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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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a fetes.. our team coverage begins in pueblo... the weather is forcing scho closures... with slippery spots out on the roads th morng.. ws five'anna wise keeping an eye on the commute... she ins us n from elizabeth
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thanks joann.. now wet to hd up north on i-25 to colorado springs... to wers bouleva news five's bill folsom is keeping an eye on the conditions
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thanks bill. toda.. the mar school districts in el paso, pueband ller untiill be closed including d-11, d-20, d-60, d-70, lcon, lewis- palmer, cheyenne mountn, manitou, widefield, rris, fountain-fort caon, woodland park, and cripe creek. major private and charr schools are al close and so are class u-c-c-s. closure infoation ntues to scroll across bottom oyour screen-- on koaa dot com. your ptus always help us te thether story on snow
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elva senin this cture a snow bunny she tk yesterday near woodmen and tutt. and weweot this one fromdave saldo" photography heosted is to our facebook pa... ying he loves the fresh snow at the broadmoor.... and 's easy toee why.. great shot, dave weher d traffi the 5s. chief morning meteorologist stephebowers is here now wit first alert 5. a wint storm warning iin effect unt 11 am tuesday for nearly all of southern colorado, including colodo springs, eblo, on city, trinadla nt lar, the wet mountains, the sangre de mountain valley. periodic snow. it can fall heavily at times bringing reduced visility. the morning dre cabe slow. the evening drive ho can be even slower as snow increases this afternood this evening. the heaviest snow locally wi fall in the in the wet mountas, t wet mountain valley,nd the
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that's where 18-24 inchecan pile up. northern el paso county west into teller unty should expect 10- 15 inches of snow. that includes the north side of colodo springs around briarte andlso monume, ack forest, and woland par from central andouern colora spr south through fountain to lo, pueblo west, and caon city, 6-12 inches can fall. totalsf 4-9 inches are likely soh fromrinidad to la junta and lar with less than 4 ches around springfield. temperatures will struggle t wa througho the s. th mtly 20s for temperatures, windhills can be t tns. snow will increase thi afternoon. it wl become both more widespreadnd heavier. it will continue, th there ca occasional breaks, through thisvening and ovnight tonight. lit snow can continue thugh early tuesday afternoon before
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here's a live look at ere c-dot plows are woing right w. the ate launched thi interacte map ahead of the storm. you can follow the plowse where they've been working and how ng they've been on the ros. we've posted a link to it onur website,oaa t com. itlways best to stay off the roads if you can. if not, be prepared with a nter vicle survival kit. be sure to include chas for your tires, a towing rope, a snow shovel, sand or other material for tction, blankets,and a flashlight. have a list of all e ings the national wther sce
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here's a live look at e c-doploware working ght now. the ste lachedhis inractive map ahd of the storm. yocan follow the plows, see whe 've been workingnd holong they've been the roads. we've posted linto it on o websit koaa dot com. it's always besto stay off the roads if you can. ifot, prepared with a winter vehicle survival kit. be sure include cins for tires, a wing rope, a
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and a flashlig. we have a list of all the thgs thnational weather service advises keeping with you for winte driving -- just he to koaaot com find the list. the saatioar's warng shelter in colorado ring plans to stay open all day today... to make re they get as many peop o of the cold a possle. during winter weathelike this, the colorado springs salvaon army is puing a roof over th heads ofore than 300 homeless ople between the warming shelter d the r-j montgomery center sheer and as the sto continu, the offi of emergency management has ordered the shelter remain open rougmoay -- as conditions aren't expected to let up when the sun rises. this is the first time this year th we have to stay open for the whe day. just n't know what th orm is going to do, but we know that people can't staout in it. codinators are sll looking for luntrs thelpelie
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to fd out how you can help, head to is story on our website k-o- a-a dot com. still ahead... ..vitainformatn that can fst rpond an emergency.. 'rlkinabout a ap that cld save your life... up nt in your hethy family... plus.... how would you like a job whe everything is awesome?? stayed tun to find outow you
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welcome back. wee taking a livlon eblo rig n... just atrong ba of snbout anour ago... but ere sn't been mu cumulation overnight... all schools in pueblo and pueblo west have enanceed... be sur take it slow on thros. we'll have more in live rert in just a moment... in tod your healthy family... on most smartphones, there's a feature or an app that ergency personnel like medic or police...really wisyou would use. its easy to set up... and ta just a w nutes to fill it t coulmeanhe diffence betwe life and deh. nbc'chris clackum has details. --- pkg --- natsound/typing inasscodto hone most of us u theocscreens on phones keeouthe bad . na: bulance lightsbut what if it's the googuys who need vital informationo ve your life?
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:13 "we're t firs there,o from a medic sndpoint, it's vital." turns out, that inrmation can be easily accessed on your smartphone on iphones, it's right there in the bottom left-hand corner of e locked screen....the word 'emergency tap it and a keypad pops up for a quick call to, say, 911. s/ chris clackum / n news :31 - :34 "or, if you' unconscious, someone else a paramedic...can tap on "medical id" below the keypad..d up psnfo on yourself thatou pre crucial." it's atandard p onphones.. where you input whatever info you deem imptant.. like yr na, the person to call in case of emergenc.. your height, weight and, m importantly... medil coitions. s/ tony patillo / paramedic / chartt nc medic :55 - :19 "if you have epilepsy, we want to know at. if you have preexisting heart condition, iu have sokes, if you are dbetic, all of those major medicasituatns h could actual determine
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the medical emergency in the first place. ceain android phon come with sir apps.. orhere are plenty online to chse fro.. buthadvice dit w. chs clackum, nbc news. tuing backo our coverage of this weather alert day... we want to get another live look out on the roadsor you.. news five's joanna wise joinus om elizabeth andhw0 in..
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,, weather and traffic on the 5s. chief rninmeteorologist stepn bowers is here now with first alert 5. winterto warning is in effect until 11 am tuesday for nearly all of soutrn colorad cluding coloradoprings, pueblo, caon city, trinidad, unta, lama the wet mounins, the sangre de cr mountains, and the t motainalle this morng wl be markeby period snow. it can fall heavily at tis brinng reduced visibility. the morng drive can be sw. the evening drive homean be ev slower as snow increase this afternoon and is evening. the heaviest snolocally will fall in thin the wet motains, t wet mountain valley, and the sangre de cristo mounins. that's where 18-24 inches can
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northern el paso county st into teller county ld expect 10- 15nches now. thatdes e north side of corado springs around briargate and also monument, black forest, and woodland park. from central and southern coloradoprings south through fountain to pueblo, pueblo west, and caon city, 6-12 inches n fall. tols of 4-9 inch likely south from tdato la junta and lamar with less than 4 inches around springfield. temperatures will struggle to o warm through into the 30s. with mostly 20s for temperatures, wi chills can be in the teens. snow wincrease thisfternoon. itill come botmore widesprend h it wl couethghrecan be occasiol
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lit snow can continue throh if y likbuilng with les...
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people to build ings a day. at according to ime," which says theompanys acinicat fro people of all backgrto b aster mol builde" at the fto in lake wales, flida. so you don't need to be an architect. the florida site is said to have hireabout 50odel buis so far. rl scoutookies are officially on sale! ese girls didn was any time geto workn black forest yeda despite the snowy conditions. theyet up a tablat the gas station on black foresroad and oup road. th even dressed up andeld up signs to bring in more customer girlsay it's allorth it, and their customers say it'sgreatly appeciated because it's been a long wait for the cookies too back on sale. all boxes of ckies are 4- doars each ey'll be on sale until march 13th.
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coming up... the broncos are california dreami aut a champiohip this morning. we he late on thr per bo preparations on the west coast. plus... a heart warming story of a man's fight to keep his best friend. how a community is coming together to help a pair of retired police officers...
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the a-f-c amon dr brcos are king up the west coasthis morng. ahead of super bowl 50. the oncos landedn san just before three p-m pacific time... the broncos willlay the cali panthers nextunday in the n-f-l tigamet levi's stadium in santa clara and our countdn to super bowl 50 continu this mornin.. wiess th a weeuntil the big game. we'rgog tocheck in with news 5 sports director grant meech... who brin us the late ts morning as the broncos me
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there arlots of story lines leadg up tpebowl0... and now m wton'sashi sensis one of them.
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califoia sunday afteoon all thplayers got off e plane dressed up in sus, but quarterback cam newton's pants took t world... and cial media by orm. the internet was abuzz over what were repted to be "versace ans th go for about 850 doars. shortly aftecam was en wearing thisolchoice, they had alrey sold online... so won'tableo sp ose faastipas tor super bowlatch par! switch grs nowith story that will warm youheart on this cold morning. people in are coming together to support a retired ohio police officer -- a his k-9 partn. tens of thousandof dlars have been raised ijust two days tkeephe two togethe when matt hicketired... he triedo in custodyf hi foerartner "ajax..bustate law rbids him from purchasing t dog.
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for auction... a frnd started a gofund me to help hickey make sure he hashe winning bid.. "ajax" was appraised a35- hundred-dolls... t the go-fun me haseceived over 51-thousand dollars. once the auction is over... all exa procds raised will be dedan organization at providelletro vests for ofcers weather and traffic onhe 5s. chief morning meteorologist stephebowers is here n with
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, welcome back at 6:30.. we arepingracking of that wier wethis morning... we're ki a live ok denver....
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d-i-a. arly 500 fts have been cancelled... ou are planning to in thdaahead... whetr itout of the springs or denr... be sure to call ead to make sure your flig istill on schele. if you have drive ts moing... we have li team coverage to make sure u have the best informion before you go. wel hear from stephen in a minute-- news 5's joan wise in pueblo... but we'll start with news 5's billolsom live icolodo springs.
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continuing with our li team coverage.. let's get you a check onhat's happening down in pueblo... news 5's joanna wise i
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toy... thmar school districts in el paso, pueblo, and ller counties will be closed including d-11d-20d-60, d-70, falcon, lewis- palmer, cheyenne mountain, manito widefield, harrison fountainort carson, woodland park, and cripple creek. jor private anarr schools are also closed, and so are classes at u-c-c-s. closure inrmation continueto scroll across e bottom of your
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weather and traffic on the 5s. chief rning teorologist ephen bowers ihere now with first alert a wint stormarning is in effe until 11 am tuesday arly a of southern coloro,inuding lora sprin, pueb, caon ty, trinid, laun, lar, e wet mountains,he sangre de cristo mountains, and the wet mountain valley. is morning will be marked by periodic snow. it can fheavily at times bringing reduced visibility. the morning drive can be slo the evening drive home can be even slower as sn increases this
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the heaviest sw lolly will fall in the in tet mountains, the wet mountain valy, and the ngre de cristo mountns. that's where 18-24 inches can pile up. northern el so county west into ll county should expect 10- incheof snow. that includethe north de of colorado springsaround briarga and ao numeblacforest, and woodland park. from central and southern colorado springs south through fountain to pueblo, puebt, andon ty6-12 ihes can fall. tota 4-9nches are likely south from trinidad to ljua and lamar with less than 4 inches arnd
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teeratures will struggle to warm throu into the 30s. th moly 20s for temperatures, wind chills can be in the teens. snow willncrease this afternoon. it wl becomeoth widespread and heavier. it wl continue, though there can occasiol breaks, through thisvening and overnight night. light can conthroh early tuy afternoon before easin
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righno.. we're king a looat a time-lapsef the snowall out at breckenridge ski resort... looks like therearound fr inchesn the snow stake there. all this snow is of cour bringingers in the hh country... here's a look at the conditions up in ski cotry.. in the past 48 hours, keystone haseen 9 fresh inches, bringing theean tal to re than 13- feet of ow. they sent us this deo from the mountain and sayearly all of the trai are open. guests can hit the slopes and enjoy the super bowl at keystone, ilsohowing their bron pride. everyone is gearing up for the superbowl in their o way. ateystone resort.... carvers we to work on a few ice blocks to show their broncos pride. the stues have peytomanning and von miller etched in them,
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fans were out tang pictures with the unique designs, keysne says meltg isn't an issue righno...thankto a thatxtra snow and cold up ithe high untry. coming up... iowa vers ta t fst step in choosing who ll be on the ballotor president.. have a prieof today caucus... plus... as zika rus contues to spre... the wod health organization faces a major decision on how to deal with the outbreak.
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break.. weome . rning to your eltion watch... we'rking a live look in de moines iowa.
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around the hawkeye sta toy... people will be gathering to designate thr choice for president this evening in nation's first caucu candidatill end thday rallying supporters... with hillary clinton and bernie sanders leading the democratic charge, and donald trumpted cruznd marco rubio among the publicans battling it out for voters. in just a w hours... the world heal organization wille together to make a major decision abo zika vis .. and whetr to declare it a global public heth emecy. the outbre has now reached 25 countries and territories... the w-h-o could classify ias publ healtergencof inteionaer.. ich deserves a coordinated global rponse. the zika virus is rapidly spreading acro countries like brasil... and we have just leaed thi morning of 6 confirm cases of zikinexas. all of those paties contracted
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before returningo e u- twiniaudchged in connection with the abduction and muerf a viiair whoseody was founsaturd in north carolina. a vil was held saturday night inlacksburg for 13-year-d "nicole love". police charged 18-year-old "david eenhar" with abduction and first-degree murder. a second student - 19-year-old natalie marie keers - was ar improper sp ofodd acceore . lice seisenhauand "lovell" knew each other before her disappearanc thisorning an attorney says a colorado department corrections officer red his n in self defens- during a bifight at the motorcycle expo at the denvecoiseu e pers was shoand killed and ven others suffere injuries from gunsho, stabbings, or hand-to-hand fighng in a brawl between rival morcle clubs saturday. so far, arrests have been ma. yesterday's events for the
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turning back to our coverage of this weather alert day... we want to get another live look out on the roads for you.. five's jona wise joins us from
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thanks joanna... time for weather afficn the 5s. chief morning meorologist stephen bowerss here now with rst alert 5. a winter storm warning is in fe until 11 uesday for nearly all of southern colorado, inuding corado sprgs, pueblo, on city, trinad, laune wet motains, the sangre de cristo mountains, and the wet mountain valley. this morning will bearke periodnow. it can fall heavily at mes brging reduced visibility the morning drive can be slow.
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slower as snowncreeshis afternoon anthning. the iest snow locally ll fall in the he w mountains, the wet mountain valley, and the sangre de cristo mountains. that's where 18inches can pile up. northern epaso county west into teller county should expect 10 15 inches of snow. that iludes the north side ocorado sprin aroundriargate and alsnumentacforeanodla park. from central and southern coladrings south through fountain to pulo, pueblo west, and caon city, 6-12 inches can fall. totals of 4-9 inches li s
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a re weath phenomenon in arizona. wherey areetting hit b owint espiurese takend eveninwest o flstaff. along th snow ansleet, this test sto produced thunder to crea thuer- snow.
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ch as a foot of snow. right, we are keeping a ose eyon the roads f you... and our ather alt 5 day coverage -- continues with another live look in colorado springs..
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and if're stbout to walk out the do... we have one last check of the road conditions in colorado spngs... news fe's billolsohas been out there all morning keeping watch for us... bill what doeople need to know
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a wier storm warning is in effe until 11 am tuesday for nearly all of southern colado, including colodo sprin, pueblo, caon ty, trinidad, la junta, lamar, the wemoins,heangre de cristo mountains, and the wet mounin valley. th morning will be marked by periodic snow.
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times bringing reduced visibili. the morning drive can be slow. the ening ive me c be even slowersn inces thi afteoon anthis evening. the heaviest snow lly ll fall in the in the wet mountains, the wet mounta valy, and the sangre de cristo mountains. that's wher18-24 inches canile up. northern el so county we inler county should expect 10- 15hes of snow. that includes the north side of colorado springs around briargate analso monumen black fore, anwoodland park. from central a southern colorado springs south throu fountain to eblopueblo west, and caon city, 6-12hes n fall. totals of 4-9 inches aik
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and lamar with ls than 4 inch arod springfield. temperures wilstruggle to warm throu into th30s. thtly 20s fo tempereswind chillcan be in the teens. snow will increase this afrnoon. it will become both more widespreadnd hvier. will continue, though the can be occasional breaks roh this evening and overnight tonight. lighsnow c ctinue through earltuesday afternoobere
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st connected with k-o-a-a do
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'll back wi y good good morni. iowa vot.
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ashes. >> the truth is, ted, you've en wilngsa ng to gevotes. >> surprises a sur >> at least pi a winner this timeokay m gointoin. i'm going win. >> thestontethis election inallhere. the candidates barnstorming e ste with their final pitches. >> sck with the expeence. stick with the ideas that will actually work r our couny. this >> this incredible journey of the past hast be dull. it's been tngs,t ain't dull. >> andt'an's re. the pos,ight. the akes, high as iowans get set to make their choices, we've come to t center of thpotical universe today, monda febary 1st, 2016. >> ann >> aouncerfr n news, this is a special edition of
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