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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  January 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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rld.llary >> both hillary clintoand bernie sanders are with this mornin and if you thought this campaign could not get any more unpredictable, look who's considering jumping infoer new york city mayor michael oomberg. joining us are nbc's kristen welker, also fm nb and david brooks of e "n t trump rsus cruz, cnton versus sanrs, eight days to iowa. welcome to sunday, it's "meet e pres" we've dug ou we've dug out so good sunday morning and welcomto the blizzard eon of "meet the press." with onek to go to iowa, bo pes aren a biof a panic mo. the publans the republicans are fracred. wi the eshment think the uninkable. the best way to op ted cruz might be to back -- donald trum mr. trump will join me on that
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but we'll start withhe demoats where a more traditional split has delope think cart/kenne gore/bradlee, even cln/obama. if the clintonks thi they've seen this a before, perhaps they have, in 2008, agn,clinton's big lead in iowa and a big ld in new hampshire se to have vanished. again, con again, clinton's big lead in wa and new hampshire seem to have vanished. again e appears to fe an enthusiasm gap and again the hand wringing among her supporters h begver what's going wrong. if thaweren't enough, e "new york times" is reporng michael bloomberg is considering a run at the white house in part because of clinton's troubs. this morning, ere is good ws for clinton. shwothe endorsement the "des moines register,"s did mao bio on the replican side but one would argue the "des moines register" wod probably ia greater pact g mocr ccusgoers. joininmerom iowa is hillary clinto dasecret wco back. >> thank you, chuck. it's good to talk whou thi mornin
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your opponent 74 years old, cas himsf a socialist, you started this campaig with next to zero name recognition. yo 12 of 18 democratic governor supporting you. he has zero. what happened? what happened? wh's gone wron was into be a close race an. >> i think it's acally good at tre is so much interest i feel on my side and i know so does senator sanders on his. we have a big choice to make. itxcitg. i had a great couple of events yesterday. i'm pursuing the opportunity to reh every single voter in iowa and we'll see what happens. i feel good about where we are. obviousl we'll obviously, we'll find out a week om tomorrow. if you look at the differences
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myself, we can't wait toake progress on thmyriad of issues we'll be facing in the next admistration. i want to build on the promise prident obama hamade a he has a differt approa. that'shat voters are ting to determine, which they prefer. >> t causes times are about paion, enthusiasm. something in "the neyork times" frogayle collins. "ner nevehe yan't igno thethat hillarclinton is theandidate of the aging democrati establishment ose supporrs pray for a low turnout othe elecon day. that mht get her nomat in the lon run but it's nothe kind of image tha mak y go whis whistlin into the elec booth." the wshe wrote at i the way, she wrote that in 2008, madam secrary. is the deja happening he? >>o, there isn't. i can ly react to what i doing, the respoes we have
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of enthusiasm thate do and we also he a really good team on e ground that ha the groundhat has en working for mo to make sure it's not here today, gone morrow. but people are involved. th are really reached out to and we belie they're going to come ccus. the speculation and all the rest of it is entertaing, i admit that. t we're going keemoving forward and do the work we tnk is goingo be successful on brry 1 >> are you woredhat perice, your long resume, not an aet in this wild year? >> no, i rlly not. i thk at the end of the day people take this vote seriously. they knothey'rvotingor who they prefeto be thnext president d coander in chf, and i believe that when am out there talking with people about what we have to go up
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economy workinr everody, not justho athe top, begin to raise incomes, whicha't happened, deal with health car gng from 90% cove, which is wh we have under the afrdable care act now, to 100% and i lay out what i intento do get there, i can oy tell y ty see ople nodding, i know peop are signing up as ty leave my events. that'shat matters re it's very personal, and people look and they think, can we imagine this perto be president and commander chief? anbeusof my experice, particularlyy ars as secretarof state worki with president obama, ihink thas something that people really take intaccount. >> what are you willg to -- you kn, it's interesting, your husbd used a lotf political capital -- you and your sband used a lot of political capita too heal care. president obama, arguably, used all of h polital citalo get alth care paed what i? what is the one issue you are going to be willing use all your political capital to focus on? you and i both know you basically have one big sat one big issue. what is it tt you' willing use a your poti
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well, chuck, first of all, i n'agree withou othat i thinthe e ral ally importanissues, heal ce being one of them. we've get costsown. i met a man on friday who longer can afford to pay for his himedication. i met woman yesterday whose ll has taken for 25 years gone fm couple hundred fo$14,000 for e samemount of t dg. that really hitsy het. i knowhapeople are going throug i'll use wtever tools i can to get usower price c prescription dcompanieand takehat on. i'm also going to fos on economy because unless we create more jobs and get iomes rising and fix the tax system so at it doesn'in so many ways tilt toward thwealthy, people are not gog to get aad, ey're not going feel they're getting ahead and th're going to still belie e government irigged against them which is bad for our demoacy.
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senator sands has en hit you onl stet ctributio and inuding me paid speeches you did for ldmasachs among other banks. let me ask you this --hy do you think one of theseig bks pa you or 0000 for a eech? >> well, look, i gave speeches to a widraof grofr health care groups tauto dealers and many, ma more, and i think what ty were inteed in becae whate talk aut was the world coming off of four years as secretary of state in complicated wod, peoe were interested in what i saw, what i thght, theaskequestions about matters that were onheir minds. a lot of interest in the bin laden raid, how ch a tough decisionas made and what i advised the president. you know, i think americanwho e doing business in every aspect of the economy want to know more about the world. i actually think it's a good conversation for people to be
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>>ou don't think ty expe anything in return? >> absutely not. u kn, first of all, i was a senator new york. took them onhei was senator. i to on the carrieinterest loophole. i took on wh w happening in the mortgage markets. i was abouthatn 2006.they know exactly whe i stan and i' tell yo chuck, it's really interesti to me that now karl rove has taken money from the financial interest to run an ad againste to inflnce democrats not to support me. why? ask yourself why. he knows number one i know what must be done and nber two know how to get it done to make sure that wall strt writ large, notust the banks but the investnt bankshedge funds and everybody else, no longer can wreck our economy the way thid in 2008. >> two more quick questions. the "desoines regier" editorial,n prng you and your experience, didringp the e-mail issue aone of those thgshat they're frustrated with howou rponded to it. let me just ask you this week you were ask about
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are you concerned? you said you hav'teen contacted by them.aryou concerned this investigation is taking too long? that it'putting an extra cloud over youcandidacy and l it gets behind you, youe going tohave tse issueanl bloomberg evenited it as a reason why hs thinking about ruing. >> no, i'm not concern becse i know whathe facts are. i never sent or reived any material marked "classified." i ot controlhat the republicans leak and what ey are coending. and i thought it was interesting, chu interesting, chuck -- you'll as a political observer understand y -- back a coupleonthago kevin mccahy spilled the beans that the benghazi investigatn waall about brinng me down, mething that i suspected but i went ahead, teified for 11 hour answered all their questions, a even ey admitted tre was notng new. d now nator grassleyhows upt a trump rally yesterday in
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's the chairman of t diciarcomme who has -- and s aff have beebehi and pushing a lot of tse sties, andnnounces he's there for the simple reason, to defeat me. i can'control what t republicanare doing. but know what thfacts ar and i ll just keep putting th o there. ths something that i think is very clear about wh happened and i kw it will be er and resolved at some point. but i can't control what the republics antheir allieso. but i k it's important voters knowhat they're doing. >> and michael bloberg? ur reaction his potential candid >> he'a good friend of mine, and i'going to do the st i can to make sure that i get the nomination, and we'll go fm there. >> so you're n worried about him getting in? >> well, the way i read what he said was if i dn get t nomination he might consider it. well, m gointo rve h ofhaand t the nomination e don't ha t >> madam secretary, stay safe on the trail. we'll catch up with you >> thank you, od ttalk t
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n let turn her chief opponent senat bernie sand ao on t camign trl in dubuque, io. sena good morning to you. i want to start with getting your reaction. i'veoteard your reaction to this. your colleue, senator claire mccaskell,thatepubca were lking their cho getting re essentially "they won't touc him right now because they c't wait to n an ad with a hammer and a sickle what do you say her? >> well,hat i say her is that if she would lo at the matchups takinacbetween bernie sande a dond trump right now she would fi thawe were 15 points ahead of them nationally, that in states -- tossup states, battleground states like iowa and new mpshire or even further ahead of that i would ve much look forward to a against donald trumpguy who es not want to raise the minimum wage but wantto give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax eaks to the top two-tenths of e percent thinksages in
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inkshat climate ange is a hoaxnvented he chine. there wou chuck, there would be nothing moren this world that i would like to take on donald trump. we wouldeat him and we would beat him badly. buts you ow, a t of democratare concerned d not a single one of them has endorsed yr candidac i j readhrough that. not a sing democratic nator has doedour candidacy. noa singleemocratic governor has endorsed your candidacy. what does at tell you? it tells me that we are taking on the polica establishment, w establishment, wre taking on the economic estlishmentthe financiainterest in this country and we're taki on the corporate establishment. at is at is unique about thisace: that, ifact, we a trying to ke aitical relution bring mlions of ople into the politil prs that was ocesthat whin d all of these piticians have siificany tuedheiracks
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so yes we have the estabshment orti secre clinton. that's not a secret. but the reason that our campaign is generating so mh intest anthusiasm is people think 's time that we take on establishment. take owall strt, take big money interests.d th why believee're doing as well ase are. >> well, you have beenling r litical revolution and therhave been there have bn so critiques over it, though, that yore so of naow in where you call for revolution ta-nehisi ates, one of the re respect thinkers he cil righ movement these days wrin the "the atlanticwhy aren you for raratio for havingo because oery focan-amicans when calngor econoc justicon so ny other levels? why doou stop short that ise? >> wl, for the same reason that bark obama has, the se ason ielieve tt llary
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that is t's absolutely onanceptabhat we ha smuch poverty in this coy d it is even wsen thafricaaman community. at africanmerican ki between 17 and 20 who graduate highchool have uneyment rates underemployment ras of1%. that 36%rican-eric dren a ling in pty. th is an iue that we have got toddress. and intention as president the ed stateo be vy agessive in dealinwithhose issues. to putur kids to wk er th tgoo jail. imp our sch. that's what we have too ani thinat whathe erican people want. >> understand . but you didn't understand th tionhy you were -- why y weren't in favorf parations. >> well, a, thsame rson at the president is not d i think hiton isot. >> whais that ason? >> we have got tinvest in the future. at we ve goto do is address verty in america, somethg that vy fepeople talk aut and especiall poverty in the african-american counity d the la commit yook mreco, if you lo at my and raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks a hourfocung ohighates
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talkg the isss the african-ameran community. >> wet me k yohough, many afric-amerins hear that d meilokay, 's lking about major ecom e bu africanmerin raes h hand and sa can't t through gethathrough cgres can deal wh th becau it's politillverylt, your her ans will be politilly diffict if n impoible >>ell, lhis is wi ink: tha lookit li t as a zeroum approach. and what i am try dog in thi country say, you know wt? inhe last election, 63% of t american people didn'tote. 80% of young people didn't vote in the midterm elections. that is why thrich get riche and that is y llionaes
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what we e tryingo do th say thamerican docra e 's a radic idea but coress suld represt working falies and the mile-class ratr than just wealthy campaign contributors. so, chuck, what i am trying to owchange t dynamicof amican politics, bring millions of younop, working claspeople into std up and fightor theirhts. when you that, yes, can raise e nim wa, we ce jo. we canake public colleges and univeresuition free. that iate have g to do. n 1988, you lk about a joffenceetween yourself and, hee, the sort of insurgt ndide on the democratic party, jee ckso d you simplyaid "jesse believt serious social change is le within the moatic p. i don't." do youti believe that? well, obviously not, i'm runninr president of t edtates t docratic y. any e way, when you talk abt elationship to the
9:17 am
chout how many white public officials,lected officials, supported jessjackson in 1988. i did. anhe wony state of vermont, he came to vermontjesse jackson is a friend of mine. i thoughhe ran a brilliant campaign. but what my view is right now and the desion tt i mades thngest-seing peent t history of the ited states cgress, i said if we argoing to win this race, have to do it within the democratic primary pcess, th's what we'rg. andf you pparently yoreoing to ve a third candidate in t race. michl bloombg has vowed if you are on your way to the mination, 's running as an inpendent. at your reaction? >> well,y reti is at there will b-- idonald trump winsr. bloomberg gs , u'll have o multibillionaires running for president of the united states against me ani ink the american people don't want to seounation veoward anlirc whe billionaires control the politicaprocess.thk we'll withatlectio >> bernisander i'll leave it e. from dubuque, iowa, we'll see you next wee i imagineas we
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the mocratic contestis, it's the republicanace that's become to resemb the en of a quentin tarantino ie, think "reservirdog wreverybody winds uphootingverybody else. jeb bush spent millions attacking marco rubio. rubio has blasted chris christie with super pac ds. christ has questioned rubio's work eic sing "due,show tok." donald tmp ridicud bush for being low energ bh lledrump ajerk. and then the non-aggression pact between trump and ted cruz crashed with each attackin the othe in fact, here's e latest trump ad gng after cruz on immigratio . >> sounded like you wanted the bill to pass? >> of course i wanted the bill to pas. what -- my amendment to pass. what mymendmentid -- >> youid thebill. >>-- ise citizenship off the ble but itoesn't me- it doesn mean i supported the otr aspects of the bill. andhere's a cruz aditting trump on eed.
9:21 am
>> it madeim rich, w trump colluded with atlantic city insers to blde th he of an ely widow. trump won't chan the system, he's what's wro wit t. joining me on the phone riht w is donald trump. mr. trump, welcome back to "meet the press." >> good morning,nd i have te you, h ad i wrong becse i ver knoed down that house. i anted to gethe house to build a major building that would he eloyed tremendous numbers of people buthen the woman didn'ta toell ultaly i said fort about t. so sot me bulldozi down a house, i nver bulldoze it down. it's false advertising. >> all rht i think the accusation wasthat's what yo wd to do - >> no,he accution was wanted to and did do it. u knowif you didn't have eminent domain, you would haven't highways, the keystone pipine because they need it if it's going to be built. you wouldn't have ros, scools, hostals, i mea i n't ve minent domain but you need it or you don't have a country. >> t race between you anted cr hent wants make it about
9:22 am
here's what he said yeerday when it comes to you a conservati. i want to get you to eact to it. re he s. >> perhapsone of the reasons that the washington esshment rushing so ic behind donald tru is thatonald has been anactive uppter. he gave 0,000 to t clinton fouatn. heactily sillary clintonasic candida. he supported chuck schumer, he supported andrew cuomo, he supporemanuel eded rm emanuel so they know he will cut a deal. >> i know you've eracede idea of cutting a deal but some conservatives fear yore not conservavethat 60 yea weren't a onserviveyou've only be one t last eight or nine. >> most conservatives ve me or wouldn't behavingtheol numbers fox just cam out, their nbers through the rf. i would haven the poll nuers i have that. i am a conservative but g along with people. ted cannot get along wh people at all.
9:23 am
a nay guy, nobody likes him. not one replicasenator. he worksith them everyday. notne republican setor endorsed ted cruz. hen you thnk of , thas impossibleo believe. otone. i'm rious. you've be thengnt cuz the lasten daysn this ss. for six months you talked abou how much youiked ted cruz. >> was very nice to me and i kept saying wn it ing to happen, ted? was wting be i want to ounterunch. i don't want to be the first one. and duringthe debate which ever said i won he got nasty and arted hitng me and i hit him back. anything i sid was okay to him. anything i said and he was really -- look i h people that have been trrific on t stand. i like the candates on a pealbasis. during that perd of time i said come on, wh is i gog thaen? i understand ted, ted is nasty
9:24 am
>> it sound like-- you said you wouldn't vote for him if he's the nominee. is that true? >> i talked about the fact that i'm not re that i can vote for him because as yknw, he has aajorissue. in fact, illinois is lookit it serioly. i d't know if he's going to be okay to run in illins in th state illinois. was brn canad he was born on canadian soil,e was a tizen of canada -- >> can you sign a pledge? uck, chuck -- >> can you sign a pledgehat you willuppo the publican nominee? >> that was relating to canad the qution was th and lating to cana. the question is weth or t he can run. i tellu mein from the standpoint of voters in iowa and ew mpshire andll e places that have tovote, how can you vote for a candidate -- how canou dit en you do even knowf that candidat is ab to run. laurence tribe from harvardaid it's totally unsettled w. a number of top constiutial lawyer come out recently ov e la few days and said
9:25 am
so there's a real question and i sae should get a declaratory judgment. he has t do something because howan you have a campaign when it'svery possible you are not lowed to run. >>et me askou about "national review," i've seen your eets, i knowow feel out the magazine and h you feel abo this issue. let me get you to rspond to one quote from erk erickson. he writes this "like the angels in heen who rice for every new belier we shld rejoice f donald trump's conversion conservatism, but we shou not put a new conrvative in charge of consrvti or the countr hat do you tell conservatives that will make them believe you n't lee the idlogy if it convetr unpopular. >> well, that's not a insulting quo. it really is. i was going to him hard. it wasn't an insulng quote. the "natial review" is a
9:26 am
they did it because i'll get ne publicity. was a somewhat libel democrat and over the years evolved and became a fairly conservative -- not overly- t fairly conservative republics. he became a great presidentlso nd i've evolved and a lot of people canged poons on ings over the years and byhe way,ted cruzhas changed his position. he was a very, ry he was very weak on illegal immration. a now all of a sudden becau of my stance he g strong but cruz w weak on immigration now got stronger. let's s what happens but use tterm "rnald reagan, i use the name ronald reagan andat's pretty good to me. you know, just about - well, out 15, 20 minutes ami mn putut a tweet saying
9:27 am
hix tus andhe belies that every 216 candidate should release their returns before the fir ctest. st so you know, everyminee, mr. ump, has released thr tax returns going back to 1980, buclinton, by the way, hillary clinton, we have every tax return thater name has been on since 77 in the public domain. will you release any of your tax returns for the plic to scruzed but? >> well, we're working on that now. i have very big turns and i have everything all approved and very beautiful and we'r working on that oer the next period of time, chuck. absolute. >> what's the perd of time? before the voting bens? >> i don't ow, th is not like normal tax return, this a big tax return and i wi say thisnd i'm very proud to say it, i think the country is ru horribly, i hate what they do with our money and unlike evydy else, i t and pay as littl tax as possie because i hate what the do with tax ne i hate the way ty spend our money, the way th give it to iraq, the way they gve it to iran, the way they gi it to -- eryth
9:28 am
>> i hate the way our politicians spend our moy. i hate the way they give it away to everybody but u we have to rebuild o country. >> but y willrelea it? >> and i say it and reporte said "that's the mostrefreshing answer i've eereard on taxes." becse everyone tri to build it up, like mitt romney, he built it tri to build up how much he pas. doesn't work th way. at the appropriatime you'll be satisfied. >> finally i have to ask you about bloomberg. what d you make of thedea that if you're the nominee, if sanderis the nomine that would ire mr.boomber to go third party. >> michael hs been a friend of mine over theears. i don't know we're friends anymore. i would love toave him run. i would love that competition i'd do very well again it. i wouldove to s micel bloomberg run. >> all right, you embrace its. mr. rump, i'll lee it there. ay sa on t trail, see you next week in iowa. >> thank youery uch. you got it.
9:29 am
more on the republican rce and e rublican party's bank sot stratf late. p dald trump now to eatruz thenope somehow y can defeat trump late. good lu with that. we'll be bac jake reese, "day to feel alive" reese, "daeel aliv ja reese y toalive" i acpt i'm n2. i cept i do a shorter set these ys. i evenccept i have a higher risk of stroke dueo afib, a type of irlar heartbeat, not used by a hevalve problem. t i woplay ngesthy be.
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..eliquis is right for you. it's 's possible the republan field can be nowed down to two candidates. both camps are making the
9:32 am
w's right let's look at cruz. cding to our latest nbc news "wall stret joural" l, among tse five groups the republicanparty struggled to win, cruz is underwater across the board. more people ha an unfavorable view than a favorab one. at'sad news for the reublicans, right? but now he is how trump's nuers lo among the same groups. the negatives are much worse. look at where he is among african-americans his net negative rating is 72 points in t wrg irection in fa trp's best numbers in these groups of vers, dependents,uburban voters and latinos, his worst numbers are still bette than uz's worst numbers excuse me cz's wors nbers a better than trmp's worst numbers. so looking at itby the dat at ast suggts trump would start general eleti campaign in a much deeper hole than ted cruz. when we come back, the repubcanpay's double bank shot plan to pport donal
9:33 am
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that's a game changer. . >> . welcome back. while the democrats are experiencing the aditional inseam versus insurgent split, the republicanarty is in a mu differt place. it apea totally talk from which you ed. the establishment is willing to back trump, at lst temporily, in ordero at ted cruz now.
9:35 am
t me brin the panel, mr.fix, pitical reporter for the "washington post," two of our campaign reters, i got them to stahere for the blizzard, krisn welker who has been covering the clinton campaign a lotnd kasie hunt, we've had you all over thepl most rent with mr. sanders and david brooks, clut in fo the "new yk times welcome to you al before get thgs started, we he this great littlerump vesus cruz this week. it'sasty and personal. take alook. >> right now the washington esablishment is is abding marco rubio. they made the assessment marco can't winhis race and the wainon establishment is rushing over to supportonal trump. his new line of attack is that i'vebeme establishment. give me a break. [ laughter ] beuse boole is a terrific gu and said trump wil do better tha cruz which i -- beieve heme i will do better than cruz. >>if, as avoter, you think whawe need is more republics in washington to cut a deal wi har reid d nancy pelosi a chuck schumer, i guess donald trump is your guy.
9:36 am
ma a deal because he's a strident guy. "no, you caotave hat." >>s our pollnuer have surged, as donald's numbers keep dropping, he's getting more a more rattled. >> he's a very tryident person, nobody les him. >> davidbrooks, before nation review" came out, you came out erlier in theeek beggings by clay all of the -- the governing wing of the republican pty you called this to revolt against both. >>this is g to go on for a ng ti.this he iran/iraq w, i wt themotho lose. ihinkhat's going to happen. m the last personin erica. this is no tmp/cruz. this is ing to on for monthsnd months and mths. iyou have a attacki b and b tackg - >> who' >> it'm telling you, it will be rubio. riht now yohave the confct between the philosoical conservative wing, which is the "national view" crowd,and the
9:37 am
it's interesting to see ho that brks down. rig tru has the advantage in tat because t conservative movement is less than it was 10 years go. e fincial csihas h pple hard than a vernment on the si of t libel guy as lo as it not filled with liber values b trump thehort term. do notpanic. there will beo ofis. wait for rubio. >> if you are part of t republican establisht, you should not go through this scenario that youjust talked bout, cck, this triple ba shot. what yont is in my opinion rump versusruz for an extend piod ofime. is idea that well, okay, we'll get rid of cruz and handle trp, ifump winiowa,ew pshire, sroli, there is no handling. t race is effectively ov i think you want cruz to win iowa, then trumpins new hpshire, then it's a's the way that a rubio emges. ths idea tt trmp wll win the fst fr or five states, we'll get rid cruznd insert our candidate, at doesn't see to be liely.
9:38 am
the republican side for a whi david -- i feel like he is t last m tanding. i am stting to question whether the estlishment can eveind a candide. >> think that's whyou're seeing so my of them turn an foc on trying to figure out, ay, would i be okay with donald rump? most of them feel that tump -- and he said this again in his interview, trump's attack, that cruz i a nasty guy, is ultimate right. they all feel like he's a nasty guy andhey feel like while some of those numbersr schroedershowed shwed trump's egg in tifrs overwhelmingly, they feel that it cod be worse. i think ha wha's interting in my conveation with republican memrs of e estabshment, they hahifted thr own wen they ta about trump. they're now sang he the best person to make deals's someone who we c workith ereacruz is not. and e's also -- >> that's nic! that's establishment panic. >> that makes no --
9:39 am
by the way, you wil get universal agree. conservatives love to go after you, on that they will. >> that is justmbrace ago poison. i me there will be a inauguration in january, 2017 and a man or wan wi be standing up there, that's where abham lincoln stood. that'sherer stood. tt's where ronald reagan stood. donald trump isoing to sta there? i not believe that. >> you soundike the "new yorker" cover. i shod t it up. was quite cute. it has all the former presidents watching donald tru on tevision with fdr with the remote and they'rll ke aghast atthis >> so there's -- i talked to a sma republican consultant who workedfor a presidetial candidate -- not one in this but in past races and he sai look, yes, this trump thing is real, it's going to go on, thene question i have -- and i think this is interesting -- there the a can i imagehis pson bein president in a hurrane, in izzard, being the empathizer
9:40 am
and that trump-- it's impossible fothe majority of america to conceptuaize nald trump in that role and at som int, thou it won't be on bruar 1 and it probay won't beon february d might not ul march april omay, that rkoning willappen at om point a the goa is to have someone who looks theole ofthe present, whether it's rubio or b, wic likely. ut somee else o than im. >> he arg erelicastshm kiev sinal mp gnto ts ce >> ju , . >> hre wee. andhe reality is, votershat yre bno to run for the predencyefeyeheoint whereandling hricasnd none guy - mco ubiobu --nef them have beenable to stand up i a way that makes them seem bigger handona trump. >> if he gets eoral icto u his blt weretoin io thiha change. and based on my reporting his ground game is more robust than inially thought.
9:41 am
early-sta oters, thdo't vote with their head. they've been condition to vote idealisty. ither on the leftr right. so this is where i tin the esishmt -both h constablishmt aresuri. >> well, at sme point but then you get to later states. at some pt the early states vo identity more thho's going to mehe change, who wi deliver. >>ecause they've been fed is. >> ths is like a big cultural eventn these earlystates. in the later states i thi emotions arend they ar moreraatic, second -- sohingill happin the dle east. events wi happen and third cruz a trp going after othereek after wek, thatill start lo ugly. >> ll, that a buynd then t question is t a candicy ft? thashe question. ke a pause. we'l be back i a mome and talabou the decr race with my fine qut here and
9:42 am
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with jst wi jstver a weeknl theowa caucuses, aot of peopl arehinking what about countr my nt guest,obergat s a unique inhtnto wat it akes tbe commander-in-chief hav srv und eight presidents,ost rently as secretarynsnr both esidents obama and and in his new book it has a topical title "a passion for leadership." secrety gs,elcome backo eet the press >>hank you. adership t
9:46 am
>> ihink 's the queion of oan lead theotr a government. government is different and especi the feral governntsdiffent in many ys than running a business or anythg elnd people w have never run a government often have n idea how complicatedt is an how difficult difcult. if youe a o, youon't have 5 members onyourboard of ctors. >>ou mayav 12 or 1 yohere, we should tk about isis. i won't te you which cndidate is sang the in i st want you tose t difer ideas. one candidate "we won't weaken them, we will utteyestroy them, we will carpet bomb the into oblivion." anotr candidate ys "you take heir wealtck the ofeoil, t away
9:47 am
another says they wa a no-fly zone. zo. other coalition sayu have to bringgether a muslimcoalitn, sni an s'a fiti side byside. what's ealistic? >> think bringing in so ki ofar alon to ynd creang se ki of huitar corridorr safe haven. they'r both tough b you could do them. theirst alternatives, i think, are completely unalistic. and further mor wldn't accomh the job and i can't figure out whether those who are arguing that really believe they can do that orhether they're being cynical or opportunisti >> the first two you were cruz and trump, the second to two that you sayre reist are clinton and saders. ters are told thec find a
9:48 am
they cynic and think nothing ever changein the mddle east? is that why voters are suscbl told or rash? >> simple. ane prm stf tse probls are not mple at reqres --irst l building coalitions in washinon. it wibe useful intermof ignolicy and national security to hve coalitions in washingtonhere washington spea with relatively one voice, one sum unity before we form form coalitions around the world. >> onl eisenhower, ford and bush 4did not oke de animosity. t next president will be polarizing. just due to the natureof our politics >> b it doesn'teed t that. >> okay, i hear it doesn need o be but yourexpl, two of them uldn't even win -- one couldn't win a full term on their own and the oter couldn't win reelection. larization helps these guys n. that par of the oblem,
9:49 am
wel,hink t qsts who move country a that willequire reachingut to the oth side and we have had polarizing pridents that nonethess were able to ach out to the other sid and move the country forward. after all harks very i, harr truman was o of the most unpular presidts in erican history yet estlished extordina things. >> you said until you were 10 you didn'tnow his fst name. you thought it was"goshdarn." so you sh be on th michael bloomberg side of the aisle. he is a pottial candidate that is saying he wantto cree a on bothsides. >> practicay speaking, iot see how a third candi works. elected.
9:50 am
>> what i'm interted is candidate candidate r president who talks abo how to bring us togher peoplewho says we have a common destiny and who can emasizehat we can work together to address problemsn thecotry. >> se words from you. we'll see if the voters will sten to your way of figuring out how toece who canad this country. robert gates, congrats on the new book. >thanks, chuck. >> thank you, sir. we'll bece be in a moment with our en game segment and one washington rsident who thought th blizzard of 2016 was
9:51 am
possiblyappen. - you caco - you can collect rainwater to sr with, but there are easier ways to go een. like tg shorr owers, which conserves water anlowers your bill. you'll sing long blads inhe rn and short ditties in the shower. me yo ,, >>d game d game timethe pal is here. themocratic side, dvid brooks, what did you mke of inton v. sanders tis morning? >> if i di't know anything about these ra unt iaw these cko-back interviews today i would tnk sanders has honed his message and captured authticity and joy andlary clinton hasn't honed her message.
9:52 am
stuff, a, b, c, d, so y can see why he's doingwell. you haveto pick thatmessage, honeit, deliver it, velocity. >> i thinkhey ha a message but they don't -- they know it doesn't fire voters, which is experienceconts. >> i was struck, chuck, wen you asedr wh her top priorit was going to be, the number one thing she e going to spend polical capital on, i don feike she had a clear answer abou what it was shecared the most abt. shin some ways bcked into it, tald o health care. >> i w surpris she made it health care in odd way. really? we'reng back to the 1990s. >> the whole argument ts is out the fure not the pat. en ias watchihese inters back to back, it's remarkable thaa 74-year-old former may ofurlington vemon avow socialist on your shrefused monthsing too say i' not a socialist, he's the change and future candidae. it's -- the way that she has fod herself in ts race, it's deja vu alover again.
9:53 am
obama in that bernie sanders at least doesn'have support i the black communy anywhere near ck obama. so shemay befiromthat. frer perspective. who she iss a candidate is still the same, that'she proble >> the primary caldar is her friend her thre's a lot of states with large african-americavoting blocks. >> she continues to invoke health care because sh connues toug prident obam nd his policie it might not asffective a place le iowa aew hampshe it matters in a place like south arolina. she's vy fcusedn building up a fire ball th the sou a i those supertuesday stes in case shdoesosin ia. >> it feels like she's setting up a march ssage. doesn't have . >> i thinkhe same is on the republican side. 'll get more pragmati both races will be long, some big terorist blw up somewher she'll look a lot better. but rght wng the y.
9:54 am
trump and hilla, this idea that you can simply lse to a sociast 74-year-old whono one thought had any chance of bng anywhere close to her. the idea that you ca loseowa and lose new hampshire and people go on their merry way. did may be right, that it's an exnded race with twists and ns that she eventually ns. has thenly pass that she wins a race - know theast pull to pull that off? their laste was inton. i jt saying bill clinton s filiarity. >>uch lower expectations, though,chuck >> he had his ownernie sanders jerry brown. stay. >> syed in forever. >> and his own billionaire. ross pro. so und of the come back ki in new hampshire. >> but, chuck, ifou're a hillary clint pporter, ey've been ying tis from the beginning, this is the toughest part forher,he aigning, the getti out there and sellg her meage. >> connectivity. >> being authtic. but they sehas built a und game i iowa ve mch
9:55 am
hey stilthink they'll get the people out. >> "new york times" -- paul krugman had a great piece, he sa "bernie sanders isheary aryary theary ---ary theary ---arythe aryary heir tocandidate obama, hiary clinton is the hei to priden obama.">> ifeople want somebody who ca manag they'll go for her. there'someart o tount dry that does want that. >> we'lle where th are and if tey live. >a lot of alking a how policians in washiton can't agree on nythin b hre i twn wn'r hw mu llhisweekd. the amixupnthe mesuring process a reagan tional airport meaning the offici numunderested th amount of snow whichad fallen. some people think our deficit gets ss dealtith that wa too. butone thing we can agree on,
9:56 am
d.c.'sost famous inese esident, tiatian tian tian, he pa having lot of funn the show. >> that's what i did o my way to work yestda >> looks like my six-year-old, genuely. with fur. >> jus a little me of ths in our lives and we'd be happier. >> anda for president. i' g to leave it there. next week we'll in in wa. everybody wilben iowa. i c't wait.
9:57 am
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