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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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have support of one other republ senator. there's something wrong there. >> but trumpowe as gro list of conservatives lining u agaihi >> a cas of eessive f as aorcyclist is ded 18 grand after a traident. > plusutrities need help. then a ndgdler on e loe on a busy road. >> a half-court thrilr ch more fra frida > >>show"ely to staight now. mo than6illioneople acss sixtates a bracing fo monerinr blzard. me areas expectin more tn 30 inches ofsnow. plus parts of georgia and washington d.c. are
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ral aufrss sofs are edo close eead of the storm. the d h cancele service s 11:00.m. tot t nday. some driversn i 495 decided t tecehen theirar g baltimore schoolslod today a nearly2500ts ha canceledriday.thousand m have aeady been canceled o delayedor this end. now,he storm is sin ke l fl on s statesn south. thisne ftagews footage? stead of fans pilehingo footballium. at least fe fatalits een contributed to icy road condi sconditions. what expect >> timpact portif
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androwor this time is whenll get the bliar coit in bmo a d.c. we're waitino be the philadelphiaa an even new york.and roc it'see snowing hard and the ice porti of the stormas, the s forecas overnigh changed mu a lit furthero th nor we've nudged snows but we'rst l at the bull's eyemlpa to roanoke and ev i the storm itlf has reallyand up ov didy badtrd toados, but pti beguan it'sy ing across carolina and this is icy fm charlotte to fayettelnd wil be theconcn tay to tomorro and ave the blizzard lateright in
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porti is goingbe very baday t colinas g to nbc's jay gray inan ter:hey're preparing for ow to start inext hour snu through saturday as bill tal the emerge management belies they'll see a ror snowfall, some saying the es mh as 30 inches, all activend unifm stateic are ready fion. ey'll sy out t the weand exct ton the a wor this snow starts fal aater thi mo we kno thatore vehicles a out and o the roads preparing for is, trying eep them a clean a possib everyone inhis region if you don havo ben tse ads, don't
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again, n expected stop until sometime latesad.turday. w, wh just 10 ds to the iowa caucuses, establishment repus are takingsides. ted cruz and donald trump. for some it's a toughchoice. >> if you have trump and cruz, i ink you get the sam outcome. whether it's death by poisoning or shot, does iteally matter? a new poll showessrump surging to a lead inhe first voting ate. and now trump will air aew attack ad against cz today. check it out. >> if as aoter you think what we need is more repuicans in gton tcut aeal with na pelosi and i guess donald is yourgu >> his line of aack is
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give me abreak. trump 38, cruzond at 16 a 'soing down. , he's having hartime. he looks like nervous wrec he had his moment. he had his ment and he blew it. >> plenty o estlishment conservatives are agnst trump and last night,rominent consvative mage took a stab. uniling today'sover it's called against trump a it calls hi a menace to nser conservetism. as a lt, the rnc has disinvited t national revi 2378 fr theebruary 2h date and tmmp responded. >>ritsit's a dyingpaper. notan peoe read itanyme.peop d'think aut t nation reew.
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>>ftisreitouyo su . edwa, let n turn to e decrats. who's in goodhape with 10 day to iow yoask. bernie sanders told the crowd he would win new hamhire and we've had enough of politics, orstablishment politicsnd hentered clinn'chargehat he's untabl poiing to polls that hwould beat all t publansandites by a greater margin thanclinton. >> secry clintefeats mr. trump by ninepoints, we beat him by3 points. all of which we affirm is my love f themart peoplen the state onew hampshe. >> rorter: a hilla clinton's en getti a boost from her husband, former presidenll clinton. in a crowd, heoldhe crowd his wife would more
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hiy clinton in iold them to go out a caucus for he somew on theground,o sh worri about surgerom senator bernie sanders and has asked her supporters to ask friends to go out and caus for heeehese attacks intensify. >> i'mur theyre. th a jury has arded$1,000 to aregon hit by an fi dur20 traffic stop. can s it in this o. he kno him o his bik a a bi while p wilkinsr tra vioons and t ofce kic him, b his collar b ahile pointi his gun a the on state pice belie the ofcer not violate proced well, itooks disturbing in the deo,hateve saw.
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tr, sws a lotf aricans re packing at. the ts s i sd me gun la year tn ever before. more than 2600f them, mos of them were loaded. at the airpor o are these peop? the mosguns we fnd a ortsnoenix, llas a atnta. people carrying ammunion to check pnts can face psible crimin cha f loc police. afr ur years as er in irsmorning, a former marin i back home. he aed back in t, chigan yesterday, part of a proner exch ang with etherpele. wasccedfpyinnd sentend to dea i 2012. heas aiting a sond ia justft ndg, sd he
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>> apeciateeveryo's or'sre to beac i flin my hometown. iov this city,ove its ople. th've beeno gd toe d fily andre vy ateful. it'seen aery loroad long joury. >> he ss his marine tining lped him survend a gets seted in flint, chig, eepa admintrat for theregionas rigne and theve issued emergency order tta immediate actis torotect the public'seah. an theste' emttd governor h gorn h been hadviteto testyefe congress and he willen orning joe."th w pvide $80 milon tothstat f thatsituatn.
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that ty'rerinking in american cities. th's n somethi we shod accept. >>he nearly 100,000 peoe ha bee wned not to in fieredap waternd the naonaluardas been distributegottl water there. and meorol bill kans. and b an boon cou b up to 20 inches. and th the bull's eye. where we're avinto the blizzard conditio. shenan, around 20 inche snow,baltimor 23. and hh impacts asar north as new york city. that's your national weather, now a closerook at your day ahead. so, thunderorms wile rolling through florida. some could be very strong with
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no dai istuzing l th t goodns of acti natur o 5 vinutrnts fo althieokinskin just one. thskinqual autifuskin and for sher softns, add the bo wh, t!aveenoal beauful resus eli ts month i oronasherf's depu cam acro aodern e ro. he h gten out ouny nter. the center. e deputy got theoddler back to hisents who were frantically searching forheir ild. andexas man convictedfhis 1h dwi and oicer fnd
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which he admitted to consumin fmer oklahoma city cop was seend to 263 years in demb,29eaold was convteon 18 cs ora and oer ofenlss. hi lawyer sayse wlappeal> pocen tas aretillsearchg r o thieves who stolnely $1miio wor rugsnd othtemsro a phmacy new year ev thpe nearly two hrs cutting io e ste' safe. let'get down to busine. britax child setyscallin relling over 71,000 car seat manuct mafacted bween octer fi 2014 a july rst, 2013.
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for all herboards purased on e te.e nser proct sety coissi is curreny iginghoverbrd manufacter >>and who got t most? no steph cur or lebnjas, if you canelve it.
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thiorning on today" today" -- "today", new concns over the kavirus. and theakeretiring kobe brnt he received a lgu high 1.9 million vo followed by steph curry. and rocky, the nugts mascot leing the charge with blzard oly string on a fanho harlised wer roy. and the lay up d coerting a threint pl101. and chris pauinghee llan hdling t was lebro james lov who ton t s clippers.
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be power ouges, mostlikely spots from charlotte t rnoke and en the -balti e timthe storm, this is110 a.m. ts morning. heavynown the roanoke area and through mucfck and throug t evening rush hour, the hvy snow to move northwar tough inia. and wher anyone was up, it will be blizz coions o i westward. and wl smithning his wife onhea on oscar ght. >> at thisurrent, we're comftable nd the and y that this is okay hisife iscottg the carsor lack of diversity. his film, concussn i
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ana bad mouthed in the comedy, "dirty "dty grandpa." anthe thriller about a doll boy she's cg for is actually live aliv not interested. and then this anticipates a fifth wave of disasr furth deroying earth. celine dion greeted thousds of ople f memorl service r her husban aunerill b toda d tom cruz is in vival the film the film "the mmy." and evenimmy fallon talki about this weend's impendi orm. >> the other big story right now is winter sto jonas. meteorol meteorologt say it wasn't that
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brothers, joe and kevin and thenunble h ait hit. i mean, unstoppable. >> oh, don't mak me think about theonas brother if i don't have t this is "elyoday." ah, lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. and she's t actly tidy. even ie gets a stain wear it f week straigh i use tidto get outose weld stain wny it h and so. sincm the e whohas o thundr do whatny expert dawould do. let r plheriff i got 20 minuteso life. you are free to go. tide and downy. great theirwn evenr togeer. [ music ] defiance is in our bones. ciacal pearl delicious beies and cream. soft, chable, calcium us vitamin d.
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coming up on new5-toy... the "worst" possle news for a ocal mother. shheading to hawaii for a memorial service... plus... video ssibly cring police brutaly in southern colorado... news-5-investigates -- is asking questions about why it's not being released forvestigation. dress in layers this morni with temperatures teens though we are shivering bi th mngwe will be warmi
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