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tv   News 5 at 430 PM  NBC  January 31, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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,,,,,,,,,,, the snow has been intermittely picking up and letting f on the roads this afteron. plow cre were tivated just about an houo. news 5's ay koen joi us live along 25 ... for a closup look conditions othroadway toght. we want help keep you ahead of the storm ... and there are many usefulools thayocan take advaage of ... ght on your smart phone home computer. we want to help keep y ahead of trm . ane are seful that you canake advante of ... right on your smart one or home cputer. if you've ever wondered ere are thplows .. now you n fi out
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leasof n webpp ... it lets avelers track ei snowlow fleet in real-time. it's called the automated hicle cator stem and it's installed some 860 of the state's 970 plows. click on a snow pl in and a text box ons that shows the ow current location, treling speeand direction. e system also alerts fet managers about any mecnical issuesrirs may be experiencing. soow about those city plow crews. colorado springs has mped out exactly wh a "primary an secondary route" is for their plow drive. it even details what typof material the trucks are puttg down on the roads. you'll probably notice those routes go past schools, spitaland re statis. and remember you can track this ow stormith us drive the doppler find snow fa totce and snow conditions,inspd and more.
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find these webtools, just visit or find us ocia dia at koaa. andy koen news 5. snownd iceren't e on asonu should be careful on the roads toughout this storm -- just ask one van driver who hit an electric box that knocked out power to more than 15-hundred people. ws jes mitchell joins us live now with mo on thoutage in falcon. wh happened, jessi? ers deputies are bthrashdistracted drivi -- thelickoad ndions, zach. anwhe crews wouickly to restore theer in peon and faon, it made the day even more inconveenfopeople trng to stock up for the big storm. when the crash happened this afrnoon near the intersection of highway4 d rianoa th eire area covered by mountain vw electric lost power, from traffic lights to homes to stores like wmart and
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the ne tcrjust u two hoto rte prom x tonoer se.sheriff's puti haven't bn le to instigatwhat kd of distracted drivingaused the man to veer off of hay 2 becae that boxas still live atascheck. ce they cut the electricity ther they'll be able to deci whether or not to arst the driver. the driver of the van coulface multiple charges -- so a lesson oths,ay ation out there. power wastored aroun3:is aernoon n lorado singsssi mitcll, 5. for thoslooking to get out of thcold...the ation army warng shelter will stay openll night and day sund and monday. e offif emergency nagement ordered the factilt stay en durg the pe hours ofhis orm. ill be cheing inith e shelted have a fulreport for ews five at ten. stay o step ahead ofcontions osi byogging on to kdocom.
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following up for you on a deadly fight een rival motorcycle clubs yeerday in dver -- the person shot and killed ding the fight was a member of the "mongols motcle cl." that, cording n torney for thclub. in addition to the person sh and lled, 7 others were hurt by either gunfire, knife wounds, or hand-to-nd fighting between twval ubs. the bikers were there r "colorado motorcycle eo," which was supped to be a two-day event at t denver coliseum, but the cirded the event shut down for today. the names theson kied and those injured ve not been released two virginia tecstudents hav beenharged for the abduction and murder of a missing virginia ag who body foun yestery in nth carola. a vigil was held in blacburg, virginia last nighafter ne that 1year-old "nicole lovell" wafound dead. yesterday, pole charged 18-year- old "d nhauer" wi murder.
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has en cite mpror dy l standera offie co to inigat just in... a group monitoring the civil w inyria says at least0 pele were killed today i bombing attacks in a disict damascus where syria's holiest shi'ite shrine is cated. the rert said doze more were injured in series of plosions, and hi fiters were amonthe dead isis cimed rponsity for e bo a twouici bombers who t off the devastating blasts the syrian oervato for human righ said the casualty toll was expected to rise. the british-based monitoring group said the suici bombers targeted a militbus carryie militias w were changing guard there. ike's mi in copaxi, s reportedly a sucss this weend. volunteers shad thisicture wis on febook, saying mor
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they also say they raised more 13-thollars for "me own." brown wastabd jay 4th a fo snt. brown reported to sheriff's deputies thas own former student, "courtn plante," and her boyfriend, "sean ovstreet," jumd him afte asking ho help wita broken- doruck -- th dve ofrown's car. heufred lieateni injurin the attack. s cookie that's right, girlcoutookies are officially on sa. these girls didn waste any time getti to work in black forest, despe the snowy nditions. they set ua table theas station on black forest road and shroad. they even got into costume and heldp gns to bring imore stomers. thgirls it all wor i and their custersay it's greay apciated bause it's been a long wa for the cookies to go back on sa. 3:48 i reay exd. i love cookiesso7:23 walwa go for thin mints. can't athoecon
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this year's selectiocles thints, samo ta tfoi- s, savannah smiles, and gluten free toffee-tastic -- all 4-dollars each. 'll be on le until march 13th. live look outse... we a tracking conditions outside as the snow ves in news five meterologi c hoffman is next with your
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a stemf w pressureoving acrosshe aa his ha stuggled to reach abe
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ly cloudy skie this snowitinue overnight with 3-6 inchessible by monday moin an additiona3-7 inchill be possiblen monday. hiin the 20's and 30's w pick up on monday and this haprompted a winter storm warning andt wi stay untuesy afternoon tomoow are ofeavy sw wille on and off throughout the day or 8 ines poible by thend of thevent in colorado springs and those winds pick up morr ght it wileay drop visibiliti and roads will kely become snow packed an slicwith ice by e time we get to wednesday conditions
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cold and then we will see more sunine
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see more sune check out the condit in cora s coury. inhe past 24 hou, keystone has seen 9 fresh inches, bringing the seasototo mo than 13- feet of snow. they sent us this vio from t untain and say neay all of
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guests can hhelopes and enjoy the supewl at keystone, while also showing brco pride. ,,
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a unue project around alexandria, losiana is helping to keep the home populationarm. it's cald "i am not lost." "emileigh forrester" explains. s/ offer willi lew, alexandria police dept.:43-:47 it's a different play on lost and found. t: tammy mes, "i am not lost" "thesthiidasak items fromowhome, some ke andome jacketd put e outammy miles set out sot: tammy miles, "i am not lost" "itarted aouple weeks ago with a few little objects..." to warm up those less fortunate than her. sot: tammy miles, "i am not lost" "i a lot of homele fol and they're walking to the mission he in nevie to s if thecahot he arted by grag ankets and coatfrom her h- she aves them out in the public, so anyone in need walkinby can grab it-- something poce officer lliam lewis...
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t on patro says ama offic wamewis, exandr polde. otict ere was on one of the jacketand sa, 'i anot lost. if y need me, ta me.'"ot: mmy miles,i am lost" "iidn't want someone to find anm and them thiinit was lo, walky and leave it, so stted ing s peo would knhat if nee, take it.when she ran outf her own items to give, she asked friends fodonations-- and theyer glad t. sot:ammy miles, "i am no lost" "the more i did, the more it touched me a the m encouraged me to contie." s sa the eerience teaches r patience, understandg d tolee. so tammy miles, "i am not lost leave here and i feel absoluly fantastic knowi if i helped one rson today, then i couldn ask for anythg more. noing more." and for officelewis-- it's a rend. t: officer wilam lewis, ole dept. l of tis get caught inhe facthat peoare homeless and we n't ke the
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sot: tammy miles, am not st" ach and every note has my heart. every item g is comi from my heart." it's a piece of clothi -- s hopell finw home, d help change life. soammy miles, "i am not lo" "iant peopleknowhat i care." miles says h next project will be to collt personal hygiene
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we'll be rht bk. . th sw llonnu ovnight with 3-6 inche ssibley moay morni. an addna3-inch wl be poible on nday a winter storm watch is in efct for a of the ne 5 viewing area until tuesday at 12 pm.
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ksor wchg news five your weekend. all of the days latest ns and ten back here at ten. good evening. thanks for watching news five thisunday.
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this sunday night, theinal countdown. neck and neck polls d gh stakes less than 24 hours fore iowa voters caucus. the democrats are in a dead heat and the go front-runnerpraying for a ctory, making church a campaign stop today. tonight it's all about e ground game. turng out supporters and surviving this first lap of the race to the white house. teen murder, le word tonighthat a colle student acsed ofurdering a 13-year-old gin virginia mayave had an accomplice. the front line, we're in brazil with those rking to stop the read of e zika vis as the risk spto o countries. toght, wor experts gather forn emgency meetg. noble acts as wavafter wave of sperate migrants ke it to the greek islands the pushor those who ve helped and embraced them to get the cognion theyeserved. > show of di la night's winners of the seen actos
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