislators to overturn their election results, or when trump adviser/underground lab assistant, stephen miller claimed that states biden won were sending so-called alternate slates of electors to washington to vote for trump. >> we have more than enough time
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to right the wrong of this fraudulent election result and certify donald trump as the winner of the election as we speak, today, an ultimate slate of electors in the contested states is going to vote, and we're going to send those results up to congress >> seth: you know, obviously, as we explained at the time, alternate slates of electors aren't a real thing, though i bet stephen miller tried to use an alternate slate of electors in high school to get voted most charismatic instead of most likely to chase down an iguana on an episode of "planet earth." but the important point is republicans are now trying to make that fake thing real. they're actually trying to pass laws that would allow them to subvert election results in their states and award electoral college votes to a candidate who loses. they're not saying that outright, of course, but the actual text of these laws definitely opens the possibility. >> we just lived through a president who tried to overturn those results, specifically in georgia. and there are concerns this new bill would allow potentially for more chicaneries and as you well know, reading from "the new york times," it's
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a brief summary, it says, "beyond the provisions on the voting, that up until election day. the new law risks making election subversion easier, including appearing to go directly after some of those officials, like the secretary of state who drew trump's ire precisely because they did their jobs in a nonpartisan way. >> it gives state election officials more power to intervene in county elections. state leaders are now able to appoint or remove local election officials. >> seth: it's obvious what's happening here they just want to make it easier to do next time what they tried to do last time. if you wake up to find your roommate holding a pillow above your head because you heard his shoes squeak on the floorboards, don't relax when he goes out and buys slippers. this is all motivated by the unhinged lie that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election, which there was not. and one of the loudest champions of that lie was florida congressman matt gaetz, who was supposed to be one of the leaders in the next wave of trumpism in the gop. gaetz objected to the lawful counting of electoral votes, even after the january 6th insurrection, and claimed that despite the trump campaign
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losing dozens of court cases, they were actually proving that there was fraud. >> election fraud really requires two things one, a very large pool of unaccounted for ballots that aren't attached to a human and then, second is the rapid processing of those ballots. then they exclude the observers, and then they just wrap those polluted ballots into a broader universe, and i think that is where we're proving the fraud. >> seth: none of that makes sense. i can't even follow the syntax or the metaphors a large pool of ballots, and then they wrap the pool of ballots into a broader universe of ballots, what does any of that mean? you sound like a tour guide at moma trying to describe a dali painting you're seeing for the first time "so the bricks are wrapped inside the lake. the lake of course represents time i'm sorry. i got confused i thought this was the museum with all the big boney things, whatever they're called. you know." now, as i've been telling you, gaetz is under investigation for alleged sex trafficking involving his wingman, the former seminole county tax collector joel greenberg, who's been charged with 33 counts and
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is reportedly cooperating with authorities, including offering information on gaetz and every day we get new details about the investigation. >> a source familiar with the case confirms greenberg told investigators details about how he and gaetz would pay women for sex with cash and gifts, in possible violation of prostitution and sex trafficking laws according to receipts reviewed by cnn, gaetz and greenberg used digital payment apps including venmo to send hundreds of dollars to at least one woman who attended these parties >> politico has revealed the explosive news that federal agents executed a search warrant and seized gaetz's phone this past winter. >> seth: i'm no lawyer, but it can't be good when they seize your phone no one's happy to have your phone seized i don't even like when i show someone a picture and they grab the phone out of my hand, and then i have to mutter, "don't scroll, don't scroll," until i get it back. i'm not even happy when my wife asks me to use mine. "you want to tell me what this is?" youtube clips of old "m.a.s.h. episodes
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"i thought you said you were working. i am working the "m.a.s.h." references are the most popular part of "a closer look. you are being a real charles winchester [ laughter ] chances are pretty high that if you've broke the law, there's evidence of it on your phone, especially since gaetz was reportedly using cashapp and venmo to make payments to his indicted buddy used to be when politicians broke the law, they stuffed an envelope full of $100 bills and met their contact in a parking garage now they just venmo a buddy with an emoji of an envelope stuffed with cash. we also keep finding out more about what these dudes were up to and what kind of parties they were hanging out at. >> now we've learned these parties were held at a house in a gated community in suburban orlando. the women we spoke with said when some of the women arrived, there were rules for example, the first thing some of them were asked to do was put away their cell phones now, one of the women told us the attendees included a "who's who" of local republican
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officials, and often included congressman gaetz, and these men just did not want their activities at these parties being documented and we're told folks mingled and shared drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy. >> seth: if they ever make a florida version of the board game clue, gated community in suburban orlando should be one to have locations. right next to animal sanctuary in tampa you know, my grandmother used to say "nothing good ever happens after midnight." and i'd say the same is true about anything that happens at a party in a gated community in suburban orlando where they make you give up your phone "well, they probably don't want us to use our phones to google answers for what i'm sure will be a night of trivia games oh, cocaine! looks like it'll be a late night. as a general rule, never go to a party in a gated community in suburban orlando where they make you give up your phone orlando's for two things, going to theme parks or buying exotic fish from an unlicensed dealer who works out of the back of a pet food store "i got piranhas, lion fish, snakeheads and for another $100, i'll throw in this bad boy." we're also learning more about a trip gaetz allegedly took, which are also under scrutiny by the
12:52 am
feds, and whom he traveled with. >> cbs news has learned that investigators are scrutinizing a trip congressman matt gaetz took to the bahamas with this man, jason pirozzolo, a marijuana entrepreneur, orlando hand surgeon, and donor to gaetz. >> cbs news reporting that gaetz's trip to the bahamas is part of a federal probe into this sex trafficking allegation. here's a little bit of it, federal investigators are looking into a bahamas trip matt gaetz allegedly took in late 2018 or early 2019, as part of an inquiry into whether the florida representative violated sex trafficking laws gaetz was on that trip with a marijuana entrepreneur and hand surgeon who allegedly paid for the travel expenses, accommodations and female escorts. >> seth: an orlando hand surgeon/marijuana entrepreneur man, florida never disappoints i'm shocked gaetz wasn't also buds with an alligator named rick who sold cbd oil on the miami beach boardwalk. and now the heat on gatez is intensifying to the point where republicans don't know how to respond. yesterday, house minority whip steve scalise was asked about gaetz and stammered his way through an answer.
12:53 am
>> do you have confidence in him? >> well, we've heard a lot of stories. i mean, obviously, i've read the media reports. but there's been nothing that we've seen yet from the department of justice if something is going on, obviously we'll find out about it. you know, right now, it's hard to speculate on rumors but you know, if something really formal happened from justice, we would of course, react and take action. >> seth: man, it's so funny watch republicans get flustered by questions about gaetz after they let him take center stage for so long. "look, i don't know the facts, but the allegations about ecstasy fueled house parties with a dude who was later indicted for sex trafficking, and flights to the bahamas with the marijuana loving hand surgeon are true, then i think we might do something about it right? and as for gaetz, he continues to maintain the whole thing is a setup egged on by the media. and in particular, he got into a heated exchange with a cnn reporter as he left the capitol on tuesday >> well, i think you can read my essay in the "washington examiner." i think you check out the work
12:54 am
that your network has done to propagandize lies about me i think that really ought to concern you. you've always considered yourself a real journalist, but that doesn't strike me as real journalism >> but what about the updates from today >> are you concerned about the house ethics investigation >> are you going to cooperate with the investigation, sir? >> seth: i'd say along with getting your phone seized, being chased down a flight of stairs by a crowd of reporters and getting hustled into the backseat of a waiting car isn't a sign that things are going great. that's classic corrupt politician stuff no one ever in that situation is in it for a good reason. "sir, sir, can you tell us how you cured cancer?" "i didn't cure cancer, stop spreading lies about me. now, if you'll excuse me, i have to be rushed into this unmarked van. this is the state of the modern gop. an authoritarian movement, intent on dismantling democracy and suppressing descent. gaetz was supposed on the one of the leaders of the next wave of trumpism, and now like so many others in trump's inner circle, he's found himself in legal hot water. who knows what'll happen to him. but if he does get taken away by the feds, i hope we can send him off like this. [ helicopter blades whirling ] ♪
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>> seth: we've been so lucky to have fred armisen leading the 8g band from london all week. there he is. fred, i know you watch the monologue every night. which joke this week was your favorite guess he only likes dry, british humor now. our first guest tonight is an emmy and golden globe nominated actor you know from the films like "the outsiders," excuse me, and "wayne's world" and shows such as "the west wing," and "parks and recreation. he stars in "9-1-1: lone star," which airs monday nights on fox. please welcome back to the show our friend, rob lowe how are you, rob >> hey, seth gosh, it's been forever. good to see you again. >> seth: it has been a very long time how have you held up during our pandemic year? >> i mean, my ice cream addiction has gotten out of control, but i'm going to rehab.
1:00 am
>> seth: yep >> so it's going to be good. i plan to fight it i'm going to fight it. >> seth: well, i think that everybody, as they've watched your body not change for the last 30 years, we definitely have thought, there's a guy who eats too much ice cream. >> well, you know, i try to keep my act together. and i want this covid thing to be over like the rest of us. i'm lucky that i've been able to work and shoot the show. and i've had more nasal swabs than - >> seth: yeah. >> any human should be subjected to there should be a geneva code, i would think. >> seth: a lot of swabbing a lot of swabbing over here, as well this show must be fun to do. i want to ask, one, about the show but i also want to ask how it is your son is a writer on this show >> yes >> seth: that's so cool. >> my son actually started writing -- working with ryan murphy before i did and then when this -- when we teamed up to do "9-1-1: lone
1:01 am
star" they were like, wait a minute, shouldn't we actually have rob lowe's son writing on a show about a father and a son. so they switched him over from "america horror story" where he was originally and now he just wrote our last crossover episode where all the facility in indianapolis -- good morning, i am phillip mena, we have breaking news at this hour. there has been a mass casualty shooting at a fedex facility near indianapolis. the indianapolis international airport just moments ago police announced at least eight people were killed and that the alleged shooter took their own life. police say there's no currently an active threat to the community. let's listen to some of what police had to say. >> just after 11:00 on thursday evening, indianapolis metropolitan police department responded to 8951 mirabell road,
1:02 am
the fedex ground plane field operations center. we received a call referencing shots fired to that location. as officers responded they arrived to an active shooter incident at that location. preliminary information at this time is that the alleged shooter has taken his own life here at the scene. after a preliminary search of the grounds inside and out, we have located eight people at the scene with injuries consistent to gunshot wounds. those eight were pronounced deceased here at the scene. we have been made aware of multiple other people with injuries who have been transported to local hospitals or who have transported themselves to local hospitals. impd detectives are working with
1:03 am
the indiana state police detectives gathering information and interviewing not just those people who are here at the scene but also those who have been -- have gone to area hospitals seeking medical treatment. >> fedex released a statement saying that we are aware of the tragic shooting at our fedex ground facility near the indianapolis airport. safety our top priority and our thoughts are with all of those who are affected. we are working to gather more information and are cooperating with investigating authorities. once again, at least eight people were killed in a mass shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis. police say that the shooter took their own life. we will continue to follow this developing story throughout the morning on "today," msnbc and >> as you know, i can pretend to do many things >> seth: yeah. >> but don't ask me to actually save anybody or do anything for
1:04 am
real but when it comes to fake stuff, i'm so good at it. [ laughter ] you know, so - i think that i was kind of born -- i was born to play this fireman. i definitely look way more realistic doing it than i feel >> seth: yeah. you also became a podcaster during this past year. "literally with rob lowe" is your podcast and, you know, this is both in reference to your "parks and rec" character, but also a chance for you to do some longer form talking stuff have you enjoyed it? >> i loved it. i have to say i thought i might like it and it turns out i really love it and whether it's getting people sort of -- people that have been in the public eye forever that i've known in a different way like gwyneth paltrow or pratt, chris pratt, you know. it's being able to talk to them and about them in a way that other people probably can't because they don't have that
1:05 am
history. and it's been awesome. i love it. i love the long form conversation >> seth: you mentioned pratt i think that "parks and rec" as well as the "west wing", i should note you have two shows that i think provided great comfort to people, especially this last year when everyone was looking for things to watch. people must always want to know if you are still in touch with those two casts? >> yeah. i am in touch more i would say with the "parks and rec" cast. and i think that's probably a function that it's - it wasn't 20 -- "west wing's" almost 20 years ago. >> seth: that's crazy. >> it feels insane to say that but i was just texting with one of the writers on the staff, aaron. i hosted a big "chicago 7" panel for aaron sorkin, who i continue to adore and so whenever i see any of the gang from either show, it's always great but it's really hard when everybody is so busy >> seth: yeah, and on the other
1:06 am
hand it's also good that everybody is busy. and we certainly appreciate that you made time for us in your schedule it's always great to see you, rob. >> yeah, you, too. you're killing it. keep up the good work. >> seth: i'll tell you who's killing it, is your son. and you go sell that comedy pitch. >> i'm going to go sell it, baby >> seth: okay. if you don't sell it, it's on you. because he's the star. >> not on him, it'll be on me. >> seth:"9-1-1: lone star" airs monday nights on fox we'll be right back with domhnall and brian gleeson ♪ (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that.
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♪ ♪ >> seth: our next guests are brothers and talented actors you know one from films like "ex machina" and the "star wars" and "harry potter" franchises. the other from "peaky blinders" and "phantom thread. their show "frank of ireland" premieres april 16th on amazon prime video let's take a look. >> doofus, this is your room >> i know.
1:11 am
we'll be roomies >> no, silly that's where my brother sleeps you're in with me, buster. >> how's that? >> i don't know, doofus. what if i'm with a lady? >> i don't mind watching >> seth: please welcome to the show domhnall and brian gleeson. how are you, gentlemen >> pretty good how are you doing, seth? >> hey, how's it going >> seth: i'm doing very well it's so nice to see you both doofus is the name of one of the characters here. and domhnall, you play doofus. and i'm wondering when two brothers create a show and one brother -- i should say one character is named doofus, how do you decide who's going to play the doofus? >> it's basically an iq test, essentially. it's a very strictly formulated plan where we do an iq test each i came out on bottom and i got doofus, and i'm very, very happy
1:12 am
with it. >> seth: well, it works out very well it should be noted that brian, you basically play a man child it's not like the other character is a genius or anything >> no, no. i was going to say, i took an eye test cause i didn't read the brief properly no, and yeah, we had to wrestle at the end to sort it out. >> seth: you obviously -- you're brothers you're both actors but do you approach the way you perform differently, have you found that working together? >> i'd say we're probably quite different, aren't we, brian? yeah, i've always, kind of, admired the way that brian works and the ways that he's able to access characters. so, you know, i try to pick up some tips along the way. there was one scene where we -- his character in the show has lost, he's drugged her up at home, kind of trying to be responsible, so she'll stay in bed while he goes and does the shopping and when he gets back, she's gone and he doesn't know where she is and he's really worried about her. and we were supposed to be running in somewhere to find where she -- you know, where
1:13 am
she'd gone to, and he's worried, you know, whatever has happened. and i looked over and brian was warming up and i was like -- you know, what's he doing? he was muttering something to himself to get himself in character. i was like, "this is amazing." and i listened and he was saying, "that time i lost dipper on the beach that time i lost dipper on the beach. and he's remembering the time he lost our dog which, i mean, blew my mind. you know, that's deeper than i think i've ever -- deeper than i've ever gone >> yeah, that's -- >> seth: brian, is this a -- this is obviously a very traumatic memory of yours. >> it's stanislavski i'm a student of stanislavski. you know, sense memory, emotional recall but i did lose the dog when i took him out for a walk on the beach. and in a very frank marron sort of way, i didn't really look for him, i just, kind of, shouted at the sky, and just had a meltdown and then i went home to confess to mom and dad and i really had to tune myself up, i was like, "i got to confess. and i went into the kitchen and mom was there and i said, "mom, i have a confession. she said, "what is it?
1:14 am
i said, "i've lost dipper, the dog. and she said, "no, you didn't, he's right there under the kitchen table. so he had at some point in that walk, he said, "do you know what i don't like this anymore. i'm heading home." [ laughter ] so - >> my worry is that you never -- that you left with an empty lead my worry is you left that house with a lead trailing along the ground and dipper was never with you. >> seth: oh, the dog never even left the house >> yeah. >> yeah, he was there the whole time >> it would explain the shouting at the sky any way >> seth: i feel like you might have also made a very good doofus, all things being - [ laughter ] >> thank you, seth and you, too [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. you mentioned -- >> we saw you trying to pronounce our names. we saw you trying to pronounce our names before the show started. >> seth: yeah. i was -- >> how dare you call me a doofus you went through domhnall four times. you had them change the name on the card, they'll edit all this out, and then by the end of it - >> seth: no, i'm going to leave
1:15 am
it in. >> you finally got it right, and then you tripped up -- then you tripped up on brian, cause it looks like brian we all saw it, seth. [ laughter ] >> seth: yep, you know what, i'm going to leave it in and my next question is about your brother, furgus, who i love, because you say it the way it's spelled [ laughter ] >> it's pronounced furgus, you idiot. >> seth: no -- i know. we don't have time for furgus. but no -- but actually, your brother furgus, he's a singer. he provided a song for the show. >> yes, yes, he did. he sang a song that our co-writer, michael moloney wrote. >> seth: is he -- was he a "yes" right away when you asked him to sing the song? >> yeah, i think so. domhnall, no >> no. he wanted a little bit of this >> seth: oh right, sure. sure, sure >> he's in it for the money. >> seth: you got your dad, the wonderful actor, brendan gleeson, he appeared in the show did he also want the money >> oh, yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> oh, yeah. yeah, yeah you've got to pay them you want the right people, you got to pay them.
1:16 am
>> seth: do you get nervous when he shows up on set as either an actor or his son or neither or both >> no, i think he has so much enthusiasm, and so much love for the craft. which is what i always loved about him. and we were on set when he came on his first day and he had a suitcase full of his own clothes, but also costume clothes, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the two. [ laughter ] but he came with lots of ideas and he tried them out for us as we were having lunch and, you know, went into his trailer, came out with a new costume, went in his trailer, came out with a new costume. and we very slowly found a way where he was happy but that kind of enthusiasm was amazing to be around >> it was so -- it was so weird. it was like the weirdest "pretty woman" montage of him trying out -- like coming out of his trailer to us. while we - you don't know whether to eat. when your father is changing into sexy leather jackets in
1:17 am
front of you, is it weirder to continue eating or to stop eating it's a real question, seth, which is weirder >> seth: you try to take your bites as he goes when his back turns, you try to sneak a bite in. you don't -- you certainly don't act -- you don't eat while he's looking at you >> and never spit the food out either that's the worst thing you can do >> i actually guzzled hungrily while he did his pirouette >> no, that's the worst. >> i went -- >> seth: of course, a hungry guzzle, of course, is fine >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. congratulations on the show. it's lovely to see you both. >> lovely to see you too, seth thank you. >> thanks. >> seth: "frank of ireland" premieres april 16th on amazon prime video we'll be right back with emerald fennel ♪
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>> seth: our next guest is an emmy and golden globe nominated writer, director and actress you know her from her work on "killing eve" and "the crown." her feature film directorial debut, "promising young woman," which she also wrote and produced, has earned her three academy award nominations for best picture, best director, and best original screenplay let's take a look. >> may i ask what prompted your desire to get back to your studies? >> i guess i couldn't stop thinking about my time here. >> yeah, it's an extraordinary place. >> it's an unusual request >> yes, but i left under unusual circumstances. >> oh. >> i left because of what happened to nina nina fisher. you don't remember her maybe you remember alexander monroe >> oh, yes, alexander monroe he actually just came back and gave a talk here oh, he's a -- he's a really nice guy. really smart
1:24 am
are you a friend of his? >> no. >> seth: please welcome to the show emerald fennell how are you, emerald >> i'm good, thank you i'm great. i'm always curious to find outou get the news >> well, i was at home in england, and i made a really terrible error, which was that daylight savings time, which at the best of times is the worst thing ever, it happened in america, but not in england. and so i was on a zoom call when i got a text from josh o'connor, who plays prince charles in "the crown," saying congratulations, oscars i said, what and he's like, why am i telling you this you need to be watching this and so then my husband came in and he had the live feed, and you know, i think i blacked out.
1:25 am
i think there was a lot of screaming, like a lot of screaming. and it's like, i don't know, nobody expects this thing. especially when you make an independent film you know, so it's just the most incredible thing ever. >> seth: it's an independent film it's also an incredibly unique film when did this idea first occur to you as a screenplay >> well i think, you know, i've just been thinking a lot about growing up and the kinds of things that were jokes in movies and in tv shows. you know, the concept of girls waking up with bodies next to them, not knowing who they were. and, you know, guys spying on women in their locker rooms and getting people drunk or waiting for the drunk girl at the end of the party. you know, it was just like banter it was just stuff that was just completely normal. and that was, you know, regrettably part of our lives. and so, i think i've just been thinking about that a lot, the kind of very disturbingly common place stuff about consent.
1:26 am
and, yeah, you know, the thing that came into my head was a very, very drunk girl lying on a bed being undressed by a guy, you know, drunkenly saying, "what are you doing, what are you doing? and then suddenly sitting up and saying, "what are you doing? and that "what are you doing" felt like the beginning of the movie. >> seth: there -- this is a movie where it's very important not to give anything away, but i had read before i saw it that this is one of the last movies where there were actual screenings where people saw it in a theater together. and that an actual fight broke out because there is a moment that people could see very different ways, or have very different reactions to were you in the theater when that happened or did you hear about it >> no, i was in the theater. and it was my first test screening. it was my only test screening i've ever attended and i sort of said to the producers and the distributors who were all there, i'll go and sit at the back. i just want to really hear
1:27 am
everyone, you know i really want to really experience everything. and then of course, i sat down and the guy next to me went, "what is this? and the women right next to him went, "i don't know. it's like, "oh, no oh, no why i am i sitting here. and so i was very far away but what happened, there's a scene in the film, which is, you know, very disturbing. and somebody in the audience liked it and the other person did not and there was a lot of shouting. and my only thought was, "oh, great, okay. well, this movie is never going to be released." >> seth: and yet -- and yet here you are. i also want to mention briefly or mostly just a compliment your work on "the crown." here you are as camilla parker bowles. some of the best smoking in bathtub acting we've seen, certainly in this century. did you enjoy doing it >> thank you so much. yes, that was one of the -- that was a very, very difficult
1:28 am
performance for me a real stretch look, actually, joking aside, it was very hard, because the bath was very hot i had to smoke 30 thousand cigarettes, and actually by the end, i remember i sort of slid out of the bath like a sort of beached whale. and everyone in the room, you know, usually people are discretely looking away politely but in this case, they were sort of recoiling [ laughter ] it wasn't great for the self-confidence. but they were quite right to do so >> seth: well, hopefully there's plenty now for you to have nothing but confidence about best of luck at the academy awards and thank you so much for making time for us today. >> of course thank you so much. >> seth: "promising young woman" is in theaters and on demand and available to own on digital and dvd. we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪
1:29 am
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♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests, rob lowe, dohmhnall, and brian gleeson and emerald fennell. i want to thank fred armisen and the 8g band. stay tuned for - >> hi seth >> seth: oh, hi amber. >> hey seth? i'm so happy hiatus is over and i can't wait to start "the amber ruffin show" tomorrow on peacock >> seth: oh, that's so great


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