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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  January 25, 2016 2:05am-3:05am MST

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cas msa cialis you started this camnith next to zero name recogtion. you have 12 of 18 democtic governors sportinyou. he h zero.whatpened? what happened? what gone wrong? save me the we always knew this was going ba closra swer. >> tnk it'ally good r the debatehat we're having that there is much interest i fe on myide d i knowo es senat sande on his. weave big oice to ma. it'sxciting. i had a great couple oevents yesterday. i'm pursuing the opporty to reh evngle voter in iowa we'll see at hpe. i feel good about where we a. ously, we'll obviously,e' fd oua week from tomorrow.
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lf, can wait to make ogress on thmyriad of iseswel be finin the next nistration. i want to build onheromise esident ama s mand h has a fferent apoach. that's what voters are trying to determine, wch they prefer >> the causes sometimear about passn, entsias something in "the new yo time from gayle collins. "nerlt nevertless,ou can't ignore the fact that hillary clinton is the candidate of the ang democtic esblishmt whose supporters pray for a low turnoutn the elecon day. that mig geter nominated in longun butit's n the ki ofmaget makesou go whiswhis whtlingnto the elon booth." by the way, she wrote i 08. by the way, she wrote that in 2008, madam secretary. is there aeja vu happening here? >> no, there isn't. i can only react to what i'm doin the resnses we have
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the ground that the grnd that has en working r months tmake sure it'sot just here today, ge tomorrow bupeoplere iolved. they a really reached out to and we believe ty're going t come caucus. the spulion and all the restof it is entertaining, i admit that. but we'rgog keep moving forward d do the work is goi to sucss febrst. >> ari that expeg su, not ssn thild ar no, i'm rlly no i think at the end of the day people take this vote seriously. they know they're voting for who they prefer to be e next prent and commanr in chief, a i bieve tt en i am outre tal with le about wh we ve to goagnst here at home, get economy working foeverybody, not justhose at e top, beg to raise incom, which hasn
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deal withealth ce,oing fr 90% covage, wch is what we he under the affordab care actow, 100anlay t what i intd dto g ere, i cany te you ty see pe nding, i ow pe are signg uasy leavmyve that's what maers here. it's very personal, and ople ok and they thk, cane imaginthis persotoe presidt d commander in chief? and because my expeen, particular my years as crety of sta working with presidt obam i thi ts mething ple real takeo account. >>t are u wiing to -- u , it'seresting, yosband us lotf tica pital --ouour huand edlicatal dhealthare. enoba, argbly, ud l his polital co get hearpassed. whs atthe onyoar gog toe wiing u all uritical capal tfocu on? u and i bo know u lly have o bigt at onbiis at is t you' willing to use a your tical capil to do th? >> well, chuck, first of all, i don't agree with you on at.
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important sues, health ce being e of them. we've got to get costs dn. i met a man on fridawho no longer cfford to payor his hiv mecation i t a won yesterday whose bill she has takenor 25 years has gone from couple hundred for 4,000 for the same amount he drug. that really hi my heart. kn what people are going throug i'll uhaver tools i ca ge lowerris, prescrip drucompanieand tt but m so going to s on theconombecae lesse create more jobs and getnces rising and fix the tax systesoat it doesn't in so many ways tiltoward thwethy,e are not ing to get ahead, they're not ing feel they're getting d and they'rgoing sti believe the goments rigainst which ibaou crac >>u your r erenng you wall st contrio ancludinsomeaispeeches
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otbanks. t me a you thi u ink onofhe biganks paid you over $2,000 f a speech? >> well, look, i gave eeches to aide array of groups from health care groups tauto dealers and many, many more, and i ink what they were interestedn because what we talked about was the world ming off of fourears a crary of staten cad d, peo restedn wh i saw, what i ough theasked questi about tters that were on tir mis. a lot of ieresinhe bin laden raid, w ch tough desion w made d what i advisethe prident. u know, i k ers who e doinbuness in of ecomnt kn morabthworld. i tuly think it's goconvsatior pe to havi. >>ou d't thinkhey expect anything ire?
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you ow, first of all, i was senator om new york. i took them on whei was senator. i ton the carried inrest loophole i to on what wasappening in the mortgage markets. i was talking about that in 2006. they know actly ere stand. and i'll tell you, chuit's rely interesting to met now rhas takeney from t fincialnter to r an ad agast me to flncdemocrs noto supporme. why? ask yourself why. he knows number one i know what must be done a number two i know how to get it done toake re that ll street writ lae, not just the banks bu the investment bks, hedge nds and everybody elno longeran wre our eco t way they d in t me quk qutithe "desreer editial,n prsing you ureriee,id b up e-il iue ae se the trat hou respondit lemeust ask u th onst week yowere ask e fbi investation. are u concerned?
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vestigation ting too tht's puing xtraud oucay anti tsehind yo y're g hes anae mberg en citedt as a hth about runn no, i'm n conceed becau i know what the facts are. i never sent or received any material marked "classifie" i cannot control whathe reblans leaknd what they contending. and i thought it w teresting, chuck intereing,ck -- yoll as a lical obseer undand why -- back a couple months ago kevin rthy slled t beansthathe benghazi investatn alaboubrin me down sothing that i speed i ad, ifiefor 11 urs,wered all eir qus, andn th ad thereasothi n. and now senatograssley sho at a trump rallyestery in . he cirmaof the judiciary committee whhas
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ies, and ances h therfoson,o defeate.i n't ntrol what publicardog. but i ow what the factare i uskeepti outhe. thismein i t iserclr abouwhat overndesold ompot. but n'corol at blics theiallies do. but i k it'smpor te know what tre d. >> and micha bloombe youreaction to potenal id >>e's a go frid of min m inthe best can toe surehathe nona, werom there. su' not worri higein? >>l, tayeaat he sa if he nominatie nsid it. we, i'm in rie him ofhat and gethe minati son't have to. >> madam secry, stay safe the trl. 'll caup with u soon. >> thankou, tta you. >> now l's turn to her chief oppont,or berni
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sena gd moto you. i o stti your rction. i'veot heard yacon your cleague, senator claire mccaskell, said that republicans were licking their chops getting ready. essenty "they won'touch him right now because they can't wait truan ad wi a hammer and a sickle." wh do u sato her? well,i saer is she would lookt the tcpsakg berniede and donald ump right now she wod find that we we 15 intshe othem tially, th in ates -- toss state battlegund stes like iowa a new haire or even he hem, thawould veryuch ok forwardrace donaldmpy wh n wao ise thminimum wage but want givhunddsf billns of llarin tax ea to the top two-tent of e perct whin wages erica are tohigh andho
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hoaxend by wou chk,he wou bnothing more in isi would ke ttake odonaldrump. would beaand would be hadly >>ut aknowof mocratncned t a ngle othem has rsr candac i just read tough that. not a single democratic senato has enrsedour candacy. noa ngleemocc governor hadorsed youndidy. what does that tell you? >> it tells me that we are taking on the politica esblisent, w esblishment,reaking on the economic establishmente financial intest in this tranwe're kingn the coorate blisent. that is what is uniqbout this race: tha in fact, we are trying tmake aolitical volutionring mlions people intthe poca prthat was ess at wasngton anall of tse piticns have signicy tuhe backs e establishnt supptiecretanton. that not aect. t the reonhar campgn
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and enthsm is pelenk's time that wken the establhm ta owatreet, te bigmoy interests. and that's why i believe we're doing as well as we >> wel you havbeen cal for politirevoluti and there ha bee thveeen some criqu er it, t tu're rt onarrow iere u ca for revoti. taisatonof the more respect thinkers the cil rits movemthesdays ote in the "the atlaic" why ar't youor ratio for having to -- becf avy r african-ericwhen you're calling for enomic sticon smany oevel why you sp short tha issue? >> well, for the se reason that barack ama has, t se reas i believe that hillary clinton has. that is that it's absotely wrong d unacceable that we haveo much povern this couny and it is even worse in the african-american commuty.
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high school havempyment tes and deremployment rates of 51%. 36%f afrin-amic childrenre living in povty th is issuehat have got toddss. mytions pridenofit states o be very aggrsiven dealing ho sues to put our kids to wk rather than see thego to il impro our schoo. that what weave to do and ink at's what the american ople w >> i understd at but u didn underd th qutihy yerhy you weret in for of retion >> welga, thsaeason th therede inot an k llarclinton not what is that reon? >> we haveot to invest in the future. what we have got to do i address poverty in america, something that very few people talk aboutnd especially poverty inhe african-american counity and thlati coun ifou lk aty rerd, d if u ok amy rngthe minimum ge15ucn ur, oghat o uth unoynt, i ink r ndy the cancy lkto iss the
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talkinoumajor sticbut an a-arican isesisanansaysan'tt hrou get thhrongress, c't al with th becauset's cally ryifcua t youother s will be politicallfficult if imssle. >> well, look,s is what i thin that loong at politics t as ze-sum approach. and what i am try dog ins country is say, yoknow what? in the last eltion63% of the american people didn't vote. 80% of young peoe dn'tote in the midterm elections. at is why the rich g riche and at is whbillioes were ae to buy elections what ware tryingo is do the say th in erican docracy maybe it's a radical idea but
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working familiesnd the middle-css r j wealthy campaign contributors. sochuck, whaam tryinto do nows ange the damics of americ polit bri iof yog peop, working claspeop into stand up fight forir rights. en yha yes, we canse the miniwage, we canate bs can make public colleges univsies ttion fre that is what we ve to do. >> i1988, you lkbout r erenceetweselfnd tim t of inent ndidaton deicartyjesse ckn. and simplyaid "jesse believes tt serious social change is poible within the demoaticar. i n'" ou sllieve that? >> wioly not, i' running fopresent of t it stes inhe democti party. y thy,hen u talk about myationship to the africaamerican comnity, check out how many wteubli offial eleedffls
2:20 am
i d.d he my state of vermo, he came toermont, jess jan is a frienine. i thghan a brill caaign. but wh my view is right now and the decision that i made a e longest-servg independent in the hisry of the united states cones i sd if w are going to w ts ra, we havet thin t demoaticma pross, that'rdog. >> a if yon, aary you' gng to have a third candidate in the race. michl blmbg havowed if you e onour to the nomination, he'sning as an dependent. what your reaction >> well, mreaction is th there will be -- if donald trump wins and mr. bloomberg gets yollave two multibillionres ruing fo esidenof t united states ait me and ink the american pple dowanto see our nation move toward an orchy where billionairesontr the political ocess. i ink we'll win at election. ernie sanders,'ll leave it ere. from dubue, iowa, 'le you xt week, imagine, as we head to iowa to find out what ppens. thank u, s, stay safe on the trai
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theepublican race that's become to resble the end of a quentin tarantino movie, think eservoir dog where erybody winds up shooting everybody else. jeb bu spent millions attacking marco rio. rubio has blastedhris chstie with super pac adds. christie has question rubio's work ethic saying "dude, show up to work." dona trump ridicud b for ing low energy. bush calledrump ajerk. den thenon-aggressionct tween trump and ted cruz crashed with e attackg the other. in t, here's e latest trump ad going after cruz on immigratio >> sounde you te the bill to pass? of course i wanted the bill to pass. wht -- amendmt to pass. what my amendment did-- >> you said the bill. >> -- is take cizensh off the table but it doesn'tmean -- it doesn't mean i supported the other aspectof thbill. >> and her's a cruz aditting trump on greed. >> i think imminent domain is wonderful.
2:24 am
trump colluded wi aantic city insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow. trump won't change the system, he's wh's wng with it. >> joining me the pho rig now is donald trump. mr. trump, welcome back to"meet the press." >> good morning, and i have to tell you, his ad is wrong because i never knocked down that use. i wanted to gehe house to build aajor building that uld have employed tremendous numbers of people but when the woman didn't want sell ultimately said forget about it. so hsot me bulldozing down a house, i never bulldod it down. it's f advertising. >> allight, i thihe accation was th's wh you wante to do - >> no, the accusation was wanted to and d do it. you know, you didn't have eminen domain, u would haven't highways, the keystone pipeline because they neeit if it's going to be built. you wouldn'tave roads, schls, hosls, men, i don't love imminentomain bu you need i o you don'tave a country. >> this race between you and ted cruz hent wants to make i about who's ral conservative.
2:25 am
wh it comes to you a conservatism. i wa to get you to react to it. here he is. >> perhaps one of the reasons tt the wasngto estabment rushing so qukly bind donald trumps tonal has been aacti upte hea the clinton foundation. he's ly supported hillary cntonas a political candidate he supported chuck schumer, he pported andrew cuomo, he suorted anuel ed rahemanuel so they know hewillcut a deal. >> know you'vembraced e idea ofcuttin adeal but some conservatives ar u're not a conseative, that 60 yers you weren't a onservative, you've on been one the last e or nine. >> most cservatives love me or i wouldn't be having the poll numbers -- fox just came out, their numbers are through roof i wld haven't the poll numbers i have that. i am a conservati but i get along with peopl ted cannot get along with people t all.
2:26 am
a nasty guy, nobody like him. one republican senator. he works with them eryday not onepublican setor endoed tedcruz. hen you thnk of it, at's mpossible to lieve. not on. >>'mcurious. youe be thent cruz the ast ten ds on thisissue. for six months you talked abt how muchou liked ted cruz. >> he was very nice to me and i kept sayg when is it going to happen, ted? i was waiting because i want to counterpunch. i d't want to behe first one. and duringth debate which erne said won he got nas andstarted hitting me and i hit him back. anything i said was okay to him. anying i said and he was really -- look i had people that have been terric on the stand. i like the candidates on a during that period of time i id come on, ted, when is it going to ppen? inderstand ted, ted is asty ho no vewell-liked person
2:27 am
y wouldn'vote forim if he's the nominee. ishat true? >>kedabout the fact th i'm n sure that can vot for becau as you knw,e h a major issue. in fact, illinois is lkingt itseriously. i don't kno if he's gng to be oka to r in illinois i e state of illinois. was born in canada, he wa born oncanadian soil, he as a citizen of canada -- >> ca you sign a pledge >> uck, chuck -- >> can you sign a pledgehat u will support the republican nominee? >> that was rlating to canada. the estionas that and reti to canada. the qtion ishether or not he can run i tell you something, from the stanoint ofoters in iowa a new hashire and allthese places that have to vote, how can you vote for a candida -- ow can you do en you don't even kow if tt candidate is able to n. laurence tribe from hvard said it's totally setted law. number of t constittional lawyers ve ce out recently over th lastew days a said he's notallowed to run, he was
2:28 am
so there's a real question an i said he should get aclarory judg. he has t domething becse w c you ha a campaign when it's very psible you not allowed to run l me ask you about "nation revi," i've seen yr tweets, i knowow you feel about the magazine andow yo feelbout this issue. te get you toespond to one quot fromrick erickson. he writesthis ike the angel heaven whoeice for every new believer, we shld rejoice for nald tru'sonversion to conservatismbut we should not put aew conservive in charge conservatism o t country. what do you tl conservatives that will make them believe you n't leave the ideology if it's conveni or unpopular. >> well, that'snot an insulting quote. it really is. i was goin to hitim had. it wasn't an iul ote. thenational revw" is a
2:29 am
thdid it because i'll ge nice publy. i'llay this, ronald reagan, he s a somewhat liberal democrat and over the years he evolved and became a firly conservative n overly- but frly coervative republicans. he became a geat pesident also nd i've evolved and a lot of peoe changed posions on things over the years and by the wa d cruz has changed his position. he was a very, very was very wak onllegal immigration. and now allf a sudden because of mytance he got rong but cr was w immigration now he gotstrger. so let's see what happens but i u the term "ronald reagan, i use the name ronald reagan and that's pretty gdo me. >> you know, just out -- well, about 15, 20 minutes ago p out a tweet sang four ys ago he out tax returns and he believes
2:30 am
release theireturns before the first ctest. just soou know, every nonee, mr. trump, has released teir tax returns goingack to 1980, but clinn, by the way, hillary clinton, we have every tax return that her nme has been on since 1977 in the publ domain. will you reease any of your tax returns for t public to scrutinized but? >> we, we're working o that w. haerig return and i have everything al approved and very beautiful and we're working that over the next period o tie, chuck. absolutely. >> wat's the period tim before the voting begins? i n't ow, this is not like a normal tax return, this is a big tax return and i wi say th and i'mvery proud to say it, i thinkheountry is run horrib, i ha what they do thour meynd unlike everybo else, t and pay as little tax as possie because i hae whathey doith my tax money. i hate the way they sen our money, theay they give it to iraq,heay ty give it to ir, the way th give it to -- everything. thy give it to everybo. >> you are goingo release it?
2:31 am
i he theay theyive itaway to everyby but us. we have to rebuild our country. >> butou willrelease it? >> and i say it and reporter said "that's the mostrefreshing answer i' ev hed on xes." becau everyone tries bld it up, mttromney, he bui it up, tri to build how much he pays. it esn't work that wa at the approprie time you' be sasfied. >> finally i have to ask you abo bloomberg. what do you makeof the ia that if you're the nomine if sanders ishe nominee, tt would inspire mr. bomberg to gothi part >> michael habeen a friend of minever thees. i donnow ife're fends anyore. i woulde to hav him run. i would love at competion. i do very we against it. i would looee michael bloomberg ru >> all right, you embrace it mr. trump, ill lee it there. stay safe on the trail,ee y nexteek iniowa. >>hank youery uch.
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it's it's posble trepublican fie can be narrowed dn to two candidates. both campsre makinthe electability argument. w's ght? let's look at uz. accordingo our latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll, among tseive groups the repuic party has strgled twin, cruz is unrwater across the board mor peop have an unfavorable view than a favorable one. that's bad news for the republins, right? but now here is how ump's numbook amonghe same roups. the negatives are much worse. look at where he is among african-amecans. hi net negative ratin is 72 points in the wrong direction. in fact,trump's bestumbe in ese groups vots, indendents, subban voters and latinos, his worst numbers are still better tan cruz worst numbers -- excuse me cz's rs numbers are better an trump's worst numbers. so looking at it by the data at least sggests trump would start
2:35 am
muchdeeperholehan ted c>>whene cmeback, rublican party's double bank shot plan tsuppor dald trumpow in orr to beahim lat.e glasses?theyredo lsmarr? aha litt. re makingy no areounvting? we, i'een doingme rrc t meroduou to bror. homuch does harg i ow. ok. uhdo you g youfees backf yo nappy? (dad laus) wow,ou'rlaugng. that nothe w the rld woll, thworlchanging e you king enough quesons about thway yo wealth isanaged? wealth managemt, at charles sb. we broughtere toy to g your honest opinion out this new car. to keep things unbiased, we removed a t logos. feels like a bmw. reminds meittle bit of lan audi. so, thisar supports apple carplay. siriaps. she gets me. wow.
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it even mutes the radio untilthe seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is. th is e 2016 chevy malibu. and it sells for? it srts at twenty-two five. what? ohow.
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that's a game change . >> welcome back. whi the democrats re experiencing the traditional manstream versus insurgent split, e republican party is in a much different ac it appers totally ta from which you ared. th establishment isillingo back trump, at least temporarily, in order to beat ted cruz w. tn th'll worry about how beatrump later let meri in the pan, m fix, polical reporter for the ashinos" o o campgn porters, i got them to stay here for the bzzard, isten weler who s covering the cnton campai a lot and kasie hunt, we've had ou all over the place, most cewith . sande and did brooks, columnist in for the "new york times." welcome to you all. before we get thin srted, we have this great little trump versus uzhis week. it's nasty and personal. take a look. >> right now the washington estabshment is is abandoning marco rubio. ey made thesessment marco can't winhis race and the
2:38 am
sh over to support dond trump. >> his new line of attack is that i'vebe establishmnt. give me a brak. [ laughr ] because bob dole is arrif guy and said tru will do better than cruzwhi i -- believe heme, i will doetter tn cruz >> if, as avoter, you tnk what we need is more republicans in wasngton tout aeal with harry re and nancy pelosi and uck scher, i guess dd trumis your guy. >> gsike ted cruz will never make a deal because he's a trident guy. "no, you cannot have that." >>s ourpoll numbers have surged, as donald'sumbers keep dropping, he's gting more and more ttled. >> he's a very yrident person, nobody likes him. >> david brooks bfore "national review"ame out, you cam out earlier inhe week beggis by clay all of the -- the governing wing of the republican party u call this'm to revolt againstth. >> this is going go on f a
2:39 am
ant them both to los t that' going to hpen. i'm theas pern in ama. his is no rumpruz. s is ing goon for months aonths andmonths. f you have attacking b and ating a -- >> who's >> it'melling you, it will be rubio. rightowu have the conflict philosophical conservative wing, which is t "national review" crowd, and thewing, which is tal radio nd trump. it' ting toee how thatea down. ht now trump has the vanta inhat becau the conservative movent ises than it as 10 years ago. the fiancial cris s h people hard andheyant govement th si of t libera guys ng as it's not filledth lralaluesut trumin thehort rm. not panic. the ll be mhs of this.wait forrubio. >> if you are part of the epublican establisment,ou shonot gothrough this scnario that you just taed aboutchuck, this triple nk shot.what yowant i my opinion
2:40 am
extendederiod ofime. this idea tt well,kay, we'll get ridruz a hane trump, if trumwins, ia, new hampshire, south caroli, there is no handling. the race iseffectively er. i thk you wantruz to win iowa, th trump wns nw hampshire, then it's a muddle. that's the way that a rubio emerges. ths idea that trump willin the four orive states, we'll get r of cruz and insert our candidatethat d't seem e likely. >> e, you've beenovering the republican side for a while. david -- i feel li he ihe last m standing. im stting to queio whether e establishme can even find a candidate. >> i think that's why you're seeing so many of themturn and foc on tryto figureout, okay, would i be okay with donald trup? st of them feel th trump -- d hed this aga in his intrview, trump'sattack,hat cr is a nastgu is titely riht. they all feele e's a nasty ynd they feel like while some ofhose numbeoeder schroedered showed trump's egg in tifrs
2:41 am
t could w. >> ithink ha wha's interesting in myonversaon wi epublicembe of eestablishme, ey hve sfted eir own when they talk aout trmp. ey're n saying's e be person to make deals, 's meone who we can work wi wheas cruz isnot. and he's also -- >> that's panic! tt's establishment pic. >> th make n we have such asum establishment. >>the way, you will get univeal agreement consertives loveo go after you,onhat they will. >>th i justmac ago poiso ie ter wille aninuration in january, 2017 and aanor woman wi be standing up there, that's where abraham lincolnstd. that's wer fdr stood. tt's where nald reagan stood. donald trump isoing to stand thre? i do not believe that. >>ouound like th"new ke cover. i should u it was ite has all the former presidenwatchingonald tmp onelevisi with fdr with the
2:42 am
aghastat this. >> sothers -- i talked to a smart republican csultant who woed for a presidenti candidate -- one in ts race butpast races and he said, looyes, this trump thing is real, it's going to g the one question i -- nd i thi th is interting -there the can i imine this pern being president i a hurricane, in a blizzard, being the epathizer in chie after a mass shoong and that tru --it's impossiblfor the majority of america to conceptualize donald ump in thatole and at some point, thou it w't be on february 1 and it probabl won be on february 9 and mig not be untimarch or ail or may, that reckoning willappen at some point and the gl is to have someone who lks the role of e ident, whether's rub or b,hicis unlikely. but soone else other than h. >> th's the argumente ublicastablihment has beenaking eversince donald trump g intohis ce >> ju 16, yes. >> and here ar
2:43 am
chngforhese tabshnt ndidates isatu still ha t p to the voters that youre bigugh run for the presidency before you get the point where you're handling hurricanes and none of these guys -- marco ubio, jeb bush -- no of them hae beenab stand up in a way that makeshem seem bigger than donald trump. >> he ge an ectal victory hiselt if trump were to win iowa i thinkhat perceptions bu stato change. and based on repting his ground game is more robustan initially thought. >> i jt wondering,david, early-state voters, they don't te with their head. they've beenoitioned to vote idealiically. either on the ft or right so this where i think tablishment -- both hillary clion and the eablishment are suffering. >> well, atome point b then you get toater states. at me pot these early states vote identity more thanho's going to make the change, who will delir. >>ecause they've be fed this. >> this is like a big cultural event in thse early states. the later states i tnk emotions ar lower and they are more pragmatic,econd --
2:44 am
ddle eat. events will happen a third cruz and trump going after ech other week after week, that will start to look ugly. >> well that a buy and thenhe question i is tre a candidacy left? at's the qustio let's take a pause. 'll be back i a mome d lk about the democratic race with my fine quartet hre and
2:45 am
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i just ith just over wk until thea cauces, a lot of peoe ahinkng what about isest suited to ad the ntry. my next gues rert gates,has a uue shtnto what ak t commander-in-chief havng served und eght presen,ost cely as crtary defense under bth presidents obamand bush and his new book it has a topical itle psion f leadehip. secretary ates, wlco bko eet e press >> thank you. >> et's talk about that leaderip test. what it you wi vo would use as testo dede whoo supp tnk 's theuestn of who can ld t counynd equally who can runhe government. vernment is different d pecially the federal government i different in many ways than running a business or anythg else a people who
2:48 am
often haveo iea comicat itis and how ficult difficult. if you'ra ceo, you don't have 535 members on your board of directors. >> you may have 12 or 15. you're here,e should talk about isis. i won't tell you which candate is saying thse things i st want you tosehe different ideas. one candida "we won't weaken them, we will terly destroy them, we willart bomb them into livion." another candida says"youaaway their wealth, knock the hell out of e oil, take away eir oil."anher s they want a no-fly ne. zone. another clition says you ve to bring together a musli coalitn, sunni d shi'a fighngide by sid what's realistic? >> ihink inging in so kind of arab coalition t trynd help, creati se kind of
2:49 am
have they're both tough butou coulddo them. he first altnatives, i think, are complely unalistic.and furthe more wouldn't comish ejob and ian't figure out whet thosho are argug thateally believe they can do th o whether they're bei cynical or opportuntic. >> the first t y were uz andtrmp, th seco two tt you say are realtic are cltonnd sars. voters are told ty an find a coalition too this but are they cynical a think nothing everchanges in the middle east? is that why v are mo susceptible tooldor brash? >> or sime. and the problem is most of these problems are not mple a it quires -- first of all building coalitions in washington it will be useful in terms of foreign policy and national security to have coalitions in washington where washington
2:50 am
voi,ne sumnity before we form c form coalitions around the worl only eisenhower,fordnd bush 41 did noevoke deep animosity. theextresident will be polarizing. ju due eature of our politics. >but itoesn'tee to be that. >> okay, i hear it doesn't need to be but your exples, t of them uldn' een win- one cldn't n a ll term on their ownand tother coun't win reelection. polization helps theseguys win. that's part of the proble isn'tit? wel, i think the question is whoan mve untry and that will require reaching out to the otherinde have had polarizing presidentshat nonetheless were able reach ou to the other sid ando the country forrd.
2:51 am
of the most unpopular pridents in american history y estabshed extraordina thin. >> you said until y w 10 youidn't know his first name. you thought itas "goshdarn o you should beon the michael bomberg side oheaie. is a potential candidate that is saying he wants to create a caaign that would have people on both side >> practillyspeaking, i don't see how athird candidate wos. how a third candidate can be eleed. >> butou must like the meage. candidat candid for presidenwh talksbout h to bring us together as ople, who says we he comniny ad who can emphasze that we can work the cotry. >> wise words fm you. we'll see if the ters will listen to your way of figur t how tecide whoan lead this cory. rober es, congrats on the new bo.
2:52 am
>>hank yosi we'llecome ben a moment with ourendame segment and on washington reside who thought the blizzard of 2016 was the best thing that could possibly happen. - you set rulesaround the house, right? so set rules for yr kids wh they online: don't be a cyberbully. no racy selfies. and rember everyone can see everythi y post, even grandma.
2:53 am
e re en game end game time, th panel is here. thedemocrat side, davi brooks, whatdid you makef clinton v. sandershis morng? >>if i ddn't know anything about these tace until i saw these back-to-back interviews today i would thinksas has hoedhis message and capted
2:54 am
clinton hasn honed h msage. there's a lot of chinese menu tuffa, c,d, so you can see whyhe's doing wel you have to pick thatmessage, hone it,eliver it, velocity. >> think they have a message but they don't -- theynow it doesn'fi voters, which is experience counts. i was struck, chuck, when you asked what her top priority wa going to be, the numberne thing she was going to spend political capital on, i don't feel like she had a car answer abouthat it was sh cared the mo abou e in some way back intoit talked about heth ca i was surpris she made i healt ce in an odd way. relly? wre goi back to the990s. >> the who argumentis this is out tfuturenot e pat. when i was watching these terviewback toback, it's remarkable that a 74ear-ol former mayor burlington vermont, avowedoclist on yourhowrefusedonthsing too say i'mot a socialist, he's the ange and ture candidate. it's- the way that s has
2:55 am
deja vu all over again. her only benit is bernie sanders does not equal barack obama in that bernisanders at least doesn't have suprt in the blackommity awhere near barack obama. so she yenefitom tht. her perspecte. she is a acaidate is still the same, that's the proble >> the primary calendar is her friendhere. ere's a lot o states with lar african-american voting blocks. >> s continues to invoke health care because she cotinu toug prident obam and his olicies. itight not be as effecti in a place like io and new hair matrs in a pl likeouth carolina. he's very focused on building up a fire ball that t south and in those upertuesdaytates in ce she does lose in iowa. >> it feels likehe's setting up mar meage. go to your int, the feral message idealm and she doesnveit. >> i thinhe same is on the eplican side wel et mor agmatic, both race will be ng, some big terst ow up somewhere,
2:56 am
but right now lacking the joy >> i just -- i mean this with trump and hillary, this idea that you can simply lose to a socialist 74-year-old who ne thought had any cnce of being anhere close to her. the ideahat you can se iowa a loewampire and peoe are go on theirer way. dav may be right, that it's an extended race wi twists and turhat sheventually wins. hat's the onlyass th she wins a rac -- >> you know the last pull to pull thatoff? heir last ne was clinn. i'm just saying. bill clinton has familrity. >> much lower expectaio, though, chuck. he had his own bernie sanders jrybrown. stay. >> syed in forever. >> and his own billionaie. ros pro. >> sond round of the come back kid new hashire. >> but, chuck, you're a hilary clinton supporter, they've been yi this om the beginning, this ishe toughest pt fo her, campaiing, the gting out there and selling her message. >> onnectivity.
2:57 am
buthey say she has built a ground game in iowa very much modeled r baracobama's ground game. they still think they'll get the ople out. >> "new york times" -- paul krman had a great piece, he saidbe sanders is thea aryary thry ---ar theary ---arythe aryary ir tocandidate obam llary clion is the heir to presid ama >> if people wantomebody who can manage, they'll go for he the's some part of theo d that do want th. >>we' see where they are and ifhey lin >spent a lo ti talking about picians in washingtocan' agreen athgute tso e n'ageenw hi enthere was a in the measuring process reagan national rporteaning the official nbers underestimated the amount of snowhich had fallen. some people think our deficit gets ss alt with that watoo.
2:58 am
it's impossieot to smile of d.c's most famous chinese rident, tian tian tiania, the panda having a lot of fun in t show >> that's what i did on my way toork yesterday. >> looksikemy siyear-old, genuinely. with fur. >> just a littleit more of is in our lives and we' be happier. >panda for president. i'm goio leavit there. next weeke'll in in iowa. everybody will in iowa can't wait.
2:59 am
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