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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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trumunfarably. that's the highest prential rating for a psidential candidatnc 199while hillarclinton currentlyas e higst. 52% merins have a negative view the former secretary of state. i guess what theysay, a te are synonous are tru on this. onhe plus sid clinton did g a ge esement over "the new york times" ich cls secrary of e, quote, one of t the mos otdly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history. th p also ese john sich. quote, en though he's the deog he's thenly plausible oice f t republicans. clinton continued her push late last night making her appearae ontage with husband bild ughter cheea normallyho stump separately while bernie nds continues garner suorfrom younger vers and ise money. the campaign announced it raised $20 milln inanuary alone and
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in the rac forhe long haul. they tell nbc ny expec to be close. nbristen welr is in iowa thor >> repte it's the home stretch. hillarcln and bernie sanders blaeting iowa, aight for the number one spot in a race likely to be a photo finish. >> monday niet could be a historic nig f this country. we can make hi let's start ato of a future weak gether. >> repter: justours before inn and sanders in a dead heed 42 to45% in thepoin teams of voluner and organizers knocking on doors one la te making sure every suppter knows two thin where their caucus locatio is and how they'll gere.
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alng nbc aen exclusive lieu at their specially developed app which is like a ccus night calculator. >> it allows us to streaour process and allow our prenct captains move through the processe they're spending lese calcatg anmo time di. >> clintign antipa 5,000 doors ocone. sanders' ground tmqual impressive76 doo knocks, 15,000 vonteers. clinton still p defse like whenhe was secretary of stat >> i just have to point out some of the timing and lks that leadled up to it are ncng. >>anders who's ructa to weigh in onhe iue spoke t press."
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cln. amics will have mak theijudgment. >> are you supporting? >> bernie sanders. why hillary clinton. >> i honestly thinks sheas the mostxpiee andan do the job. nbc's ksten wker reporting. make surou tun in on thursdayor the docrati debate omsnbc. > w, with pollingight nald trump and ted cru continue to escalate their tacks on one another as bh candidatded church a la effort court vers there. nbc's hallie jackson ports. >> reporte inhe fal crunch fore the caucus, evenhu becomes a campaign stop, but is sunday'signs ofiece giving way to th campaign battle. donald trum supports expandingbamacare toakt full on medine le bernie saer >> lk. ted crs a tal lie yar.
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going to repeal a place obamace. >> repter: trump s loong stng -- >>i' le t winiowa. i'm inrely well with t evangelicals in iowa. >> reporter: both candidates know support from christian conservatives could be the deciding factor. abt s i ten caucusgoers identify a angelicals. the same polling turns out, this race will be aead heat. at going to be iortant for you in that caucus room? >> i think t most important th whe io aucus wantebodthat oio shar t s vss i hav a chia as a bib believer. orter: ptors at new hope ur clear what they want in a nom and cle on what theyon't. >> i'm disappoied that peop willl us wn they get to washington they're going to do this. i'm disappointed that the republicans and democrats can't
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la tha reachcross the aisle and tha befit all amicans. >> rorter: that ustration, e of t bst ftors fueling outsiders like tru a cruz he. >> very frustrated wit both parties, ahough i that it att in marco that it can b rrected. >>eporter: they're a ready for a race. >> theea thing that matters is tpoll. it's necessarily what we do and not necesrilyhat t media tellus to do. nbc's hallie jackson porting. late yesterday otne moemorable moment, the ted cruz cpan bus g stuck in the mud. it hado be towed. beie sanrs remasonnt he'linf turnt is high. campaign insiders say i more than 2,000how up like the did in 2008, sanders will win.
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nbc's bill karins is h with more. is it going to sp the caucusgoers? >>ot directly. maybe indirectly. people may choose to prepare f the storm a not sho up but that wil be the only impact. here's 7 re's 7 ees's 7:00 p.m. when thenow doestart falling, most of it wil be meing onhe roads. let's focusn8:00 9:00, 10:00 this eveng. there's a little bi trying to snin heren nraska and io. for the mostart we're looking mostly clear. that's great news. this storm itself is going to affect iowa. there is already a blizzard wah. therwill be onin the northwest de of iowa. the south side o the state looks worse. right nowthern portisf arizona are gettingnailed. id have reports of thundersnow and now we're goi to see heavy snow pushingo colorado today. as far as the storm goes. cafornia was a mess. tomorrow this heads out into the
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we'll see all the troublesome ather. all the way to north plat to northe garden city. blizzardatches still in fect. then winter stormatches up near green bay. as farr as snowfall goes, the bull's-eille in the southern plains. e northn half of iowa pecially. hastings nebraska, has a chance for a foot. same wh omaha. des ines a littl less, especiallyouth of you. we have you about 5 inches. e big news is not directly affecting theaucus tonig but some gngoe to preparend get thehols and that lt. that's the nationalgstional weather. now here's a clor ok at your day ahead. one oer story, egrees. on the oth on thether side an all out
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that good news. if it heenomorrow then i would haveee a obm. >> thanks, bill. just ahead,wo virginia tech studenteste connection with a scking murder. plus, could this bthe future of anortation. us moves step closer to loop reality. wi you're watching "y toy." th, dad! do's happy al. withfrh, delicious cuts. ese are my dogs dustand oper. i work f the dogs twenty-four seve am the butle these dogs shed like crazy. it'sike ing inside of a snow globe. takes an awful lot of time to keep the house clean. i don't know what do. (doorbell) what's this? sffer sweepeand dusters. this inice and easy boys. it really sticks to it. it fits in all the tight spaces. this is really gre. does that look familr to y?
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a revotion in mascara. revlon. ve is on ct. l pain relievere used by more hseholds than any other leading bra. to treat their aches andainsmo peoplreach for advil. ef doe't betterhan is. advil. two vginia tech student have been aesdn conction with the abducon and murderf a 13-year-old girl. nico loly's body was found saturday along a carolina highway. david eisenhauer whonew the victim is chard with first-degree murder and kiapping. natalie keepers wl beha as well.
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behind bars tha gooess. theyere cturedn s francisco turday and have been brought ck to therange county jailhere the esped. at least 5 people were kill andore than 1 wound from triple suicide bombings on sunday in damascus syria. isis took responsibility for the attacks which hapned nearby one o t holliest site shrine >>one of the lawyers for dzhokhar tsaaeha filed a appeal. th is just two weeks after federal j had de night tsarnaev's request for a new trl. and today the wld health organization is holding emergency mtings to find ways to fight thexplosive teaof e zika virus which i lind to birth defects. >> let's get downo bune. today e c is expecte to declare an end the chipotl sickss. it was linke tocations i ninetas.
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pinpoint the ect cause. occupancy at malls has increase aording to research by green seet advisers. the biggest c is e is e is e-commerce. who has time to go to thetore anymore. elon musk,he al-life iron man, engineeng tm from mit won first plac e hyperloop is a ground transport th moves people a high speed of roughly 700 miles an hour. i'm sure it'sery expensif it ever becomes a realty. just ahead, superowl sundays almostere. plus weave th higights from an excitingnfl p bowl hawaii whe high-scoring offeive attacks took center stage. st with us.
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ther the she is. this morning on "today,"n exclusive live interview with sarah sah palin. in sports sup bowl 50 is ss than a week away and the competing has tched down in california. they arriv in san jose looking
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title in franchise history. the panther rled through the regular seas with a 15-1 record before kcking off the seahks and cardinals to advance to theig game. theafc challengerenver broncoflew a broncoseam flag on the aival to san jose. it's their secon appearance in ree years as the team looks to pture their first championship since 1998 meanwhile some of the nfl's best took part in the pro bowl in haii they were l by jerice and coach yo bin. seattle seah' quarterback russell wilson threw for3 yards and sixchdowns in the first half. leadinte irv the victory. detroit lions' wide receiver calvin johon is hanging it up after nine seasons, retiring from the nf
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friends before the15 sson it would beis st afte seventh overallrom georgia tech johnson went on to becomehe l-me lder in receptions and leadi rds. journeyan enforcerohn sc was named captainthe dion squad. ckey a gre jar jr skatis tth all-star game. he won t most valuable player and another fan vot after scing two goals. the playersm each division making up the four all-star teams. now the pacific team won the $ million priz in honor of black histo monthhey'llonor some of the biggest game-changers who all haeno be under 28 years old. you canhe it out on on on
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that the storm we'll be dealing with. later today it will come out the fr corners region, passing through tes, traveling oni-25 and i-80 wille most difficult today into this ening. then on tuesday, near blizzard conditionsn aas of iowa, southern minnesota a wisconsin and we'll s sere storms possible up throuissiippi into the areas of tennessee and kentucky and on wednesday t storm will makets w io canada, stl bnging very heavy raiinto areas of t east. we'rnot o concerned with flooding mostlyecause a l of the snow islready developing. mississippi northward, tennessee and kentucky for tuesday. maybe so tors too. >> thanks,ll. for some entertainnt newsnow, eeekend kung fu panda three okhe top at t boxce. hoing tight were the vena with mehan $12
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comingp on news-5-today.. we're tracking conditions this weather day.. have a live rept from our ews in corado springs and eblo... on what you can expe as you hit the roadthisorng. plus.. the warning emergency ofcals wint storm... what you should do today t protect yourse and your fami! good morng, thanks for joining us on is mday morning. it's february 1st. i'm ira cronin. good morng, than for joining us on this monday morng... it's february 1st. m ira crin. and i'm annie snead... in for shellene today.'s airst alert 5 weather day -- with a major wint storm aring down on uthern colora we're scrohool closi information at the bottom of the screen. t up this rning... we he live team coverage for yoduring this storm. we have ews all across the
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'll hearrostepn agn
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