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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  October 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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but just barely be a couple of miles. i want to show you that this eye, so this is where those strongest winds would be and still just east of that coastline. some very heavy rain and strong winds now moving us through florida. have been for hours now. and continue to pound florida and that eastern coast. now let's take a look at these tracks. these are going to be spa computer models. each one of these lines helps us track this hurricane line you will see most of this line take it to florida. circle it back around and look at this. you see the shaded area from central florida to the bahamas. could potentially move back into florida, the bahamas.
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we're going to keep you updated. already thousands of flights are cancelled. imagine the worry that a hurricane is about to knock on your door. >> john, no doubt it's going to be a stressful vacation for some people who just hrapblded in arizona. stephanie, one traveler said as soon as she landed here, she took out hur phone to see what the latest track for matthew was vacations into wondering what's going on back home as the roofs are moving on. those who wanted to fly came out early. including this woman who flew from florida. >> they were able to change our ticket to the morning. i left fort lauderdale at 8:00 in the morning but the airport was closing right behind us.
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there. they were literally it was like a ghost town. >> no direct flights to the florida area. they were in south florida as matthew was approaching. they've changed their flight to get back home where it's dry as quickly as possible. got to take advantage of that window opportunity to just get out. thanks so much john. we want the weather desk. the haiti interior minister says the hurricane death toll now up to283 people lost in the hard hit area. these are just preliminary numbers. it's proof there's a lot going on. we have you covered right now and until everything settles. we can tell you that a fema team in arizona is on stand by.
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just look at what matthew did to the bahamas. we're also going to look at the impact in haiti where katie mentioned so many lives have been lost and what is being done to help those moving forward. >> a valley man not able to go home because of what cops say he did inside. cameras found in a bathroom evidence it may have been also in a bedroom. so what was he watching? estranged wife and others who live inside the home. he claims he was trying to see if his estranged wife was cheating. >> now that police have processed the data from a truck involved in a deadly crash in surprise last month. police say, 66-year-old roger colliard was going 100 miles per hour. brand new details since
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a chandler father accused of setting a series of fires. >> reporter: uncontrollable urges. that's what thomas leper jr. blames it on. he left a note that said find me after one of the fires burned dangerously close to a home with a family the last fire was caddy corner to my home, sorry. >> reporter: during an interrogation, leper admitted he's struggled with his fire feelings for years. police say he watched firefighters work after the fires were set. investigators combed through the home searching for more clues and evidence he's facing more charges.
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beautiful afternoon here across the valley. we made it back up to 90 today. all afternoon long. they haven't produced any rain and they won't. take a look outside the sunset. just a little bit of daylight left. looking back to the west there at our queen creek cam. it's 87 in phoenix. 13percent humidity. mostly clear skies, low winds overnight tonight. it'll be late tomorrow night though before that happens so first we warm up. we're up to 96 tomorrow. keeping these clouds in the forecast mid-90s expected in tepl pee then we'll be w atching -- in tempe. then we'll be watching a disturbance. that means our rain chances will be going up. we'll tell you when that
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north carolina not something to take lightly. a we know a man is dead. he shot at them when he got to the dead end. so they fired back. hurricane matthew will buy some time for voters in south carolina who haven't registered for the upcoming election via mail. the deadline was supposed to be this saturday but it's been pushed to october 11th. hillary clinton wants -- wants florida to do the same. to make sure everybody is safe before they hold rallies. early voting in that state starts tomorrow. donald trump still focused on the campaign trail. even though hurricane matthew is about to slam into his resort.
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trump's campaign is in full swing. how speaker paul ryan. the first time ryan publicly has done this since the republican national convention. the two will appear in the fall festival at the wal worth county fairgrounds. don't be a creep or will catch you. alonzo vargas was charged, he says it was just a joke. he wasn't the only one. the two teens with a conscious may get lucky. police say they may not face charges everyone though police say they are the maricopa clown. two west valley students
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clown mask on campus. clowns are not welcomed. dress codes don't allow it any way. >> we don't allow kids to feel fearful in any way. we don't allow students to be representing themselves in way that's going to cause fear. one brought a clown mask to school. one with bulging eye. the other put it on and went into a hall way scaring a girl. >> she said she thought he was going to threaten her and kill her. >> he is, he's hilarious. he just messes around. he's actually a really funny kid. >> reporter: funny kids now face a nine day suspension. >> in this letter to parents, school officials are asking
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about disruptive behavior in school and consequences if they are caught. the guy who shot and killed a young police officer this morning was known to the people he was trying to rob. the robbery is what brought officer blake schneider to this home near st. louis. he was shot almost immediately after getting out of his car. the gunman suspected to survive. it appears a mall attack was thought out and well planned. that's the newest word investigators in minnesota. they believe 20-year-old was only radicalized in the last three months. they say he even suggested to his sister to be more religious. the conductor must join the engineer allowing for a second
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was going 10-miles-per-hour over the speed limit. the conductor says he doesn't remember anything. they call it a perfect storm of mistakes. that's the newest argument just filed today. cosby is set for trial in june. there's a new challenge facing protesters trying to make a stand against lines. protesters say they've been told their blocking traffic. others just want to pray. >> they stopped us here. so well, we'll offer our prayers here. >> the tribe is trying to block the traffic. a phoenix burglar makes out with credit cards, jewelry and electronics but there was one thing he took away that the
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>> an almost $2 million heist. several rvs just taken with no clues in sight. >> did you apply for subsidies that could save you money? coming up, joe is going to let you know why asking for help is very important. >> the cardinals defense needs a little help. tonight they face an offense they're quite familiar with as they look for their first sheriff paul babeu was headmaster at desisto school in massachusetts. a boarding school rife with abuse. a lot of things went down that probably shouldn't have. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found. except these records show the state found it, students and parents testified about it, and a judge ordered it to stop. the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to
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we want to warn you of a crime alerin told you about burglars using doggy doors to break into a home. one man went as far as shooting and killing the family dog after he made it into the home. this is surveillance video of the man after the crime. as he used the credit cards he stole. authorities say, he was seen with a woman with long dark hair driving a red suv.
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witness. $1,000 reward is being offered. imagine an 11 -month-old baby in the closet for 11 hours. police found the baby with a soiled diaper and scared. the mom left the baby in the closet after she was arrested. new tonight, he says the press is releasing startling information from homeland security. a new report finding 54% of people who have come into the u.s. illegally got caught last
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success rate homeland security previously sighted. the report was completed in may. but homeland security officials have yet to release it. chicago over hauling the way it investigating police shootings. some have criticized the mayor's efforts saying he didn't do en a police citizen oversite board and broad powers for investigators will now be added. the police department is taking action by adding 1,000 officers to fight widespread violence. >> that scary, creepy clown phenomenon taking a dangerous turn in michigan. police say a man in a clown mask walked into a walgreens and immediately aimed his gun at two workers. leaving shoppers and clerks scared for their lives.
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the news that scared me. you have someone dressed in a costume, you can't see their face, you can't see who it is. >> it is not the first clown related crime there. two women were threatened with two baseball bats by men wearing masks. one man who knows a thing or two stephen king. he's saying, hey guys tone it down. could all of this be viral marketing. warner brothers says there's absolutely no connection. >> with all this talk of clowns we wondered will we see more of them for halloween. harley quinn from suicide squad is the number one.
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followed by super heros. no carson palmer, no problem. right. well only time will tell. we'll find out soon enough. can the offense get something going in santa clara? will the defense revert back to their no fly days. an offense these cardinals have seen a time or two. >> we played against chuck the past three seasons. we know what's going on. he knows us, we know them. wants it more. who's more fundamentally sound. that's probably what this game is going to come down to. >> this one is under way as we speak at last check. still no score in the second. cardinals and niners knotted up in zeros. drew stanton has been nothing to write home about. hopefully he picks it up. >> there's still time. >> there's still a chance. >> absolutely.
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the hurricane and how that's affecting florida. meantime we have rain chances in our forecast too. >> the rain chances are coming up. take a look at this, a live look outside. we have a little cloud cover tonight. sitting back behind south mountain. not producing any rain. temperatures outside in the 80s and mesa, glendale upper 80s there. our wind speeds have been light. they continue out of the westerly southwesterly direction at five to 10 miles per hour. keeping light winds in the a little breezier there in bull head city tonight. sustained winds at 70 miles per hour. but statewide has really been a quiet day weather wise. as we look outside. we saw some of the clouds on the live look there. back to the south. not seeing any rain with the clouds passing through. that will be changing as we go into tomorrow. we're getting ready for a disturbance to move in. that brings a little moisture
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and brings a little rain with it. about a 30% chance of rain as we head into saturday morning. tomorrow we stay mostly dry. isolated rain chance late in the evening. we're talking 9:00, 10:00, maybe 11:00 into the overnight hours. it'll be that saturday during the morning hours with the lingering chance. the state fair starts tomorrow. so this weekend, again best chance for rain will be in the morning. highs on saturday 93 degrees. we will you're planning to go out to the fair. gusting at 20 miles per hour. sunday mostly sunny skies. temperatures again warm with lighter winds in the forecast as we wrap up the weekend. we'll keep you updated on those rain chances right now out the door in window rock here at 59 degrees. you're going to have some of the coolest temperatures out there starting tomorrow morning at 5:00. 64 in gila bend.
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tomorrow. 79 sedona. heating up here in phoenix. 90 tomorrow in bull head city. just a quick look at the valley forecast for tonight first starting with the east valley. 63 tomorrow morning in fountain hills. we're all going to be in the 90s. near average or slightly above that average high is 92. and as you look at the extended forecast with me. you continue to see those temperatures hovering right above that average point. forecast. 97degrees morning lows next week in the 70s. we'll keep it dry as we look at tuesday, wednesday and thursday. joe doosey here with producer courtney jones. we're on facebook talking about health concerns. a lot of people worried about if they're going to have coverage. >> all these companies pulling out of the state. >> you're going to have between the health care marketplace.
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they'll be covered for you for insurance. >> there's about 300,000 people in the state that have no idea that they're eligible for access. they haven't applied. >> 30,000 people we hear about the health care marketplace for subsidies. didn't apply for those either. imagine they're paying more for insurance when they could have had these subsidies ansaving must be right now. >> really complex situation. we have a will the of information for you on our facebook page. >> the key is really to try to see if you can get these subsidies and you can get lowe costs. go to our facebook page and we'll see you next time. >> all right, guys, thanks. an uber get away but it's not the kind you're thinking of. how this woman drove herself to jail. >> traffic on the east coast shut down. boats going nowhere. what the coast guard is going
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here.
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we've been watching our sister station which is in west palm beach. you see one of the right here. they're on the air nonstop with coverage at this hour to try to keep folks safe from hurricane matthew. they were just reporting for those of you who know the area well, martin county is without power. so many trees are down that deputies are out there getting out of their cars with chain saws trying to clear the way. so you can see this is just an effort by everyone to keep people safe. we're going to continue to keep you updated. we know so many of you have
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a major recall affecting parents and babies. a popular infant bathtub can cause injury. if you have one, contact the company for a replacement. a new job looking for work in the area.
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a boarding school rife with abuse. a lot of things went down that probably shouldn't have. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found. except these records show the state found it, students and parents testified about it, and a judge ordered it to stop. the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to live and function as a normal human being. i'll end with that, thank you so much. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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sheriff who will put fighting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda. paul penzone has been a decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone... a new sheriff who will put our safety first. destruction and sadly death.
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down on haiti. massive power outages as we're already hearing about at this hour. even more once matthew hits full force. >> katie, hurricane matthew's worse destruction felt in haiti. >> the to the toll rising as the hours go by. 283 dead tonight. and there are challenges to help those who survived. roads are impassable. communication cut off. it's believed 250,000 will need help after the disaster. tonight for the first time in a long time, the space agency doesn't have to worry about rolling space shuttles off the law firm pad. this message pretty much
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ports are shut down until after the hurricane passes. and this is what it looked and sounded like as the feeder bands began hitting miami beach earlier today. many in south florida thankful the master storm is tracking a little further north but preparing either way. >> there's a lot of preparation in place. lines at the launch pad. the chandler man who police say set up cameras inside his home to watch his estranged wife. police say they got more than 1,000 videos once they got ahold of the dvr. they were time stamped from 2011 to 2012. he told police he was trying to see if his estranged wife was cheating.
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woman and man were arrested and convicted with a murder. three others are facing charges for the shooting death of 25- year-old mario cholaq. he was playing a game of card inside a business in phoenix. crooks ransacked a home taking a bunch of gadgets near 24th avenue and thomas. fortunately no one was hurt. only on abc15 we go inside arizona's department of child safety headquarters. where investigators say things are not getting better for children in the dcs. >> as long as there's thousands
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engage children and families and do the best job they were doing. >> soon you will be asking backlog, what backlog. he expects to hit the legislatures goal to 1,000 or a fewer cases in january. >> based on what we're going to be doing we're going to be hitting that mark. >> what does that mean? caseworkers can focus less time on old investigations and more time working with the 18,000 kids currently in foster homes. >> so emphasis on how we safely get kids out of the system in care and faster into permanent homes. every single system needs to recover. what we're trying to say is, we have a plan, it's very intentional.
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>> melissa blazias. abc15. a small victory for several dps employees. the state argues they were at will employees. and could be fired at any moment. a story you saw first on abc15. we're tracking spending on proposition legalize recreational marijuana. almost $1 million has been spent in total on pot. and this afternoon west winds are at 8 miles per hour.
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the forecast. keeping things pretty quiet. with 70s back in the forecast by 9:00 tonight. a little warmer start tomorrow at 66 going to be quiet. a little bit of a cooler spot hitting those low 60s. tomorrow we're warming up. we're headed up to 96. here across phoenix. ozone levels a little elevated. more on your forcast and hurricane matthew are in a few minutes. remember one runway is closed at sky harbor through november 6. repairs are being made there so expect a chance for delays. >> the whole point of uber is not getting behind the wheel but one woman had other plans that left her in the slammer. >> a brazen armed robbery in the valley. tonight the search to find a man with a shotgun in hand. >> lights, camera, action and james p. walsh: to keep our community safe -
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paul penzone has been a decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone...
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we've got the first view of the damage all across haiti from hurricane matthew and it is devastating. the death toll as we told you was just updated to 283 lives lost. we'll keep the updates coming up here at the live desk. >> incredible video. nabbing a california woman who sent them on a wild chase after taking off in a stolen uber. police say it was parked at a gas station but the woman slipped in and almost hit a driver. thankfully despite all of that no one was hurt. take a look at your screen now. as police are on the hunt for this guy. they say he walked into an am/pm gas station with gun in
6:41 pm
-- demanded money. there was an employee that held the door closed. he threatened that witness and then ran off. we've been monitoring live pictures you can see how spotty they are. one just going down and another one being put up right there. this area just getting hammered by the rain. as hurricane matthew inches closer. we'll keep these updates coming. a what maricopa county is saying about it tonight. a heart of a hero. a teenager giving all she's got to save a pup clinging to life. antonio brown is at it again. in week one he was fined for twerking. and this week he will be given another fine for more dirty dance moves. >> we want to make sure you
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for a ride at the state fair.
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sheriff paul babeu was headmaster at desisto school in massachusetts. a boarding school rife with abuse. a lot of things went down that probably shouldn't have. this isn't about abuse or neglect, because none of this was found. except these records show the state found it, students and parents testified about it, and a judge ordered it to stop. the cornering, the sheeting, i didn't know how to live and function as a normal human being.
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g. we're tracking hurricane math -- matthew from the live desk. wind of 150 miles per hour is heading toward florida. the storm is east of west beach. they predict it will hug around georgia. we're getting video from the damage inside that bahamas hotel. you can just see this hotel in the bahamas. see that giant gaping hole in the wall. just shows how destructive it is. also a curfew is set at this hour. 6:00p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and there's plenty of downed powered lines everywhere you look in martin county. we're going to keep you updated. >> all right, katie. you can't vote if you don't
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voting mix up is raising more than concerns about helen purcell. >> anthony valentine has more including an interview with the election boss herself. >> reporter: many are saying that has made too many mistakes. election watchdogs are watching this one closely. her response, happy to have the help. >> if they observe something happen. we want to know about it. i know they're going to go to you. they're going to go to the media, understand that. but they need to come to us too so we can solve that problem. >> with 1.4 million registered
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purcell says even perfect elections have hick ups. like the polling change that changes last minute. >> she points out only the tempe address was printed wrong but some say purcell is out of do overs even on the small stuff. >> there's been too many mistakes whether there's malice or mistake. many here in have forgotten about that brexit vote. a second chance of life for a chihuahua mix. the stray was going to be put
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coyotes. but justine haynes is not letting that happen. you may wonder how a teen is going to do that. she's paying for all the expenses through her college fund. and she named the pup, chance. in week one, brown was fined over $9,000 for twerking against the washington redskins. this week against the chief, he was fined for whatever that is. the nfl has a rule against quote sexually suggestive behave -- behavior on the field.
6:49 pm
$10,000 fine. >> there was a discussion about it actually being twerking. >> no online course. i mean maybe it was an attempted twerk. we'll go on that. >> the most expensive twerk ever done. >> i have no transition to weather. just go ahead. >> we're going to turn our attention back to the tropics and this monster massive hurrican that's still sitting off the coast. at least the eye is. still feeling those effects for hours. desert doppler looking at it right now. as you look at the satellite radar composite. you can see we put this into motion and it still continues to move to the north. we're tracking that eye to see if it make that is northwesterly turn. once it maybes land fall. once that eye crosses over the coast on to land. that's when it makes land fall so we're still watching for
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still occurring there in florida right now sustained winds around that eye 130-miles- per-hour. gusting to 155. category four storm for the next several hours. once we get into tomorrow we get into that mid-morning. expecting this right now to be down to a category three storm. so going to have very strong winds will be a major hurricane as it approaches jacksonville and continues on to the carolinas. going into saturday morning, and then a l on what's going to happen with this storm as by sunday, watch what happens it makes a turn back to the south and to the southeast and you see this comb right here: it could go any where from back into florida. the hurricane prediction center models indicating that a potential back into the bahamas. so we'll be watching this very closely as we go through the next several days as well. back here closer to home. 87degrees outside there. beautiful sky conditions for us. mostly clear. 87 in surprise.
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looking at the broader perspective across the state. we have those 50s north. cooling down very nice there. dewpoints in the 20s and teens. we did have a little bit of that upper level moisture moving back into the south and south central portion of the state. satellite radar composite is all quiet. those rain chances will be going back for the valley. late friday night through saturday. we'll have a look at your seven day forecast in minutes. this week we're headed to a hard hitting youth as we head to the vickings and some of these kids are pretty tough. get your helmet on, have dad hit you with some bug spray and get ready for some small stars football. >> go big boy. you finally got it. yeah. this is what we talked about. >> welcome from big hits to bear crawls these vickings mean business. >> go. >> although they look like high
6:52 pm
it's during water break we discover they're still just five, six and 7 years old. >> what is your really favorite thing? >> linebacker. >> with that, they're back on the field working on moving their feet. >> get it, get it jesse. >> good wrap up. >> reporter: after hitting the bags it's time to go one on one. mano just you and me. >> come on pete. open your feet up. >> open up. >> be strong. >> keep your hands, reset them. >> good job. >> good job, good job, good job. >> while the offensive back and running backs worse, ben has found on microphone. >> number 71 on your screen
6:53 pm
still looking for more. >> ? ? mr. roboto, domo, domo. >> you're this week's small stars. >> one, two, three. >> vickings. >> always adorable. your prime time line up
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james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - we need a sheriff who will put fighting violent crime
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decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone...
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the arizona state fair is starting tomorrow and we can't let you go without knowing how to save. >> check it out. they let us in a day early to the state fair. if you go in blindly you can blow your whole paycheck without blinking an eye. smart shoppers, i'm going to show you how to save some cash. >> there really is no reason to pay full price for admission because there is a deal almost every single day of the week. general admission is just $2. then every saturday admission is $2 before 2:00 p.m. on wednesdays, donate canned food items and get free admission from noon to 6:00 p.m. admission is also free. every thursday from noon to 1:00. save your fry's food reseats because when you eat at fry's you will get a free voucher.
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the jurassic trail a great attraction. you have to go to abc15 smart shopper to find out how to get great deals on the rides and foods to have a great time. >> tonight on abc15 news at 10:00. a live report in florida. the brunt of the storm that eye wall expected to make land fall. plus, house of cameras. we just told you the back story on this. a chandler man accused of setting up cameras in his old home. allegedly to spy on his ex. a new family lives there now and they're the ones who found the camera. we're talking to them. >> here's a look at your seven day forecast. a little warmer tomorrow. 96. isolated rain chance late
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