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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 1, 2016 2:05am-3:05am MST

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ld a nor r three-point lad over ber sanders 45-42. we got lot to gettois morning. the lat develmes in the hiary clton eail story, bere sdersi jo ma rubioanrestnding a wt e saag but weeginwi senato tez fom texas swn aission nds heinwaep tmp fng in wod, unstoppabl unstoppable. senato cruz, welcome back to "mt the es." >> chuck, good morning. good to be with you. >> your cpagn i take it doesn't believehe ds moines regi poll.youelieve youe hat iound w iresting if udhe othererdites are aer angelica voters, benrson, mike huckaick ntohey' 14%if you i the 23% you'll be the runaway winner here. is ben carson goingcost you iowa? >> sten, at the end ofhe day ts race was alwaysoing to comeown tooserve untego aedr a toutet.
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us we wein a statiscal tiorirplac i been tl asni d aed ad sts 36horomow do cserve toet pastyat wto has aayant is splter ddi ates. t haens >>eri a that a little >i'mlways wored a onl h ru--therlyjoys scarndunppely i hoisaand we'reng to r hrd everminut ouknow, tomorrrego ple ra.weille b 99 ounties in wa. we are cage t h ain for tos of the men and women of iow and using on the grass roots an ground gam >>ou bveump wie unspple? >> n cey - >> el d rid ught ya
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thaowainnogiv hmom. nub abouti in ang positpshi.andhe ppleof iowa ifhey str in cservative,the people of iowa cctat poerfully 36 ursrom now. mond nightat 7:0. anou o i tnkhe takes e toogh toet th ng. yoknow, the most coon sentiment you h from peoe is they'rerustrated with washington. they'strated wth it ey say one thind doanot bur fration ton thateesiti t oo coseativoe they can trust be ascal conative, a social nservative and nnal security conservave. >> at the beginng of this month you l in ld ump wnt af you, tim visly kay, on vao things. and itseed to t rahead ksn e you ugenoke nch? h,stennyoha ha nsmillf
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>> wi you bele t svive a withlainton?soly. >> it'sing to be tough. thsst two eeks. >> ltethe fact treal shootitme- six weeago everye shooting at trump. now allthe rubl caidas areotingat me.thatfl ahanin an'l ne,dyo riego do ht i werfic, hind,e was sii praisethen hipollumrs sta drog. r numbers staed sung. nd suddenhe ban blting me,ot on pocy, bsanceut on psonal in ks and, mypch sitlyboth befo and heedoing i not red i kid. i t leadeserve tter than so mlicy and subsnce nd record and who will be a consistent pren conservative. >> why d you s going aft trump onai ads afer in yorco howcereboutna rubca her
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tght. an we're drawing contrast. an the cntrasts areclear. th ntrts asubtindo d. vo fs aa ordo te y ltos mabioit n is tiandidat aat advocating enshipfor2 million opleere illegally. an dond right n as a candat aatl- expainac soiazedci an cni s tidtic on cawhics t heovtinhar of y an your doctonow,my vie a polar oppite opsitesof b ofthose. if'm electedthere wille no amne we willse br. i elt will real every word of obacare sohat gives a clearimple choice forhe vos. >> let's talk aut issues here tt seem to be potentially tripping you up here in iowa. oneis ethan.
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these ubsis. u've ed it gra trn. a lot of iwans includghe epublican vernoroesnike it. i'moingo put these mbe n'tterstlehy wanlikehe andbioel suprt more than 46,000jobs, generated bilon foriowan houselds, atate with uneymd4%. is is poant part the ecnomy. >>absutely. and, liste myew energy should pursuell of abe. ghtbe rsuing eve ergy >> yurting their >> but w mdaes a b di uisubsidies. the ang mare lobbyst and demoats. ons aob wh m nlo etan s n of ney. st mntoepoedet
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epdegtmeans ery y they have too kasonnd minin he maisge pa ns. ubdioroi nid fy. ut t heriet' pndoni is to also tea dwnhe ep eanol blendwall,whic ns makeit l to sell mi-lel bles ethal. a th c expand th shahelac by60%but notasnndates and s d subsidies based on the free market >> it's so clear you spent a lot of time in iowa look at you talking about mid- fuel es. at the of the h does this not hurt the i ecy?tt'hatovernor bt i s votefor yous goingo hurt the > bu ck, theoint i made his aualould expand the iowa economy. right now ethanol isngng into the rf 's essalhe bndall is ca as pplinow knownpr ve
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itrk because th episrevenit fomoiithe wa, ohe ndidates pedged tore the ben l. th ii utre etnow somene j me o mou acss state,lo nadve inde bu mre tha lf tn the teof iohshe wtis you coee 0% mrk ea ynoh hpln? the lobbyists in wasngton and the peoeo are helpere iow farmers and jobs he in the state of iowa. one fal question, you ta abou ronaldreag a l. y tlkbout yowant so of have aesency li his. heously had terric reationshdeip o' o'il. he gstne. e a nay pelosi going to beble to get stuffdo? >>bsutely. >> how? in my etireti o the senati'ver eeerofenateithivity and pe i hi m connll
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dald trpls ma ciaor b i 't rendith yunsu. ifa s dold's pes. ikdona inkldnd sh. i hi's en tooilli get dealow go st picy gs at the of t da why was anb chhe ny?ahe builrassroo memnt reagan tiedhat turd is try around. ths what wee n 've go00vors wa it' a utrnout consves want a prpled conate no get burnen,e t come outonda night7:00 p.m. >> i going to leave it there. senoruz, you ha to fini the frassle mye guest fda or mco rio u stai atckrr pain ay act, take lokath oru ats notnd i nev
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aubas part igh secu es> t achitecs of the planenat mar r yoebbio. it was marco rubio aember of theang gh and ted ha joinse now. seto wcome ba to "meet the press. >>ank you. yust had a nice friendly hug with senar cruz there. at's not su a fraendnd here. g the sue of tanofig ally -no t me >> yoex tss amnes defineaes? >> t as itful, ac talks abt cap andtde, it stps i sxplainih againsp adebig ernmentmanthangft s a bill that--has nhat wa lt ryes an e
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d ta p dbett,utt wa y tostthainhece p tht'how rackmaas nowforceon ari not one but tw unuttive haeekal ze pe rei n enrcemen nowat not w're gong do he reden en'm president, eni'm the omin, 're g to keep o majoty ithe hnd senate d e going to pa first and foremostmmigtion l hatecure obo. a t i pl re gto ab toythie. s thee oth lasy therieople dotve t ptica suppo to iall at. hey rust tferal vnm en n las rltat unlos the do make proess on illegal immigration is to brg illegal imgration under contl firs an welldo that whe i'm present. >> i've had a l oreblicans in ia that taled tho really l yndnhey why won'trepudi t ga eight >> tt'nohow we'regoing tothen i'mpridthas n going t b thlawate'll pass -- >> do you regre everin ed?>>loo i tied f a problem.
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e ae da wee worse o todaythan we we frso. e ve mo illegalmmigrants herwe ha two constitutional executive orders on amnes went toaon to fi a problem. immigratn is serioul it mat t aha l e pacd b illegal rain dat way. is has dealt weachettsrder to so dve t it is clear morehan befeha you are n ing table any onraonti f inille immigrationuner control a prove it to people. n just pa a law that says it nd that how we're goingto do when i'm president. >> you have eludthe fa rity is nt yorhereig hao dfoinstceith e cumented you thinkss whas ld ympback? tt the encewe thise oh t ouour immiran ositi? >> n o had1eople rug fo pre a runing competitive caaigns. 11 peopl therod in iowa spngmo campaigning, working har themselves to gain voters.
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ht . ted cruz is clear t front-rner in iowa h,000 s,pe millions r got everme hwanted. soe always k that goi in, but we f reallood about therogress wre make.vekennorgave attacks tan everytr ate ined jesh'soupuper basical spena third ofts mo attacking me and yet we keep growing aeel positiveabut it we el pitivt at it's ing to meanday nightin iowandew hampshire >> youbrought uphe cap trade issue. i'll playhe fll quotofhyou said. florida sul position itself for what i bieve inevitable a tt is fedeal cap andrad progm. ori shod doevything i cano bean early come per s it can access early compliance fds and help influence what thatapnd trade loks lke at the federal lel. so'm in favor ving the deartmt of envinmenal protection anda tha they outnd desi a atrade c pgr ck to legise for rafiion
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weeou fu cot the. >> no, you dn't. there's mo after that clip. >> we'll lain. >> no -- >> itoes coos youre say it'evitableo flori has to epare. but what you just ayed is nothell lip. riger tt sid i'm n fav implen . i'minr bringit back to the egislature i do n supporig govnment the context of thatat wn 06nd '0 wen the lead idesr pside were ohn mcca, bara obama, hilry clinton. all three supportedap and trad d ias thepear oe housend ia there is cnc fede goverent pass c and tr i' not but ify, we have e pareto cplyi uimt enf w't .andi dot want i toco t atof flor t hve eryone ew it.the democratshat positi. enrilyhrispropos cap nd trade, i wasthe first person topeak out oft in a full op-ed the miami hera. right afte tha treen re >>isets at wht o i
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of the candidates on both sides is u're basically saying, look, you got to sometimes govern with what you have, not withhat you want. >> right. >>but the voters theyantore than tht. the voters seem angry. ey'reot satisfiedith thi ,ouw, you doing the you g to worki at u have inshion,t withhatyou want. >>yo ow, i t thin that e. i k vs understan to solve problems it's going to take the abilit to work withpeop y't agr wh a of her issues. thinknderstmy ducatink udent ln aa owee oi hve clebutin satoork helpinwithudnt tht's why i work wthma warneon it and wor with otr people on ts so o issu herere is that we'reo goin to agree o ealingmacare, that's wha elens. so i t e'snc wer a yon havayprines you wkgeth. ut thessuewh you n't do th. tht'y we h tions and dtend those sortsf thi in i.
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st pular rublican candidate, ptty much here, you and ben cson ree d neck, bover nationally you have the higst favorable rating. why aren't you higher? >> again, i ink it goes bac to the fact t areow11 pe runnin for psintf nid es r ve ean,setthrde cadidateth megoors, ceo ajor comni, serio peoe. and foenatick ntu an they're camigning ha. so you've got t voters he a lot choices. incehe rac narrows dabo ou prpects. >hat's thei a of donhere 'munnor pr o th unedate >> b y to win eventually well. hes ho we win, win by avre delegat tn bo elanyonea moha thedat i'm condent w gng t ievthat. onnk you're goingo lly getlarityns untilhe rnarrows a ltt > had nightorou w? we wa asma vos as we can.wfe real sitive about what it's going lead to
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wwe and in iowa. other people ha a lot more pelen the ground, they ent ore ony, but w goingave a g night. m excited at it. >> sator rubio, be safe the trai i think we'll s you inew hampshire as well. hen we come back are iowa democrats ready to vote for a 74-yr-old socialist who's not even a registered memrf the democic par abofi sor bdersoinse in met. we werborn 100 years ago to a n american century. born with a hunger to y and a paioto build something tter. and what an amazing time it's bn, decadefter decade of innovati, spirion anwond. so, sayhank you americaor a ntur trust
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wel welcome ck. it's rd heren des moines to urnround a notpnto a jonalist. we he tom bkaw, jennercs, msnbnalrentjond brody. david, i'm goio a with yo because, ok,ed cruz is makeorreak depending if he pulls--but it's uning evangelicals. >> it is. ou touched on it in that interview. ted cruz goes around in all of these campaign stops and says we nef you'reoing to vote for ben carson, nice guy, but please don't. it goes mike huckabee and allhese folks. if you actually add thenumbers , ted cruz runs away here in iowa wi it. the proemis is thatot only does he have toonnd with th factthers will vote for carson
2:24 am
ump taking 19%aswe see in the late poll of evangelicals which i know is shocking for folks an excedrin moent for folks. >> we'retrngto geel whohe tru people e, cruz people, we've put a compilation getr of t voters've spen to. >> i'm for d cruzse o country w founded on the bible nd the constution. >> if we ged ted cruz in there, to get done. my second choice woulbe mao r:o u d trump? his show. bu i don't know i'm afra of wt mig do once 's i office. >> reporter: why are you caucusing for trump? >> cause he's ing toake america great aga. >> i thnk everyby's a little t aaid. americans are afrd, the world afraid. >> i hope he's tough on illegal immigration like heys. >> i believe he can kep r country safe. >> he is not politically corrt. and i am fine with that >> reporter: would y be
2:25 am
probably i'never caucused bef >>eporter: how lo ha you lived in iowa? 49ears. >> tere it is. bufa bill hat guy there, has lidereishli a has never u ane' do trump - that'sho dnald trump eo shoup. a the going to show up >> well, you never know. it's interesting to me tt ted cruz has all thehigh pointsn this des moes register/bloomberg pitic poll. verybody les him better than nald trump. thethink he has the greatest knowledge and depth of experience. but donald trump ishe guy that they think would be best to fight the u. enemies. and that's abig dea in this race. so, you know, everyone says that donald trump's orgization is suspect. buople rally have faith in him g now. >> a i thinkocan see, too, dotrump lsasost loalcker you ok the polling, 's got the mostunchangeable voters. they are sticking with him. that's why i ink you're seeing morintramul fightin parculay betweenruznd bio because ubio's are among
2:26 am
so i thin what you're seeng with ted cruzs he's tryingto not oy take away the n arson supporters but also go after thos rub supporte for who he's actlly the number eend chic >> it's inrestintom, put up the favorable ratings from jennifer's hee. d mne rester. thtw mst poop, republicans are the guys g third dfouh, brson a mco ru gu ifit theeast favora of ourop fou dald ump. it goes to the point, it's yty butot growt it's lolty witn the republican party a within differe portions of the republican party. i really thi th b piece of wt donald truhas going for him is celebrit culture that we live in in america. d he is everywhere and comes in with that big ailane and people say i' like to have lite piece of that. here's a guy running strongly among evangelicals marrie tee tes, he had affairs around t world with otherpeople, he went broke a couple of mesthe rithroug that. we'repling in a differt ballpark th year.
2:27 am
i would say ts,there's a ock of evangelical voters that are the sick and tired evangelicalvoter, this ection pecificallyhose folks are rung the day. you know, evanges areick of bein played as political pawns for years. i mean, look athe federal marriaamendment in 2004, if can go back in histry but george w. bush campaigned on that, told evangelicals to get outt t polls and karlove dropped i like a hot potato. they believe dald trump will sck up for them. >> did,expla this, we were talking about this ealier. who -- is it different evangelical vote thas for trump than -- is itifferent-- explain the difference. you were telling me there's a difference between thetrump evangelical and the cruevan evangelical evangelil. >> there is. the's a nuance there. first of all we ow evangelicas are not a monolith group. >> of course not. >> but a lotre ientified evgelicals. i'm not trying to get on yones ce, if you will,ut look, the reality is is that there's a certain typeof evangelical that votes for
2:28 am
of a cultural christan if you will. but thenheres t bble studedsday night service y know, the ones that youe going to see at the tluck on sunday, that's the ted cruz folks. >> tt's your cruz. >> those are the uzfo. bulook,he rlity is donal tru is still playing well with n so thosekshato to ice on wednday night. he's crossing into both realms. last word, tom. ou have to ke tr o who ses here. wh do those ves go?that's goingo be citically porta. three or four plerop out, f th voteth represe, whredo they go w comes toewhampshire? soosgs important as winning here >> that's what iowa' l about, losing metimes. and tenning. anyway, we'reack in momen we're gng to ta about the democratic race and the man who hafie alltio. f trum le talout saers. he's undedllary krinclinton's eected march tohe
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brthe bett starting whin 5 minutes. ca or gonlto lea more abt a ee tal oer. if you can't affd youricatn, asazeneca may be ablto help. wel welcomeback. to the democratic race where independent senator bernie sanders is running neck a neck with hllary clntn. he's counting on young
2:32 am
top f they do like signal a new benningor the nominaon. senator sanders join me from dar rapids, i thanyou fo joining me, sir. mypl ewi the imrtanceinngsh your candicy. is there a path to he nomion without y upsett hillary clinne ino first? >> well, chuck, let me justay this. as you wllknow, wenwe began thiscampaign,we wer at 3% in the ols. wrepondilry clinton. today as you'vendicad we're neck a neck. i think we have a real shot to win this if there is a large voter turnout. nd it's not just you people. it is rking class op. is middpl who are ck tired of st q it ttenowa. t' truein nmpe. is truall ove thiscountry. so toanswerour question, yeah, think we really de a pathward victy because
2:33 am
boldly move i newdion so t not wlth and incos goi to top1% butn' y he w iowaerif this g t become a natnal caaign? >> wel there' no quion, you knowthat what hapns here is y, very important. and if weanin andl f major s it lleal be aspngboard, i thin . t t e othe dai thi in terms o division o deegates,whethe y n by pots or lose bwo points t goingto mahole lo bu here's the poin ware running a nationalgn. erertrg ju new hampshiningrou gnifantly in sthola and nevada. we arstrongll overhis ountr >> i want to play y methsecretry clion said friday about you healthcare ideas and g yo to respond to it here it s. >> i don't want us to be throw
2:34 am
nioldete. i don't nt o endup in gridlo peoplecan't wait. people have health emergencies can't wait fors to have some toretical deba about some better idea that willev er ome toass. >> senator, wouay t bigge difre bweener rters yoursupporters heuorte will ,yo knw, iealike wt senat ers is trying to talk aou but he cn't get h plans passed. th's esseially what seetary ctonissaying. whatre saying >> wl, fst a wat etary cintonhas implie througho thi cpa lt moh or two tha somehowho spent my fht f universal health careo guartee al care t eve man,mannd child, to have the united states join the rst f the indusialized wo in ming health cares aght. somehow m gng to dismantle ealare emand l illisofchilen withut heal care, or eerlyple thout healcare. that is lutely an outrageous
2:35 am
of course that wev happe atme when we a spendi three times moreer pern o healcare an teop i the unid kingdom, far more than the pele in other ountries, we pay the hiest costs for prescpt drs thathpleelseere, yes, ihinkur v i to ve forward to garteeeth care to every mawoman and chi in a cost ctve way. >> but obviously to pay for it, an p f aotof your ideas, you're going to be ising some taxe nancy peli, head of the house mocra saidthis. we not nning on any plform aing taxes.iwasan ilied sort ofhe didn't want youat the top of the ticket with those house democrats. what do you tell her? you know, chuck, let'sst look at the facts. the factare tt we are spi farmore tan oer untries on health c popos will save middle class famies thousands of llrs aear onheir health care costs.
2:36 am
would be hppytoay $100 in if they'r ying $5,000 less in healthare premiu so you o this is an issue wheree have got to control ealthca costuarantee health ca tolleo and hat every otr major country on erth is we h g t ton dg anies oipping us f and e ivate ian ani >> and yo n'hink yore goingo b aroem fhosecrats wh dot want to on ising taxes? >> , i think ifact hillary clintonill be e problm. beause i thi our mpaign i t campaignt is generating meneyha llresultn a high voter turno repubcans win when voter out is low. democrsin when t turn gh ink oucampaign i raising the sue about a rid the economy cot camig cem. secretarylon yesteay jt annun i so w prid th her superacrouhtn
2:37 am
i don't have a super pac. ourvege conibution 7. >>i nt to ask you about your relationshipit president obama and aook you dorsed. esenob the most polar decrat in tises n rister lt is aooy bls, 's cal "buyerremor," hoobamaet progressivesdow yor mes fatured as f top endorser of the bok. itaysill press makes cas, dot, dodot, th o in fairss u, dot, dotdoesn' ve ysayanyiat ab barack obama but simply gnin onhis ok. wh it has saying is wt lve. that theex prent must be extremely aggressive in brngoreple in the polical -- i think barack oma has done a fantastic job. >>hesn't lown -- you donbelieve hs let wn profession progressives? you ink ll pre is on
2:38 am
ne fantaic theconomy day i infitely bteans sevenearsago. ut=&y# wat we have got to dois to involve people in t political pressn wh w have not do.the reaso that the rich get icr andverybolsts poorer is big money conols hagoes onn ngtheideo th is a litical revolutio involvingpethetical pceandt's what the --o ahea >>air enough. e late revelatis aboutretary clin and her e-mails,oive you any --yo prsalny hesiti oute ectabili orbout her honesty? >> well, here's the issue. yo kw, as you well know, chuck. and've been askedvery y, u kn, the eda, atack hilary clinton, attack llary cnton what' cen ton tiscamig to fcu on isss fiorking families and the middle cls. and narsonal tack againiai. you tnk this i a
2:39 am
i am not gog tohilly clinton. themerican peoplewill have to make tha judgmt.but i am goingoueo focus on is why the middle class coninues to disa and we have massive lf incend wealinequality a a campaice system which allows billionaire buy eltions. >> enatsande, got leave it there. st saf on the trail. it's going to be aascinating 24 hours. thas very much. >> thank you. coming uhe issue that haaunted hillary clinton more than any or this campaign season, did the e-ma problem just get worse for her?
2:40 am
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th's aame chr. wel >> welcome back. you aeady knowomorro iowa voters will select candidates through theaucus system. not a primary. but what exactly is a caucus? we're here with your complicated aner. ucuses are held in places like schools, chchesand governmentbuildgs. and it's wer voters gather and ow up i person to select their candidate. at o o over 1,600 precincts acrossiowa. but in iowa republicans and
2:43 am
differenly. so lt's t with the repuans. it's easier. they show up to their caus locatn and sply ca secret ballot for the cdidate of their chce. deleges are awarded proportnally based on their overall statewide ve total. pretty straightforward, rit? it's bsiy an old faioned firehouse primar now, if only it werehat simple f the democrats. first, there are pitches from representates of each caide. then voters move around the caus site, let's say a high school gymand gat wit like-minded supportes. clinton suprts in one corner, sanders backers in another, omalley folks i a t and somethi called undeclared, th meet as well. but, for example, ifmartin o'malley, who is pullinghe lowest, can't seef at least 15% at this site,is supporters ca go to another cndidate or become undeclar. bythe way, this works the same
2:44 am
among the who did meet the threshold. ts allontinues until oy viable cdates witateast or undeared group if they have 15%pport remain. >> by the way wh you're watching the raw eecn rurns tomorrow night,ll get raw numbers of actual t on the rubcan side and you'll see hunedsf tsands temocratic si it wi o be few hundred or usand or t bauha yol se is addingp of local delete's littleit confusg. you'll just ha waitor somebody to sayo d so n, so and so nhenbc nws decres it. hopully wean sou can ta it toheba well b ban a mom with thest on t clint e-mails. before i had the shooting, rning, pins-and-needlf diabetic ner pain, theseeet were the first in my family to graduate from college, raised active twin girls, and traineas aurse but i codn't beamy diatic nerve pain any longer.
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>> andreck. panel ba. ka jenniferjacob ann red andav brody. start a little bit, i also talked to a bunch democrs at various clinnnd san event let me give you a tas of giving their case for why ty're passionate or raatc. take listen. >> i like a lot of at bere says, but i think it's more realistic to go wth hilla. >> report: did you caucus eight years ago? > yes. >> reporter: who d you caucus or then? >> barack. i felt theharisma of obama mu more so than llary at the tim >>eporr: what out hillary
2:48 am
>>he competition. >> going to start for o'malle if h's not viae then we wi probly go. >> reporter: what takes yu clintons? >>ably too mu establisentr soething. >> bernie talksout t big banks. and she's taking money fr them. >> i k tt at tnd of the dayhen he's sitting wn tnking about w he g to do, he genuinely cares abo . ike whatders s becse wh t gun lwske sen. >> yes, you didn't mishear. that youngman is uided between bernie sanders and ted only iniowa. uan't ma th up. whs interesti there u did g a taste from the rs that theres the democrat thatsinki out democraticvoters thiningbo whoan getthe job do, th seems to llar peon. thre'ssoideali bnie tour poll h a tally
2:49 am
bernie sanders tksbout h opree entheienthuastic. oowhat yooll has. you have clinton people more thusia. t's true they keer best for her trgth andpreparedness. that is tre. in th bottom line arguments he has the empathy and vision, however the conventional wdom is he has more enthusiasm n ue. uroll shows that she is winnin on who wouldou be more enhusiasc as the nominee, she ns. and pecially on the very thusiastic, whi is that really strong, strong paion. s gets 53% saying the will be very enthusiastic about her, only 49 for him. boy,he is nothing i this poll that indicat sanders is ing towin unless these firstime cucus goers sech >> theetrics for her are certain better goingnto the caucus. but i thinkthe reason you're seeing the bigger turnout a the more visile passion for bernie sanders, his candidacy really represents the twoig disappointments of the progressive wing, the most ibal wing of the democratic party have to do with number one,o prosecutions of wa
2:50 am
cession. and mber two, the fact th there w no public option or universal health care in terms of like a medicare for all. those two pockets of ristance to the obama years are driving the bernie sanders momen. it'srin an anger at arack oa. b thehallengeis you're runni essentily to sueed the democratic prident. so if you're saying we need to repudiat the administration's polies on bankers and on health care, what you're repudiating barack obama it becomes very difficult toget barack obama supporters t pport you. >> the guy with e 90% favorable rating high than both those current democrats running. >> ell, what's been missin from e democratic side however is what is the international licy? what are th going tdo about isi we're in a w. anthere's been almost disssn demtic side. iskederniesanders t ot y, hall the landscape bu arly didn't hav idea how he would de with what's going on in the middle east. t's almo all at this point very domestic.
2:51 am
tomorrow night, democratic cauuses,e'll hav three candidates and then the f investation. >> wel you ingpls. republicans arexcited t t-mai story, right, david? tey wa totart the genel election now. absut y it. does it mpactemocic voters? pli hshowed,no t t efth >> i don't thinkt's there yet. quite honestly i think it will be there but in an unspoken way. but is it an explosion orst a zzle t'spart-- >> well, the lin ithe "new tes" stor o thi that i ink standsut most to democrats is the informion was not classified atthe time it wa sent. so long as that is the ocratsisth ihi banders coulddo aotor dage to hillary clinton n necessarily bringing up the e-mas, thespecif e-mails,but bringing up uthenticity, bringing up establishment, bringin up her we go ain. you know, this narrative that has alreadyord on hlary clinton, if hean contin to tap into tt it might be different.
2:52 am
interein her as bernie done enougho beat her? he does seem to be like he doesn't wantoo everywre. look,ack obam hdi't ve any qualms about going those tru issues, turn the page. he went rht at her. >> ut hesitancy i think because of that sa issue. for democrats this isot a change lectio this 19, this is the atmpt to continue the obama gacy and protect it. hillarylint has a much easier argumento make. wrping her arms around th president saying will protect islegacy, bernie has to i want fundanlly cange to overturn obama legac >>hey fire backeally hard ayinhe's plg dirty andmid cagn tily aei spp back again. >>ni saerreme a o howa dean 12 years ago. uh-oh. >> we'ut of moum o this progra on sunday morning, kim, me, roger simon and oth said looi howar going
2:53 am
and a dtanthird at that. so there was enormous amount of extement around him that matc berniesanders. >> i taed tonother gentleman in mt.leasan wl sidi thin is area's g t g for saer i saidhy do you think that? saheernieeo are loder.e clntoneoeofter.anhat's w hek.utatoes our dean. e dean pewereouder in,hat didn an tre weremoref em. h'se. rl quick, the enthusiasm polling youhowed theres interesting. they're more enthusiastic for hillary clion as the nonee. >> that's thekey. >> as the nominee. iothewosyeah, we'l be ntsitic we want the white housck t's the iss >>yeah. s also a drive theywant a fale psint as well. 80% of democratic ucus goers wa awoman. >> 6 woulbe comfortble with asocialist by the way in iowa. we'll be back i 45 ses with an end game seent and suri guest, senator ra pa will join e panel.
2:54 am
fromorthan oec embrg diversity can ri your story allowing you to see things fr more than st onent of view.
2:55 am
know. > end >>end game te. ngus nowto rand paul. we wedoqueeze in mo candidates. >>hanks r ha us. >> wel at feel like yourertarian support s strong here when the year started. >> westl think it is. you know, we have 1,000 precinct chairsut of1,60. i thi thas more than any other candidate has announced. ed young people in our des moesoffice, if you get there there's 100 of them or more making phone calls. thve cald a million iowa voters. i think we've called themso much w know them byme now. but think we're a lot
2:56 am
represent. our strength we think is with the yoger vot. i've et to meet collegeid or kid out of clege that' done a presidential poll. e pll are skewed de >> do you think you a sanrs areighting for the same voters? >> in some ways i mean, you ow, he's evinced a little strust of hebi nk wei biest ban ithe world ishe culprit for econom despairty >> what been disappinting to me on the rpublican side is there's beenalmost no phisticad discus about we'regoi t dea with the heddle st. veterans. that's after ey'ver ey'vme homeadly woded in m ses,sychogally and physically. bu there'sen no discuss bo in a soisticated out how wee gog to dea with whathe consequencese. d no cll for sacrifeon the peopl are athome. wehaesshan our populion in uniform and harm'sway. >> well, i think the most importanthing if yount to try toget to a poinhere we
2:57 am
ha to have aease-fre in . so thosehoing t's bom bth siest' ju tn ain, wano bb th sid of th s does bio, tey nto bombss a isist the same ti. think th's a rl mistake and won'tead to a solution. to those like hillary clint and bio and othrs s they to-fly zone ove t nts. mean, chst's braggg about shooti do russian ts. i think tivet will le to moreprms an ot ke the wld safer. >> n i thi yu cou y rete b the chri chrise crowd, does i spri yo thehave so reon? >> i think it's inreing. es moineregistdid poll probly aut a yeaago a id do yupport more interve in war oress d u wasetty evenly split. tnk there are quite a few voters ou there who are still
2:58 am
we alhink has rege cng worked? i think toppling hussein made iran stronger. i thi topin gadhafi mad raicalslamtrongen lya. hi tre's aar argument an i think we're winning the hsticnt that ticulak tators in the middle st has actuay made itangerous a not safer. >> jeifer. ur fher third p ow20%. o you thk y can get anywherese tott?ybe our poll isn'teadi of yo supporters. iesng in you ll y kn of the last polls who did youte 201d think you t like 9% or 10% f my dad and heot 22% so you're really only findg ofhisvors i don't tnk it's o puos i don't th your ll i fing them i t pll is not finng oung pele it's alsnot finding epdentoters that come and gon therepublic imary. tnk we're ing be -- we're going to surprise lot of pee on monday. >>ou ow, i'm cus abt the libertarianasctofal this. he i goo tru ralliee a lot of libertarians and i'm wondeng aboutt crossover
2:59 am
>> i thi most lirtians or iberarian aning people like myself, we don't want to mak the sand glow or carpet bomb the middle east. we understand if u have scrimte bomb o thyou may cree re terrorts than you ki i thi versre consolidating. i thk atheedas deningoment f ted cruz not showing for that moment, it's gng to hurtim with long any liberty vors tom. i hink aso ted isort wating to have i both ways parcurl t nsa. yo sawis respoeth debate to rubio. rubio said, oh, you voted for the nsarorm, you'reotng to wen the nsaand ted responded, no, i wanthe government to coect 100% o yoe phone record and's ke liberte we crnge whe hear people like te cruz sang th wt collect all of our . n' want the governmt the business ofcollecting our phone cords. >> what do you got to do on monday night th sysm going to new hampshire? think we have to above pectations. we have to do very, very well. i've said that fr the ver beginnin youkn,eort of pushed t of the neycle
3:00 am
it pns. it d hapen. there are aot ofndidat t theut weoee expectationnd we have to do very well in wa. but, ou kno we're already ving u weeifth in the des moin egter poll consistently, but we think it mht be - ight t tce as much as what's er threeimes amuch wenk w can do br than expected. we thinke en have anothe chance of ning. >> what happo thee whoot svive here inwa wherdoes thei vote g whe u get to new hashire in your judent? you know, i'm nure exactly what happ there going t furr fiveeop tt, you know, ar not going to do veryell her i don't think christie, kasi orina orina, i donhink they're g to dwell iiowa. i think tey ve o they tnk'll better in new hampshire, but ithink after new hashire and iowa theres a reshuffli the deck. >> there's aace called - th is oneof the most popular on c out ia.
3:01 am
>>hoer it is. >> not attainanameto it. >>hank you alsenato pal, tnk you. ' backeekrom new haire. ut verallday lo tay, tomorr do't missit. it'sunday,t'"meet the press." elevat [ elevator bell dings ] okay,at wasnternable.ns"usearch pouny"?
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