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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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jessa van meter.. shjoins us le now near rockrimmon --- wa look at current condit.. now we want head out to ns
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,,,,,, she jos us le from pueblo.. what's it lookinkehe are? joan wise news five.
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emergency officalsant us to take weather like this seriously. crews are already in place and on stand-by to see how this storwill pan out "there's a very go posbility this could be a life teatening storm for people, foanals, for listock. people need to be prepared either to be stuck in their houses or bstuck on the road. i'd preferhat people didn't go out on the road, but if yohave to go t onhe roa y nee to be ready for that too." officials stress -- doot get behind theheel unless yove ought abt whatou wildo if you get stuck. that meansaving enouas to
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tires, a towing pe, and a shovel to try and dig your w out ifeeded. also sand or other materialor tractionblankets, a flashlight... some fd and water, a charger for your phone... also... it's impornt to review yr emergency wi youfamily in case you get separad worseng nditions during the day. the salvation army's warming shelr in colorado rings plans totay open all today... to msure they geany le out of the as possible. during winter ather like this, the corado sprgs salvati army is puing a of ovethe heads of me th 300 homeless peopleeten t warmingshelter and the r-j montgomery nter shelter and as the storm conties, the fi of emergency management has orred the shelter to re open through moay -- as conditions aren't expeed to let up as the y goesn. this is the first time this year that we have to stay opefor the whole da we just don't know wt the storm is going to do, but we knowhat ople can stay ou
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ordinators are sll looking fovoluntee to heve their staff ugh out thday to find ouhow you can help, head to this story on our webse k-o--aom. your pictures always help us the weather story on snow days likday... elvaent in this cture a ow bny tooyesterday near woodmen and tutt. and we got this one fr "dave saano" photography he posted this to our facebook page... saying he lovethe fresh snow at the broadmo.... and it's easto shy grshotdave. in o election tch this afternoon: we are hours away from the iowa caucuses... candidates are making their last pitches voters... in des moines iowa, most of th candidates will watchhe results come in nigh and we've already seen some of the caidat o this rng. and re rallies are happening this afternoon. trie pts is llowing ll from d moines... --insert pkg --- marco ruo this morning... visiting a diner outside des moines andownplaying pectations: so s.
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"we' the underg but we fl good aboutt." he calls ted cr iowa's frontrunner, donald trump is leading the polls. trump tells the today show... he's notlaimg a win just yet: sot: - on thehone, donald trum r presidtial cdite verybody's a threat,att. i think erybodin the race is a threat. you neveknow what'nna happen. its politics." at this point, it's all about the ground game. eping voluntrs energized- natshillary at campaign offi "i'm feeng so energized because of you!" hillary clinton ought donuts and cfee is rning:ot: sec. hillary clinn, presidential candidate "we've got thousands of volunteers, wenock on 5k doors this pasweeken there's just so ch eement." dr. ben carsells me hing over 10 percent is a win for him. he got people working tonight in all 99 coties. so dr. ben carson, r presidal candidate "they're gonna be saying look, uh, you guys wanna listen t your heart or listen to the ndits? and i thinkt's going have an effect." turnout is key. if ls of new voters sh up - especially you
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for bernie sders. sot: aaron menick, sanders supporte "youngeople are really uet. wee just gtingo the political scene, seeing a lot of thgshow they'rmanaged d weon't like it looking r change - tight is eichance. --- rerter live tag --- gether, the publics alone ve madmore than 12-hundr stops across iowa. i'm tracie potts in des ines, iowa. the a-f-c champion denver broncos e waking up onhe west coast this rnin.. ahead of super bowl 50. the brons landed in san jose just borrep-m pacific time... the broncos wilay the carolina panthers next sunday in
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still ahead onews five at on -- meorologist sphen bowers will have anended look a your forecast. snow conties today, heavy mes, as e ma part of this
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temperatures will generally snow continues snow connues tayhey
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system delopand heads east. temperates wl nerally stay below frzing to create a col d wintry day. rowayson't get mh help om motturetoday. if you do haveo leave home be sure to sl down, useour adlits, and allow lo exa time. snow wilstilbe the ca tonight wh strong wds developing and lowin the teens, which could meafreezing issues f any w roadws th a nots active iuse. the combinatioof wind and snow will alslead to more issues with low visibilitas well as blowing and driftingnow. these issues last into tuesday we ay cold and wind throughout most of the day. the main part t system ll be pushingut to e st and it does so ousnow coionsbe impving. we will stilhaw at times throughout the day, but not constent as today. combinedith nds, ill still be a pretty nasty day. by the time sn finally stops, we are sll lking at totals in the 62"ange for most,ut lot of tho totals wi depend on exactly ere the aviestan set up. wednesday filly brings rie from the snow and wind, but not the cold. highs stay only in the 20's so
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thursday looks like our first nicer day with good deal o sunshi and highsctually making it above freezing. ay will bring a slight chance for additional snow owers. saturday looks nice with sunshine and hhs reaching back
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after the break on news fi at noon - app -- that could
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and deh. we're taking a closer look in in today's your healthy
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on most smartphones, there's a feature or an app that emergency rsonnel like medic or police... really wisyou would use. its easy to set up.. d taking just a few minus to fill it out could an the dierence bwe life ath. nbc's chriackum has deils. --- pkg --- natsound/ting in pscode to ipho of usse the locscreens on phones to keeout the bad guys .. nats: ambulance ghts but at iit's the good guys who need vital informati t saveour life? s/ tonpatillo / paramedic / chlotte, nc :10 :1 "we're the first ones there, so from a medical standpot, it's vital." turns out, that informatiocan be easily access on your smartpho. onphonesit's right there in e boeft-hand corner of the cked screen...he word 'emergency'. tap on it d a keypad pops up for a quk call t say, 91 s/ chrislackum nbc news :31 - :3 "or, if u're unconscus, someone else a paramec...can tap on "medical id" below e keypad..and pops info on yourself that could provcrucial." it's a standard app on iphones..
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liouname, the person to call in se of emgency... your height, weight and, mos imrtantly... medil conditio. tony llo / ramedic chartte, nc medic :55 - :1:09 "if you vepiley,e want know that. if y have preestheart coitio if you have strokes, ifou are dtic, l of tho major medal tuationswhh could acally termine e outcome of you' having e medical gency in the first pce." certain android phones come with similar ps... or therere plenty online to choose from... the advice is: do it... now. chris clacm, nbc news.
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