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tv   Today  NBC  February 1, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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>>and and good morning, everyone. we this dawould neve come, but 's fally arriv welcom specialdition o "today" a mony morning. we are, yedes moines, iowa, joined by a lot of state on a verpivotal day in the pridential election. >> thiis so citing. it's an early morning for you d wi be a te night for caucus. it happens ery four years. finally me to vote it's caucus day. in a few hours from now, iowa will be the firsstate to officially vote for who they want in the white housnext year. the candidates have be crisscrossing thstate for nths. 60,000 television ads have aired he. untls doors have been knocked on. afr it all, the repuicans and the democraticaces are
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>> want to give u a sense of whe were. the west end ahitectural salve here. cool sto cool sto with nice people. everythi is for le, except the pele behind us. >> they also serve coffee. >> ty do early in the morning. even the desk here, if you like it, ll and make a bid. it's for sale. >>e can do it on steals and s later. bu morning ahead. donaldmp, rco rubio d sapalin will be . >> y will see what happened when matt and i spent time on the trail over t weekend. it was fun to get out and glad hand a little bit. see what voters are talking about. >> get the lay of the land let's begin with the last-minute push for support f t men and men runng foesidt. we havit covered. lebegin with nbc national coespondter alander anod to see you.
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this stateoe't pick the ne presiden prident t th winw down the fiel you've felt the energy. even ted cruz can see a trump n toght could make the billionaire unstpable. >> reporter: in litt more than 12 hou, we'll ow. will it be donald tr >> you haven't had a wner in io in 16 years. 're ing have a winner, yobetterelieve it.yore goi to ha a winne this time. >> reporter: or ted cruz? >> we need to take power out of washington and bk to we e people. th is wh thicampai is abt. orter: or n marco bio tu hisatrge in tomoow's surpre or wargointo win ts ate in the geral ection. we a goi to turn arica ou >> reporter: wpolls showing trump wi five-point ad over his r over his riv, a controrsy over a mler sent by a cruz campaign. laled, voting violatn, claims to an ofcialecd with gra of how often resintcaucused.
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the cruz cign,ing it srepresents wa electiolaw. trump teed off. >> i tughtl estate people in n york e bad. the politicians are the wot lis. wow. it's a fud. >> reporter: cruz remains defiant. will not apologizfor using every to we can to encouragvoterso vote. >>epor >> rorter:h trump's wi his se. >>e willunbe.the best deaker. >> reporhiweekend,he ivictory bus got uc in mud, ud, ho iwon' reshadow tonight resul. >> ted cruz wod ve visited all 99 counties by the endf thday. an overall turnout is going to help trump. evangelical turnout will help cruz. was told t size of the gap
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meage to be that ts is a twman race. >> peter, go to haveou in downtown des moines. thank you very much. as we said,he race on the democratic side is just as compelling. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, deadlocked. andrea mitchell is cerin these final pushes unt the uc tonight. tacheading to toght's es hillarclinton bernie sanders e in a statistical tie. on the democratic side, the suis turnout, getting the supporters to show up. tie.on the demrati side, the issue is turnout, getti the supporters to showp. reporter: with hours to go, hillary clinton and bernie saers were working intthe night, making their closing arguments to iowa voters. >> this is a campaign of the peop, byhe people and for th people. >> reporte sanders speaking to
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st six miles away, it was a clinton family affair. >> senator, secreta of state anthe next preside of the united states, hillary rodha clinton. >> reporter: drawi her biggest iowa crowd yet. >> i am a better candidateand, thanks to you, i will be a better president. reporter: clinton'sinal pitch, expeence. >> whe you caus tonigh night, you're no only secting a prident, are selting a commde i chf. epor sanrs is change, raying young people w have vercused before. >> join in the political volution. thk youll vy much. >> reporter: at a sntally sarday, sande sang wthe nd, "vampi weend." ts land is you land >>eporter: clint i countingon o women,n thepast, her most lal supporters is me, even women have n fatigue. >> matelyt's n jt being the fst woman but is being the right president at the right ti. >> reporr: botps are
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d volunteerso turn out the vote. and thelinton team has gone high tech, with a app to spot ecincts where theyan take delegas from sanders by string voters to marn o'malley. >> theinal pl has clion three pointshe within the margin oerror. both candidates hav pley of money. sanders from million of small no. itould be a long primary battleahead,specially if he wi an upt tonigh >> thank you somuch. let' turn back to the repuicans. wel be talking t a numbe o candidates throughout the morning. firstup, donald tru in t pheith us. go morning. >> good moing. >> so thihe day. weind out, doonald trump supportersctlly t up and vote? you're not one to be most. eou predicting a win tonight? >> no, i can do that. i mean, we've had theigst crowds, bigge than anybody. gger tn bernie, who i second,lsay. but the crowds have been ible.
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i think so the enthusiasm savannah, is incredible, and it looks le we're goingo ms the snowstm, which is goo news. butt's goi to come later. but i will tell you, it's been an amazing journey. there's a lot of love in those rooms. i would think that ty would show up to vote. i hope so. >> m trump the been a lot of headlines or t last seral months in iowa about you and ted cruz. yet, in the last cplef days, you're starting to hear mor and more abo marco ru hisampaig is sayingas marcomen maomento maomentumnd sms to be surging. is ha threat? >> i think everyone in the race is a threat. you don't know what's going to happ. it'spolitics. he aapable y,nd he's in the running and pitching 'll have to see what haens. he came in trd in the poll, th latestpoll, the last poll, and we'll haveo se what happens aft tonigh
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kn the results. >> right here, right now, cruz competition. you have really laid the hammer down o him. he has dropp in the poll but he's still in there. you' still neck and neck. to shake? >> ll, think that, y know he's a professional polician. he's talented y. you, we'll talente people. i said he sorn in canada, which is true lot of people have a question as whether or note's actually able to even serve as president. it's come out loud and rong. i tell you, someonstitutional lawyers just over the weend have conudedith rts he's not allowed to be president. that's a big cud over his head i said he should remove t cloud b asking for declaratory judgme from thecourts. you have nerous lawyers, including one from rvard, who said it is untest law.
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saying he's not allowed to run. he'sllowed to serve as president. that's a tough thing. i thinkhat's aecte him quite a b by lot o people frankly. >> donald, you based age part of your campaignn being a winner. a successful guy who knows how to c t deal. if y don't win tonht in wa, how much doest dame ur political brand? >> well, i'd le to win. i'm dog credly wl with the evlica as y know, you pbabl s thnumbers. ey have st up thrghhe sky. nationwide, leading with evangelicals. rry falwell, jr. came in yesterday and the day before and endorsed me. we had an amazi two day together. sarah palin, who will be on your ow later, she's a terrific rson, terrificwoman, and she's going to be- she rsed me, as you know.sheriff joe endorsed me. willie robertson endorsed me.
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so maneople are going t nouncing endorsements ove the next sho piod of t becaehe see wt's happing. it movement back. they want to -- look, my theme is make aca gre ain, and at wt theyt t , tt. wantoake arica g agnndt's what wre going to do 're not going make dea like the iran deal. it's aoolish dea and cou ve been better, if it was me at all. so man other deals. andrade with chin cna is eating our lunch. japan i eating o lunch. mean, all oem we want t bri it ba we want t take our country back. >> we, donald trump, ts is your first election day, so we'll be watching it with yo of cose. thanyou for your time this morning, r. we appciat it. >>hank you very much. appriate it. > let's bring in nicolle wallace. good morning to yo the quest abo a loss toght for donald trump and how it damages hisitical brand, what do you think?
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what i was going to sa which is thathis is a series of known-unknowns. hought it wasctuay a sober intervw from donald trum this morning with you guys. one knows if hismovement,s he deribed it -- bernie sanders describes it as a revolution on the democratic side -- is goingf people a goingo show up. is their model goio br oth rht nr of anlicals, o is nald umsovement going to upend therepublicans? >> a little uerintyven from donal trump hims w is usually aon of confidence. rht >> the fact he's doing so well with evangical voters, is that onthore cunding thgs? can b disposive oft tilypens. he's wni them, dond tr i sat d wh my t angelicawhisperers friends kw the block the be, and
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they said, it's a misnomer. evangelicals, obviously, we have a set of values but we want to win, o. rttractio to donalrump isn'tssimar from the attraction from the rest of trump's suppor they want someone who can win and seeim as someoho can dothat. >> we'rengotch tthe decrats in a second a tal to secretary clinton. t me stick witth republans for a seco. we'veeen hearing so much and you have since ye been here,at there is a sur going on with marco rubio. you had a cnc to g out there over the last day or so. is it al? >> ihink it's real but it has to do with whate're going toalk about tomorrow mornin neire. it hore to do with sng upbe in a strong tion forhetablisent. him as their represtative, to waracknd come into new hampshire. >> what about ted cruz? he has stake it all on iowa he hasmoney. he hasorganization. frankly, it's the envy o a lot of the other campaig here in iowa.
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tonit, then at >> iree. iowas must-win f tedcruz. t they are soal and confident. think they'reeeing something on the ground,ot just in the turnout mol, but in their direct line of communication with voter that gives them a lot ofonfidee abo tir chances tonight. >> nicolle wallace, thank you very much. we appreciateit> let's get a check of e early wther fromror. we talked about a snotorm moves int iowa. ming al? will it ha afft on th cauces? >>t might. especialor folks little neous about a blizzd coming .they'vepretreat streets. take aook atg staff, arizonin fact, list. boom. under snow. th's right. this sto i makg its wayo the ea. it alrdy dped a bunch of ow toughout lirnia, arizona, and it is head ts way. here's wha we'reooking at for toda already, snomaking its way through the ckie now, this system will puso
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fairly good snow fling through th rockies today. heavy snow for southerntral roies. mos tthe plains ler this evening. tomorrow, wve blizzard likely for iowa sn fli at res of 2 ch hour. y snow t upper mwest out west, flag aff, dr, 8 to 2 incs of ow. the timin for iowa looksike this. wee going t start this ternoon witclouds. then b around 8:00moves into the western pt of the state. pushes in later in th ening hours. by the time we get into tuy, a full-blo blizzard. snowfall amounts, the w we're loing now, des moines aut 6 to 8 inches of snow.
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of 18 inches ofow. haings, nebraska 12o . wel to you loc >> >> guys, h cool isth?
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on is the hoodf a studebaker 1963 daona. >> wow. >>ou had that car when it was ne ts is my car. >> al thank you very much. les getack to politics here. what does caucus day have in storeor hillary clinton? the former secretary of state is with us no secretary clinton, good morning yo >> good morning. >> you have been campaigning for about 300ays now, and today is the day that ians get to tell you how they're feelg. did you wake up this morning excited, nervous, anxious, what? >> i woke up very excited. rely eneized because we've been havin justn azing couple of weeks leading up to the ccus tonight. weeot such great campaign ganization we'veothousands of volunteers. we knock on 125,000 doo this pa ekend. there's just so muc exciteme, and it's infectus.
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hard as we can until the ucuses are fin over this evening. we hopthat, even though it's a tight race aotf the people who are cmied to caucusing for me wbe there. standing up for . i will do the same the in the campaign and in the presen. >> it isht race here. some of your democratic allies, demoatic leaders,ave s point-blk that bernie sand aemratic socialist as he describes himself, cannot win a general election, that republans cnot wait t he an ad thatas t hamr and the sickle. it. but this crunch time. if you bve it, why not come right out and say it? berniesanders, youay love him, iowa vote, but he cannot win a general election. >> well, i know, savannah, that is exactlyhat a lot of democrat are saying. lot of elected democrat people who want to take back the sena in e 2016 election.
7:18 am
democrats in the house. maybe make some pgres in rnors a -- >> are you sin-- >> -- state legislatures. think it's fair toay he has to run campaignnd prent his views. we have differens, and i've beenointing out those difference i think tha it's importa for me to tell voters what i want to aceve and how i will go aut doing that. becaus i wan them to h m accountable. then it's goingo be up to caucus goe tonight, primary voters next in new hampshire, to decide who they think offers the best path forward to keep the progress tha we've made going. >> you talk aboutdierences, secrar clinton. seems like one of the difference ye embraci prident obama's legacy. i was at anevent for bernie nders last night, ande said, i'm a supporter of president obama, but i find the last eight years to have been dippointin why is hewrong?
7:19 am
experience in looking and learning about what it takes to get things de in washgton. as a first lady, a a senator for eight years, aa secretary ofstat and i think that what preside oba inted, a ecomy that s in the ditch, he doesn't get e credit for pullingt out. doesn't get the credit he deserv for the affordable care act, something we've bee trying to do -- that triedo do -- to get us onhe pathf universal coverage. i thi it's aifference between making progress -- i a progresse who les to get things done. not just tk aboutt but deli rults for people. that's how i judge myself. ve ionomething t got 8 million kidsealth insurance, like iid when i was first lady. or nional ard members healt care. that'shat you're spose to do as aleader. i think i have the record, the experience, t know-how to get it done. i think president obama has made
7:20 am
ls of positive changes for our countr >> secretary clton, i know it's ausy d forou and your teamo we thank youor joinin us this moing. >> thank you. great toalk to you. hope everybody comes out to caucus tonight. >> all right. thank you very much. cing up, we're behind the scen on the campaign trail with berniesanders. i jt mention that. what say nee to happenor him to pull out a win tonight. and then sarah palin joins for a exclusive le intervie this i her f sin towing heruppo behind dald trump.
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it's:26, i'm it's 7:26, i'm ira cronin... with this first alert 5 weather day update. a quick buof snow made for sloppy commute in eblo-- but roads in theprings-- faring much wse. news 5's bill folsom is live in
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chiemoing meteologt sthen bo j us now with a look at our cafoca... stepn... cloudsnd lht snow will car us through the morningith occasional heavier snopassing south to north up the i-25 corridor. temperatures will struggle to warm through into the 30s. with mosy 20s r mperatures, wind chills can be in the tns. sn will increase this afteoon. it will come both re widespad and her. it will continue, thghhere can be occasional roth evening and overninight. light snow can contie throh y tuday afternoofo eang late tuesy and tuesday
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e' wre back a 7:30. it'sonday morning, the 1st of bruary, 2016. it's caucus d here i iow voters areting set t take part in ir contestf th presential ra.tutkey.u h that sennce over and overagai es attat he ithe west endrchialalvage a marketace ines in. y toave tseks with us gettingearly. a lot will be caucungtonight. 1600recincts acrosshe. wel tao marcoub i a co >>ai youran if y go toaucus lationtonight. pretty anims. etty good. t, other stoes mg headnes today. powerfutorm bstin southern califora with heavy ra and high winds. the storm is movieast. in san ego, one woman was lled whe her car was by a falling ee. thousands of homes a without
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the weather is also aoncern re in iowa. a snowstorm isoving i a little later tonight. also in the news this morning, stude at the college of william marion, westviin, is recoveng ter contracting the zika virus. it hpened whenhe student was traveling in cenmerica over winterreak. officials don't believe there is a health risko anyone else on campus. >> the denver broncos and carolina pthers arrived in california last night. they'reeginning their final preparations for sup bowl50. bronco quterbackeyton nninlobunessike. e big tnt,ca and zebra pant do u havehose pa >> i do. >> goo o y t lend it t uppose to be a secret. ow the biggest story of the da politics the iowa caucuses. rco rubio is hoping for a strong showi toompel his caaign int t nextstate,
7:28 am
good morning, r. nice to see yo nice to seeyou, nator. >> i tught about weari tho pants. ting toet votes. >> dn't pollwell. eople arengut marcomentum. you've got momeumomentum, you're surging. that's theoo news. the bad ne, if you don'tave atrong finish with all the talk, it' seem like a disappoiment. how are you managing things? >> we'reot the front runner. ted cru had 12,000 lunteers, spent time money here. he has strongowa game so he's the front runner. but we feel like about our campaign. we'r fightin and working hard and grong in the support we have. ieel pive abo it. 've had a great time campaiingere in iowa. it's bee fantc. it's been a bssingbe a of the process. >> youentioned tedcr. you said he's been disingenuous in h attacks. 's distorte your record. he's the kindf y, you sa
7:29 am
in your mind, is that politics as ual, o isruz doi sothin and beyond what's the norma crs of cagng? >> well, the politic as usual, and th's the oblem. he lerally took a vid of me speaking a cap andrade and cut it off before i finished my statement to make it look like i suppord it. 's unfortunate. wee going toht through it. we feel gdboit. think peoe kno t trh. reathing abo iowa ters,hey've beenhrough th so manytis,y kwhen you waitntil the last minute tottack someone on something, it's usually t true. it's why they waited until the last nute. wha would be a better outcome for yo ifonald tru hanly defts d cru and knocks him out of the t tier or if cz ats donald trump sho th don tru is not invincible? >> honestly, i've spent zero timehiing about that? >> how? >> i'm n a politic alyst. i'm running f psintf the ed at iy time withink
7:30 am
about what i'moing do w i'm presiden cous greater than aon earth but it t remain that way if we d't me chs inhis cye, this election. that what i think about. i ha people that work for me that thoug about these things and i'll let the think about that. i'm focused on bng the president and earningpeople's suppor you'reatchg tonight and you're in iowa go caucusor maorubio. >> was at a truly yesterday, and it struck me the le tt say they support trp, not only do they like the fact he's plain spoken, they believe he c d thehing he says he wants to do. they bieve he can build a wall and have mexico pay for it. he can bomtherap out isis, taraphre wt he id. are they beingold a o goods? theuy is an entener. he funn >> it'ot wha he's billi himselas >>ershe t a iowa and country, ihink this country understands that if you're running to be president of the unistates, you can't just tl people whate going to do. you have to explain how you're in to d it.
7:31 am
significant political job on the planet ader othe fe world, commander inhief of theost impoantility anmo porful mily inuman hist peop derv tonow exactly at y'reoing too on these issues. i'mroud that myampaign outlined detailed public policy ideas on everything fro student lo de, which i care because i hne three yea ag that tht i'd never pay off, to be hont whll way to building to youre tao te on isis. boko haram an affilte of isis and these are theeople we're in warre with. either they win or wewin. we better win the r. >> senator rubio, importantay fo y he i wa. nice of y for spendgime with apprecit. >> thank you for havg me we spenteith the adidatesn the mpaign trail over the weend. i caught up withenator bere sanders, ase fought for ery last vote.
7:32 am
iowa her to start you off on thing short than a polical revolution >> is that rit? plause ] >> what he youeard in iowa ovastouple that assures you that ty' going t set y onhatcourse? >> well,here iso assurance r anything. if we have a large voter tut,fhousands ofpele, many of whom have given up o eolitical process, many youngeople who have never rticipated in the politic press, if they come out,e're going t win. >> reporter: with an estimated 76,000oor knocks this weekend one -- >> h ther we're volunteers with the bnie sanders campai. eporter: sanders supporters are crisscrossing the state and workinghe phones. >> hi, carl. is is kim fm th bere sanderscampgn. >>eporter: all part of a final push aessential lt argument. afteronths of cpaigng re, pnt of pottial vots ar still up forgrabs. ny coming t hear sanders one
7:33 am
>> are you decided? >> i tnk i'm cided. ou say, i think decided. not 10 >> yeah. >> why? i w supporting clintout e revns came about her honesty a her abily to lead the country, i feel like the commander in chi should be someone who is ableo promote the american values. >>n the last few da, w fod ourselves on the fence. we don't knoif we're g to go hilla o beie. reporte inhis tightra, sanders gained recent momentum but will it be enough. >> do you need to win to carry e momtum into strong showing in new hampshire? >> obviously, wre going to try win. but whate'reoing is running a tional campaign. we're going run until thecon enen eporte those in iowa who dot sm to be having as mh time deciding - >> i've been w him all the way. >> rorr:ng people who
7:34 am
>> areou motivatedo that gree? >> absoly yog pple haveener i tnk yngple will dit repr:anrss counting . >> are you comin out tomorrow night? [ applause ] >> you'll se they'll get o of the dorm rooms at 7:00 torrow nit? >> i tnkomorro night, you're going to see not jus youn pele, you'r gng t eorki class ople. yore g to see people all over this stat who sa eugh enough. d, yes, they are going to come out for caucus. >> kind of annterting umance, asking sator sandersuestionsnd every time i'd ask him a queson,e' rnnd ask t question te crd. like th? >> exactly right. anyway, there were a lot of people the, i have t say, who said even at t l hour, that they still had some wiggle room. >> you know in the democratic caucus, there's psuasion that goes on. people willefinitely have a chance to change their minds. no queson. le get a cf theeath from mr. ebaker, al roker.
7:35 am
atr gng out tcaucus tonight? no? all righ there you go. you have to worry if you he frnds a neighbors who le througut pins and t gfcoast. we hav a risk oftr athe ennced risk from jkson nashville for tornadoes, damaging winds. lots of downpours. 30 mlion folks are at risk for maging wind gusts d possible tornads. this will be pushing through. this is ahead of e sam system th's goi to cause t blizrd here. it'soing to bring vy,ery rough weather. tulsa, le rock, housn. war air surges ahead of the system, look for the strong orm sseveloping durg the day torrow andonnug at night. the tnado threaromtern nt t ctr miissippi.itl reachhe et coast by wednesy, fro boston all the way down int northernlorida. the rainfall amnts,where from 3 to 4 inches of rain in mef thetral secons of
7:36 am
oo fri tomrokatting rou o plse. mrow. [ plause ] he's here uil thursday. tom aw, lies an geleme >>'s t . al roker,evybody. plau ] >> coming up we're going to find out where tse voters stand with th causes arod 12 hrs away.
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7:42 am
"meet the press." political analyst nicolle wallace is wh us again. goodmorning, guy you'veand out and been around the state over and over again. what are you hearin what are you sing that's going to dramaticallymp theace tonight tt wreot talkingout? >> well i think we heard it donald trump himsf at the beginning of the show. it is a, like i said before, known/own, who is going to show up tonigh stally, it'sarkae th people in other states, ere theve a swi vote. e caucu has few people who rticipate. fewe than200,000 republicans par pa pa particat it'llup eveing i his supporte show up. >> chuck? >> peaid irump went in, they'd wouldn't paicipate. i also heardeople who haven't voted in 2 y are goingo
7:43 am
don't see thedea tre's going toe a huge surge on th mocratic or republican side. ther no evidce. it tls yaybehiss up be clion andcruz. >> tre's anro here. sander o theemocratic side and trump on th right need that ve thing. they need this flush of new voters. if theyon'tet it, is at deci? >>t wou be decisi. both ted cz and hilla clinton have put together campaigns to win normal, itional iowa cauces. th'reery, vystructural, going very precision wise a those thin. it is all f with trump and sanders. th need the surge. we d't see the edence of it >> regaress of outcome -- because w don't have a lf time -- regardless of outcome, does everybody move forrd to new mpshr might someb be ou >> think cruz isimng into new hampshir ihe don't. i don't think it's decisive in terms of picking a republican nominee. i think republi have done terriblyn this ste and bounded bac in new hampshire
7:44 am
obvisly, republinsant to do well here. it's anmporta state. but you can survive loss here cruz isn different categy because he staked everything on this state. he's badlyounded if he doesn't wi >>itto wit sders. >> who wants to do predons? glad y raised your hand. >> i hate to bet ainst paion. if i h to p someone slitly ov tdg i'd say trump could pull oomething histor >> docraticsi? >> don want to bet again clinton's history. i think wn she up against the ropes,he sometimes pulls ou her best performaes >> i't tl you how confident the c people are. it's sort ofunservrving h nfent tare. i give tm credit becau they it's d or die for em. he ds notethe nomination without winning iowa. >> chuck and nicollewallace, thank you verymuch ahead, govnor sarahalin ll b herelive, hir tele inwin
7:45 am
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7:49 am
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chmorning meorologt --stn bowers joins uwith a at our local focast. hen. cldsnd lhtw ll carry tough the morni with occasional heaer snow passing corridor. temperatures will stggle to
7:53 am
with mostly s for tempatures, wind chills n be in the tns. ow will increase this afternoon. it will become botmore wiread and hea it will ntinue, though there can be occasional brea, thugh this eveningnd overnight tonight. light snowan connue through
7:54 am
7:55 am
coming up, politics and palin. the former askaovnor opens up in he first television inrview sce eorsing dald trum urt psident of the united states, donal j. trump. >> wll tk wh here, a she ge seto hit trail withrump later today. field of politicaldreams. tom broka takes us insid iowa's influence on choosin our country's presidential pl, al's iowaadventure. >> why is it so big? fm e sweet to the sffed to fri, alis sinks his teh into the intohe bestes in the hawkeye state. today, monday, february 1st, 2016. >> welcome to iowa, oday." >> happy caucus day.him. >> welme t des ines. >> hloo everydy in chicago. >> hi toyamilnalifornia
7:56 am
we'r excited t hav t "tay" show. >>come tiowa"today." on >> mony morning, caus day here in wa, 2016. special edition ofur showrom west end salvanowntown desmoines. we want to tha you guys for ttin up early. we really do but tre a reason they're up's not just to talk about politics. >> no no. >> it's because, lk wha we have. >> y go. >> a plate ori dough, laesnd gentlem who wantssome? >> hanng i out. >> oh, my goodness. fried oreos,ried hot dogs, fried snkers. everything is fried and it's awesome. >> we want to welme willie geist to des moines on this monday morning. also, we want twelcom governorarah palin.
7:57 am
dorsg dd trp. 'llk toovernor palin in a couple ofines.> first, natalie is holding down the fort back in studio 1a in n yorknd has a check of the top stories of th rng. good morning. >> good morning to u. e world health organizatn is holding an urgenteeting in geneva tod to decide i the zika vus outbrk shod declared a globaeconomy. the vir carried by mosquitos reached two dozen countries. the u.n. healtncy says it is spreading exploissively americas. e are confirmed cas in e u.s. angeople who tveled to other countries, but no infected mosquitos have been found ithe u.s. a secd virginia th student has been arrted ithe deh of a 13-year-old girl whose reins were found ang a nortcaroli highwayn sarday. ear-oldatalie kpers was arged sunday with helpio diosef the body. freshman david eenhauer was arged earlier with kidnapping an muer. both are eineeng students
7:58 am
police sayisenuer knewhe victim, nicole lovell. shwas reported missi from her virgia home o wednesday withouthe medication s needed after a livertransplant. landides are a concern today in south califora ere deadly stormoved through onnd. a wom willed when a he tree fell er,rushin her car and three otheseveral inche of rai could use mudslides in areas where summ wildfires stripped the hill of vegetation. ews restored power to 8000 customers. two menscaped unharmed after aightning stre caugh came. on go outse. i not. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]! >> oh, m god! >>ritening moments ashe friends were in a shedearhe dock. they justade the wis decision not to take t boat out because they cou fee
7:59 am
which oft sends signals of strike one of nashville's longest running acts had a diffent close call. the don kelly band wasring through its versi of "gst riders in e y." the drummer got so into it, he flipd back through plate glswind st is okay and now own a story that will be told over and ov again in music ty. l's send it back t matt an savannah in des ines iowa back to you. >> natalie, thank you verymuch > up next from iowa, wre sitting down with sarah palin for an exclusive live interview. it herirst inteiew since enrsing donald trump. > then tomrokaw takes a cloo at iowa influence in cing thet present. aitefood, a ltlen. greatdventure toind the hawkeye state'sweetest treats. > first, theseges. earning unlimited cash back on puhase that's a w.
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here we go... >>oh, look at this... ok, so numr one. no personal items are permitted in the workplace. those wi need to come down. wel be doing somemandatory testing. and there'also a strict no dang policy. >>t hoy,e'ri. at'soio be a probl. grow yr buness witth online shipping ols om fedex. see, we've completelremodeled the kitchen.cozy. les go check out the pantry! it's our dunkin' dream room. amazing. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pi some up wheryou buy grocies. try our k-cup pods today. america runs on dunkin'. welcome ck, everyone, t des moines, iowa, as we count down totonight's caucuses. the first cte of the 2016 presidential race.
8:03 am
we'll tk exclusively to donald trump's highest profiler endorser. sara palin is here fit,ver the weekend, we caught u with voters at one of trums fil rallies here in iowa. >> reporte in uncil bluff, the line startedive hours berehealdid. ny here, newcomers tthe political process. >> i've never bn to any rallies. >> have you caucubefore no >> youill formp thi time? >> i will. y? bec he speak like we. repor the rallyoers hoed over a over. >> he ss thengst i thin americanse been thinkingor t las seven ars. bught i to the forefront. >> i think he is talki about what the majority of the united states is feeling. >> he's jtayin wt t comm person i inking. >> rorr: a few tendees, still on the fenc >>re you guys trump pporters, just checking it out? >> we're going to check it out today a see. we're getting cse to making up
8:04 am
>> going with people who have exrience in government. i would not hire a dogcar to do my teh. i'm n going to hire somebody o doesn't know how to govern. >> y'rot a tru supporter. why is i importa to se him in the fles >> jt to see whatis that he says how would he mak his decisio what would he it on? >> reporter: plenty of other minds alreadyade up. >> did you eveonsider any her candi or was it trump al they? trump ahe y, ithink. th's my only choice. i don't see anything else out there they' oing me tt ll make difference. >> what iike abo him most is he has n to se. aot of the other people are running bec it's a job for em i thi he sees thi as his job for america. >> are you trump voters o still shopping? no, i'm trump. yay, trump! >> reporter: with a psie snowstormatetonight, will many of these firstime caucus goer actuay show up? >> t snowstormtays ay, we'l go have se fun with it,
8:05 am
>> superitted. >> rainstorm snowstorm, you're there? >> super committed. i have 4 b 4s a 6 by 6s. i' ge people res and we'll be there. absolute. >> iowans are not afraid of a little snow. >> not atall. former alaska governor sarah palin was john mccain'sunning mate during the 2008 presidentialrace. she'se in iowa supporting trump. good to see you. how are yo >> grea anks. >> didou hit yoursf to th right candidate? is donald t goi to win iowa? >> bievee will win io. wa voters are rea for restoration of constitional government ain. donaldrump c dothis. >> y said having donald trump and ted cruz at the top of the republican field is a nice proble to have. >>yes. >> is it a win-win for yo if dald tru wins tonit, do youwin? if ted cruz wins night, you've suppord him in the st, do you win? >> in a see, s. keepinn, this is just a very fir step in this long,
8:06 am
then gettingnto the geral. we have tenoreonths before we actually know who will beur ne president. tonight, whater the outcome, i think the rublin party, agais in a fortunate position i having that good problem. good candites a the p. >>his was probably a tgh calloryou, between ted cruz andonald trump. it wasn't tough. >>really?>> no. iupport ted cruz in hisun r senate t out of texas. when i esed him, he was barely a blip othe radar screen, in tms of in the polls d at people were perceiving. at tast nute, getting in there and kind of, hopefuy, helpeddd momentu to his campaign. being there in the senate,o be fighter for the american people, for our ll, i want to keep him in the senate. >> you haveredibility with
8:07 am
dorsemen mea s much to nald trump. you think that he ishe godly candidate that they're loing for? >> i hope voters aren't tg to find the mos christia, godlst candidate out there. who are we to judge one other's level of faith? ourhristian quotie, if you will.hopelly, pple areooking fore who has that record of suess that pves he c get the job de for us,nay. >>s he a trueconservative? he's admitted in the past, he's donated to democratic candidat republica candidates. he's donated to hillary clinn. how do you square that you compareim to someone keonald reaganwho, at o point, had -- he was a registered democratnd saw the light. think,ndful. m gla donal tmp isn our side when it com to the litical ectrum.undersin t freearke
8:08 am
of our fedom is way for america to be restored. good. we shod celebrate that h has come over on theig side. >> i want to a youme for some of the ptsd tha sd that's out there. >> i never said that >> let's te it piece by piece. what did you mean? >> let's srt piece bypie. u guys bht me here toalk abt iowa polits and the caucus night, not t talk abt my kids. that was a promise. as things go in the world of media, you d't always keep your promises, idy. i never blamed president obama. what i have blamedresident obama in dng though is this lel disrpeorhe united statesilitary that has madeanift i cutting budgs, i not tryin to bf it up and let our military do
8:09 am
in specific issues we're taing about that are so hot todayspecifically, let's get i there and utterly destroy is. as we know, our united states military can do it. yet, wve a cmand in chief who seems to kindf want allow the enemy to be poking at us. that's acceptable toost that unacceptle to most americans, certainly to me. oou regt the commentn at day of the endorsement. >> what did i say that is fense? >> that you seem to lay it at the feet of the president. i d't regret any comment that i made becse i didt l ptsd at the foot of the president. i did sa though, that theris and and suggested very amantly that there i much more r commande in chian do to show that he respect ourroops and t them do our job. ifou guys wou tell me exactly what you're talking about, i can address th.
8:10 am
there wero specific pmis made about content of t interview, only this would be your first interview since you endorsed donald ump. >> i was told this interview is about the caucus tonight in iow and right on,ho will it be to put amica back on the right trkndesto constitutional govement that we are lacking day d that we so ne. i said rht on, let me go talk abouthat, sure. >> i think wealabout that quite a t. governor palin, thankyou. >> thankou. >>t's get a checof the ather from mr. roker. >> this ery citing. i've been to the iowa state fai and i've seen giant butter cow. sara pratt,he sculpto of the butter cow has brought our own "today" show butter cow. so nictoeet you. >> you too, al. >> how much butter is in this w. >>his cow has about 40 pounds of butter, just a little bit less. the life-size cow at the iowa
8:11 am
>> this was two days of lding. i got to praice weldi skills the's an armature underneath this? >>yes. otherwise it would collapse >> and tw days to do the better. >> what happento the butter when you're done. >> we'll melt it down and take it off. it might b c off tside. it's warming upn here. i've h some softening issue here. >> everybodyet a bagel! let' get some english muffins in here right now. ra att,hank you so much. awfullynice. ank you for bringinghat for us. let's show you what we have going on as far as weather is concerned. two big stories. fit of a blizzard ll develo here in e midplains. we're looking for s heavier look at th look at e snowfall amounts.
8:12 am
deer, about 450 flights. deines, about0 inches. ahead of this system we've got a lot of wm r, instality. we'll look at seve weather developing as well ler on tomorr as we get intomid-gu coast up into the mississippi rivervaey, enhced rk of stms from jackson to central kentucky.
8:13 am
>> that is your lattweatr. matt? mr. roker, thankou very ch. up next, too much power? tom brokaw on the criticalol iowalays in picking our president. rit a ts. up and sandwich anclean and real, d feeling good, sort oand 50calories oless. the clean pairings mu. pera. od as it should be. vextratr chobani mply 100. it's thenly light eek yogurt with zero preservave
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ze add sugar,rortifial sweeter d zero fat d zero holding me back! oikos triple zer be unsppable. m dann hollywo's premie welry signer neil lane, creates a ring for toy's ggesstars... he digns it to lk fabulous from every angle. and for his collection at kay jewelers... he does the exact. same. thing. yes!ne le bral. uniqly beautiful hand-crafted rings kay, thnuer one welrstore in ari. my colleion is ntaginir... with flowingines that evoke a see timessnes becausnt everyom to feel li a star. ery begins th kay. welcome back to iowa, everyone. hosting the first contest in the presidential race is a source of pride for the voters here.
8:16 am
a closer look athe deces old traditn ofowa first. go morning. >> goodmorning. in iowa and especiallyn e potil arena, theres a rea question abo whetherowa should b the fst e, by itse. is a ccus syem traditionally, the turnout is lo the state isrural. it's not very diveifyied. nonethels,owans don't want to give up on it. theedia plays a role in keeping iowa first. we love the slltowns, the farmsnd the food. i took a lk a the debat here in iowa whether it sul be first. >> reporter: by tomorrow, one of these candidates wbe a big winner. at least two or thr will be on life support. des moines newspaper columnist thks it's too much power for iowa. >> me mn problem with it i there's not enough democratic representation in this state. >> reporter: iowa is almost all
8:17 am
but is that a diuaer for e leadoff position rachel is a drake university professor and chair of the iowa caucus project. >> this is a pross and begins in ia but then mov to other states if i always picke the prident, the we could just have an entire election in iowa and forgetbout everything el. >> reporter:here is also theiowa record. it's not a king maker. only three winners whoere not cumbents made it from the caucus to the wte hoe. thther iowa winners went from here to also run. tuout is low, butopular radio host van ss this year is anything but traditional. >> i guarantee we'll blo the roof off the nbers for t caucuses. >> reporr: even so, the nationaledia helped make iowa the big opening t. from the locals, t hardy
8:18 am
andowa evangelals a excted to be a big part of the surg pastoran berry at cornstone family chur. >> here to s with you this rning, children of god, sons and daughters, we ve a responsilityo be iolved inthe process. >> reporr:his woman gst all. she' lived here 25 years and loves it. when she was critical of ia's first in the nation status, did she have tohange her phone number or na? >> . people call me at home often. that's one of theeautiful things aut iowa. >> when it's said and done, i hope people te away fm iowa that this is a place wre, among erage, everydayvoters, st normal pple who le normallive there i an opportity for politics to be out them they can meet presidential candides. they can ask hard questions. th canemand answers.
8:19 am
specia and unique about what happens here. >> i've coming here since 1980. i mt say, the atmosere has never bn as electrifying as it is this year. nonetheless, i thinkn the future, whyot have iowa, new hampshir and south carolina on the same day? southeas northeast and the midwest. it saves a lot of money and consolides everhing. >> how would you feel about that? >> boo! >> was goi to sa you're a ave man, braw. >> i knew it. in t next two days,'ll be unde an assumed name. way to walk rig intohat one, m. >> you nee a fd taster, wiie gei is here. this is an issue that comes up in politics all t time. iowa and new hampshire this outside iluence should it >> i love you have niona treasureom brow b in wa. t we've a coverhese ca. 's a ue experience. especially on the demrati
8:20 am
evody stas in a group in e corner. as the secon voteomes through, snd with a different group if your ndate hn't m it through. it nothing else li it in politics polics. >> like thclicky makeupf the "today" show beforee start. just ahead, the tasty s of iowa. takes you it's 8:26, i'm
8:21 am
with thifirst alert 5 weathe day update. a quk burst of sw made for sloppy commuten pueblo-- but ads in t springs-- are much worse. news 5 bill folsom is liven
8:22 am
chiemorning meteorologist -- stephen bowers joins us now with a look at our local forecast... stephen... clouds and light snow will carry us throughhe morning with occasional heavier snow passing south to nth up the i-25 corridor. temperates will strule t warm through into the 30 withtly 20s fo tempatures, wind chills can be in t teens. snow will increase ts afternoon. it will become both more widespread and hvi. it will continue, though tre can be occasional breaks through thisvening and ernight tonight. light snowan continue through earltuesday afteoobefore
8:23 am
we' we're back from iowa on this monday morning. it t 1st of february, 2016. that sounds good. lile bluegrass music from the award-winning group, lori king and juncon. >> it' a goode tthank everyone whoas got u early j us at westnd salvage. we had an ovelow and the people outside were threatening to rush the joint. we decided to give them camera me thanks such for standing out
8:24 am
>> comin up, theard working peop behin the scenesho ke the candite running and the camig gng allcross iowa and alloss the countr >> you want wildndrazy fru eaons? come to iowa. bacon-wrapped corn dogs, chk. it doesn'ttop ere. wait until you see what i sunk my teeth in. a 4 pound ter of meat. tell them about t twinkie, al. >> and a fried twine. e have a ltle fried at chickengate here. >> cheat day. >> ande' playing the country's forite game, let's be honest,cornho. lo it? >> first, . ror, hyou abou - how aut a c of e weather?>>s we've bee ying we have aig storm comin of the rocks, movg intthe midplai. wet atr the pacic
8:25 am
d-atlaic coast for thear rt of thek aseeto the m par of e week, strong srms along the atlant as later in eweek this calm down. teerate wise, it' get mild inhe easrnar of untr wek to week rihe warr air stays in
8:26 am
steshen tngs norl ou ay awfully warm in thlains an great >> that >>hat is your latest weather. savannah? > to the final push for support o aheadtonight's caucuses in iowa. >> the rublican and docratic ces are tight. theandidates are barnstorng is st peter alexander has been busy, epg tabs on the campaign good morningagain. nice to se you. for every ti ndidate, there areoule staffer and volunteers who p their lives on hold to throw themselves into the political campaigns. strategizing, knocking on doors, proding every stop and pho op this rning, before iowa votes, we take you inside the campaign >> reporte the freneti final ur more than a dozen candidates, hureds of staffers and volunteers one pre. campaign manager danny diaz is bsh's bullg.
8:27 am
knking onrs and talng t voters. >> reporter: fued by chinese food and adrenaline. >> i hope see you out at the caucus. every vot counts. my professors, all of th, were okayith it. some said they were yelliousjealousnd it would anxcusence if brought back pictures. >> reporter:arco bio's pre seetary hasn't been home in week >> you don't hav time. you're constantly going and always something to do. >> reporter: then-senator barack obama's bodyann 2008. >> iemember thinking to myself, i kind of wanted to vomit ery day. thersll this anxiety. you don't really know what the outcome is going to be. >> rorter: arkansas native ha works for hillary.
8:28 am
is it exhausting? nishing? exhilarating? >> it's a combinationf haustion and exhilaration, i'd say. i didn' sepell las night. reporr: wwere invited behind the curtain where he choreographs the arriva >>ay hi. >> repter: sectary clinton is running an hour hind. even the pin aows on the ground to make sure she com ou the right way. >> even if the world is falng apart here, main calm back there. we want to create a environment that's good to go. >> repte of course, there one ctical thin >> you aays want gu firsthing you know. oh, i don'tant them to getoo close to you toy. >> reporter: oneinal huddle. >> y make the remarks. >>es, sir. >> thank you allery much. >> do you finly breathe out now? >> breathe out and start again tomorrow. the pace as you s for the guyss exhausting.
8:29 am
in a day. you've heard greg say that gum is critical also on e list. e sieou need for signing autohs. course, the nitizer. tooh han along the ai this one, matt, is for you. >> little cliche. also comfortable shoes. >> no doubt. >> l ofalking ithe state. >> thank you very much. aaste ofiowa. al is going to sinkis teeth into the deeply cative a deeply friedoncoctions you'll find in the hawkeye state.
8:30 am
this is we' got great music to go along with, wow, what a fried buffet. al you had a plum assignment, fried on to tastehe best of iowa. >>he hawkeye state,ou cannot
8:31 am
without a stop at the ste fair to sample the state's unique creatis. ouldn' come here without indulgin i a little myself. >> repor>> reporter: the hawkeye state, serv up politslong wit iconic fare worthy of a vo. i visited three restrants. all wit all wit hh marks. everybody says, you'ren des moinesnd you he to take home a smit's nderloin.let's fdut why they wearhe crow what mak you guys the ng? >> it's a combination of the breadi and also the por that use. smithaid his family lived high on the h more th 50 years, selling more than 1,200 tenderloin sandwiches awe.
8:32 am
>> why is it so big? it's way bigge than tbu >> that's really the tradition, is toave the big tenderloin ng over the bun. >> it >> itust be good to be the king >> it is. thank you. >> reporter: next stop on the campaign trail, jethro's bbq. home of allhings smoked. if if tt' not enough tose your carnivorous cravin, hold, jethro's food challenge, a 4 pound powertower of meat. >> from what i understand, if you can eat ts sicn 15 minutes,ou get it for free? >> yes. >> what'sinteresting, they servehousands of these. >> yeah. >> only a dozen people have ever finished it in time?
8:33 am
there's a walf fame and a wall of shame. the wall of shame is significantly bigger. >> this is the best i can do. spicy pickle? i don't blame yo the fri arespia too. afr a und, itetbe a lot.>>s eating. >> reporter: the finaln my great iowa food asurventure kes us to zombie burger. >> what was the best seller? >> monte christi.e. >> even if he's not numrne in thepolls, this monster burger is number on >>e was able to win somethin >> a lot going on in ther >> reporr: even though they say never dcuss politics at the dner table, one thing is for sure, iowa satisfies appetite and political tast al, you definel had the mostun o all of us.
8:34 am
iowa state fair is its ceo and manager, gary slater. >> welcome to iowa. >> you haven array ofried s here. let's start with the corn dogs. >>he corn dogs are pbably th most popul fd item a the iow state fair. we probablyell 10,000 a day to al ourfos. you have the doue bacon. >> right here. >>nything with bacon is nderl, ts for sure. the big thing abo corndogs, fos, are you a mustard pern or ketchup person? mustard. >> tell us about the fried dough. >>he friedough is cookie dough that's deep fried. deep fried oreos at the p. funnelcakes. of course, y can'tave a ste fair without mini doughnuts. they are just toie r. >> we ve t huge butter cow here. savannah jus asked antiquette estion. arou allowed to tough the tter cow? >> sure, go ahead. eny it >> wow. it's tt, me of butter. i can confirm.
8:35 am
you sell at the iowatate fair? >> we have over 70 things on a stick. about 175ifferent food snds. pork chops on a stickre alway great at the iowa state fair, as well. >> how manyay until theowa state ? >> 91 dda. come back august 11th through the 21st. >> we're er thesere from iowa city. >> i have to try this. >> from the hamburg inno. this is this kentuourbon cholate chocolate. >> so good. >>lueberry. >> we put nitour this? >> azing. >> you grind up the pie? >> grind up theie and they put itn with a scoop of ice crm. also, the pullman bar and diner. >> you p
8:36 am
>> i called cory and alsonate who is famous place kker for thehawkeyes. you have to c thetry the ccken, boys and girls. >> why not? o re. >> drizzle it with local honey. >> oh mgoness >> ohygosh. that, my friends. >> so good! >> this is a cheat mth right here. >> can we come back for the state fa? >> we're doing the show from the state fair. we're cong back. [ plause ] thank you so much. preciate . > u ahea anoer iow adition. we're going heado head in a friendly game cornhe. first, this is "today" o nbc.
8:37 am
sh. [ applau [ applause ] welcome back. we've just tasted som of the delicious foods of io now it is time forood old
8:38 am
>> cornle is a huge hit at tailgas allcros the ate. it's a comnation of a bea b tossnd horseshoes. he t teach us how to play. t from the university of iowa wkeyes, running back travis rry. [ applause ] androm the iowa state cyclones, theirquarterback, jo lansing [ applause ] linebacker? that was wrong. you' a nebacker. you keepackling this guy. >> yeah. >> he's alinebacker what's the basics here? >> y kn, youave your teach and splitpach side. so - >> joel, you and mere a team you'reherend i go the. >> avis? >> savannah, i think. >> you go there. savann, you stay with me >> savannah has never played. >> we'll b the judges >> holdhe bean ba. okay.
8:39 am
don't ow what we'reupposed to do. >> all the beanags srt on one . >> all righ we got them. different colors. take your color. >> so confusin >> joel, we go fit? i guess. >>lternating or -- ternate, yeah. >> sannah, i'll go first and th you. >>ok. >> oh! >> serioly? >> matt lauer. >> he's beenracticing cornhole sie 2: a.m. >> football natural. >> beginner's luck. gutter ball. applau ] >> get air uer it, savaah my lastone.
8:40 am
>> travis andjoel you return the favor now. now wve the b guns. come on, joel. >> travis! >> travis first. >>hey' >> they're bloing the hole. [ applau [ applse >> willie come on. >> >> football >> that was ver close. get get in man!
8:41 am
>> he blocked you. swish. [ applause ] >> joel and travis,guys, tha yo smuch. >>wee back in a moment. is is "today" on nbc. >> ihink you have gift. i'll have to ce back for
8:42 am
we're back, kicking o our countdown to the iowa caucus. after this political event, the next big sports event is the super bowl. super bowl 50. >> it's likehe super wl. it i the super bo. ery day t week, we're gng toring you exclusive first los a the most anticipated commercialsou'll see din sund'sgame. first up, this one from honda. take a lk. eac e morning i get up, a die a little can barely stand on my feet take a lk a your le in the mirror, and cry spent all my years belieng yo just can't get some relief but i just can't get no
8:43 am
somebody, somebody sobody, anybody find me somebody to love >> introducing the onl truck withn availle truck bed audiosyem. e n truck t love. from hda. >> i like th. that's good. >> nice job, nda. >> we have al a willie here taking us through the next hour. at do you ha? >>e'll talk about how t caucus process rks. 's a unique thingn politic 'll walk through it so people at home understand it. dor withovnor sah palin. >> i anything left unfried a this point, al?>> we're going to fry the gornor. just a joke. >> thas for that. that was go >> iike talking to her. lot more ahead from iowa with these nice people. first, your loc news and
8:44 am
i'm annie snea i'm annie snead with this first ert 5 ather day update-- t'geyou caught uon the roads. news 5'sill folsom is live in
8:45 am
chief moing meteorologist -- stephen bowe jns us now with a look at our lol focast... stephen... clouds a light snow will carry ushrough the morng with ocsional heavi snow pain south north uthe i-25 corridor. temperatures wl struggle to warm throughnto the 30s. with mostly s fo temperatures, wi chills ca in thens. snow will incrsehis afternoon. ill become both more widespread a hvier. it will continue, though there can beccasional brea, through th eveni and overnight night. light ow can cone through rly tuesday afternoobefore easing late tuesday and tuesday
8:46 am
,,,,,,,,, thi ts morning on "today's
8:47 am
mixing itp as our guest co-host. decision day. we're live in iowa with sar palin asheirst vot a cast hop till ydr.wel sw you t besteals forfebrua. all that and more coming up now. >>nnou from c news th is "today'stake," with al roker, natalie morale willie geist and tamnhall,iverom stio 1a in rockefeer plaza. wcomeo "t on this monday morning,ebary 1st, 2016. weeeen counting down t this day a long time because iowa caucus day. here intudio we have a golden globe winner in the fles christian sl yes, g to be here. >> obviously, tamron hall and natalie moralewillie and al aren iowa. we'll check i with them momentarily. ce jam. you cant go wrongith this song.
8:48 am
>> that' -- ahhas late stay tuned. e have a golden gle for if yo it. >> okay, good. >> but you have the real deal. when you won the golden globe, you came on our show and tked about this new sw you were working yo said, it's perfect timing for it because we're talki ab cyber security. fast fo the applause and the praise and the awards co. >> you neverw a show is going to be received, but it's en a great exence. the whole --, the it is >> there you are. >> you won supporting actor. th show won as best tv drama. w has life changed for u? i asked youuring the break, dou sd -- >> yeah, not too much. pretty quie >> that's it? >> ah,hat wasit. >> the phonesningi off the hook? >> it was a good par and went home and d the dishes. >>o way! ye, tt's h i. >> d you kee the gden globe on theide of the sink? >> no, no. my s had made me kewo
8:49 am
carved this thing. it was really ce. , out of dfiies grow racles. it was in this pce o wood. >> wow. >> i had it upthe. he said to me bor the show, dad, if you happen to g t thing, if you put the glo next to tha think it'd be aood spot forit. iwent, all righ we'll see whahappens. yes,t nts location. >> i love that. it's like he built the mantle for it >> yeah, i was proud of him for that one. i lik that. >> you're on brea >> yeah. you rese ting inarch t you andour son a hanging t? >> we' hanging out in the city right now. we went to the "star wars" consume exhit yesterday, the museum. that was fun. goodtime. >> youold us about "star wars you liked t movie. someone told you key parts of it, spoiler alert. what ened? >> before i'd seen it, i was out with people a they arbitrarily thw out some of the things that happene t movie. come on! me,ho doesth? >> can't do that.
8:50 am
>> spoiler alert. >> i went, no way ds that happen. that's crazy. then i seehe mieand, of course, my h w broken. ildn' believe it. >> with"mr. robot, will you ll us thin? ocourse. i'll tell you everything. no, i can't. i wouldn't wan t do that to anyby. there's defity going to be some new twists and turn it's going tbeood ride. >> did you see this coming, t huge succes i me, peoe a addicd to the ow. theyove it ok, you know, first of al rami malik i grt. the eort and work everybody put io th show, the way it's shot, the subject tter, is iquend very special. i'm proud to be a part of it. >> and if peopl haven't seen it, it's available on demd ght now. coect. >> they can watch the first seasonnd then the next season returns this summer. >> je or >> usa network. >>av't been given the date.
8:51 am
>> get into it now so y can wah it in the summer. >> it's a good de. >> addiction. >> so timely. >> speaking of timely, iidn't realize the super bow is already thiweend. >>ea >> when my team isn't in it -- and it' been a long time for the cowboys --utou he the oncos andhe panthers. weeet sneak pee of e sur bowl ads. i don't know why my brain went to c newton's pants. we'll talk abohat in send. hoy we'll get apicture. adveiserss yea paying5 miion per 30-second st. that's up from .4illion lt ar. >> gd rl este ere. >> "m robot" will have ose. >>wo notable newcomers. amazon and ypal. amon has something wit alec baldwin. take a look. ishis bt youan do wi the cese football pier? i thin
8:52 am
>> oer whlsplease >> ain 60 wheels of. >> tre will be no soft footballs this on my watch. it's a joke, right? caus the wleeflated -- yeah, get . >> they' they're buildg upo this super bowl pay. >> like it. >> the first ad last week, dan marino and alec baldwin ordering the things they nd to cat e moment. >> veryexciting. >> cheeseootball. if you't havehees otbas at your house, we have a goldenpizza. pizza hut, comeon, jerry, bring this over. pizza hutreated a golde garliczza. comes in a golnox and gol akes >> ty're edibleright? >> they're makg 50 p
8:53 am
>> they'rearnished in 24 karat, edible gold. you can buy it now. here's the catch, order regular gaic kno- >> nnuts. >> sure, why not? hoorah! >> there's going tbe 50, limited. >> i can't get thrgh . >> if you order, you don't know if'lget the bar lick ot knots or piz or pizza. >> are you supposed the vacuum e gold off? you eat it. >> you eat the goldnd then -- >> it tastes likepizza. >> w. oh, n. >> delicious. >> interesting pizza. it a waste of gold. >> the are the garlic knots. parently, yls get $100 pi hut voucher. the pizza, by the way, valued about $100. >> you don know if you'll get a gden tiet
8:54 am
i got a golde ticket. >> you have gold everywhere. >> i know. so many things youan say about w you'r g to get the gold. m not going to g there. it's the morning and, you know, we're aenjoying our coffee. >> and pizza. >> my ways to recover your gold. >> there are. >> okay. >> good pizza. sty. >> it , yup. >> shall w go back to wa let' check init williend al. >> yeah letot. gu,ou're missi outn the gden pizza. >> he needs elaborate on what he means ther >> don put me on the , willie. >> inquiring minds. >> useour aginatio >> y fancy new yorkers have gold pizza. we h pork chops on astick. we'll taket all day. >> let's talk aut why we're here. we have the caucuses in bot partiestoght. new po, the "des moines register"/blmberg, considered the golden standard of polls in iowa, donaldrut28% and
8:55 am
marco rubio at 15%. ben cson at 10%. we've got a race, it looks like, at the top between trump and cruz. at thi point, nod kws how it'll turn out. at's w they vote, it turns out, al roker. the democratic side, hillary clinto and berniesanders. she has a slight edge. coin toss a this point. >> four decades, three non-incuentandidas who sered t oval office. obam in 2008. president bush in 2000. jiy carter in 1976. 'sind of interesting, dending on whi side y're on, how the cses work. >> they're different whether a rublicar democrat. withepubcanss simpr. they sw up at a location, like a scho, and listen t reprentatives for each candidate. they give aspeech, ct a secret ballo and go home decrat hee wor to do. publly declang support for a candidate by gatheng in groups around the room. they physically get intoroups
8:56 am
for example, all the sande supporters gatr on the left de, let'ssay. and hlary supporters on the right. if you'reot sure, you can gather in an uncoitte group. all of this is happening in public s your friends, nehbs, relives all kw exactly who you're voting for. >> publics, it's a secret ball. >> right. >>s public. if the group doesn't have 15%f e caucus attendees in it, tha grou is n unable. which doesn't sound good. if your group is unviable, yo ve to join a groupt is. the fun part is, groups will fight for you te. all of a sudden, you become much morettractive and desirable. >> yup. >> suddenly, people are saying nice things aboutyou. ey'reomplimenting your hair. it's ntastic. good f me. after everyone is settled, people are counted, the results are then repoed. enveryone gs home. >> tout it simply, the republan winners the one who
8:57 am
metime they scratch them on a piec of par.they vote that way. e democrats usa thematical formula to award delegates t candidatesproporonal tthe votes they recved in t caucuses acrosshe state. the candidate with the most delegates awarded -- still with me, al? >> ye. >> mosteleges awarded is the wier. sounds compcated. he's whau do, if you're at home, watch nbc or msnbc and they'll tell youho won. >> excellent. >> it's aun ocess. youll cover polits like w do. this is a great way to start off the psidentialmpaign. >> i he to go the weather now. let's go over and do that shall we?soe' got this storm thas coming in. probably won't affect t caucus goer. it's coming out of theroie already caused a lot of heavy rain in cafornia. now it's bnging snow into the rockies. it's going to dump a decent ount of snow for the southern
8:58 am
moves to the plains later this evening. tonight, we'lle looking at moresnow. blizzard likely late tonight into tomorrofor wa. some places 2 inches of snow per ho. heavyw for the plains in theupper midwest. the snoall s. back throu the rocks, we're taing about anywhere from 8 to 24 inches of snow. timiis iowa, we'll start to see thenow sometime arnd 7:00 on the western edges. don't think it'll affect the caucuses much. you might see about 10:00, some ofhe western areas getting it. by the timee g into early tomorrow morning, we've got a lllo bliard going on. look at se of the snowfall amount we'realling f in e midwest. parts of nebraska, looking up to 18 ihes ofow. des moines, pbly see aut 8 to 10 inches. we're looking a2 to 5 inches in minneapolis.
8:59 am
inches of snow. that's what's goi >> that >> that is your latest ather. >> al, thank you very much. governor sarah palin is in iowa f donald trump. wel hea more from her abo the rare and what's goi on in the coury bleeding gums? u may think 's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease which you can lp reverse using listerine add to your brusng routine
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9:03 am
fresh off her endorsementn donaldtrump. welcome back. good to see u. >> you, stootoo. ou were in the spotlight in 08nd now here y a again, back on stage withond trp. what does it feel like? i'm thankfulor theosition ve no very freeing. no shaces. c do and say whatever i want to. >> you've never had st though -- shackles though, havyou? they tried eight years a and it was part of the prlem, why things didn'to so well. no, a pern isired to be free, to be able to sayhat they want to say,ohe they want to go. youknow, that's the beay of america, to >> a lot of ppleave speculated in the press about what a sarah palin endorsement ofrump means for hisampaign. is it a good thing or a bad thing? why do you think it's good for donald trump? what do yring to the campaignnd hispporters >> i'mery, very conservative.
9:04 am
proudly clingin to my god, my guns and my constitution. i think i speakor aot of americans who have those same values. t able to lend that to th campai, i think, haseen helpful for mr. trump. but really, i don't think endorsemts mean neay a muc as maybe those who are reay on the inside baseballolitico type discuions every day. i don't think endorsement mean as much t test of us normal people. >> i think a year ago, ife were sitting here saying, dald trump will be the front runner in the republica party and, by the wa bere sanders will be neck and neck with hillary clinton,obody wld have believed you. what is hapning in this couny, governor, that has cause tdd t rise ose candidates? >> i thinkple e cravi honesty and candidness. folks who are outside of that permanent political class that
9:05 am
an ceainly, othe publican side of the fence, at's what we're getti in donald trums caacy. someone who is promising to reore constitutional vernment, which i what we've wanted a expe. and we worked really, really hard to send the congress a gop majority to do just that. to returns toonitional government. yet, they disappointed. theyidn' do what they sd they were going to do. >> i had thought as i was eparing to talk to you aut hillary clton. i kn ya f and you support trump. but i she we elected president, wld there be a part of y that woulde proud that aom would be president of the united states? >> sure. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> i wou prefer many, man other women to be president o the unid stes, but sure, you know. it's not going to hpe thou. 's a hypothical. >>o y think the dald trump doesn'twin,he'd be a good president? >> not ifhe is -- would pursue
9:06 am
obama has, that has racked u trillions andrillions s in debt. that ohildn a grandchildren a ner going t be able to p off. not i the militarys gutted. all those things that really have fdantally transford america into something it is becoming, unrecognizable. if sheontiedhat agenda, whh ielieve s d, no, i can't say she wou . >> couple weeks agofter you thead the event with ld trump and made the sp h be, tina y came back tosnl" androke her sarah palin impersonation. you appred on the snow. >> ontv,'m a good srt about it. >>oes that get old for you? what d you think?>> for the audience,t sho get little old, but she's real talented. and laurenhaels knows what he's doin i bringing in an audience by characterizeg someone. i'm helping wh her job securityt "sn"
9:07 am
pan? my kids she doesn't. it's nothing like you. >> wh she's n as mean as i am? but i think she's very talented, yeah. e way that the make her up, i think sheooks like me. >> she had the shirt and the whg goingon. now, d yo a youkt the next chaer in you life and career, what's nextor y profsionally? kw you take ce of your family fir and remost but what do you see yourself dng next? wod u be in politics agn? >> i appreciate, as i sai rlier, what i'm dng now. that iselping to find candidates who are in it for the right ass. they an't looking at polics as government, as just a job, but as really a mission that they're on to make it better for their fw man. i want to continue to do that, willie. find the candidate and hopefullyet themelted. >>t'shat you'reking now with donal trump. governor palin, pleasure to talk
9:08 am
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cin comg u in o next half hour, keepi your home cle and germ fr. she' back. izabeth i here to puts to the test on everything, including theitchen sink. ristn, ad onef the best parts of super bowl sunday is the fo. weave a steak that will score big wh guts. tamron? febary isn just about theuper wl. 's also one of thest months for shopping. i'm not for sale, but we'll tell youhe deest discots rht now after you local news and weat wating hot soupit jusst aching anitrts nge so deep with the toothhat couldn't handle it. i started eating on li one side of my mou, for like ahole mon i was just eating on one sidef my mouth and then finally i was like, i can't ts. my dentist said that i suld use nsyne. life whout having worry ouwhat's gonna hurt teeth, if it's gonna be too hot,or too c
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feedhe good.
9:14 am
world health oanation i holding an emergency urgent meeting todayoide if the zika vir outbreak should be a glal onom th virus cared by mosquit ached about two dozen countries, a the u.n. health agen said it is explosively in the americas. there areonfied ces in the u.s. ang people whoave traved to other countries, but infected mosquitos have been found here. > the cdc is expected to declar an endochipotle's coli outbrea as so a today. the wall stre joual says investigats sll haven't pinpointed the cause of the contamination thatickened more than 50 people in nine states. thein is planning an advertising and social media campaign to woo back customers. > stantlt new r women. arers say women who
9:15 am
dar adulthood could lowernd vetabl vegeble fiber. at the boxffe this weekend, "kung fu panda 3" pulled in $4million. "the reve," distant second "star wars: the force awakens" third. >>t's national snack food mont whatetter time for united airlines to bring bk free acks? the sving freenacks in economy. united is refocusing onhe big an little this that matter to its custers. let'set a check of the weather right now from mr. roker, who is in iowa. al? >> they're ser waffles. you can't go wrong wit that.
9:16 am
the earlyart ofhe week we vezzard out of th rockieso the miest. ra in the pacific northwest. as y g into e midweek period,eavy rain along the mid-atlantic coast to the southeast with se weather. a real wintry mix out in the cifirthwest. cen e midsection othe laer part of the we,his calm wn. snow around the western great lakes. ra in the pacific northwest. tempatures, we're going to stay warm. eastern half othe s., much abov normal tough the southeast and northeast. much bel in the ros. midweek, the wm weath contuesn the east. stay c out st. thoughhe cold airexpands. the latter part of the week,
9:17 am
move up to the >> that' >>hat's your latt weatr. natalie, we're at the west end salvage, coffee shop and antique store. the table my monitors on, this is the trunk of a1963 studebaker daytona. >> i le that pce.i want one of evything. >> there's a lot of sff here >> an,al. tome safely. > now to a friendly competition. we have a game oflean slate. >>e're about to find t how much wreallynow t keeping our homes tidnd germ free. >> ezabeth is heo put us to the test. we he alean ste becse we have christianater. >> hi. >> and you're writingou answers on a slate.
9:18 am
writ tor true, for false, e letters. e first qution true or false, you should alws put t lid dn when you flushhe toet. >> you bte do it,christia >> true >>absolu. you all g i righ of course, iteads germs so keep it . also,an your toilet oe a week and do a deep clean once month. >> you'reing the whole lid. >>right, it reads. >> goodd thing we have a golde zza. qstion two, what shoul you clea once aear ung vinegar, tic b and rubber ban a, ckingutensils. b, toothbrush. c, pot andpans. d, showe head >> shower head. >> tamron wow. you guys are good.
9:19 am
>> there's a lot ofms that d up there. theagith vinegar to th hd and sit itovernight, hot water through it and it'll b clean. >> the water will run better >> once a month, clean you a, hair brh. b, tweezer. c, nai clippe. d, keup brush. >> hair brush. >> i'm going too tweezers. i don't know what number -- >> tweezers ib. >> , , yes. >>hat' righ >> ladies, cleanour make brushes. >> once a nth? >>nce a month i fine. >> i do it once a we. >> i take care of mine. i have a scial caseorit. >> really? >> s. >> g case, yeah water. drtith a hair dryer. whenou have oily in, you haveo do it more.
9:20 am
but kin . you guy cano . chstiand are in the same g here. dog load of whites in hot ter once a month will keep your washing macne fe o germ >> i don't know. >> false. >> tr >> ifalse. your washing machine has aot of germs. do your whites in hot water. once amoh,ake vineg a take it tough the hotst cle. leave the doorver if you have front loa machine s mildoe'tuild up. queson five, to keep shor and bat drain clean and clog fr, because you hair gets in it, pr half a cup ofaking so down thedrain, flowedy a half cup , a, vodka. negar. c, bleach. d, rbi alcohol. >>vinega >> you're right. there is a chemical reaction. t the baking soda do.
9:21 am
pu a damp cth over it a ur hot waterver it. the hair will g away. vin fwar i the best cleing product. bakioda and lemon and you're good to go. time for more on >> true orfalse, plastic shor curtains shod be run thrgh waing che. >> wh? >> true. >> false. >> you're -- tamron is right. bacally, plastic shower curtai have thmildew builp. puit in yourashing macnes wi old towelsnd detergent and ill s i clean. the winner of today's game, the magicplunger. >> jt wt i need. >> c he be ae. , no, no. i ffe the title. >> after t golden pizza, you'll need that. >> too much! >> elizabeth, thank you. next ware really gng t
9:22 am
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9:26 am
it'll be in a our toretilla and phenomenal. per bo is like a snow da it's all about the food. >> that's ght. don't go anhere. flank cpotle, sugar,ortias it's a pr man's mt. eat itt my house all the time. brown sugar. balsic. we'llo p inpeppers. >> s. don'tut thep or ything >> actly. >> once we zip ts top, wld yo add a ltleit of that to e mayoaise? >>yeah. beicy, right? >> not t >> not too much. >> do yo do th. i' gng to work on the flank steak. >> okay. >> tot tbe hot. it neeo a hot as you
9:27 am
he'still >> iknow, but that's when fell inlove anyway, w goingo get it really hot and add it. we wt to make sure we bsh off a l of the manade. otherwe, wre not goi to ge the gorges -- >> i'm sinhe'9s. no have il. >> l's tkbout the jam no this is a ripe ma.>>oh mo. >>s a ripe make a lot on them in thmmer. wel me it in theinter so use cannedes,ch i fine we hur ga, saut a beti mezed, t? exwe're adding paprika, little bit of ginger. we have hot uce. we haveome y. lemoli bit ofnd pepper. >> stand back, everybody. great recipe. >> this is phal.
9:28 am
's s good, illakeou wa to slapour mama. you've ner had athg s fi. amaz we'asmb, right? >> whate do, and you followyad. s good how lo d you cook the steak r? >>t' about five minutes per side do ito the tratuou love don't let abo else dta that. we have a ltlhipotle mayoai. whonows h to sayth. is it chip, chipotle? >>chiple. st say, the hotsauce. go tha way, w is a diffent wa ite. 'll g up andup. beaufu kind olike you're sewing. isn't that fu we also he caramelized bac bites, o pig candy a we call it wrap youracon bit in the
9:29 am
nute ag ar'tho go? ristian. >> okay. here we go. >>t doesn't mter at roli paner -- ,by, that' go. >>oe't matr tansare goingo t eias beat -- beat -- oh, can i s th? i can bve iait on e tv. yoll be a winner 're notthepantrs? . honey,no. you.>> take care. >> all the res on today.m/food. taon, what' comin up? >> febary is great month for finding deals. l show you which products are a stea chocates mayb >> tha you. >> we'll find out when we come the couple wonderin what a good al looks like... no. seriouy?
9:30 am
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9:34 am
if being cooped up all winter gives you the urge to shop, february is o of the bestons to findals. >> stores are caringut the la of their holidand winr inve inventory witheep discounts. >> we have a resrch analys here wh you. >> the first coincg with the super bowl this nd, tvs. >> tvs are tereing. none thinks yould want to buy tv durg februa. th're actually on massive discous. ck in januar there was a conser electronics showhere they debutedhe new models. thelder mols, t retaile are tin to t out. the retailers, you'll be able to get discounts. walmart has rollcks on the mode. i saw a good samsung. >> a few budget-friendly ims ll me tir way dow the coeyerbelt. arting with valentine'say
9:35 am
toy is the 1st of e month but you say the sooner we purchase, th better. >> chocolate flowers, jewelry, everyoneants these. whooesn'tan a bouquet of flowers,ocoles? >> right. >> stos like1-08800 flowers are having discountswo weeks beforevalentins y. pu in your oer early, 30% to 50off. as we get clor to nte's, it goes up welry, retailers le be nile has a discotf 60% to 90%ff of jelr godiva chocola dsn really go on sale, but it'saffoable >> somhing oale withtaxe >> i'm dng myes rig now, th t help of my accountant. some of us't heelp fro the accntan soou wt softre.
9:36 am
software on sale early. 30% to 50% off. groun,ouan down cnt a coup. ge it50 off. >> obviouy, is been col wier. where do weet good wr sas? >> it's been a warm wint. >> oh,y odss. look a that. >> the reason why. >> cruise ang wh it here. this is what i look liken it >> y're the mel trrdinary. lo h gooth loo on you. >> i like it. >> a lot othe retairs are trying to get rid of old merchandise. 'ster stu wilbe on cleance. l.l. be,wardsf. >>0 se >> 30 seconds. mattress the conveyer be. >> ty gon sa, like rniture. goo major retailers, sear u.s. mattress, up to 50% off. >> homegoods, too? >> home goods, general goods
9:37 am
>> onli, you'll fin the bt discounts thend might fd free shipng. >> got your shopping done in your ad? >> all set. valentine' day is cong. get ready. we're bk in a mome.
9:38 am
>> thank you so much look look who is ck.kath e. >> i'm out of prtice. i lef my microphone downstairs in my dressg room. america is really happy now.
9:39 am
>> you, . . from nbc news,his is "tod"ith khieee giffo d hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rkefeller aza. >> >> hello, everybody. look who is back. >>odawoma >> look who is ba back where she bengs. >> it's haened. fo peoplere gng -- everyone in wa. i wa li, whe is everybody? it was special for you. it was all for you. >> you know, i was gon a of swn lastyear and nhing when i came backin. >> no welcome mmit think i d. i thi i threw confti. >> it's nice to be back. thank you for a your nice tweets and tha you to lovely jenn bush hager who i such --
9:40 am
what we love aboher. w was your timen florida?
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