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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 28, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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rights now at 11:00, we're seven hours aware from president biden's joint address to coming. he'll expected to talk about the pandemic and the path to reopening america. good morning and thanks for joining us for this midday newscast. i'm kris sanchez in for marcus washington. the peach is the equivalent of the state of the union just not in the president's first year. that's not what it's called, but
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it will be unlike any that we've seen before with limited attendance and extremely tight security. nbc's kristen welker reports. >> reporter: just hours from now ben will aim to show he's making progress on his administration's most pressing challenge, the ongoing fight against covid-19. >> cases and deaths are down, down dramatically. >> reporter: and he will also pivot to his new call for congress to pass his nearly $2 trillion american families plan which includes $200 billion for free universal pre-school for 3 and 1-year-olds and extends the child tax credit for five years to. pay for it the president is proposing a set of tax increases on wealthy americans making more than $400,000. investors and large corporations, but republicans are already opposing the idea. >> might as well be elizabeth warren and bernie sanders giving the speech tomorrow night. this is massive increases in
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spending. >> reporter: noting that with his covid relief and broader infrastructure plan the president will have asked for a combined $6 drill crop. white house officials say the president's other major focus tonight, racial justice and police reform coming on the heels of derek chauvin's conviction which the president controversially weighed in on before the verdict saying he was hoping for the right outcome. tonight the president will make an urgent push for congress to pass the george floyd bill which would ban chokeholds, make it easier to prosecute law enforcement and end immunity protections for police. delivering the republican response south carolina senator tim scott, the senate's only black republican who is spearheading the gop effort to pass police reform. >> that's kristen welker reporting. watch the address right here tonight on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 6:00. new rope to get a covid
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vaccine. the cdc says fully vaccinated people 65 and up are 94% less likely to be hospitalized with coronavirus than people who have not gotten the shot. people even partially vaccinated are 64% less likely to be hospitalized than folks who are unvaccinated. data has already shown us that pfizer and moderna vaccines help prevent severe covid-19 illness. according to the cdc nearly 34,000 americans are hospitalized with covid right now. here in california about 1,700 people are in intensive care units battling the virus. new video this morning that shows the rising tensions between the u.s. and iran. it's nighttime video released by the navy, and it is hard to see if you're looking at your screen, but that's an american warship firing warning shots monday night after iranian guard vessels came too close to a patrol in the gulf. lights are seen in the distance and then an apparent gunshot can be heard with tracer rounds racing across the water.
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iran so far is not acknowledging this incident. and a local story now that's getting national attention. this morning alameda police releasing body cam video of officers trying to restrain an oakland man who then died in police custody. nbc bay area's bob redell is in alameda outside headquarters. bob, what does the video show? >> well, good morning to you, kris. the body cam video depicts a struggle between alameda police officers and mario gonzales. he's the 26-year-old map who died in police custody as officers tried to arrest him at this park here in alameda early last week. we've seen moved the police headquarters to the scene of where the struggle took place. you can see a lady is tending to the flowers and the candles left here in gonzalez's memory. we want to warn you that this officer video that you're about to see is disturbing. it happened on april 19th. it was around 10:45 in the morning. alameda police responded to calls to a man under the influence and possibly involved in a theft.
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family say gonzalez was having a beer in the park when police tried to restrain him. as you can see in this video that runs almost an hour, officers struggled to handcuff gonzalez. at up point you can hear an office up officers ends up with his knee on gonzalez's back where it remains for about four minutes. gonzalez eventually loses consciousness. officers try to bring him back. they called the fire department. gonzalez died later at the hospital. police say gonzalez was 26 years old and had a medical emergency. gonzalez's family spoke outside the police department yesterday right before they released that video to the public. they believe those officers used excessive force and are responsible for gonzalez's death. >> the police killed my brother in the same manner that they killed george floyd. >> i understand why people would draw that comparison and, you know, of course it happened contem trial. i do see when i watched the video, i do see a conversation
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between two of the officers about trying to not put too much pressure on avoid pressure on mr. gonzalez's back. i believe there's been accusations that the officers put their knee on mr. gonzalez's neck, and i didn't she when i watched the video, but, again, i want the entire investigation to be borne out before we make those kinds of pronouncements. >> alameda's police chief acknowledges the video is hard to watch but says it is too early in the investigation to determine whether or not his officers used excessive force. the city has hired an independent law firm to conduct the internal investigation. the police department has also asked alameda county sheriff's office to conduct its own investigation in parallel and is standard procedure the district attorney's office it is also investigating. the police department is waiting on autopsy results into the cause of death. the three officers involved are on paid administrative leave until the investigation is
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complete. back out here at this memorial set up at the park where the struggle took place, family says gonzalez who was from oakland was the father of a 4-year-old boy and the main caretaker of his 22-year-old brother who has autism. reporting live here in alameda, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. so developing in north carolina, a judge just ruled that body camera body of a controversial deputy shooting should be released to the family within the next step days, but not to the public for the next 30 to 45 days at the request of the district attorney's office which is investigating there. 42-year-old andrew brown jr. died last week in elizabeth city. deputies say he was trying to drive away and now the fbi has opened an investigation. last night protesters once again gathered there, and at one point one person appeared to be taken into custody, but it is not clear why. the efforts to remove the mayor of a north bay community accused of sexual assault has
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hit a glitch. multiple women have accused windsor mayor dominic fapoli of sexual assault leading to the town's council and others to urge him to step down and also begin the recall effort. nbc bay area's cierra johnson is live with a closer look at where the recall efforts stand and a recent announcement by the mayor himself. good morning, cierra. >> reporter: yes, good morning, kris. this week organizers filed that paperwork to proceed with that recall, but campaign leaders made the announcement that paperwork had errors when it was filed, so instead of using the term at-large mayor, that group used mayor of windsor. the group will now have to re-file that paperwork because of that error again in that recall effort. so if you remember, the mayor was accused of sexual assault by at least six women. the mayor of windsor was asked to resign by council members, even his own brother asked him
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to step down, but in a statement we received the town clerk says instead of stepping down he will step back while that investigation is under way. that statement sent to "the chronicle" and the mayor says he'll step back until that sonoma county sheriff's office and state attorney journal is complete reading i do not want my presence to cause a distraction. the town town's vice mayor will lead under his absence. we'll follow both efforts with the recall and with the filing as well as with the investigation currently under way by sonoma county sheriff's office as well is at state's a.g. office. live in burlingame, cierra johnson, nbc bay area news. >> it's sunny outside and getting warmer outside. let bring in meteorologist kari hall. you know we have the little nectarine tree in the parking lot and it's been looking so
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happy because of the rain we had over the weekend. >> oh, snap a picture for me. i missed that. i've been working from home but still enjoying the sunshine. here's a live look outside in san jose. we're going to see more sunshine and it's already 70 degrees so expect more blooms and more pollen as the temperatures go from mid-70s at lunchtime to low 80s today. a big warmup considering we started out the week with highs in the low 60s and today in petaluma we'll reach up to 79 degrees. 80 today in dublin, and gilroy will see the temperatures reaching into the low 80s for today. we're going to see the winds kick up at times, and in the forecast we'll have just a slight cooldown as we head into the weekend. we'll talk more about that. drought status as well as how much rain we need to catch up to normal. that's all coming up in the microclimate forecast. kris? >> looking forward to it. thank you, kari. >> new at 11:00, one group is helping asian americans and pacific islanders alert people when they feel unsafe.
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this morning the sf shopping high association held a news conference to show us some of the personal sirens they bought to give away to seniors. it will give away thousands them to the seniors there. this, of course, coming after many attacks that targeted the api community. this is one of two meetings happening focusing on crime prevention strategies. happening today, big fines to stop illegal dumping in san jose. city leaders are talking about a new ordinance to ticket violators $10,000. right now fines are staggered based on whether it's a first or second or third offense and starts at $2,500, so $10,000, quite the spike. the ordinance is getting a first look by the city council's rules committee today. well, a strange sense of normalcy here in the bay area. . "the straight month of represent the increases here in the bay area. what does that mean? well, in san francisco rent went
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up 3% putting a two-bedroom apartment at just less than $2,500 rent. berkeley went up over 4% and san jose went up nearly 2%. oakland hats lowest rent, but it's still $2,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. overall prices are still down nearly 20% compared to where they were last year. fighting covid not with a vaccine but maybe with a pill. vaccine giant phizer is researching a new treatment, and experts are weighing in on the potential. and we're now just 85 days away from the summer olympic games, but as excitement grows, so are covid cases in tokyo. we'll show you new safety measures going into place before the opening ceremonies of the olympics. and singer tricia yearwood opens up about her experience of having covid-19 and how her husband garth brooks refused to quarantine away from her and how he was a wonderful at-home
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with brand-name looks at prices that say it's on. yeah, it is! get this season's styles for you... ...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! . olympic organizers in japan and the international olympic commit repushing ahead with plans to open the postponed tokyo olympics in just less than three months unveiling the latest set of rules to show how the games can be held even during a pandemic. nbc's keir simmons reports. >> reporter: this morning a reassuring tone to olympic meetings as the details of holding a covid-safely. ics are hammered out. >> we're ready to minimize risks. >> reporter: this week emergency covid measures were reimposed in tokyo and three other areas of japan in a bid to curb rising infections. planes loaded with vaccines have been arriving, but so far just over 1% of the country has been
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inoculated. thousands won't be making the journey to japan. overseas spectators have been banned because of covid. even athletes' families will stay home. everyone arriving at the airport must present a negative test and then get tested regularly. athletes won't be required to quarantine, but movements will be severely restricted. for japanese hawaiian surfer manina meta it's her chance at her first ever olympics but she will mitts fans. >> it's a little bit sad. we'll make it work and we'll have social media and stuff to inspire others. >> reporter: this morning as the olympic flame gathers across japan with spectators urged to not gather, organizers are looking to strictly enforce the rules as the countdown to the games begins unlike any staged before. and the head of the ioc says even stricter restrictions could be imposed, if necessary. these olympic games turning out to be perhaps one of the most
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challenging in olympic history. keir simmons, nbc news, london. >> all right. now to the pandemic and news of a breakthrough treatment for covid patients in the form of a pill. pfizer says this new drug could be available this year. it's an experimental oral drug to treat the symptoms at the first sign of illness, and it's now being tested on healthy people. this would be the second antiviral therapy for covid-19 joining remdesivir which is given to those with extreme symptoms. here's what the experts are saying. >> if someone comes in, they have covid, they haven't gotten vaccinated and they don't feel well, this would be given as an oral agent to keep them out of the hospital, and it would prevent hopefully getting sick with covid. >> reporter: the new treatment your best bet still is to get a vaccine. child immunization campaigns are being interrupted. the united nations children's
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fund said that the pandemic is interrupting vaccination campaigns for males and yellors fevers, and communities around the world are seeing the disparities. the u.n. says you can help campaigns get back on track. >> for every posting or sharing or referencing of a social unicef social media account use the #vaccineworks funders will give $1, up to $5 million to unicef to help promote vaccine life-saving work. >> see the full story on lx, channel 185 on xfiniti cable or any time on a novel idea being implemented to tackle a vexing problem. the problem is that visitors and working from home flocks are flocking back and there's litter and pollution and traffic popping up not to mention conflicts with the locals, so visitors are being asked to behave themselves, literally. tourists bureaus are ruling out
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the traveler responsibility pledge outlining proper conduct. it includes picking up after yourself and keeping wildlife wild so be safe, be mindful and mind the fire danger there as well. kari, we know that we could be in for some trouble in that regard. >> yeah, but really we have to tell people to behave. come on, now. we can do better than. >> come on. >> let's take a live look outside in tahoe. take a look at the beautiful view. you don't want to leave your trash and all that stuff out there and litter. i'm saying trash and litter. let's get a look at our highs for the next few days. we el 'be in the low 60s. weather just beautiful. highs reaching into the low 70s and those morning temperatures in the low 30s. let's bring it back home. as we get a look at what to expect, now we're going have some warming temperatures of reaching into the low 80s. reaching will 1 in antioch and martinez and napa reaching 81.
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morgan hill is 83 degrees so our temperatures are getting a boost so it will be perfect for the giants game tonight. just a little cool and if you're going expect to have temperatures in the low 60s at first pitch at 645. it's going to be cooling off this evening so wear a warm jacket as always at oracle park, and if you're in san francisco and you're looking up, maybe head over to golden gate park so that you can meet up with some astronomers and they will tell what you to look for. they will have some telescopes out there near the archery. we're looking for a particular asteroid. it's called versavia that will be passing by the bay area shortly after midnight. we're in one of the few areas across the country that will actually be able to see the asteroid belt. we're looking between mars and jupiter and golden gate park they will start to gather about 8:00 so that will be something cool to see. i did post the details on my facebook and twitter pages at kari hall weather so if you want more on that or if you're at home you'll be able to check it out with your own telescope.
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here's what we have going on. still have high pressure. that's been blocking all of the storms that have been moving to the north of here, so at times we'll see the storms moving across the pacific northwest. we'll see the winds picking up but still no rain and the rainfall deficits continue to grow as we look at how dry it's been. well, santa rosa, picked up another tenth of an inch of rain over the weekend so overall for a season total we're over 12 inches, but that's still 21 inches below normal. we can see huge rainfall deficits. really hard to get even a tenth of an inch in san jose, but we need nearly 9 inches of rain to catch up to normal. that's the reason why we're saying now is the time to conserve and even think about the summer when we'll be also not watergate our lawns and conserving even more. here's a look at the forecast. of course, still dry and it's going to turn windy so that's going to dry out the vegetation even more. we're going from the low 80s to the upper 70s. it looks like we have a lot of
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wind in the forecast as well as san francisco with the gusty winds and temperatures reaching into the mid-60s each and every day. we'll make it into the upper 60s by monday into early next week but overall cool, windy there and a lot of sunshine throughout this forecast. kris? >> all right. we love the snipe. thank you, kari. a parent's dream to see the children succeed in life. coming up the heartwarming moment when one man tells his parents he made his dreams come true. you don't want to miss it. i'll probably cry, too. first happening now, the space world remembering michael collins who died at the age of 90 with family at his side after a battle with cancer. he's the apollo 11 astronaut that sat alone in the command module "columbia" as his colleagues walked on the moon. aldridge 91 is now the only surviving member of that mission. we'll be back right after the break.
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well, an up-and-coming athlete achieved a lifelong dream, and it was a very touching moment when he shared that news with his parents. plus, oscar-winning director has a new title to add to the old resume. laura garcia has the story. >> reporter: trending this morning a veteran golfer reduced to tears telling his parents he made it to the big leagues. >> how are you? >> all right.
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>> i made it. >> i love you. >> i just love that. that's michael vaseki going viral after qualifying this week for his first ever pga tournament. it's the upcoming valspar championship in florida. he's 27 years old and his parents have been by his side every step of the way. >> i mean, i live with my parents so they keep on supporting me. they have been helping me out since i was 8 years old. i've never once thought about finding a part-time job. >> wow. they are always supporting him. you know what, he never gave up on those dreams. he says qualifying this week all the more special because he lives in nearby sarasota. we wish him well. that's real great. legendary film director martin scorcese can add tiktok star to his resume. >> cheese for your head. watch that.
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>> in his video his daughter francesca was quizzing him on products. it's kind of funny how kids are making fun of their parents. my kids aren't doing that just yet but i'm sure it's coming. back to you. >> all right. new at 11:00 you have a chance to own a pair of red sneakers worn by his airness. the sneakers worn by michael jordan himself during his 1984-'85 rookie season are expected to sell for $100,000 to $150,000 next month. smokers last year beat expectations and sold for $400,000. the auction will end on may 12th.
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i'm just going to go for the new kicks, i don't know about you. >> i'll watch and look at the shoes online and let's see what's going on. we're going to see some warm weather over the next couple of days. this weekend is looking nice but it will be windy. kris. >> all right. we'll put our hair in a pony tail. our next news is at 5:00. welcome to jack in the box. hey, jack, i heard your chicken- who told you that? it was jimmy wasn't it? no, i heard your chicken comes with classic and spicy in the same box, so i don't have to choose. ah yes. best of both worlds.
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