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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 31, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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breaking overnight a lone star state battle texas democrats stage a walkout to stop debate on a restrictive voting bill. but the gop-backed legislation will be added to a special session. >> crews pulled several components from the aircraft from the waters, including human remains. at this time the rutherford county medical examiner's office is working with the immediate family members to help identify the victims. >> this morning, we're learning more about the seven victims of a tragic private plane crash,
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including a best-selling diet guru a police manhunt is heating up after three gunmen open fire in a spray of bullets. two were killed and 20 injured outside a concert early sunday morning. our sam brock reports from the scene. it was a weekend that saw record pandemic crowds of over 135,000 at the indianapolis 500. and sightseers flocking to favorite national parks like the grand canyon and today may be the busiest air travel day of the year so ar, with millions returning from a holiday weekend. and a run to remember on this memorial day for some very special participants "early today" starts right now good to be with you this monday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we hope you're having a great start to your memorial day we begin this morning with the latest on america's rapid reopening. millions have traveled over the holiday weekend with crowds flooding airports, roads, beaches, boardwalks and more, bringing a sense of normalcy back to the country, which is still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic
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here is nbc's meagan fitzgerald. >> reporter: phillip, good morning. this memorial day weekend is proving that americans are taking large steps forward to getting back to normal the bigga is roaring back. >> i love it i'm so glad we're almost back to normal >> indy 500 drivers racing in front of a crowd of 135,000. witnessing this moment in history. >> holding up all four, helio castroneves. >> reporter: the largest gathering in over a year, with covid restrictions lifted and vaccinations on-site for anyone who wants a shot >> pretty cool, yeah to say that i was vaccinated at the indy 500 >> reporter: this memorial day, feeling familiar and offering a splash of normal national parks also flooded with visitors i'm allison barber at the grand canyon, where visitors from across the country have flocked for a little bit of fresh air and views like this.
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in washington, d.c., rolling thunder has returned >> it feels good. >> reporter: and what's the holiday without the beach? boardwalks packed from miami to waikiki. across the northeast, a washout. >> no boating today. >> reporter: high winds and rain forcing folks indoors. >> the weather is not the best. >> reporter: but it was a record-breaking weekend at the box office "a quiet place part ii" expected to net nearly $60 million. the highest of any film during the pandemic signaling a hollywood comeback but all good things must come to an end the nation's airports bracing for what could be the busiest travel day in over a year. >> it's good to see people are going places but i wish not so many people were going right now >> reporter: it was a holiday weekend the nation needed, and a remind they're there is an end in sight 5 million people have traveled
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since thursday, and that's a record for now all projections that this is going to be a busy summer. so the tsa is hiring they're planning to bring on an additional 3,000 more officers by labor day phillip? >> things are only going to pick up from here, meagan, thanks investigators have recovered human remains from the tennessee plane crash site seven people are presumed dead, and among the victims, the former "tarzan" actor joe lara and diet guru gwen lara. officials awaiting the medical examiner to identify the bodies. >> crews have pulled several components of the aircraft from the waters, including human remains. at this time, the rutherford county medical examiner's office is working with the immediate family members to help identify the victims. >> the flight departed from an airport just outside of nashville, bound for florida just after takeoff, the control tower heard a siren, and then lost contact with the plane. it crashed into a lake only three miles away investigators are still unsure what led the pilot to lose control.
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an urgent manhunt is under way in miami after another mass shooting two people are dead and more than 20 others are hurt after several gunman shot at a crowd three people are in critical condition, and the suspects are still at large >> let's get an update on that investigation from nbc's sam brock. sam, good morning. >> reporter: frances, good morning. miami-dade's police director said this was the worst mass shooting that he has seen in a multidecade stint with the agency as you can see behind me right now, the scene is still being processed. there is still a presence of police officers as the gun violence across the country right now raising alarm bells with law enforcement parents forced to face the horror once again, their children healing from gunshot wounds. >> he called us frantic, telling us he had been shot, that it hurt, it hurts and he loves us. >> i don't even know words can't explain how i feel. >> reporter: at a shopping center in northwest miami-dade,
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police say an suv waited in a parking lot for at least 30 minutes around midnight with three men leaving the vehicle and raining gunfire on those outside a banquet hall, injuring 20 and killing two >> i think it was probably targeting on a specific person at that event, and they really didn't care who was standing around and as a result, innocent people were shot and lost their life. >> reporter: miami-dade's police director says it's possible 100 rounds were fired as the assailants carried assault-style weapons. the rise in gun violence putting cities on edge across the country as covid restrictions continue to lift in fact, 57 of the biggest cities saw a 36% increase in gun homicides between 2019 and 2020, the biggest jump on record gun violence often worse in the summer. >> we're at a place the frequency of the shootings, the duration of how long they're lasting in these events. it should be concerning to all of us as americans now
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>> reporter: chicago's police superintendent saying the city will commit more resources to combatting shootings as summer approaches, shifting police officers' work hours and cancelling their vacation days and in new york, more units will be placed in high crime areas. the fallout from this vicious wave of violence, more families seeing their sense of safety shattered. >> my son, my only son, my only child, he is not a statistic he's graduate. >> reporter: the number of critically injured has now risen to three which means the death toll could potentially go all the way up to five this as miami-dade police say they have no idea where the three gunmen are, but they're pouring all of their resources into finding out in miami, sam brock, nbc news. frances, back to you >> okay, sam, thank you. breaking overnight in texas, democrats staged a dramatic walkout to block a restrictive voting bill. but the fight is far from over republican governor greg abbott said the bill would be added to a special session agenda
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the controversial bill would ban drive-through voting, limit voting hours, and make it more difficult to cast mail ballots and make it easier for a judge to overturn election result, even without proof that fraud affected the outcome turning now to the world of tennis day 2 of the french open is getting under way. on day one, naomi osaka won her first round match against patricia tig but it's what osaka didn't do that made headlines. as promised, she skipped the mandatory news conference raf sanchez joins us from london why is she keeping quiet, and what consequences should she face >> osaka has already been fined $15,000 for her media boycott, and organizers say if it continues, that penalty will get more severe, up to and possibly including her being kicked out of the tournament all together now this began last week when osaka, who is 23 and the world's
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number two, tweeted she was not going to take part in post match press conferences for mental health reasons she said it's not fair to player, especially after they have lost to have to it there and take repetitive and often painful questions from journalists. her stance has divided her fellow tennis stars. some saying they sympathize with her. these press conferences can be brutal others saying that she has a responsibility to the sport and to the fans to speak to the media. now osaka is giving no sign of backing down she tweeted last night "anger is a lack of understanding. change makes people uncomfortable. and guys, her next match is on wednesday. so we will be watching very closely to see what happens in this battle of wills between international tennis and one of its biggest stars. frances? >> either way, you can bet that that controversy will follow raf, thank you for the update. meanwhile, no fun in the sun for millions of us here, at least along the northeast this
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holiday weekend. throws so far. let's see if that changes with nbc meteorologist michelle grossman hey, michelle, good morning. good to see you. >> hey, guys so good to see you i know such a dreary start for so many. felt like winter in a lot of spots. temperatures in the 40s in the northeast. a lot of fireplaces going this weekend. but luckily, a warmup in the midatlantic today. we are watching storms in the central plains, especially heavy in oklahoma city, down to san angelo, san antonio. seeing the chance future some flooding, even some flash flooding in spots. also watching a chance for severe storms in parts of texas, also new mexico. so we're looking for hail. some damaging winds are likely as well. even a few tornadoes are possible we're going to keep an eye on that this afternoon. that moves to the east as we go throughout monday, also tuesday. still some strong storms in parts of texas and then by wednesday we're looking at storms in the're loo,
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even the chance for flash flooding 71 in oklahoma city. all right. rainy for many of us but we'll talk about the week ahead. we're warming up for many spots even triple-digits in the midwest. another fan presses the nba play-offs after the nets gained victory over the celtics a boston fan throws a water bottle at kyrie irving the bottle comes close to hitting irving in the head boston police soon identify the fan in the bleacher, took him away in schandcuffs. the fan is subject to a lifetime ban from the arena coming up, how you can bag a big prize at kroger by getting your vaccine a new push in tulsa 100s
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we're remembering a dark chapter in our nation's history, one you don't hear much about. the tulsa massacre that happened 100 years ago. a large community of black people was attacked and hundreds were killed by white mobs. this weekend tulsa residents gathered to remember and celebrate the levees of those who were lost. but there is also a new effort to get restitution for the survivors of that deadly attack. our morgan radford has more from tulsa. >> yes >> reporter: for viola fletcher and her brother hues van ellis, one of the darkest days in american history is more than a. it's something you don't forget. >> reporter: it happened years ago when both were children on the night of june 1st, 1921, a white mob stormed a successful area of town known as black wall street they killed nearly 300 black
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residents and burned down more than 30 square blocks of black-owned businesses and homes, loving more than 8,000 homeless what do you remember from that night? >> shooting, people running and screaming, and noise from the air like an airplane and just so many things that was disturbing, you know and fires burning and smelling smoke. >> reporter: did you see black bodies in the street >> black bodies in the street, that's right. >> reporter: no one was ever held responsible for the massacre at the time, black wall street was the largest collection of black-owned businesses in the country. now just a few black-owned businesses remain. >> my grandfather had a dry-clean owners greenwood. >> reporter: for don horner jr., whose insurance office sits in the heart of the greenwood district, the legacy of that night is still very much alive what would all this have looked like if the massacre had not happened >> it would mirror some of the
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cities like atlanta, the carolinas where families, professionals and generations of people maintaining that professional business, being able to maintain that wealth. >> reporter: today the unemployment rate for black tulsans is more than twice the rate of white residents, and more than a third of black tulsans live below the poverty line a new lawsuit is trying to change, that estimating property damage at more than $50 million in today's currency. hoping to deliver restitution to survivors like miss fletcher, who is now 107 years old >> we're looking for so much more than money. money is very important, but we're also looking for scholarships for descendants and the community. we're looking for business grants for the descendants in the community. we are looking for tax abatements. >> reporter: all in hopes of healing generational wounds that still linger today. >> every evening i kind of have the feeling it's time to run no telling what might happen >> reporter: even today?
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you have that nervous feeling? >> oh, yes sure that's something i've been thinking about for the last 110 years. >> reporter: 100 years and counting morgan radford, nbc news, tulsa, oklahoma >> what an important piece especially on this day still to come, dancing for a cause. thousands pack into a paris concert to help prepare for life after the pandemic and a ocgrery giant offers a cart load of prizes for covid vaccinations for sure. seriously? one up the power of liquid, one up the toughest stains. any further questions? uh uh! one up the power of liquid with tide pods ultra oxi. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast. ♪♪
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♪ 5,000 fans were crowded together in paris for an indoor rock concert it was also a covid experiment attendees were required to wear masks and take covid tests before and after the event 2500 people stayed at home as part of the control group to test if the virus spreads among concertgoers the results are set to be released at the end of june. a group of female cyclists recreated black history over the weekend. the women kicked off the 1928 legacy tour. a three-day bike ride from harlem, new york, to washington, d.c. the group completed ondespite w and cold weather the ride played homage to a
3:51 am
group of black women who made a similar ride in 1928 and served as a fundraising opportunity for gearrin up bicycles. kroger health is offering a shot at winning $1 million for free groceries for a year, just for receiving the covid vaccine at its locations the company is launching its community immunity campaign in collaboration with the biden administration's push to have at least 70% of u.s. adults vaccinated with one dose by july 4th. the stakes will run for fife weeks beginning on thursday. there will be five $1 million cash prize winners and 50 free grocery recipients on the last di of may, when is it going to feel like summer again? michelle grossman is up next with the answers. and a very special memorial day run in honor of loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. all right. welcome back after a very miserable start to memorial day weekend, we are so cold in the northeast. temperatures in the 40s in many spots. finally warmer and dryer today new england, though, you're going to stay cool and damp. you get your warm-up tomorrow. the south central states, we're looking at temperatures below normal also some rain and as we look towards wednesday, we're going to see that storm system move off to the east so the midatlantic, also parts of the ohio valley seeing some rain by friday and then also, triple-digits in the west. that's going to be a big story for the rest of the workweek back to you guys >> thanks, michelle. still ahead, the children of fallen service members run to remember their heroes.
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on this memorial day, a unique effort to honor the memory of our fallen heros by the children they left behind. here is catie beck >> major thomas hernandez? >> reporter: every week, the young and the brave form a circle >> sergeant -- >> reporter: honoring service members who made the ultimate sacrifice, a loss suffered before some here could walk, now in remembrance, they run >> these kids who gave up their parents for our country show up ready to live. >> reporter: trading tears for
3:57 am
sweat, these memorial miles run for the fallen, the fighting, the families of the u.s. military wear blue run to remember has 60 running groups across the country. like this one outside seattle, where it began in 2010 >> it's connecting them to a part of their story of who they are. they're not just survivors they're military kids. >> reporter: a connection made stronger by military mentors, paired as training partners for an annual 5-k race on memorial day. >> i can't imagine trying to keep up with a 14-year-old is easy. >> no it's not. >> reporter: army captain james soldner and jeremy miller agreed their introduction need no warm-up. >> reporter: they run for joey's dad, joseph milledge killed in operation iraqi freedom in 2007. how often do you think about your dad >> i think about him all the time i think of him encouraging me and just a little bit more, joey, take one more step. >> reporter: the race course
3:58 am
lined with unforgotten faces >> bye, daddy. >> reporter: and the much smaller ones forever longing to be near them >> the irony of this moment is that the very person who each of these kids are running for is the person they want at the finish line. >> reporter: but true victory is won on the way there as grief channels to a goal >> no matter how many times you're down, just put one foot in font of the other, and you will get there >> reporter: every finish a winded salute. >> it feels as if i'm reminding the world that my dad has made the ultimate sacrifice, and he will not be forgotten. >> reporter: always proud to run, determined to always remember catie beck, nbc news, dupont, washington >> and we of course honor their sacrifice. thanks for waking up with us i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm frances rivera. we leave you with this, a memorial day tradition hundreds of motorcyclists drove through washington, d.c. to honor veterans and advocate for their mental health as part of
3:59 am
rolling to remember. it's a reimagining of the rolling thunder rally which started as a demonstration for service members after the vietnam war. our deepest thanks to everyone who has served our nation in uniform, and especially those who have paid the ultimate
4:00 am
a deadly rampage and mass shooting in south florida. the search is on for three gunmen who left two dead and at least 20 injured outside of a miami concert. it was a weekend that saw record pandemic crowds of over 135,000 athe indianapolis 500. sightseers flocking to national parks including the grand canyon plus today may be the busiest air travel day so far. breaking overnight, a lone star state battle. texas democrats stage a walkout to stop


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