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tv   News 5 at 530 PM  NBC  January 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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nds will still be bree at
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the snow haseen intermtently piing up and letting ofout on t roads thisfternoon plow crews werreactivatein el paso countyt t 4:30 this afternoon... to a full call out.
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now m.... youe ki wh erncy magers tonight? wt to help keep you aad ofheto.. and are masetools that you c takntage ... right onr t phonor
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snow and ice aren'the only reasons you should be careful on throads throhout this storm -- just k one van driver who hit an electric bothatnocked
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-hdredeoe. news 5's jessi mitchl joins us live now with moren the outage in on. what hpened,essi? sheriff's depues are blaming this crash on distracted driving -- not thelickd coitions, . and ile crews work quily totore powpeyton and falc, me the day en more inconvenient for peop trying tstock up f the big storm. whenhe cshapned this afrnoon near the intsection of higay4 and ridi road, is entire area cover b mountainiew ecic lost power, from traffic ligh to metores like walmartnd way -- where cusmers we busy gheecessities for thnexts. itk crs st two urto rerou power fm thtother se. ifs deputi haven been able to vestigate what kind of distracted dvi caused e mato veer f hhw 24
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at last check. once they t thelectricity there, they'll be able to decide whether or not to arrest the driver. the iver of the n d ce multiple charges -- so a lesson to others, pay attenon out the. power was restored around 3:15this afternoon. live in colorado springs, jessi mitchell, news 5. for ose oking to get outf e cold...thealvationrm waing elr will stay open all night and y sunday and mony. the office oemerncy nant orded the facttystayn nghe peak hrs of this storm. righnow e shelter is loong r volunteers to help out between 9 a. and 5 p.m. tomorrow. will checkg ith th ter and have a full report r news ve at a live look in pueblo tonight--- you can see a light dustg of snow.. but t too mu y in the
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lo is expectedo t one to twin osnow through the night tonight. ay one step ahead of the contions outside.... by loggg ono koaaot com. you can also follow us on faceok and twier. following up for you on a deadly fight tweeril motorcycleclubs yesterday in denve-- the person shot and killed durin th fight was a memb of the "mongols morcycle club that, according to an attorney for the club. in addition to the pern shot and killed, 7 others were hurt by either gunfir knife wounds, or hand-and fighting bween two rival clubs. the bikersere there for the "colado motorcle exp" which was suosed to be a two-day ent athe den coseum, but the city ordered thevt ut dn for today. the mes of the person killed d those injured have not been
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twvirginia tech students have beenharged for the abduction and murder of a missing virginiateag whoseody s und yesterday in ntholina.viwas held in acksburg, rginia last nighafter news at 13-year-old "niovel d ad. yestday, police charged 18-yr- old "vid senhau" withurder. today, police announce19 year-old "nataliepers," a soomfrom lre maryl chargedith one felony coun improper spos of a bo. stand federa ficis e continng to investigate. just in... a group monitoring t civilar in syriaays at least0 people wered today in bombing atinistrt of dascus w syria holiest shi'ite shrine is ted. the report said dozens more we injud in aeries osions, an 25 shi'ite fhters were among thdead. isis claimed responsibility for e car bo andci bombers who set off the devastatg blasts. the ri obsvatory for human rightsaid thcasual toll was peed trise. the itish-sed moniring
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targeted ailitarbus carryi shi'e mitiasho w changing gua the. "mike's mile," in cotopaxi, was rertedly aucce this weekend. volunteers shad this pictu with us on facebook, saying mor ethan 300 people turned out. they also say they raised more an3-ousandollarsor brown. brown was stabbed january 4th by a former student. brown reported to sheriff's deputies thahis own foer student, "courey plante," and her boyfriend, "sean overstreet," jumped him after aski him to help wh a oken- down truck -- thenrove off in brown's own car. he suffered life-thrtening injuries in the tack. its cookie time!! th's right, girl scout cookies are officiallyn sale e gis didn't waste any me getting trk in black forest, spe snowy coio theyet up a table at t gas station bck forest p road
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ld up signs tong imore customs. the girls y it's all worth it, d their customers say 's greatly appeated because is been a long wait for the cookies to go backn sale. 3:48 i really excited. love cookies. sot 7:23 we always go for thin mints. can't beat those. my secd favote is samoas. we bght. this year's sectioincludes thin mints, samoas, tagangs, trefoils, dos-si- dos, savannah smiles, and glen fr toffee-tastic -- all 4-dos ea. ey'l o uil th. live loutsid.. we araing condns
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hoffman is next with you syst of low pressu moving ross the aa ghs have stuggledo reach abe freeing today we have seen mostly cloudy skies . thisnow willontinue overnight with 3-6 inchese by monday morning. additnal 3-7 ines will be possible on . highs in the 20's and 30's winds pick up monday and this has prompted a winter storm warning and that will stay until tuesday afternoon tomorrow aas heavy snow will be on a o throughout the day ove8 inches possible by e end of the event in colorado rings and as those windpick up tomorr night it will greatly drop visibilities and roads will
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slicwith ice by the time we get toednesday cditions prove temperatures still very cold and then we will see reunine still ry cd and then we will
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, e broncos are calirnia bound.....but back here at home fans are celebrating the srt super bowl week in their own
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matt prichard s a ha on such a winters day....broncos fansifnia drng. for peyton manng the team ough? the drm is a reality,s both theos panthers headed fothe go coast thisorning. a ro sendoff for both teams today, as fans lined the streets of charlot andenver to let f somexcitent thattill has a week to buil th teams soaking it l in t also kee perspectiveongst the hype..knowing e is aot left to be done before they can celebrate. viously this is what wworked so hard r, to be in is game and w it's he so we l have some work to do, we still have to get ready. a week of prepation ahead. focusing on this wand not asminghis is going thapp
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focus this week and the current circumstances d let' stay there. and you see there, the broncos de isafely to san francisco.....along withports director grant mch! hel be there all week lonto get you ready r the biga, 'll he frohir the rsme tonighonew5 at 10. backere atome, eryone is gearg up for the big game in their own y. this out at ystone sortas carrs wento work on a few ice blocks to ow their broncos pride. thstatues have peyton manning anvomiertched into t along with the broncos logo. fans were out taking pictures with the unique design keystone says melting isn't an issue right now....tnks ll that ext snow and ld up in the high country. college hoops across the state today, north dakota annorthern colorado ding it out. 1. tight one....anthony johnson...the drive and dish, bas it up anin....wee ed
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drick bernstein for noh dako..los defender a gehe buct....71-69 3. jord disho the h- stepndheasket....bears have t o pnt lea4. st chae r north dakota....hrs up... go.... u-n-c fights f t win, th get it 71 to 70. the buin action up in bouldetoday,osng the cal golden bears. 1. c-u down early.....thomas akzil changes th, gets t bask and one....bus down 12-3. 2. donique and receives....takes adntage, the three ball and it's 13-9 kameron rook..the seven footer, with tarki hook up 15-9 4. xavieraln though....drains yet another three....t big lead is eras....and thbuffs would take ifrom there. they win 70-.
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nashville today. the all-star game following a new rmat in 2016, pitting the six different divisions against one another in a teen-the open i showdown. we'lsh youhe metrolitan and lantic highlights. 1. the nguinskris latge with thr past t netmp 1-0. 2. arlsone capita not to be out donetsne is o....knotteat-1. 3. evgeny ktsonf the caps....dangles the goaltender alon.then netst.....on the way to the win....4-3. nashville predators caain shea
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importt it is the ty highs inhe 20's and 30's winds pick up onondaand hasprompted ateorm warning d th will stay until tsday afternoomorr areas of heavy snow will be on and off throughout the day over 8 inches possible by e end of the event in coro sprid ashose wis pick up tomorrow night it wi greatly drop vibilities and roads wi likely become snow packed d slick with ice
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ill very cold and then we will,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, his arms raised. he grabbed he grabbed me, i was shaking. said s what are y doi? stop! >> reporter:hey had a charmed life by the beach. surfer dad. >> he was a stud y, know, i'm t nnlie. >> reporter: do--a mom. >> she wld do family-oriente things. >> reporter: and a picture perfechome, tucked away on badger lane. this is ourittle american ea he nt aestylehere coulde there r s family, for s kids. >> rorr: that's wh made at happened so startling. >> it was dark when eyot there. >> they found the bo upstairs in the master bedr >> the victim was clearlshot with a handgun. >> the kids are miing, julie was missing. >> reporter: was this a case of murder? >> ts isureiborhood. these e our frs.
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>> repter: the were seets inhat hous who would unlock them? >> i didn't wa my fries to know, i didn'tt my famy to know! devious. manipulative >> ts was oubestriend. it do end ke this. >> reporte i'm lester holt andthis is dateli here's keith morrison. >> reporte grieflikehe ocn,olled into their lives inaves. ride the waves or sink, it seemed to say. ride them again and again. >> it's just a shot through the heart. >> rorter: oe there were ur fast friends. four tall men, before it all went down and thwavetook o their new meaning.>> it didn't have to end like this. >> reporter: no. except it did. and when id? just fe like soe you the sch rlly rd and waed tcry. >> ror
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riit's what ha would have
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