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tv   Today  NBC  February 1, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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what we love aboher. w was your timen florida? y know, it wa ry- i edit. you know, you know -- when i lost frank, i back the next week. i just felt like i needed to be, but i never rlly had any time just to be alone with baino, who n my officiaherapy g. if the place wasn't dog-friendly, i didn't . girl. where did you eat? >> i ate a wonderful pces ke alaba jack's and ard's roost and places whe u can , and a lot of take-out i visited a pla called the raw bar. get the peel and eat shrimp it was a great,reat t weeks of jt contemplati and prayer and gtitude and,ou know - >> and y made aew friend? i made a wonderful new frie. she s coming ove for lunch, and shetayed five hours. that'slmost like you and mine we were five a a half
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go on. we re five and a half hours. we still he t record. >> the record. isse acek, o of our untry's greates tresses. she came a i tht s would never go. no, she is so much fun. >> what did you talk about? >> we talkedbout life, and she's so real. she's a farm rl, and she's just --he kind of person that you sit with and, first of all, you say can't believe i'm having lunch m house with cisseaceknd our friend bobby watson. then you say, oh, my gosh, this life. >> don you love whe tt happens. >> she's the real, real deal. i gav her little wrout fit, and i hop it's whathe'soing wear at thecademy awards >> we can't wait. >> i tk her into my- she was sayi i don't have anything to wear i'm not going to give it away. i had a good time. thank you. >> not oy were you having a nice time, but your daughters gog to be seen and heard by a lot of peopleominup soon, right? >> sheas asked -- there's my
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she wassked to be special corresponden she'sng t coost e.'s supebowlcoverage. she's ess, and that's all she's ever bn interestedin but when they called her, you kn, shesaid, mom, what doou think? said honey, y kno what, my life took a complet turn >> you never know. when gotalled tgo and t other morni tk took me dow complely fferentad, but sometimes yo have t h -- yot to be open to those thin >> and she's , ke, light a ar and fun, and, you know, you don't need -- ithouldn't b -- foball should be a blast. thugh her eyes, enjin the super bowl. snoo what s fun with cisse is herughter, madison is a designer jus like her husband, jack fi, is, a jack is nonate for "therevenent." >> have you seen tha oneyet? >> no
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"sinkhe." i had another name for it becauset was vy hot in texas, and we were in a fferent kd of hole. we were 30 feetown i a cave. i cled it hell hole. >> for a while. >> the got to be friends rking on the same t. yeah. it's interestingoave a whole new generation. >> l's toast becauseou're back. i missed you. >> i missed you too. >> you called me, a i called you. >> we tweetednd textednd lled. >> late las week matt called me, and just to say i was walking aroun gng where is our girl, where isur girl >> it's not? the same it ain't the same whe not here. >> probably better. i d auick day trip to nashville. >> to janie. >> back and forth. we didook thing. thers something callealon 615. it's a bunchf nice peop. there' jane in the front with her boyfriend a boend's mom.
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was a l o fun. i want to thank everybo who meout. >> a you officlly off the tono >> there's a few me things that are coming up. >> by the way, tnk you to everybody who purchaseder bk because it was a huge bes seller. itreally really s. butf youon'tet on cerin list it's complicated. all these thoands ofooks you'reellingf they're n rt of the syem, don't kw into the comper. itas frusing. >> it w fun that people enjoy book. >> you'vead bernie sanders crowds coming to see you people feeling the hodoe going out. >> grease >> grease live was las night. everyone was raving about it >> is h it was. i hop they reshow it. i didn'av chance to see it. >> it was anience which made a different vibe. >> i t that's a good idea. u felt like a vibe. >> julnne hough pye sandy.
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and thenansautin played rizzo. rizzo. hedad pasd away fm stage iv canr osard. >>le her het. >> s put a tweet o sinanyofoeveryo woved hiunder ihe w gowihe show d shdid. e goin to do it for him. >> her perrmanceasgr let's tak aittle pee at that. i can feel a i can cry i bet you neverne b but to cryn front of you hat's the worst thing i could
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>> they ended up dedating the showo da >> istherapy. eally is wheyou bk to work eiay iou're goi dsomein i honorf meone loved. she g b a si? >> sheen back and spoke to the crowd. e w tng aut gng back for o day,yeah. >> i was in veg when m grandmother, m da mom passed aw. and yknow, just - f of a thegehe sho mus go os tr agn, wheyouo it for mebody y lo mu,s kehey're still with you. >> right. t. >> it really is. you knhat they would wan you to. >> right not to sit me. >> her fatr saw hhole ris and strule. and yh, tt'shat parts want you know >> s s -- >> yeah. good for her and god blesser and her friends and faly >> the ds were last scen acts guild. here i red carpet stuff. people were rk takers. nicole dman.
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>> all ght. >> okay. >> e longoria. >> ay. wowhe went -- >> she's g your back. >> wow, she sure does. >>he is fu i like her. >> who is that? >> alicia vicaer >> >> wllnow i soon juliannemoe. >>eah, now that'he color th say we shod ner er ev wr.but she's jolluliamoe. helen . >>ooksastic. >>t ady. viola davis looked great, o. >> she sure does. >> and lovely color. >> uzo abouda decided she wld bring bring her promatero high scho e shod her before and after. >> how cute.
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carol burnett walked the red carpet in slippers and thenlways jt so - >> we'll talk auther. we'll ar ia tt bill te >>he was honored. >> ta andmy preseeder th the lifeti hiement. >> canou imagine they haven't given herhatye when they firstnnouncedhat a cole months ago i went is ke fnk used to go aret i certain point. >> yes let's take a look at he receivg that award. >> we watched carol with our moms and our moms tauts% ofhat we needed to know to be the kind of women we are day. and other10% is carol. we love h and we tnk her. >>ll the comedy variety sws are hosted by men. sid caer jace gleason. milton berle.
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comedy varietys a man's game. . no. thanks toag a to all of you f this vy special evening and speal honor. i'm golad we've hadhis time together. thanyou. >> oh, don'tou love her? >>'ve loved hin i was a ttle girl. and --ow that you t to knsomet real- >> ah. the best ever. >> s and juliendrews to t yre two of the -- you know when you meeteone that a your lif haveadmired so much and they've had a sg influence you. anyou, ho i you. dhen youeto know the an they dot ppoi u. theye even greaters a han being. >>yes, yes. >>t's carol. >> we' got our forite things mingp. stickroun aittle late inis t cutest thi u've er en, i telling
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it was a very b weekend for hollywood. we'll get you caugh up in today's buzz. here with the lebrity scoop is edit in chief of, rob. >> hell ladies welcome back. >> big breing news. pron. and the dailyews gome insight. >> whi she was i prison she kept a dia for a big book she has coming out. th daily ns got kpersrom the e book shealks about maggots in food in pris. she talk aut hulati stprcsnd talks little bit about lesan love. >>ot a little bit.
10:14 am
strip-arches. >> quite a lot of it. her rm was infamousor stuff going they cled it theoom boom room. ladies in prison called her hollywood, and she said she devoureded the weekly tabids each week because she wand to know what was goi on. i knowhe ladiesctually wrotethe bookith her. casey baker, a fantastic jourstt "people magane e went to prin pretty much every week to interview theres because they knew it would come o quickly. >> tt's smart. >> is going to be a huge seller. >> between the maggots in the food and w out six hours a day, she looks darn od >> also, to -- >> i thought ty re suppose toork at some point. >> she's been working out. she worked outp to six hours a day.
10:15 am
for over two years, and the h is not u.s. citize the he is. joe. he might even deported. i don't know what will happen t that. big huge ok fortheresa.>> sus seraon made some ws. >> a coue of ws. >> the racy iss today. she tookhe red cart at the sag awards, andhe is walking outn stage in jus bra and a wte jacketnd people on twitter and sial media wt nuts. >> the mike stands right the with the vage. u can reay -- >> therehe . he's always had an aweso presention. >> herody is credible. she washere wit her son, her daughter. twter went nut twitter say? >> it wa genuine positive. >> exc that she was introducing the memo sfroohat's when it got trky. she was doing that. i think some people thought she shld be a little bit mor covered up. what her friends are saying,
10:16 am
ow who a dear friends of hers, and he was known for fhion and pushing e envelope. i thk vi actually ke that.david mightike t look. >>. was she nominated for sog? >> sheas nomin for an act o ward thathe didn't actuly win, but sheas the winnerf the night because we're still talking aut susan and t carp. >> she was excelnt in that i did see th. >> meere had her onnd it was -- >> ntc. >> gilmo girls is comg to netflix. >>ince ooberveea rumors gossipi abo is, and it's now been confirmed over thend thathey are bringing itack to netflix. weo not know yet if it's going to be ten weeklypisodes or if ight be four mine movie ty epis, so we don know the formayet. they haven spoke aut that. we shodn't be too surpred out ts becauseetflix jt dihis for john stamos and fu house. >> what' going on?
10:17 am
>> everything is an old thing. >> you kn, it's branded, and there's so much money to be made. d't want to -- >> you have all the fans that are looking are algic and want to seet again. all the cracters are comin back. 're not se about melissa mccarthy yet. o her oer showas just canceledo, maybehe will. >> things work out. >> 35hi year. he w 34 a he announced he was going to be addy on his birthday. we were all waiting for a massive anuncement. it didn't come this year. heas allrey quiet, so we think he had much quieter birthday. >> tha you. >> pleasure. >> he is a straight shooter. >> yes, he is. >> n mor excuse to clear your clutter in 60 secds or less. hoda won.
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skinactive. the tiveo better skin. it's time to surprise our fan the ek. >> drum roll please wlee spin t gbendee wre it nds. we'realling huinon beac lifornia. >> that's righ th's whe our f sandr watches us onbc 4, and she joinin byphone. hi sandra. >> hi.>> youook so cute. >> is itngiker >>heas the. >> no. a littlerain a little rain. iker.
10:22 am
>> we'reoing to tell everybody in particular were chosen, okay? since the very first d she has taken over her husband. what's his name? george's drapery busiss this way she and george can watch the show together.k >> look >> her favorite segment is amsh makeov. >> ndra, wwaou t do th, s it's timo put yr fand to e test arif wra qution. >> you to answe corly to win. >> here we go. ie lee was onacation for e past two weeks. who filled for her while say? was it blake n, jennir lopez, or jennaush hager? >> jenna bh ha>> you got it righ >> fabulous resorton. losike you aeorge are ad to hawaii. oh, my goodss >> you'll enjoy fr days, three
10:23 am
resort in maui. >> can receive chef-prepared mes and spa tments and, cour, rndrip afare will yod. e yocite foet aut yohow isgeorge >> h is gng to be scited. thank you s much. i hav a , and-we, she's notysist. e' jt are ie youy susavouch futher both ofyou. >> tnk you very mu >> we're happy for you. give our love to george. >> by honey. >>oming up, the important advice iyooinggh vorc and if you have one mi, just one minute, you have enough time to organiz your home and your clothes. >> i doubt .>>has aer thi >> yes i'm jerry bell t secon and i'm jerry bell t third m like b br anhe my little cub. this littlguy is nontop. he's always hanging out with his iends. you' got to be prered it at the edge of your se and be ready to get up. there'no "deep cch sitting."
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it's fun daymonday, and the first day of february,nd it's the first day you are going to stop the excuses. >> how many tis have yo promised yoursel you're going to clean up, you're going to declr? if only you h the time. >>mm. well, now you do bause youe toeet aoman whos you c ganized i o minu . she's e writt bookout it, and it's called never busy too cure clutter, a her name is erin rooney doland. o possible in a minute? >> most things will take little lgtset up, oe you're auall ie pmi of dng , walki five second we're not en talking -- >> twoears or three wreerz of ur lif back when you are not looking for ings. >> i snd aot of myife searchin for gs. >> hopef todayll get litt bit of he or? >> this is a closet. >> you take off you coat. you take off your gl. e of the first things we're goingo do is give everybo a pants hanger. than hang up their items.
10:26 am
,f it's been wet outsid >> it's art, but it will nev. happ >> my >> myglov, your gloves. >> you can even put things like lunchboxes for kids. when they are ready to go out the door, there's searching. they'r rea to go. >> it makes too much sense. >> now you're at the foyf your house. stla y're si. u he pockets full of receipts. you are going to empty o pockets, and the easst way to thi is just -- i say e easst way. you can also spike yourself, so b careful. just use a traditional ipt spike. what'so gre about taditional receipt spike, at thf the month to reconcile, they're in chronogicalder,long as you get each time. >> in your purs youaveo go
10:27 am
no as simple as you are making it seem. digging. finding it. go on. i'm sorry. okay. mail. >> the next is you have mail also in your hands because assuming you'r coming home the first thi you should do, though,s just >> throw o the junk. there noson for it to go in your hou andn t ta then- >>nd pil o ma. >> y ath categize . >> t otherhing can you do 's a bill, writeayy oit and stick it right in the bill section. if there's a magazeor m -- >> mom >> m segment. >> this can look unru >> even that upsets them. that extent upset hoda. >> nothing does. >> if you are like most people, if you d't have something established rht when you get what's going to happen is this i going to get all gunked with the sff y sho have left in the foyer. pefullyt's a little bit clean, what we're mostly worried about right now are --
10:28 am
>>wful cable clut there'sime solution. lyouoo i -- these are j -- >> i have s those things. >> zip ti. we're literally talking pennies. just go in, wraptp and then- >> the youre -- i sayut it. >> ty're still unsighy, but uust throw itunder. >> remember, it' going to be be. >>ot a tgly mess. let go the ntry,hall we? >> iou are luc to he one. a lot of peoe tsh ts is a space thing. a lot of pple don have a pantry. >> if you have regular shelves in your kitchen, it's a gat wa t even organize th. 're going tostart, thoh, by even jus en jus -- >> amazing. it r is, though. looks so -- it's all together. yoreo stroo whereou get that? from a ctainer store thing?
10:29 am
e next thing is pudding, flour, sugar, unet it offr countertop. >> z lock. >> it dsn't break when you op it >> and you will drop it. >> you canlso wte straight on the bag when you open i so yoll kw if it's fsh or not. >> that's smar >> that doesn't mean you're going to do it. >> actly. >> another thi we've done is we've labelled just the lids of the shelving, and that's nice for when youre ming your grocery list. you can see what y areissing t on. really sily. if someone else put away the oceries- they can help you. thank you very mu. >> thank you. tloo it didn' help hoda aall, but really helpedme. >> thank you. >> for me tip o how to declut go t klg and >> broncos and panthers may be the big dogs,ut the real tiont sunday is between the puies. >> tt's right.
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>> it' about to get a fresh new stt. for some of you who may be making a kizsion to end your rriage. matrimonulate lawyers say the mber filing fors a third hi third gher this ti oyear. if you're going through one rit now you're not alone. th try to put a posite spin on life after marriage. you wt toe the new face dirce, knock youelf ou this is what the r face ofivorce looksike. it's stressed t. it's old before itsime and it's scared to death. >> wow. we love her. >> do love her. >> marty is the creator of girlfrie guide to the divorce.
10:35 am
all three of are survivors ofivorce. >> actually all five of us e. >> oh, we are. >> let'se honest. >> gat cl >> we're talking aut divorce. sh was describing the horrible things people go through. there are also some sense of reef. tked about five eme reliev relieved, hopeful, confident empowered and revenate i was surprid. ybe no all at the same time, though. >>yeah. i didn't actually- there's a su tt indicates most pele felt that wa i feltterried. i dn't kw anything fromhat my pubic hair design should be to -- >> >>ho needed that? >> yeah. >> to what i was supposed to -- if i should start wearing bras and pties that hed. if i should get a tmy tu. i was so scared about -
10:36 am
>> being imy 50s and getting a vorce. >> i was thinkingbout the other thing she sd before. but i think what this showing that initially you do have very positfeelings because you just out of something that has beenunhappy for such long time. the reality is, that you do begin to deal with a l of those feand youav t gure it out. you have to work it t. and then, eventually you get to that place where theresjoy, on again. mething you pbably have n had for a lon time. >> itepds on thedetails, doesn'tit if somebody leaves you for some other person that's devastating. you've got toet over that, the jeion part of that. if you have cldren -- >> i he two, 11-yr-ol and 13-year-d w. they were five and eight at the time. >> how tough was that decision? >> i makes it so much more difficult. and obviously, i think a l of people stay in marri bau they're worried about the kids.
10:37 am
whether one is better than the otr. i th that -- they make happ childre you th >> if you hav childrent is factor to look at whether you should keep workingn marriage and whether you can fall in love again and make it work. however, if you're going to be in a situation of where you just roommates and you're doing i for the kids, i can tell you i've seen enough therapy cases where that can hur t kids ch much more i say no. >> i've interviewed couplesho haeen married f over 50 year they snumber one, they didn't plan loving each other forever. they reed toove each other tomorrow. and they all sd that ty weren't o generation whe u threw something out if it was brok. >>ou fixed it. >> and they a were sort of noin was noticingn the couples i thgh wonr if we jump too quick sometimes. >> is funny, in the show this season,t's the mesge about
10:38 am
of whatever siton you'r then woman comes up to her at wh's calle split con. they he divorce conventions. i read your book and i just g divorced. was too much work. that n h messa at all. i think it' a last resort, obviouy. >> in thiseason you see that, you know, she went in with a euphor in the fit seon. >> it's getng re. >> it's getting real. in reality, the divorce wnt ends it'sot really the end of the experience. >>right. >>ou may be inherapyith yourids fornoth two year >> you may be in court for a long time, too. youeally should give yr marriage everythin that you can. don' give up. just do everything possible and then if it has to en at least you don't have to look bac and say i wish cld ve, what if i ha >> we have to go, you ao say dot stt datg too soon or
10:39 am
made before >> i wish i had known that. >> by thway, girlfriends guide is sogood. it's gettingetternd better. >> givour love to the ladies. you can catch girlfriend's guide to divorce tueays at :00. >> get ready ftailting the puppy bowl puppies ahetheyl up f aio all arg. t e time in. you put the workn. day in and day out when your tax refund arris, make the mostit low prices on everythi y need the funn your
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furmation. furmation. when weay he, we don't mean it as acommand. it meanstop biting my heal. >> what if they go tty. >> w call itilization of the field. fi yards we set it back. start all over again. >> how oldre the guys right here? >> 2onths old. they're from the connecticut humane ciety. all up f adoption. >> t guy is going to get a howlingenalty in abo minute. sflo you love this job. u say it's warfront your favorite jobs. howid this come to be? >> fe years ago animal planet
10:44 am
on for this job. i beg like tse puppies g, and ty took me on, and i'm still re. >>ow many years has it been going on? >>his is the 12th year. this isur bigge and best showver. >> there's hl of fe comg up too. >> we have a hall oame segment with bruce, who is a real hall of famer. >> i kw bruce. yeah. >> he is highlighting adoptg senior senior dogs.we'r trying to get tha wor out toohis year. we're vyexcited. >>o eaiove -- >> oh. >>well, by the way, they're learning about gls. >> they're learning about -- >> we want puppy helmets next year. >>heyeally don't -- all these dogs are up for adoion. atind of breeds are these? >> the brown one are sh mixes. shep-beagl mixes. we hav a lab ove there. chihuahua. >> where is that on >> i don'tee the chihuahua. >> oh blossom got hed. no, blossom is right here. >> oh, yes. thechihuahu hi, little swthrt.
10:45 am
>> they are. thank y so much dan. >> thanks, guys. >> you can watch puppy bowl ts sunday on animal anet. agai the puppies are allp for adoption fromhe connecticuumane ciy. >> aw.
10:46 am
rs ll >> it timeor o favorite things mi is myriend rebeccaorn at reouf natn son gave me this for baino in the snow. dog boots. they are the cutest things. they're called cameo boots. grn. th're available, ocose, ihe sizes andstyl. they're $12.95 on amon. thank u, rebecc and mine is ao something that's really cute. do see what this t-shirt says?
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hush puppy. hush ppy. it's called the fosterhat. 15% of the proeds from these to help fos kids in the south find pmanent mes. i somreat le. 's $30. it's calledy'all-some. there are greatthings, and they help out foster kids >> remember, all of these puppies arevailable for adtion. call theonnecticut humane society. moow lou has quick fix for all those sky hoe problems al, perfmance by r & b sensation tank. >> and wre tailging with chef tim whouts a twist on the classic rger. pleaseemember to watch cassidy on "entertainment night." good night. >> shele o toght? >> yes, and tomorrow too. >> i going toophe popcorn. >> greatun day nday,
10:48 am
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