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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 11, 2016 12:35am-1:05am MST

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it's october 10th, time for new viral videos "right this minute". a crowd gathers around a raging inferno. >> there's a reason they are so concerned beyond the fire. >> why there are two good reasons and a neighbor fighting to get them out.
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100 miles an hour, but -- >> he just powers through. >> how he's living the motto, when in doubt, throttle out. >> you see hundreds of people outside. >> kids and adults alike count on a mission of mercy. >> to bring people services they usually couldn't get. >> the amazing story behind bright island outreach. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bring web. including a couple's first kiss recorded on a lost go pro. >> a year later, guess what he found. >> a story of the 6,000-mile journey to get their memories back. >> how does this happen? neighbors in the suburb of northern columbia rush into action. you see as they gather around that house, it's on fire and the smoke is still in the air. there's a reason they are so concerned beyond the fire.
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with a child. come to find out there's two children in the burning house. >> oh, my goodness. >> ages 6 and 10 years old. now as the camera pans over, you see what looks like an inferno on the other side of the home. >> oh, my goodness. >> said there's two, i've seen two so far. >> they were able to successfully rescue both the boys. check this out, both are getting buckets because they have to put the fire out. >> imagine fighting a fire in a home with buckets of water. >> it's impossible. the damage is going to be catastrophic. they need a big fire truck to show up. >> trying to save somebody's house. >> it's a community effort, if this fire does catch, everybody else is going through the same thing. they have to team together otherwise disaster. >> yes, you see them run back
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>> everybody made it out alive, though, nobody was injured. >> everybody made it out alive. these kids were home alone. parents were away at the market when all this happened. >> can you imagine coming back to this? >> what started it? >> electric cable failed. they think it might have hit a cloth and sparked. >> guys familiar with the term when in doubt, pin it let me switch it around, when in doubt, throttle out. get in trouble in motor sports, best way to fix it is more fuel. he's testing out his race truck in california. they are testing this truck after an upgrade. it's okay he's doing this, just happens this section of the offroad park happens to parallel a two-lane road. >> going very fast. 100 miles an hour. watch what happens here.
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>> spare tire goes. truck gets out of shape and unsettled, but he never lifts off. he just powers through and just keeps motoring on. truck landed a little back heavy. did that cut the strap that held the spare tire in, also dented his fuel cell a bit. >> he didn't care. >> interesting, once he landed it, super squirrely. most people would slow down and that's where you end up rolling. he floored it. >> look, there he is caught right bac vehicle, strap dangling in the back there, but i would say and i believe jerry would agree, the suspension modifications they made were effective. oh, hawaii, that's where this couple has gone to do a little snorkeling off oahu. they are about to come upon a
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>> oh! >> that big eel was, what, an octopus? >> yes. eel versus octopus and they are tussling. look at that. >> wow, this is some awesome stuff. >> look at that. if you're under water and see that kind of silt getting messed up in the water, i'd back off a bit. what's going on. >> it's an underwater street fight. that's what's going on. >> did you see that? >> yeah, octopus looks like he got away. >> octopus did break free. it's missing a tentacle and somehow, i don't know how it happened, it got attached to the eel's face, but the eel can still see and the eel is not happy. it's going to lash out. >> did it get him? >> didn't get him, but got close. it was angry at the octopus because it lost the fight and angry at the human for getting
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>> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need monday's buzz word, at least 21 years old, and a resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. people don't like going to the dentist, but you know why, it's because we've taken it for granted. what about people that access to proper dental care? that's what these videos are about. it's all about outreach. a group of dentists and dental students that go to the underprivileged areas of the dominican republic to bring people services they usually couldn't get. it was started by eric and jonathan and what's interesting is the combination. put together by jack from "right this minute," editor jack went off to the dominican republic to
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outside waiting for dental care, from children to adults. >> all kinds of stuff, not just cleaning, i mean extraction. >> think about the worst tooth ache you've had and there's nobody around to fix it for you. that's what these people are going through. >> they've actually got 500 people together to give them all different kinds of treatmt. 7 million pesos worth, equivalent to $152,000. >> that's a lot of co-pays. that medical room something in a world war ii movie. >> they are handing out tooth paste and tooth brushes. >> also making sure they have something for the future, teaching them home care so they can take care of themselves after we leaf. >> all the things were donated. it was a community effort. >> we take a lot for granted that people in other countries don't have. >> nice example of the gratitude they showed because right here you can see this group of girls gave a traditional dominican
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those there. >> not only are we here to provide dental health care and education to our patients, but we're also able to see a bit of the culture in the country. >> kind of cool. get to do something charitable. as you can see from the incredible drone footfootage, a well, they get to see the beauty of the dominican republic. it's a good thing, well done, jack. >> it's a video that truly does bring smiles. >> words cannot explain how happy i am to be here. it's an honor and pvi provide care to the community. >> if you want to find out more or donate, as well, go to all the information you need is right there. a pizza guy's delivery comes to a halt when -- >> oh! dude! how did you not see that? >> see why what happens next has him serving up a slice of justice. >> car is running from me. and a makeup look you'll
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even a beautif closed captioning provided by -- gingivitis and plaque. act? advanced kills 99% of these germs. act? advanced. pulling into this parking lot here in louisiana. >> dude! how did you not see that? somebody just t-boned him. >> look what happens, because he sits there for a while, but then he shifts gears. >> oh! >> did you see what was passing him by? a police officer. so he was honking and waving trying to get the officer's
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the phone. >> hello, yes, i've just been hit and run. this car is running from me. >> that's got to be so frustrating, you know? i don't understand the mentality of people. you're not going to be able to run away from your problems. >> he follows her for nearly seven minutes. >> almost as if the driver is oblivious to the fact he's behind her, which would explain the obliviousness she rammed into him. >> you can see her pulling right here into an apartment complex. >> medical thing, is she some kind of medical issue? >> it is not a medical issue, nick. >> she's turning around now. i don't know what she's doing. >> police have turned up and it's pretty obvious what's going on with this driver. >> looks like happy hour turned into unhappy hour. >> it is unhappy news. she was arrested for dui and hit and run. police say her blood alcohol content was .210.
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the number one wind suit race in the world is about to start october 15th. the world wind suit league 2016 china grand prix. in this video, we see some of the athletes that are being featured, including -- >> cowboy hats accepted. >> including, i think, woody from toy story participating this year. that's jesse hall, along with favorites you should definitely keep an eye out for. graham dickinson from canada, scotty bobs from the usa, and yoki summer. some of these guys we've had on the show over the years, and now they are going to go toe-to-toe, wing-to-wing, at this race. there's going to be a slalom, a head to head. they've added the target portion of the race.
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we have the president of the wing suit league on "right this minute." welcome to the show. this is exciting. at first when we first talked about this, people weren't going to be able to follow. tell us about this new thing we're going to be able to do. >> yeah, we're super stoked. the china grand prix is just around the corner and we've been asked, but unfortunately we have been able to say no, it's impossible to see, but my genius business partner in china was able to talk to a very digital plat form in china, so now they are going to stream so our fans can log in and see the race. i must warn you, they are going to think about the chinese, so bring a dictionary along for learning quickly, but at least you can see the action and figure out who is the best wing suit pilot out there right now. >> is this going to be shot by helicopter cameras or will we be seeing the point of view cameras from the pilot? >> you're going to see it all.
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be seeing how the pilots are flying, we have the p.o.v. angles and it's a major production. 400 people working on it. we're super stoked about it and the opportunity. >> why are you stoked? >> yeah, yeah, i find it hard to hide. i find the job i like to do, so i have the passion. >> how excited were viewers when they found out they'd be able to watch it? >> just finding out right now, as a matter of fact, right here, "right this minute." >> we announce it to our fans, let it be here at this minute. rolling into action to save a stray. if you love dogs, don't miss this video next "right this minute." and still to come, he's the body builder turning heads.
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if you're searching for something that finally promotional considerations provided by -- desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. brazilian body builder. he looks ripped. >> that's not natural. what is that? >> it is, and that's the concern, using it has a side effect, can cause infection,
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>> what is it? >> mixture of fatty acids, painkillers, and alcohol. >> inflating his muscles as opposed to taking steroids and testosterone and making them grow. >> it's a temporary inflation, but he does it often. >> how can you be proud of that? it's not real, not something you earned and worked for. it's fake. i don't get it. >> still had to actually do work. >> he does work out. he's been into body building since he was a child. there's more to the story than meets the eye. he suffered a lot of tragedy when he was 16 his brother died by suicide. his mom later died by an illness and he got into drugs. as a result he got so skinny people would make fun of him and call him names. >> i understand that. people sometimes use those tragedies and adversity to overcome by doing something positive for yourself.
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use it to inspire you. almost like he's using the tragedy in his life as an excuse for his behavior. >> exactly. >> that's the thing, something you can buy over the counter. >> if it's legal and he chooses to do this for himself knowing the consequences, then it's his right to do that. >> i'm going to disagree again, misuse and clearly has an addiction, which needs to be addressed. they say it's not healthy for him. >> he needs help. if you're looking for real cool makeup ideas for this year's halloween, i have one you must try. it's the melting skull. >> tell me that is not freaky. >> tell me how we're supposed to do it. >> not particularly simple, but i think you could do it, spend some time doing the details. she says by doing makeup in one
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this is where it starts getting interesting, when she starts shaping where the face is going to melt off. draws an outline and starts filling in with black makeup, adds a bit of white definition to it, then back with a liner to outline the edges. >> she's doing this free hand. it's not like she cast like a shadow on her face and is following the lines. >> we've seen these creations before, but how is she doing the cool melting thing? >> she uses 3d gel that her face. the gel, which you see her bring out as the last step, is the color of skin. then she just allows it to dry and it stays and there it is. >> wow. >> how gnarly is that? really cool. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years or older and a legal u.s. or canadian resident.
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win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each every day. >> let's reveal monday's buzz word. are you ready? it's wild. >> get over to, click win ipad and enter the buzz word, wild. >> later this week it's bonus give away day. somebody is going to win an ipad and somebody else is going to win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. a couple's steamy sent to the depths. >> here goes the gopro. >> find out how a lucky find has
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yeah for fall.
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silly biscuit. here's a couple, they were able to document one of their first kisses with the gopro. kisses his lady, now he's about to dive off this 32-foot cliff. >> oh, no. >> gone swimming. >> yep. >> that's it. well, along comes mr. diver a year later and guess what he found. the diver found it and gave it to a friend.
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hey, whoever this belongs to, i'd like to give it back to you. >> i love these stories. >> let's do it. first, who came across this thing, though? randomly down there? >> guy we're looking for lost the gopro camera and found this instead. posted the footage to social media, they connected the dots and got it back. >> that's crazy. >> interesting part is, both live in russia about 6,000 miles apart. this couple documented their very first kisses and now they are endangered. >> what you're saying is -- that's a look at today's top viral videos. thanks for joining us. has lots more. we'll see you next time on the
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