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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  KOAA  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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go. we'll hear from stephen in minute-- news 5's joanna wise is pblo...
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pulo-- s some snow fall ernit and into the early morning hour news 5 joaa wise ilive to give us a look at conditions now. saation army's warming
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plantoy open all d
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the salvatio warming sheltein colorado springs plans to stay openll day toy... they're working to make sure theyet as many pple out of the cold as possible. during winter weather like this, thlorado springs salvation army is putting a roof oveth heads of more than 300 homeless people bet t wng elter and the r-j montgomery center shelter. and as therm continues, the offi of emergencmanagement has orrethe shter toremain open thh monday -- as conditions aren't excted to let up wn the sun ris. isthe time thiar ate ve to ay on for the whole ust t owt the storm is going to do, but we know thaople can't stay ou
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ordinators are still loong for vontrs to elieve theirough out e day to find out w you n help, ad to our website k-o-a-dot com. weather and traffic on the 5s. teorologist stephen bowers is he with first alert 5. a nter sto warng is in effect until 11 am tuesday for nearly of soutrn colorado, including coloradoprings, pulo, can city, trinidad, la junta, lar, the wet mountains, the sangre cristo mountains, anthe wet mouninalley. this morng will be marked by periodic sw. it can fall heavily at times brging reduced visibility. the mornindrive can be sw. the evening drive home can be even slower as snow increases this afrnoon and thisveng the heavst snow locallwill fall in the in the wet motains, the wet mountain
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mountains. that's where 18- inches n pile up. northern el pasoouy west into teller coty should expect 10- 15 inches of snow. at includes the north side of colora springs around briargate a also moment, black forest, and woodland park. from central and sther colorado springs south through fotain to eblo, pulo west, and caon city, 6-12 ihes can fa. totals of 4-9 inches are likely south from trinid toa jua anlamar with less than 4 inches around springfield. atures will struggle to warm through into the 30s. with mostly 20s for temperatures, wind chills n be in the tns. ow will increase this afteoon. it will become botmore widespread and avier. it will continue, though therecan be occasional breaks, rough evenind ernight tonight. light snow can continue through early esday afteoon before singate tuesday and tuesday night.
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less than a week away from super bowl 50! the broncos arwaking up inan fransco this morning-- aft landing in the bay aa yesterday teteoon. news 5 sports director grant meech-- chec in om san francisco. stl ahead. on this first alert 5 her day... another live update on how the storm is playing o in pueb... plus your healthy family and th morning's health watch....
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right broncos fans-- we're less than a week away from super bowl 50! the broncos are wakingp san ancisco thorning--fter landing in t bay area yestday afternoo news 5 sports director grant
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still ahead... on this first alert 5 weather day... anher ve ue on how the storm playing out in pueblo.. plus youhealthy familynd
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welce back.. yoreaking a lk i-25 ilodo sprgive your self some exa me when headiut-- the roads are snow pacd and ic minutes... conditions down pueo. in today's your althy faly... smtphones that emergency personnel like medics and police... are urging everyone to use! its easy tset up... and taking just a few mites to fferenceeten life and death. nbc's "chris clackum" has details.
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tsound/tg in passcode toipho most of us use the lock screen on phones keep out the bad guys .. nats: ambulance ghts t whatf it's the good guys who need vital information to sa your fe? s/ tony tillo / paramedic / chare, n:10 "we'he fstnes there, so from medical standpoint, it's vital." tus out, tt informn can be eily cessed on your smartphone. on iphonesit's right there in the bottom left-nd corner the lockedcreen....the word 'emecy'. tap on it a keypad pops up for a quick call to, say, 911. s/hris claum / nbcew:31 - :34 "or, iyou're unconscio, someone else a paramedic...can tap on "medical id" below the keypad..and up po infon yourself thatou prove crucial." 's a standd apon iones.. whe u input whatev info you em important.. keour name, the person to call in case of emergency... your height, weight and, most importantly... medical conditions. s/ tony pallo paramedic / charlotte, nc medic :55 - :1:09 "if you have epilepsy, we want to know that.
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conditn, if you have strokes, if you are diabetic, all those major medic situns, which could actually determine the tcome of why you're havinthe medil emergency in the firstce." certain android phon come wi similar apps... or there are plenty online to choose from... but thadvice is:o it. no riclackum, news. weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen rs is here now with first ert 5. wiertorm warning is in fect until1 am tuesdayor nearly a of southern coloro, including colorado sprgs, pueb, cao city, inidad, junta, lamar, th wemountains, the sangre de cristontains, and the t mountain valley.
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peri can fall heavily at times bringi ruced visibility. the morning drive can be slow. the evening drive home can be en slower as snow increases this ternoon and this evening the heaviest snolocally will fa in the in the wet motains, the sang de cristo mountains. that's where 18-24 inches can pile up northernl pasoounty west into teller county should eect - 15 ihes of snow. that includes the nortsidef colora springs around briarga and also monument, black forest, and woodland park. from central and
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through fountain to pueblo, pueblo west, andaon city, 6- inches can fall. totals of 4-9 incs are likely south from trinid to la nta and lamar wi less than 4nches around
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,,,,,, t's get you caughtp on road conditions.
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in this morning's health watch... women who t more fiber during adolescence and early ulthood, uld lower their risk f east cancer later in life. searers fromarva anyzed the fiber intake of a lae group of women over several years. they found theisk of breast caer was lowed by up to 19 percenamg those who ate the most dieta fiber. the greate bef came from fruit and vetable fiber. and even thougmanyple prerexting over talking.... communicating in person is tter f your emotional well- ing! ri a stress erciseucla researchers found women who received fe-to-face support responded in a more posive manner tn those who got support from texts. a separate stof adolescents, experts foundhat increasing in-person
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ma of us are preparingor our superbowl parties! why experts y this year's ev might be the most expsive!
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lcomback. in today's csumewatch... goodews this morning.. girl scout cookies are officially on sale! the girls didn waste any time getting to work in black forest yesteay, despite the snowy coitions. they set up a tabl the gas stion onla foresroad and oup road. they even got in cosme a he up sign bri in more cuers. the rls say 'sll worth it, and thr customers sait's greatly appeciated because it's been a long wait for the cookies to go backsale. 3:'m really excid. i cki sot 7:23e always gfor in mi can'beat tho. my sond favorite is samoas bgh
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dollars each. they'll be on sale uil mch 13th. well only six days until w watch the denver broncos play in rbowl 50! if you're having a supbowl party or plan on goingo one... ances are you'll be spending more than u did last year! the tionaletail fedetion's survey finds viewers and partygoers will end an avege $82.19 on food, decor, ampal . that's up mo tha4-ll from last year... d thiss ghest inheey's hry. lots of americanwill have icken wings theuperbowl part in ct...
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americans consumene- pointhree billiochicken wings ne weekend! to put this into perspective... if the wings were la end to d, they w stretch from of amera stium in charlotte north carolina... toports authoritfid at mile hh in denve most 53 mes! here's the b par thnation chickouil is also predicting a carolina panthers victory overhe denver broncos. it ss that overall, during the 20 n playoffs, in ties where chken wings sold hher than their opponent, t city wi higher wi sales won seven the ten playoff games, and fo of thfi past super bowl games! if the sa holdsrue for supebo 50,he panthers will win! weher and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen werss
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a winter stormarni is in ct uil 1am tuesday for nearly a of uthern colorado, cluding colodo springs, eblo, cao ty, trinidad, la junta, lamar,
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wet motas, the sangrde crto mountains, and the wet motain valley. this morning will bearked by riodic snow. it c fall heavily at times brng reduc sibility. the mog drive can be slow.
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evening drive homean be even
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afternoon and this evening. first up at 5;30... we have live tm coverage for you during this storm. we have crews all acro the ea. we'll hear from sthen again in a moment-- but rig now... we'll start with ns 5's bill folsomve in
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,,,,,,,,, coinuingith our live tm coverage.. let's get you a eck on what's happening down in pueblo...
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riously. crews are already in place and on snd-by to see how this storm will pan out. "there's a vy good possibility this could be a life tng storm fo, foanimal for livestock. people need to be prepared ther to be stuckn their us or to be stuck on the road. i'd prefer that people didn't go out onhe road, but if you have go out on the road, you need to be ady for thatoo." officis stress to no't even get behind the wheel unless you' thought abwhat you wl do if you get sck. that means having enough gas to stay warm, tire chains, a towing rope, even a shovel to gas to stay rm, chas, a towing rope, even shovel to try d dig u rway out. .. sandother terial for traction, blankets, a flashlig... and so food anwater,ls 's impornt to review yr emergency plan with your family in case you geparated
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today... most school districts in el so and te counties are closed including d-11, d- 20, falcon, lewis-palmer, chenne mounin, manitou, widefield, harrison, fountain-fort caon, woodnd park, and cripple creek. in pueblo-- distris 60 and 70 are closed. major private and charter schools are also closed, and so are class at-c-c-s. if you were anning business with care and share or silver kesenior serces, thosere clos, too. closure infoation continues to scroll across the bottom of your scree- and at dot c. here's looathe-dot ows are working right now. the launched an interactive map ahead of the storm. you can the plows, e where theye en working and holong they've been on t roads. wee posted a link to it our website, koaa dot com. time now for weather a traffic
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meteorologist stephen bowers is he now with first alert 5. a winter storm warning is in effe until 1am tuesday for nearly all of southern colorado, incling colorado springs, pueblocaocity, trinid, la junta, lamar, the wet mounins, the ngre de cristo mountains, and the wet mountain valley. inches around ringfield. temperatures will struggle to rm through into th30s. with mostly 20s for temperateswindhills can be in the tns. snow wl increase thi afrnoon. it wl become both mo despread and heavier. wl continuethough there can be oasional brks, through this evening and ernight tonight. light snow can continue throh earltuesday afrnoon before easingate tuesday and tuesday
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this morning an attorney says a colorado dtment of correcons officer fired his gun in sf defense-during a big fight at totcycle expo theenver collism. one peon w shot to death, and ven othersuffered juriesrom gunshots, stbings,r hand-to-hand fiting in a brawl betwn rivamotoycle clubs saturday. so far, no arrests have been made. yesterday's events for the annual expo were canceled in the termath ofhe mee. on this first aler5 weher day-- here's live look from our pueblo studi. we'll continue to update you throghouthe morning on conditions.with live team coveragend weather and traffic on thes. d when we return.. it's the day pdential ndates have been prering for foweeks.. e iowa ccuses! tir last minute effts tswots in the hawk-eye state.. plus...
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how the broncos left denver wi
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ur eio welcome back.. welcome back... in o election watch coverage: big y is finly just hours... the first caucuses in the nation kick off in iowa! peop across the haeye state will gather toesigna their oice for president tight. the ndidat will spd the day rayirters ro wa. thilla cli a bernie saers ing thdemocratic arge, and donald trump, ted and marcoubio among the republics balingt oufor voters. two virgin tech students have been charged in connection with thabduction and muer of a viinirl whose bodyas founsarday in north carolina. a vigil was held over weekenin blacksburg for 13-yr- "nole lovell".
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isrgedith abduction and firsgree murder. and a second student 19- year-old "natalie marie keeper is crgedh improper osal of a dy a accessory afr the fact hund of bers are stepping up toelwi the r crisis in flint michig. about 300 of them voluntred this weeke... to replaceaucets and instl water filters in dozensf homes. the houses ty rk on receivedtate-issued lters... but residents are stil encouraged to ve their water relay tested f lea as we' beereporting... residents have been depending on war bottles for the st few weeks. ght noadly wter storms are slamming the wescoast... in s diego... one person is dead a several mes and cars were damagewhen a massive oak tree fl in the street... smhing four cars. threof those cars we parked and another was drg- at the time.... e person inse was killed. d by the cala-vada er...
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no deas were reported. no deaths were reported. time now for weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stepn bowers i here now with first alert 5. a winter sto warning is in effect until 1am tsdayor nelyll of southernolorado, including colorado sprgs, pueblo, caon city, trinidad, la junta, lamar, th wemountain the sangr cristo mountnsand the we mounin vley. this morningill marked by peodic snow. it can fall heavily at times brinng reduced visility. the morning drive cabe slow. the eving drive home can be even slower as snow increases this
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the heaviestnow locally will fall in the in the wet mountains, the wet untain valley, and the sangree isto mountains. th's where 18-24 ches can pile up. northern el paso county west to teller county should expect 10 15 inches of snow. that includes the rth side of colorado springs around briargate and also monument, black forest, and woodland park. from central and southern colorado springs uth thugh fountain to pueblo, pueblo west, and c city, 6-12 inches can fall. totals of 4-9 inches are kely south from trinidad to la junta and lamar with less than 4 inches around sprifield.
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,,,,,, e denver broncos are ofcially in californ... ahead of superbowl sunday! here's video of their plane landing yeerday afrnoon in san jose.. as you can see.. e plane was sporng a broncos logo and a blue and orange flag! the team will spenthis wee practicing and pparing for the big game again the carolina pant! re in colorado... fans gave the teamropesend off! denver's civic center... hunddsathered ed t in orae and blue dci and cheering as the am departed for california. "milesthe mascot and an orange darth der even joined in. there were also some broncos fans at d-i-a! to watch as the team boarded their jet. news 5's granteech will ing you a report from san francisco, comingp at 5-m. still ahead... eating under theea! how one restaurant is giving
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don'want tmi it. fo we get yo before we get you a lasthe of weath and traic... isis is cling responsibility for erday's deadly bombi attack in syria... thatilled more than one hundred people. according to repts... dozens more were injured in a series of explosions...
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bombs. a british-bad monitoring gro says the suicide bombers targeted a military bus carrying shi'ite mias who were changing guard there. before we get you a last check of weaer and traffic... have to show you this amazing neunderwater restauranin india! check this out... it's called "real poseidon" d itns for t firstime day! diners have a parmc of aquatic fe... while eating theariety o offer inclungi, mexican anindi food. more tn 40-thoanlorful fish and other sea-life swim around ithe huge tank suounding the ning are timeow for weather and traffic onhe 5s. meteorolist stephen bowe is
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a winter storm warnings in effect until 11 am tueayor nearly all of southern colorado, incling colodo springs, pueblo, caon city, trinidad, la junta, lam, e wet mounins, the sangre de cristo mountns, d the wet mountainalley. this morni will be markeby periodic sw. it canall heavily at times bringing reduced visibility. the morning drive can be slow. the ening e home cane slower as snow increases this afternn and thisvening. thheavienow locally will fall in the in the wet mountains, the t mountainaly,nd t sangre de cristo mountains. that's where 18-2inches can pile up. northern el paso county we
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teller county should expect 10- 15 inches of snow. that includes the north side ocorado sings around briargand also monument, black forest, and odland park. from centralnd southern colorado sps soh through fountain to pueblo pueblo west, andon city, 6-12 incs n fall tals of 4-9 inches are likely south fromrinidad to la jua and lamar with less than 4 inches around springfid. temperures will strugg to warm through into the 30s. with mostly 20s foremperatures, nd chills cabe in the teen snow wi incree this aernoon. wilcoot
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heavier. it will continue, though there can be oasional eaks, through th evening and overnit tonight. ght snow can contie through early tuesday afternoon before easing lattuesday and tuday
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it's a great day to stay inside... winter weather iwreaking havoc is morni.... forcg major clures at schos. mitary bases..d governme offices. news five y is tracking the snow out oet as roacrews n full call out.. e bringi you everthi you need to knowo ay on top the orm.. we have snowy spots this morning. snow is going to be picking up today whighs in e 20s and 30s. somef ousnow can be heavy. i will talk about holong it will last mi uin weath & traffic on the 5's. good morning, thanks for joining us on this monday... february 1st. i'm annie snead... in for shellencockrell and i'm ira in yore waking up to a first alert weatday. we're bringing youeam vera of this mornins mar winter weather ent hitting southern colorado.. we have crews t on the roads in both pueblo and colorado springs... we'll be bringing u live updas throughouthe morning. d of course... chief mornmeteorologt stephen bowers is keepinyou on p ofhe storm with weather traffionheiv...
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